Mar 28,2021

More than 10,000 pieces of new news a day. News update non-stop 24/7.  My bosses changed their minds about working remotely for good – can they do that?.  Is paying off your mortgage early always the best financial decision?.  Candace Owens: Democrats gaslighting with 'Jim Crow' election law claims; trying to 'import' new voters.  FOX News Rundown EXTRA: Former California Governor Gray Davis on CA Election Recalls and Being Recalled.  Cuomo aides receive subpoenas in sexual-harassment investigation.  Suez Canal snafu costs $10 billion a day: report.  Capricorn Horoscope Today: Free Daily Horoscope.  FDNY firefighter will claim his ‘deadly’ bar-brawl punch was thrown in self-defense.  Taurus Horoscope Today: Free Daily Horoscope.  Details hammered out on New York’s marijuana bill.  More than 10,000 pieces of new news a day. News update non-stop 24/7.  Multiple people injured, 1 killed in stabbing rampage at Canadian library.  The scare-Crow tactics of Democrats: Goodwin.  Investors seek Bitcoin haven amid weakening dollar worries.  Trump says he will probably visit the southern border in coming weeks.  Biden administration will impose new regulations on meat industry, expert warns.  Trump slams Biden immigration policies: ‘There’s nothing, there’s no leadership’.  US and allies slap China’s wrist while Beijing plays brutal hardball.  Activists push Coca-Cola to take stand against Georgia election law.  Montana Sen. Steve Daines touts state’s ‘homegrown’ meth during border visit.  Lawmakers at border urge empathy for migrants: 'These are not invaders'.  
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My bosses changed their minds about working remotely for good – can they do that?
Last year, my employer said that I could work remotely permanently, but now that staff are returning to the office, they are saying I have to come back too. I’ve set up my life around the promise that I could work remotely. An exception would be if there were a collective bargaining agreement in place where they couldn’t be changed without mutual agreement. Assuming that isn’t the case, your best recourse is to try to make the case that you can be just as productive working from home. Your advice about not hiring someone who showed up to an interview smelling like pot shows how little you understand the health benefits of cannabis.
Is paying off your mortgage early always the best financial decision?
The sooner you eliminate mortgage payments from your monthly budget, the easier it is to fully achieve other financial goals. And with today's low mortgage rates, millions of homeowners have already made the financial decision to refinance their mortgage to lower their monthly payments or speed up their mortgage payoff. The benefits of having lower monthly mortgage payments can help bring some peace of mind to homeowners with variable income or other high monthly bills. Credible can help you compare mortgage lenders and discover the best refinance rates available today so you can lower your monthly payments and meet your financial goals. As today’s mortgage rates are near historical lows, making extra mortgage payments doesn’t have the same appeal when mortgage rates are similar to expected investment returns.
Candace Owens: Democrats gaslighting with 'Jim Crow' election law claims; trying to 'import' new voters
On Friday, Biden called a new Georgia state election law "Jim Crow in the 21st Century." "They're using language, referring to things like Jim Crow," Owens told Levin. "Who was the party that implemented Jim Crow in this country? We'll give you free stuff like we gave Black Americans free stuff ... after Jim Crow ended, we're going to welfare-ize you'." She said the Democrats plan to "marry" the new migrants to the government: "like we married Black Americans to the government."
FOX News Rundown EXTRA: Former California Governor Gray Davis on CA Election Recalls and Being Recalled
California Governor Gavin Newsom is facing an election recall over coronavirus lockdown restrictions. Organizers say they’ve gathered more than 2-million signatures for the effort to move forward. Former California Governor Gray Davis joined the Fox News Rundown this week; Davis was recalled in 2003 because of his handling of the state’s energy crisis. The former recalled governor shares his experience on being recalled as governor and what he’s learned from it. During his interview he defended Newsom and his handling of the coronavirus pandemic and explains why he thinks the recall effort will be an uphill battle for organizers.
Cuomo aides receive subpoenas in sexual-harassment investigation
Andrew Cuomo of inappropriate behavior about their interactions with Ms. DeRosa, the women and their lawyers said. Investigators asked about how Ms. DeRosa interacted with her, said Ms. Liss, who worked at the state Capitol in 2014. Three former female aides and two current female aides have accused Mr. Cuomo of sexual harassment or inappropriate workplace behavior. In December, Lindsey Boylan, a former administration official, became the first woman to accuse Mr. Cuomo of sexual harassment. Ms. DeRosa was part of a close circle of aides who drafted a letter that referenced Ms. Boylan’s personnel records and called people to ask questions about her, said the people, including some who spoke with Ms. DeRosa at the time.
Suez Canal snafu costs $10 billion a day: report
A massive container ship remains stuck in the Suez Canal for a sixth day on Sunday — hiking the estimated economic damage from the resulting shipping logjam to $60 billion. The crisis is causing commercial losses of about $9.6 billion a day as ships that should have been heading between Europe and Asia stay immobilized, according to economic estimates calculated by Bloomberg. Meanwhile, there is still no timeline for freeing the massive Ever Given container ship, which is about the length of the Empire State Building. The vessel went aground Tuesday after being blown aground inside the canal by heavy winds, investigators said. The US Navy is also prepared to step in and help dredge the ship from the Egyptian waterway.
Capricorn Horoscope Today: Free Daily Horoscope
Don’t make promises you may not be able to live up to. That is the message of the stars this week, and if you heed it you should be free next week to enjoy yourself in ways that might not have been possible had you been verbally reckless.
FDNY firefighter will claim his ‘deadly’ bar-brawl punch was thrown in self-defense
Kevin C. Downs for the New York PostA New York City firefighter will claim self-defense after allegedly socking a man in the head outside a Queens tavern early Saturday — a punch that may have caused the rival’s death. “It’s a case of self-defense for sure,” the lawyer, Robert Gallo, told The Post. Deieso’s misdemeanor assault charge could be elevated depending on victim Devin Deegan’s cause of death, law enforcement sources said. Deegan was an unmarried, childless electrician who cared for his parents until they died — and lived alone for the past five years with a gray pet rabbit that he doted on, neighbors told The Post. He had already set out Easter eggs in his backyard for area kids, neighbors noted of the treats visible Saturday afternoon.
Taurus Horoscope Today: Free Daily Horoscope
You won’t have much trouble persuading people to help you out this week, but you must make sure they don’t expect too much in return. It’s OK to return the favor at some point, but it’s not OK to be in their debt for any length of time. Yesterday's HoroscopeWhat you do for others over the next 48 hours will be done for you in return later on, so be generous and be ready to extend the hand of friendship even to people you don’t much like. It takes all sorts to make such an interesting world.
Details hammered out on New York’s marijuana bill
State officials said Saturday that they’ve come to a final agreement on the legislative language needed to legalize pot in New York. State Sen. Liz Krueger (D-Manhattan) announced the deal on the amended Marijuana Regulation and Taxation Act Saturday night. The bill, which is expected to come up for a vote next week, will split revenues from the state’s marijuana industry between schools and public educations, communities “disproportionately impacted by the drug war,” and drug treatment, prevention and education programs, Krueger said. Cuomo said the legislation could bring $350 million in annual taxes and potentially create 30,000 to 60,000 jobs. “When this bill becomes law, New York will be poised to implement a nation-leading model for what marijuana legalization can look like,” Krueger said.
Multiple people injured, 1 killed in stabbing rampage at Canadian library
One person was killed and multiple people hurt after a suspect went on a stabbing rampage at a Canadian library. A suspect is now in custody in connection with the lone wolf Saturday afternoon attack in North Vancouver, officials tweeted. The violence happened in and around the Lynn Valley library branch in the suburb, according to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. “I’ve never seen so many cops in one area.”Six people were taken to the hospital following a stabbing rampage at Lynn Valley Library, according to he Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. I grew up five minutes from here.”Police continue to search for witnesses to the stabbing rampage.
The scare-Crow tactics of Democrats: Goodwin
To Democrats and their media megaphones, Jim Crow has risen from history’s grave and stalks our land again. He claimed the election changes “make Jim Crow look like Jim Eagle,” which makes no sense except to suggest he’s got birds on his brain. Brian Kemp, saying the changes represent “Jim Crow in the 21st century.”By then it was clear Jim Crow was the party’s official talking point. Stacey Abrams and Atlanta protesters both labeled the Georgia law “Jim Crow 2.0.” One activist called it “Jim Crow with makeup and cologne.” Another called it “Jim Crow in a suit and tie.”The list goes on, but you get the point. Because there is no truth to the president’s odious claims about the Georgia law, we are left with two options.
Investors seek Bitcoin haven amid weakening dollar worries
Ditto for scores of great economic minds who call the rise of cryptos like Bitcoin a “bubble,” and a lot worse. Mainstream investors are also snapping it up as they become worried about inflation and the dollar. President Joe Biden can’t tax his way out of America’s more than three trillion dollar deficit. To suppress these costs, market experts like Trennert say Fed Chairman Jerome Powell could suppress interest rates on longer-dated debt. Scott ApplewhiteAgain, I don’t know if I’ll ever be a crypto believer despite ways to buy whole pizzas with Bitcoin, now.
Trump says he will probably visit the southern border in coming weeks
Former President Trump sat down with Judge Jeanine Pirro for an exclusive interview that will air on Fox News’ “Justice with Judge Jeanine” Saturday at 9 p.m.“A lot of people want me to” visit the border, Trump told Pirro. In the interview, Trump says that he will probably visit the southern border over the next few weeks. Instead, in the span of a just few weeks, the Biden Administration has turned a national triumph into a national disaster. They are in way over their heads and taking on water fast.”Republicans have been urging President Biden to visit the border to experience firsthand the overwhelmed facilities amid a border surge. The Customs and Border Protection (CBP) facilities have been operating far beyond capacity amid a troubling surge in border crossers.
Biden administration will impose new regulations on meat industry, expert warns
Earlier this year, White House said the Occupational Safety and Health Administration would release those standards on March 15. But that day passed two weeks ago, and there was still no word from the administration heading into the weekend. North American Meat Institution’s spokeswoman Sarah Little told Fox News that regulations like mandatory 6-foot social distancing and N95 masks would definitely affect production. She said industry workers need vaccinations to keep things moving. “People only spend about 10 to12% of disposable income on food.”CLICK HERE TO READ MORE ON FOX BUSINESSJohn S. Nalivka, who has 30 years of experience in livestock and meat industry consulting, explained that the U.S. has built a very efficient meat industry that allows affordable meat prices.
Trump slams Biden immigration policies: ‘There’s nothing, there’s no leadership’
Former President Donald Trump blasted Joe Biden's immigration policies Saturday on "Justice with Judge Jeanine," saying the new President is showing "no leadership," during a crisis that could "destroy our country." I don't know what they're doing. And they don't know what they're doing. They’re going to destroy our country. Since taking office, Biden has undone a number of Trump-era immigration policies, including halting funding for the border wall and ending the Remain-in-Mexico policy.
US and allies slap China’s wrist while Beijing plays brutal hardball
On Monday, the United States, Britain, Canada and the European Union announced sanctions against multiple Chinese officials for “serious human rights abuses” against the Muslim-minority Uighurs in the far-west region of Xinjiang. That’s wrist-slaps over genocide while Beijing goes for the jugular against powers that displease it. Fine, the European Union joined the Western allies on the China sanctions, its first such action since the Tiananmen Square massacre. But targeting a few Chinese officials doesn’t begin to match the scale of these atrocities — torture, rape, brainwashing and trapping more than 1 million civilians in concentration camps. Now Beijing is canceling H&M and Nike within its borders for issuing statements decrying the use of forced labor to produce cotton in Xinjiang.
Activists push Coca-Cola to take stand against Georgia election law
Activists in Georgia are calling for a boycott of Coca-Cola until the Atlanta-based company comes out against the state’s new election-law changes. The African Methodist Episcopal Church, which represents 500 black churches, on Thursday called for the boycott, and the hashtag #BoycottCocaCola was trending into the weekend. The new rules impose additional identification requirements for absentee ballots, restrictions on drop boxes and earlier poll closures, among other measures. Biden on Friday called the new law “Jim Crow in the 21st century.”A demonstrator holds a sign during a peaceful protest outside of the World of Coca-Cola in Atlanta. Alyssa Pointer/Atlanta Journal-Constitution via APCoca-Cola said in a March statement that the company supports “improvements that would enhance accessibility, maximize voter participation, maintain election integrity, and serve all Georgians.”
Montana Sen. Steve Daines touts state’s ‘homegrown’ meth during border visit
Ahh, the good ol’ days — when meth in America was “homegrown.”Montana Sen. Steve Daines is being mocked for reminiscing about “homemade” methamphetamines while discussing the immigration crisis. “Twenty years ago in Montana, meth was homemade. It was homegrown,” the Republican congressman said at the border Friday. Today the meth that is getting into Montana is Mexican cartel. Far more dangerous, far more addictive, and it’s less expensive.”
Lawmakers at border urge empathy for migrants: 'These are not invaders'
Several House members Saturday urged empathy for the thousands of migrants fleeing Central America for the U.S.-Mexico border after touring facilities in Texas that are processing and housing them. Democrats on the tour said they reject the GOP narrative that the southern border is suddenly open under President Biden and migrants are villains bringing problems to the United States. The comments came Saturday at a news conference following a congressional delegation tour of the border. There were more than 18,000 unaccompanied minors in either Border Protection or Health and Human Services custody as of Thursday, according to DHS records. CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APPThe Escobar-led trip was one of several congressional delegations to the border this weekend.
New Mexico rancher tells lawmakers to address border crisis, ‘quit politicizing’
New Mexico rancher, Russell Johnson, urged lawmakers Saturday, to "quit politicizing" the southern border and instead, address the U.S.’s problematic immigration system. In an interview with Fox News’ Eric Shawn, the fourth generation New Mexico rancher explained that issues on the border exceed the number of migrant families crossing illegally, saying there is a growing concern around safety. GOP SENATORS SHUT DOWN TALK OF IMMIGRATION DEAL UNTIL BORDER CRISIS IS SOLVED"What people don't realize is, we don't have the family units and unaccompanied minors approaching our area of the border. While Johnson’s mother got away fine, the New Mexico rancher noted that it can take Border Patrol up to an hour to respond to their calls – a response time that worries the husband and father to young children. "Do the right thing, finish the border wall project, which is not just the wall, it's the sensors, the lighting, the roads, finish all of it and secure the border and then overhaul the immigration system."
China sanctions U.S. and Canadian officials, including Sen. Manchin’s wife, in tit-for-tat response
China sanctioned a number of U.S. and Canadian officials in response to heightening tension as Western nations call out the country’s alleged human rights violations of the Uighur population in the country’s Xinjiang province. Among those slapped with sanctions are Gayle Manchin, chair of the U.S. government's advisory Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF), and Tony Perkins, vice chair. The U.S., Canada, the European Union and the United Kingdom have teamed up to enact their own sanctions on Chinese officials over the abuses of the Muslim minority population. China has denied any human rights violations and told other countries to stop meddling in its internal affairs. The sanctions came after tense bilateral talks took place with Biden administration officials and Chinese officials in Alaska last week.
Biden official asked GOP senators visiting border to delete photos from facilities
Sen. Mike Braun, R-Ind., told Fox News that a Biden official asked Republican senators to delete photos they took at a border facility they were touring on Friday. SEN. BRAUN PENS LETTER URGING BIDEN TO VISIT BORDERThe photos showed children sleeping on the ground in an enclosed area. Braun told the Examiner as the group stopped with border agents at the edge of the Rio Grande, where migrants often try to illegally cross. GOP SENATORS ENCOUNTER TRAFFICKERS, CARTEL MEMBERS AT BORDER DURING NIGHTTIME RIO GRANDE TOURBraun, after visiting the facility, penned a letter to the president imploring him to visit the border. The images show migrants jammed into pods at the processing facility and children sleeping on mats on the floor.
Everything Biden and his top people are saying about the border is a bald-faced lie
From President Joe Biden on down, the administration is telling nonstop, bald-faced lies about the border crisis — while trying to stop the media from reporting the truth. Biden insists the surge is normal, when it’s setting records. Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas insists the US-Mexico border is “closed” for everyone except migrant children seeking to enter the country alone. Trump had made significant progress toward securing the border, only for Biden to halt construction on his wall and end the “Remain in Mexico” policy. Be outraged, but also ask: How much else is the Biden administration lying about?
Letters to the Editor — March 28, 2021
When I see folks driving alone in their cars wearing masks, I feel sorrow for their inability to apply reason to the situation. His gloomy, unreasonable advice, such as wearing masks after being vaccinated, lead one to wish for his happy — and hopefully silent — retirement. With a gold watch and the thanks of a grateful nation, Dr. Fauci, enjoy your golden years. While it is true that the Hasidic community was hit very hard by the virus, other communities were hit much harder. I believe that it is blatantly unfair for Cuozzo to single out the Hasidic community for bearing the responsibility of spreading the virus in the boroughs.
Steve Madden may ditch Queens headquarters over parking lot issue
Steve Madden’s shoe company is ready to walk away from its Queens headquarters — and take 400 workers with it — over a proposed affordable-housing development that will step on the company’s parking. A plan by non-profit developer Phipps Houses calls for rezoning the lot to build a seven-story building with 167 units. Andrew Luskin, a lawyer for Steve Madden, says “the neighborhood would have much to lose if the company were compelled to relocate” if affordable housing is built on his company’s parking lot in Sunnyside, Queens. The parking lot where Steven Madden employees use at the company’s Sunnyside, Queens headquarters Lisa R. KyleThe project advanced Thursday when the City Council approved rezoning for the development. “We believe the Steve Madden folks did not realize the new development contains a very large parking lot.
Oklahoma corrections officer taken hostage in detention center, facility on lockdown
An Oklahoma City corrections officer has been taken hostage on the 10th floor of the Oklahoma County Detention Center, Saturday afternoon. The detention facility is on lockdown as security officials attempt to gain control of the situation. In a series of videos filmed by one of the perpetrators holding the officer hostage, another man talks to the camera while watching over his shoulder. In another video, the man filming the incident is heard explaining the officer "Ain’t got nothing to do with this. The detention center has not yet said if security officials have gained control of the situation.
GOP lawmakers call for answers from Blinken on border moves amid migrant surge
Republican lawmakers in the House Foreign Affairs Committee on Saturday wrote to Secretary of State Antony Blinken, demanding answers about the Biden administration’s diplomatic moves related to the growing crisis at the southern border. All were abolished in the early days of the Biden administration. "The Biden administration believes there are more suitable ways to work with our partner governments to manage migration across the region," Blinken said in a statement last month on the ACAs. The 23 Republican House lawmakers, led by Ranking Member Michael McCaul wrote to Blinken about their "deep concerns" over the moves. Separately, they encourage Blinken to submit a five-year strategy to address the causes of illegal immigration "as soon as possible."
Former Acting ICE Director: Biden 'insulted' Border Patrol agents during press conference
Former Acting ICE Director Tom Homan criticized the Biden administration's immigration policies on "Fox Report," saying the President 'insulted' every Border Patrol agent during his press conference Thursday. This administration has clearly shown they’re not going to enforce the law. 90% of the criminals they arrested last year they can’t arrest this year, so they totally decapitated ICE authority. And the Border Patrol stations are no longer border patrol stations, they’re welcoming centers. [Biden] made a statement…that the men and women who serve in the Border Patrol watched children die from starvation on the river.
Trump DHS officials slam Biden ‘purge’ of Homeland Security Advisory Council
Former Trump officials who served in the Department of Homeland Security are criticizing a move by the Biden administration to fire almost every member of the Homeland Security Advisory Council -- with one describing it as a "purge" designed to rinse the Council of opposing voices. But a number of former officials expressed surprise at how most of the Council was fired. Ken Cuccinelli, who served on the council after having served as acting deputy DHS secretary and acting head of U.S. He also said the Council had a number of meaningful projects underway that had now just been wiped out. "I’m surprised it took this long to take me off because I'm out there telling the American people the truth and I’m sure that’s upsetting a lot of people," he said.
Trump says he will probably visit the southern border soon, in exclusive interview with Fox News
Former President Trump sat down with Judge Jeanine Pirro for an exclusive interview that will air on Fox News’ ‘Justice with Judge Jeanine’ Saturday at 9 p.m."A lot of people want me to" visit the border, Trump told Pirro. In the interview, Trump says that he will probably visit the southern border over the next few weeks. Last week Trump accused Biden of causing "death and human tragedy" by undoing some of his border policies, which Biden had deemed inhumane. Instead, in the span of a just few weeks, the Biden Administration has turned a national triumph into a national disaster. Republicans have been urging President Biden to visit the border to experience firsthand the overwhelmed facilities amid a border surge.
GOP Sen. Susan Collins escapes party censure for her convict-Trump vote
Maine Republicans still love Sen. Susan Collins — even after she voted to impeach President Donald Trump. The state’s GOP committee on Saturday overwhelmingly rejected a resolution to censure the five-term incumbent for her February vote in Trump’s second impeachment trial. Sen. Bill Cassidy was censured almost immediately after his impeachment vote by Louisiana’s state party leadership. A censure vote for Sen. Richard Burr followed soon after in North Carolina. But Trump has repeatedly called for Republicans to cast out party dissidents like Collins, who he condemned as “grandstanders” in his speech to the Conservative Political Action Conference last month.
US dropping FBI fingerprint tests for caregivers at migrant facilities
The Biden administration is using a less stringent standard to vet those caring for thousands of unaccompanied minors in migrant facilities at the border, according to a report. While FBI fingerprint tests rely on proprietary criminal databases, public records tests are dependent on the subject providing accurate information. HHS’s own Inspector General has warned the lower grade tests would not be as effective at sussing out past sexual or criminal offenses. US Customs and Border ProtectionMidland is home to an HHS migrant facility which opened just this month. The migrant surge at the border represents the first major crisis of the new Biden administration.
Myanmar sees bloodiest day amid coup protests as death toll hits 114
It was the bloodiest day amid ongoing demonstrations against the military junta, which ousted the democratically-elected government of Aung San Suu Kyi on Feb. 1. An anti-coup protester throws a smoke bomb against police crackdown in Thaketa township Yangon, Myanmar on March 27, 2021. Military personnel participate in a parade on Armed Forces Day in Naypyitaw, Myanmar on March 27, 2021. “Today is a day of shame for the armed forces,” Salai Maung Taing San, a spokesman known as “Dr. An injured anti-coup protester is brought for medical treatment to a hospital in Latha township, Yangon, Myanmar on March 27, 2021.
New Mexico rancher: Border crisis 'coming to a home near you'
New Mexico rancher Russell Johnson joins "Fox News Live" to share his experience with the migrant surge on the southern border, saying Biden's plan is to "roll back everything that worked." RUSSELL JOHNSON: We've experienced everything from homes being broke into, cattle theft, vehicles stolen, other buildings broken into. When people say that Biden doesn't have a plan, his plan was to roll back everything that worked. What people don't realize is we don't have the family units and unaccompanied minors approaching our area of the border. It's not staying here, it's coming to a home near you.
Professor who refused school order on transgender student’s pronouns wins in court
An Ohio college professor who resisted his school’s orders to go along with transgender students’ preferred pronouns has won his First Amendment case before a federal appeals court. Circuit Court of Appeals said that Shawnee State University violated Prof. Nicholas Meriwether’s rights of free speech and free exercise of religion by punishing him for resisting school rules that forced him to address students in the terms of their choosing. The court’s decision, written by a judge appointed to the bench by President Trump and issued Friday, upheld Meriwether’s argument. Meriwether, a 25-year member of the Shawnee State faculty, was reprimanded in 2016 after a transgender student complained that he used of “Mr.” instead of “Ms.” when responding to the student in class. A student walks to class on the campus of Shawnee State University.
34-year-old Bronfman heir snaps up $30M Santa Monica compound
Jeremy Bronfman ­– whose cousin Clare Bronfman gave $14 million to support the sex cult NXIVM – just dropped $29.4 million on a lavish Santa Monica compound for him and his wife, Stephanie Beck Bronfman. Bronfman, the 34-year-old grandson of the late billionaire Edgar Bronfman Sr., and son of Matt Bronfman, the Manhattan-based billionaire investor, bought the 1.1-acre compound that, according to, features a 1920s Spanish Colonial-style mansion with about 8,000 square feet of space. Jeremy Bronfman Hunt/McMullan/Sipa USAThe house itself has five bedrooms and seven bathrooms and the lawn abuts the Riviera Country Club’s golf course. Edgar Bronfman Sr. in his Seagram office. Before purchasing the compound, the Bronfmans rented a mansion a few blocks away for $30,000 a month.
Michigan GOP boss under fire for calling top state Dems ‘witches’
Michigan Republican Party Chairman Ron Weiser at his office in Lansing, Michigan on Aug. 18, 2010. Michigan Republican Party Chairman Ron Weiser poses in his office at McKinley Associates in Ann Arbor, Michigan on March 10, 2020. The chairman of the Michigan Republican Party is in a cauldron of hot water after referring to the state’s top three Democrats as “the three witches.”The crack from GOP boss Ron Weiser was captured on tape and later published by the Detroit News. “We’re focused on the three witches,” Weiser said, trying to redirect the attention toward Dems. Hateful, violent, and sexist rhetoric have no place in our state,” the state Democratic Party posted in a statement to Twitter.
Accused Boulder gunman Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa was ‘laughing’ during massacre: report
The accused gunman in Monday’s mass shooting in Boulder was “laughing” as he murdered 10 people and terrorized shoppers inside a King Soopers grocery store, police and a witness said. Police also radioed: “This guy is laughing at us,” according to records reviewed by the Denver Post. “He hung up on me,” Semele Plentywolf told the Denver Post. “There has been a shooting at King Soopers. Alissa was taken into custody after firing a final fatal bullet at Boulder Police Officer Eric Talley.
Sen. Mike Braun sends letter to Biden urging him to visit border: 'This surge makes it a moral imperative'
EXCLUSIVE: Fresh off a visit to the southern border, Sen. Mike Braun said Saturday that President Biden has a moral imperative to immediately see the "inhumane" and "dangerous" migrant situation firsthand. The Indiana Republican penned a letter to Biden on Saturday, obtained first by Fox News, which includes pictures Braun took Friday during his visit of a U.S. Customs and Border Protection facility in Texas. There were more than 18,000 unaccompanied minors in either Border Protection or Health and Human Services custody as of Thursday, according to HHS records. Braun was part of a group of Senate Republicans making the trip to the south Texas border and expressed horror at the mounting crisis -- viewing packed border facilities and speaking to overwhelmed border agents. Border Protection encountered more than 100,000 migrants in February and those numbers are expected to increase dramatically in the spring and summer months.
Angry condo owner joins fight to kill Cuomo’s pet Penn Station project
The legislative pushback is giving new hope to condo owners near Penn Station who fear the Cuomo plan would vaporize their building through eminent domain. Andrew Cuomo stating there is no “clear understanding” of the Empire Station Complex. Andrew Cuomo’s Empire Station Complex plan. Andrew Cuomo to not move forward with his proposed Empire Station Complex around Penn Station. Andrew Cuomo’s Empire Station Complex as “poorly conceived, opaque and possibly mortally flawed.” Robert Miller“We’re not opposed to improvements,” she said.
CNN's Chris Cuomo forges ahead in 'Hack' tournament amid scandal, Jeffrey Toobin fails to pull out a victory
CNN anchor Chris Cuomo may be reaping the benefits of his brother's growing scandals as he eyes the top prize in the second annual "Liberal Hack Tournament." The "Cuomo Prime Time" anchor was swept up in the latest bombshell report about Democratic New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who is being accused of giving prioritized COVID testing to his relatives, including his famous younger brother. Rubin previously defeated Navarro in last year's division championship and went on to face off against Stelter in the final "Liberal Hack" showdown, but was ultimately defeated. Cillizza and Rupar will enter a brutal cage match in the division championship.
Texas COVID numbers decrease 17 days after mask, other restrictions lifted
The governor championed his state’s success in a Friday night tweet saying, "Today Texas recorded the lowest 7-day COVID positivity rate since that data began being calculated: 5.43%." RED STATES ABANDON MASK MANDATES, BIDEN SAYS: 'NOW IS NOT THE TIME TO LET UP'"We also recorded the largest daily number of vaccines administered to Texans: 342,849. More Texans getting vaccines will keep down the positivity rate," he said, though adding that receiving the vaccine was "always voluntary." Texas reported 2,239 new infections Saturday, roughly 500 fewer cases on average from the previous week, according to data from the state’s health department. "Please keep wearing your well-fitting mask and taking the public health actions now that we know can reverse these concerning trends," the director concluded.
Organizations call to move MLB All-Star Game, The Masters over Georgia voting law
Organizations are calling for major sporting events to be moved out of Georgia after the state passed a controversial voting law Thursday. GEORGIA STATE DEMOCRAT ARRESTED AS GEORGIA GOV. It requires two Saturdays of early voting instead of one and makes two Sundays optional for early voting. They will be placed at early voting locations but only available while the precincts are open. The law also tilts some power over elections to state lawmakers and the Georgia State Elections Board.
Maine GOP rejects censure of Sen. Susan Collins
The Maine GOP voted Saturday against censoring longtime Sen. Susan Collins over her vote to convict former President Donald Trump for incitement of insurrection. HOW SUSAN COLLINS DEFIED DEMOCRATSSeven GOP senators voted to convict Trump for his role in the Jan. 6 Capitol riot, but most were not treated so kindly by their party back home. The Alaska GOP censured Sen. Lisa Murkowski, the only one of the seven who faces reelection next year. The Louisiana GOP censured Sen. Bill Cassidy and the North Carolina GOP censured Sen. Richard Burr. Moves to censure Sen. Mitt Romney in Utah have been unsuccessful.
Jen Psaki defends Biden 'Neanderthal' reopening quip targeting Texas and Mississippi
White House press secretary Jen Psaki said President Biden’s "Neanderthal thinking" quip about states removing their mask mandates was an expression of his "frustration and exasperation." Tate Reeves "took offense" to Biden's 'Neanderthal’ remark. MCENANY RIPS BIDEN'S 'NEANDERTHAL' REMARK, COMPARES TO CLINTON'S 'DEPLORABLES' INSULT"People across the country have sacrificed, they haven’t had the information they need from the federal government. Psaki said the White House’s focus has been on ensuring there are enough vaccines, vaccinators and vaccine locations to go around. "There were not enough of any of those things when he [Biden] took office," she said.
Long Island police chief due for million-dollar payday
Chief Thomas Cummings was compensated $441,945.82 last year, according to village documents. Chief Thomas Cummings first joined the department in 1987. (There are rumors that Warren wants to dissolve the department, as reported by the Southampton Press, which first covered the meeting.) NYPD Commissioner Dermot Shea oversees about 36,000 sworn officers — and gets paid less than Chief Cummings. There are rumors that Jesse Warren, the current mayor, wants to dissolve the department.
Tensions emerge among lawmakers of color over Gov. Cuomo’s fate
Tensions are bubbling in Albany among lawmakers of color over just what to do with Gov. On the other side are establishment, Cuomo-friendly lawmakers who have urged holding off until a probe by Attorney General Letitia James is complete. “Andrea Stewart-Cousins has had a very important career as the first African American woman to lead the New York State Senate,” Walker’s office told The Post. Walker also signed a letter along with 21 other lawmakers urging people to wait until the completion of James’ investigation. Latrice Walker, NY State Assemblywoman, 55th District, left, with Mark O’Luck, CEO Spectrum Personal Communications Corp. on Feb. 16, 2019.
NYC activists turn up the pressure for Cuomo's ouster
Activists holding signs of "IMPEACH" protested outside of New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo's office Saturday, demanded his ouster and compared the embattled Democrat to former President Donald Trump. "Governor Cuomo is Trump in sheep's clothing," said Rebecca Bailin, an activist who led the "Cuomo Must Go" demonstration. "Cuomo has shown that he will not stop abusing power, and therefore, we must remove his access to it," Cabán added. Both the New York State Attorney General’s office and the New York State Assembly have active investigations into the allegations against Cuomo.
GOP senators shut down talk of immigration deal until border crisis is solved
"How can you pass an immigration bill when you have an open border?" "If they want to accomplish anything on immigration and I want to help them, it would be securing the border." Grassley was one of a group of Senate Republicans making the trip to the south Texas border and expressed horror at the mounting crisis -- viewing packed border facilities and speaking to overwhelmed border agents. CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APP"If you want to talk about immigration reform, we're prepared to, we have a crisis at the border. Neither bill would seem likely to pass the Senate with the crisis ongoing.
Slain Boulder officer Eric Talley: Tunnel to Towers to pay family's mortgage
Tunnel to Towers, a nonprofit created in honor of fallen 9/11 firefighter Stephen Siller, is helping the family of a fallen Colorado police officer by paying off their mortgage. Eric Talley, 51 and a father of seven, was the first law enforcement officer to arrive at the scene of a mass shooting in Boulder, where he and nine others were killed this week. He also had plans to become a drone operator for police because he thought the role would be safer and keep him off the front lines, the elder Talley told 9News. MILLIONS RASIED FOR ATLANTA-AREA SHOOTING VICTIM'S FAMILY AS COMMUNITY SHOWS SUPPORT, MOURNS THOSE LOSTTalley joined the Boulder Police Department in 2010. Boulder County District Attorney Michael Dougherty added that Talley "was by all accounts one of the outstanding officers of the Boulder Police Department, and his life was cut too short."
The left invented crises under Trump — and now ignores real ones under Biden
Where there were no actual, serious crises to exploit, the Trump-hating left manufactured them. Instead of rhetorically creating crises where there are none, the left today is in fact creating real crises while pretending it hasn’t. The dismantling of Trump’s border control measures has caused an uptick in immigration to the southern border where tent cities have been set up. It is not a fiction.” Those affected by Antifa violence and destruction in Seattle, Portland and elsewhere know this to be true. Or see the Biden administration refusing to admit that there is a crisis on the southern border, one that Biden’s de facto open-border policies and rhetoric directly caused.
Dozens rally outside Cuomo’s Midtown office to call for his resignation
Andrew Cuomo’s Midtown office Saturday, demanding that he pack up his things and resign over sexual harassment allegations. Zakiyah Ansari, advocacy director at New York State Alliance for Quality Education, one of the many activists at the rally, said “Cuomo has been a bully for decades.”“It’s time right now to step up. Protesters, who chanted, “Cuomo must go!” and “No more status Cuomo!” also urged that Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie take immediate action. “It is time for Speaker Heastie to use his authority to impeach Governor Cuomo and send a message that workers matter. If it doesn’t happen in government, why is any other top executive going to hold themselves and each other accountable?” said Erica Vlademir, cofounder of New York State Sexual Harassment Working Group.
Embattled Cuomo lifts COVID visitation restrictions at NY nursing homes
Andrew Cuomo has lifted COVID-19 visitation restrictions at nursing homes, which had been in place since the onset of the pandemic last year. WAPO SLAMS CNN FOR 'ETHICAL EMBARRASSMENT' OVER CHRIS CUOMO GETTING SPECIAL COVID TREATMENT FROM BROTHERZayas said nursing home residents suffered a double whammy — COVID and visitation restrictions. Cuomo, a three-term Democrat, is facing multiple state and federal investigations over the nursing homes COVID policy and claims of sexual harassment. Cuomo, who has denied wrongdoing in his handling of nursing homes during the pandemic, said the number of positive cases in nursing homes has plunged by more than 80 percent since peaking in mid-January during a second COVID post-holiday surge. CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APPThe guidance also emphasized that nursing homes must continue to encourage all staffers and residents to get vaccinated.
Looking for affordable car insurance? Take these 5 steps now
And while you're comparing auto insurance premiums, keep these money-saving tips in mind:Shop around for the best car insurance provider Bundle homeowners insurance policies with auto insurance Consider safe driving courses or certifications Call the insurance company to find other ways to save Choose carefully when seeking affordable car insuranceHOW TO PREPARE FOR POST-PANDEMIC AUTO INSURANCE HIKES1. Shop around for the best car insurance providerWhat you pay for car insurance is largely based on driving history, from a clean driving record to moving violations to collisions. Finding the right car insurance company with the best auto insurance rates is a must for saving money. For example, you may be able to bundle your car insurance coverage with renter's insurance or life insurance. Call the insurance company to find other ways to saveThe most effective way to save money on car insurance may be simply to ask your insurance company what options are available.
Trump administration dismantled ‘safe’ border policies, Biden rebuilding process: DHS chief Mayorkas
GREG ABBOTT (R), TEXAS: The Biden administration must also answer for enticing unaccompanied minors into inhumane conditions. WALLACE: We'll talk with a man in charge of securing the border, Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas. Plus --JOSEPH R. BIDEN, PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: Hate can have no safe harbor in America. COTTON: Yeah, Chris, the Biden administration keeps saying that Trump somehow dismantled the immigration system. It was the Biden administration that dismantled three highly effective policies.
Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp to join 'Fox News Live' to discuss new voting law, Biden's reaction
Brian Kemp will appear on "Fox News Live" at approximately 1:30 p.m. ET Saturday to discuss the state's controversial voting law. BRIAN KILMEADE LAMBASTES DEMOCRATS' HYPOCRISY OVER GEORGIA ELECTION REFORM, FOR THE PEOPLE ACTThe Georgia bill, H.B. 1, the For the People Act, which would expand absentee voting, end gerrymandering and restrict "dark money" political donations, among other things, on a national level. 513 as "an attack on the right to vote in Georgia."
Ted Cruz blasts ‘Biden cages’ at border amid ‘inhumane’ migrant crisis
Sen. Ted Cruz dropped a disturbing video Friday evening of severely overcrowded conditions at migrant detention centers near the US-Mexico border. This is inhumane what is going on.” Cruz said at a press conference flanked by his fellow lawmakers. “Joe Biden and the Biden administration have made decisions that are causing these people to suffer and to do this in a pandemic is particularly irresponsible.”Sen. Ted Cruz posted pictures of migrants at the Donna facility at the border in Texas. Photo posted by Ted Cruz on twitter showing minor immigrants in the Donna border facility, in Texas. Ted Cruz/TwitterIn recent weeks the US-Mexico border has seen a surge of migrants from South and Central America drawn by promises Biden has made to accept asylum seekers and expectations that he will reform immigration rules.
Harvard punishes professor Martin Nowak over Jeffrey Epstein ties
Harvard University moved to officially sanction a professor over his close ties to Jeffrey Epstein. Martin Nowak, a math professor, will be barred from starting new research projects and will have sharply reduced access to undergraduate and post-doctoral students for at least two years, according to a memo sent to students and faculty by Harvard Dean Claudine Gay. Nowak’s Program for Evolutionary Dynamics — which previously accepted $6.5 million in Epstein cash — will be shut down, Harvard Magazine reported. The carte blanche access to one of America’s most prestigious universities came after Epstein’s 2008 conviction for sex crimes in Florida. Martin Nowak will be barred from starting new research projects.
Asian American politician removes shirt to show wounds, prove patriotism
An Asian American politician and US Army veteran removed his shirt at a local board meeting this week to prove his patriotism. He was attacked in Chicago for being Asian soon after arriving, an incident which “put me in the hospital,” he said. Still, “I went deliberately in the Army to learn about Americanism and democracy,” Wong told the Cincinnati Enquirer this week. He told Fox 19 that while campaigning people would tell him he didn’t look American enough. Ohio State Senate“When someone comes up and says that to me, it’s like a stab in my heart,” he said.
Pelosi hires DC National Guard chief to lead House security
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi hired Maj. Gen. William Walker, the commanding general of the D.C. National Guard, to become the House's first Black sergeant-at-arms who will be in charge of securing members of Congress and maintaining order at the Capitol. Walker succeeds Paul Irving who resigned immediately after rioters attacked the Capitol on Jan. 6 and disrupted the congressional certification of President Biden's Electoral College victory. DC NATIONAL GUARD HEAD SAYS ARMY GENERALS ADVISED AGAINST SOLDIERS TO CAPITOL DURING RIOT DUE TO OPTICS"I think there needs to be a study done to make sure that never happens again," Walker told lawmakers during his testimony. CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APPThe requests are going to several executive branch agencies, including the Department of Justice, FBI, Department of Homeland Security and the White House. They are seeking communications with the White House, threat assessments offers for security assistance and more.
Mayorkas blames migrant surge on Trump admin, not Biden policies
Mayorkas denied that Biden's changes have encouraged the current migrant surge. The secretary also defended Biden's elimination of Trump's "safe third country" agreements which required migrants to seek asylum in another country first if they were passing through a safe country on their way to the U.S. He claimed that "there's nothing safe about" sending people back "to the very countries from which they are fleeing persecution." He then claimed that the administration is "working on providing footage so that the American public can see the border patrol stations." "We're working on providing access," Mayorkas replied, again noting the problem of the coronavirus pandemic.
Lindsey Graham takes aim at Mayorkas, tells DHS chief to 'change course or change jobs'
Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., is taking aim at Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas' job as pressure against the Homeland Security chief mounts over the border crisis. Under its current leadership, it doesn’t have either the will or capability to fix the problem," Graham said in a scathing release Thursday. BIDEN BORDER OFFICIALS SAY HE'S WRONG NOT TO CALL BORDER 'CRISIS'"The solutions are obvious but will require an understanding that the Biden Administration’s early policy choices – to abandon Trump’s successful border policies – was a mistake. It is time for DHS Secretary Mayorkas to change course or change jobs," Graham added. "Unless there is immediate and drastic change, the worse is yet to come — by far."
House Republicans call for answers from DHS about migrants released without court dates
EXCLUSIVE: More than a dozen House Republicans on Tuesday wrote to Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas requesting answers over "troubling reports" that the Biden administration is releasing illegal immigrants into the country without court dates. The move places the responsibility of seeking an asylum hearing on the migrants through Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) or legal assistance. Instead, migrants are registered into the system with biometrical data taken and largely released into the public, in one instance, at a bus station in McAllen, Texas. It also asks how many migrants have been paroled into the U.S. and if they will be eligible for employment authorization. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) on Tuesday released photos of crowded facilities, including children sleeping shoulder-to-shoulder on mats on the floor with aluminum blankets and on benches.
Tom Homan: Our border is not closed or secure. That's a lie. Why aren't we being told the truth?
I was shocked when he said this to Chris Wallace on "Fox News Sunday:" "The border is secure. The border is not closed and it is not secure. Thousands of family units are streaming across also. The CBP base this number on sensor traffic, camera traffic and foot signs that they could not respond to because they were tied up with hundreds of family units and children. However, ICE cannot remove those cases and execute those lawful federal orders because the Biden administration has taken non-criminal fugitives off their list of priorities.
Mayorkas fires almost all members of Homeland Security Advisory Council
Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas has fired almost all members of the Homeland Security Advisory Council (HSAC) -- the latest sign by the agency of its intention to move away from the practices of the prior administration. MAYORKAS BLAMES MIGRANT SURGE ON TRUMP ADMIN, NOT BIDEN POLICIESHSAC was set up for members, who are unpaid, to use their experience and expertise of Homeland Security issues like counterterrorism and immigration enforcement to offer guidance to the secretary. Its current membership included Trump-era officials such as former Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Chad Wolf, former Deputy DHS Secretary Ken Cuccinelli and former Immigration and Customs Enforcement Director Thomas Homan -- but include those appointed by secretaries by both Democratic and Republican administrations. House Homeland Security Committee Ranking Member John Katko, R-N.Y., also criticized the move, saying it was a sign the administration "has no intention of upholding a bipartisan, unifying approach to securing our homeland." "It’s an absolute shame that Secretary Mayorkas has removed these well-respected homeland security leaders who have dedicated their careers to strengthening our homeland security posture," he said in a statement.
Bill Maher Blasts America’s Excessive Spending And ‘Drug War’ On HBO’s ‘Real Time’
While Bill Maher is one of many of us who are looking forward to the “big party” once the pandemic is over, he’s not confident that America has handled COVID-19 in a fiscally responsible way. Maher feels strongly that ending our seemingly bipartisan War on Drugs here in the States and cutting our excessive spending is a good place to start. Last night on Real Time With Bill Maher, the host said that America’s economy is “divorced from reality,” with unemployment, bankruptcies and shuttered businesses occurring alongside an exceptionally high stock market. Maher then compared the 1920s Prohibition to the modern-day Drug Wars, insisting that many of today’s social struggles stem from poor drug policy. You can follow him on Twitter — @TweetskoorStream Real Time with Bill Maher on HBO Max
Biden stocks cabinet with prep school grads
Antony Blinken, Biden’s Secretary of State, was a child of privilege who graduated from NYC’s Dalton School, where tuition today runs $55,210. Tom Vilsack, Biden’s Secretary of Agriculture, graduated from Pittsburgh’s tony Shady Side Academy, a $53,000-a-year boarding school. Susan Rice, now serving as Biden’s Director of the Domestic Policy Council, was valedictorian of National Cathedral School, a D.C day school for girls ($47,350). Marty Walsh, Biden’s pick for Labor Secretary, attended Bostons’ Newman School where parents shell out a cool $27,000 a year. AP Photo/Susan Walsh, FileCommerce Secretary Gina Raimondo earned her diploma from Rhode Island’s La Salle Academy, where tuition today is $16,250.
Jury set for former police officer's trial in Floyd death; begins March 29
A jury has been seated for the trial of a former Minneapolis police officer in George Floyd’s death, with opening statements set for March 29. DEREK CHAUVIN TRIAL: 14TH JUROR IS SEATED, NEARLY COMPLETING THE PANELThe 15th and final member of the pool was chosen Tuesday, wrapping up a process that took more than two weeks. There will be 12 jurors and two alternates, with the 15th person being dismissed when the trial begins if the rest of the jury remains intact. Hennepin County Judge Peter Cahill rejected requests to delay the trial or move it out of Minneapolis. But five others that had been seated said either that they had avoided the settlement news or could set it aside, and selection continued until the jury was complete.
China’s deception over COVID-19’s origins gets more outrageous every day
“The Wuhan Institute of Virology is not the National Institute of Health,” says David Asher. And Major General Chen Wei herself, the head of the People’s Liberation Army’s bioweapons research program, rushed down to Wuhan to deal with it. In the Wuhan lab. EcoHealth Alliance President Peter Daszak, who has close ties to the Wuhan lab, was eager to dismiss the theory that COVID-19 escaped from it. Of course, none of the above constitutes absolute, ironclad, irrefutable proof that the coronavirus was a bioweapon under development at the Wuhan lab.
Burma forces kill dozens in deadliest day since coup
Burma media say security forces have killed 91 people in deadliest day since last month’s military coup. As Burma’s military celebrated the annual Armed Forces Day holiday with a parade Saturday in the country's capital, soldiers and police elsewhere reportedly killed dozens of people as they suppressed protests against last month's coup. "This 76th Myanmar armed forces day will stay engraved as a day of terror and dishonour," the European Union’s delegation to Burma said on Twitter. Junta chief Senior Gen. Min Aung Hlaing did not directly refer to the protest movement when he gave his nationally televised Armed Forces Day speech before thousands of soldiers in Naypyitaw. In contrast, security forces have used live ammunition for weeks against overwhelmingly unarmed and peaceful crowds.
North Korea snaps back at Biden over criticism of missile launches
North Korea on Saturday snapped back at President Joe Biden’s criticism of its ballistic missile tests, calling his comments a provocation and encroachment on the North’s right to self-defense and vowing to continuously expand its "most thoroughgoing and overwhelming military power." The launches showed how the North continues to expand its military capabilities while nuclear negotiations with the United States remain stalled. Biden was restrained as he admonished North Korea for the launches, which were a violation of U.N. sanctions against the North. NORTH KOREA MISSLES GET MORE AGILE, EVASIVE: EXPERTSIn comments carried by Pyongyang’s official Korean Central News Agency, Ri said the North expresses "deep apprehension" over Biden’s remarks that were "openly revealing his deep-seated hostility toward the DPRK." It’s unclear how the Biden administration will respond before it completes its policy review on North Korea in coming weeks.
Trump may visit US-Mexico border region ‘soon,’ former aide says
Former President Donald Trump is "really concerned" about the migrant situation along the U.S.-Mexico border and may schedule a visit to the region, a former Trump aide said this week. Jason Miller shared comments about Trump’s thinking during an appearance on the podcast of conservative talk show host Michael Berry. "I could see him doing that soon," Miller said about a possible Trump visit to the border region, according to a recap of the conversation posted by Detroit radio station WJR. "Not immediately, but I could see a trip, some point in the future here, but it is something that [former] President Trump is really concerned about." CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APPNeither Biden nor Harris have visited the border region since taking office but members of the administration joined members of Congress in a visit to a facility in Texas on Wednesday.
Ohio official of Asian descent, a US Army vet, shows war scars: ‘Is this patriot enough?’
A local official of Asian descent in West Chester Township, Ohio, is being lauded for taking off his shirt during a town hall meeting this week to show his battle scars. Wong, 69, said he has been told by people that he’s doesn’t look American enough or patriotic enough. Wong told the Cincinnati Enquirer the moment wasn’t planned. "I deliberately went to the Army to learn about Americanism and democracy," he told the newspaper. People are glad I spoke," Wong told the Enquirer.
FOX News Rundown EXTRA: Retired Staff Sergeant and Fox Nation host Johnny “Joey” Jones on Gun Reform
This week, President Biden urged the Senate to pass new gun legislation, including two House bills following mass shootings in Boulder, Colorado and Atlanta, Georgia. The first House bill looks to close loopholes on background checks and the second bill expands background checks on all firearm sales. Retired Staff Sergeant and Fox Nation host Johnny “Joey” Jones who is a pro-gun advocate joined the Fox News Rundown earlier this week to weigh in on the proposed House bills, reforming background checks and the obstacles that come with it. He also explains why he thinks mass shooting go deeper than gun legislation. He also weighs in on closing loopholes and expanding background checks and why he thinks it’s not the solution.
Meghan McCain blasts media reaction over Biden Press conference
“The View” co-host Meghan McCain blasted the media Friday over its coverage of President Biden’s first formal press conference. he didn’t do a press conference. When he finally did a press conference he didn’t talk or answer one question about the pandemic and he didn’t answer any questions from any media that didn’t agree with him,” McCain explained. “I was watching some shows this morning — there’s no need to slobber all over Joe Biden right now. Even Drudge Report founder Matt Drudge trumpeted Biden’s performance on his website with headlines like, “JOE’S NO DRAMA PRESS CONFERENCE” and “CHILL STYLE.”
Suez Canal remains blocked amid efforts to free stuck vessel
A giant container ship remained stuck sideways in Egypt’s Suez Canal for a fifth day Saturday, as authorities prepared to make new attempts to free the vessel and reopen a crucial east-west waterway for global shipping. The massive vessel got stuck in a single-lane stretch of the canal, about 3.7 miles north of the southern entrance, near the city of Suez. An official at the Suez Canal Authority said they were planning to make at least two attempts Saturday to free the vessel when the high tide goes down. A maritime traffic jam grew to around 280 vessels Saturday outside the Suez Canal, according to canal service provider Leth Agencies. Apparently anticipating long delays, the owners of the stuck vessel diverted a sister ship, the Ever Greet, on a course around Africa instead, according to satellite data.
Top Cuomo officials subpoenaed in sexual harassment investigation: report
Dozens of Albany officials– including top Cuomo aide Melissa DeRosa — have been subpoenaed by the state Attorney General’s Office as part of its investigation into sexual-harassment accusations against the governor, a report said Friday. Melissa DeRosa, one of Governor Cuomo’s aides, was one of the people subpoenaed on Friday as the sexual harassment allegations against the Governor further. Andrew Cuomo, right, followed by Melissa DeRosa, Secretary to the Governor, leave after Cuomo spoke during a news conference, Wednesday, May 27, 2020. She has stood by her longtime boss amid the accusations of inappropriate behavior, as accusations of her own bullying and berating behavior in the workplace came to light. Secretary to the Governor Melissa DeRosa, is joined by New York Gov.
Tucker Carlson: US military has gone full woke, waging war on those who disagree with them
If you’re wondering whether our military leadership has gone woke, consider that question settled for good. They're White supremacists. Just last month, Lt. Gen. Brad Webb, the commander of the Air Force Education and Training Command, made it explicit. He acknowledged that the Air Force was recruiting candidates with a private pilot's license. In October, the head of Air Force recruiting office, Major General Ed Thomas, published a piece on Yahoo entitled, "86% of Air Force pilots are [W]hite men.
Maher sounds alarm on 'climate of fear' in US schools: Parents afraid of 'not being woke enough'
Now the parent is afraid of going against what they're teaching in school -- even when they don't agree with it. Now the parent is afraid of going against what they're teaching in school -- even when they don't agree with it." "When we have public schools, thousands and thousands of public schools, where parents are really afraid to challenge what's going on in the classroom, that's really a problem. "[Weiss] says, 'Power in America comes from speaking woke,' Maher quoted Weiss' piece. "They want to be super woke and they want to go to Yale and that's really offensive to people who can't afford either of those things."
Michigan GOP could circumvent Whitmer with proposed changes to state voting laws
Michigan Republicans this week proposed changes to state voting laws and have come up with a veto-proof way to circumvent Democrat Gov. The Michigan effort also comes as Georgia signed into law changes that make absentee voting harder and Democrats in Congress are working on a bill that would expand voting rights by setting national standards. "This is how the Michigan Republicans do business. And then they find ways to suppress the vote, because even they know that when people vote, Democrats win." CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APPMichigan Democratic Party Chairwoman Lavora Barnes noted that 67% of Michigan voters approved a constitutional amendment in 2018 that, among other changes, allowed for no-excuse absentee voting.
Marine Corps reservist warns that Biden Pentagon's 'woke' rules and priorities endangering US security
Marine Corps Reservist Aaron Reitz warned Friday that the increasingly woke dictates coming from the Biden Defense Department are a sign the Pentagon leadership has its priorities backward. "[T]raining warns members of the military to be on the lookout for anyone with 'anti-government,' 'anti-authority,' or 'abortion-related ideology,'" Carlson read. We need extremism training,'" Reitz said. CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APP"The way that the military is treating this extremism training, it gives these sort of H.R. "So extremism training is literally and I'm quoting from documents, 'to eradicate, eliminate, and conquer all forms of racism, sexism, homophobia' and so forth.
CNN's Jeff Zeleny says press access to Biden border facilities 'largely irrelevant' due to image leaks
CNN correspondent Jeff Zeleny appeared to dismiss the necessity of the Biden administration granting press access to migrant facilities at the southern border. At his first press conference Thursday, President Biden was pressed as to when reporters will be allowed inside the facilities to see the conditions under which migrant children are kept in custody by the Border Patrol. However, the president suggested the press will have access once the current problems are resolved. While CNN anchor Jake Tapper called out Biden for not "leveling with the American people," Zeleny was far more forgiving. "In fact, President Biden said himself the images he has seen in briefings are unacceptable."
Biden invites Russia, China to first global climate talks
President Joe Biden seeks to work with Chinese President Xi Jinping, whose country is the world’s top emitter of climate-damaging pollution. The Biden administration intentionally looked beyond its international partners for the summit, reaching out to key leaders for what it said would sometimes be tough talks on climate matters, an administration official said. Another Biden administration official said the U.S. is still deciding how far the administration will go in setting a more ambitious U.S. emissions target. Climate scientists and climate policy experts largely welcomed Biden’s international overture on climate negotiations, especially the outreach to China. Biden and other administration officials have been stressing U.S. climate intentions during early one-on-one talks with foreign leaders, and Biden climate envoy John Kerry has focused on diplomacy abroad to galvanize climate efforts.
Deputized to ‘fix’ border, VP Kamala Harris has no plans to visit — so Donald Trump may go ‘soon’
Deputized to “fix” the migrant surge crisis, Vice President Kamala Harris has no plans to visit the US-Mexico border — but Donald Trump may go there “soon,” according to an aide to the former president. “The vice president is not doing the border,” spokeswoman Symone Sanders told reporters Friday. Donald Trump tours a section of the US-Mexico border wall in Alamo, Texas, earlier in 2021. Federal agents apprehended more than 100,000 people at the border last month alone, the highest number in two years. President Biden has warned migrants not to come, citing COVID-19 restrictions.
Rep. Matt Gaetz: Biden administration worried about military's 'wokeness, not winning'
Rep. Matt Gaetz, R-Fla., told "Tucker Carlson Tonight" Friday that the Biden administration's "woke" approach to the military should "trouble every American." REP. MATT GAETZ, R-FLA.:The problem with Republicans is that we surrender the frame. Look, in China right now, Tucker, they're not doing gender sensitivity training. They're not wondering whether or not their military is woke enough. They're worried about wokeness, not winning, and our country deserves better and our military deserves better.
Tucker: Biden claim assault weapon ban will make America safer 'an appalling lie' contradicted by evidence
In fact, the Biden administration is asking the Supreme Court to approve of this and make it a precedent. And most dangerous of all, Joe Biden has told us, including this week, are something called "assault weapons." Assault weapons are such a threat, Joe Biden says, he’s not going to wait for the Supreme Court. He wants Congress, which his party controls, to pass a total ban on "assault weapons." If you go to Joe Biden's website, you'll learn that "assault weapons" are responsible for quote, "our gun violence epidemic."
Tim Scott blasts Biden, Democrats for filibuster flip-flop: They cry 'racist whenever they want to scare you'
"Here's what we know about the Democrats," Scott said. Is it the one who was for the filibuster or is it the new one who is now against filibuster?" Scott added that Democrats "use the word 'racist' whenever they are trying to scare people into their corner. "Legalized ballot harvesting, taxpayer-funded campaigns and prohibition of state voter ID laws should be a big, loud 'fraud alert.'" CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APPScott also argued that Biden was wrong to call the new Georgia election law racist, remarking that in North Carolina, a voter ID law actually increased Black participation in recent elections.
Trump heralds new Georgia election reform bill
Former President Trump is applauding a Republican-led election reform bill in Georgia, a state he narrowly lost in November in a defeat he falsely chalked up to voter fraud. “Congratulations to Georgia and the Georgia State Legislature on changing their voter Rules and Regulations,” Trump said in a statement through his PAC Save America, The Hill reported. Too bad these changes could not have been done sooner!”The election overhaul bill was signed into law Thursday. The Georgia election bill was signed into law this Thursday. Kimberly Latrice Jones speaks during a gathering outside of the Georgia State Capitol to protest HB 531 on March 4, 2021.
Fugitive busts cap busy week for border patrol amid migrant surge
Federal agents arrested three wanted criminals in 12 hours this week at the overwhelmed US-Mexico border. US Border Patrol and Customs agents arrested a driver and passenger at a border checkpoint near Hebbronville after finding they had active warrants for burglary and larceny, officials said. The fugitives were questioned after a K9 agent sniffed out personal-use marijuana, methamphetamines, and drug paraphernalia in the vehicle, the US Border Patrol in Laredo said in a Facebook post. The arrests capped off a very busy week for border agents in Texas, as migrants continue to flood the Mexican border. Earlier last week, two other migrants drowned in the river while attempting to swim back to Mexico to evade US officials.
Suez Canal ship may be freed by Saturday
SUEZ, Egypt—Efforts to free a ship wedged into the bank of the Suez Canal, blocking traffic through the critical waterway, progressed significantly late Friday, people familiar with the operations said, raising hope among authorities that the ship could be dislodged as early as Saturday, and the canal cleared for the resumption of traffic soon after. An attempt to refloat the vessel earlier Friday wasn’t successful, according to the ship management firm for the vessel. More diggers are being brought in and salvage teams are making plans to siphon out fuel and ballast water to lighten the ship, according to one person involved in the operation. White House press secretary Jen Psaki said the Biden administration sees "some potential impacts on energy markets" due to the vessel blocking the Suez Canal. SUEZ CANAL MAY JEOPARDIZE YOUR MORNING CUP OF JOEMany shipowners have now decided to reroute.
Gen. Jack Keane on COVID coming from a Wuhan lab: 'I accept that conclusion'
Fox News Senior Strategic Analyst Gen. Jack Keane joined "Fox News Primetime" to discuss the origin of COVID-19, saying he "accepts [the] conclusion on the face of it" that the virus may have originated in a Wuhan lab. GEN. JACK KEANE: We have had the Trump Administration for some time, and particularly Secretary Pompeo, conveying to the American public that the circumstantial evidence is overwhelming that likely the originator of the so-called coronavirus originated in a Wuhan laboratory. And the Wuhan laboratory is one of 75 that we know, that, that, what takes place in that laboratory is also the development of biotechnical weapons, and also the potential from animal to human transfer of viruses. So, certainly what the evidence is supporting, is that some kind of accident took place there in a transfer to likely a human being working in that laboratory. WATCH THE FULL INTERVIEW HERE
Brian Kilmeade lambastes Democrats' hypocrisy over Georgia election reform, For the People Act
"FOX News Primetime" host Brian Kilmeade castigated President Biden’s opposition to Georgia’s new election law and called out Democrats for describing it as "racist." Yesterday he called the bill "Jim Eagle" because Jim Crow, I guess, wasn't big enough. Democrats hammered the bill and called it racist, saying it makes it harder for people of color to vote. Democrats hate voter ID laws. So let's get this straight: If you support voter ID laws, you are a racist.
Biden suggests plan to rival China's Belt and Road initiative to UK prime minister
President Biden suggested western nations develop a plan to rival China’s years-long Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), during a phone conversation with U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson Friday. "I suggested we should have, essentially, a similar initiative, pulling from the democratic states, helping those communities around the world that, in fact, need help," Biden told reporters before departing for Delaware. Chinese President Xi Jinping launched the BRI program in 2013, creating the world’s largest infrastructure program with multi-trillion dollar plans for international development and investment, according to the Council on Foreign Relations. The majority of countries that have joined the BRI plan are underdeveloped nations that now rely in part on China for development on 5G networks, railways, and power plants. Biden is expected to introduce a multi-trillion-dollar infrastructure bill next week, aimed at improving roads and bridges while also addressing climate change initiatives.
Durham probe focused on FBI, but prosecution of high-level officials like Comey 'unlikely': sources
Special Counsel John Durham’s investigation is largely focused on the activities of the FBI as he reviews the origins of the Trump-Russia probe, Fox News has learned, but sources familiar with the investigation said the prosecution of high-level FBI officials, like former Director James Comey, is "unlikely." A spokesperson for the special counsel told Fox News that they had "no comment from Mr. Clinesmith in August pleaded guilty to making a false statement to Durham’s team. Also over the summer, Durham's team questioned former CIA Director John Brennan for some eight hours at CIA headquarters. "I think that is fine, I have no problems with it," Brennan said, adding that he has already sat down with Durham's team for eight hours.
New NYC indoor dining rules let these top restaurants reopen doors
Limited-capacity indoor dining is back in the Big Apple, to the relief of millions of restaurant-obsessed New Yorkers. The Le Chalet eighth-floor lounge will become a second dining room in order to spread out customers. Andrew BezekPatroonKen Aretsky’s classy, clubby home to classic American dishes re-awakens March 30 from a long indoor snooze. There are salads and sandwiches in the casual front Tavern section, but the atmospheric main dining room’s the act to catch. Herb-crusted merluzzo (cod) with steamed mussels in saffron-tomato broth perfectly mixes and marries all the flavorsPortale, 126 W. 18th St.; 917-781-0255
Jeffrey Epstein-plagued Leon Black to step down as MoMA chairman
Leon Black is stepping down as chair of the Museum of Modern Art in the wake of artist protests over his ties to convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, The Post has learned. At the meeting, Black told his fellow trustees he would give up the chairman role when his current three-year term ends on June 30, sources said. The billionaire financier plans to remain on the board, however, as one of MoMA’s 57 trustees, these sources said. The Post exclusively reported on March 14 that MoMA had moved its regularly scheduled board meeting twice since February as a select group of MoMA trustees talked with Black about his future as the head of the storied museum and whether he should step down. Prominent artists like Ai Weiwei and photographer Nan Goldin have called on Epstein to step down.
Judge Judy drops multimillion lawsuit to protect CBS
Judge Judy Sheindlin has dropped a $22 million countersuit against talent agent Richard Lawrence and his Rebel Entertainment Partners — so she can keep her network CBS out of the long-running legal battle. Sheindlin told us in a statement of the move on Friday: “We decline to file an amended complaint as Mr. Lawrence has insisted that I join Big Ticket (CBS) as a defendant. The court has declined to rule that CBS is not a necessary party. Mr. Lawrence is the culprit in this fiasco of a packaging deal which has netted him $22 million. Now Judge Judy wants credit for dismissing an improper lawsuit that the court already said had no merit?
Ted Cruz details viewing 'Biden Cages' packed with migrant children at the Texas-Mexico border
Senator Ted Cruz, R-Texas, ripped the Biden administration following a visit to the border with 17 other U.S. CRUZ: Today we visited detention facilities, in particular the [town of] Donna detention facility which is a giant tent-city that has been constructed in response to this overwhelming crisis that’s unfolding on the border. And the capacity in the Donna facility with COVID restrictions is 250 people. We saw cage after cage after cage that the Biden administration has filled with kids. It’s the direct result of political decisions the Biden administration has made.
Meghan McCain rips media over Biden press conference: 'There's no need to slobber all over' him right now
"The View" co-host Meghan McCain blasted the media Friday over its coverage of President Biden's first formal press conference. "I just want to present a scenario where somehow magically President Trump got re-elected. he didn't do a press conference. "Peter Doocy, was not called on, Fox News wasn't called on, which I think is a huge miss for President Biden yesterday." Even Drudge Report founder Matt Drudge trumpeted Biden's performance on his website with headlines like, "JOE'S NO DRAMA PRESS CONFERENCE" and "CHILL STYLE."
Contract linguist who worked for US military pleads guilty to leaking classified information
A woman who worked as a contract linguist for the U.S. military in Iraq pleaded guilty to leaking classified information to a foreign government. The woman leaked the information to a romantic interest linked to the Lebanese terrorist organization Hezbollah. Mariam Taha Thompson, formerly of Rochester, Minnesota, was arrested last year in the espionage case. CLICK HERE FOR THE FOX NEWS APPInvestigators say Thompson accessed dozens of files about human sources, including their names, photographs, background information and operational cables that described the information they had gathered. She agreed to provide the classified information to the man; officials say she had planned to marry him, and was afraid he would end her relationship if she did not cooperate.
Frustrated Trump demands to know if Special Counsel Durham is still 'living'
Donald Trump mockingly wondered if Special Counsel John Durham is still alive, as the prosecutor's probe drags on into the origins of the FBI’s "Crossfire Hurricane" investigation of his 2016 campaign's alleged ties to Russia. Durham has been probing the matter for about two years and was officially appointed a "special counsel" by former Attorney General Barr last October. Will there ever be a Durham report?" Special Counsel Robert Mueller found insufficient evidence to prove collusion between members of the Trump 2016 campaign and Russia. Durham stepped down from his post as U.S. attorney for Connecticut but retained his status as special counsel for purposes of his "RussiaGate" probe.
CNN condemns Ted Cruz for refusing to wear a mask at presser despite being vaccinated
CNN attempted to COVID-shame Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, after he clashed with a reporter who requested that the lawmaker put on a mask during a press conference despite already being vaccinated. "Yeah, when I’m talking to the TV camera, I’m not going to wear a mask," Cruz responded. "All of us have been immunized, so..."When the report responded that Cruz wearing a mask would "make us feel better," Cruz responded: "You’re welcome to step away if you’d like." On Thursday's broadcast of "New Day," CNN anchor John Berman began by asking chief medical correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta to give a "diagnosis" to the "curious case of Ted Cruz" before playing a clip of the exchange. CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APP"So when he's not wearing a mask, he's potentially putting other people in that room at risk.
Harris acknowledges major new social welfare spending in $1.9T COVID relief bill was ‘intentional’
"This was the intentional purpose of the American rescue plan, which was to look at child care, to look at our child care workers, to look at our children, to bring them out of poverty," Harris said in New Haven, Connecticut, on Friday. Notably, the American Rescue Plan boosts the $2,000 Child Tax Credit by as much as $1,600 for parents of young children, and it also expands eligibility. Instead, they said Democrats used their congressional majorities to push through their own spending agenda on the taxpayer’s dime. Republicans have not specifically criticized the child care provisions in the law but instead have tended to attack what they view as superfluous spending. The administration is reportedly planning two more spending initiatives – an investment in infrastructure, and a "people-focused" domestic policy push.
Kamala Harris discusses ‘empowering women’ with Bill Clinton despite #Metoo criticism
What...Vice President Kamala Harris compared herself to former Vice President Al Gore's Senate voting approach of "Whenever I vote, we win." Juanita Broaddrick, who accused former President Bill Clinton of raping her in 1978, called him out as "This pervert." Vice President Kamala Harris and former President Bill Clinton held a webcast discussion about "empowering women and girls," hosted by the Clinton Global Initiative. Vice President Kamala Harris and former President Bill Clinton on Friday held a webcast discussion about “empowering women and girls,” despite criticism of Clinton’s history of alleged sexual misconduct and predatory behavior. Vice President Kamala Harris praised former President Bill Clinton on lifting “folks out of poverty,” during his presidency.
Like White House, Associated Press won’t use ‘crisis’ to describe migrant surge at border
In a memo to reporters, the Associated Press claims the current US-Mexico border crisis "does not fit the classic dictionary definition of a crisis." The White House still won’t use the word “crisis” in referring to the surge of migrants at the US-Mexico border — and now the Associated Press won’t use the word either. The Washington Post singled out the AP for its language in describing the border crisis. Meanwhile, border control veterans are calling the situation a crisis, even if Biden and his administration do not. On Wednesday, Vice President Kamala Harris admitted that there is a “huge problem” on the southern border, but she did not use the word “crisis” either.
Sorry, Dems — but DC was created purposely so it would NOT be a state
There are numerous principled reasons to oppose DC statehood. First, because they were concerned about the seat of federal power being controlled by a hostile or intrusive state government. Second, because they knew that if the capital were in a state — much less its own state — the people would vote to grow and accumulate federal power. The Washington Post’s Aaron Blake says we’ve been dumbing down the DC statehood debate — and I agree, but for very different reasons. He argues that “emerging arguments against DC statehood” are no longer principled but partisan.
Investors flee James Dolan decision to merge MSG’s owner with its cable network
Billionaire James Dolan is merging the company that owns the Madison Square Garden arena with the cable network that broadcasts New York Knicks games to local fans — and investors are running for the exits. To some, Friday’s deal looks like a signal that MSG Entertainment needs MSG Networks as a source of cash. MSG Networks owns two regional sports and entertainment channels as well as a streaming service in the New York area. Last year, Madison Square Garden spun off its MSG Entertainment from Madison Square Garden Sports, which owns the Knicks and the Rangers. Officials at MSG Entertainment declined to comment further on Friday.
Letters to the Editor — March 27, 2021
The Issue: President Biden’s performance at his first press conference since taking office. President Biden’s press conference was a fiasco and emblematic of an administration submerged in fallacies and incompetence (“Glazed and confused,” March 26). The press conference may have done nothing to help you, but it sure helped me. Barbara BellantonioEast MeadowAt his long-awaited press conference, Biden seemed bothered and bewildered, while the sycophantic press remained bewitched by a man in undeniable decline. Robert HenryPalm City, Fla.Everything that conservatives have asserted for decades about media bias was proven true at the Biden “press conference” on March 25.
NYC suspends housing inspector after racist trope mailed to UES resident
“We let him in, we didn’t have a lot of conversation, we didn’t talk much, he was very polite,” he recalled. This employee has been immediately suspended without pay as a full investigation has been launched. @NYCHousing has contacted the person who received this letter to apologize as well,” wrote City Hall press secretary Bill Neidhardt on Twitter. “[W]e’re conducting a full investigation to determine further disciplinary action,” said an agency spokesman in a statement. “We’ve reached out to the individual affected to express our profound apologies.”The letter comes amid a spate of violence in New York City — and across the country — aimed at Asian Americans.
Drudge Report raises eyebrows with praise of Biden's 'chill style,' 'no drama press conference' headline
Drudge Report founder Matt Drudge showered President Biden with praise following his first formal press conference Thursday. "JOE'S NO DRAMA PRESS CONFERENCE" the top headline read. NBC REPORTER PRAISES BIDEN FOR 'KNOCKING' PRESSER 'OUT OF THE PARK,' THEN ADMITS HE LOOKS 'TIRED'The Daily Wire's Ben Shapiro reacted, "Drudge Report is now indistinguishable from Huffington Post." CBN chief political analyst David Brody blasted the display, insisting the Drudge Report should be called "The Amazing Joe Biden Report." @JoeBiden looked lost, confused and needed scripted notes for his press conference," Brody tweeted.
Who is Park Cannon? Georgia state Democrat was arrested at statehouse
Georgia state Democrat Park Cannon shot into the spotlight this week after she was arrested at the statehouse while knocking on the door of Gov. Cannon was released shortly before 11:30 p.m. EDT, and was greeted by demonstrators who had called for her release. GEORGIA STATE DEM ARRESTED AS KEMP SIGNS ELECTION BILL"I stand with Georgia State Rep. Park Cannon (@Cannonfor58), who was arrested and CHARGED WITH A FELONY for ... for what?" Kemp’s office door* as she tried to observe the cowardly closed-door signing ceremony for the voter suppression law." "Are there laws against knocking on the Governor’s door in Georgia, what is she actually being arrested for?"
California judge orders no prison time for boys who beat 13-year-old to death
A California judge has decided not to impose a prison sentence on two boys whose bullying and sucker-punch attack led to the death of a 13-year-old classmate in 2019. But Riverside County Superior Court Judge Roger A. Luebs ordered each of the juveniles to serve 150 hours of community service, according to FOX 11 Los Angeles. He said he could not comment further becauses the case involved minors but added that the juvenile court system had a focus on rehabilitation. Both the principal, Scott Walker, and vice principal, Kamilah O’Connor, were later fired, and the family filed wrongful death litigation against the district. Judge Luebs was first elected to the bench in 2002 and ran unopposed in three subsequent elections, records show.
Chad Wolf slams 'tragic' Biden border policies: 'There is no enforcement' along southern border
The Biden administration's decision to roll back its predecessor's border policies with no contingency in place is a "tragedy" and the "direct cause" of the border crisis, former acting Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf told "Your World" Friday. WOLF: It is a crisis that is extremely impacting the men and women of the border patrol. What they did on the border ... [has] turned not only border enforcement but immigration enforcement on its head. They are astute to our policies and what occurs as they come across the river and are apprehended by Border Patrol. They will rescue them from the water and bring them on to land and process them in Border Patrol facilities and likely release them.
9-year-old Mexican girl drowns crossing Rio Grande into US
A 9-year-old Mexican girl drowned while trying to cross the Rio Grande into Texas this week with her family, according to federal officials. "All three migrants were unconscious and had washed ashore onto an island in the river when bystanders flagged down nearby Border Patrol agents," said the spokesman, Dennis Smith. BORDER PATROL IN RIO GRANDE VALLEY RELEASING ILLEGAL CROSSERS INTO US WITHOUT COURT DATEThe agents, who were patrolling the Rio Grande in the area, began administering first aid as they brought the migrants to shore. GOP SENATORS ENCOUNTER TRAFFICKERS, CARTEL MEMBERS AT BORDER DURING NIGHTTIME RIO GRANDE TOURSmugglers have been doing a thriving business at the border, contributing to a surge in crossings. "That’s Mexico and you can see there are three smugglers right there standing on the Mexican side looking at us.
Vice President Harris is “not doing the border,” senior adviser says
President Biden has tasked Vice President Harris with addressing the root causes of mass migration from Central America – but she will not be handling southern border policy in general, a top aide said. "The Vice President is not doing the border," a senior advisor to Harris told reporters Friday. "The President asked the vice president to take on the diplomatic efforts with Mexico and …the Northern Triangle to address the root causes of migration." Biden had widely been reported to have tapped Harris to handle a larger portfolio that included general issues related to the border. The Vice President headed to Connecticut Friday afternoon as part of the administration’s "Help is Here Tour," to promote the $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan recently signed by the president.
Millions of Americans will officially get stimulus checks this morning
Stimulus Day — not to mention St. Patrick — is a reason many will raise a glass on Wednesday. A third coronavirus stimulus check officially landed in millions of Americans’ bank accounts on Wednesday morning, according to the feds. The answer lies in the machinery of the financial system. Banks and credit unions are then required to make the money available to account holders by 9 a.m. local time, according to the group. Some financial institutions such as the banking startup Chime made the funds available early.
White House might tax motorists by the mile to fund $3-4T infrastructure plan
The Biden administration is considering imposing a vehicle mileage tax on Americans — as a way to fund a multi-trillion-dollar infrastructure plan set to be announced by President Biden, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg said Friday. Bloomberg via Getty Images“I’m hearing a lot of appetite to make sure that there are sustainable funding streams,” Buttigieg said. Buttigieg said a plan to rebuild the nation’s roads, bridges and waterways would bring a significant return of investment. This is a jobs vision as much as it is an infrastructure vision, a climate vision and more.”A day prior, Buttigieg urged the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee to make a “generational investment” to improve infrastructure while simultaneously combating climate change and racial inequity. “There is near-universal recognition that a broader recovery will require a national commitment to fix and transform America’s infrastructure,” the secretary said.
Biden press conference raises questions about fitness for office: Ronny Jackson
Texas Republican Rep. Ronny Jackson, a former White House physician, believes that President Biden's press conference performance raises questions about his fitness for office. White House press secretary Jen Psaki later dodged questions about whether the president was examined by a doctor after the fall. The president was caught in photos appearing to use "cheat sheets" at his first press conference, photos revealed. CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APPOnly 25 reporters were allowed to attend the press conference, and only a select number of reporters were called on for their questions. Biden drew criticism after he snubbed Fox News from asking questions while appearing to pick reporters from a pre-chosen list.
GOP senators reveal shocking images of migrants, babies packed in border facilities
Republican senators on Friday released shocking pictures of migrants and children packed into border facilities as they railed against what they called a border crisis of President Biden’s own creation. GOP SENATORS ENCOUNTER TRAFFICKERS, CARTEL MEMBERS AT BORDER DURING NIGHTTIME RIO GRANDE TOURThe 19-person delegation, led by Sens. Cruz and John Cornyn, R-Texas, toured a facility in Donna, where migrants have been packed into facilities designed for many fewer migrants. Senators who spoke to Border Patrol and other officials said that authorities were "overwhelmed" by the numbers -- something that Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas has also said. Customs and Border Protection encountered 100,000 migrants in February, while there are more than 16,000 child migrants in Border Patrol and Health and Human Services custody.
Shootings prove we need cops and other commentary
“Impressive and necessary police work.” In Boulder, Officer Eric Talley was “first on the scene” and paid “the ultimate price” with his life, leaving seven children. Other cops took the shooter into custody. Even without new spending, the debt is expected to swell to twice the size of the US economy in 25 years. Andrew Cuomo quietly ordered state health officials to prioritize care for his friends and family, even before health-care workers,” writes the Washington Examiner’s Becket Adams. Fauci’s “estimate that it’ll take a 70 percent to 85 percent vaccination rate ignores those who have already been infected.” Yet natural immunity “is real” and reinfections “rare.” As many as “half of Californians have natural immunity today,” though only 26 percent have been vaccinated.
Billions for government housing is no cure for the mentally-ill homeless
The money is necessary, she says, to help the nearly 600,000 HUD estimates to be homeless. This is not a housing crisis; it’s a mental-illness-treatment crisis. HUD, a relic of the 1960s Great Society movement, was never conceived as a vehicle for putting the street homeless into their own subsidized apartments. A New York State Nurses Association paper last year declaring a “full-blown mental-health crisis in New York” provides a sobering update: 5,419 New York state inpatient beds. “This can lead to infractions of the law resulting in incarceration.”The answer is not subsidized housing; it’s state-of-the-art psychiatric treatment.
Senators ask Secret Service director to explain role in Hunter Biden gun incident
Republican senators are demanding answers from the US Secret Service, the FBI and the ATF after reports this week about a 2018 incident involving a gun belonging to first son Hunter Biden. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) and Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) wrote to Secret Service Director James Murray. President Joe Biden, right, walks with son, Hunter Biden, left, his wife Melissa Cohen, center, and their son Beau, to board Air Force One at Joint Base Andrews, Maryland on March 26, 2021. Republican senators are demanding answers from the US Secret Service, the FBI and the ATF after reports this week about a 2018 incident involving a gun belonging to first son Hunter Biden. Secret Service records confirm that the agency did not provide protection to any member of the Biden family in 2018, and that the Secret Service had no involvement in this alleged incident,” the agency said Thursday.
Democrats claim filibuster is a racist tool — but only when Republicans use it
My point is simpler: The filibuster cannot be an accursed vestige of slavery and Jim Crow when Republicans use it and a perfectly fine (even noble) tool of fairness and democracy when Democrats use it. Odd that an African American would use a relic of Jim Crow. But I’m deeply vexed by the attempt to claim the filibuster is cursed by the legacy of racism — but only when Republicans use it. Pens aren’t racist because segregationist senators used them. And don’t claim that the same tool you used proves your opponents are racist when they use it.
LA Times suffered ‘catastrophic’ COVID losses
The Los Angeles Times and San Diego Union Tribune suffered a revenue loss of more than $50 million in 2020 as the coronavirus pandemic squeezed its already struggling business, an executive for the parent company California Times told staffers on Thursday. The $50 million loss figure confirms The Post’s reporting on March 23. A California Times spokeswoman said the company does not wish to comment on the Thursday meeting, where Argentieri predicted tough times ahead. The $50 million revenue loss follows a reported $20 million loss in 2019 after owner Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong undertook a major hiring surge in the newsroom and moved the HQ from downtown LA to El Segundo near the LA Airport. Earlier this week it emerged that the California Times had secured a $10 million federal loan as coronavirus relief, which Argentieri said would be used primarily to pay for staff and benefits.
Embattled Cuomo lifts COVID visitation restrictions at nursing homes
Andrew Cuomo has lifted COVID-19 visitation restrictions at nursing homes, which had been in place since the onset of the pandemic last year. Retirement home residents wave and cheer as a drive-by parade moves through their parking lot amid the COVID-19 pandemic on April 9, 2020. Zayas said nursing home residents suffered a double whammy — killer COVID and visitation restrictions. The change in policy is too little, too late.”Cuomo, a three-term Democrat, is facing multiple state and federal investigations over the nursing homes COVID policy and claims of sexual harassment. The guidance also emphasized that nursing homes must continue to encourage all staffers and residents to get COVID vaccinations.
Psaki brushes off report that most families aren’t deported at Mexico border
White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki on Friday brushed off a report that says few family units are being deported to Mexico after illegally crossing the US border — instead emphasizing that most adult migrants are sent back. Psaki reframed the issue when asked about a report that said 13 percent of about 13,000 members of families were turned back to Mexico last week. “The vast majority of adults are being sent back,” Psaki said at her daily press briefing. In February, US Customs and Border Protection said it “completed 72,113 expulsions” under a Trump-era COVID-19 policy that allows for rapid deportations. Psaki said at a briefing last week that some migrant families are being allowed to remain in the US because “there has been some less participation in keeping some of these families in Mexico than in the past.”
Jumaane Williams, black activists rip Cuomo for ‘harming’ black communities
New York City Public Advocate Jumaane Williams and a chorus of black activists blasted Gov. Andrew Cuomo outside his Manhattan office Friday – charging that the governor has “harmed” communities of color through the underfunding of schools, hospitals and housing. Williams called the three-term Democratic governor “a master manipulator” as black leaders held up handmade signs reading phrases such as, “Austerity budget cuts hurt black communities,” “Gov. Cuomo’s cuts hurt black communities.”“Right now he is manipulating the very real pain and real trauma the black community has gone through for so many years,” said Williams. “Working with leaders of these communities to spread that message is about saving lives – we’ll leave the political games to others.”Additional reporting by Bernadette Hogan
President Biden And The Press Corps
The President faced questions from reporters on various topics including immigration, filibuster reform, voting rights and the U.S/China relationship. FOX News Correspondent Jessica Rosenthal speaks with former White House Press Secretary and FOX News Contributor Kayleigh McEnany and co-host of “The Five” and Democratic Strategist Juan Williams about the big takeaways and how the President performed. President Joe Biden is urging the Senate to pass gun legislation following two recent mass shootings in Georgia and Colorado. Since then, the United States and other western countries have imposed sanctions on China. On Thursday, President Biden upped his goal of 100 million shots in arms in his first 100 days in office, to 200 million shots in arms.
Rep. John Katko (R-NY): Biden’s Border Policy Is “A Nightmare & A Humanitarian Crisis”
On Fox Across America with Jimmy Failla, Ranking Member on the House Committee on Homeland Security Rep. John Katko (R-NY) explained why President Biden’s immigration policy is a “nightmare” and said he also expects some “real heat” might be coming Gov. Because of drug cartels, I can tell you from being down there and working on the border, nobody cross that border without without paying them. And every single day that this crisis is going on, the drug cartels are making a minimum of fifteen million dollars a day. They’re going to be making over a billion dollars at the very top, a billion dollars in the very near future. It’s a nightmare and it’s a humanitarian crisis that doesn’t have to be.”“The hubris knows knows no bounds, that’s for sure.
New York City ends qualified immunity for police officers
The New York City Council moved to end qualified immunity for police officers Thursday, making it the first big city in the nation to do so. Qualified immunity first came under scrutiny during the racial injustice and police brutality protests that roiled the nation in the light of George Floyd’s death. The city council said in a statement the bill would protect New Yorkers against unreasonable search and seizures and against excessive force, in addition to banning qualified immunity. Another resolution the council passed requires newly hired cops to live in New York City limits. JURY SET FOR FORMER POLICE OFFICER'S TRIAL IN FLOYD DEATH; BEGINS MARCH 29New York City Council Speaker Corey Johnson said qualified immunity was "rooted in our nation's history of systemic racism" and "should never have been allowed.
Top medical journal editor placed on leave after podcast on structural racism in health care causes uproar
The top editor of the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) was placed on leave Thursday after backlash to remarks denying structural racism exists in the U.S. health care system. The saga began on a Feb. 24 podcast "Structural Racism for Doctors - What Is it?," when a different JAMA editor, who is White, said "structural racism is an unfortunate term" and went on to elaborate his viewpoint. JAMA then promoted the podcast on social media by writing, "No physician is racist, so how can there be structural racism in health care?" Racism and structural racism exist in the US and in health care. Dr. Bauchner has been put on leave and replaced by Dr. Phil Fontanarosa, who will serve as interim editor.
Biden to invite rivals Putin, Xi to first big climate talks of administration
President Biden said he will invite Russia and China to the administration’s first big talks on climate change in an Earth-Day summit next month. Biden’s announcement from the White House Friday, indicates the serious approach his administration will take in fulfilling a campaign trail promise to prioritize climate change. But a White House official said the Biden administration was purposefully looking beyond its work with allies to tackle climate change on a global scale. Under the Biden administration, the U.S. has once again begun to lean more heavily on some of the country’s oldest partnerships. Biden is expected to attend the U.K.’s G7 summit this summer to discuss how to "build back better" following the pandemic while creating a "greener, more prosperous future."
Kudlow: Biden infrastructure bill includes 'largest expansion of the social welfare state' since LBJ
'Kudlow' host Larry Kudlow unpacks what Biden's signature infrastructure bill means for the U.S. economy, businesses and social welfare programs. LARRY KUDLOW: The infrastructure bill that was strongly touted by President really a Trojan horse for the Green New Deal, and it's likely a second Trojan horse for large tax hikes on large and small businesses, successful earners, capital gains, social security. This whole plan, writ large, if it's passed later this year, will have an enormously negative impact on an economy that right now is booming. It doesn't need stimuli, it sure doesn't need tax hikes, and it sure doesn't need to end the fossil fuel energy business. This bill also will include the largest expansion of the social welfare state since LBJ's Great Society.
Rep. Ilhan Omar visits Texas border shelter with Dem delegation, compares herself to migrant children
Rep. Ilhan Omar traveled to a Texas border facility for migrant children on Friday as she compared her own refugee story to that of the children trying to gain asylum in the United States. ILHAN OMAR PROVIDES DETAILS OF UPCOMING BORDER VISIT"I myself was a child who fled, like these kids, unconscionable violence," Omar said. Ted Cruz and John Cornyn, shared pictures of the shocking conditions inside these CBP facilities as they also toured the southern border on Friday. Castro acknowledged that the images of the CBP facilities are "horrendous" but said the kids-only HHS facility he visited is at least "better." Even these [HHS] facilities that have better conditions than the CBP processing centers are not the places for kids.
Psaki criticizes Georgia cops for arresting lawmaker protesting new election law
White House press secretary Jen Psaki on Friday condemned a police decision to arrest Georgia Democratic state Rep. Park Cannon during a protest of a new state election law. Cannon was cuffed for obstruction Thursday after refusing to comply with a police order to stop knocking on the office door of Republican Gov. The new state law contains a slew of changes that Democrats claim are intended to reduce voter participation, including a ban on providing food and water to people waiting to vote. The new law requires a photo ID to begin the absentee voting process and shrinks the absentee ballot window. It also allows the state government to take over local elections work in response to alleged poor performance.
Pelosi is totally channeling Trump as she moves to overturn an election
Barely weeks after waxing furious over then-President Donald Trump’s efforts to “overturn the election,” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is getting set to . overturn an election. Nor, of course, all the condemnation of Trump for his demands to legislators and Mike Pence to interfere with his race. Yet Pelosi says the “process” whereby Democrats may turn Hart’s loss into a win is perfectly fair. Whatever moral high ground the Democrats had on “Respect the vote,” Pelosi is throwing it out the window.
Biden calls Georgia election law ‘Jim Crow in the 21st century’
President Biden on Friday called a new Georgia election law “Jim Crow in the 21st century,” likening its provisions to racially discriminatory laws cast aside in the 1960s. Democrats allege that the bill will constrict voting, particularly among poorer and African American voters, who helped Biden carry the state in November by fewer than 12,000 votes. It adds rigid restrictions on casting absentee ballots that will effectively deny the right to vote to countless voters. He also called on Congress to pass federal voting rights legislations that would turn back some of these state measures. Republicans approved the reform law following allegations from former President Donald Trump that fraud tipped Georgia to Biden, which GOP state officials including Kemp denied.
Hunter Biden texts contradict claims Secret Service wasn’t involved in gun case
Hunter Biden sent a text message that said the Secret Service responded after his handgun disappeared in 2018 — contradicting the agency’s assertion that it wasn’t involved, The Post has learned. The store owner refused the request, suspecting the Secret Service wanted to cover up Hunter’s ownership if the gun were later used in a crime, Politico said. Ron Sachs / CNP / MEGAIn a statement Thursday, the Secret Service denied any role in investigating the missing gun. Secret Service records confirm that the agency did not provide protection to any member of the Biden family in 2018, and that the Secret Service had no involvement in this alleged incident,” the agency said. The Secret Service doubled down on that statement on Friday, saying, The agency maintains there was no Secret Service involvement in the matter described.
WaPo slams CNN for 'ethical embarrassment' over Chris Cuomo getting special COVID treatment from brother
Washington Post media reporter Erik Wemple criticized CNN for its ongoing "ethical embarrassment" Thursday, following reports that New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, D., provided special treatment to his brother, CNN anchor Chris Cuomo, at the outset of the coronavirus pandemic. Wemple referenced bombshell reports revealing members of the Cuomo family, including Chris Cuomo, were administered tests by top health department officials. CHRIS CUOMO OFF THIS WEEK AS CNN AVOIDS NEW YORK GOV BROTHER GAVE ANCHOR COVID TESTING PRIORITY"Obviously, I’m aware of what’s going on with my brother. And, obviously, I cannot cover it, because he is my brother," Chris Cuomo said on March 1.
Psaki backs House Democrats' attempts to overturn Iowa congressional election
White House press secretary Jen Psaki gave the administration’s OK to House Democrats in their attempt to overturn the state-certified election in Iowa’s 2nd Congressional District. AMAZON, GOOGLE, OTHER DCCC CORPORATE DONORS SILENT ON HOUSE DEM ATTEMPTS TO PIRATE MILLER-MEEKS’ SEATRepublicans have spoken out against the Democratic attempt to take Miller-Meeks’ seat. Sen. Joni Ernst, R-Iowa, brought up that Hart went directly to the House Administration Committee to contest the election instead of the Iowa courts during a "Fox & Friends Weekend" interview. "And that is horribly unfair to the voters in the second district in Iowa, and we are pushing back," added Ernst. She defended her state-certified win during the interview, saying that people everywhere in the nation should be "outraged" at the attempt to overturn her victory.
Romney receives JFK 'Profile in Courage' award for voting to convict Trump on first impeachment charge
Sen. Mitt Romney, R-Utah, received the John F. Kennedy Library Foundation’s 2021 "Profile in Courage" award on Thursday for what the organization described as his "historic" vote to convict former President Donald Trump during his first impeachment trial last year. In Feb. 2020, Romney was the only Republican senator who voted to convict Trump on an impeachment charge of "abuse of power." Earlier this year, Romney joined with a handful of Senate Republicans who voted to convict Trump on a single charge of incitement of insurrection over his role in the Jan. 6 riot at the Capitol. CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APP"I’m humbled by the Kennedy family’s recognition today," Romney said in a statement. Created in 1989, the John F. Kennedy Profile in Courage Award is awarded to "recognize and celebrate the quality of political courage that he admired most," according to the foundation’s website.
Elizabeth Warren claims Georgia Gov. Kemp is 'sitting in Stacey Abrams’ chair'
Brian Kemp is "sitting in Stacey Abram's chair." Stacey Abrams, a Democrat who previously served as minority leader in the Georgia House of Representatives, came under fire after the state's 2018 gubernatorial race for refusing to concede her loss against Kemp. "The Republican who is sitting in Stacey Abrams’ chair just signed a despicable voter suppression bill into law to take Georgia back to Jim Crow," Warren tweeted. 1, a Democrat-proposed bill that would expand absentee voting, end gerrymandering and restrict "dark money" political donations, among other things. REPUBLICANS LAUNCH 'STOP STACEY' TO DEFEAT ABRAMS IN GEORGIA IN 2022"We’re expanding the right to vote in Georgia.
Arizona Gov. Ducey lifts COVID-19 rules after state hits 3M vaccinations
Doug Ducey announced this week he would loosen COVID-19 restrictions on the state's businesses, events and local ordinances. The state's health department on Friday reported 571 new cases and 24 deaths. On Thursday, when the news was announced, Arizona health officials reported 138 new cases ? the smallest daily increase reported in more than six months ? and 32 deaths. Notably, Arizona never fully shut down like California or New York, nor did Ducey establish a statewide mask mandate. Lastly, local mask mandates ? not affecting the mask mandate at K-12 schools ? will be "phased out."
In a nation founded on whiteness, how to really discuss it?
“We have all these other ways to not talk about race and white supremacy and white nationalism,” says the Rev. That’s something white Americans must wrestle with, as Chesnut sees it. “White supremacy is destroying us, too and I don’t think we talk enough about that.”Or about much having to do with whiteness. Laurissa Steadman, a conservative and a Trump supporter, says it’s easier for white Americans who are liberal to speak about their politics than it is for white conservatives. “We as white people need to be gathering up our white people.”But getting white Americans to genuinely wrestle with these issues, Jardina says, will be a struggle.
Jen Psaki says Biden will sign gun control executive orders
White House press secretary Jen Psaki on Friday confirmed that President Biden intends to sign executive orders on gun control. Psaki replied “Yes” to a journalist’s question about whether reporters should “be expecting executive orders from the president on gun measures.”But she said the timing was unclear due to a review process. “When the president was the vice president in the Obama-Biden administration, he helped put in place 23 executive actions to combat gun violence. The new gun control push by Democrats follows the murders on Monday of 10 people at a Boulder, Colo., grocery store. The reported executive orders under consideration aren’t necessarily applicable to the recent shootings in Boulder and Atlanta.
Elon Musk posts tweet that Tesla could soon be bigger than Apple — then deletes it
Elon Musk made a bold prediction on Twitter about his electric car company on Friday — and then he deleted it. Tesla’s stock price had risen more than 6 percent that day, but on Friday the shares recently were off more than 5 percent at $607.41. In the case of the famous $420-a-share tweet — reportedly a pot joke to amuse Musk’s girlfriend — Musk and Tesla reached a settlement with the SEC, with each paying a $20 million fine and Musk surrendering his role as chairman. The SEC sued Musk for breaching that agreement after he tweeted about Tesla production numbers in early 2019, which the agency said was a violation of terms. The SEC and Tesla did not immediately respond to requests for comment.
‘GRINCH Act’ introduced to protect children's books from cancel culture: ‘No one is safe’
Rep. John Joyce, R-Pa., is fighting back against the cancel culture and argued no one is "safe" from the "woke" movement. The Pennsylvania lawmaker is introducing the Guarding Readers’ Independence and Choice (GRINCH) Act to safeguard children’s literature from being "canceled." "The reaction has been so positive...the cancel culture is rapidly attacking our American institutions, our libraries, our school," Joyce told "America’s Newsroom," Friday. "I'm alarmed at the left's attempt to cancel historic books characters." The GOP congressman hopes the GRINCH Act gains bipartisan support and thinks this bill should be able to reach "across the aisle."
Chris Wallace: Reagan 'would have been roasted' if he read foreign policy answers from script
"Fox News Sunday" host Chris Wallace told "America's Newsroom" on Friday that former President Ronald Reagan would have been "roasted" if he had been answering reporters' questions with a script during the Cold War. Wallace's comment came after President Biden appeared to reference "cheat sheets" detailing key policy points and the identities of attending journalists when he conducted the first formal news conference of his presidency on Thursday. PHOTOS SHOW BIDEN 'CHEAT SHEETS' DURING FIRST FORMAL PRESS CONFERENCECHRIS WALLACE: I thought he did fine, but I was really surprised he had to read his answers on foreign policy. And as I say, I spent six years covering Reagan. I've watched a lot of press conferences of other presidents since then.
Nikki Haley hits Kamala Harris over past comparison of ICE to KKK
Ambassador Nikki Haley on Friday took aim at Vice President Kamala Harris, saying that she can’t be trusted to deal with the border crisis, citing a 2018 comparison the then-senator made between Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and the Ku Klux Klan. "How can we trust Kamala Harris to deal with the border crisis when she compared ICE to the KKK in 2018?" FLASHBACK: KAMALA HARRIS COMPARED ICE TO KKK IN SENATE HEARINGHaley was referring to a contentious confirmation hearing in November 2018, when Harris asked Ronald Vitiello -- who was then-President Donald Trump’s nominee to lead ICE -- if he was "aware of the perception" of a similarity between ICE and the KKK. Are you aware of a perception that the way that they ..." Harris went on, before the nominee said, "I see none." On Wednesday, Republican National Committee Chair Ronna McDaniel tweeted: "Kamala Harris compared ICE to the KKK.
Lawyer for Boulder suspect Ahmad Alissa also represented Aurora shooter
One of the lawyers for accused Colorado gunman Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa also represented the convicted killer in the 2012 Aurora slaughter. In 2014, King, the chief trial deputy at the Colorado State Public Defenders office, admitted to making mistakes in an unrelated murder case, the Denver Post reported at the time. Asked whether he was qualified to be the lead attorney in Owens’ case, King testified, "No, not really. Alissa is charged with murdering 10 people at a King Soopers grocery store in Boulder on Monday. He is also charged with shooting at a police officer, who survived.
David Bossie: Pelosi and Dems have a new target in their quest for election control – Iowa Rep. Miller-Meeks
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., and the left have a new target in their quest for total control of our election system: Republican Rep. Mariannette Miller-Meeks of Iowa. This election was counted, recounted, certified, and the duly elected Rep. Miller-Meeks was seated by Pelosi. Realistically, undoing the results of Miller-Meeks’ election would do little to change the dynamic of the House Democrats’ tiny five-seat majority. Robbing Rep. Miller-Meeks of her seat in Congress is part of their quest for absolute power. In the absence of an impartial media, Democrats are going to get away with these reprehensible tactics, at least at first.
Swalwell's Trump lawsuit won't distract from Chinese spy scandal, Republicans say
GORDON CHANG: CHINA 'MIGHT STILL HAVE LEVERAGE' OVER REP. SWALWELL AMID SPY SCANDALWenstrup also said that he doesn’t believe that the lawsuit will turn heads away from Swalwell’s previous, scandalous relationship with suspected Chinese spy Christine Fang, also known as Fang Fang. "For many, the lawsuit comes across as politically vindictive against the former president – just like Rep. Swalwell’s false narrative about the Russian collusion fiction," said Wenstrup. "At the same time, I don’t think it will divert attention away from his Chinese spy scandal." "Swalwell distracted our country for years with the Russia hoax, claiming President Trump was an agent of the Russian government. HOUSE REPUBLICANS REQUEST FBI BRIEFING ON SWALWELL TIES TO ALLEGED CHINESE SPYLast month, House Republicans requested a briefing from FBI Director Christopher Wray on Swalwell’s relationship with the alleged Chinese spy, asking to be told the "full extent" of Chinese agents targeting lawmakers.
GOP senators seek Hunter Biden gun incident information from law enforcement
Two Republican senators are asking multiple law enforcement agencies about their alleged involvement in a 2018 incident when a gun belonging to Hunter Biden, the son of President Biden, temporarily went missing. Their queries are in response to Politico reporting that the Secret Service inserted itself into the response, which the Secret Service denied in a statement to Fox News. "The agency maintains there was no Secret Service involvement in the matter described." A firearm transaction report reviewed by Fox News indicates that Hunter Biden purchased a gun earlier that month. The senators continued: "According to this report, a 'law enforcement official' claimed that Secret Service agents in Delaware 'kept an informal hand in maintaining the former vice president’s security.'
Scholarships for liberal arts majors threatened under controversial Florida bill
Florida lawmakers are weighing a bill that would cut state-funded scholarship money for college students pursuing degrees with low employment prospects. The Senate on Monday revised the proposal so that students pursuing such degrees would have scholarship money decreased by a set amount, WKMG-TV reported. Opponents of the measure told the station that it unfairly puts liberal arts degrees at an unfair advantage and that the government ought not to be involved in choosing what scholarship money covers. Ron DeSantis voiced his support for the Bright Futures program. “I’ve made very clear, I think Bright futures is something that Florida families have relied upon.
Fast-acting worker thwarts man with five guns in Atlanta grocery store: cops
The man who walked into an Atlanta grocery store armed with six guns and body armor was thwarted by a fast-acting Instacart shopper who overheard “clicking sounds” in the restroom, authorities said — as they released a chilling photo showing the arsenal of loaded weapons. When an officer arrived at the grocery store, he apparently surprised Marley right after he came out of the restroom, the records show. It came just days after back-to-back mass shootings in Atlanta and Colorado — the latter taking place in a Boulder grocery store, leaving 10 people dead. “It possibly could have stopped something,” Russell told WSB-TV, adding that when he saw Marley in the bathroom, he instantly thought of the Boulder King Soopers shooting. An Atlanta police vehicle is parked at Atlantic Station in Atlanta where Marley was detained Wednesday.
How two friends made art history buying a $70M digital work
That’s because Venkateswaran and Sundaresan have invested heavily in a new form of digital collectible with the unwieldy name of non-fungible tokens, or NFTs. Not to be outdone, auction house rival Sotheby’s plans its own NFT sale, collaborating with the pseudonymous digital artist Pak in a sale next month. Winkelmann began seeing the possibilities of NFTs for digital artists back in October when he tested the waters with an initial “drop” of his work. “People can actually own my art and collect it and, you know, pay good money,” he said in an interview this week. “Crazy speculation is not unusual,” he said of the Beeple sale.
New York Post photographers cover hardships facing migrants at border
After the raid, the occupants were detained, there were questions if some of the group had been part of the violent threats. They were eventually picked up by Border Patrol on March 17, 2021. David Butow/Redux for NY Post
No Biden Blunders As Sympathetic Press Gives Him an Easy Time
Howie Kurtz on the press giving President Biden a fairly easy time in his first press conference since taking office, his answers and reaction to them and former President Trump speaking on the capitol hill riot. Follow Howie on Twitter: @HowardKurtzFor more #MediaBuzz click here
Texas migrant facility 'pod' at nearly 9x capacity seen in shocking video posted by Sen. Lankford
Sen. James Lankford, R-Okla., posted a shocking video of a "pod" at a Texas migrant facility along the southern border that is holding nearly nine times as many people as it was designed to hold. Lankford toured the migrant holding facilities on Friday along with Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, and other GOP senators. "Day two from the border — this is a pod that’s designed to hold 80 people that’s currently holding 709," wrote Lankford. Lankford posted a follow-up tweet showing a side-by-side comparison of how the facility is supposed to look in operation and what it looked on Friday. Pfluger told Fox News that approximately one in 10 of the migrants in the Midland facility had tested positive for COVID-19.
Doocy confronts Psaki over Fox News getting snubbed at presser, asks if it's 'official administration policy'
Psaki responded she was currently taking a question from Fox News, but Doocy indicated he was specifically talking about the president’s pre-determined list. Doocy said he’s been able to ask Biden questions but only when he shouts after the president "goes through his whole list" of pre-approved reporters. Doocy said Fox has been left off the list since Biden resumed in-person events at the height of the campaign. Psaki never answered why Fox News has been left of the list of pre-approved reporters. Doocy peppered Psaki with questions about the filibuster and the situation along the southern border before asking about Biden’s list.
Kayleigh McEnany: Biden has 'very low bar' compared to Trump press conferences
Former White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany told the "Fox News Rundown" podcast that President Joe Biden is not being held to the same standard by the White House press corps. McEnany said, with a few exceptions, the questions asked to Biden represented a lower bar than what President Trump faced in his combative sessions with reporters. ARI FLEISCHER RIPS BIDEN OVER BORDER ACCESS COMMENTS: LIKE A 'CO-CONSPIRATOR HIDING EVIDENCE'KAYLEIGH MCENANY: There was a very low bar for President Biden. And then she followed up after that question and the question prior to her as well from ABC similarly kind of put President Biden in a spot on immigration. To hear the full interview, subscribe and download The FOX News Rundown on your favorite podcast player.
Ted Cruz tweets video of ‘smugglers’ on Mexican side of Rio Grande
Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz on Friday tweeted footage of what he said was smugglers shouting across the Rio Grande at members of Congress touring the US-Mexico border. “That’s Mexico and you can see there are three smugglers right there standing on the Mexican side looking at us. A U.S. Border Patrol fast boat patrols the Rio Grande river in Roma, Texas. A young mother from Guatemala, sitting on an aluminum blanket with her 1-year-old, told me she paid smugglers $6,000.”Sen. Ted Cruz claims he saw three smugglers on the Mexico side of the US-Mexico border looking at him. Smugglers talk to journalists after delivering a group of migrants across the Rio Grande river in Roma, Texas.
Shares of Discovery, ViacomCBS tumble on Wells Fargo downgrade
Shares of Discovery and ViacomCBS tumbled on separate downgrades from Wells Fargo on Friday, as analysts expressed concerned that the media companies’ recent gains may be overblown. In early-day trading, ViacomCBS saw its stock sink more than 12 percent, to $57.76, as shares of Discovery plunged more than 21 percent, to $45.50. ViacomCBS, which operates Paramount Pictures, Nickelodeon, CBS and Comedy Central, peaked at a 160 percent increase year-to-date, which Wells Fargo said marks the end of a volatile period. Still, Cahill said he remains bullish on the company’s streaming strategy, under newly launched service, Discovery+. He cited “the prospects for Discovery+ after a strong start to the year (and) pending international expansion with the Olympics.”Still, this is the second Discovery downgrade this week.
Fauci rejects ex-CDC director’s claim that COVID-19 came from Wuhan lab
“The alternative explanation … is that this virus was actually circulating in China, likely in Wuhan, for a month or more before they were clinically recognized at the end of December 2019,” Fauci explained. Dr. Anthony Fauci on Friday blew off claims from former CDC Director Robert Redfield on COVID’s origins. Fauci, the nation’s top infectious disease expert, reiterated Redfield’s comments that he was just expressing an opinion. Robert Redfield said it was his “opinion” as a top virologist that SARS-CoV-2 “escaped” from the laboratory in Wuhan. Elijah Nouvelage/Bloomberg via Getty Images“I don’t have any indication for or against either of the hypotheses that Dr. Fauci just outlined,” she said.
Black Lives Matter activist accused of smearing feces on Abraham Lincoln statue
A Black Lives Matter activist in Idaho has reportedly been arrested for allegedly smearing feces and throwing paint on an Abraham Lincoln statue. Wilson has been identified in local reports as the Boise Black Lives Matter chapter spokesman. InstagramHe faces several misdemeanor counts, including injuring monuments, ornaments and public improvements, resisting and obstructing officers, possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia. The suspect has identified himself online as an associate professor at Boise State University and has been described in local reports as the Boise Black Lives Matter chapter spokesman, according to the Daily Wire. In an update, the news outlet reported that Boise State said Wilson is “not a current student nor employee of the university.”
Police still don’t have a motive in Boulder mass shooting
Investigators still don’t have a motive in the Boulder King Soopers massacre, the Colorado city’s police chief said Friday — four days after 10 people were gunned down in the rampage. ”Why that King Soopers? Alissa allegedly used a Ruger AR-566 pistol — similar to an AR-15 — in the slaughter and was also found with a 9mm handgun that’s not believed to have been used in the crime, Herold said. Hundreds gather at Fairview High School for a candlelight vigil to remember the victims of a mass shooting that left 10 dead at King Soopers grocery store in Boulder, Colorado on March 25, 2021. REUTERS/Alyson McClaranHe is already charged with one count of attempted murder for allegedly shooting at a police officer, an 11-year veteran who was not injured.
Ex-Weinstein Co. exec may have to sell shares in new studio over $1.2M debt
The court order also permits Erlendsson to proceed with the foreclosure and sale of Glasser’s interests in the studio. Glasser, who serves as CEO, launched 101 Studios with former Weinstein Co. EVP David Hatkin in 2019 after securing $300 million in funding. Its projects include the Kevin Costner-starring “Yellowstone,” “Unstoppable” and “The Current War.”Harvey Weinstein and David Glasser are pictured here in 2016. In turn, Glasser planned to file an $85 million lawsuit against The Weinstein Company board claiming Weinstein and his brother Bob “scapegoated” him to cover their own failures in covering up Harvey’s sexual predation. Glasser joined TWC in 2008.
Scalise blasts Big Tech, social media execs over censorship: 'These aren't mistakes'
House Minority Whip Steve Scalise slammed social media executives, including Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, for censorship "mistakes" and "abuses", primarily against conservative accounts. Scalise, R-La., grilled Dorsey Thursday on the company's decision to block an October New York Post article about President Biden's son, Hunter Biden. BIG TECH CRACKDOWNS 'AS TERRIFYING AS THE GOVERNMENT ARRESTING YOU', AUTHOR ABIGAIL SHRIER SAYSSTEVE SCALISE: Look, so we saw bipartisan frustration and anger with tech CEOs and the way they’re abusing their platforms, the way they’re hiding behind Section 230 of the law that gives them immunity from prosecution... It seems like conservatives are being targeted more by some of these social media platforms and Twitter’s probably had the worst abuses on this. I mean they just took Marjorie Taylor Greene off of Twitter last week for probably 12 hours and they said it was a mistake.
'Bewildering' to see Biden read answers from script at press conference: Fleischer
After President Biden's first press conference since his inauguration, former White House press secretary Ari Fleischer told "The Faulkner Focus" on Friday that the commander in chief reading off of a script to answer reporter's questions is "not healthy." That is, in essence, what they did yesterday on the three foreign policy questions reporters asked. But Joe Biden had a prepared paragraph's answer and he read it off of what was given to him by his staff. And I hope today in his news conference, reporters asked, did he read off of it verbatim? He is not the Joe Biden that people thought he would be.
Biden now calls filibuster ‘a relic of the Jim Crow era’ but Kamala Harris is among Dems who have embraced it
A reporter asked President Biden during Thursday’s news conference if he agreed with Barack Obama that the filibuster is 'relic' of the Jim Crow era. And in the following years, Harris joined Senate Democrats in regularly using the filibuster to block legislation in the Senate. DEMOCRATS HATE FILIBUSTER NOW BUT USED IT TO BLOCK GOP LEGISLATION UNDER TRUMPSenators have never been "required" as Biden says, to talk on the floor at length to actually filibuster legislation. In the years following the new rule in 1917, some senators used the filibuster to block civil rights legislation, which is why Democrats associate it with the Jim Crow era. Biden, for his part, was asked on Thursday if he believes the filibuster is a Jim Crow relic why he does not push completely for its elimination.
Critics blast reporters as ‘afraid to really challenge’ Biden during presser: ‘They served as cheerleaders’
Critics have panned the way reporters behaved during President Biden’s first formal press conference on Thursday, which came 64 days into his administration and was largely devoid of tough questions. LIBERAL PBS REPORTER GUSHES BIDEN PERCEIVED AS 'MORAL, DECENT MAN' DURING IMMIGRATION QUESTIONNot everyone had a problem with Biden’s press conference, as many liberal pundits fawned over the event. MSNBC’s "Morning Joe" continued its infatuation with former President Donald Trump by comparing the tone of his first press conference with Biden’s initial presser. Liberal Washington Post editor Karen Attiah tweeted, "This press conference is embarrassing, and its not because of Biden." "Based on this press conference, it might be a while before anybody itches for another one," McCall said.
Pompeo in Iowa rips 'raw power grab' by Dems, visit to early caucus state sparks speculation
Ulysses S. Grant and Dwight D. Eisenhower each went on to serve two terms in the White House), Pompeo responded, "Gen. Eisenhower was a great Kansan. Trump, who remains incredibly popular with GOP base voters, is the clear favorite in early 2024 GOP presidential nomination polls — including a new one this week in Iowa. That means potential 2024 GOP White House hopefuls like Pompeo have to step gingerly during these extremely early days in the next presidential race. And two weeks ago he tweeted the number of days until the 2024 presidential election, sparking more speculation. CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APPPompeo isn’t the only potential GOP White House hopeful making the early trip to Iowa.
As Trump teases a 2024 presidential run, potential GOP rivals start making early visits
Tim Scott will speak at another Iowa GOP gathering in Davenport on April 15. Stepanek points to the calendar – and to the coronavirus pandemic – for the lack of in-person early state visits so far. Asked if Trump’s potential 2024 presidential bid is also putting a freeze on early state visits so far by other White House hopefuls, he said it’s too early to tell. While the early state stops have been limited to date, there’s plenty of action going on behind the scenes. And Kaufmann's pitch to potential 2024 GOP contenders?
WaPo changes headline about 'no migrant surge,' acknowledges record flow of unaccompanied minors at border
The Washington Post yet again was forced to make a significant correction on Thursday, altering a headline to an analysis piece that initially claimed there was "no migrant surge" and didn't acknowledge the record number of unaccompanied minors crossing the border. The initial headline of the piece from its Monkey Cage blog read, "There’s no migrant ‘surge’ at the U.S. southern border. "The headline is now, "The migrant ‘surge’ at the U.S. southern border is actually a predictable pattern." However, the Biden administration created a carve-out specifically for minors in its Title 42 authority to expel migrants at the border. Border officials are on pace to take in more than 17,000 minors this month, which would be a record.
Biden nominates Sen. Joe Manchin’s wife to federal commission
President Biden has picked the wife of an extremely influential US senator for a federal commission post, the White House announced Friday. Biden nominated Gayle Conelly Manchin to co-chair the Appalachian Regional Commission, an economic development partnership with 13 states designed to boost investment in the Appalachian Region. Manchin is an educator, past president of West Virginia’s State Board of Education and the former first lady of West Virginia. She’s been married for 53 years to Sen. Joe Manchin, D-W.Va., a critical vote in the Senate for Biden if he wants to get any of his major legislative priorities passed. Manchin is an educator, past president of West Virginia’s State Board of Education and the former first lady of West Virginia.
China defends itself on human rights by pointing to history of slavery in US
In the wake of international backlash for reported human rights abuses in the Xinjiang province, Chinese officials are attempting to reverse the blame by shining a light on slavery. “Here is another picture of cotton fields in China’s Xinjiang where more than 70 percent of the cotton is picked with machines. There is never ‘forced labor’ in picking cotton in Xinjiang.”“Some are bent on linking [job opportunity] with forced labor and oppression because they have been doing this themselves for hundreds of years in history,” she continued. A top Chinese diplomat criticized the US during a contentious US-China summit in Alaska, saying “there are many problems within the United States regarding human rights,” and called Black Lives Matter a “deep-seated” issue. The highlighting of slavery in the US pass comes after the US, along with other western countries, imposed fresh sanctions on the People’s Republic of China (PRC) over-reported human rights violations committed against the Uighurs.
Victoria’s Secret owner L Brands raises financial outlook — again
Shares of Victoria’s Secret’s owner surged more than 6 percent on Friday after the company raised its financial outlook for the second time in two weeks. L Brands said “improved sales trends” at the lingerie giant and at its Bath & Body Works chain convinced it to raise its first-quarter earnings guidance to between 85 cents to $1 a share, up from 55 cents to 65 cents a share. Throughout the pandemic, Bath & Body Works has been among the companies that has benefited from increased demand for soaps, hand sanitizers and home fragrances — a demand that has not let up — while Victoria’s Secret has reaped the rewards of a turnaround plan that’s taking shape. “We continue to see further opportunity” for increases in L Brands’ stock, Wells Fargo analyst Ike Borochow said in a Friday research note. “Operational improvements at Victoria’s Secret and consistent execution at Bath & Body Works should position the brands well to benefit from retail’s favorable re-opening dynamics.”L Brands is preparing to either sell Victoria’s Secret or spin it off later this summer as The Post has previously reported, while its billionaire founder Les Wexner finally stepped away from the company last week, handing the reins to a new management team.
Feds ask for volunteers to process kids detained at US-Mexico border
The Department of Health and Human Services is asking federal workers to volunteer for 120-day deployments to the US-Mexico border to help manage an escalating surge in young illegal migrants. The role of temporary “field program specialist” will allow federal workers to maintain their current rate of pay during their four-month assignment. “The Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR) requires current Federal government civilian employees for up to 120-day deployment details to support ORR at facilities for unaccompanied children,” the job posting says. “Of all the children who are coming across the border, over 70 percent are either 16 or 17 years old. “The vast majority of these children — 70 percent — are 16 years old, 17 years old, and mostly males.
Pelosi defends possible expulsion of Iowa Republican who won by 6 votes
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi claims she “has the authority” to possibly expel Iowa Republican Rep. Mariannette Miller-Meeks, despite state officials certifying her victory by six votes — after saying that it was her “right as Speaker” to not seat Miller-Meeks in the House. Several centrist Democrats are uneasy with a potential vote to oust Miller-Meeks in favor of Democratic candidate Rita Hart. And I would say to them, if you lost by six votes, would you like to have — would you like to bring your case before that?” Pelosi told a reporter. The House speaker added, “Now, if I wanted to be unfair, I wouldn’t have seated the Republican from Iowa, because that was my right on the opening day. Rep. Dean Phillips (D-Minn.) told Politico, “Losing a House election by six votes is painful for Democrats.
Gov. Cuomo hit with ethics complaint over preferential COVID testing
A top Republican state legislator has filed an ethics complaint against Gov. Andrew Cuomo over reports that he improperly arranged coronavirus tests for his relatives and favored state officials last year. Several of those reportedly tested — including Chris Cuomo and MTA chief Patrick Foye — later announced that they’d been infected. Senate Minority Leader Robert Ortt (R-Lockport) voices his negative opinion while standing with Senate Republicans as state legislators vote to keep Gov. But misusing government resources for campaign purposes is illegal — a violation of the state Public Officers Law.
Rep. Byron Donalds rips Biden for invoking Jim Crow in filibuster debate: 'Irresponsibly injecting race'
EXCLUSIVE: Republican Rep. Byron Donalds slammed President Biden on Friday for invoking Jim Crow during his first formal press conference, saying he is "irresponsibly injecting race" into the conversation. Biden on Thursday, during his first press conference since taking office, referenced Jim Crow when defending the Democrats' H.R. "Fast-forward to today, and now President Biden is irresponsibly injecting race and the travesty of Jim Crow to oppose the filibuster," Donalds said. Biden said he agreed with former President Obama's assessment that the filibuster was a "Jim Crow relic." "I’m convinced that we’ll be able to stop this, because it is the most pernicious thing—this makes Jim Crow look like Jim Eagle," he said.
Biden HHS nominee Rachel Levine becomes first openly transgender federal official confirmed by US Senate
Dr. Rachel Levine, Pennsylvania's former top health official, earned confirmation Wednesday in the Senate to become the new assistant secretary at the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). It marked the first time in U.S. history the Senate confirmed an openly transgender federal official. She will be the first openly transgender official ever confirmed by the United States Senate. Levine will serve under newly confirmed Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra. A Harvard-educated pediatrician and former Pennsylvania physician general, Levine was appointed to be Pennsylvania Health Secretary by Democratic Gov.
California Supreme Court orders judges to nix cash bail for those who can't pay
The court's ruling allows cash bail, so long as defendants can afford it. California's bail system "just spun out of control and this brings it back to its core principals of what bail is supposed to be about in the first place." Previously, judges set bail based on suspects' criminal records and pending charges. Gavin Newsom on Wednesday nominated Assemblyman Rob Bonta, a leading proponent of ending cash bail. "It's hard to tell what impact this will have on victim and public safety going forward."
White House appears to scrub Biden gaffe from transcript after calling Afghan president wrong name
The White House quietly corrected a gaffe President Biden made during his Thursday news conference in which he appeared to mix up the names of Afghanistan President Ashraf Ghani and the controversial former head of Pakistan's military. "And General Austin is — just met with Kayani and I’m waiting for the briefing on that," Biden said Thursday. But the official White House transcript of the briefing now says "Ghani" instead of Kayani. BIDEN MAKES 'NO APOLIGIES' AT NEWS CONFERENCE FOR ENDING TRUMP-ERA MIGRANT PROTOCOLSBut besides confusing Ghani with Kayani at the briefing, Biden appeared to question the legitimacy of Ghani as Afghanistan's president. That quote was not changed in the White House official transcript.
Associated Press warns staffers not to call influx at southern border a ‘crisis’ in internal memo
Journalist Julio Ricardo Varela tweeted a series of images from an internal memo the AP distributed warning staffers not to call the situation a crisis. "That is indeed is a memo from AP Vice President and Editor-at-Large for Standards John Daniszewski," an AP spokesperson said to Fox News. "In theory, there could be a security or a border crisis if officials lose control of the border, allowing people to enter unencumbered in large numbers. But, in general, avoid hyperbole in calling anything a crisis or an emergency," the memo said. White House press secretary Jen Psaki squashed the characterization of a "crisis" during a briefing on Monday.
Biden nominates Sen. Joe Manchin's wife to federal commission
President Biden has picked the wife of an extremely influential U.S. senator for a federal commission post, the White House announced Friday. Biden nominated Gayle Conelly Manchin to co-chair the Appalachian Regional Commission, an economic development partnership with 13 states designed to boost investment in the Appalachian Region. Manchin is an educator, past president of West Virginia's State Board of Education and the former first lady of West Virginia. She's been married for 53 years to Sen. Joe Manchin, D-W.Va., a critical vote in the Senate for Biden if he wants to get any of his major legislative priorities passed. It was not immediately clear when Manchin's confirmation vote would come before the Senate.
Biden says migrant families apprehended at border 'should all be going back'
President Biden said that all migrant families apprehended at the southern border should be sent away but are not because Mexico refuses to take them all. "Some families are not going back because Mexico is refusing to take them back. Still, Biden reiterated a message that no unaccompanied migrants under the age of 18 will be turned away at the border. The Biden administration, facing a surge at the border that could reach 20-year highs, has repeated a message that the border is "not open" in seemingly futile efforts to deter border crossings. In February, there were 19,246 total encounters with migrant families on the southern border.
Gun manufacturers, federal regulators to meet on ghost guns
Gun manufacturers and federal firearm regulators are meeting Friday to talk about ghost guns — suggesting President Biden may be targeting the weapons that can be manufactured at home without serial numbers, according to a report. ATF officials and the gun makers are expected to discuss a possible expansion of what is considered a firearm — potentially subjecting ghost guns to the same regulations as other weapons, according to people with knowledge of the meeting. “It’s a matter of timing.”Eighteen Democratic state attorneys general sent a letter Monday to Attorney General Merrick Garland calling on him to take action against ghost guns, which cannot be traced due to their lack of serial numbers. Eighteen Democratic state attorneys general sent a letter Monday to Attorney General Merrick Garland calling on him to take action against ghost guns. APHe did not mention ghost guns, but administration officials discussed them with gun control advocates during a meeting in February, the Wall Street Journal reported.
King Soopers grocery chain donates $1M to charity after Boulder shooting
Shoppers are evacuated from a King Soopers grocery store after a gunman opened fire on March 22, 2021 in Boulder, Colorado. Chet Strange/Getty Images“The entire King Soopers family continues to mourn the loss of those who were victims of this senseless act of violence,” said Steve Burnham, the president of King Soopers and City Market, the Denver Channel reported. Hundreds gather at Fairview High School for a candlelight vigil to remember the victims of a mass shooting that left 10 dead at King Soopers grocery store in Boulder, Colorado. Flowers and crosses sit at a makeshift memorial outside a King Soopers grocery store on March 25, 2021 in Boulder, Colorado. Michael Ciaglo/Getty Images“This incredible donation from King Soopers will do so much to support the survivors, the families, and the community.
H&M, Burberry scrubbed from internet in China over forced labor accusations
H&M stores in China have suddenly disappeared from Apple Maps amid the fast growing controversy over human rights in China’s cotton-picking region. Getty ImagesBoth Nike and Adidas have made similar statements about not sourcing their products from Xinjiang. There were calls this week in China for boycotts of their products as well. Aerial view of a seeding machine sowing cotton seeds in a field on Wednesday in Tumxuk, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region of China. The Chinese e-commerce site Taobao displays the message “Sorry, no related items were found” when searching for products from clothing retailer H&M.
Ex-CDC Director Robert Redfield believes COVID-19 came from Wuhan lab
The former director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention believes the virus that causes COVID-19 escaped from a lab in Wuhan, China, according to a new interview. Robert Redfield believes the virus that causes COVID-19 escaped from a lab in Wuhan, China, according to a new interview. Some believe SARS-CoV-2 was somehow released from the Wuhan Institute of Virology. SARS-CoV-2 was first detected in Wuhan in December 2019 — with many scientists believing it emerged at a wet market just under nine miles from the Wuhan Institute of Virology. But Redfield said he believes the bug was circulating as early as September or October of that year.
Labor officials order Tesla boss Elon Musk to delete anti-union tweet
US regulators have ordered Tesla honcho Elon Musk to delete a 2018 tweet that said Tesla workers would lose their stock options if they voted to unionize, calling the tweet an illegal threat. According to The National Labor Relations Board, Tesla violated labor laws when it fired a union activist and when Musk tweeted: “Nothing stopping Tesla team at our car plant from voting union. Ortiz was part of an organizing campaign, “Fair Future at Tesla.” At the time, Tesla said its business should remain union-free. “While we celebrate the justice in today’s ruling, it nevertheless highlights the substantial flaws in US labor law. The NLRB said the agreement must be updated as US labor law generally “protects employees when they speak with the media about working conditions, labor disputes, or other terms and conditions of employment.”
Cuomo's reported efforts to prioritize COVID testing for his family are 'troubling,' NY attorney general says
Andrew Cuomo's reported efforts to prioritize coronavirus testing for members of his family are "troubling," and urged the state public ethics committee to review the matter "immediately." "The recent reports alleging there was preferential treatment given for COVID-19 testing are troubling," James said in a statement late Thursday. CUOMO DIRECTED NY HEALTH OFFICIALS TO PRIORITIZE COVID-19 TESTING FOR HIS RELATIVES: REPORTJCOPE is New York state's Joint Commission on Public Ethics. One source told the Times-Union that tests administered to Cuomo’s family members or associates were referred to as "critical samples" and processed ahead of others. Also among those reportedly given preferential testing was New York-based Regeneron Pharmaceuticals President Dr. George Yancopoulos, The New York Times reported.
Evening newscasts downplay latest Cuomo scandal, CBS spends only 20 seconds on bombshell
"CBS Evening News" only managed to find 20 seconds to report on the bombshell allegation that New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, D., directed health officials to prioritize his family – including CNN host Chris Cuomo -- in the early days of the coronavirus pandemic. Indeed, Garrett was notably brief when covering the latest Cuomo scandal. "Tonight, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is accused of giving family members and political allies special access to COVID tests back when testing was scarce. The Times-Union of Albany reports the governor's brother, CNN anchor Chris Cuomo, his mother, and at least one sister were tested by health officials.
GOP senators encounter traffickers, cartel members at border during nighttime Rio Grande tour
Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, has detailed how a Republican Senate delegation to the border, led by him, encountered human traffickers and cartel members yelling at them and taunting law enforcement -- as they saw the crisis at the border up close. HHS ASKS FEDERAL EMPLOYEES TO VOLUNTEER TO HELP WITH CHILD MIGRANT SURGE"They're getting paid $4-5000 a person to smuggle them into the country and... when they smuggle them in, the Biden administration releases them," he said. Republicans have been turning up the heat on the Biden administration over its handling of the surge at the border. But the Biden administration has refused to call the situation a crisis, instead referring to it as a "challenge" as it seeks to move to what it describes as a more "humane" system. "There is a significant increase in the number of people coming to the border in the winter months of January, February, March."
Minnesota theater cancels its own Cinderella production because cast was ‘too White’
A suburban Minneapolis theater company abruptly canceled its production of "Cinderella" because the cast was "too White." "After careful consideration and with our ongoing commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, we have made the decision to cancel our upcoming production," it states. We will be inviting and paying [Black, Indigenous, People of Color] artists to analyze the production with our creative teams through a new Diversity, Equity and Inclusion lens." But the theater firm — which is based in the largely White Minneapolis suburb of Chanhassen — may have trouble finding people of color to fill roles. In place of "Cinderella," the theater will now stage the dance-centric musical "Footloose" in 2022, according to the report.
GOP Congress members blast Biden for blocking media access at border
House Republicans have urged Joe Biden to allow media access to the US-Mexico border. A view of a U.S. Customs and Border Patrol facility that houses minors in the border town of Donna, Texas, on March 20, 2021. Migrants recently released by U.S. Border Patrol walk to a Catholic shelter after being tested for COVID at a facility in McAllen, Texas, on March 20, 2021. Migrants recently released by U.S. Border Patrol walk off a bus before being tested for COVID at a facility in McAllen. Go Nakamura for New York PostAsked when reporters will be allowed to visit Border Patrol facilities housing children, the president said, “I don’t know, to be clear.”
WeWork agrees to $9B SPAC deal in push for stock-market listing
WeWork has agreed to sell itself in a blank-check deal that would result in the shared office space provider becoming a publicly traded company, almost two years after its initial public offering debacle. A TRUMP SPAC IS THE TALK OF WALL STREETWeWork will receive $1.3 billion cash, including an $800 million private placement, to help fund its future growth plans. The deal comes 18 months after WeWork’s plans for an initial public offering collapsed due to investor concerns about the company’s valuation and founder Adam Neumann’s leadership and questionable actions. WeWork enjoyed a lofty valuation before withdrawing its IPO plans days after Neumann’s resignation, in September 2019, in order to focus on its core business. Less than a month later, Japanese investor SoftBank Group Corp. rescued the company at an $8 billion valuation.
Mike Lee: Biden's handling of migrant surge during pandemic 'absolutely defies reason and logic'
Sen. Mike Lee, R-Utah, said Friday that the Biden administration's immigration policy regarding COVID-positive migrants "absolutely defies reason and logic," arguing that some problems can be solved by reimplementing bilateral asylum agreements brokered by the Trump administration. I’m told from some sources that the people coming through the caravans are testing positive for COVID at a rate seven times what we see here. It absolutely defies reason and logic. All we have to do is go back to old policies that we’ve got through bilateral agreements with our northern and southern neighbors, Canada and Mexico, and we expand that. We should be able to send back unaccompanied minors who show up here on their own.
Capitol riot: Dems seek documents, communications amid probes
The requests are going to several executive branch agencies, including the Department of Justice, FBI, Department of Homeland Security and the White House. The nine Democratic committee chairs are seeking information from these agencies, including communications with the White Hosue, threat assessments, communications with participants in the attack and offers for security assistance. Investigations into the Jan. 6 attack have been highly politicized thus far. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., selected retired Lt. Gen. Russel Honoré to lead an initial probe into security failures surrounding the attack. One of the most high-profile of those, in which the House sought to force testimony from former White House Counsel Don McGahn, is still going on.
Biden 'torched his message of unity' in press conference remark about Trump and 2024: Pollster
Pollster Lee Carter shared voter dials on "Fox & Friends" Friday showing failing grades from Republicans and independents on President Joe Biden's press conference comment in which he dismissed former President Trump and the Republican Party in 2024. Biden said he had "no idea whether there will be a Republican Party" when asked if he believed he would face Donald Trump again in his reelection bid. LEE CARTER: It really torched his message of unity. He says he's a president for unity, and yet he says, "I don't even know if there's a Republican Party." He was completely dismissive of Donald Trump, laughed at him.
Dire predictions by media, politicians about Texas lifting mask mandate haven’t come to fruition
That included President Biden, who referred to it as "Neanderthal thinking" when asked about Abbott's decision at the time. A Washington Post reporter reacted to Abbott’s decision by sharing an article from last September that a "mass casualty event" was happening every day in Texas. MATTHEW MCCONAUGHEY CRITICIZES TEXAS GOV. What I did not understand was 'pull the mask mandate.'" Gavin Newsom called the move "absolutely reckless," and Twitter was flooded with hot takes from people who called Abbott’s decision everything from "crazy" to "embarrassing."
North Korea confirms missile tests as Biden warns of response
SEOUL, South Korea — North Korea on Friday confirmed it had tested a new guided missile, as President Joe Biden warned of consequences if Pyongyang escalates tensions amid stalled nuclear negotiations. According to South Korean officials, North Korea fired two other missiles on Sunday but they were likely cruise missiles, which are not banned. Some experts say North Korea aimed to apply pressure on the Biden administration to boost its leverage in future talks. “Now is time for South and North Korea and the United States to make efforts to (resume) talks. According to South Korean officials, North Korea fired two other missiles on Sunday but they were likely cruise missiles, which are not banned.
WeWork reportedly cuts deal to go public with SPAC
WeWork has reportedly agreed to a merger with a newly formed company — and is back on track to go public. At the time, WeWork was set to go public at a sky-high $47 billion valuation, but the storm of negative news about the company spooked investors. The COVID-19 pandemic has forced WeWork to close many of its office spaces. Earlier this year, WeWork acknowledged that it was exploring options to go public, including with a SPAC. “Over the past year, WeWork has remained focused on executing our plans for achieving profitability,” the company said in a statement in January.
Unhinged man fatally stabs woman, dog in California attack, cops say
An unhinged man fatally stabbed a woman and her dog in an apparently random, broad daylight rampage in California — ended only when another man knocked him out with a rock, local authorities said. The man turned and ran away from the threat — but the suspect chased him before turning his attention to a woman in her 60s walking her dog, authorities said. He proceeded to stab the dog, and then his owner, police said. During that attack, the first man who had been targeted returned and struck the suspect in the head with a rock, knocking him unconscious, authorities said. Tony Page, the father-in-law of the man who struck the suspect with the rock, said the situation could have turned out far worse.
Cuomo gave 'valet service' COVID testing to executives, family members: NY GOP chairman
Andrew Cuomo was using 'valet service' to deliver special COVID testing to family members - including CNN anchor Chris Cuomo - and executives while people were dying in nursing homes. CHRIS CUOMO OFF THIS WEEK AS CNN AVOIDS REPORT NEW YORK GOV BROTHER GAVE ANCHOR COVID TESTING PRIORITYNICK LANGWORTHY: This is classic Andrew Cuomo. Yesterday was the one-year anniversary of his executive order allowing COVID positive patients to be put back into nursing homes without testing. This is a gross abuse of power and I think it is a violation of our public officer’s law. But there are many New Yorkers who day by day see this governor’s continued pattern of abuse of power.
Tim Graham: The Pro-Biden press corps is deeply embarrassing – just look at these follow up questions
President Biden's first formal press conference is in the books, and it was deeply embarrassing to anyone who thinks the media's job is to hold presidents accountable. Biden replied: "Well, look, I guess I should be flattered people are coming because I'm the nice guy. Why not back a filibuster rule that at least gets around issues, including voting rights or immigration?" "At John Lewis' funeral, President Barack Obama said he believed the filibuster was a 'relic' of the Jim Crow era. It all felt carefully scripted, as Biden seemed to be reading some answers from a notebook (and photos later revealed his notes).
Jacob Blake sues Kenosha Police officer who shot him
Jacob Blake Jr. was shot by Kenosha Officer Rusten Sheskey in August while Blake was about to get into an SUV during a domestic dispute. NO KENOSHA OFFICERS TO FACE CHARGES IN JACOB BLAKE SHOOTING, PROSECUTORS SAYThe shooting of Blake, captured on bystander video, turned the nation’s spotlight on Wisconsin during a summer marked by protests over police brutality and racism. The White officer charged with murder and manslaughter in Floyd’s killing is currently on trial. Sheskey and two other Kenosha officers were trying to arrest Blake on an outstanding warrant when a pocketknife fell from his pants during a scuffle. KENOSHA PROTESTERS GATHER AFTER JACOB BLAKE SHOOTING RESULTS IN NO CHARGES FOR POLICESheskey told investigators that he feared for his own safety so he opened fire.
Tina Ramirez: Critical race theory divides families – what this mom with a biracial child wants you to know
Advocates of critical race theory have gone too far. The radical ideology these teachers are pushing, known as critical race theory, essentially establishes a new metric for human value, one rooted in Marxism. Critical race theory teaches our children to treat people differently based on their external characteristics. Silencing dissent, as critical race theory advocates are doing, is no different than the brainwashing methods of ISIS and every other authoritarian regime in history. While Virginia’s schools shame parents who oppose critical race theory, dividing families and communities, leaders such as Gov.
Bernie Sanders admits 'I don't feel comfortable about' Trump ban from Twitter
Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., and former President Donald Trump rarely see eye to eye on anything, but it appears the two have found common ground when it comes to Trump's ban from Twitter. The former president and prolific user of the social media platform was permanently suspended following the Jan. 6 Capitol riot. "But if you're asking me do I feel particularly comfortable that the then president of the United States could not express his views on Twitter? I don't feel comfortable about that." Sanders also said he wasn't comfortable with a "handful of high tech people" making their own distinctions between free speech and dangerous rhetoric.
President Biden Holds His First News Conference
President Biden gave his first press conference on Thursday since taking office in January. The President answered questions from reporters on various topics including immigration, filibuster reform, our relationship with China and voting rights. Former White House Press Secretary and Fox News Contributor Kayleigh McEnany and co-host of “The Five” and Democratic Strategist Juan Williams examine the big takeaways and how the President performed. Part of President Biden’s infrastructure plan includes investments through tax credits, in renewable energy such as solar. Some utility companies are buying more solar technology as scientists are working to make solar more cost effective and efficient.
Biden gets through first news conference -- with help from 'cheat sheets'
Here's what you need to know as you start your day ...Biden gets through first news conference -- with help from 'cheat sheets'President Biden referenced "cheat sheets" detailing key policy points and the identities of attending journalists when he conducted the first formal news conference of his presidency on Thursday. Critics of the Biden administration have called on officials to make Biden available to the press on a regular basis. In November 2019, former President Trump held a notebook with handwritten prompts during a news conference on testimony delivered at his first impeachment hearing. - Reporters fail to ask Biden about COVID, reopening schools, Boulder shooting, Russia at first news conference- Fox News' Peter Doocy had 'binder full of questions' for Biden if called on at news conference. To answer a simple question at a press conference?
Jason Rantz: Border crisis and legalizing drugs – perfect storm slams Seattle, Portland ... your town next?
This border crisis couldn’t have come at a worse time. Drugs are flooding our streets, overdoses are on the rise, and Mexican drug cartels are expanding their reach. CLICK HERE TO GET THE OPINION NEWSLETTERIn a shocking decision, the Washington State Supreme Court declared a felony drug possession law unconstitutional. "I look at our efforts to combat transnational organized crime, if we think of cartels, the drug cartels. CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APPWithout local leadership stepping up, it’s never been more important to take the border crisis seriously.
Biden’s presser: Reporters ask mostly vague questions embracing liberal priorities
With a couple of prominent exceptions, President Biden’s first news conference yesterday was an easy session, failing to pin him down on significant issues. PBS’s Yamiche Alcindor, who spoke of Biden’s decency, asked about conflicting messages to migrant families with this free pass: "How do you resolve that tension?" After the president spent part of a long answer blaming the Trump administration, Alcindor switched to Republicans who she said are trying to "restrict" voting rights. CBS’s Nancy Cordes went back to local Republican efforts to "restrict" voting, saying "Democrats fear" that would "particularly Democrats fear impact minority voters and young voters. But here’s the deal: poorly phrased questions and a tacit acceptance of Democratic priorities made this kind of a cakewalk easy for Joe Biden.
Trump, post-Twitter, says he prefers less frequent news releases, ‘may’ create own platform
Fewer electronic messages may actually be better, former President Trump -- who was banned from Twitter in January -- said Thursday night. "What I'm doing now, I almost like it better," Trump said"I think I do like it better," Trump continued. "We're issuing press releases. Trump told Ingraham that as opposed to tweeting, official press releases have allowed him to not have to be so "careful with every word." He said the press releases give him the ability to "steer" and "focus" a statement on what’s important to him.
This Day in History: March 26
On this day, March 26 …1979: A peace treaty is signed by Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin and Egyptian President Anwar Sadat and witnessed by President Jimmy Carter at the White House. Also on this day:1812: An earthquake devastates Caracas, Venezuela, causing an estimated 26,000 deaths, according to the U.S. Geological Survey. 1945: During World War II, Iwo Jima is fully secured by U.S. forces following a final attack by Japanese soldiers. During World War II, Iwo Jima is fully secured by U.S. forces following a final attack by Japanese soldiers. The U.S. Supreme Court, in Baker v. Carr, gives federal courts the power to order reapportionment of states’ legislative districts.
LA police battle protesters as cops clear tent city in local park
Los Angeles police declared an unlawful assembly Thursday night as protesters attempted to block the department’s final push to clear a tent city from a local park. Police ordered the group, which was about 100 people strong, to leave or face arrest, according to CBS LA. Video posted to Twitter by local reporter Lexis-Olivier Ray shows several protesters being detained following a standoff with police at the scene of the encampment. The confrontation came one night after cops in riot gear clashed with hundreds of protesters who opposed the planned sweep. The LAPD told the Times they are investigating Scher’s claims to “get to the bottom of the facts.”
San Francisco school board strips VP’s title after anti-Asian tweets surface
In a 5-2 vote Thursday night, the San Francisco Board of Education removed Vice President Alison Collins from her leadership role, according to a report. The tweets included comments that the school board said helped "perpetuate gross and harmful stereotypes" against the Asian community. SF SCHOOL BOARD TAKES COMMUNITY TEMPERATURE AFTER ANTI-ASIAN AMERICAN TWEETSBY PANEL'S VP SURFACE"Where are the vocal Asians speaking up against Trump?" But in Thursday’s resolution, the school board claimed it wasn’t satisfied with Collins’ attempts to make amends. Although the vote removed Collins’ VP title it did not remove her from the school board, FOX 2 reported.
Hannity blasts Biden press conference performance: 'Our enemies are watching, this is embarrassing'
To ever answer a simple question at a press conference? Hannity also asked who was really running the White House, saying that if President Biden is not up for the job, he should not be doing the job. HANNITY: A competent president should not need to prep for days on end to answer a few simple questions. Ask yourself, is Joe, in your view—the American people—up to the job, to perform well even in a press conference? If Joe Biden is not capable of doing the job, he shouldn’t be in the job.
Tucker Carlson: Biden teases and titillates reporters in break from dividing the nation
PHOTOS SHOW BIDEN 'CHEAT SHEETS' DURING FIRST FORMAL PRESS CONFERENCESo when the topic of North Korea arose, Joe Biden knew exactly what to do. Joe Biden has a better idea: just make sure that no one ever has to show an ID in order to vote. But we can tell you that Joe Biden has already picked a theme for this next campaign. They’re one group that remain utterly united in their love and support of Joe Biden (and the polling data show it). National Public Radio, was flush with wonder as she described the remarkable personal qualities of her boss, Joe Biden.
Echo Park protest in LA declared unlawful assembly; police say 'high-intensity lights' used against officers
Los Angeles police declared an unlawful assembly and started to make arrests Thursday evening as protesters demonstrated against the removal of a massive homeless encampment in Echo Park, according to reports. Authorities started loading arrestees onto buses soon after declaring the unlawful assembly, FOX 11 Los Angeles reported. Police faced off against the homeless advocates for the second straight night Thursday after two unlawful assemblies were declared Wednesday night. On Wednesday, the demonstrators -- a mix of homeless people and activists -- threw bottles and objects at officers, who attempted to push them back from the park, according to reports. No tear gas was used, police said, according to KCAL-TV Los Angeles.
Ingraham: Biden press conference a continuation of campaign strategy to protect from tough questions
Fox News host Laura Ingraham opened her show "The Ingraham Angle" on Thursday reacting to President Biden's news conference performance and the White House's efforts to protect him from tough questioning. And of course Biden’s handlers didn’t dare open the president up to a question from our own Peter Doocy. So this is basically a continuation of Biden’s basement strategy on the campaign trail — limit the off the cuff interactions, keep him on note cards, stay away from numbers unless scripted. Ingraham also slammed Biden for his continued lack of transparency on the immigration crisis at the southern border. INGRAHAM: The American people deserve the truth about what’s happening at the border and they also deserve a clear-eyed assessment from the Biden administration on how they’re going to handle this going forward.
Biden stops short of saying filibuster should be scrapped
The Senate’s filibuster rule is “abused in a gigantic way,” President Biden said on Thursday — while stopping short of saying it should be scrapped altogether. Some Democrats believe the rule — which allows senators to speak for as long as they wish unless three-fifths of the body vote to move on — contributes to legislative gridlock and should be retired. But Biden said on Thursday that he wants to “deal with the abuse” of the filibuster rather than remove it. “I strongly support moving in that direction,” he said. While abolishing it could be a short-term benefit to Democrats while they control the Senate, the pendulum could swing back against them should the Republicans regain control down the road.
Trump says media asked ‘softball’ questions at Biden presser
Former President Donald Trump on Thursday night blasted what he called “softball” questions asked by reporters during President Joe Biden’s first press conference earlier in the day. It’s very sad to watch actually, they’re feeding him questions, they’re easy questions,” Trump said. In Thursday’s press conference, Biden at times lost his train of thought, forgetting questions and pausing for extended periods of time. Chip Somodevilla/Getty ImagesBut Trump didn’t directly attack Biden’s handling of the briefing — instead criticized questions posed by members of the Washington media. “I put out statements now … and the statements are picked up by everybody.”Ingraham also asked Trump about the anti-American statements Biden officials endured from their Chinese counterparts last week at a summit in Alaska.
Feds shot drug suspect at NJ Ruby Tuesday after he hit agent with car: report
Federal agents opened fire at two drug suspects in the parking lot of a New Jersey Ruby Tuesday when one of the alleged traffickers hit a DEA agent with his car in the parking lot of the chain restaurant on Wednesday. The suspect, who was shot by agents near the restaurant in Elizabeth, and his cohort had a kilogram of fentanyl, a DEA spokesman told The Star-Ledger. “To give you some perspective, 2 micrograms of fentanyl can be fatal,” Tim McMahon, special agent with the DEA, told the paper Thursday. The suspect was shot in the shoulder and is now in federal custody after being treated at the hospital, the article said. Footage of the scene captured by ABC7 Wednesday showed more than a dozen evidence markers scattered around the parking lot where bullet casings fell.
Kennedy drags Gov. Cuomo for disastrous COVID nursing home directive one year later
Andrew Cuomo made the deadly decision to send coronavirus-positive patients to nursing homes, FOX Business’ Kennedy remembers his 365 days of blunders. KENNEDY: One year ago today, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo issued an edict that killed 15,000 innocent New Yorkers. A lot was unknown about COVID a year ago, but it became painfully clear very quickly that old people, especially the obese and immune-compromised, were especially vulnerable. So, the Greater New York Hospital Association wisely greased the governor to the tune of $126,000 so the Luv Gov would send sick old people to live with healthy old people in nursing homes and rehabilitation centers. 15,000 people died in New York in the nursing homes.
Trump responds to Biden claim he left children 'starving' on Mexican side of border: 'Outrageous'
Former President Trump joined "The Ingraham Angle" in an exclusive interview Thursday night to respond to the first news conference of President Biden's term, held earlier in the day. Host Laura Ingraham played for Trump a video clip of Biden appearing to accuse Trump of leaving migrant children to "starve to death" on the Mexican side of the border. "They can't be allowed to destroy our country, and at the southern border, they are destroying our country, and gasoline prices are going up. Later in the interview, Trump ripped the Biden White House for what he called an "absolute embarrassment" in Anchorage, Alaska, last week. "I watch this gentleman on "60 minutes" the other night, it was horrible what he said," Trump said in response.
The border crisis is ‘getting bigger:’ Sara Carter with the insider scoop
The developing immigration crisis at the southern border does not seem to be getting better, investigative reporter and Fox News contributor Sara Carter reported on "Hannity" Thursday from Weslaco, Texas. "The crisis is even getting bigger on the border," she said. "Particularly with the drug cartels." Lt. Chris Olivarez of the Texas Department of Public Safety told Carter there is no doubt they are in the middle of a crisis. Abbott’s Operation Lone Star program which deploys backup security assets to high threat areas on the border.
Washington Post's Rubin, PBS' Yamiche Alcindor clash over immigration question at Biden press conference
Two pro-Biden journalists engaged in a rare Twitter spat Thursday over a question one of them asked President Biden at his first formal press conference. "PBS NewsHour" correspondent Yamiche Alcindor was the second reporter selected by the president to ask a question. Alcindor focused on the ongoing migrant crisis at the southern border with a query that came off as gushy to many critics. LIBERAL PBS REPORTER GUSHES BIDEN PERCEIVED AS 'MORAL, DECENT MAN' DURING IMMIGRATION QUESTIONWashington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin, the former conservative-turned Biden fanatic, appeared deeply offended by Alcindor's line of questioning as she live-tweeted the press conference. CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APP"She thinks Yamiche was too tough on Biden," Tablet Magazine associate editor Noam Blum similarly concluded.
JD Vance: Cuomo giving family COVID testing priority is 'height of a leader not acting like a leader'
VANCE: There are two things about that story [Cuomo's testing prioritization of family] that really strike me. The first is ... this was at the height of the pandemic in New York. And the fact that you have a politician using that testing to benefit his family, using those resources to benefit his family is just sort of the height of a leader not acting like a leader. The second thing that's kind of crazy about this story is, as I understand it, it was broken by a local Albany paper. So you have the height of the national media, the left-wing media, The New York Times, a ton of papers who theoretically should have been covering and breaking this.
Drug firm honcho given special access to state-run COVID-19 tests: report
Andrew Cuomo was given special access to state-run COVID-19 tests during the onset of the coronavirus crisis last spring — when the swabs were nearly impossible to find, according to a report Thursday. Investigators in the New York State Assembly on Thursday said they are looking into who got special access to state-run coronavirus tests early in the pandemic, the paper reported. Mario Cuomo, the governor’s father, invested $250,000 in Regeneron in 1991 when he was governor to support the firm. A spokeswoman for the company said they requested the tests and that Yancopoulos was not involved in requesting them. According to the report, Yancopoulos had the COVID tests brought to his home.
Trump responds to Biden claim he left children 'starving' on Mexican side of border: 'Outrageous'
President Trump joined "The Ingraham Angle" in an exclusive interview to respond to President Biden's first press conference of his term. Host Laura Ingraham played Trump a clip of Biden appearing to accuse Trump of leaving migrant children to "starve to death" on the Mexican side of the southern border. By the time we finished what we were doing [on the border], very few people were coming up because they knew they weren't going to get through. Later in the interview, Trump ripped the Biden White House for what he called an "absolute embarrassment" in Anchorage, Alaska, last week. Nobody ever talked to my group that way, have nobody ever talked to me that way, I can tell you that."
Photos show Biden 'cheat sheets' during first formal press conference
President Biden referenced "cheat sheets" detailing key policy points and the identities of attending journalists when he conducted the first formal press conference of his presidency on Thursday. Photos taken at the event showed Biden holding a card labeled "infrastructure," with key statistics and talking points. Just 25 reporters were permitted to attend the press conference. Biden took a limited number of questions from a list of pre-selected reporters before leaving the podium. In November 2019, Trump held a notebook with handwritten prompts during a press conference on testimony delivered at his first impeachment hearing.
FLASHBACK: Obama defended filibuster in 2005, now calls it ‘Jim Crow relic’
President Barack Obama, whose comments about the filibuster being an outdated practice reminiscent of the Jim Crow era were echoed by President Biden on Thursday, once gave a speech on the Senate floor in favor of keeping the procedural process. "And if all this takes eliminating the filibuster, another Jim Crow relic, in order to secure the God-given rights of every American, then that's what we should do," Obama said. Otherwise, it takes 60 votes to end a filibuster. CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APPChanging the filibuster rules is an idea backed by some Senate Democrats eager to advance Biden’s agenda in the evenly split 50-50 Senate. Biden echoed Obama’s thoughts on the filibuster on Thursday during his first official press conference as president, agreeing when a reporter presented him with Obama’s characterization of the filibuster as a relic of the Jim Crow era.
LA County DA halts efforts to charge gang member suspected of murder as adult; boasted about gang in custody
While waiting for assistance, members of a local street gang shot Courtney mulitple times, prosecutors said. Upon taking office last year, Gascon unveiled a series of reforms that included ending the charging of juvenile suspects as adults. Gascon withdrew a motion filed by his predecessor's office to prosecute Yoakum as an adult and withdrew gang and gun enhancements against him. Prosecutors said Yoakum has continued to claim his allegiance to the gang on social media while in Juvenile detention. Several photos posted by the news station appear to show Yoakum flashing gang signs and holding guns.
HHS asks federal employees to volunteer to help with child migrant surge
The Biden administration is calling for federal employees to help with a spike in child migrants, as officials scramble to cope with the influx -- just hours after President Biden downplayed the surge. BIDEN MAKES 'NO APOLOGIES' AT NEWS CONFERENCE FOR ENDING TRUMP-ERA MIGRANT PROTOCOLSThe job posting was first reported by BuzzFeed News. It is the latest move by the administration to cope with a surge in child migrants, and migrants more broadly. BIDEN ADMINISTRATION OPENS SECOND CHILD MIGRANT FACILITY IN CARRIZO SPRINGS AMID ESCALATING CRISISSince then, Mayorkas has said the U.S. is projected to encounter more migrants than it had in 20 years. But in a press conference on Thursday, President Biden downplayed the surge in numbers.
Biden regularly consults with Barack Obama on a 'range of issues,' Psaki says
White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki on Monday said that President Biden maintains "regular" communication with Barack Obama on a number of issues. "They consult and talk about a range of issues and I would expect that continues through the course of President Biden’s presidency," Psaki said. "That can be done over the phone it turns out, and I think if President Obama had been here, you would all know." "My problem with Vice President Biden … every time something good about Barack Obama comes up, he says, ‘Oh, I was there, I was there, I was there, that’s me, too,’" Castro said. Biden responded at the time that he stood with Obama over the eight years of his term.
Georgia election reform bill signed into law
A bill backed by the Georgia GOP that will overhaul election protocols in the state was signed into law Thursday. The legislation includes new restrictions on voting by mail, and increases legislative control over elections in the state. Georgia — a traditionally red state — narrowly voted for President Biden and two Democratic US Senators amid record-breaking turnout in the last election cycle. The measure also gives the Republican-led senate and house more control over election administration, including the option to appoint the chair of the election board and remove and replace county election officials. The new law will also cut the time frame for runoff elections and ban groups from handing out food and water to voters.
Wyoming senator pushes bill to let states regulate grizzly populations after Haaland's flub at hearing
Sen. Cynthia Lummis on Thursday will introduce a bill aimed at letting states regulate populations of grizzly bears in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, a large stretch of land that includes parts of Wyoming, Montana and Idaho. "I imagine at the time I was caring about the bears," Haaland said. "I'm not saying that it shouldn't be returned back to the states," Haaland said. The senators on Thursday touted the grizzlies' population recovery and said their states are more than capable of managing the bears. "Grizzly bears are an essential part of the ecosystem of Wyoming, but keeping them listed hurts their populations more than it helps them," Lummis said.
Arkansas AG: Biden green energy plan nothing more than 'hope and a prayer'
Arkansas, along with 13 other states, has filed a lawsuit against the administration over Biden’s "detrimental" oil and gas leasing ban. So that way, the Biden ban doesn't just wipe out jobs and energy independence in America. This Biden ban on new oil and gas leases on federal lands and water hurts Arkansas jobs. It hurts jobs across the United States, energy independence because what we have to have is national security. And what we can't have is this green new deal and green jobs that are nothing more than a hope and a prayer.
Stephen Miller slams Biden for 'detestable lie' and 'smear' about Trump border policy
Former Trump senior adviser Stephen Miller ripped President Biden’s "detestable lie" that his predecessor let unaccompanied migrant children "starve to death," telling "Fox News Primetime" Thursday it was a "smear against patriotic border agents." MILLER: What Joe Biden said at that press conference is a detestable lie. It's a smear against the patriotic border agents who saved the lives, who rescued unaccompanied minors and got them safely back home. And that's why last year we had record low numbers of unaccompanied minors in custody, because we weren't releasing them. He [Biden] dismantled that process, invited the surge, and now he has nowhere to put them.
Rep. Ted Lieu explodes at witness who referenced Harvard anti-Asian discrimination case during hearing
Democratic Rep. Ted Lieu of California had an explosive exchange Thursday with a witness who cited alleged discrimination against Asian Americans in Harvard University’s admissions process during a congressional hearing on diversity in federal courts. "If there is discrimination, it's discrimination against Asian Americans," Kirsanow said. "In fact, just yesterday, or the day before yesterday, I filed a brief in the Students for Fair Admissions Harvard case in the Supreme Court." These are different issues happening, so just answer my question about Asian Americans in the federal judiciary or minorities in the federal judiciary, because it is underrepresented." The hearing before the House Judiciary Committee was titled, "The Importance of a Diverse Federal Judiciary."
NBC reporter praises Biden for 'knocking' presser 'out of the park,' then admits he looks 'tired'
NBC News digital political reporter Jonathan Allen appeared to have gone through a dramatic evolution while live-tweeting President Biden's highly-anticipated first press conference Thursday. Initially, the president's performance with the press was praised by some liberal journalists, including Allen. "Biden is knocking this out of the park so far," he tweeted after Biden addressed roughly two reporters. "Biden sounding and looking tired partway through," the NBC reporter observed. CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APPCritics continued to mock Allen for his drastic shift in tone regarding the president's performance.
New photos show cheat sheets used by Biden during his first press conference
New photos reveal several cheat sheets used by President Joe Biden during his Thursday press conference — including one with the headshots and names of reporters he planned to call on. The president also used notes to assist with facts about US infrastructure, a policy area Biden is focusing on during his first months in the White House. The press pool at Thursday’s briefing, the first one held by Biden since taking office 65 days ago, was limited to 25 reporters. President Joe Biden looks on notes as he answers questions from journalists during the first formal press conference of his presidency. He abruptly wrapped up the press conference, telling reporters, “but folks.
Fact-checking Biden’s press conference
President Biden’s first press conference Thursday turned out to be a trip into an alternate reality. Here is just a small sample:Biden says: “We’re sending back the vast majority of families who are coming” to the border. Biden says: “I hoped to get 100 million shots in people’s arms in my first 100 days. Biden says: “I also set a goal before I took office of getting a majority of schools in K-8 fully open in the first 100 days. That was mostly the work of GOP governors and pols overcoming stubborn teachers unions allied with the president.
Trump quizzed four Ohio GOP Senate prospects at fundraiser: Report
Former President Donald Trump spoke Wednesday night with four potential and likely GOP candidates running to fill retiring Ohio Sen. The session turned into an intense meeting that one onlooker likened to the "Hunger Games," according to a report. The meeting occurred during a fundraiser for former staffer Max Miller, who Trump recently endorsed in his bid to unseat Ohio Rep. Anthony Gonzalez in the 2020 midterm elections. Representatives for Trump and the Ohio Republican Party did not immediately return a request for comment on the meeting. Timken spoke of her work aiding Trump’s re-election bid in Ohio ahead of the 2020 presidential election.
Biden in 2005 said nixing the filibuster 'upsets the constitutional design' and would 'eviscerate the Senate'
Sen. Ben Sasse, R-Neb., spent over an hour on the Senate floor Wednesday night reading a 2005 speech from President Biden verbatim where Biden said eliminating the filibuster would "eviscerate the Senate." BIDEN SAYS FILIBUSTER IS BEING ABUSED, THREATENS TO BACK CHANGESBut ending the filibuster, he said, was a mistake. "It is not only a bad idea, it upsets the constitutional design and it disservices the country," Biden’s speech said. He said he would "strongly support" reforming the silent filibuster to a "talking" filibuster where senators who want to block legislation would have to hold the floor by talking endlessly. Altering Senate rules to help in one political fight or another could become standard operating procedure, which, in my view, would be disastrous."
Democrats push for $7B in new taxes to boost ‘fragile’ NYC economy
More than 650,000 city jobs have vanished, key businesses are on the brink of collapse, it will be years before the economy recovers — and Democratic legislators think it’s a great time for $7 billion in new taxes. As Albany lawmakers negotiate the state budget that’s due April 1, a series of studies paint a dire picture of the damage that the coronavirus has inflicted on the Big Apple and the long road back to recovery. The total number of city jobs — 3.4 million — was also 668,000 shy of the peak hit in February 2020, just before the pandemic struck, according to Stringer’s weekly “Economic and Fiscal Outlook” report. But the governor reversed course on Wednesday, saying taxes might need to be raised to eliminate a projected $2.5 billion deficit. Majority Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins on Tuesday refused to rein in the Legislature’s spending plan and downplayed the impact of the new taxes it would require.
China defends itself on human rights by pointing to US history on slavery
In the wake of international backlash for reported human rights abuses in the Xinjiang province, Chinese officials are attempting to reverse the blame by shining a light on slavery. There is never ‘forced labor’ in picking cotton in Xinjiang." "Some are bent on linking [job opportunity] with forced labor and oppression because they have been doing this themselves for hundreds of years in history," she continued. A top Chinese diplomat criticized the U.S. during a contentious U.S.-China summit in Alaska, saying "there are many problems within the United States regarding human rights," and called Black Lives Matter a "deep-seated" issue. The highlighting of slavery in the U.S. pass comes after the U.S., along with other western countries, imposed fresh sanctions on the People’s Republic of China (PRC) over reported human rights violations committed against the Uighurs.
No, the border is not closed and other commentary
Ex-ICE boss: No, the Border Is Not ClosedDespite what Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas claims, “the border is not closed, and it is not secure,” declares former Immigration and Customs Enforcement Director Tom Homan at The New York Times and The Washington Post “are virtually Democratic Party broadsheets,” fumed Judge Laurence Silberman of the US Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit. Kathy Hochul, who would take over, triggering a “mad scramble” for the 2022 race. Yet there “is no guarantee that she would be able to avoid a fractious primary challenge. And San Francisco Board of Education official Alison Collins, also black, is being removed over her own anti-Asian tweets.
Supreme Court expands ability to sue police for excessive force
A landmark Supreme Court decision Thursday expanded the ability of people to sue police for excessive force — with justices saying that cops don’t have to physically seize a plaintiff to violate their Fourth Amendment rights. The nation’s top court ruled in favor of a New Mexico woman who filed a civil rights lawsuit after she was shot by cops who she thought were criminals trying to steal her car. In 2014, four cops approached Torres with guns drawn while she sat in her car at an Albuquerque apartment complex. Three liberal justices and conservative Justice Brett Kavanaugh agreed with Roberts, while Justices Neil Gorsuch, Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito dissented. The Supreme Court is set to rule on other cases of police powers by the end of June.
Dylan Howard’s Empire Media acquires 12 digital and print brands
Howard on Thursday announced his newly formed Empire Media has acquired 12 digital and print brands, including some celebrity-focused titles that will compete with his old employer A360 Media, formerly known as American Media. In addition to Radar Online, which he purchased from A360 Media, Empire Media also owns — a digital version of A360’s OK! Empire Media is separate from his other media venture: Grazia USA, a US version of the high-end Italian fashion title. Howard has already launched the digital version of the mag and plans to introduce a print edition in the fall. Howard, who played a key role in the National Enquirer’s “catch and kill” scandal before exiting American Media last year, is launching his media empire at a tough time.
Woolworth Building’s ‘pinnacle’ penthouse relists for massive discount
The Woolworth Building penthouse is back on the market for $79 million — a far cry from the $110 million it originally asked in 2014. The five-story “castle on top of a castle” — as developer Ken Horn calls it — starts at 727 feet up. The lower Manhattan terracotta and limestone building, designed by Cass Gilbert, was the world’s tallest building from 1913 to 1930. The five-story penthouse will be delivered as a white box, but there are approved plans for its design. Williams New YokThirty-two condos start on the 29th floor, collectively known as the Woolworth Tower Residences, and are more than 75 percent sold, Horn recently told The Post.
With Kamala Harris in charge of border, Biden proves he doesn’t take it seriously
Despite the ballooning catastrophe on America’s southern border, President Joe Biden refuses to take it seriously. He just put Vice President Kamala Harris in charge of the issue. Harris is “the worst possible choice” to lead the White House’s response to the unprecedented surge of migrants at the southern border, says Arizona Gov. He’s given her carte blanche, too: “When she speaks, she speaks for me, doesn’t have to check with me,” Biden said. She’s never taken border security seriously — indeed, she’s spoken out for the same Biden policies that created the surge in the first place.
Democrats opposed overturning election results on principle — until they didn’t
Well, the principled stand Democrats took against Congress trying to overturn duly certified elections lasted all of a month or two. But Hart is petitioning the House to overturn the election, and the House Administration Committee is reviewing the case. There’s a question about the provenance of some of the ballots, and others clearly run afoul of Iowa law. Another two ballots, which under the law must be returned by Election Day, didn’t reach the counties where the voters reside in time. Iowa has a robust, clean election system through which the voters of the 2nd District have spoken.
Democrats push for $7B in new taxes to boost ‘fragile’ NYC economy
As Albany lawmakers negotiate the state budget that’s due April 1, a series of studies paint a dire picture of the damage that the coronavirus has inflicted on the Big Apple and the long road back to recovery. The total number of city jobs — 3.4 million — was also 668,000 shy of the peak hit in February 2020, just before the pandemic struck, according to Stringer’s weekly “Economic and Fiscal Outlook” report. People walking outside in New York City on March 22, 2021. But the governor reversed course on Wednesday, saying taxes might need to be raised to eliminate a projected $2.5 billion deficit. Majority Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins on Tuesday refused to rein in the Legislature’s spending plan and downplayed the impact of the new taxes it would require.
Biden lies, and the media doesn’t question it: Goodwin
Biden gave license to the worst instincts on the left with his repeated sneering references to all Republicans and especially Donald Trump. President Joe Biden speaks during a news conference in the East Room of the White House. As such, the 10 people Biden called on generally followed the script laid out in the Washington Post and elsewhere. It is also a fact that Biden blew up each of those pillars, yet now claims he inherited a mess. But when Biden says it, the media rolls over.
Former DHS official claims Biden administration ‘intentionally destroyed’ Trump’s border policies
Former acting Deputy Secretary for the Department of Homeland Security Ken Cuccinelli ripped the Biden administration for “brazenly” lying about inheriting a “broken system” amid the massive influx of migrants crossing the U.S. southern border during an interview with ‘Kudlow,’ Thursday. All of that shredded, ripped up by Joe Biden within days of becoming president. And then they [Biden administration] say they inherited a broken system. It's two months of destruction, of several years of building and dealing with a problem that Republican and Democrat presidents alike before President Trump had not confronted. President Trump did to the benefit of this country.
Yale psychiatrist says she was fired for calling Trump and supporters mentally ill
A high-profile psychiatrist says she was fired by Yale University after repeatedly calling then-President Trump and his supporters mentally ill — and is now suing the college for unlawful termination. Lee’s legal action seeks reinstatement as well as more than $75,000 in "lost income, lost benefits, lost resources, lost privileges, lost indirect but significant remuneration, future economic losses, emotional distress, harm to reputation and loss of enjoyment of life." Yale spokeswoman Karen Peart told the New Haven Register that Lee was not reappointed to her post after consideration of "Yale’s policies and practices." Dershowitz told the paper that "Yale was right to look into" his complaint, but the outcome was "their decision." Lee told told the Yale Daily News that she filed the lawsuit "with a heavy heart."
Kemp insists controversial Georgia election reform bill 'expanding right to vote'
We’re dealing with the situation we have in Georgia, every state is different in a lot of ways. Kemp also discussed the state's Republican-sponsored election reform bill, which was passed by the legislature Thursday despite outcry from liberal activists. We’re expanding the right to vote in Georgia. requirement, by doing away with it being illegal to harvest ballots in Georgia [and] making that mandatory at the federal level. It's the Democrats in Washington, not Republicans that continue to make it easy to vote and hard to cheat.
Democrats' elections bill raises major free speech concerns, experts warn
Election legislation being pushed by Democrats raises First Amendment concerns and could harm free speech, experts warn. the "For the People Act") and accompanying Senate legislation, S.1, as key voting rights legislation aimed at increasing access to the polls and curbing corruption. But new disclosure requirements under the bill would have a chilling effect in today's "blacklist culture," former FEC Chairman Brad Smith told Fox News in an interview Thursday. The legislation would impose tougher donor disclosure requirements on nonprofits and other groups. 1 would impose onerous legal and administrative compliance burdens and costs on candidates, citizens, civic groups, unions, corporations, and nonprofit organizations," warns the Heritage Foundation, a conservative nonprofit.
Facebook whistleblower pens tell-all book after work to expose anti-conservative bias leaves her unemployable
She obtained an entry-level contract position, she told Fox News, but she hoped to turn it into something more. That’s when she said she reached out to Project Veritas to potentially become a whistleblower, after seeing a tweet soliciting tips from its founder, James O’Keefe. She said she wasn’t sure how, but she believed the company became aware that she’d contacted O’Keefe around the time Project Veritas published a separate expose on Twitter. But after Project Veritas published Spencer’s documents, a spokesperson told the Verge she had been fired for violating multiple company policies and performing "a stunt." "It has been, this year will mark four years since I originally contacted Project Veritas.
Del Rio Sector sees 300% spike in illegal immigration as crisis escalates
Del Rio Sector in Texas has seen a 300 percent increase in illegal immigrants over the last year, its Border Patrol chief said on Wednesday -- with over 2,000 migrants encountered in just a few days. "Over 2,240 illegal aliens have been encountered in Del Rio Sector over the past three days alone," Chief Patrol Agent Austin Skero tweeted. BIDEN MAKES 'NO APOLOGIES' AT NEWS CONFERENCE FOR ENDING TRUMP-ERA MIGRANT PROTOCOLS"This increase is far higher than the normal seasonal fluctuations we traditionally see," he said. Customs and Border Protection encountered more than 100,000 migrants in February, and it has more than 5,000 migrant children in Border Patrol custody. BIDEN ADMINISTRATION OPENS SECOND CHILD MIGRANT FACILITY IN CARRIZO SPRINGS AMID ESCALATING CRISISOn Thursday, President Biden downplayed the crisis, saying that the U.S. sees surges every winter.
Nightmare tenants turn NYC luxury apartment into illicit, illegal, mask-free nightclub
The tenants of a Tribeca apartment have turned their pad into a crowded, mask-free illicit nightclub complete with bouncers, booze for sale and a $100 cover charge, a new lawsuit alleges. The rowdy parties have driven neighbors nuts for weeks — prompting the recent raids by law enforcement. The events normally have "hundreds of unmasked guests with a DJ playing music at obscenely loud levels, all while alcohol is illegally sold to the guests," the suit charges. Meanwhile, residents of the building have sent messages to the landlord describing the gatherings, the suit says. Another Puffy’s employee said she would regularly see cases of alcohol being delivered to the apartment on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.
Letters to the Editor — March 26, 2021
He then used the gun to kill 10 strangers, including a policeman (“Lunacy,” March 24). Their belief goes against the opinion of the majority of Americans, who include gun owners, who want sensible gun regulations. Alan PodhaizerBrooklynI object to the claim that “your town could be next,” as if there were a mass shooter under your bed or in your closet (“A National Shame,” Editorial, March 24). Let’s regulate gun use like we regulate automobile use: license gun owners to use their weapons after they pass a safety test, a background check and gun inspection. Gun ownership is enshrined in the Second Amendment, yet use of these weapons can and should be regulated.
There is no excuse left for keeping NYC schools closed
The next hurdle to bringing our kids back was space: Over the summer, we thought seating kids at least six feet apart was essential to keeping our schools safe. It’s safe for our vaccinated teachers. The city must set a firm deadline of April 5 to reopen our schools for a full-time, five-days-a-week, in-person education for any family that wants it. Though some teachers are trying as hard as they can, remote “learning” is simply no replacement for an in-person education. Daniela Jampel, a mother of two kids in public schools, is a founder of #KeepNYCSchoolsOpen, the parent-advocacy group dedicated to fully reopening Gotham schools.
Teresa Giudice finds buyer for her $2.2M New Jersey house
It’s the end of an era for Teresa Giudice who has finally found a buyer for her $2.2 million Montville, New Jersey mansion. Classic Italian touches are prevalent throughout the house -- for instance, one bathroom is inscribed "bagno," which means "bathroom" in Italian. The now-split couple bought the property for $530,000 in 2002 and custom built the house, which was completed in 2008. Earlier this month, Teresa revealed her decision to sell the house was bittersweet, but it was something she had to do to move on. It’s unclear at this time where Teresa and her four girls will move to next while Joe remains in Italy.
GOP leaders rip Biden’s ‘hard to watch’ first presser, denial of border crisis
The misinformation being given by President Biden on immigration is stunning. “What’s sad is that President Biden doesn’t understand the basics about the current dynamic at the border and the ‘pull’ factors of illegal immigration,” he continued. Former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer took note of the lack of topics covered and the politeness of the members of the media chosen to take part in the presser. Fellow former White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany also noticed the reporters’ friendliness, writing on Twitter, “Right out of the gate, the White House press corps stands for President Biden. “Would have been nice if they would have routinely shown that level of respect for President Trump.”
Man cries toxic workplace, boss dumps 91,515 oiled pennies as final paycheck
A bad penny always turns up, but for one Georgia man, it was 91,515 of them. Andreas Flaten left his job at A OK Walker Autoworks in Peachtree City in November, but getting his last paycheck wasn’t easy, Flaten told local media, and even called the Georgia Department of Labor. Adding insult to the already-toxic environment, the approximately 500 pounds of pennies had also been greased-up with motor oil, a toxic, groundwater contaminant. And know that if somebody goes to the extent to do that kind of deal, there’s a motivating factor,” said the bitter boss. After continually ignoring that promise, as well as a number of other heated exchanges in between, he told the Times, he tendered his resignation.
Cuomo impeachment probe will address COVID-19 testing of his kin, chairman says
New York Governor Andrew Cuomo speaks during a news conference at his offices on March 24, 2021. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo speaks during a news conference at his offices on March 24, 2021. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo speaks during a news conference at his offices on March 24, 2021. Andrew Cuomo will address reports that he improperly arranged coronavirus tests for his relatives and others, the lawmaker in charge said Thursday. Section 74 of the state Public Officers Law makes it illegal for a state officer, legislator or employee to “use or attempt to use his or her official position to secure unwarranted privileges or exemptions for himself or herself or others.”
City Council health chair: Open COVID vaccine eligibility for all in hard-hit NYC nabes
All residents in Big Apple neighborhoods that have been hardest-hit by COVID-19 should be allowed to receive the vaccine, a pair of city pols said Thursday. The lawmakers also called for mobile vaccination sites and an “increase” in door-to-door vaccination efforts. “And, critically, we want spots reserved for high-impact neighborhoods so that no matter what, no communities are being left behind,” said Levine. President Biden announced this month that he will direct all states to make all adults eligible for the vaccine by May 1. Additional reporting by Nolan Hicks
City Council shifts more responsibility away from NYPD
The City Council passed a pair of bills Thursday that will shift some power from the NYPD to other city agencies — the latest legislative move in response to last summer’s protests for police reform. Council members voted 39-10 to create a new unit in the Department of Transportation to respond to all crashes in the city that leave a person hospitalized. The council also voted 43-6 to move credentialing of the New York press corps from the NYPD to City Hall. Andrew Cuomo to strip the NYPD police commissioner of the final say in officer discipline, instead giving that power to a civilian panel. “When you take that accountability away from the chief executive of the organization and hand it to a committee, you have the opposite of accountability.
Jason Riley: Teachers' union resistance to reopened schools 'not about ventilation systems or contact tracing'
Wall Street Journal editorial board member and Fox News contributor Jason Riley told "The Story" Thursday that teachers’ unions are using the coronavirus pandemic as leverage for better benefits and working conditions. RILEY: I think he's [President Biden] continued to set a low bar to make sure that he can clear it. It’s nice he's calling for schools to be reopened and wants to do so quickly, but we all know this could have been done a long time ago. We know Catholic schools have been open, private schools have been open. Charter schools, doing distance learning, have higher parent satisfaction and better school attendance.
Border Patrol chief hopes someone will 'fact check' Biden's border crisis claims
National Border Patrol Council President Brandon Judd reacted to Joe Biden's claims that the crisis at the southern border is a result of President Trump's policies on 'The Story.' BRANDON JUDD: My understanding, and I’ve got an awful lot of friends in ICE, my understanding is there were plenty of bed space when Trump left office. In fact, he built up bed space with ICE when he took office. There were less bed space when Obama was in office then when Trump left office. You can ask any Border Patrol agent, myself included, and we will flat out tell you that policies dictate what happens on the border.
Larry Kudlow says Biden is 'reversing incentives for more work'
'Kudlow' host Larry Kudlow reacts to Joe Biden's press conference, saying the President is "reversing incentives for more work." LARRY KUDLOW: When president Biden follows through on his massive tax hikes on corporations, small businesses, individuals, capital gains and social security - he's not only reversing President Trump's successful tax cuts he's also reversing incentives for more work, and investment and risk taking. Just think of the whole information revolution right down to the social media companies which seem to be out of favor. Just think of Amazon, ok, whatever you think of Mr. Bezos and the Washington Post, he’s created millions and millions of jobs, ok, the workers best friends. CLICK HERE TO WATCH LARRY KUDLOW'S FULL MONOLOGUE
Migrants are 'gift that keeps giving' to cartels, former Texas officer tells 'Faulkner Focus'
The use of Mexican drug cartels to ferry migrants into the U.S. is an urgent national security issue, retired Texas Department of Public Safety Captain Jaeson Jones told "The Faulkner Focus" on Thursday. What the Mexican cartels do very effectively is, they remain in the shadows. When they cross into the United States, let’s say they’re apprehended by Border Patrol, they go back, they have to pay again. But if they can’t pay, now they are indebted and they are indebted to a criminal organization in a foreign country once they’re able to make it into the United States. We have some serious national security issues at our border and it is time to address them and it has been decades that we’ve been talking about it."
Pentagon says ‘all options on the table’ as lawmakers push to take sexual assault prosecutions out of chain of command
That is the main question, more than a decade after senior Pentagon leadership began publicly declaring that they are taking sexual assault very seriously. “But I can’t say what the outcome might be.”A prevention for sexual assault poster is held following the Sexual Assault Awareness Month walk in Washington on April 7, 2011. “Not one of these steps has reduced sexual assault within the ranks,” she said, pointing to increases in reporting and decreases in prosecution and conviction rates. Gillibrand has argued since 2013 that decision-making power in sexual assault cases belongs in the hands of professional sexual assault prosecutors, rather than officers who have little education in the law and very rarely any experience in prosecuting sexual violence. “Military leaders have had their chance,” Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., said during the hearing.
Derek Jeter can win 5 World Series but can’t sell his $29M Florida mansion
But following a series of extensive renovations, Jeter, 46, is hoping to cash in on a hefty profit. He first listed the estate in September for a whopping $29 million, after Brady, 43, moved out. realtor.comThe formal living room is situated in the center of the home with a fire place and an aquarium tank. realtor.comA wider view of the expansive living area. The Yankees legend recently shaved off $2 million on the New York castle he’s had on the market since 2018.
Mark Zuckerberg calls for Section 230 reforms as lawmakers vow crackdown
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg called for reforms to one of the US’ most important internet laws Thursday as lawmakers pledged to tighten their regulatory grip on social media companies. Both sides of the aisle have called for changes to Section 230, a 1996 law that protects online platforms from legal liability for content their users post. He also said big players should have to put out reports on the prevalence of harmful content on their platforms, something Facebook does each quarter. Despite Zuckerberg’s openness to change, lawmakers needled the tech executives over their struggles to tackle misinformation while vowing to impose tougher laws. Republicans, meanwhile, raised concerns about Big Tech being biased against conservatives and social media fueling youth suicides.
Rep. Ken Buck stops accepting donations from Big Tech companies
Rep. Ken Buck, R-Colo., has decided to stop accepting donations from Big Tech companies like Facebook, Google and Amazon. Buck has been critical of Big Tech in recent months as the largest companies in the U.S. face regulatory scrutiny, accusing them of crushing marketplace competition, collaborating with China and "silencing conservative voices" in a July op-ed for Fox Business. "As the lead Republican on the antitrust subcommittee working to hold Big Tech accountable for their anti-competitive and monopolistic behavior, I cannot continue to accept campaign donations from Facebook, Google, or Amazon," Buck told Fox News in a statement. The congressman also applauded a decision from the Heritage Foundation, a conservative think tank, to turn down six-figure donations from both Facebook and Google, according to Axios. Buck is expected to introduced antitrust bills targeting the tech industry with House Judiciary antitrust subcommittee Chair Rep. David Cicilline, D-R.I., "soon," according to Axios.
Cuomo impeachment probe looking into whether family got preferential access to COVID-19 tests
Andrew Cuomo's family received special access to COVID-19 tests, Fox News has confirmed. Andrew Cuomo and state Health Commissioner Dr. Howard Zucker to "conduct prioritized coronavirus testing on the governor's relatives as well as influential people with ties to the administration." The New York State Assembly began moving toward impeachment on March 11, when news of six allegations of sexual misconduct surfaced. The recent scandal has intensified scrutiny of CNN anchor Chris Cuomo, who was diagnosed with the coronavirus on March 31. As the Times-Union noted, the diagnosis came "at a time when many members of the public struggled to obtain coronavirus tests."
'Woke' college majors threatened under controversial Florida bill
Florida lawmakers are weighing a bill that would cut state-funded scholarship money for college students pursuing degrees with low employment prospects. SB-86, sponsored by Sen. Dennis Baxley, R-Ocala, passed the Senate Education Committee earlier this month and is on its way to the Senate Appropriations Subcommittee on Education, which will consider the measure next week. The Senate on Monday revised the proposal so that students pursuing such degrees would have scholarship money decreased by a set amount, WKMG-TV reported. Ron DeSantis voiced his support for the Bright Futures program. "I’ve made very clear, I think Bright futures is something that Florida families have relied upon.
New York Post editorial board blasts reporters for sucking up to Biden during press conference
These weren’t inquiries, they were activism," the editorial board continued. LIBERAL PBS REPORTER GUSHES BIDEN PERCEIVED AS 'MORAL, DECENT MAN' DURING IMMIGRATION QUESTION"It’s shocking how low the bar has been set for President Biden. Biden took no responsibility, saying it was a perennial problem," the editorial board wrote. He said he was in it to create jobs, but no one asked about his cancellation of the Keystone pipeline, or restrictive regulations," the editorial board wrote. The Post’s editorial board ended by noting that Biden said, "The fundamental problem is getting people some peace of mind," but his first press conference "did nothing to help."
Iowa Gov. Reynolds calls Pelosi's potential push to overturn election a 'partisan power grab'
Kim Reynolds of Iowa said a potential push by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to overturn GOP Rep. Mariannette Miller-Meeks of Iowa's razor-thin victory in November's election "is a partisan power grab." The governor warned that "state election law would be wiped away." A very small but growing number of House Democrats are breaking with their party’s leadership in the Iowa-02 showdown. Hours later, as first reported by Fox News, Democratic Rep. Chris Pappas of New Hampshire said the Iowa election had been decided. If that happens, state election law will be wiped away.
Fox News' Peter Doocy had 'binder full of questions' for Biden if called on at news conference
President Biden took questions from 10 reporters at the first press conference of his term, but Fox News White House correspondent Peter Doocy was not one of them. Doocy told "America Reports" on Thursday, shortly after leaving the White House, that he had a "binder-full" of questions for Biden. "I mentioned last night on 'Special Report' I had a binder full of questions. I think some people thought I was kidding, I was not kidding," he said, holding up the binder. Biden's first press conference falling on the 64th day of his term marks the latest date for such an event since President Calvin Coolidge in 1923.
Pelosi rallies behind Newsom, says it's 'unnecessary' to run another Dem in California recall
Gavin Newsom on Thursday and rejected any notion that Democrats should run a back-up candidate as an insurance policy during Newsom's likely recall election later this year. Pelosi suggested the recall effort is being funded by backers of former President Donald Trump and said Democrats should all help Newsom stay in office. NEWSOM RECALL EFFORT ORGANIZERS SAY THEY SUBMITTED 2.1 MILLION SIGNATURES BY DEADLINEBackers of Newsom's recall effort needed 1.5 million valid signatures from California residents by March 17 to trigger a special election later this year. During a recall election, voters will be asked two questions: Should Newsom be recalled, and who should replace Newsom if he is removed? NEWSOM FACES RECALL, TOM STEYER MULLING RUN AS ‘FALLBACK’ DEMOCRAT: REPORTDemocrats suffered a big defeat during the 2003 recall of Democratic Gov.
Concha: Biden news conference was 'disgrace' for White House press corps and president
Fox News contributor Joe Concha blasted the White House press corps for its performance at Thursday's presidential news conference, calling it a "disgrace" and "embarrassment." "This was a disgrace for most of the press corps and for the president. Biden appeared to pick reporters from a pre-determined list and referred to notes as he took questions. BIDEN SAYS MEDIA WILL BE ALLOWED INTO BORDER FACILITIES BUT CANNOT SAY WHEN"Your tax dollars at work," The Hill media columnist said. "This was an embarrassment to the press corps, guys," concluded Concha.
Biden raises eyebrows with quip he came to Senate 120 years ago
President Biden raised some eyebrows when he quipped that he first became a senator 120 years ago in response to a question about the filibuster. Biden joked that he wanted to see the filibuster return to the way it was when he first became a senator – "120 years ago." Comedian Tim Young made his own quip, saying, "Wait so you're telling me that Joe Biden WASN'T in the Senate 120 years ago?" Former Congresswoman Nan Hayworth, R-N.Y., joked that "it sure does feel" like Biden was in the Senate for 120 years. "This makes Jim Crow look like Jim Eagle," Biden said of the voting restrictions some GOP states are attempting to impose.
Ari Fleischer rips Biden over border access comments: Like a 'co-conspirator hiding evidence' from police
Fleischer, who served in the George W. Bush White House, told "The Story" following Thursday's press conference that Biden conducted one of the most "partisan news conferences" in history and egregiously dismissed his own promise of fomenting unity. "This was Joe Biden saying that all the problems are the Republican problems. Fleischer also called out Biden for his comments when asked about the lack of proper media access to federal holding facilities on the southern border, where an immigration crisis is rapidly growing. "I will commit when my plan very shortly is underway to let you have access to not just them," Biden said. There's so many problems that are associated with that, including rape and abuse of children and women," Hemingway responded.
Schumer says Dems were justified in using filibuster that some of them now seek to abolish
When asked why the Democrats once used the filibuster to similar effect, Schumer blamed tactics employed by Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., when the Republicans held the majority. "The big difference is that we were always willing to negotiate in a bipartisan way," Schumer said at a press conference. President Biden pledged to work with Republicans to pass bipartisan legislation as part of his call for unity upon entering the White House. McConnell has warned of a "scorched-earth Senate" if Democrats attempt to end use of the filibuster. However, the majority leader warned that he would be open to changing filibuster rules if bipartisan talks failed to yield progress.
Reporters fail to ask Biden about COVID, reopening schools, Boulder shooting, Russia at first press conference
President Biden took questions from just 10 reporters at his first formal press conference Thursday, and many subjects were left unaddressed. Biden took foreign policy questions about China and North Korea, but Russia was left unmentioned despite the constant attention Democrats have given the Kremlin and Russian President Vladimir Putin. There were also no questions about Biden's plans to increase taxes or his decision to cancel the Keystone Pipeline. Biden also did not comment on the identity of Boulder massacre suspect Ahmad Al Aliwi Assad or speculate on his motivation. The reporters who asked Biden about the filibuster, something the president claimed was being "abused" in the Senate, failed to mention that Biden's own party used it constantly during the previous administration.
Biden to unveil $3 trillion infrastructure plan in Pittsburgh next week
President Biden will travel next week to Pittsburgh, where he kicked off his presidential run in 2019, to unveil his sweeping, $3 trillion infrastructure package that is expected to include funds for roads and bridges as well as addressing climate change and income inequality. Biden is still reportedly huddling with members of his administration and Democratic congressional leaders to fine-tune details, and the White House has been careful not to release any of the plan’s features as they may still change. Asked Wednesday what the infrastructure package would contain, White House press secretary Jen Psaki said she couldn’t talk in depth about it but outlined it in broad terms. But obviously, roads, rails, and bridges are part of what everybody historically thinks about,” she said at her press briefing. President Joe Biden outside of the White House on March 19, 2021.
This NYC luxury building offers on-site IV drips, cryofacials
If the pandemic taught us anything, it’s the importance of health and wellness. That’s why 40 Bleecker St. in Noho (where a mystery buyer just scooped up a penthouse for $14.45 million — down from its original $15.5 million ask) has partnered with boutique wellness chain Clean Market for an on-site location, offering residents on-call visits as well as cryofacials and at-home IV therapy. The 14 drips on tap ($99 to $249) can help with everything from hangovers and jet lag to memory boosts and athletic recovery. Clean Market will perform on-site cryofacials and IV therapy for residents of 40 Bleecker. The listing brokers were Douglas Elliman’s Fredrik Eklund and John Gomes.
Jack Dorsey says blocking Post’s Hunter Biden story was ‘total mistake’ — but won’t say who made it
Twitter doesn’t have a “censoring department” that blocked The Post from tweeting last fall, CEO Jack Dorsey said Thursday — but he wouldn’t reveal who was responsible for the blunder. At a congressional hearing on misinformation and social media, Dorsey said Twitter made a “total mistake” by barring users from sharing The Post’s bombshell October report about Hunter Biden’s emails. This was not against them in any particular way,” Dorsey told the House Energy and Commerce Committee. APBut Dorsey dodged a question from Rep. Steve Scalise about who decided to freeze the 200-year-old newspaper’s account. Twitter demanded The Post delete six tweets that linked to stories based on files from the abandoned laptop of President Biden’s son.
Jessica Tarlov: Voters Aren’t Stupid And Don’t Want To Be Lied To About A Border Crisis
On Fox Across America with Jimmy Failla, Fox News Contributor Jessica Tarlov discussed why White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki should use the word “crisis” when referring to the situation at the border. “I don’t think that using the term ‘crisis’ hurts us. Voters aren’t stupid and they don’t want to be lied to. And so I think that this attempt to reframe as ‘it’s not a crisis,’ children who need a better life are coming to us, we want that. But the housing part, it is obviously a crisis because now you’re using two military bases.
Leo Terrell Gives President Biden’s Press Conference “A D-Minus”
On Fox Across America with Jimmy Failla, civil rights attorney and Fox News contributor Leo Terrell gave his review of President Biden’s first press conference and discussed what was wrong with some of the answers Biden gave. He tried to throw President Trump under the bus every single time. A lot of them were just fawning type of questions, questions where the reporter didn’t have the ability to even know what they were asking about, the filibuster, or about anything about the election process. It was just Democratic talking points.”“For him to try to mention Trump name in the negative, Trump secured that border, Trump did much more than what the Biden administration is currently doing. But he feels that he can get some Democratic talking points by referencing Donald Trump.”
Putin foe, Navalny bankroller opens up on opposition leader’s potential future
Yet Chichvarkin is convinced that Navalny is the most popular political figure in Russia at the moment. He believes despite denials of ownership, Navalny's exposé on "Putin's Palace," the billion dollar plus Black Sea spread has rankled the Russian president. His response to President Joe Biden's comments about Putin being a killer, Chichvarkin says, was "hysterical." He once told a reporter he'd only return to Russia if Putin was carried out on a pitchfork. But for Navalny, his fate is in the hands of hostile forces and his allies have asked for his cause to come up in every encounter foreign leaders have with Russian President Vladimir Putin.
West Virginia lawmakers pass bill requiring student athletes to play on teams based on sex recognized at birth
The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) has already vowed to sue over the bill if it becomes law. On its website, it describes the bill as "discrimination against transgender students." The legislation comes amid a nationwide struggle over the future of women's sports and whether individuals who identify as "transgender" can compete on single-sex teams. Mississippi passed legislation this month maintaining that "[a]thletic teams or sports designated for 'females,' 'women' or 'girls' shall not be open to students of the male sex." Noem returned the bill, saying its "vague and overly broad language could have significant unintended consequences."
Kayleigh McEnany: Biden's first press conference leaves Americans with many more questions than answers
President Biden’s first presidential press conference Thursday provoked more questions than answers. On immigration, President Biden began with a "nothing-to-see-here" type response, marginalizing the crisis on our southern border by saying this immigration surge is routine. In fact, the crisis on our southern border is anything but routine. When confronted about when reporters will be granted access to the overcrowded facilities on our southern border, he replied that access will come only when his "plan is underway." They are indicative of a Biden coverup of our southern border crisis.
Sen. Marsha Blackburn demands vote on her 'End Child Trafficking' bill as unaccompanied minors flock to border
Tennessee Sen. Marsha Blackburn demanded a floor vote Thursday on her proposed "End Child Trafficking Now Act," which would make DNA tests mandatory for any adult alien attempting to enter the U.S. with a minor. "Minors are especially vulnerable to trafficking and are often forced to perform sex acts," Blackburn said. This is through sex trafficking, human trafficking, labor gangs, MS-13 and other gangs." "Unaccompanied children are passing through our border with the help of strangers and members of cartels, putting these children at an increased risk of sexual abuse and human trafficking," Tillis said in a statement. The senators have accused Biden of "breaking" the border after reversing many of former President Donald Trump’s immigration policies.
The six most interesting moments from Joe Biden’s first presidential news conference
President Biden delivered his highly-anticipated first news conference as commander-in-chief on Thursday, amid a backdrop of a border crisis, two mass shootings, a pandemic, and other political drama. That’s my expectation," Biden said when asked if he was planning on seeking a second term. LIVE UPDATES: BIDEN'S FIRST PRESS CONFERENCEAsked if he believes he’d be running against former President Trump, Biden replied: "Oh, come on. Biden said Thursday he "strongly support[s]" reforming the silent filibuster to a "talking" filibuster where senators who want to block legislation would have to hold the floor by talking endlessly. Biden, asked about gun control, pivots to infrastructureBiden was asked when he will fulfill campaign promises of pushing gun control through Congress.
Biden says media will be allowed into border facilities but cannot say when
President Biden said Thursday he is committed to transparency and will allow the media into migrant detention facilities at the U.S.-Mexico border, but couldn’t answer when that may occur. Welker pressed Biden on whether he will commit to full transparency of not just facilities of the administration’s choosing, but also facilities with children "packed together" under poor conditions." When Welker asked for a specific timeframe for media access, Biden plainly responded, "I don’t know, to be clear." Biden added that migrant families apprehended at the southern border should be sent away but have not been because Mexico refuses to take them all in. Still, Biden reiterated a message that no unaccompanied migrants under the age of 18 will be turned away at the border.
Hunter Biden gun incident at market in 2018 led to police investigation
Police responded to a 2018 incident in which a gun owned by Hunter Biden, the son of President Biden, was thrown in a trash can outside of a market in Delaware, sources tell Fox News. A firearm transaction report reviewed by Fox News indicates that Hunter Biden purchased a gun earlier that month. The Delaware State Police referred Fox News to the Delaware Attorney General's Office when asked about an Oct. 23, 2018 incident involving Hunter Biden, saying that the investigation had been referred to the state AG. Politico also reported that on the police report of the incident at the market, Hunter Biden told police that the market had suspicious employees working for it, who the police report describes as "Mexican males." "Yea, probably illegal," Hunter Biden told police, according to Politico, when asked about those individuals.
Biden seems confused at times during first official press conference
President Biden appeared to sometimes lose his train of thought early on in his first press conference as commander-in-chief Thursday, asking reporters if they wanted him to go into detail in his answers and forgetting one of their questions. The first moment occurred while the president was answering a question on the crisis at the southern border from PBS journalist Yamiche Alcindor. President Joe Biden speaks during his first official news conference on Thursday. AFP via Getty ImagesAfter answering Alcindor’s question on migrants, Biden needed to be reminded again about the filibuster query. President Biden spoke about immigration, COVID-19 and a host of other policy issues.
Radar Online sold to ex-American Media exec Dylan Howard
Dylan Howard, who played a key role in the National Enquirer’s “catch and kill” scandal before exiting American Media last year, has quietly purchased Radar Online from his former company, now known as A360Media. His strategy for Radar Online is unclear, but he’s the site’s fifth owner over a turbulent 18-year lifespan that has been plagued by periods of slumping traffic. Last year, the site was also hit with deep cuts as American Media scrambled to reduce the pain of declining ad sales in the wake of the pandemic. Radar Online started as Radar, a print magazine, before being converted to digital-only under American Media. He renamed it Radar Online, jettisoning the former staff in the process.
Tour a $17.5 million UWS townhouse with an indoor pool and wine grotto
Where better to stay home than a brownstone with its own 33-foot-long pool, a home gym and spa, plus a wine cellar/grotto? The six-story, six-bedroom, 20-foot-wide townhouse at 45 W. 70th St., near Lincoln Center, features high ceilings, hardwood floors, multiple fireplaces and a $17.5 million price tag (down from its original $19.5 million ask). There’s also a chef’s kitchen and a rear garden with an outdoor kitchen and fireplace. An elevator rises to the roof, which is ripe for a deck or penthouse. We’re thinking sunrise yoga.
News Corp. to buy Investors Business Daily for $275M
News Corp. on Thursday said it has agreed to buy Investors Business Daily for $275 million, a deal that will beef up the company’s portfolio of financial news publications. News Corp. also owns the New York Post. IBD has a revenue base that is almost entirely digital, representing nearly 100,000 digital subscribers across its platforms, and minimal overlap with Dow Jones’ existing subscriber base, News Corp. said. “IBD will greatly enhance our e-expertise in finance, with compelling digital coverage, unique tools and high-yielding services,” News Corp. CEO Robert Thomson said. “Dow Jones and the Wall Street Journal reported record profits in the last quarter and I have no doubt that IBD’s savvy digital products and journalism will significantly bolster profitability at the Dow Jones segment,” Thomson added.
Reporters suck up to ‘nice guy’ Biden
Stonewalled for 65 days by President Biden, the press decided their first opportunity to question him should be used to let him monologue on his favorite topics. The AP kicked things off by suggesting Republicans were obstructionists — how is Biden going to get around that? It’s shocking how low the bar has been set for President Biden. Yet President Trump’s “remain in Mexico” policy solved that issue, and Biden threw it out on day 1. But it didn’t matter to reporters, who were only interested in people could be processed and let in faster — not anything about border security.
New York quietly extends takeout booze
Live in the lap of luxury inside this Upper West...Bartender Nolan O'Bryan sells beer to-go to a customer at the Svendale Brewing Company tasting room on May 3, 2020. Cocktails are for sale to-go at Dudley's bar and restaurant in Manhattan. Takeout and delivery of booze from New York bars and eateries in New York will continue for at least a while longer. The popular coronavirus pandemic-era to-go cocktail rule was previously set to expire, but was quietly extended through April 6 earlier this month, the State Liquor Authority told The Post. The SLA said the “the state continues to review and work with legislature on this issue.”Under a bill issued introduced last year, take-out and delivery of alcoholic drinks would be extended another two years post-pandemic.
Graham blasts Biden’s lack of ‘situational awareness’ on southern border surge
Republicans were not happy with President Biden’s assertion that his policies were not to blame for the surge in migrants at the southern border. "What he did today was entice people to come, not deter them from coming," Graham later added of Biden's performance. Biden was asked Thursday whether he had rolled back Trump-era immigration policies "too quickly." Trump ended family separation at the southern border after fierce pushback. "The Trump policies created dramatic decreases in illegal immigration," The South Carolina Republican continued, adding that Biden’s policies created a "virtual human tsunami."
NJ gym owner offers free memberships to non-vaccinated customers
A New Jersey gym owner is riffing on Krispy Kreme’s popular offer of free donuts for vaccinated customers — by handing out free memberships to people who don’t get vaccinated. Ian Smith, co-owner of The Atilis Gym, located in Bellmawr, NJ, tweeted out the provocative offer earlier this week, kicking up a storm of controversy in the process. "In light of @krispykreme giving free donuts for receiving the CVD shot, here at @TheAtilisGym we are giving out free memberships to all who don’t get vaccinated. NJ GYM CO-OWNER SAYS STATE SEIZED LEGAL DEFENSE FUNDS AMID BATTLE OVER COVID FINESIt is unclear whether Smith will actually honor his offer, but the gym owner is infamous for thwarting pandemic-related policies. At CPAC, the gym owner blasted the Garden State’s lockdown rules as "unconstitutional" after he was hit with more than $1.2 million in fines for keeping his gym open during the pandemic.
Kudlow: Biden admin's 'awful' infrastructure bill will 'damage growth' in next 2 years
MANCHIN PLEDGES TO BLOCK BIDEN INFRASTRUCTURE BILL IF REPUBLICANS AREN'T INCLUDEDOn Monday, the media outlet reported that top Democrats increasingly believe that Republicans are determined to block President Biden’s agenda. Without reconciliation, which can be used on certain tax, spending and debt limit bills, Democrats would need to secure the support of at least 10 Republicans. “None of this makes any sense to me whatsoever,” Kudlow said on Thursday referencing the next multitrillion-dollar relief package. Kudlow explained that there are “two Trojan horses” with the proposal, warning that Democrats could include the Green New Deal in the bill. “It will end our competitiveness, it will damage blue-collar workers, it will damage lower-middle-income workers,” Kudlow said.
Biden says GOP state voting legislation makes 'makes Jim Crow look like Jim Eagle'
President Biden said Republicans’ state voting legislation "makes Jim Crow look like Jim Eagle" during his first formal press conference on Thursday. Biden’s comments come as Republican lawmakers in battleground states are pushing to tighten voting restrictions on mail-balloting and more in future elections. 1, the For the People Act of 2021 — which Democrats claim will expand voting rights and "clean up corruption" in politics. The bill will also expand early voting and enhance absentee voting by simplifying voting by mail. "I’m convinced that we’ll be able to stop this, because it is the most pernicious thing—this makes Jim Crow look like Jim Eagle."
Florida Gov. DeSantis to open COVID vaccine eligibility to all adults
Ron DeSantis announced Thursday that Florida would open COVID vaccine eligibility to all people age 18 and over at the beginning of April. "While the Biden administration set a May 1st target date for vaccine eligibility for all adults, Florida is pleased to announce that all adults in the state age 18 and older will be eligible for the vaccine beginning Monday, April 5th," DeSantis said in a news release. President Biden this month gave states a May 1 deadline to open up vaccine eligibility to all adults, sparking a race among states to expand vaccine access. Texas, Indiana and Georgia residents over age 16 became eligible for the vaccine this week. CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APPNew York lowered its vaccine eligibility to those over 50 this week.
Liberal PBS reporter gushes Biden perceived as 'moral, decent man' during immigration question
Liberal PBS White House reporter Yamiche Alcindor gushed the perception of President Biden is he's a "moral, decent man" during her questioning of him at Thursday's news conference. "You've said over and over again that immigrants shouldn't come to this country right now ... That message is not being received," she said. Alcindor asked Biden how he resolved that "tension" and chose which families could stay and go. LIBERAL PBS WHITE HOUSE REPORTER ALLOWS 'SOURCES' TO ANONYMOUSLY PUSH PRO-BIDEN TALKING POINTSBiden responded he should be feel "flattered" by the perception he's a nice guy, but he claimed nothing had changed in terms of migrants flocking to the border. Biden spoke for just over an hour on Thursday in the first solo news conference of his presidency.
Virginia Republicans slam Charlottesville mayor after obscene poem about city: 'Step aside'
Republicans slammed Charlottesville, Virginia, Mayor Nikuyah Walker after she posted on Facebook an obscene poem she wrote claiming the city "rapes you." Virginia gubernatorial candidate Pete Snyder, a Republican, suggested that Walker should step down. CHARLOTTESVILLE MAYOR SAYS CITY 'RAPES YOU' AND 'TELLS YOU TO KEEP ITS SECRETS’"I live in Charlottesville and if the mayor hates it that much, she should step aside and let someone lead who actually likes it here," Snyder told Fox News in a statement. Another Republican gubernatorial candidate, Kirk Cox, said Walker was not setting a good example for the next generation. "Charlottesville rapes you of your breaths.
Biden makes 'no apologies' at news conference for ending Trump-era migrant protocols
President Biden on Thursday said that he makes "no apologies" for ending a variety of former President Donald Trump's immigration policies, including the Migrant Protection Protocols (MPP), also known as the "Remain in Mexico" policy. Biden made the comments in his first live press briefing as president, 65 days into his administration and amid a migrant surge at the southern border. Asked if he may have rolled back some of the Trump administration's immigration policies too quickly via executive order, Biden adamantly defended his actions. On the migrant crisis, the reporters also pushed Biden on whether he will allow the news media to regularly view migrant facilities on the border. There were 19,246 total encounters with migrant families on the southern border in February.
Biden says it's his 'expectation' to run for reelection in 2024, makes Trump quip
He's only a little over two months into his tenure in the White House, but President Biden says it's his "expectation" that he'll run for reelection in 2024. There’s been intense speculation – dating back to his the launch of his White House bid nearly two years ago - whether the now-78-year-old Biden would run for a second term. Biden’s predecessor in the White House, Donald Trump, filed for his 2020 reelection on his inauguration day in January of 2017. Asked why he filed for his own reelection, Biden answered "my predecessor needed to." Trump predicted during a speech last month at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) that in 2024 "a Republican president will make a triumphant return to the White House."
Biden says filibuster is being abused, threatens to back changes if legislation stalls
President Biden opened the door Thursday to reforming the filibuster to pass voting rights legislation and more if partisan gridlock prevents the Senate from moving on key legislation that he says is elemental to the functioning of democracy. Biden, in his first press conference since his inauguration, said the filibuster is being "abused in a gigantic way." Biden said he agreed with former President Barack Obama's assessment that the filibuster was a "Jim Crow relic." And he said for matters such as voting rights and those "elemental to the functioning of our democracy," the 60-vote threshold may need to be reformed "beyond" a talking filibuster. "If we have to, if there’s complete lockdown and chaos as a consequence of the filibuster, then we’ll have to go beyond what I’m talking about," Biden said.
House Republicans urge Biden to allow media access to border ops amid 'out of control' crisis
EXCLUSIVE: More than 20 House Republicans on Thursday wrote to President Biden urging his administration to stop blocking media access to border facilities amid what they described as an "out of control" crisis at the border. The Biden administration has come under fire from not only Republicans but also journalists for the lack of media access to Customs and Border Protection (CBP) facilities where migrants - particularly child migrants -- are being held, even as pictures emerge showing cramped conditions. White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki was quizzed about the lack of access this week and cited issues like the COVID-19 pandemic as to why reporters haven’t been given access. I don't have an update for you on the timeline for access, but it's certainly something we support." The lawmakers note reports that there are more than 5,000 unaccompanied children in border facilities, many being held after the 72-hour limit, and many more in Health and Human Services care.
Biden says North Korea is his top foreign policy issue during press conference
President Biden stated Thursday that like former President Barack Obama, he considers North Korea to be his most important foreign policy issue. During his first press conference since taking office in January, Biden was asked about North Korea and reminded that when he was leaving office more than four years ago, Obama considered the situation with North Korea to be the most pressing matter abroad. NORTH KOREA FIRES TWO SHORT-RANGE BALLISTIC MISSILES INTO SEA OF JAPAN, US OFFICIAL CONFIRMS"Former President Obama warned the incoming President Trump that North Korea was the top foreign policy issue that he was watching. Is that how you assess the crisis in North Korea?" The president's statement that he considers North Korea to be his top foreign policy issue comes at a time when he faces pressure related to Iran's nuclear aspirations.
SEC opens inquiry into Wall Street’s blank check IPO frenzy
The Securities and Exchange Commission has opened an inquiry into Wall Street’s blank check acquisition frenzy and is seeking information on how underwriters are managing the risks involved, said four people with direct knowledge of the matter. The SEC in recent days sent letters to Wall Street banks seeking information on their special purpose acquisition company, or SPAC, dealings, the four people said. This person said the SEC wanted information on SPAC deal fees, volumes, and what controls banks have in place to police the deals internally. Wall Street’s biggest gold rush of recent years, SPACs have surged globally to a record $170 billion this year, outstripping last year’s total of $157 billion, Refinitiv data showed. “Wall Street’s biggest banks are being asked: what’s going on?” the person said.
What to know about New York state’s weed legalization rollout in 2021
It’s high time weed became legal in the Empire State — and here’s everything you need to know about it. What does New York’s 2021 recreational weed bill allow? More mature pot plants with large buds, growing in one of the many greenhouses here in Montgomery NY on Nov. 30, 2016. Yes, green-thumbs can legally cultivate up to six marijuana plants each, or a dozen total, per home. Yes, law-enforcement organizations and the New York State PTA released a statement this month saying that recreational marijuana was a “public and child health threat.”
Model reveals chilling texts from jilted ex who hacked accounts
The jilted Nick Doyle, who admitted to harassment and spent two years in the slammer, managed to seize control of Dagmara Kita’s IP address and hacked into her bank and social media accounts, The Sun reported. “F— with me and I promise you’ll regret it,” the cad snarled in one chilling missive. Kita later received a notice from her bank that thousands of pounds had been pulled from her account, according to the news outlet. ”I’m gonna sink your credit score, I’m gonna debt your teeth out your, I’ll drain your bank accounts. Believe me you won’t be able to use your wi-fi without me knowing f—- all,” Doyle wrote.
Asian man punched in unprovoked attack near Penn Station, cops say
An Asian man was slugged in the face in an unprovoked attack near Penn Station this week, cops said. The 38-year-old victim was walking at West 33rd Street and Eighth Avenue around 7 a.m. Wednesday when a stranger suddenly punched him without saying a word, police said. The attacker took off, and the victim refused medical attention, cops said. The attack comes amid a surge of attacks targeting Asian victims across the city and the country. In response, NYPD Commissioner Dermot Shea said the department was “adding layers of enforcement” to stop anti-Asian hate crimes.
FEMA nominee in the dark about agency’s work at Mexico border
President Biden’s nominee for FEMA administrator, Deanne Criswell, told senators Thursday that she’s unfamiliar with what the agency is doing since it was summoned to help address a migrant surge along the US-Mexico border. “Senator, I have not been briefed on the specifics of what FEMA is doing. I do understand from a recent testimony from acting administrator [Robert] Fenton that they are providing some assistance at the border,” she said. A Border Patrol unit remains next to a section of the US-Mexico border fence near El Nido de las Aguilas, eastern Tijuana, Baja California state. AFP via Getty ImagesOfficials apprehended more than 100,000 people along the US-Mexico border in February, a 28 percent jump from January.
Suez Canal logjam could stretch on for weeks, slam world economy
The growing traffic snarl in the Suez Canal could take weeks to untangle — and is threatening to wreak havoc on the world economy in the process. The giant cargo ship that’s wedged across the canal is blocking an estimated $9.5 billion worth of shipments daily. International crude prices surged 6 percent the following day — a move some analysts blamed on worries about oil shipments coming out of the Suez. Nearly 19,000 vessels passed through it last year carrying 1.2 billion tons of cargo, according to the Suez Canal Authority, the Egyptian state institution that operates the channel. Workers also will need to take off fuel, ballast water and possibly some of the ship’s cargo.
Biden says he would ‘be flattered’ if migrants are surging because of him
President Biden on Thursday said he would “be flattered” if migrants were surging to the US-Mexico border because of him — but disputed that notion, insisting that migration waves generally happen in the spring and the mounting crisis his administration is facing is not unique. That’s not the reason they’re coming. It’s because of what’s happens every year.”President Joe Biden answers a question during his first press briefing in the East Room of the White House on March 25. Last month, Biden terminated Trump’s “Remain in Mexico” policy that required Central American asylum seekers to stay in Mexico while US courts reviewed their claims. Biden halted construction of his predecessor’s Mexico border wall and issued an order affirming the 2012 Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, which gives work permits and protection from deportation to people brought illegally to the US as minors.
Biden holding first formal press conference at White House
Biden fielded journalists’ questions in a formal setting for the first time in more than two months into his presidency. Biden aides capped the number of journalists allowed in the cavernous East Room in the White House at 25. The selection of the other attendees was outsourced to the White House Correspondents’ Association. The White House for weeks faced skeptical reporter inquiries about why Biden smashed a record stretching back more than 100 years for the length of time before a new president hosted a press conference. APDonald Trump waited seven days to hold a press conference.
Sergio De La Peña, immigrant who grew up on 'dirt floors,' says he's only Republican who can win VA gov
VIRGINIA GOVERNOR TO SIGN LEGISLATION ENDING DEATH PENALTY"I’m not at all unique. I can reach out to the immigrant community in northern Virginia." De La Peña ended up at Trump's Pentagon, serving as deputy assistant secretary of defense for Western Hemisphere affairs. VIRGINIA GUBERNATORIAL CANDIDATE COX HITS NORTHAM, MCAULIFFE AMID PAROLE BOARD WHISTLEBLOWER SUIT"I drove U.S. Defense policy for this half of the globe," De La Peña said. Northern Virginia is what makes it blue, but there's a lot of concerns that even those in the blue category have become frustrated with," he said.
Biden announces new COVID vaccine goal at press conference: 200M shots in first 100 days
President Biden announced a new goal Thursday — to administer 200 million coronavirus vaccines by his 100th day in office. BIDEN FOCUSED ON COVID19 VACCINES FOR 'EVERY AMERICAN' BEFORE AIDING OTHER NATIONS, PSAKI SAYS"That's right," he said. Earlier this month, Biden said he would order 100 million more COVID-19 vaccine doses from Johnson & Johnson, in addition to the more than 200 million doses of Pfizer and Moderna the administration ordered in February. White House press secretary Jen Psaki announced last week that the U.S. plans to send 2.5 million doses of AstraZeneca's COVID-19 vaccine to Mexico, and 1.5 million doses to Canada. "Should it be approved, we can deliver 30 million doses immediately upon EUA, and additional doses to total up to 50M in the weeks to follow," they said.
Sen. Tuberville introduces legislation to tackle migrant surge ahead of southern border trip
EXCLUSIVE: Sen. Tommy Tuberville introduced his inaugural legislation Thursday to tackle the border surge of migrants just as the new Alabama senator is traveling to visit the U.S.-Mexico border to see the problems firsthand. Tuberville, R-Ala., released his new legislation first to Fox News Thursday. Tuberville's bill aims to tackle one consequence of the surge of migrants: Border patrol agents have begun to release illegal border crossers who claim asylum without issuing a Notice to Appear (NTA). Fox News confirmed Sunday that Border Patrol agents in the Rio Grande Valley Sector (RGV) have begun to process and release illegal border crossers who claim asylum without issuing an NTA. Tuberville, a former football coach elected in November, is making his first trip to the southern border as a senator later Thursday and will stay through Friday.
Pfizer administers COVID-19 vaccines to infants, kids in new trial
The first participants aged six months to 11 years have been administered Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine as part of a global trial assessing safety and tolerability in younger age groups, the company announced Thursday. Positive findings from a late-stage study in a 12 to 15 age group encouraged the trials in even younger kids, Pfizer said. Later phases in the trial will examine factors like safety and tolerability of the chosen dose for each group against a placebo arm. "As part of our pivotal Phase 3 study, Pfizer and BioNTech enrolled 2,259 children between the ages of 12 and 15," the statement continues. "We were encouraged by the blinded tolerability data from this cohort which supported the rationale for our study in younger children.
Biden DOJ nominee Vanita Gupta’s committee vote ends in tie after heated Senate meeting
The Senate Judiciary Committee was split evenly over President Biden's nomination of Vanita Gupta to be associate attorney general, the third-highest position in the Department of Justice. Cotton was one of many Republicans who delivered speeches illustrating why they were against Gupta's nomination. Durbin staunchly supported Gupta's nomination, blasting Republicans for opposing her – particularly on the issue of police. Following that motion, the full Senate would hold a final vote on Gupta's nomination. In contrast to Gupta's nomination, there was zero controversy over Biden's nomination of Lisa Monaco to be deputy attorney general.
DOJ nominee Gupta's stake in family company accused of fueling Mexican heroin production under scrutiny
Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas, addressed on Thursday associate attorney general nominee Vanita Gupta's stake in her family company that reportedly sold chemicals in Mexico that drug cartels used for heroin production. Gupta was marked up in the Senate Judiciary Committee on Thursday, with Republican senators taking aim at the president's nominee. Avantor, which pays some employees less than $1.50 an hour, reportedly sold acetic anhydride, which Mexican cartels used to make high-grade heroin and methamphetamine – something Cornyn was quick to point out on Thursday. Cornyn said the normal market value for a similar jug of acetic anhydride sells for $324. "States should decriminalize simple possession of all drugs, particularly marijuana, and for small amounts of other drugs," wrote Gupta in 2012.
Ex-cop Daniel Pantaleo loses bid to get NYPD job back
Ex-cop Daniel Pantaleo has lost his bid to get his job back after he was booted from the NYPD over the fatal arrest of Eric Garner. Pantaleo sued the NYPD and then-Police Commissioner James O’Neill in August 2019 following a recommendation by Deputy Commissioner of Trials Rosemarie Maldonado that he be dismissed from the force over Garner’s 2014 chokehold death. The case got kicked up to the Appellate Division, First Department — which on Thursday sided with Maldonado’s ruling that Pantaleo was reckless in holding Garner, 43, in a chokehold. Maldonado acquitted Pantaleo of accusations that he intentionally strangled Garner. Pantaleo was found guilty in the chokehold death of Eric Garner.
Ron Kim blasts Gov. Cuomo over ‘illegal’ priority testing of brother, family
Andrew Cuomo on Thursday of breaking the law by reportedly arranging priority tests for brother Chris Cuomo and others. Kim alleges the governor abused his power and arranged a priority COVID-19 test for his brother, CNN’s Chris Cuomo. APKim has also accused Cuomo of threatening to “destroy” him if he didn’t help try to stem the scandal. Kim revealed his infection on Tuesday, as did Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie (D-Bronx), who authorized an impeachment investigation by the Judiciary Committee earlier this month. Kim has called for Cuomo’s impeachment amid the governor’s multiple scandals.
Rep Chip Roy (R-TX) Calls Out the Hypocrisy of Democrats For Their Crap Verbiage About Kids In Cages Under Trump
Congressman Chip Roy (R-TX) spoke to Brian Kilmeade about the latest on the border crisis and why he feels we need to look into the legitimacy of President Biden because he is not executing the laws of the United States at the border.
'Never seen it at this level': Texas rancher forced to defend home after migrants enter property
TEXAS RANCHER ON BORDER CRISIS: IT’S TIME TO ‘LET PEOPLE SEE WHAT IT’S REALLY LIKE DOWN HERE’JOHN SEWELL: "I’ve been [in Texas] for about 25 years so I’ve seen this under many administrations, I’ve seen lots of trouble. But I’ve never seen it at this level and I’ve never seen it with this quality of people. So, it’s not like I’m sitting at the edge of the border and all these people are coming across the river to me. The smugglers are bringing them here, dropping them off and they’re coming through my property and that in turn has caused lots of heartache for us. Not to mention they’re tearing down our fences, they’re coming to our houses at night.
Investment manager Kyle Bass slams China: US needs to 'stop doing business with the evil regime'
"We are concerned about reports of forced labor in, and connected to, the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region (XUAR)," Nike said in the statement. Host Maria Bartiromo asked Bass on Thursday for his take on corporate America as it pertains to China. China has denied claims of using torture and forced labor in Xinjiang, reportedly saying its measures are necessary to fight extremism and that it is providing vocational training. U.S. Customs and Border Patrol officials said they would block any imports suspected of being tied to forced labor. We’ve got to stop doing business with the evil regime.”A Nike spokesperson did not immediately respond to Fox Business’ request for comment.
Georgia man receives last paycheck in oily pennies dumped on his driveway
A Georgia man who was having trouble getting the last paycheck from his employer was shocked to discover its equivalent in pennies dumped in his driveway earlier this month. Fayetteville's Andreas Flaten had quit his job at Peachtree City's A OK Walker Luxury Autoworks in November 2020. He gave his two-weeks notice, writing a letter of resignation to Walker who reportedly promised Flaten's final $915 check would be paid to him in January. The pennies weigh more than 500 pounds in total, according to Fox 5 Atlanta, breaking the wheels of Flaten's wheelbarrow. "I don’t really remember," Walker told the TV station.
Rhode Island lawmaker argues dress code is 'oppressive,' calls Senate a 'White western space'
On March 15, the Rhode Island Senate rules committee was debating a provision that would mandate legislators maintain decorum by dressing in certain ways. "Folks use expressions like professional ... presentable, appropriate ... what they mean is white-collar, White western dress." He added that he wanted to make sure his colleagues acknowledge that the Senate was a "white-collar, White western space." And in this presentation, or in this explanation of my colleagues, of what does belong here, it is all stuff that connotes white-collar, White people." "A dress code and decorum are about respecting an institution that is 200-plus years old."
Pompeo rejected US effort to declare ‘genocide’ in Myanmar on eve of coup: officials
Some State Department officials argued that punishing Myanmar for the army’s atrocities would push the country into China’s orbit. In a previously unreported effort, some State Department officials said they encouraged Pompeo to take a fresh look at Myanmar in a parallel process in mid-2020. ReutersInside the State Department, officials were split on the genocide label for Myanmar, Reuters has learned. Pompeo considered the leak an attempt to pressure him into deeming the Myanmar atrocities a genocide, former officials said. Other State Department bureaus responsible for promoting human rights, religious freedoms and global criminal justice likewise lent their support to a genocide determination, US officials said.
Senate Democrats already at gun control impasse
Just two days after President Biden’s call for an assault weapons ban, Senate Democrats are already splintering over how far their legislation should go. On one side of the Democratic caucus, Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia has said he opposes House-passed legislation requiring universal background checks. “That’s a problem.”Tester also said he wasn’t “crazy about” the idea of Senate Democrats bringing assault weapons ban legislation to the floor for a vote. Manchin opposes requiring universal background checks for gun purchases. Tester expressed concern over bringing assault weapons ban legislation to the floor for a vote.
My Pillow boss Mike Lindell’s social media site has a new name
My Pillow chief and prolific conspiracy peddler Mike Lindell has a new name for the social media site he plans to launch following his exile from Twitter. “There’s nothing like it out there,” Lindell said in a Monday interview with conservative commentator Eric Metaxas. The site — which Lindell initially told Business Insider would be called Vocl — aims to attract “major influencers” alongside everyday users. Mike Lindell’s new social media site, Frank. “As soon as you get kicked off of YouTube, you’re getting a bonus,” Lindell told Metaxas without elaborating on what the bonus would entail.
Supreme Court sides with New Mexico woman shot by police who attempted to flee
The Supreme Court sided Thursday with a New Mexico woman who was shot by police as she attempted to flee in her vehicle. At issue is when police can be held liable for claims of an unconstitutional "seizure" under the Fourth Amendment. COLORADO BAKER WHO WON SUPREME COURT BATTLE CALLS GENDER TRANSITION CAKE CASE 'A TRAP'The incident occurred in 2014 when state police shot Roxanne Torres at an Albuquerque apartment complex. The officers were there to arrest another woman and claimed they wanted to check if Torres was their suspect. "On the majority’s account, a Fourth Amendment 'seizure' takes place whenever an officer 'merely touches' a suspect.
Warriors' Steve Kerr pushes gun control measures, calls out Ted Cruz after Colorado shooting
He had a backdrop of the victims' names in both shootings while he spoke to reporters, according to USA Today. CLICK HERE FOR MORE SPORTS COVERAGE ON FOXNEWS.COM"The reason to do it is to remind people these are human beings," Kerr said explaining the backdrop. "It’s important to humanize the victims, and not just count them. Too often, you pick up a story and you just read there were eight victims or 10 victims, whatever the number is. Kerr’s father was shot and killed in Beirut, Lebanon, in 1984 by a group associated with the Islamic Holy War.
Olive Garden parent Darden boosts hourly pay for restaurant workers
Darden Restaurants, Inc. is offering its restaurant team members $17 million in bonuses. This announcement comes straight from the company’s Chairman and CEO Gene Lee, who detailed the payout in Darden’s third quarter results. The American multi-brand restaurant operator includes popular restaurant chains such as LongHorn Steakhouse, Olive Garden, Cheddar's Scratch Kitchen, Yard House, The Capital Grille, Seasons 52, Bahama Breeze and Eddie V's. TIMES SQUARE OLIVE GARDEN LOSING $300G EACH WEEK BECAUSE OF CORONAVIRUS RESTRICTIONSCompared to Darden’s third quarter results from last year ($2.35 billion), current total sales are roughly 26.1% lower. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE ON FOX BUSINESSModerate senators who are in Democratic and Independent parties also voted against passing the minimum wage hike, including Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.), Sen. Krysten Sinema (D-Ariz.) and Sen. Angus King (I-Maine).
California Gov. Newsom's AG pick sponsored bill allowing communists to serve in government
Gavin Newsom's pick to be the state’s new attorney general once sponsored a bill to allow communists to serve in the state government. Newsom tapped Assemblyman Rob Bonta, a Democrat from Oakland, to fill the Golden State’s top cop job after Xavier Becerra joined President Biden's administration as secretary of Health and Human Services. In 2017, Bonta introduced legislation to lift the ban on Communist Party members from serving in the state government. Bonta "is an activist," Harmeet Dhillion, a Republican attorney in California, told Fox News. CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APPNewsom’s office did not immediately respond to Fox News’ request for comment.
Ron Johnson: Biden admin seems 'deaf, dumb and blind' to border crisis, dangers to migrants
The Biden administration is "deaf, dumb, and blind" to the dangers posed to the migrants as they attempt to cross the southern border, Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wis., told "Fox & Friends" on Thursday, addressing the crisis that prompted GOP lawmakers to visit the border. We've seen how these surges are used by sex traffickers and the human traffickers and drug traffickers. And apparently, the administration is just deaf, dumb, and blind to it. She did nothing to help stop the flow. She had no interest whatsoever in working with the administration to secure the border and stop the flow.
White House fills top vacancy on communications team after embarrassing exit by prior staffer
Last month, then-deputy press secretary TJ Ducklo stepped down, issuing a statement that expressed "regret," "embarrassment," and "disgust" for his behavior. The story was problematic for the couple, as McCammond covered the Biden campaign and was later assigned to Vice President Kamala Harris. Bates, who worked on the Biden campaign, assumes Ducklo’s old title and will start on Monday, according to the Washington Post. Bates’ campaign colleagues, including deputy campaign manager and communications director Kate Bedingfield, described him as a "backbone" of the Biden press shop, and "one of the best in the business." White House staffer Chris Meagher also has the title of deputy press secretary.
Ted Cruz: Kamala Harris has left herself 'only one option' to handle border 'mess'
TED CRUZ ‘FIGHTING FOR’ MEDIA ACCESS AT SOUTHERN BORDERSEN. TED CRUZ: My reaction to that appointment is, is, wow, Joe Biden really doesn't like Kamala Harris. This border crisis is the biggest political mess Joe Biden has. Because when Joe Biden got elected, the first thing he did was stop construction of the border wall. He reinstituted 'Catch and Release,' the failed policy, so that now when we detain illegal immigrants, we let them go. The illegal immigrants they're releasing are testing positive for COVID-19 at a seven times higher rate than the U.S. population.
Al Sharpton threatens to accuse Manchin, Sinema of 'supporting racism' if they don’t kill filibuster
Civil rights leader and MSNBC host Al Sharpton threatened to accuse Sens. Joe Manchin of West Virginia and Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona of "supporting racism" over their approval of the Senate filibuster. "The pressure that we are going to put on Sinema and Manchin is calling [the filibuster] racist and saying that they are, in effect, supporting racism," Sharpton told Politico. Manchin said earlier in March that he would "never" stop supporting the filibuster. They point to the way the filibuster was wielded during the 20th century to stall civil rights legislation, and warn of a repeat.
Amazon slammed for denying workers were forced to pee in bottles
Amazon pissed off its online critics Wednesday when it snidely dismissed reports that its warehouse workers have to use bottles as bathrooms. The e-commerce colossus sparked an online firestorm with its snarky response to a congressman who cited the three-year-old allegations as evidence that Amazon treats workers poorly. If that were true, nobody would work for us,” Amazon tweeted late Wednesday. Amazon executive Dave Clark claimed his employer runs a “progressive workplace.” AP Photo/Ted S. WarrenOne response came from James Bloodworth, a journalist who was one of the first to report that Amazon workers pee in bottles on the job. “This includes garbage, bags, and urine bottles,” the documents read.
McEnany: Trump prioritized Americans but CNN's Chris Cuomo got 'preferential' treatment from brother
Former White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany said Thursday that President Trump prioritized Americans during the coronavirus pandemic, while CNN's Chris Cuomo reportedly received special treatment from his brother, Gov. CNN'S CHRIS CUOMO REPORTEDLY PRIORITIZED FOR COVID TESTING BY BROTHER'S ADMINISTRATION EARLY IN PANDEMICMcEnany described the prioritized COVID test given to Chris Cuomo, which was difficult to acquire at that point of the pandemic, as further evidence of Cuomo utilizing his position of power to advance himself and his family's own interests over the people of New York. McEnany, a Fox News analyst, also took aim at CNN for defending anchor Chris Cuomo. "No one wanted to watch the Cuomo comedy hour and now no one wants to watch Cuomo in the evening primetime hour," McEnany said regarding Chris Cuomo's recent drop in ratings. "Basically, when it’s going well for Governor Cuomo or [CNN] perceives it to be going well for him he’s permitted on his brother's program," McEnany retorted.
Cuomo's controversial nursing home order was issued a year ago today
Andrew Cuomo issued a directive that has led to critics blaming him for thousands of nursing home deaths during the coronavirus pandemic. A May 10 order effectively reversed it by requiring patients to test negative before hospitals send them back to nursing homes. The March 2020 order has been blamed for the large number of nursing home deaths in the state. A New York attorney general investigation found Cuomo's administration underreported nursing home deaths by more than 50%. Cuomo administration officials denied that anyone received preferential treatment.
CNN skips latest Gov. Cuomo scandal that implicates little brother, network’s ‘Cuomo Prime Time’ namesake
Andrew Cuomo directed health officials to prioritize his family – including CNN host Chris Cuomo -- in the early days of the coronavirus pandemic. CNN'S CHRIS CUOMO REPORTEDLY PRIORITIZED FOR COVID TESTING BY BROTHER'S ADMINISTRATION EARLY IN PANDEMIC"Cuomo Prime Time" namesake Chris Cuomo is off this week, so he wasn’t around to address the scandal that he’s part of. However, none of his CNN primetime colleagues addressed it either. A review of transcripts indicated that CNN didn’t cover the story about Gov. It is unclear, however, whether Chris Cuomo himself, CNN, or New York taxpayers funded the test that showed the positive test results.
Ex-Border Patrol officials beg Congress for help with immigration ‘crisis’
A group of former Border Patrol officials are begging Congress to address “our broken immigration system” — which they say is of “grave concern” and caused the “current crisis” on the southern border. The letter to Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy was signed by four former chiefs of the Border Patrol and five former chief patrol agents. “On behalf of retired Chiefs of the United States Border Patrol, we write with grave concern regarding the current crisis on the southwest border,” the group wrote, Fox News reported Wednesday. “It is time to address our broken immigration system as well as the push and pull factors encouraging mass migration, and its impacts on border security.”The ex-Border Patrol officials worked under both Republicans and Democrats, beginning with former President Bill Clinton, the outlet reported. Former border agents call out “broken immigration system.” AFP via Getty Images“The cycle of broken immigration crises must be a priority for Congress,” their letter continues.
Secret Service reportedly got involved in bizarre gun case involving Hunter Biden
The Secret Service intervened in an investigation into a 2018 incident involving Hunter Biden and his girlfriend at the time and former sister-in-law, Hallie, in which she took his gun and tossed it into the trash, according to a report. Hallie Biden (right) took Hunter’s gun and tossed it into the trash. Google MapsBut Secret Service agents contacted the owner of the store where Hunter bought the gun and asked to take the paperwork recording the sale, Politico reported. Secret Service agents contacted the owner of the store where Hunter bought the gun and asked to take the paperwork recording the sale. Google MapsThe Secret Service said it has no record of agents investigating the incident and said President Joe Biden was not under protection at the time.
‘Big Red’ Ford turbine truck discovered after being lost for decades
A long-lost experimental turbine-powered Ford semi-truck has been tracked down after more than 40 years. Big Red made its debut at the 1964 World's Fair in New York and was one of several turbine-powered vehicles from the era that didn't pan out for production. The futuristic tractor-trailer was used as a promotional vehicle for several years before ending up in the hands of the Holman-Moody NASCAR racing team in 1970. Big Red's twin trailers were sold and put to use by other owners, but both remain missing. CLICK HERE TO READ THE ENTIRE STORY OF BIG RED'S DISCOVERY FROM THE DRIVE
Homan blasts Kamala Harris as 'worst' possible choice to lead Biden border crisis response
On "Fox & Friends" Thursday morning, former Acting ICE Director, Tom Homan, slammed Vice President Kamala Harris as the "worst pick" to lead the response to the current border crisis under the Biden administration. KAMALA HARRIS' LAUGHING ANSWER TO BORDER QUESTION SPARKS BACKLASHTOM HOMAN: When President Biden says [Kamala Harris] is the most qualified, I mean, seriously? Because you couldn’t get a worse pick. She wants to abolish ICE and she compared immigration officers to the KKK during the Senate hearing, and you want to put her in charge of immigration enforcement on the border? I couldn’t think of a worse choice.
Brian Stelter’s CNN show hits yearly low, fails to crack million-viewer plateau for second straight week
CNN’s "Reliable Sources" with far-left host Brian Stelter had its lowest-rated show of the year on Sunday, failing to crack the one-million viewer plateau for the second-straight week. The most recent episode of "Reliable Sources" dropped a staggering 65 percent of its viewers since its Jan. 10 edition that averaged 2.7 million viewers, as viewers tuned in for the latest on the Jan. 6 Capitol riot. "Reliable Sources" also had its second-worst performance of the year among the key news demographic of adults age 25-54, averaging only 211,000 viewers among the group most coveted by advertisers. The major correction was the type of story most media programs would spend significant time on, but "Reliable Sources" passed altogether. ET competition for Stelter’s struggling CNN program, averaged 1.4 million viewers on March 21.
Biden will likely face these tough questions at his first press conference
President Joe Biden will deliver his first solo press conference Thursday afternoon, finally granting reporters their request for more — or any — access to directly question the commander-in-chief. Biden will likely be focusing on the migrant crisis in his presser scheduled for March 25, 2021. AP Photo/David ZalubowskiThere has been much buildup to this press conference, as Biden went longer than his 15 most recent predecessors — stretching back at least 100 years — without taking questions from journalists at an extended official forum. All 15 prior presidents held a solo press conference within 33 days of taking office, according to a CNN analysis of data from the American Presidency Project. VIA REUTERSFormer President Donald Trump held his first solo press conference 27 days after taking office.
Johnny Depp denied right to appeal UK ruling that he assaulted Amber Heard
Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)A British court on Thursday refused to let Johnny Depp appeal a judge’s ruling that he assaulted ex-wife Amber Heard. The initial judge “gave thorough reasons for his conclusions which have not been shown even arguably to be vitiated by any error of approach or mistake of law,” the ruling stated. “We would accordingly dismiss both Mr Depp’s application for permission to adduce further evidence and his application for permission to appeal,” they wrote. It included lurid details of his heavy drinking and drug taking as well as gross allegations of feces being left in their marital bed. The Sun newspaper said it had “every confidence” that the appeal would be rejected and was “pleased” with the decision.
LA riot cops clash with protesters while clearing huge homeless tent city
A huge force of Los Angeles cops in riot gear moved in to clear a notorious homeless tent city — sparking angry clashes with hundreds of protesters that continued into the early hours of Thursday. Police form a line as activists and supporters of residents of a homeless encampment protest at Echo Park Lake in Los Angeles. A demonstrator holds a sign during a protest in the Echo Park section of Los Angeles. Scores of police moved into the Echo Park encampment at around 10 p.m. Wednesday — and were met by more than 200 protesters opposing the sweep. APLos Angeles Police Chief Michel Moore told the LA Times that homeless residents inside the park could stay overnight — but that no one else can enter.
Workers file 684,000 jobless claims, fewest since the pandemic began
Last week’s 684,000 initial jobless claims brought the total for the COVID-19 pandemic to more than 82.5 million — a number more than twice the size of Iraq’s entire population. But the figure finally came in below the pre-pandemic watermark of 695,000 after 52 consecutive weeks of painfully high levels of layoffs. Economists say there’s more light at the end of the tunnel with lockdowns loosening, vaccinations rising and warmer weather on the horizon. Last week’s 684,000 initial jobless claims brought the total for the COVID-19 pandemic to more than 82.5 million — a number more than twice the size of Iraq’s entire population. Economists expect it to show non-farm payrolls adding 500,000 jobs this month, up from 379,000 in February, according to Wrightson ICAP.
Dems' gun control agenda after Boulder shooting 'can't usurp reality': Colion Noir
The Democrats' gun control agenda "can't usurp reality," attorney and gun rights activist Colion Noir said on Thursday, in response to the Biden administration calling for the Senate to pass gun control legislation in the wake of the Boulder, Colorado shooting. BIDEN CONSIDERING EXECUTIVE ACTION ON GUN CONTROL, PSAKI SAYSCOLION NOIR: If there's one thing that their agenda can't usurp, it’s reality; because I think there are a lot of people out there who believe that we're so advanced that we don't need these tools anymore. And we learned it readily in 2020 when people realize, oh man, when it comes down to it, the only person responsible for my safety is me. So I need to go out there and get the best tool possible to defend not only me, but the family and people that I love. A cop can't be there at the same time or to a degree that you're there whenever a situation like this happens.
WaPo writers warn reporters to avoid 'drama,' soundbites at Biden's first news conference
A pair of Washington Post writers had a curious message ahead of President Biden's first solo news conference since taking office: the media better watch themselves. But it’s a bigger test for White House reporters," read the headline for Sullivan's piece on Tuesday. Every TV reporter has to be thinking about the 10-second clip of their question that might be used on Thursday’s newscast, establishing them as the star du jour who bravely challenged the president," Sullivan wrote. Rubin, one of the most enthusiastic Democratic boosters on the Post's roster, complained the media had unfairly "hounded" White House press secretary Jen Psaki over the border crisis. Both Sullivan and Rubin took exception to the border crisis being called a crisis by the media, suggesting journalists were bowing to conservative pressure.
Sean Hannity explains why Biden's fall, cognitive struggles are a 'nightmare scenario'
In Friday's "Hannity" opening monologue, Fox News host Sean Hannity sounded the alarm that President Joe Biden's recent gaffes and stumble while boarding Air Force One have become "a nightmare scenario." From what we can clearly observe now on pretty much a daily basis, he is obviously not doing well. Because it's not just Sean Hannity making an observation that Joe Biden is in fact weak, and frail, and struggling cognitively. The whole world can see what we see every day, including hostile regimes, hostile actors and America’s enemies. This is now a nightmare scenario.
Biden team 'has zero confidence' that 'absentee president' can handle press conference, Concha suggests
Joe Biden is showing himself to be an "absentee president" by not holding a solo press conference or scheduling an address to Congress despite having been in office for more than six weeks, Joe Concha told "America Reports" Thursday. "I look at what President Biden said on January 14th where he said, as president-elect, he would address Congress 'next month', as in February," said Concha, a Fox News contributor and The Hill media columnist. Biden's immediate predecessor, Donald Trump, held his first news conference on Feb. 16, 2017, while Barack Obama held his first news conference on Feb. 9, 2009. In Biden's first six weeks, Concha noted, he has enacted sweeping executive actions like the cancellation of the Keystone XL Pipeline project. I would be curious to see how the president answers those questions," he said.
Whitmer vetoes bill that would have limited her admin's emergency powers in Michigan
Gretchen Whitmer vetoed a bill that would have given a degree of power over emergency orders to the state legislature, limiting how long her administration could enforce orders without lawmakers' approval. GRETCHEN WHITMER MAY SOON FACE CUOMO-LIKE SCRUTINY OVER NURSING HOMES, LAWSUIT PLAINTIFFS SAY"Unfortunately, epidemics are not limited to 28 days," Whitmer said in a veto letter, according to The bill would have applied retroactively to all emergency orders issued on or after Nov. 15, 2020, invalidating them absent legislative approval. MURPHY: 'WE NEED ANSWERS' ON NURSING HOME DEATHSThroughout the coronavirus pandemic, Whitmer has faced criticism for her administration's orders. At the height of the pandemic in April, Michigan saw armed protesters storm the state's Capitol in opposition to Whitmer's stay-at-home order.
How to watch Biden’s first White House press conference
All 15 prior presidents held a solo press conference within 33 days of taking office, according to a CNN analysis of data from the American Presidency Project. Former President Donald Trump held his first solo press conference 27 days after taking office. Biden’s press conference will be livestreamed across various platforms. Now in the White House, Biden appears to be continuing that trend. White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki told reporters that Biden is “thinking about what to wants to say” to prepare for his presser.
Gov. Ducey slams Kamala Harris as ‘worst possible choice’ for border response
Vice President Kamala Harris is “the worst possible choice” to lead the White House effort to tackle the migration crisis at the US-Mexico border, Arizona Gov. AP Migrants arrive to Val Verde Border Humanitarian Coalition after they were released from Customs Border Protection office in Del Rio, Texas. Go Nakamura for NY Post A local technician Alejandro Acosta, center, fixes a phone for migrants to make calls at Val Verde Border Humanitarian Coalition. Go Nakamura for NY Post A migrant bathes at Val Verde Border Humanitarian Coalition. Go Nakamura for NY Post A migrant child lays on the floor to relax at Val Verde Border Humanitarian Coalition.
Condoleezza Rice: What to know about the barrier-breaking former secretary of state, national security adviser
Condoleezza Rice became the first woman to serve as national security adviser and later the first Black woman to hold the post of secretary of state under former President George W. Bush. Rice, now 66, was named head of the National Security Council when Bush was elected in 2000 and was an influential adviser to the president following the September 11 attacks. Rice and her family moved to Denver in the late 1960s, where she enrolled at the University of Denver at age 15. In 2002, when Yo-Yo Ma received the National Medal of the Arts, the cellist requested that Rice accompany him on stage. After breaking boundaries as the first Black woman to hold the roles of national security adviser and later secretary of state, Rice returned to Stanford University as a political science professor.
Pilot shortage predicted following coronavirus pandemic: study
A global shortage of aircraft operators is predicted when the coronavirus pandemic ultimately, someday, comes to a close and demand for travel comes roaring back, a consulting firm has predicted. In a new report, the New York-based Oliver Wyman called the COVID-19 pandemic a "momentary reprieve" for an already-ailing supply of pilots. When the pandemic began, demand for travel ceased almost overnight, prompting major carriers to furlough or lay off thousands of aviators. "With the global nature of this shock, we believe 25,000 to 35,000 current and future pilots may choose alternative career paths over the next decade." Drawing on a "modest recovery scenario," the authors predicted a global pilot shortage will hit "certain regions" in 2023, but most likely before.
AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine shows 76% efficacy against symptomatic infection in updated data
AstraZeneca on Thursday published an updated analysis confirming that a Phase 3 trial involving its COVID-19 vaccine was safe and effective, and showed to be 76% effective against symptomatic COVID-19. The update came after the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) said the company may have provided an incomplete view of the efficacy data after the Data and Safety Monitoring Board (DSMB) said it was concerned about the information included in the release. "We urge the company to work with the DSMB to review the efficacy data and ensure the most accurate, up-to-date efficacy data be made public as quickly as possible." The earlier data reflected 79% efficacy in preventing symptomatic infections and 100% efficacy at preventing severe disease and hospitalization. CLICK HERE FOR COMPLETE CORONAVIRUS COVERAGE"At the end of the day, when you look at the data, this is going to turn out to be a good vaccine," Fauci said.
10 times MSNBC's Joy Reid spread conspiracy theories or misinformation
MSNBC far-left host Joy Reid once again spread misinformation on her Twitter account Monday, sharing a 2019 picture of a crowded Miami Beach in an attempt to shame vacationers for flouting coronavirus distancing guidelines. It wasn't the first time, however, that Reid has spread conspiracy theories or other misinformation to her viewers and millions of Twitter followers. MSNBC anchor Nicolle Wallace, one of the network's most enthusiastic proponents of Russia election conspiracy theories, asked if Johnson and Russia were "in cahoots" last year because both were trying to damage Joe Biden. GLENN GREENWALD RIPS MSNBC'S JOY REID OVER 'BATS--T CRAZY' CLAIM ABOUT SEN. RON JOHNSON"I wasn’t really doing anything to him and everyone thought I was and that makes me really sad. MSNBC'S JOY REID SAYS TIM SCOTT ONLY PRESENT AT GOP PRESS CONFERENCE FOR 'DIVERSITY'"MSNBC should know that one of its hosts is making things up.
VP Harris, now overseeing border crisis, called to decriminalize crossings, compared ICE to KKK
Vice President Kamala Harris, whom President Biden tapped to lead the administration's response to the border crisis, once indicated she was in favor of decriminalizing illegal border crossings and sparked backlash in 2018 when she compared ICE to the KKK. "When she speaks, she speaks for me," Biden said Thursday. Harris has been accused of flip-flopping on decriminalizing illegal border crossings. When Megan McCain asked her about it on "The View," Harris denied it, though she still said the law shouldn't be criminally enforced. Harris generated outrage in 2018 when she attempted to convince former Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Acting Director Ronald Vitiello to compare the agency to the KKK.
Kamala Harris' laughing answer to border question sparks backlash
Vice President Kamala Harris is facing a backlash after laughing when a reporter asked if she planned to visit the southern border amid the migrant crisis. "Kamala Harris laughs at a reporter who asked her if she has plans to visit the border. "Well, it is no laughing matter, and I wish the vice president and president would come to the border. "Apparently, the border crisis is now a laughing matter for the Biden administration," Steve Guest, communications adviser for Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, wrote on Twitter. "Both Biden [and] Harris have refused to visit the border because it’s not a priority-apparently it’s just a laughing matter!
GOP's Roy Blunt blasts Democrats’ ‘false narrative’ on voter suppression
In a contentious hearing on Capitol Hill on Wednesday, U.S. Sen. Roy Blunt, R-Mo., blasted Democrats for what he described as a "false narrative" regarding voter suppression allegations. "Because there are frequently errors in the lists that are used in Social Security and other …" Waldman began, before Blunt interjected. I just don’t agree …"Klobuchar then interrupted: "Senator Blunt, can we allow the witness to answer the question, please?" CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APP"Shame, shame shame," Schumer added. "If anybody ought to be feeling any shame around here, it's turning the FEC[Federal Elections Commission] into a partisan prosecutor.
First News Conference A Test For The President and The Media
President Biden will hold his first press conference today, more than two months after taking office. President Clinton waited just nine days, 20 days for President Obama and 27 days for former President Trump. Ari Fleischer, former White House Press Secretary and current FOX News Contributor gives a preview of President Biden’s press conference, what it was like prepping former President George W. Bush for his first press conference and how he thinks President Biden will do. California Governor Gavin Newsom is being recalled in his state over the coronavirus lockdown restrictions. He joins the “Rundown’ to weigh in on the governors’ handling of the pandemic and what he has learned from being recalled himself.
LA police clash with protesters at Echo Park homeless encampment
Los Angeles police clashed with hundreds of protesters on Wednesday as officers moved in to close Echo Park's massive homeless encampment, according to authorities. The demonstrators -- a mix of homeless people and activists -- threw bottles and objects at officers, who attempted to push them back from the park, according to reports. As of 11:45 p.m local time, authorities remained in the area as fencing was being installed, according to Los Angeles Police Chief Michel Moore. City officials had been planning to clear and fence in the park, which homeless people have populated over the past year. A group of encampment residents and activists held a vigil earlier on Wednesday, reports said.
Tim Graham: Biden's press conference – top 7 puffballs mainstream media have pitched so far
In a recent panel discussion on Zoom assembled to assess Joe Biden’s first weeks with the press, NBC White House reporter Geoff Bennett made a candid admission. The Biden campaign and transition used the COVID restrictions to limit the number of reporters at press conferences, and then only called on reporters we would call "friendly." Nothing about Democrats being soft on rioting – or a "racial reckoning," as the media like to call it. Some might say reporters are "tough" on Biden when they demand more outrage about Trump. Some might say reporters are "tough" on Biden when they demand more outrage about Trump.
Charlottesville mayor says city 'rapes you' and 'tells you to keep its secrets’
Charlottesville, Virginia Mayor Nikuyah Walker turned some heads after she attacked her own city in a Facebook post on Wednesday. "Charlottesville: The beautiful-ugly it is," wrote Walker, who was first elected mayor in 2017. "It rapes you, comforts you in its c—-stained sheets and tells you to keep its secrets." It’s as if good ole [Thomas Jefferson] is still cleverly using his whip to whip the current inhabitants into submissiveness," she added. THOMAS JEFFERSON'S BIRTHDAY DITCHED AS CHARLOTTESVILLE HOLIDAYDr. Wes Bellamy, a former Charlottesville city councilman, posted a picture with Walker on Twitter following her re-election in 2020.
Ex-Nike exec's son abused family discounts to pump up sneaker reselling business: Report
The son of a former Nike executive was reported to the company "several times" for abusing his family discount for his sneaker reselling business, according to a new report. GET FOX BUSINESS ON THE GO BY CLICKING HEREAnn Hebert allegedly disclosed her son's company to Nike in 2018 but the apparel giant reportedly found no issue with it. A Nike spokesperson previously told Bloomberg that there was no affiliation between the two companies and that there was no conflict of interest. The sources told Input, however, that lower-level employees would be held to a different standard and would face the possibility of losing their job or receiving an HR violation. Representatives for Nike did not respond to FOX Business' request for comment.
Nike shows mixed results as layoffs news follows after earnings release
The third-quarter earnings reported by Nike Thursday afternoon were mixed -- a drop in revenue but dramatic increases in digital sales -- as the retailer struggled with challenges from the pandemic. ”FOX Business reached out to Nike for comment regarding the reported layoffs but is still awaiting a response. For the quarter, Nike saw its total sales rise to $10.36 billion from $10.1 billion a year earlier. Nike Direct -- which operates both digital outlets and a network of company-owned stores -- registered a 20% increase in sales pulling in $4 billion. In the third quarter, Nike paid shareholders $434 million in dividends, up 14% compared to the prior year.
CNN ripped for defense of Chris Cuomo’s preferential COVID testing
Critics ripped CNN on Wednesday for its defense of anchor Chris Cuomo amid a report that he was given priority coronavirus testing early in the pandemic thanks to his brother, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo. Other allies to the administration and some state legislators and their staffers also received early testing, the report said. Ben Max, executive editor of Gotham Gazette, said: “anyone” here being the governor of New York, his brother, who he was also having on his television show.”Chris and Andrew Cuomo on CNN. CNNRadio host Derek Hunter tweeted that CNN’s response was, “a long-winded version of ‘Don’t you know who I am?
Drake FaceTimes Kyle Lowry during post-game presser
Kyle Lowry was a few minutes into a postgame Zoom session where most questions were centered around Thursday’s NBA trade deadline, then asked for his microphone to be paused for a moment. Lowry is perhaps the top potential prize on the trade market going into deadline day, which means Wednesday’s win over Denver might have been his last in a Toronto Raptors uniform. “At the end of the day, if something happens, it happens. And if it doesn’t, it doesn’t, right? “I’m going to wait and see,” trade candidate Norman Powell of the Raptors said, “just like everybody else.”
Colorado Gov. Polis on Boulder shooting: ‘As a nation, we really need to look out for one another'
Jared Polis told "America's Newsroom" Wednesday that he had lost "friends of friends" in Monday's mass shooting at the King Soopers grocery store in Boulder that killed 10 people, including a police officer. "This is a really hard time for the family and friends of the 10 people we lost," Polis told co-host Dana Perino. The suspected gunman in the Boulder shooting, Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa, 21, has been charged with 10 counts of first-degree murder. BOULDER SHOOTING SUSPECT AHMAD AL ALIWI ALISSA: WHAT WE KNOW"I'm confident that the perpetrator will be held fully accountable under the law," Polis said. "I think this is an example of how as a state, as a nation, we really need to look out for one another.
Cruz calls out Harris on border crisis, surely ‘admin will allow media to film the empty cages’
Sen. Ted Cruz on Wednesday requested that Vice President Kamala Harris and the Biden administration grant media access to U.S. Customs and Border Protection facilities at the Texas border. The Biden admin is refusing to allow press to see the CBP facilities," Cruz wrote. "Since you’ve promised to 'release children from cages,' surely your admin will allow media to film the empty cages." "I've been to those facilities many times in the Obama administration, in the Trump administration, and they've always let media in. On Wednesday, Biden insisted the surge in migrants at the southern border began under the Trump administration.
Colorado shooting spurs another media debate over gun gridlock
And then I saw headlines saying there had been seven mass shootings in seven days. Without pausing a beat, I can rattle off so many places that became synonymous with mass shootings: The theater in Aurora. When Democrats and media liberals demand that we take the politics out of the gun issue by passing the laws they want, they have blinders on. It should be a political issue, especially in light of the Second Amendment. So now, as we mourn the victims, the media will obsessively cover another round of the gun debate and Biden’s efforts to get something passed.
Horse milk: Yea or ‘neigh’?
This horse farm is a cash cow. Englishman Frank Shellard is selling mare’s milk from a rare French breed at $144 a gallon. His farm outside Bath, UK, is the only known organic horse milk producer in the world. Subscribe to our YouTube!
Letters to the Editor — March 25, 2021
It’s amazing how much damage the IQ-challenged leaders of New York have done to both the city and state (“Taxed to death,” March 21). And in New York City — a big, bustling, mega-metropolis in an otherwise sprawling country — the subway erodes at the hands of poor public funding and years of political mismanagement. For New York City to function, and to be viable, it needs a better subway system. He found a way to avoid paying taxes. Virgilio CarballoThe BronxProgressive politicos who decry gentrification have proposed hiking state taxes to absurd levels while providing billions in aid to illegal immigrants.
US reporters enable Beijing and other commentary
Media watch: US Reporters Enable BeijingMajor media have imagined a racial motive for the Atlanta shooting spree to feed “a social-media audience of woke identitarians — and now the Chinese Communist Party is getting in on the act,” reports Stephen L. Miller at Spectator USA. It’s not enough just to be free to change genders, or decide you don’t have a gender, or marry a person of whichever gender they’ve decided to be that day. Everybody else must stand up and applaud you for your bravery. They are still “shaking down the public for one last big payday. Only in this case, millions of kids are suffering as a result.”— Compiled by The Post Editorial Board
Biden wants to gut accused college kids’ due-process rights in rape cases
In 2016, Purdue University imposed a one-year suspension on a student accused of sexual assault, forcing him to resign from ROTC and ending his plans for a Navy career. President Joe Biden is now threatening to revive the earlier policy, which encouraged universities to presume the guilt of students charged with sexual misconduct. The Purdue student, identified as “John Doe” in court documents, began dating “Jane Doe” in 2015. This month Biden, who played a key role in the 2011 guidance, ordered the Education Department to consider “suspending, revising or rescinding” DeVos’ reforms. While critics consider the 2020 regulations “outrageous,” the real outrage is the kangaroo courts that universities created under federal pressure.
Biden’s insane $3 trillion race to transform the nation overnight
Fresh off ramming through a nearly $2 trillion “COVID relief” package by the slimmest majority, President Biden now wants to shell out another $3 trillion, more than doubling the size of the federal government in a matter of months. The clear idea: to fundamentally transform the nation in accordance with radical-leftist visions before Democrats lose control of Congress in 2022. All thinly covered with Biden’s empty talk of “unity” and pretensions that some of this would boost the economy. Remember, the $2 trillion “COVID relief” bill had more to do with rewarding Dem allies than with either COVID or providing relief. Biden’s not “thinking big” here, he’s not thinking at all.
Quit stalling — hold Gov. Cuomo’s impeachment trial now
Just as we feared, the Assembly is stalling to protect Gov. Andrew Cuomo — aiming to take months to complete its impeachment inquiry. That’s because Speaker Carl Heastie (D-Bronx) threw everything but the kitchen sink into the mix to drag it out. Attorney General Letitia James, who’s already questioning the accusers, can handle the sexual harassment charges that Heastie insists Lavine look at, along with issues surrounding the Mario Cuomo Bridge. As Lavine put it, Heastie “has directed us to examine all credible allegations, including but not limited to — and here the key is including but not limited to.”And a damning key it is.
Families deserve justice one year after Cuomo’s deadly nursing home order
Last Sunday afternoon, I gathered with grieving family members who lost their loved ones to COVID-19 in nursing homes. “Who cares [if they] died in the hospital, died in a nursing home? We are bound together in grief and in our shared quest for answers about why our loved ones passed away, and what could have been done to prevent it. Today, March 25, marks the one-year anniversary of Cuomo’s reckless mandate that ordered over 9,000 COVID-positive patients into nursing homes. People gathered in Brooklyn on March 21, 2021 for a memorial to loved ones who died of COVID-19 in New York nursing homes.
Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador blames migrant crisis on Biden
Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador blamed President Biden for the migrant surge that has erupted into a full-blown border crisis, arguing the “expectations” he set left migrants with the perception that they would be let in the US. “Expectations were created that with the government of President Biden there would be a better treatment of migrants. The data, however, overwhelmingly shows that migrants were flooding the border because they believed Biden would welcome them with open arms. Mexican President Obrador blamed the current border crisis on “expectations” set by President Biden. Bloomberg via Getty ImagesDuring his remarks Tuesday, the Mexican president also urged the US to spur economic development in the region, noting that it would help curb migration.
Giant container ship blocking Suez Canal partially moved
Crews have managed to partially free the container ship that caused a massive traffic jam on the Suez Canal. The Suez Canal is being partially blocked by the Ever Given, a large container ship. This satellite image shows the cargo ship the Ever Given stuck in the Suez Canal near Suez, Egypt. Head of the Suez Canal Authority, Lt. Gen. Ossama Rabei (2nd from right) observes the blockage of Egypt’s Suez Canal by the large container ship. The container ship was hit by strong wind and ran aground in the Suez Canal, Egypt.
US government imposing severe restrictions on news outlets covering border crisis
But journalists traveling to cover the chaos have encountered levels of restrictions not seen under prior presidential administrations, Republican or Democratic. During a ride-along last week with Texas’ Hidalgo County Sheriff’s Office, a Post reporter witnessed Border Patrol agents investigate a home thought to be used as a stash house for stolen cars and migrants secreted over the border. Deputies from the Hidalgo County Constable’s Office later explained that the camera-shy policy was handed down just last month, and that taking photos and videos of Border Patrol operations had not previously been seen as a problem. “It’s just orders they have also, because I guess they don’t want to admit it’s a crisis going on,” speculated one deputy. “But it is already.”The Post’s experience is part of a larger media blackout effort corroborated by other journalists trying to cover the crisis.
Hawaii’s open-carry ban is lawful, federal appeals court rules
A panel of federal appeals court judges on Wednesday ruled in favor of Hawaii’s strict limits on openly carrying firearms. Young had argued that his Second Amendment rights are being violated by the state’s rejection to his license applications. “Accordingly, Hawaii’s firearms-carry scheme is lawful.”Young, the panel ruled, did not show “the urgency or the need” to carry a gun in public. His lawyer, Alan Beck, said he will ask the Supreme Court to take up the case, the report said. Meanwhile, the state granted carry licenses to 123 private security firms employees who applied for them last year, the report said.
Cineworld in deal with Warner Bros, theaters to open next month
Cineworld’s US chain Regal will reopen next month after prolonged closures caused by the pandemic, in time for big-budget release “Godzilla vs. Kong”, it said Tuesday as it laid out an exclusivity deal with Warner Bros. The world’s second-largest cinema operator, whose reopening plans follow larger US rival AMC’s, said its multi-year deal with Warner Bros. will allow it to run the studio’s movies exclusively in US cinemas for 45 days, with certain provisions, starting next year. “We are very happy for the agreement with Warner Bros. This agreement shows the studio’s commitment to the theatrical business,” Chief Executive Mooky Greidinger said. In the United Kingdom, Warner Bros. and Cineworld have agreed to an exclusive theatrical window of 31 days before the film goes to premium video on demand, with an extended window of up to 45 days for films that open to an agreed-upon box-office threshold.
Tribune Publishing, owner of NY Daily News, backs Alden Global’s bid despite higher offer
Tribune Publishing’s board has decided to stick with a buyout bid from its largest shareholder, Alden Global, despite getting a higher offer from hotel tycoon Stewart Bainum after the hedge fund said it would not support an alternative deal. Tribune, the owner of the Chicago Tribune and the New York Daily News, said in a regulatory filing on Tuesday that its board recommended shareholders vote in favor of the $17.25 per share bid from Alden. The New York-based hedge fund, which owns a 32 percent stake in Tribune, had made it “clear it would not support an alternative transaction,” Tribune said, prompting the company to reject a rival offer from Bainum, the chair of Choice Hotels. Bainum earlier this month offered $18.50 per Tribune share. Shares of the publishing company, which saw a decline in revenue last year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, were trading 3.6 percent higher at $17.69 on Wednesday.
LA Times receives $10M PPP loan amid rumors editor search is over
LA Times owner Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong and the paper’s president, Chris Argentieri, have scheduled a virtual town hall for Thursday morning. A spokeswoman for the LA Times, however, insisted that the editor search has not yet been wrapped up. When Soon-Shiong acquired the LA Times and San Diego Union Tribune from Tribune Publishing for $500 million in June 2018, the paper was throwing off $50 million a year in profit. We are still operating with great uncertainty.”The $10 million loan is the first PPP funds that the two papers have been able to tap. The first round of PPP funds was targeted to businesses with under 500 employees, but the two papers combined have about 1,400, the LA Times reported.
Germany funds vaccine assistance for Holocaust survivors
By virtue of their ages alone, survivors of the Holocaust are at higher risk of dying of COVID-19. After discussions with the Claims Conference, Germany agreed to provide an additional $13.5 million that will be used to overcome these hurdles, Schneider told The Associated Press. Using its database, the Claims Conference is reaching out to Holocaust survivors by phone and mail to determine if they want to be vaccinated, whether they have questions about the vaccines, and what assistance they need. In the United States, where there are about 50,000 survivors, Claims Conference data show that some 40% have not yet been vaccinated. The Claims Conference leads annual talks with Germany to negotiate for compensation for Holocaust survivors.
Model Hilary Rhoda and NHLer Sean Avery list NYC duplex for $2.6M
Model Hilary Rhoda and her Toronto-born, fashion-forward former NHL player husband Sean Avery are listing their Noho home for $2.67 million. Rhoda, 33, told Architectural Digest back in 2017 that she had moved in 10 years earlier — when she paid $2 million for the unit, according to property records. The modern duplex at 21 Astor Place is in a landmarked building that dates to 1892 and was once a “mercantile library,” Rhoda told AD. Amenities in the 11-story building include a gym. The Astor Place listing broker is Corcoran’s Steve Gold, star of “Million Dollar Listing New York,” who declined to comment.
425 Park Avenue tower inks first new lease in more than two years
In a breakthrough for closely watched 425 Park Ave., global private-equity firm Hellman & Friedman has signed a lease for two full floors — the first new office commitment there in more than two years. The leasing needle was paused at 331,000 square feet since January 2019, when Ken Griffin’s Citadel added 124,000 square feet to an earlier agreement. Developer David W. Levinson told us two months ago that he expected more than 100,000 square feet of new signings at 425 Park in 2021. He said that due to what’s “clearly not a good market,” he’d “adjusted” lofty rents at 425 Park, but wouldn’t discuss numbers. Levinson’s L&L Holding Co. developed 425 Park with co-equity partner and co-developer Tokyu Land Corp. and co-managing partner BentallGreenOak.
Real estate honcho David Levinson sells NYC mansion for over $50M
Real-estate investor David Levinson, chairman and CEO of L&L Holding, and his wife Simone are in contract to sell their Upper East Side mansion for a price that is “in the fifties,” a source said — meaning more than $50 million. They bought the home, at 11 E. 69th St., for $9.5 million in 2004, according to property records. “The couple were self-shopping the mansion for a while,” the source said, meaning they listed it off-market. “Spacious” is an understatement at this 16,352-square-foot Upper East Side home. Broker Adam Modlin, who declined comment, is involved and the buyer is a New York City-based family.
Michael Jordan’s Bulls-era Illinois mansion still can’t find buyer in 9 years
Michael Jordan hasn’t slam-dunked a buyer on his Illinois mansion in its nine years on the market, The Post has learned. In 2013, one year after the property first hit the market, the price fell to $21 million. An open-floor expansive living room with slide doors realtor.comThe regulation-size indoor basketball court realtor.comA fitness center realtor.comJordan’s white, contemporary-style mansion has 56,000 square feet of space on three levels. Other features of the home are a full-size indoor basketball court, which was added in 2001, an outdoor tennis court and three separate multi-car garages. Additional amenities include a movie theater, cigar room, poker room and wine cellar.
DOJ probing prosecutor for ‘60 Minutes’ interview on Capitol riot
The former US attorney in Washington who previously led the probe into the Capitol riot is being probed for comments he made to “60 Minutes” about the ongoing cases, a federal prosecutor said. Michael Sherwin — who was replaced as Washington’s top prosecutor days before his “60 Minutes” interview that aired Sunday — said Tuesday he believes evidence in the investigation supports sedition charges in some of the 400 criminal cases filed thus far in connection with the Jan. 6 siege. “Whether his interview violated Justice Department policy is really not for me to say, but it is something I hope the Department of Justice is looking into,” Metha said. ERIC BARADAT/AFP via Getty ImagesJohn Crabb, director of the criminal division for the US Attorney’s Office in Washington, said Sherwin’s “60 Minutes” interview had been referred to the Justice Department’s Office of Professional Responsibility to be investigated. “The government, quite frankly in my view, should know better.”Sherwin — who recorded the interview on March 17, two days before he stepped down from leading the probe — declined to comment, the Washington Post reported.
Medium offers buyouts to its entire editorial staff
Medium — the writing platform behind Jeff Bezos’ explosive 2019 post claiming blackmail by a supermarket tabloid — is offering buyouts to its entire editorial staff as it scales back its journalistic ambitions. On Wednesday Williams conceded the future of the Medium publications is uncertain. The bet was that we could develop these brands, and they would develop loyal audiences that would grow the overall Medium subscriber base,” he said. “What’s happened, though, is the Medium subscriber base has continued to grow, while our publication’s audiences haven’t,” he said. “For the foreseeable future, we will focus that talent on supporting independent voices on our platform,” said Williams.
Hedge fund ‘vampire’ buys luxury Hamptons resort for near $20 million
Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window)Hamptons regulars are stunned after Wall Streeter Heath Freeman — dubbed “the hedge fund vampire that bleeds newspapers dry” — bought the beloved East Hampton Point resort for less than $20 million. It is just minutes from East Hampton Village. East Hampton Point is a personal investment by Freeman and a group of investors and doesn’t involve Alden Global Capital, the source added. One Hamptons source told us, “Given Freeman’s ambition, I am sure this place will be expensive, and attract a big power crowd of wealthy customers. But the news of this deal certainly won’t sit well with the journalists and editors who have been laid off by his company.”Heath Freeman bought the beloved East Hampton Point resort for less than $20 million.
Gene Simmons buys California home, despite vowing to flee over taxes
Gene Simmons isn’t telling California to kiss off — yet. Simmons and his wife, Canadian actress and 1982 Playboy Playmate of the Year Shannon Tweed, purchased the three-bedroom, four-bathroom California home on March 15, property records show. Realtor.comThe property sits on a 2.45 acres of land. Initially built in 1975, one side of the home boasts 180-degree ocean views and another side boasts 180-degree mountain views. Realtor.comThe Israeli-born Simmons and his wife sold their smaller Laurel Canyon spread for $2.2 million last August.
Yes, the Boulder ‘pistol’ was a weapon of war
Don’t let gun enthusiasts derail the national conversation after the Boulder mass murder with semantics: The firearm indeed counts as a “pistol,” but that hardly makes it any less a weapon of war. The body of the Ruger AR-556 is modeled after the AR-15 semiautomatic rifle, and the gun functions effectively the same. The main differences are a shorter barrel and a pistol brace instead of rifle stock. Colorado law defines a pistol as having a barrel that does not exceed 12 inches. More: Boulder actually banned the AR-556 and similar guns in 2018.
Rush to judgment is OK if mass killers are white — not if they’re Arab
How much better it feels to rush to judgment. Naturally, the officer was immediately denounced as a purveyor of white supremacy by people who knew absolutely nothing about him and the case. And we were archly warned not to rush to judgment about him, or his faith, or anything — by the very same sort of people who rushed to judgment in both these cases. “The shooter’s race or ethnicity seems front and center when they aren’t white,” declared Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.). Seems like the key interest in a shooter’s identity from identitarians like Omar is entirely to do with race ­— since white is a race, too.
Ex-Operation Warp Speed boss loses pharma job after sex harassment probe
GSK said Wednesday it booted Slaoui from his post as chairman of the board of Galvani Bioelectronics, a medical research firm that’s majority-owned by the pharma giant. The move came after GSK received a letter detailing allegations of sexual harassment and “inappropriate conduct” against Slaoui dating back to his time on GSK’s staff. GSK’s board hired a law firm to launch an investigation that substantiated the allegations but is still ongoing, the company said. GSK chief executive Emma Walmsley told staff in a letter that the firm had been dealing with the allegations against Slaoui since February, according to Reuters. “Sexual harassment and any abuse of leadership position are strictly prohibited and will not be tolerated,” GSK said in its release.
Joe Biden, you’re no FDR or LBJ
FDR and LBJ, to whom the historians apparently have compared Biden, were both swept into office in landslide victories, alongside large congressional majorities — often large supermajorities — that were on board with their agenda. As Lloyd Bentsen might have said: I’ve read about FDR, and Joe Biden, you are no FDR. Does Joe Biden know this? But the remaining areas in which Biden hopes to make “once-in-a-lifetime historic changes” represent an entirely different story. If Axios is correct about Joe Biden’s mindset, then Biden has perpetrated a monumental fraud on the American public.
What NY lawmakers forgot in their drive to legalize pot
A deal to legalize pot has emerged from Albany’s legendary smoke-filled rooms, but it looks like lawmakers jumped the gun on indulging when they were settling the testy issue of “driving while high.”Weed impairs judgment, reaction time and general alertness. States that legalized soon saw an increase in “driving under the influence,” with rising accident rates and road fatalities. Driving only “impaired” by pot will be a simple traffic infraction. Stewart-Cousins says she’ll get funding to train cops statewide to recognize the levels of “impairment” and “serious impairment,” but it will remain pretty subjective. Get set for claims that police are enforcing a “Driving Stoned While Black” injustice, not to mention the other games defense lawyers will play.
GameStop shares plummet after lackluster earnings report
GameStop’s stock price took a nosedive Wednesday as Reddit and Wall Street tried to suss out the struggling retailer’s future. The Texas-based video-game chain reported net sales of $2.1 billion for the quarter ending Jan. 30, falling short of analysts’ expectations for $2.2 billion. The retailer filed plans in December to sell up to $100 million in shares, but said it may increase that amount. The filing noted that GameStop’s stock price has seen wild movements “unrelated or disproportionate to” its actual operating performance, like when it hit an intraday peak of $483 on Jan. 28. That phenomenon occurred in January as Reddit traders pumped up GameStop shares to hammer hedge funds that had bet against the stock.
Brooklyn judge dismisses 857 prostitution cases at DA’s request
A Brooklyn judge Wednesday dismissed 857 cases against defendants charged with prostitution and related raps — at the request of the borough’s district attorney, whose office no longer prosecutes the offenses. The cases for prostitution and loitering for purposes of prostitution — a since-repealed law known as “Walking While Trans” — dated from 1970 to 2011, officials said. Queens DA Melinda Katz also recently asked a judge in her borough to dismiss and seal more than 670 prostitution and prostitution loitering cases. A few weeks earlier, a judge dismissed 8,000 loitering for purposes of prostitution cases dating back as far as the 1970s at the request of Bronx DA Darcel Clark. Ryan Lavis, a spokesman for Richmond County DA Michael McMahon, said the office would also move to dismiss open loitering for purposes of prostitution cases.
Albany’s big splurgers are floating a budget stuffed with boondoggles
It’s the perfect storm of perfect storms: A pandemic socks the economy, erodes tax revenues and widens already gaping budget holes. Short-term, multibillion-dollar shortfalls are on course to grow only worse, perhaps threatening the state’s fiscal solvency down the road. Washington Democrats race to the rescue and rush boatloads of cash to the state, wiping out the short-term crisis — but whetting the appetite of Albany’s big splurgers. Of course, all this would be on top of Cuomo’s $196 billion budget plan, pushing the bottom line to $208 billion, including federal aid, up from $195 billion this year. With yet more taxes and spending and a precarious long-term budget to boot, Florida and Texas are sure to roll out the welcome mat.
Psaki says she never heard claim Hunter Biden got $3.5M from wife of ex-Moscow mayor
Your family got $3.5 million and you know, someday you’re gonna have to explain — why did you get three and a half [million]?” Trump said. The Senate report claimed Hunter Biden co-founded Rosemont Seneca Thorton — the entity that got the alleged $3.5 million — in 2013. The Senate report said Rosemont Seneca Thorton is a consortium of Rosemont Seneca Partners and the Thornton Group. Hunter Biden addresses the virtual Democratic National Convention on Aug. 20, 2020. The fund was formed 12 days after Hunter Biden joined his father aboard Air Force Two for a December 2013 trip to Beijing.
Low-income families of color eligible for free cash under Oakland program
Some low-income families of color in Oakland will soon receive $500 a month in no-strings-attached cash as part of a privately funded program, Mayor Libby Schaaf said in a Tuesday announcement. The Oakland Resilient Families program has raised nearly $7 million dollars to help families of color with at least one minor child making less than $30,000 a year. More than two dozen mayors from around the country have signed on to “Mayors for a Guaranteed Income,” an organization that seeks to mitigate the effects of urban poverty with free cash. Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf is testing out a universal basic income program idea promoted by Andrew Yang during his failed presidential campaign. Participating families will be randomly selected under Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf’s income program, but white people will not be eligible.
Shaq’s redesigned Orlando home returns for sale
Basketball legend Shaquille “Shaq” O’Neal is finally looking for a slam-dunk sale of his central Florida estate. And to sweeten the deal for a new owner, the 30,000-plus-square-foot spread has undergone a redesign — one that’s noticeably missing its previous unique touches. Located near Orlando in Windermere, the property — which O’Neal purchased for $3.95 million in 1993 and later expanded — asks $16.5 million. In January, the 7-foot-1 O’Neal had a sale pending for the mansion, but the deal reportedly soon fell through for unclear reasons, according to the Orlando Business Journal. There was even a built-into-the-wall fish tank that was surrounded by a mural of O’Neal himself driving a truck.
Billionaire’s Central Park ‘trophy home’ sells for just $18.6M
Nonagenarian billionaire film producer Sidney Kimmel, whose credits include “Crazy Rich Asians,” just sold his full-floor Central Park South spread for $18.6 million. That’s almost $4 million less than the $22.34 million he paid for it back in 2001, according to property records. Michael Daffey, a veteran ex-Goldman Sachs exec, also bought the late pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s mansion for $51 million, down from its $88 million ask. He and his wife Caroline first listed the condo at 50 Central Park South, known as the Ritz-Carlton Residences, for $39.5 million back in 2018. It features 6,829 square feet of interior space, and Central Park Views from its 1,374 square feet of outdoor space.
GameStop loses second senior exec amid shakeup
Ryan Cohen’s GameStop overhaul continued with a second executive departure on Tuesday. The video game retailer’s chief customer officer Frank Hamlin will resign from the company on March 31 — second top executive to leave GameStop since it brought on Cohen to spearhead the mall-based retailer’s transition to an e-commerce company. The departure comes as Cohen, GameStop’s top shareholder and co-founder, has vowed to revive results, helping fuel a massive rally in GameStop’s shares by a group of amateur investors on Reddit who have banded together to boost the stock’s price. According to Reuters, the billionaire recently returned an email to a GameStop customer from New Jersey, who complained about the slow shipping of an order. Cohen also hired Kelli Durkin, who spearheaded initiatives at Chewy that included written personal notes to customers, as the retailer’s new senior vice president of customer care.
Zoom paid no federal income tax last year amid pandemic profit surge
Videoconferencing giant Zoom exploited a loophole to avoid paying a penny in federal income taxes in 2020 — even though the COVID-19 pandemic drove its profits to staggering heights last year, records show. But Zoom admitted that it didn’t pay any federal income tax on those profits even though the nation’s corporate tax rate was 21 percent. The company also recorded a deferred federal income tax expense of $689,000, though that’s separate from its $0 federal tax bill. A Zoom spokesperson said the company “complies with all applicable tax laws” in the nations where it does business. Research and development credits reduced Zoom’s total income tax bill by about $3.2 million last fiscal year, its annual filing shows.
GameStop misses Q4 sales expectations, hires Amazon exec
GameStop has also hired Neda Pacifico, a former executive of Amazon and, as senior vice president of e-commerce. On Tuesday’s call with investors, GameStop Chief Executive Officer George Sherman dubbed 2020 “unprecedented” and said that the company had to shutter 693 stores during the year. “Our emphasis in 2021 will be on improving our e-commerce and customer experience, increasing our speed of delivery, providing superior customer service and expanding our catalogue,” said Sherman. On Tuesday, chief customer officer Frank Hamlin announced he would resign from the company on March 31. In order to strengthen GameStop’s customer service, Cohen hired Kelli Durkin, who spearheaded initiatives at Chewy that included written personal notes to customers, as the retailer’s new senior vice president of customer care.
NYC goes green for St. Patrick's Day: Post's week in photos
Tatiana, 9, along with a group of parents and their kids, gathered outside of Gracie Mansion to protest the constant closure of public schools by Mayor De Blasio over the two case rule of Covid-19 testing while private schools remain open. Matthew McDermott
Instagram star allegedly stole $2.5M in Bitcoin from followers
Instagram star “Jay Mazini” was hit with federal charges Tuesday for allegedly duping his followers into sending him $2.5 million in Bitcoin, officials said. Mazini, 25, whose given name is Jegara Igbara, had one million followers before his Instagram account was shut down. He allegedly posted videos of himself on the site purportedly handing out wads of cash to strangers, including people waiting to check out at grocery stores and fast-food workers, prosecutors said. A total of four victims transferred Bitcoin to Igbara — but none of them received the promised payments, authorities said. Mazini allegedly told one victim he had a personal fortune of $33 million, according to a criminal complaint.
NYC apartment turned into illicit, expensive, mask-free nightclub: suit
The tenants of a Tribeca apartment have turned their pad into a crowded, mask-free illicit nightclub complete with bouncers, booze for sale and a $100 cover charge, a new lawsuit alleges. The rowdy parties have driven neighbors nuts for weeks — prompting the recent raids by law enforcement. The events normally have “hundreds of unmasked guests with a DJ playing music at obscenely loud levels, all while alcohol is illegally sold to the guests,” the suit charges. InstagramMeanwhile, residents of the building have sent messages to the landlord describing the gatherings, the suit says. Another Puffy’s employee said she would regularly see cases of alcohol being delivered to the apartment on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.
Craig Carton victim loses bid for faster repayment of restitution
A victim of Craig Carton’s multi-million dollar fraud scheme can’t get his restitution faster — despite the shock jock’s return to air, a judge ruled Wednesday. Carton is also still on-the-hook for property liens, child support payments and providing for his four kids, Janey noted. McMahon said she couldn’t intervene on this matter either at the moment, since Carton is currently the BOP’s responsibility. If anyone believes “that Mr. Carton’s restitution schedule should be altered, thetime to address the matter will be when Mr. Carton finally comes under the supervision of the court,” McMahon wrote. “As the Judge has instructed we will await the Department of Probation’s review of Mr. Carton’s increased earnings.”
Gov. Andrew Cuomo allegedly got his family members preferential COVID testing
Andrew Cuomo and Health Commissioner Dr. Howard Zucker allegedly directed that members of the governor’s family and bigwigs with ties to his administration should get priority coronavirus testing last year, a report said Wednesday. Relatives of Cuomo, including his brother, CNN anchor Chris Cuomo, one of their sisters and their mom, Matilda Cuomo, were tested several times during the early days of the pandemic, the Albany Times-Union reported. The testing was done by high-level members of the state Health Department, often at private homes, the newspaper said, citing three sources with direct knowledge of the matter. The Cuomo administration denied the allegations of preferential treatment to the newspaper. Dr. Howard Zucker, Commissioner of Health for New York State, at a press conference on March 29, 2020 in Albany.
State Comptroller urged to start probe into Cuomo’s handling of nursing homes
State Comptroller Tom ­DiNapoli should initiate a state investigation of Gov. Cuomo’s handling of nursing homes, a group of activists said Wednesday. One day before the first anniversary of the Health Department’s since-rescinded directive for nursing homes to accept coronavirus patients, members of “Voices for Seniors” urged DiNapoli to make a “referral” to Attorney General Letitia James under Section 63(3) of the state’s Executive Law. James is already investigating sexual harassment allegations against the governor. Are there communications between the governor and the publisher that establish a profit motive for the coverup?
Ex-CEO of city’s largest homeless shelter operator busted for bribery
The beleaguered ex-CEO of the city’s largest homeless shelter operator was arrested Wednesday for an alleged bribery and kickback scheme — a month after he was ousted from the non-profit amid sexual harassment and assault allegations. Rivera was earning $306,000 a year as the head of the organization, which runs homeless shelters, soup kitchens and affordable housing facilities. The organization runs homeless shelters, soup kitchens and affordable housing facilities. Google Street ViewIn February, a New York Times expose reported that 10 women, including homeless women staying in his shelters, have accused Rivera of sexual assault and harassment. After one shelter staffer broke off an affair with Rivera, he showed up at her job and allegedly demanded sex, according to the report.
New York officials reach agreement to legalize marijuana
New York State lawmakers struck a deal Wednesday to legalize marijuana, legislative sources said — just hours after Gov. The reform measures will be included in the laws that are set to be proposed as part of the state budget due on April 1, the sources said. Cities, towns and villages that don’t opt out of allowing local sales or deliveries could also tack on another 4 percent tax. New York lawmakers have reached an agreement to legalize marijuana. David McNew/Getty ImagesDuring a news conference earlier Thursday, Cuomo said he was making marijuana legalization a top priority in budget negotiations with lawmakers.
De Blasio suggests NY may be skewing COVID data for ‘political’ considerations
Andrew Cuomo’s administration may be skewing New York City’s COVID-19 data for political reasons. “Sometimes I am concerned that it might be a more subjective methodology, or there might be political considerations in the data,” said the mayor, adding, “We want the data to tell us the whole truth. We want to be led by the data and science.”The Big Apple’s coronavirus positivity rate on a seven-day rolling average has consistently differed between city versus state data. City data shows that New York City’s COVID-19 positivity rate has remained above 6 percent for weeks, but recent state data says that it’s been hovering at around 4 percent. And you know, despite some of the nuances and the differences between the data, those trends often tell a very similar story,” Chokshi said.
Senator Rick Scott Says If Democrats Try To End The Filibuster Republicans Will Not Show up To Have A Quorum
Senator Rick Scott (R-FL) told Brian Kilmeade that if democrats move to end the filibuster nothing will happen in the senate because republicans will not show up and without republicans they will not be able to have a quorum in the senate.
The Biden Administration’s Big Challenges
This Week:In recent weeks, increased vaccinations of American adults has signaled a possible end to the pandemic and social distancing restrictions. On Tuesday, President Biden kicked off his ‘Help is Here’ campaign, a tour designed to promote the president’s American Rescue Plan legislation across the country. Jon Hilsenrath, Global Economics Editor for The Wall Street Journal, discusses how the economic impact of COVID-19 differs from past recessions, and how these initiatives could serve to repair the economy. That’s the question being weighed on Capitol Hill this week as Democrats consider putting an end to the Senate filibuster. Fox News Congressional Correspondent, Chad Pergram, discusses the problems with the “contemporary” filibuster as it stands, what it would take to change a precedent in the senate, and how removing it could impact Senate Republicans.
Abigail Shrier & Sex And Gender In America
Dive into the fray with host Ben Domenech, publisher and co-founder of The Federalist, as he welcomes journalist and attorney Abigail Shrier, the author of Irreversible Damage: The Transgender Craze Seducing Our Daughters. In this discussion, Shrier explains the startling numbers behind increased gender dysphoria among young women in the United States, the challenges she has faced in advocating for her work, and her testimony before congress on H.R.5, The Equality Act. Follow Ben on Twitter: @bdomenech
Media Explosion Over Trump’s Plan to Create New Social Media Platform
Howie Kurtz on Jason Miller saying Trump will soon be back on his own social media platform, leaked photos showing the overcrowded conditions at border facilities and capitol rioters could be facing sedition charges. Follow Howie on Twitter: @HowardKurtzFor more #MediaBuzz click here
Jimmy Failla & Matt Napolitano Top 5 NCAA Tournament Cinderellas
The FOX Top 5 podcast. From greatest Presidential quotes, to favorite family traditions, to guilty pleasures… Join your favorite FOX News anchors, reporters and personalities every week, as they pair up to share their top five lists on a wide range of topics. Host of Fox Across America on Fox News Radio Jimmy Failla and Fox News Headlines 24/7 Sports Anchor Matt Napolitano get together and share their lists of the top 5 best political speeches.
Hula-Hoop Legends
Tyrus picks two “diabolical” teammates for his All-Star Team. Kat explains the very specific reasons she would walk out of the podcast. Tyrus and Kat tackle a case of voter fraud at a Florida High School. Clowning Around: Find out how much money a Ronald McDonald statue is worth to one small town. Follow Tyrus on Twitter: @PlanetTyrusFollow Kat Timpf on Twitter: @KatTimpf
Big Government’s Back: Biden Weighs Another $3 Trillion in Spending (!)
Howie Kurtz on news ratings being down with the absence of President Trump, the Biden administration planning a $3-trillion recovery plan and AstraZeneca vaccine facing another setback getting approval. Follow Howie on Twitter: @HowardKurtzFor more #MediaBuzz click here
Biden Administration Struggles To Solve Border Crisis
This week, Bret sits down with Co-Founder and President of RealClearPolitics Tom Bevan, National Editor of The Cook Political Report Amy Walter, and Founding Editor at The Washington Free Beacon and AEI Resident Fellow Matthew Continetti to discuss how the crisis at the U.S.- Mexico border has escalated and how the Biden administration is dealing with it. The panel also discusses the problems Democrats in Congress may have in passing sweeping infrastructure legislation with narrow majorities, polls showing the popularity of the American Rescue Plan and how it will impact the U.S. economy. Follow Bret on Twitter: @BretBaier
Kevin Faulconer: Real Leadership Is “Demanding Our Public Schools Open Now, Not Months From Now”
On Fox Across America with Jimmy Failla, GOP candidate for Governor and former San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer explains why he wants to take on Governor Gavin Newsom in a recall election and highlights the lack of leadership Newsom has shown during the COVID crisis. It is leadership, it’s you stand up and say there’s no reason why private schools are open. Teachers are safely teaching and kids are in the classroom safely learning because those schools report to parents. But yet the public schools, that ultimately report to Gavin Newsom have been closed, because he’s allowed this to happen. A governor is about standing up and doing the right thing and demanding that our public schools are open now, not months from now, not next semester.
Kennedy Saves Our Immigration System
This week, Kennedy is joined by Director of immigration studies at the CATO Institute’s Center for Global Liberty and Prosperity, Alex Nowrasteh to discuss libertarian solutions for the growing crisis at the U.S.-Mexico border. Alex breaks down why neither the Republicans nor Democrats have been able to find a sustainable solution on immigration and explains the need for a more simplified immigration system. Follow Kennedy on Twitter: @KennedyNation
J.D. Vance Says He Will Make A Firm Decision In Next Couple of Months if He will Run for Senate In Ohio
Vance, author of “Hillbilly Elegy” spoke with Brian Kilmeade about how the border crisis is impacting American communities by enriching multinational drug cartels and American corporations who love cheap labor. He also said he will make a decision about running for senate in Ohio in the coming months.
Rep. Chip Roy (R-TX) Responds To Lynching Metaphor Criticism
Rep. Chip Roy (R-TX) joined The Guy Benson Radio Show today to discuss the crisis at the border plus the outrage over comments he made during an anti-Asian discrimination hearing Thursday on Capitol Hill. While speaking during the hearing, Roy made remarks that the families of the six Asian Americans killed in Atlanta on Tuesday deserve justice, but then he went on to use a metaphor rooted in lynching as an example of justice. Listen Below:
Brandon Judd: If Biden Would Adopt Trump’s Immigration Polices, “We Wouldn’t Be In This Now”
On Fox Across America with Jimmy Failla, National Border Patrol Council President Brandon Judd explains why President Biden should be using the immigration policies of the Trump administration and follow the same path of border security. And I was in the Border Patrol back in 1997, the late 90s, early 2000s, when we were making 1.5 million arrests a year. This is a little bit different because we were dealing with the same people over and over and over again back in the late 90s, early 2000s. But that’s a million different people as opposed to what it was back in the late 90s, early 2000s.”“Political rhetoric is not going to fix problems. Donald Trump had the most secure border in the history of the Border Patrol.
Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN): Biden Doesn’t Have The Border Under Control, “Is Going To Get Worse”
On Fox Across America with Jimmy Failla, Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) tells Jimmy what she heard and saw when she visited the border this past weekend and explains why she thinks what the Secretary of Homeland Security is being “disingenuous” about the border crisis. “I think that right now what they are trying to do is have people believe that they’ve got this all under control and we know that they do not have it all under control. Because of the trafficking that is taking place, people coming through their border. This is what is happening to our fellow citizens, our fellow citizens that live on the border. And for the Secretary to say the border is closed and everything is under control is so totally disingenuous.”
Dana Perino On Border Media Blackout: “What Were They Thinking?”
Fox News Radio Host Guy Benson was joined by Dana Perino, co-anchor of America’s Newsroom and co-host of The Five. Perino also spoke about the Biden Administration’s border media blackout:“Communications wise, I would have done everything differently, starting with one, it’s not just a communications problem. They have, in fact, problem. The fact that they tried to limit media access or have a media blackout, what were they thinking? There’s only one way to ensure that the entire media will turn on you, and that is to prevent them from getting access.”On The Media Blackout:Full Interview:
Gov. Jim Justice: “I Hope and Pray” Manchin Keeps His Word to Maintain Filibuster
Governor Jim Justice (R-WV) joined to the show to discuss his new tax repeal plan and the vaccination roll out in his state. Also, Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) recently said that he is not interested in abolishing the filibuster, will he go back on his word? Here is what the Governor had to say:“I hope and pray Joe doesn’t do that. It is a bigger deal. And you know I just wish to goodness that we could awaken to a situation in DC, especially where we were first and foremost Americans, and quit this garbage because absolutely it hurts each and every one of each and every day.”
Rep. Dan Crenshaw On Sparring Match With MSNBC Host: “I Know This Material Much Better Than He Does”
Earlier today Guy Benson was joined by Congressman Dan Crenshaw, author of the book Fortitude American Resilience in the Era of Outrage, to discuss Immigration. The Texas Republican also spoke about his clash with MSNBC Host Mehdi Hasan over border claims. Crenshaw said:“He failed to hit on his gotcha moment, he failed to pin me down because I know this material much better than he does. OK, I’ve been canceled on many times by these liberal TV shows. But, you know, I’m willing to go on on these topics.
Chris Christie Does Not Think Donald Trump Is Anywhere Near Making A Decision To Run For President in 2024
Chris Christie spoke to Brian Kilmeade about President Biden disregarding our immigration laws and sending an awful message to the rest of the world. Also, Christie wasn’t disappointed being left of Donald Trump’s list of who is the future of the GOP. Plus, Christie on waiting until after the midterms before making a decision to run for president and joining the New York Mets Board of Directors.
Senator Marsha Blackburn: Biden Administration Looking To Take Away Some of Our Rights & Put The Federal Government In Charge Because They Know They Will Lose The House In 2022
Senator Marsha Blackburn spoke to Brian Kilmeade about her trip to the Arizona border, President Biden calling for new gun control legislation and Senator Schumer and Speaker Pelosi pushing a multitrillion dollar infrastructure bill.
Rep. Ro Khanna (D-CA) There Shouldn’t Be A Lifetime Social Media Ban On Donald Trump If He Were To Commit To Not Having Speech That Inflames And Incites Violence
Congressman Ro Khanna (D-CA), spoke to Brian Kilmeade about what needs to be done to control the situation at the border, pushing back on big tech censorship and working with republicans to find bipartisan common ground.
Arizona AG Mark Brnovich: “Anarchy & Chaos” Are Being Created At The Border
On Fox Across America with Jimmy Failla, Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich discusses why “anarchy and chaos” has been created at the border and why the Biden administration’s border policy is worse for the country than an incomplete border wall. It’s ridiculous.”“People have said the wall’s not completely done and people are still trying to get across the border. And then it allowed Border Patrol more time to respond. So if you’re in Central America in bad economic conditions, you’re thinking, my goodness, this now is the time to go. And when you have that many people trying to cross the border, come over the border at one time, it creates anarchy, it creates chaos.”
Biden Pushes Gun Control As Media Debate Colorado Supermarket Shootings
Howie Kurtz on President Biden calling for gun reform following multiple mass shootings, another delegation heading to the border to assess crisis there and the nonsensical stockpiling of vaccines. Follow Howie on Twitter: @HowardKurtzFor more #MediaBuzz click here
Congress Set To Battle Over Elections, Schools And Guns
Congresswoman Mariannette Miller-Meeks is only two and a half months into her first term, but there’s a push to kick her out of the House. Her opponent Rita Hart isn’t giving up yet, going to the Democrat led House which has the power to overturn the result and award Hart the seat. Rep. Ashley Hinson (R-IA) discusses why she is fighting for Rep. Mariannette Miller-Meeks to stay in office, her number one priority with infrastructure and children returning to in-person learning. President Biden is urging the Senate to pass new gun control legislation following the mass shooting that left 10 dead in Boulder, Colorado, this week. The President also called on the Senate to pass two House bills, one that closes loopholes on background checks and the other that expands background checks on all firearm sales.
Actor Jon Cryer helping LA homeless with tiny homes project
Actor Jon Cryer has a new mission — to help fix homelessness in Los Angeles by building tiny homes. Hope Of The Valley is a California homelessness organization building tiny homes as an innovative, affordable and scalable solution to the humanitarian crisis: a bridge between the streets and permanent housing. CLICK HERE FOR FULL CORONAVIRUS COVERAGEUnlike traditional shelter or affordable housing projects, tiny homes take a fraction of the time to assemble at a fraction of the cost. "Tiny homes are currently intended for interim housing. IOWA WOMAN, 104, GETS COVID-19 VACCINE DECADES AFTER SURVIVING 1918 FLU PANDEMICThe tiny homes are being built by the city of Los Angeles in communities throughout the area.
Todd Nettleton: After a year of COVID uncertainty, here's certainty -- God's kingdom will advance
It does seem as if we managed to cram a decade’s worth of uncertainty into just the past 12 months. In the past 12 months, I’ve seen so many social media posts and read many editorials from Christians stoking fear. What place would there be for Christians—especially "apostate" converts from Islam—in the Islamic Republic of Iran? Today, according to Joshua Project, the fastest-growing church in the world is in the Islamic Republic of Iran. And, more importantly, I pray for God’s will to be done in our churches, and in my own heart.
Luxury real estate contracts in Manhattan surpassing pre-pandemic levels
Here’s more proof that luxury real estate in Manhattan is rebounding. A new report indicates a 60% increase in contracts signed on luxury homes in the Big Apple during the first quarter of 2021 as compared to the same pre-pandemic time period in 2020. Indeed, there were 41 contracts signed for homes priced at $4 million or above during the week of March 15, bringing the year-to-date total to 343. During the shutdown period, only 53 contracts for luxury homes were signed at the $4 million or more mark, according to the report. EXPEDIA REVEALS FRIENDLIEST TOWNS AND NEIGHBORHOODS IN THE US FOR 2021Widespread vaccine distribution seems to be fueling hope in Manhattan’s luxury real estate market.
Rep. Jim Banks: Biden's border crisis – PR stunts to deflect blame won't work. Here's what has to happen
Democrats’ desperate play to blame the border crisis on President Trump is ridiculous and it won’t work. Democrats’ desperate play to blame the border crisis on President Trump is ridiculous and it won’t work. What’s more dangerous, and less obviously untrue, is their attempt to separate the border crisis from their open border policies. CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APPThe border crisis is really a "large amount of illegal immigration crisis." Republicans should use this moment to remind Americans which policies are responsible for the border crisis.
Cissie Graham Lynch: Equality Act threatens parents' rights, children's safety. Here's how you can fight back
LAUREN BOEBERT CALLS EQUALITY ACT 'ANYTHING BUT EQUALITY'In name, the Equality Act sounds like something we would all champion. CLICK HERE TO GET THE OPINION NEWSLETTERBut the Equality Act wouldn’t just have an impact on people of faith. They give us a preview of what could happen nationwide if the Equality Act becomes law. In an effort to protect the rights of some, the Equality Act erodes the rights of many. The Equality Act is written to systematically and intentionally undercut some of the most important freedoms protected by the First Amendment.
Helen Keller and Anne Sullivan: What to know about the trailblazers for the blind and deaf
Helen Keller, who became blind and deaf before the age of two, is recognized for her strength and courage when faced with overwhelming odds. Using touch, Sullivan was able to teach Keller the alphabet and how to spell entire words, according to the NWHM. CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APPThroughout her life, Keller advocated for causes such as preventing blindness in children by authoring various books and magazine articles. In 1915, she founded the American Foundation for Overseas Blind, which later became Helen Keller International, to support World War I veterans who had been blinded in combat. The organization later expanded to address both the causes and consequences of blindness, malnutrition and poor health, according to Helen Keller International.
Burma junta frees hundreds held for anti-coup protests
Burma's Assistance Association for Political Prisoners says it has confirmed the killings of 275 people in connection with the post-coup crackdown, with additional deaths still unverified. Local media reported that a 7-year-old girl in Mandalay, the country’s second-biggest city, was among the latest victims on Tuesday. The Assistance Association for Political Prisoners included her in its list of fatalities. Aye Chan San said the soldiers then beat her 19-year-old brother with their rifle butts and took him away. CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APPThe Assistance Association for Political Prisoners recorded three killings in Mandalay on Tuesday, though some other reports said there were five.
Michigan county’s backlog on concealed-pistol licenses prompts lawsuit: report
Now, some gun owners in Wayne County, Michigan, have a question for the county clerk. The license applicants say they have been waiting months for their paperwork to be processed – so a lawsuit has been filed against the clerk’s office, FOX 2 of Detroit reported. "How can you process birth certificates, death certificates and marriage licenses, but at the same place you’re in – the clerk of the county – you can’t process a concealed-pistol license like every other county?" Once the problems are addressed, the license applications will be processed more quickly, she told FOX 2. Meantime, she told the station her office has added evening and Saturday times for March and April to help address the backlog.
Matt Walsh accuses Hirono, Duckworth of 'anti-White racism' over vow to reject Biden Cabinet nominees
Mazie Hirono, D-Hawaii, and Tammy Duckworth, D-Ill., should be removed from office, Daily Wire writer Matt Walsh told "Tucker Carlson Tonight" Wednesday after the lawmakers threatened to oppose Biden Cabinet nominees based on skin color. WALSH: I’m just trying to imagine a White Republican saying, 'I’m not going to vote for any nominee who isn’t White and, oh yeah, straight. I’m looking for a White, straight male and I’m not going to vote for anyone besides that. Democrats would not stop until that person was removed from Congress, because that’s open racism and they are breaking the law. This is specifically anti-White racism, which is now the only acceptable form of racism in the West.
Tucker Carlson: Disgraceful Duckworth, Hirono join progressive, Democrat history of race hatred
MATT WALSH ACCUSES HIRONO, DUCKWORTH OF 'ANTI-WHITE RACISM'These are moral pygmies. In 1944, at the height of the Second World War, Robert Byrd wrote a letter to Theodore Bilbo, who represented Mississippi in the Senate. "I shall never fight in the armed forces with a Negro by my side," Byrd wrote, amazingly. Robert Byrd wrote that. "The Klan is needed today as never before," Byrd wrote, "and I am anxious to see its rebirth here in West Virginia.
Gingrich: 'Very clever' of Biden to pass 'peaceful invasion' to Harris before first press conference
The United States is experiencing a "peaceful invasion" at its southern border, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich told "The Ingraham Angle" Wednesday. Gingrich predicted to host Laura Ingraham that the current crisis will likely lead to more than one million illegal immigrants being housed, clothed and fed on the taxpayers' dime by summer. "It is very clever of Biden, on the eve of the press conference, to turn it over to her [Vice President Kamala Harris], so with every question tomorrow about the border, he can say, 'That is Vice President Harris' job and you need to talk to her about it, next question'," Gingrich said. "In that sense, he ducks all responsibility for what is not a crisis, but a disaster. "If you are not going to build the wall, you are going to build a lot of dormitories," he said.
$20 million Volvo for sale in New York -- here's why the price is so high
One owner is looking to skip over seven figures and go straight to eight, however, with a 1998 V70 listed at $20 million. The blue wagon is pretty much a run-of-the-mill model that’d probably be worth closer under $10,000, if not for one unique feature. The car currently wears a vanity license plate from New York that reads: New York. It's been in the family ever since, passing from a Buick Rivera and to another Volvo before ending up on the V70. The Volvo owner does have some competition in the U.K., however, as custom car entrepreneur Afzal Kahn has his F1 plate listed for the equivalent of $27 million.
Tim Graham: Election 'reform' fight -- mainstream media's overwhelming Democrat bias on full display
Leftists are described as "voting rights advocates" who are having their "moment." That's because Democrats are in control of everything; they have a "sweeping" proposal to fight those "restrictive" Republicans. The reporters then laud the Democratic bill as a "landmark national expansion of voting rights." CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APPIs this a "rollback of voting rights"? "Repressive voting bills" are supported by the majority of voters, but liberal journalists really don't care what the polls say.
Biden Thursday press conference slated for 1:15 pm EDT in the East Room
President Biden will hold his first news conference as commander-in-chief Thursday at 1:15 p.m. EDT in the East Room of the White House. Biden's first press conference comes over two months into the new administration, a delay that raised eyebrows in the media world. BIDEN TO HOLD FIRST NEWS CONFERENCE MARCH 25"The president takes questions several times a week," White House press secretary Jen Psaki told reporters. "Which is an opportunity for the people covering the White House to ask him about whatever news is happening on any given day." The White House has already said Biden will be pursuing executive action on gun control, in addition to legislative pathways.
Biden still hasn't held a news conference, 63 days and counting
After more than 50 days in office, President Biden has yet to hold a solo news conference -- separating him from over a dozen of his most recent predecessors. The White House has said Biden will hold a news conference before April. Amid criticism, the White House this month said it will now take place on the afternoon of March 25. Despite the unusual timing of his entry into the White House, Biden has frustrated the White House Correspondents Association. The Washington Post Editorial Board also condemned the president saying "it’s past time for Biden to hold a news conference."
Tucker Carlson vows he will 'not be silenced' in Fox Nation video podcast preview
Tucker Carlson has partnered with Fox Nation for an exclusive new video podcast that will feature "in-depth, unfiltered conversations with the people shaping America's future." "Tucker Carlson Today" premieres March 29, with new episodes every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Carlson will continue to host his top-rated program "Tucker Carlson Tonight," weeknights at 8 p.m. Both the podcast and the specials will only be available on FOX Nation, and a trailer for the new endeavor can be seen here. CLICK HERE TO JOIN FOX NATIONFox Nation programs are viewable on-demand and from your mobile device app, but only for Fox Nation subscribers.
North Korea fires two short-range ballistic missiles into Sea of Japan, US official confirms
North Korea has fired two short-range missiles off of its east coast, a U.S. official confirmed to Fox News Wednesday. North Korea’s test of two short-range ballistic missiles may have included the test of a "sub-launched missile" propelled from the ground – not sea – but it is the kind of missile that North Korea would like to launch from a submarine, according to a senior U.S. official. This activity highlights the threat that North Korea's illicit weapons program poses to its neighbors and the international community. Austin last week warned North Korea that U.S. forces were "ready to fight tonight" after leader Kim Jong Un’s sister, Kim Yo Jong, issued a belligerent statement condemning the joint exercises. NORTH KOREAN NUCLEAR ACTIVITY DETECTED, POSSIBLY EXTRACTING PLUTONIUMU.S. officials downplayed the significance of those launches – believed to be the county’s first test of short-range missiles since 2019.
This Day in History: March 25
On this day, March 25 …1965: The Rev. 1865: During the Civil War, Confederate forces attack Fort Stedman in Virginia but are forced to withdraw because of counterattacking Union troops. During the Civil War, Confederate forces attack Fort Stedman in Virginia but are forced to withdraw because of counterattacking Union troops. 1894: Jacob S. Coxey begins leading an “army” of unemployed from Massillon, Ohio, to Washington D.C., to demand help from the federal government. Jacob S. Coxey begins leading an “army” of unemployed from Massillon, Ohio, to Washington D.C., to demand help from the federal government.
Upcoming docuseries spotlights bid to recall California board of supervisors over COVID rules
A California restaurant owner is releasing a new documentary series on Friday chronicling his bid to recall three county board of supervisors for what he says is their refusal to reopen the county and its schools. Fox News has reached out to Rickert, Moty, and Chimenti seeking comment on the recall effort, but did not hear back before publication. When asked by local station KRCR-TV earlier this month about the recall campaign, Rickert labeled it as "an attempt by extremists, who can’t get their way, to try a recall effort through character assassination." According to the station, the recall campaign could be launched as soon as April 5. Organizers would have four months to collect approximately 4,400 valid signatures in the districts of Rickert, Moty, and Chimenti.
The Federalist rips 'cowardly' Noem for blaming 'cancel culture' for uproar over transgender bill punt
"I'm excited to sign this bill very soon," Noem tweeted on March 8. On Monday, Noem rejected that notion, telling Fox News' Tucker Carlson that she merely requested revisions be made to the bill. "Apparently, uninformed cancel culture is fine when the right is eating their own," Noem communications director Ian Fury said on Tuesday. Governor Noem has long stood for fairness in women’s sports." The conservative digital magazine The Federalist offered a blistering response on Wednesday, telling Noem, "Criticizing cowardly politicians isn't 'cancel culture,' it's democracy."
National Guard troops patrolling border found sleeping in vehicle while migrants wait to turn selves in
Footage captured exclusively by Fox Business Network shows National Guardsmen sleeping inside a Border Patrol truck while a group of migrants newly arrived in the U.S. wait to surrender to authorities. The wristbands, purchased from the drug cartels for as much as $25,000 apiece, were the migrants' proof of contact and approval. At one point, Vaughn and Rohlfs came upon a marked Border Patrol pickup truck. NBPC Vice President Chris Cabrera told Fox News that the Border Patrol is thankful to the National Guard and understands it is a "big strain" on their own resources to help them out. And unless we get some real help, some real solutions, even temporary solutions, it's going to continue to get worse.
Laura Ingraham slams feds over crackdown on conservatives as 'national security threats' kill Americans
Laura Ingraham opened Wednesday's "Ingraham Angle" railing against federal authorities who have become so hyperfocused on prosecuting the January 6 Capitol riot that they have overlooked threats like the Colorado shooter. INGRAHAM: As the feds expend untold man-hours and dollars playing Maxwell Smart over January 6, real national security threats are costing American lives. At this point, I don’t know what you think, but with ten dead, the public deserves to know more. The Pentagon should focus on stopping the CCP, not harassing and punishing Americans who disagree with Washington. And the FBI they should focus on real threats to American safety—not targeting law-abiding Americans by abusing an ever-expanding definition of "extremists."
Montana's Gianforte warned by wildlife officials after violation in killing Yellowstone wolf
Greg Gianforte was warned by wildlife officials after violating the state’s hunting regulations when he killed a radio-collared wolf near Yellowstone National Park without having taken the required trapping course. A spokesperson for the Republican governor said Gianforte "immediately rectified" the mistake by enrolling in the course this week. It’s legal to kill wolves in the state with a valid license, which Gianforte had, Montana’s Fish, Wildlife and Parks spokesman Greg Lemon said. It was fitted with a radio collar to track its movements in 2018, park spokesperson Morgan Warthin said. It was the first wolf the governor has killed, Gianforte spokesperson Brooke Stroyke said.
Sean Hannity: Biden, Harris ‘completely responsible’ for abusive environment at border
New developments regarding conditions at border facilities are growing more concerning and the president and vice president are completely to blame, "Hannity" host Sean Hannity argued during his opening monologue Wednesday. HANNITY: Now let’s be very clear… Joe Biden, Kamala Harris: You have both caused all of this. They are both completely responsible for this abusive environment for migrant children that they are now living in. You stopped border wall construction and you also brought back catch and release… Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are responsible. A few years ago under President Trump, an image emerged… unaccompanied minors inside a holding facility.
Tucker says Michigan AG admits guest arrested for appearing on show: 'It sounds like dictatorship'
Fox News host Tucker Carlson closed out his show "Tucker Carlson Tonight" on Wednesday, blasting Michigan's Attorney General Dana Nessel for arresting an immigrant restaurant owner, Marlena Pavlos-Hackney for coming on his show. TUCKER: Dana Nessel is out of control. That’s why, when she was asked why she put Marlena Pavlos-Hackney in jail, Nessel actually admitted the real reason. She said straightforwardly that Marlena Pavlos-Hackney had dared to come on this show at 8:00 PM and complain about her. Dana Nessel is a threat to the rule of law, the law that she charged with enforcing and she should be removed immediately.
Arizona’s Ducey calls Harris the ‘worst possible choice’ to fix border
Doug Ducey, the Arizona Republican, didn’t mince words Wednesday shortly after he learned that President Biden was tapping Vice President Harris to oversee the effort to resolve the crisis at the U.S.-Mexico border. Ducey, who was in Tucson, told reporters that Harris is "the worst possible choice" for the job. Harris was recently criticized after she laughed when asked by a reporter if she would be visiting the border. Harris called the situation at the border "challenging," according to the Los Angeles Times. Biden called Harris "the most qualified person" to take charge of the situation and interact with countries like Mexico and Honduras.
If California Gov. Newsom faces recall, Tom Steyer mulling run as ‘fallback’ Democrat: report
At least one prominent California Democrat is considering a run for governor if incumbent Gavin Newsom faces a recall later this year, according to a report. Steyer is on record as opposing a recall of Newsom – but he would run as a "fallback" Democratic candidate if polls suggested Newsom would have trouble fending off the recall and keeping his office, the report said. "I’ve been candidly overwhelmed with the incredible support the Democratic Party has shown in opposition of this recall, very proud to have their almost unanimous opposition to this recall," Newsom told reporters. In 2020, Steyer was an appointee to Newsom’s Task Force on Business and Jobs Recovery in response to the pandemic but the panel disbanded in November, FOX 40 reported. TOM STEYER EXPLORES POTENTIAL ADMINISTRATION ROLE WITH BIDEN OFFICIALS: REPORTCalifornia voters previously removed a governor in 2003, when Gov.
NY nursing home whistleblower gets visit from health inspector after calling Cuomo order 'ridiculous'
A New York nursing home was visited by the state's Department of Health days after Fox News reported on the administrator's alleged early warning about the impact of Gov. It's unclear why exactly the visit occurred, but Kraus said the health department asked about a resident possibly running away. "So far it seems to be just a coincidence and not retaliation," he told Fox News via text. NEW YORK NURSING HOME WHISTLEBLOWER: CUOMO'S ORDER WAS 'RIDICULOUS,' WARNED OFFICIALS 'WE CAN'T BE DOING THIS'"I said that's ridiculous," he said, recalling his reaction to the March 25 order. Kraus told Fox News that the department had made three coronavirus-related visits to his facility, in addition to Tuesday's.
'Hannity' exclusive: Migrants recount harrowing journey to US, press on because 'Biden wants us here'
"This is really a difficult journey for all of them," Carter told host Sean Hannity. "It is a really, really difficult journey. "They said, 'The reason we did this is because we believe that the Biden administration, President Biden wants us here. During a 2019 presidential debate, Biden told moderator Jorge Ramos that the U.S. is "a nation that says, 'You want to flee, and you're fleeing oppression, you should come.'" Carter also told Hannity one woman in the caravan had told her several other girls she had traveled with were raped.
Biden says migrant surge at southern border started under Trump
President Biden insisted Wednesday that the surge in migrants at the southern border began under the Trump administration. "There was a serious spike in people heading to the southern border even in the midst of that [the Trump administration]. Biden has faced stiff criticism from Republicans who say his undoing of Trump’s strict border policies drew migrants northward. According to CBP data, there were 547,816 apprehensions at the southern border in all of 2020. CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APPThe highest migration level at the border was in May 2019 under President Trump, when over 130,000 were apprehended at the border.
Cuomo directed NY health officials to prioritize COVID-19 testing for his relatives: Report
Andrew Cuomo and New York Health Commissioner Howard Zucker directed health officials to prioritize the governor's own family and figures with ties to his administration in the early days of the coronavirus pandemic, according to a report Wednesday. Some family members reportedly received multiple tests. Chris Cuomo was reportedly tested at his home on Long Island. The New York State Department of Health denied requests for comment from Zucker and Eleanor Adams, an epidemiologist who reportedly tested Cuomo's brother. The New York State Attorney General’s Office and the State Assembly are investigating the claims.
NY probe on potential Cuomo impeachment could take months, state lawmaker says
A New York State Assembly probe into whether embattled Gov. Andrew Cuomo should be impeached for alleged sexual harassment and misconduct will likely take "months" to complete, according to a prominent assemblyman. Lindsey Boylan, the first woman to accuse Cuomo of misconduct, has described the state impeachment probe as a "sham" and said she will not cooperate with the investigation. "If there is even a hint of political influence in the impeachment investigation, it will taint the entire proceedings." CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APPAside from the state assembly’s probe, New York State Attorney General Letitia James is also investigating the allegations against Cuomo.
Chris Cuomo off this week as CNN avoids report New York gov brother gave anchor COVID testing priority
CNN anchor Chris Cuomo is conveniently off the air this week, just as the "Cuomo Prime Time" host finds himself swept up in another scandal involving his brother, Democratic New York Gov. CNN'S CHRIS CUOMO REPORTEDLY PRIORITIZED FOR COVID TESTING BY BROTHER'S ADMINISTRATION EARLY IN PANDEMICIt is unclear, however, whether Chris Cuomo himself, CNN, or New York State taxpayers funded the test that showed the positive test results. CHRIS CUOMO BLASTED AFTER TELLING CNN VIEWERS HE CAN'T COVER BROTHER ANDREW'S HARASSMENT SCANDALAccording to the Times Union, epidemiologist Dr. Eleanor Adams was sent to the CNN anchor's residence in Long Island to test him. A Cuomo administration official told the Albany paper, "It's being a little bit distorted with like a devious intent. CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APPDespite benefiting from priority treatment by the Cuomo administration, Chris Cuomo appeared to flout his own brother's COVID restrictions by leaving his home as he was recovering from the virus.
Sen. Ted Cruz: The border crisis is a 'direct result' of Joe Biden's political decisions
Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, joined 'The Story' to discuss his upcoming trip to the southern border, saying the migrant crisis is a 'direct result' of Joe Biden's political decisions. Sen. Ted Cruz: It is a humanitarian crisis, it is a national security crisis…what’s happening is truly tragic. And all of this is the direct result of political decisions made by Joe Biden and his administration. They won't allow reporters in, they won't allow cameras in, they won't allow pictures. Well, Obama built the cages, and under Joe Biden the cages are bigger and they're much more full.
Man who slashed two UPS workers on subway held on $75K bond
A Yonkers man who slashed two UPS delivery men on the subway early Tuesday morning was ordered held on a $75,000 cash bond. Barbuto was arraigned on one count each of second-degree assault, third-degree assault and criminal possession of a weapon. “In this case, the defendant slashed a random stranger on the subway with a knife,” prosecutor Rachel Schorr told Judge Eric Schumacher, successfully arguing that he be held on $75,000 cash over $225,000 insurance company bond. The victims were able to wrestle the knife from Barbuto and detained him until police arrived, according to a criminal complaint. He was held on $75,000 bond.
Lady Gaga wrote ‘The Fame’ in NYC apartment that’s listed for $2K a month
There are a million reasons this apartment for rent deserves applause, applause, applause since a star was born there. An apartment in the NYC building where Lady Gaga lived while writing her 2008 debut album “The Fame” is available to rent, and this Lower East Side rental is on the edge of glory. French doors open to the bedroom area. CompassThe kitchen area, which is located in the corner of the common space, has a tiny window. CompassThe bedroom has not one, but two, windows — one of which appears to overlook a fire escape.
Rep. Mike Gallagher (R-WI): HR 1 Bill Asserts The Complete Control Of The Federal Government Over Our Election Process
Listen To The Full Interview Below:Congressman Mike Gallagher (R-WI/8) joined Fox News Radio's Guy Benson Show to talk about the Democrat backed 'election integrity' bill HR 1 aimed at reforming election laws. Rep. Mike Gallagher said,"It really is remarkable in its aggressiveness and what it is trying to do, which is nothing less than fundamentally remake our entire election system and nationalize it. I mean, that is the thrust of the bill is to assert the complete control of the federal government over our election process, which has traditionally been determined by the states." But that is a conversation and a decision that must be made at the state level, not at the federal government level. But it is a state decision, not a federal government decision."
Gov. Newsom suggests teachers 'not comfortable going back in' won’t be required to return to schools
"Since the height of the winter surge, we have successfully shifted the conversation from whether to reopen schools to when," Gov. Gavin Newsom said in a statement Monday. State legislatures have allocated $2 billion from the package to support public school needs with personal protective equipment, ventilation upgrades and COVID-19 testing. We’re going to provide supports, supplementary supports for people with compromised immune systems, people that are not comfortable going back in," he told reporters. Newsom has faced fierce backlash for his strict response to the coronavirus pandemic, prompting an effort to recall him for his governorship.
Accuser's attorney slams Cuomo apology as 'full of falsehoods'
New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s apologetic news conference Wednesday afternoon was "full of falsehoods and inaccurate information," according to the attorney of a former staffer who has accused him of sexual harassment. The other aide was Lindsey Boylan, who accused the governor of forcibly kissing her in an essay published on Medium last week. And a third woman with no professional ties to the governor, Anna Ruch, accused Cuomo of making unwanted advances, touching her exposed lower back and asking to kiss her. CUOMO'S CREEPY COVID TEST COMMENTS RESURFACENew York Attorney General Letitia James has launched an investigation into the women’s claims.
Rep. Jamaal Bowman calls standardized testing ‘a pillar of systemic racism’
Rep. Jamaal Bowman, one of the newest members of “The Squad,” says standardized testing is a manifestation of “systemic racism.”In a pair of tweets Tuesday, Bowman (D-NY) wrote simply, “Standardized testing is a pillar of systemic racism,” before linking to an article from the National Education Association, one of the two largest teachers unions in the country. The article from the NEA was titled “The Racist Beginnings of Standardized Testing.” It was published in April 2018. “Since the beginning of standardized testing, students of color, particularly those from low-income families, have suffered the most from high-stakes testing in U.S. public schools. The Biden Administration’s refusal to grant waivers for standardized testing is WRONG,” he wrote alongside one of the videos. All of the data that they claim they need standardized tests to analyze can be better understood by speaking with the educators in our classrooms,” he continued.
Democrats’ #MeToo hypocrisy and other commentary
Cuomo watch: Democrats’ #MeToo HypocrisyGov. Cuomo should be facing “explicit calls to resign from President Biden on down, if you apply the standard that Democrats set for similar allegations against Republicans,” reason Axios’ Jim VandeHei and Mike Allen. “And it’s not a close call.” During the #MeToo moment, Democrats “led the charge” in purging powerful men in politics, media, fashion and the movies for exploiting and harassing young women. But “the Biden team is exposing its own hypocrisy,” since the president is determined to ­renew talks with the Tehran regime, which has gallons of dissident blood on its hands. Then, too, Team Biden ignores the fact that “MBS has, over the past four years, engineered a breathtaking expansion of individual liberty” by curbing the religious establishment — reforms that a hard-line stance from Washington could undo.
Bipartisan bill introduced to repeal Iraq War authorization after Biden bombed Syria
A bipartisan bill introduced Wednesday would repeal the 2002 Iraq War authorization in the wake of President Biden’s decision to bomb facilities in Syria that were allegedly used by an Iran-backed militia. The largely symbolic bill was introduced by four Senate Democrats and four Senate Republicans led by Sen. Tim Kaine (D-Va.). “Last week’s airstrikes in Syria show that the Executive Branch, regardless of party, will continue to stretch its war powers,” Kaine said in a press release. Biden did not cite the 1991 or 2002 war authorizations — or the 2001 anti-al-Qaeda authorization — when he bombed Syria in his first airstrikes as president. Biden said that the attack was intended to deter a Shiite militia group from attacking US troops inside Iraq.
Feud between school safety agent union chief and Jumaane Williams escalates
The gloves have come off in the feud between Jumaane Williams and the head of the school safety agents union. Union chief Greg Floyd — who is furious that Williams has accused his members of abusing students and is trying to boot them from schools — brought up Williams’ arrest record Wednesday. Public Advocate Jumaane Williams has pushed for more school guidance counselors and social workers in favor of school safety agents. The Public Advocate — a graduate of the city school system — contends that they create a hostile and criminalized atmosphere for students. “The majority of school safety agents are Black and brown people.
Capitol Police ups security after uncovering ‘possible plot’ by ‘militia group’
The Capitol Police is increasing security in an effort to thwart a potential attack Thursday by “an identified militia group,” the department revealed Wednesday. Scott ApplewhiteWednesday’s statement from the department also comes in the midst of weeks of congressional hearings into the Jan. 6 Capitol siege. Last week, Congress heard from the acting Capitol Police chief and the acting House sergeant-at-arms, as well as their predecessors who resigned in the wake of the riot. Members of the National Guard walk near the US Capitol Building on Capitol Hill on March 3, 2021. It is not clear what additional reinforcements the Capitol Police took up in the wake of the March 4 threat.
Cuomo rips de Blasio, NYC amid apology over sex harassment claims
Andrew Cuomo took time to take a swipe at Mayor Bill de Blasio and New York City during a press briefing Wednesday where he repeatedly apologized over sexual harassment accusations leveled against him by three women. “You also have New York City, which is in a very precarious situation. “We have to get New York City functional again and safe again and viable again — and we have to do that quickly,” he continued. “Governor Cuomo insulted the people of New York City today in a pathetic distraction from his woes. It’s the second time in two weeks that Cuomo has offered up a hellscape depiction of New York City as de Blasio has blasted away at his administration.
Lawmakers pan Gov. Cuomo’s comments on sexual harassment allegations
Andrew Cuomo issued over allegations of sexual harassment lodged by three women. Matthew McDermott for NY PostAdded state Assemblyman Ron Kim (D-Queens), “Cuomo didn’t address anything today. “If Cuomo was sorry, he would have resigned yesterday.”Several political groups and lawmakers, including Democrats, have called for Cuomo to step down as governor. The briefing did nothing to change the mind of state Sen. Gustavo Rivera. “The Cuomo press conference was a master class in gaslighting, but changes nothing,” the Bronx Democrat told The Post.
Virginia governor candidate Pete Snyder reveals election-integrity plan
EXCLUSIVE - Virginia Republican gubernatorial candidate Pete Snyder revealed on Wednesday his plan to ensure election integrity in the state as the race for governor heats up. "Having secure, legal, and trustworthy elections is something that we must demand in our Commonwealth," Snyder told Fox News in a statement. "The pillars of my plan are the first steps to restoring voter confidence and protecting our democracy," Snyder said in a statement. IN VIRGINIA GUBERNATORIAL RACE, AMANDA CHASE CASTS HERSELF AS 'TRUMP IN HEELS'Snyder's announcement comes as many Republicans say they have lost faith in U.S. elections. State Sen. Amanda Chase appears to be the only Republican in the race for governor making stolen election claims part of her campaign.
Mississippi Gov. Tate Reeves on lifting COVID restrictions: 'If not now, when?'
Reeves joined Texas Gov. “It is a full 100% opening of the state,” he told host Neil Cavuto. MISSISSIPPI ANNOUNCES BUSINESSES FREE TO REOPEN WITHOUT STATE-IMPOSED CORONAVIRUS RULESThe only remaining limitations in Mississippi are a 50% capacity restriction for large indoor venues and “a few restrictions on K-12 schools,” Reeves said. Ending COVID-19 restrictions doesn’t mean residents in his state will stop taking steps to mitigate the spread, especially if they are part of a vulnerable population, Reeves added. But my rhetorical question back is: ‘If not now, when?’”FOX Business’ Brittany De Lea contributed to this article.
Rep. Zeldin on Cuomo harassment allegations: ‘Big question’ whether others will come forward
Rep. Lee Zeldin, R-N.Y., says a "big question" remains as to whether others will come forward with allegations against New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, D.Three women have come forward with harassment allegations against the governor, prompting calls for his resignation. REP. LEE ZELDIN: "There's two big questions that are still left. TRUMP ALLY REP. LEE ZELDIN EXPLORING NY GOVERNOR BID AMID CUOMO CONTROVERSIESThere is certainly … a long standing battle between Governor Cuomo and individuals in his own party. No one is stepping forward and reminiscing on that time five years ago when Governor Cuomo went to bat for them.
McConnell blasts COVID relief bill as 'wildly out of proportion' with America's needs
The $1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief package passed by the House is "a wildly out-of-proportion response to where the country is at the moment," Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., told "The Story" Wednesday. "This $1.9 trillion bill is the same size of the bill we passed last April, right in the middle of the pandemic," McConnell told host Martha MacCallum. Only 9% of this $1.9 trillion is related to health care, and less than 1% of this $1.9T bill is related to vaccines." Despite his criticism, McConnell said he suspected the bill would narrowly pass the Senate, with moderate Democrat Sens. There's nobody [who's] going to come close to beating Lisa Murkowski when she runs for reelection next year."
Whitmer defends secret payout to former health director as Michigan GOP demands details
The Michigan governor was pressed on whether the deals amount "hush money," as alleged by state Republicans. "The nature of the separation agreement is that when someone leaves, there are terms to it and you cannot share every term to it. Michigan GOP communications director Ted Goodman blasted Whitmer on Wednesday, claiming she appeared to be "buying the silence" of top state health officials amid the coronavirus pandemic. The scrutiny comes following revelations that former Michigan Department of Health Director Robert Gordon and Whitmer had quietly reached a secret separation agreement that netted a $155,506 payout for Gordon. The Michigan governor on Tuesday was threatened with a subpoena by state GOP lawmakers who accused the governor of having "bought the silence" of her former employees.
First lady Jill Biden visits Connecticut school, calls for safe return to classroom
?First lady Jill Biden spoke to children at an elementary? school in Connecticut on Wednesday with newly minted Education Secretary Miguel Cardona, saying that, as a teacher herself, she wants to return to the classroom — but only if teachers and students can do so safely. But we just know that we have to get back safely,” Biden told the students at Benjamin Franklin Elementary School in Meriden. “The biggest thing is we’re going to do this together.”First lady Jill Biden and Education Secretary Miguel Cardona tour Benjamin Franklin Elementary School on March 3, 2021, in Meriden, Conn. Mandel Ngan/Pool via APThe stimulus package includes $130 billion for schools. The president recognizes this?,? which is why he took bold action yesterday to get teachers and school staff vaccinated quickly?,” Cardona said. ?First lady Jill Biden and Education Secretary Miguel Cardona visit a classroom as they tour Benjamin Franklin Elementary School.
Katie Hill’s suit against ex-husband will go to trial: report
Former “throuple” pol Katie Hill’s lawsuit seeking to block her ex-husband from revealing private photos and information about her will go to trial after settlement talks have fallen through, according to a new report. In that case, Hill argued that Heslep threatened and choked her over the course of their 15-year relationship. But the former politician had also been seeking an order from a Los Angeles judge blocking Heslep from releasing other intimate photos and private information about her. csuarezHill’s lawyer said she expects the trial to last roughly four days and that she plans to call four or five witnesses, not including Hill. Katie Hill’s lawsuit seeking to block her ex-husband from revealing private photos and information about her will go to trial after settlement talks have fallen through.
Republicans refocus on state ‘bailouts’ in Biden stimulus bill after ‘Pelosi subway’ cut
John Raoux/APThe less-flashy state and local aid is equally unnecessary, Republican senators said, arguing that the funds would bail out Democratic local governments or allow them to increase spending. APSen. Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn.) said that for Democratic state governments, “it is like manna from Heaven for them. They have state governments that have not been well managed. On Wednesday, Biden signed off on lowering the income cap for people getting stimulus checks from $100,000 to $80,000. The bill includes $1,400 stimulus checks for adults earning up to $75,000 per year, with smaller checks for people up to $80,000.
SUV in deadly wreck came through hole in border fence
Gregory Bovino, the Border Patrol’s El Centro sector chief, told the Associated Press that surveillance footage taken before the early Tuesday wreck captured a Ford Expedition and Chevrolet Suburban drive through the breached fence. All those inside escaped and were taken into custody by Border Patrol agents. The 1997 red Ford Expedition, which was jammed with 25 people, continued traveling before it was T-boned by a semi-truck hauling gravel a short time later, killing 13 inside. The opening in the border fence that the vehicles rolled through was about 30 miles east of the crash scene. Gregory Bull/APA California Highway Patrol report said the Expedition entered an intersection right in front of the big rig, which hit the left side of the SUV.
See Elon Musk’s $100M portfolio he sold in efforts to ‘own no house’
Egret-topped house with industrial compoundSold: $29.7 millionThe 1.57-acre property appears to have an industrial building near the traditional house (not pictured). The colonial-style house was built in 1964, and it has two fireplaces and a pool, according to the listing. Realtor.comThe house, purchased by Musk in 2017, was built in the 1960s and appears to have not been updated since. Musk sold $36 million in mid-2020Musk also sold two more properties on Chalon Road earlier in 2020. Realtor.comThe house has a cook’s kitchen with Caesarstone counters and a living room with a fireplace.
CBS forced to pay actress Bobbie Phillips millions after Les Moonves allegations leaked
Bobbie Phillips attends the premiere of "Without Limits" on August 8, 1998 at Mann Village Theater in Westwood, California. CBS paid actress Bobbie Phillips (right) millions of dollars in a legal settlement after sexual harassment claims she made against disgraced ex-executive Les Moonves (left), according to a report. CBS has been forced to pay actress Bobbie Phillips millions of dollars in a legal settlement after sexual harassment claims she made against disgraced ex-executive Les Moonves were leaked to the New York Times, a report said Wednesday. The settlement was reached after CBS hired two law firms — Debevoise & Plimpton and Covington & Burling — to investigate sexual misconduct allegations made by several women at the network against Moonves, Vanity Fair reported. As a result, CBS and Covington were forced to pay Phillips millions of dollars for breaching her confidentiality agreement by letting the information leak to the New York Times, according to Vanity Fair.
‘Full of falsehoods’: Cuomo accuser’s lawyer rips press conference
Andrew Cuomo’s remarks Wednesday were “full of falsehoods and inaccurate information” — including his denial that he ever “touched anyone inappropriately,” the lawyer for one of his accusers said. “The governor’s press conference was full of falsehoods and inaccurate information, and New Yorkers deserve better,” Katz said. A photo of the alleged incident also shows Ruch, 33, appearing extremely uncomfortable as Cuomo towered over her with his hands holding either side of her face. Katz also said Bennett reported Cuomo’s “sexually harassing behavior immediately to his chief of staff and chief counsel.”Attorney Debra Katz and Gov. Andrew Cuomo.
Janice Dean: We Know Now There’s No Way Cuomo Will Ever Resign
There's no way he'll ever resign, ever. You know, he talks about light at the end of the tunnel. But it's not going to come by him resigning, we just know that now today." "I just think he's all about himself and he can never, ever admit, although he did apologize, but remember, he didn't apologize except to the woman that took offense to his Italianess. I apologize to the woman who took offense to me being Italian.
NYC City Councilman On Gov. Cuomo: “This Is Why People Say He Is A Sociopath”
On Fox Across America with Jimmy Failla, NYC City Councilman Joe Borelli discussed the culture of bullying and fear that has surrounded Gov. Andrew Cuomo's administration for and explains why many people have called Gov Cuomo a "sociopath" for years." This is why people say he's a dictator, he's a megalomaniac. But he's caught immediately trying to handpick the person who's going to investigate him after he's been caught handpicking investigators himself many times in the past. And this is the culture that existed in Albany for the entire time that Governor Andrew Cuomo was governor."
LIVE UPDATES: Cuomo apologizes at press conference but says he won't resign
Andrew Cuomo apologized on Wednesday following allegations of sexual harassment and inappropriate behavior by three women, but he fell short of resigning. After her bombshell essay on Medium, another former aide, Charlotte Bennett, also came forward with sexual harassment allegations, claiming she was 25 years old at the time. CUOMO HIRES CRIMINAL DEFENSE LAWYER AFTER SEXUAL HARASSMENT ALLEGATIONS, NURSING HOME SCANDALCuomo said in a statement issued Sunday that some of the things he's said in the past "have been misinterpreted as an unwanted flirtation." Lawmakers have called for independent investigations and the resignation of Cuomo, 63, including several members of the Democratic party. CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APPFollow below for more updates on the reaction to Cuomo's most recent public comments.
Kayleigh McEnany talks undergoing double mastectomy, potential run for office
Former White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany shared the story behind her "very tough" decision to have a double mastectomy in an exclusive interview on "The Faulkner Focus" Wednesday. The prognosis led her to undergo a preventative double mastectomy in 2018. "My mom got a double mastectomy ... it was a hard path, and it's one I knew I wanted to go down to keep myself from ever getting cancer," McEnany expressed. McEnany added that her decision was several years in the making and her husband, Sean Gilmartin, supported her unconditionally. FORMER WHITE HOUSE PRESS SECRETARY KAYLEIGH MCENANY JOINS FOX NEWS FAMILYSince McEnany shared her story at the Republican National Convention in 2020, multiple women have reached out to her about her inspirational story.
Andrew Cuomo’s press conference blasted by critics as calls for governor to resign continue
Hard to believe, because he continues to be shameless," the New York Post editorial board wrote after the press conference. The Democratic governor said he was "embarrassed" as he choked up but refused to resign amid growing calls to give up his position. CUOMO APOLOGIZES AFTER MISCONDUCT ALLEGATIONS BUT DENIES TOUCHING ANYONE 'INAPPROPRIATELY': 'I AM EMBARRASSED’"I now understand that I acted in a way that made people feel uncomfortable. "They obviously felt uncomfortable. "The Governor’s press conference was full of falsehoods and inaccurate information, and New Yorkers deserve better," Katz said.
Accuser Lindsey Boylan slams NY Gov. Cuomo's response to sexual misconduct allegations
"I now understand that I acted in a way that made people feel uncomfortable," he said. CUOMO'S CREEPY COVID TEST COMMENTS RESURFACEDebra Katz, an attorney for Bennett, called Cuomo’s public appearance "full of falsehoods and inaccurate information." During his Wednesday appearance, Cuomo refused demands from dozens of state lawmakers that he resign. "I never knew at the time that I was making anyone feel uncomfortable. And if I ever did make people feel uncomfortable, which I now understand that I have, I apologize for it."
McConnell blames Biden’s ‘sweeping left-wing amnesty plan' for fueling border surge
Senate GOP Leader Mitch McConnell on Wednesday blamed President Biden’s "sweeping left-wing amnesty plan" for fueling the escalating migrant crisis on the southern border -- and said it sidelined the interests of American workers. "Just six weeks into unified Democratic government, we already have another crisis brewing on our southern border," McConnell said on the Senate floor. He said instead that the Department of Homeland Security is working to "replace the cruelty" of the Trump administration with "an orderly humane and safe immigration process." The big backdrop behind this whole discussion is the sweeping left-wing amnesty plan that the Biden Administration unveiled before they were even sworn in," McConnell said. TRUMP USES CPAC SPEECH TO TEAR INTO BIDEN ON BORDER CRISIS"It’s not fair to American citizens and workers," he said.
Republican can win NYC mayoral election again, Guardian Angels founder Curtis Sliwa insists
A Republican can win this year's mayoral election in New York City, longtime radio host Curtis Sliwa told "America’s Newsroom" Wednesday. The number of shootings and murders in New York City soared in 2020, according to year-end crime data released by the New York Police Department (NYPD) in January. "The criminals are on the streets and the subways and worse yet, [New York Gov. That means a little ticket, like you would get for a parking violation and they’re back in the streets to do it again." And that’s when New York City blossomed into the cultural, entertainment empire that it is in the world.
Maria Shriver reacts to Andrew Cuomo's apology: 'Will that be enough?'
Maria Shriver, a journalist and the ex-wife of former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, questioned whether an apology for alleged unwanted sexual advances, issued Wednesday by New York Gov. The Democratic governor has been accused of sexual harassment and inappropriate behavior by three women, two of whom worked under him. Cuomo was previously married to Kerry Kennedy, the daughter of Robert F. Kennedy, who was Maria Shriver's uncle. "I’m embarrassed by what happened... I’m embarrassed that someone felt that way in my administration. I’m embarrassed and hurt and I apologize that somebody who interacted with me felt that way," he added.
Biden says Texas and Mississippi over lifting COVID restrictions, guilty of ‘Neanderthal thinking’
President Biden took a swipe at Republican governors in Texas and Mississippi Wednesday, accusing them of "Neanderthal thinking" following their decision to reverse COVID safety policies, including mask mandates. Greg Abbott pointed to lower case counts and the increase in vaccine accessibility as justification to revoke all state imposed coronavirus regulations starting March 10. We know that COVID spread isn’t neatly contained by state borders, and explosions in COVID cases can increase the likelihood of new COVID variants to develop or spread to new places. CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APP"Getting a shot in someone's arm and getting the second shot…[is] going to take time. And it's critical, critical, critical, critical that they follow the science," Biden told reporters from the White House.
Capitol riot could serve as inspiration for terrorism: experts
The successful breach of the Capitol on the Jan. 6 siege could serve as inspiration for terrorists, a group of national security officials testifying before the Senate Wednesday agreed. “We do assess that the breach on the Capitol could inspire others to act,” Smislova told the Senate. A group of national security officials testifying before the Senate Wednesday agreed that the successful breach of the Capitol on the Jan. 6 siege could serve as inspiration for terrorists. Last week, Congress heard from the acting Capitol Police chief and the acting House sergeant-at-arms, as well as their predecessors who resigned in the wake of the riot. During the acting officials’ testimony, acting Capitol Police Chief Yogananda Pittman revealed that intelligence agencies have uncovered threats from far-right extremists to “blow up” the US Capitol when Biden delivers his first joint address to both houses of Congress.
Cuomo’s top female adviser, Melissa DeRosa, weighs in on sex harassment allegations
Andrew Cuomo’s executive staff, said Wednesday she is “incredibly proud” of the administration’s record on women’s issues, weighing in as the governor spoke in public for the first time on sexual harassment allegations against him. DeRosa stood by her longtime boss as the governor again addressed inappropriate remarks he made in the workplace, as well as accusations of inappropriate touching at the wedding of an aide. “I am incredibly proud of the work that this administration has done to further women’s rights,” said DeRosa, joining Cuomo at an Albany press briefing, his first since the scandal exploded. DeRosa specifically cited workplace protections the administration championed. Charlotte Bennett TwitterLike her boss, DeRosa on Wednesday urged New Yorkers to wait for the results of state Attorney General Letitia James’ independent probe into the allegations.
‘Tiger King’ Joe Exotic hires new legal team to file for fresh trial
Joe Exotic has hired a legal team that once worked the missing-husband case of his key rival, Carole Baskin — and they plan to use unaired footage from “Tiger King” to push for a new trial. Disappointed after failing to get a pardon from President Donald Trump, the reality star — whose real name is Joseph Maldonado-Passage — confirmed Tuesday that he had hired Phillips & Hunt. “We are honored to announce that Joe has retained our firm,” his new attorney, John Phillips, said Tuesday in a video shared by the official Joe Exotic Twitter page. “We’re going to seek a new trial, and justice in the criminal and civil courts,” Philips said after flying to visit Maldonado-Passage at Fort Worth’s Federal Medical Center. “I became familiar with all things ‘Tiger King.’ For sure, I know there is material in there that will help him out,” Phillips said, without teasing possible revelations.
Andrew Cuomo and Sandra Lee sell longtime Mount Kisco house before scandal
Andrew Cuomo and Sandra Lee unloaded their longtime Mount Kisco, NY, home right before the governor was hit with controversy. The formal living room with an open floor plan that leads to an office. realtor.comPart of the formal living room with floor-to-ceiling windows and doors which open to the patio. Features of the home include a stately living room, a sun-filled family room, an oversized kitchen and three dining areas. realtor.comThe formal dining room.
South Carolina adds firing squad to list of execution methods
South Carolina senators Tuesday added a firing squad to the electric chair as alternatives if the state can’t execute condemned inmates by way of lethal injection. An inmate could choose a firing squad if they prefer. South Carolina still uses the electric chair first powered up in 1912 after taking over the death penalty from counties, which usually used hanging. South Carolina Gov. A Republican and a Democrat, both former prosecutors, proposed adding the firing squad.
Fed's beige book signals economic optimism as COVID-19 vaccine rolls out
A Federal Reserve survey of business conditions across the United States has found that economic activity was expanding at a modest pace in February. GET FOX BUSINESS ON THE GO BY CLICKING HEREThe Fed survey released Wednesday shows that the central bank’s business contacts were expressing optimism last month about a stronger rebound as more COVID-19 vaccines are distributed. Reports on consumer spending and auto sales were mixed, while overall manufacturing showed moderate gains despite supply-side constraints, according to the Fed survey. The report, known as the beige book, is based on surveys conducted by the Fed’s 12 regional banks. It will form the basis for discussions when central bank officials meet on March 16-17 to mull their future moves on monetary policy.
Virginia county's proposed rules affecting American flag blasted as insult to Old Glory
In Virginia's largest county -- Fairfax, officials are considering restrictions on the size and number of flags residents and businesses can display – with no exception for the American flag. --Limit the number of flags you can fly at your home to two, including national, state, military or college flags. "There's a lot of veterans who feel very strongly about this, Democrat veterans, Republican veterans," he continued. "The proposed ordinance aims to allow residents to still fly flags proudly with reasonable guidelines, while protecting everyone's First Amendment rights." If the Planning Commission signs off on the proposal tonight, it would then go to the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors next Tuesday for final approval.
Dan Gainor: Hidin' Biden – still no presidential press conference but Dems like basement strategy
That strategy is going strong 43 days into his presidency as he still hasn’t held a press conference. White House press secretary Jen Psaki continues to avoid topics, vowing to "circle back," while mostly giving reporters the run-around. As long as President Joe is kept out of the limelight, he can’t generate too much controversy. Only this is the anti-Trump strategy that got Biden into the White House. It was headlined: "It's long past time for Joe Biden to start taking questions from the press."
Ohio GOP Senate candidates call for their Republican governor to reopen state after COVID lockdowns
Former Ohio state treasurer Josh Mandel on Wednesday told Fox News that he’s "calling on Gov. TEXAS GOVERNOR ANNOUNCES PLAN TO DROP MASK MANDATE AND FULLY REOPEN BUSINESSESMandel spoke soon after issuing a statement on his push to reopen Ohio. "We intend on keeping the mask mandate," DeWine spokesman Dan Tierney said. "The governor does not intend to lift that [mask mandate] because we still need to protect Ohioans who have not had the opportunity to get the vaccine yet," Tierney added. The coronavirus restrictions implemented in Ohio have been very unpopular with many on the right.
AOC invokes Denmark in minimum wage debate — critics point out Denmark doesn't have a federal minimum wage
Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., omitted a key detail on Wednesday while comparing the U.S. federal minimum wage to the wage paid to Danish McDonald’s workers. The New York congresswoman called the discussion around raising the federal minimum wage "utterly embarrassing" in a tweet published Tuesday night. There is one thing Ocasio-Cortez’s argument left out, though: Denmark doesn’t have a nationally mandated minimum wage. Ocasio-Cortez’s tweet came as Congress debates raising the federal minimum wage to $15. Mitt Romney, R-Utah, and Tom Cotton, R-Ark., penned a joint op-ed published on supporting a more modest minimum wage increase.
House Democrats' H.R. 1 would create new public financing of congressional campaigns
It would provide public matching funds for qualifying congressional and presidential candidates at a rate of 6:1, among many other provisions. The public match program would be funded by a new 4.75% surcharge on criminal and civil penalties and settlements that corporations pay to the U.S. government. "I'm particularly disturbed by the fact that if this bill passes, taxpayer dollars will be directly funneled to congressional candidates and campaigns," Pfluger said. The Congressional Budget Office estimated that the small-dollar match program for congressional candidates would cost $1.6 billion over 10 years, the presidential candidate match program would cost $905 million, and the new $25 pilot voucher program would cost $60 million. The House bill establishes the "Freedom from Influence Fund" for public election financing only for House and presidential candidates.
Biden still hasn’t held a press conference after 43 days in office
President Biden has been in office for 43 days without holding an official press conference and critics have taken notice. President Trump took 28 days to take questions from the press, while President Obama did it after only 21 days in office and President George W. Bush took 34 days. White House press secretary Jen Psaki recently said, "Not yet," when asked when Biden would hold his first press conference. CNN’s Jake Tapper tweeted that "Biden’s 15 most recent predecessors all held a formal solo press conference within 33 days of taking office." Whenever Biden’s address occurs, it would be the latest Joint Session address in decades.
Biden won't deliver speech to Congress until after vote on coronavirus bill, Psaki says
White House press secretary Jen Psaki said President Biden will wait to address a joint session of Congress until after Congress decides on the American Rescue Plan, his coronavirus relief package. Meanwhile, as for his first address to Congress, past presidents have traditionally given a speech to Congress during their first year in office, often in February. An address to a joint session of Congress is like a State of the Union, though it technically is not called that until the president's second year in office. Bush delivered one of the earliest addresses to a joint session, taking place on Feb. 9, 1989. Former President Barack Obama delivered his address on Feb. 24, 2009; former President George W. Bush delivered his on Feb. 27, 2001; and former President Bill Clinton delivered his on Feb. 17.
Sen. Mike Crapo: Democrats' $1.9 trillion COVID relief bill deserves debate. Let's get this right
The proposals in the nearly $2 trillion package include sweeping policy changes that deserve thorough, bipartisan scrutiny at the committee level. BRIAN KEMP: COVID RELIEF – PELOSI-SCHUMER PLAN FAVORS DEMOCRAT STATES. The relief package also includes an additional $400 a week in unemployment benefits, on top of existing benefits. These policies don’t belong in a COVID relief package, and should be fully offset if retained." The coronavirus pandemic has exacted a terrible toll on America, and another relief package may be appropriate.
Xi Jinping calls US ‘biggest threat’ to China’s security
?Communist Party leader Xi Jinping warned that the United States is the “biggest threat” to China’s security ?while touting the country’s economic ?outlook, proclaiming that “the East is rising and the West is declining,” according to a report on Wednesday. “The biggest source of chaos in the present-day world is the United States,” Xi said, ?the New York Times reported. ?“The United States is the biggest threat to our country’s development and security.”?The report cited Xi’s remarks to a county official in northwest China, published on a government website. Xi is expected to present a plan this week for how he will shepherd China’s continued ascent to the National People’s Congress, the Communist Party-backed legislature. The Chinese Communist Party is facing backlash from the Biden administration, which has said it will crack down on Beijing’s human rights abuses.
Michael Moore says Texans don’t deserve vaccine
So u don’t need our precious vaccine. “Yes, we must and will find a way to vaccinate the poor and people of color in Texas. Michael Moore was ripped on social media for saying that people who live in Texas don’t deserve the COVID-19 vaccine. “The rest of us must find a way to protect ourselves from the policies and politicians of Texas,” Moore wrote. Many criticized the “Bowling for Columbine” director for saying Texans don’t deserve the vaccine, regardless of who they voted for.
NY AG settles with New York Sports Club after COVID membership scandal
“A public health crisis did not give these gyms license to lift up their finances through unlawful charges,” James said in a prepared statement. NYSC and Lucille Roberts facilities are now being run by a different company, and the new owners are not involved in the case, James’ office said. New York Attorney General Letitia James takes a question at a news conference in New York on Aug. 6, 2020. Kathy Willens/AP,FileStill, the judgment “is not intended to be, and should not be construed as, an admission of liability by TSI,” the court filing reads. TSI lawyer Donald Derrico told The Post, “We do not comment on litigation matters and/or resolutions.”Victims can file complaints to recoup their losses through James’ office.
Thai activist arrested for burning king’s portrait
BANGKOK – An anti-government activist accused of burning a portrait of Thailand’s King Maha Vajiralongkorn was arrested on Wednesday police said, the latest among dozens of people charged in recent months for insulting the monarchy. “The burning of the royal portrait was done by me and I am solely responsible, the movement is not involved,” Chaiamorn wrote on his band’s Facebook page, a post his lawyer confirmed was authentic. At least 61 people have subsequently been charged with lese majeste, according to legal aid group Thai Lawyers for Human Rights. The portrait burning took place hours before protesters marched on a military base to urge the king to give up direct control over army units transferred to him in 2019 by the government of Prayuth, a former military chief. Police used rubber bullets against the protesters for the first time on Sunday, as well as tear gas and water cannon.
Biden faces steep challenges to reach renewable energy goals
Disruption from the pandemic has cost the renewable energy industry, which relies heavily on labor, about 450,000 jobs. To reach Biden’s 100 percent renewable energy goal will require a massive buildout of grid infrastructure to get energy from the windy plains or offshore wind farms over long distances to cities where electricity is needed. The wind power industry and clean energy advocates say the new administration can make the country an offshore wind power leader. Estimates of employment in the US clean energy sector range from about 700,000 to 3 million jobs. “Justice for disadvantaged communities and welcoming legacy energy workers into the clean power workforce are vital aspects of the success of the clean energy transition,” said Heather Zichal, chief executive officer of the American Clean Power Association.
Andrew Cuomo says ‘I feel awful’ but ‘never touched anyone inappropriately’
Andrew Cuomo said Wednesday that “I feel awful” about the sexual harassment allegations against him but insisted, “I never touched anyone inappropriately.”Cuomo also said he was acting against legal advice to tell New Yorkers, “I now understand that I acted in a way that made people feel uncomfortable.”“It was unintentional and I truly and deeply apologize for it,” he said as his voice choked up. “I feel awful about it and frankly I am embarrassed by it and that’s not easy to say –but that’s the truth.”Cuomo’s remarks were the first he’s made in person since a spiraling sexual harassment scandal erupted last week, leading to calls for his resignation — despite his having agreed to an independent investigation by state Attorney General Letitia James. The controversy was sparked by former aide Lindsey Boylan, 36, who accused Cuomo, 63, of kissing her “on the lips” without warning in his Manhattan office in 2018. Boylan, now a Democratic candidate for Manhattan borough president, also alleged in an online essay that Cuomo told her, “Let’s play strip poker,” during an October 2017 flight on his official state jet. Boylan’s claims led another former Cuomo aide, Charlotte Bennett, 25, to allege in a report published Saturday that he asked her inappropriate personal questions, told her he was open to relationships with women in their 20s and left her feeling that he “wanted to sleep with me.”And in a report on Monday, Anna Ruch, a 33-year-old former White House staffer under then-President Barack Obama, accused Cuomo of coming on to her, grabbing her face and kissing her after he officiated at the 2019 wedding of an administration aide, Gareth Rhodes, to another former Obama staffer, Alexa Kissinger.
Rubio slams $1.9T COVID relief bill: Bailout for 'predator' Cuomo, 'irresponsible' Newsom
The coronavirus relief package is a "fraud" because it includes measures that go beyond the scope of providing aid to Americans that struggled during the pandemic, Sen. Marco Rubio said on Wednesday. You put out a bill, you call it COVID relief, and people that are on their way to work, what they hear on the news is $1.9 trillion in COVID relief. And people are like, OK, that's good because we need relief and $1.9 trillion is a lot of money and so forth. The problem is that's not what the bill is," Rubio, R-Fla., told "Fox & Friends." Rubio said that he "is prepared to vote for more coronavirus relief."
Can police search your house without a warrant?
The court has previously said that an officer in "hot pursuit" of a suspect believed to have committed a felony crime can enter the person’s home without a warrant if the person goes inside. But, as Justice Stephen Breyer said during the Feb. 24 arguments, there is "a bright-line rule that says hot pursuit is automatically exigent circumstances," meaning circumstances that are exceptions to the typical warrant requirements until the Fourth Amendment. Several justices, both liberal and conservative, suggested that making a distinction between felony and misdemeanor cases would be difficult and problematic. Lange’s lawyer, Jeffrey Fisher, told the justices that it is "not too much to ask for officers to procure a warrant before breaching the Fourth Amendment's most sacrosanct space." "The argument very simply is that hot pursuit has to be hot and it has to be a pursuit ... it has to involve a chase," he suggested.
Majority of House Democrats vote in favor of lowering voting age to 16
Progressive Democrats in the House of Representatives unsuccessfully pushed an amendment lowering the federal voting age to 16 as part of the H.R. The vote was 125-302 in the House with the majority of Democrats voting in favor, 125-93, according to C-SPAN. Pressley said in February she was "shocked" that lowering the legal voting age to 16 is a "polarizing" subject of debate. ‘SQUAD’ MEMBER PRESSLEY SAYS SHE'S ‘SHOCKED’ THAT LOWERING VOTING AGE TO 16 IS POLARIZING ISSUEThe idea isn't brand new. Hawaiian lawmakers introduced a bill in January that would lower the voting age from 18 to 16.
'Scary, insidious' where cancel culture is heading: 'Madness of Crowds' author
British journalist and author of "Madness of Crowds" Douglas Murray ripped the cancel culture movement and argued its' been going too far for a "very long time." The "Madness of Crowds" author went on to say the cancel culture movement "limits" Americans on what they’re allowed to enjoy and people should be "scared." "The left has a very confused attitude towards cancel culture," Murray said. The British author argued the left doesn’t think cancel culture "exists" and the idea has been "invented by crazy right-wingers." The "Madness of Crowds" author predicted the left will stop the cancel culture movement when the tables turn on their party.
Michael Goodwin: Will Andrew Cuomo resign? Don't bet on it. Here's how governor plans to stay in office
Andrew Cuomo’s fellow Democrats demand he resign following three allegations of sexual harassment, there is widespread expectation he’ll quit any day now. ANDREW CUOMO ACCUSED BY THIRD WOMAN OF UNWANTED SEXUAL ADVANCESCuomo, of course, has never been confused with a shrinking violet. CUOMO SHOULD RESIGN: 'PATTERN OF ABUSE OF POWER'That strategy is rooted in a fundamental fact: Nobody can force him to quit. In effect, Cuomo and Jacobs aim to use the investigation to buy time for a cooling-off period. That’s the federal investigation into whether his office illegally withheld an accurate count of nursing home deaths from the Justice Department.
Support for Cuomo's coronavirus response collapses as media pays attention to nursing home deaths: Study
Andrew Cuomo now that the mainstream media is spending time on his ongoing nursing home scandal, according to a new study. Sixty-five percent of those who were previously uninformed of Cuomo's nursing home policies had an unfavorable opinion of his handling of the coronavirus pandemic, according to a study commissioned by the Media Research Center. MAINSTREAM MEDIA BLASTED FOR ‘BLATANT HYPOCRISY’ AFTER IGNORING SEXUAL HARASSMENT ALLEGATIONS AGAINST CUOMOCuomo was a darling of the liberal media and the nursing home scandals were largely ignored before recent sexual harassment allegations were made against him. As Cuomo takes heat over multiple sexual harassment allegations, news organizations that spent a portion of 2020 fawning over him are covering the nursing home tragedy. MRC president Brent Bozell feels the mainstream media is "complicit" in Cuomo’s nursing home scandal.
Ronny Jackson made sexual comments about subordinate, drank alcohol on trips as WH physician: IG
U.S. Rep. Ronny Jackson made "sexual and denigrating" comments about a female subordinate and engaged in inappropriate use of alcohol while on two presidential trips during his time as the White House physician, according to a Pentagon inspector general report. Investigators interviewed 78 witnesses and reviewed White House documents to reach the conclusion that Jackson, R-Texas, failed to treat his subordinates on the White House Medical Unit staff with dignity and respect, the report said. "Three years ago I was the subject of a political hit job because I stood with President Trump," Jackson said. CLICK HERE FOR THE FOX NEWS APPAllegations of misconduct first arose after Trump nominated Jackson to be Veteran's Affairs secretary in April 2018. The doctor withdrew from the running after the Pentagon inspector general began investigating allegations of workplace misconduct, such as alcohol abuse and mishandling prescription drugs.
Capitol Police Chief Pittman says threats to Congress members up by 93.5% in first 2 months of 2021
Capitol Police acting Chief Yogananda Pittman testified before a House Appropriations subcommittee Wednesday that threats to members of Congress have increased by 93.5% within the first two months of 2021, compared to the same time period last year. "This was abundantly clear on January 6, 2021, when insurrectionists attempted to prevent the Congress from certifying the 2020 Electoral College results by storming the U.S. U.S. Capitol Police was forced to reevaluate its budget justification for the 2022 fiscal year following the events of Jan. 6, Pittman said. Meanwhile, U.S. Capitol Police said Wednesday it "obtained intelligence that shows a possible plot to breach the Capitol by an identified militia group on Thursday, March 4." The department "is aware of and prepared for any potential threats towards members of Congress or towards the Capitol complex," the statement said.
Las Vegas Sands to sell Venetian casino resort, Sands Expo for $6.25B
Las Vegas Sands is selling the iconic Venetian casino resort and its Sands Expo and Convention Center for $6.25 billion, withdrawing from gambling operations on the Las Vegas Strip after changing the nature of the casino business there and just about everywhere else. Under the two-part deal announced Wednesday, VICI Properties will buy the casino and resort and all assets associated with the Venetian Resort Las Vegas and the Sands Expo for $4 billion. The global pandemic broadsided Las Vegas, shuttering the Strip where Las Vegas Sands has been the biggest operator for years. “As we announce the sale of The Venetian Resort, we pay tribute to Mr. Adelson’s legacy while starting a new chapter in this company’s history. The Venetian, located on the Las Vegas Strip, has three luxury hotel towers with gaming, entertainment, shopping and dining.
Comptroller Stringer calls on de Blasio to give up COVID-19 emergency powers
Mayor Bill de Blasio should practice what he preaches by scrapping the coronavirus emergency powers he invoked last year to fast-track billions of dollars in spending that “circumvented” oversight, city Comptroller Scott Stringer said Wednesday. Andrew Cuomo’s emergency pandemic powers and restoring local control over decision-making. The state Legislature has agreed to strip some of Cuomo’s emergency powers amid sexual harassment and nursing home scandals engulfing the governor. Stringer claimed de Blasio will look like a hypocrite if he doesn’t restore the comptroller’s review over spending projects. Andrew Cuomo’s emergency pandemic powers and restoring local control over decision-making — but wants his powers gone too.
Michael Cohen — disbarred former Trump fixer — gets COVID-19 vaccine
Michael Cohen, the now-disbarred attorney who served as former President Donald Trump’s go-to lawyer before turning state’s evidence, received his coronavirus vaccine on Wednesday. But Cohen said that by Wednesday, the process was smooth as silk. “It was flawless,” Cohen told The Post by phone. Michael Cohen said he qualified due to unspecified “health morbidities.”Once seen as Trump’s legal fixer, the pair’s relationship soured after Cohen implicated Trump while separately pleading guilty to lying during special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation on Russian influence in the 2016 presidential election. Michael Cohen, the now-disbarred attorney who served as former President Donald Trump’s lawyer.
BBC duped by man claiming to be Cory Booker, bluffs way into Khashoggi interview
A trickster claiming to be New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker bluffed his way into a BBC radio interview on the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, according to a red-faced apology from the British outlet and tweets from confused listeners. “In our Newshour radio programme on Friday, a man claiming to be Senator Cory Booker was interviewed in what appears to be a deliberate hoax,” the BBC said in a statement. “@CoryBooker did you do an interview today with the BBC discussing the Khashoggi killing?” tweeted one user on Feb. 26. “Someone sounding nothing like you and without your speech pattern was claiming to be you today.”The homepage of BBC “Newshour” features an apology for the broadcast interview. The real Booker did not immediately respond to a request for comment.
Andrew Cuomo aide leaves COVID-19 task force amid gov’s sex-harass scandal
The governor’s aide whose wedding reception is at the center of the latest sexual-harassment allegation against Gov. Andrew Cuomo is leaving his COVID-19 task force. The move came just days after Anna Ruch, 33, became the third woman to accuse Cuomo, 63, of sexual harassment. It also came shortly before Cuomo was expected to hold his first news conference since the scandal erupted last week. The move came just days after Anna Ruch, 33, became the third woman to accuse Gov.
CNN called out for tone shift on Biden reopening schools, compared to Trump coverage
CNN's tone on school reopening appears to have taken a different tone with President Biden leading the call for it, instead of former President Trump. Drew Holden, a conservative commentator, noted Biden was quoted in September by the CNN Politics account demanding Trump negotiate a deal for emergency school funding. CNN's Chris Cillizza wrote the same month on the "very clear dangers" of Trump trying to reopen schools. "'Normally, people don't play with kids' lives': Trump's push to reopen schools becomes another partisan fight," CNN wrote in another July news story. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said last summer it would work with every school district to create safe environments for school reopening.
Andrew Cuomo aide leaves COVID-19 task force amid sex-harass scandal
The aide whose wedding reception was the venue that led to a sexual-harassment allegation against Gov. Andrew Cuomo is leaving the state’s COVID-19 task force, he said Wednesday. CUOMO SPEAKS AS NY LAWMAKERS CALL FOR RESIGNATION, IMPEACHMENT OVER SCANDALSThe move came just days after Anna Ruch, 33, became the third woman to accuse Cuomo, 63, of sexual harassment. It also came shortly before Cuomo was expected to hold his first news conference since the scandal erupted last week. Rhodes has regularly been among the Cuomo administration officials to join the governor at his briefings.
Biden’s post-inauguration honeymoon appears to be over, new poll suggests
A new national poll indicates that President Joe Biden’s approval rating has slipped during his first month in the White House. "It’s probably not a surprise that Biden’s honeymoon period has closed quickly," Monmouth University Polling Institute Director Patrick Murray highlighted. An average of all of the latest national polls that measured Biden’s approval rating – compiled by Real Clear Politics – put’s the president’s numbers at 55% approval and 40% disapproval. Ninety-one percent of Democrats questioned in the Monmouth survey approve of Biden’s performance – basically unchanged since January. CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APPThe Monmouth poll used live telephone operators to question 802 adults nationwide.
Republicans want briefing from Mayorkas after DHS chief claims 'no' border crisis
EXCLUSIVE: House Republicans on the Border Security Caucus are requesting a briefing by Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas about the escalating crisis at the southern border, and warning that Biden administration policies are fueling it -- days after Mayorkas denied that there was a crisis at all. Reps. Andy Biggs and Brian Babin, who are the heads of the Congressional Border Security Caucus, wrote to Mayorkas requesting a briefing on the administration’s plans to address what they see as a crisis. Meanwhile, Customs and Border Protection (CBP) have been releasing migrants into the interior -- a practice ended by the Trump administration. REP. BIGGS, CO-CHAIR OF BORDER SECURITY CAUCUS, SAYS ISSUE IS UNITING CONSERVATIVESBut Mayorkas on Monday denied there was a crisis at all, instead describing it as a "challenge for the government, non-governmental organizations and border communities. The lawmakers request a meeting in-person with Mayorkas "as soon as possible to discuss the growing crisis at the southern border."
Shalanda Young pushed by House Dem leaders for Biden budget director after Tanden defeat
House Democratic leaders on Wednesday are pushing President Biden to tap Shalanda Young – his current pick for deputy director of the Office of Management and Budget – for director, after he withdrew the nomination of Neera Tanden for the post amid controversy over her past statements. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., Majority Leader Steny Hoyer, D-Md., and Majority Whip Jim Clyburn, D-S.C., issued a joint statement on Wednesday, recommending Biden tap Young to serve as director of the Office of Management and Budget. BIDEN’S FAILURE TO GET TANDEN CONFIRMED FOLLOWS OTHER ABORTED PRESIDENTIAL NOMINATIONS IN HISTORY"As longtime members of the Appropriations Committee, we take great pride in recommending Shalanda Young as director of the Office of Management and Budget," the Democratic leaders wrote. Young previously served as a staff director for the House Appropriations Committee. A statement from Biden released Tuesday night read: "I have accepted Neera Tanden’s request to withdraw her name from nomination for director of the Office of Management and Budget."
Pence rails against HR 1, laments Capitol riot prevented 'substantive discussion' on election integrity
Former Vice President Mike Pence offered harsh criticism for a Democrat-proposed voting reform legislation while condemning the Capitol protest on Jan. 6 that, he said, interrupted what would have been a worthwhile discussion of election integrity. In an op-ed for the Daily Signal published Wednesday, Pence said that H.R. Pence claimed that H.R. Meanwhile, he said lawmakers should be focused on improving election security and public confidence in the voting process. Pence cautioned that H.R.
Cuomo speaks as NY lawmakers call for resignation, impeachment over scandals
New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced that he will be holding a coronavirus briefing and making an "announcement" Wednesday afternoon, as he faces pressure from members of both parties to step down or face impeachment. At this point, nearly 30 Democratic and Republican New York lawmakers have stated that Cuomo should either resign or face impeachment. CUOMO 'FAILED' TO HOLD HIMSELF TO HIGH STANDARD IF ALLEGATIONS TRUE, NY ASSEMBLY'S DEM LEADER SAYSDemocratic New York State Assemblyman Angelo Santabarbara told Fox News' "America's Newsroom" on Wednesday that Cuomo should resign "for the good of the state." Lawmakers are also pushing towards stripping Cuomo of emergency powers he has had throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.
Myanmar security forces kill at least 33 protesters
YANGON, Myanmar — At least 33 protesters were killed by Myanmar security forces on Wednesday, the highest number since a Feb. 1 military coup, according to a compilation of local reports, as authorities extended their lethal crackdown. Videos from various locations showed security forces on Wednesday firing slingshots at demonstrators, chasing them down and even brutally beating an ambulance crew. Security forces have also arrested hundreds of people at protests, including journalists. Videos from various locations showed security forces on Wednesday firing slingshots at demonstrators, chasing them down and even brutally beating an ambulance crew. Ignoring that appeal, Myanmar’s security forces on Wednesday continued to attack peaceful protesters.
NY state Sen. James Skoufis calls on Andrew Cuomo to resign
Andrew Cuomo’s refusal to publicly address sexual harassment allegations “lends further credibility” to his accusers and should lead him to resign in disgrace, a Democratic state senator said Wednesday. State Sen. James Skoufis joined a handful of Democrats — including US Rep. Kathleen Rice of Long Island — demanding that Cuomo quit amid the widening scandal. Governor Cuomo must resign,” he said. Skoufis added that Cuomo’s “refusal to appear before the public over this past week lends further credibility to the allegations brought forward by the three women — and counting.”Gov. Cuomo has been accused by three women of sexually inappropriate behavior.
Alamo Drafthouse cinema chain files for bankruptcy
Dine-in cinema chain Alamo Drafthouse filed for bankruptcy Wednesday after taking a beating from the COVID-19 pandemic. The chain also has 23 franchised cinemas in addition to its company-owned sites. Alamo’s bankruptcy is just the latest sign of the damage the COVID-19 crisis has inflicted on movie exhibitors around the world. AMC, the world’s largest cinema operator, narrowly avoided bankruptcy this year after weathering heavy losses alongside rival Cinemark. Alamo is known for enforcing a “zero-tolerance” policy against talking and cellphone use during screenings at its eat-and-watch cinemas.
Crafts retailer Michaels to be acquired by Apollo for $3.3 billion
Arts-and-crafts retailer Michaels said it has agreed to be acquired by private equity giant Apollo Global Management in a deal that values the company at $3.3 billion. The going-private transaction values Michaels’ outstanding stock at $22 a share, a 47 percent premium to the closing price on Feb. 26, the last trading day before the media reported that Michaels was in play, the companies said. The deal with Apollo — controlled by billionaire Leon Black, who has been weathering a scandal over his ties to dead pedophile Jeffrey Epstein — is valued at a total of $5 billion including debt. The arts-and-crafts retailer has more than 1,200 stores in North America and it had been a go-to stop for consumers looking for something to do during quarantine. “As a private company, we will have financial flexibility to invest in, expand, and improve our retail and digital platforms.”
Andrew Cuomo to hold first news conference since sexual harassment scandal broke
Andrew Cuomo is expected to hold a news conference on Wednesday that will mark his first public appearance since becoming engulfed in a widening sexual harassment scandal, sources familiar with his plans told The Post. Cuomo is in the state Capitol in Albany preparing for the briefing, the sources said. The Post also spotted Health Commissioner Howard Zucker, who has joined Cuomo at his briefings since the COVID-19 pandemic struck last year. Cuomo last took questions from reporters during an audio-only phone conference call on Feb. 22, two days before a series of women — including two former aides — publicly accused him of sexual harassment. And, obviously, part of that is responding to the concerns of the public expressed through the media,” he said.
108 illegal immigrants in Texas who tested positive for COVID reportedly released
?More than 100 illegal immigrants who tested positive for the coronavirus — after their arrival in Texas ??since late January — have been released by the Border Patrol into the Lone Star State ?and are free to travel to other parts of the US, according to reports. “Right now we were tested for COVID and they separated us … because we were positive,” Izaguirre told news site. ??Other migrants, who tested positive, said they plan to travel to North Carolina, Maryland and New Jersey. Felipe Romero said migrants who tested for COVID-19 are being told to quarantine and remain socially distanced. “Really, I don’t feel anything.”?The immigrants said they didn’t receive any documentation that they had tested positive.
Biden agrees to new cap on stimulus checks, axing funds for earners over $80K
President Biden has agreed to lower the income cap for stimulus checks as part of his $1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief bill, The Post has confirmed. Adults who earn less than $75,000 per year will still get the full $1,400. But rather than a sliding scale for earners between $75,000 and $100,000, smaller checks will only go to people earning up to $80,000. People who earn more than $80,000 will get nothing under the Biden-approved plan, the source said. Those funds also are phased out for earners over $75,000 or joint filers above $150,000.
Honoré's ‘offensive’ comments should disqualify him from Capitol security review, Republicans tell Pelosi
Republicans on the House Judiciary Committee are telling House Speaker Nancy Pelosi that "offensive" comments made by her choice to lead the investigation into the Jan. 6 riot at the Capitol should disqualify him. Pelosi appointed retired Army Lt. Gen. Russel Honoré to lead the investigation into the security infrastructure, interagency processes and command and control during the riot. But a number of Republicans have raised alarm about past comments he has made. These statements are deeply offensive and should be disqualifying for anyone to lead a serious and objective review of the Capitol’s security," the Congress members say. "This is somebody who has no business, no business, leading a security review," he told Carlson.
'Squad' member Rep. Bowman claims standardized testing is racist
Freshman Rep. Jamaal Bowman, D-N.Y., attacked standardized testing as racist on Tuesday. Bowman, a new member of the progressive "Squad," claimed in a tweet that standardized testing is "a pillar of systemic racism." Bowman also shared a link to the National Education Association (NEA) website about the "racist beginnings of standardized testing." Standardized testing is not uniquely American by any means. "Standardized testing is actually horrible for a number of reasons but this isn't one of them," conservative columnist Matt Walsh wrote.
Ralph Lauren 'first' luxury brand to start a clothing rental business
Ralph Lauren has announced a new clothing rental service hailed as a first for a luxury brand. The New York fashion house is peddling a program called "The Lauren Look," offering frugal fashionistas the chance to rent an "ever-evolving" selection of womenswear apparel from its Lauren Ralph Lauren brand for $125 a month. GOODWILL DONOR IN TEXAS ACCIDENTALLY LEAVES $5,000 IN JACKET, GETS IT BACK WEEKS LATERMuch like Rent the Runway, chosen selections are shipped out to the shopper to rent, try or buy. "The Lauren Look allows us to explore an entirely new model tapping into the growing focus on the sharing economy and revolutionizing how we look at fashion consumption," said David Lauren, Chief Innovation and Branding Officer. Like many luxury brands, Ralph Lauren has struggled during the coronavirus pandemic with continued store closures and diminished global demand, Reuters reports.
Democrat assemblyman says Gov. Cuomo should resign: 'Pattern of abuse of power'
New York State Assemblyman Angelo Santabarbara is calling on Gov. REP. ANGELO SANTABARBARA: [On revoking emergency powers] "This is something we need to do. This is about much more than just emergency powers at this point. This is a governor that has a pattern of abuse of power, and it’s clear that it’s going to continue. DEMOCRATIC NEW YORK LAWMAKER CALLS ON CUOMO TO RESIGN 'FOR THE GOOD OF THE STATE'We just see a pattern here.
Capitol Police increase security amid 'possible' militia group plot to breach Capitol
U.S. Capitol Police are increasing security after obtaining intelligence to suggest a "possible plot" by a militia group to breach the U.S. Capitol on Thursday, March 4. "The United States Capitol Police Department is aware of and prepared for any potential threats towards members of Congress or towards the Capitol complex," they said in a statement Wednesday. "We have obtained intelligence that shows a possible plot to breach the Capitol by an identified militia group on Thursday, March 4." Capitol Police said it is working with "local, state and federal partners to stop any threats to the Capitol." The Jan. 6 Capitol riot left five people dead, including a U.S. Capitol Police officer.
Senate Finance Committee split on HHS nominee Becerra in tie vote
The Senate Finance Committee did not make a determination on the nomination of President Biden's pick for Health Human Services Secretary, Xavier Becerra, after a vote on the nomination resulted in a tie, split along party lines. The vote took place at an executive session of the finance committee Wednesday morning. Committee Chairman Sen. Ron Wyden, D-Ore. announced that the tie vote will be reported to the secretary of the Senate. He noted that it is up to the Senate majority or minority leader to bring a motion to discharge the nomination for a vote by the full Senate. This was in stark contrast to concerns from some Republicans over the California attorney general's lack of relevant health care experience.
Biden’s failure to get Tanden confirmed follows other aborted presidential nominations in history
BIDEN WHITE HOUSE PULLS TANDEN'S EMBATTLED NOMINATION AS BUDGET DIRECTORThe long history of nominations that crashed and burned dates back to the earliest years of the republic. And failed nominations at the beginning of a presidency ended up having sometimes serious implications. "The personal behavior of nominees became a new standard for nominees," Troy noted. CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APPFast-forward to this week and Tanden’s nomination sank due in part to her long history of biting tweets about both Republicans and Democrats, which made her a polarizing figure to many in the Senate. Troy predicted that "Tanden's failed nomination will definitely create the 'Twitter test’ for nominees, but it may also have other implications that we cannot yet predict."
US infrastructure gets C- from engineers as roads stagnate
But it was not able to push Congress to pass any broad plan to update the nation’s roads and bridges, rails and airports. Four areas got Cs: bridges, which dropped from a C+ to a C in 2021, energy, drinking water and solid waste. “This report card is a warning and a call to action,” Buttigieg told The Associated Press. APIn its report card, the group said years of inaction has had consequences. According to the report card, the nation is only paying about half of what it needs to lift overall US infrastructure to an acceptable “B” level.
Federal probe into Hunter Biden’s ‘tax affairs’ reportedly moving ahead
?The federal probe into Hunter Biden’s “tax affairs” is plowing ahead without any interference from President Biden’s White House, according to a report on Wednesday. Garland told the Senate Judiciary Committee during a confirmation hearing last week that he hadn’t discussed the Hunter Biden investigation with the president. Hunter Biden confirmed in December that his “tax affairs” stemming from his overseas business dealings were under investigation by the feds. The investigation, which began in 2018, is seeking to determine if Hunter Biden and his business associates violated tax and money laundering laws. The Post last October revealed the existence of emails found on Hunter Biden’s laptop’s hard drive detailing his business interests in China and Ukraine.
Dr. Fauci donates his personal 3D model of COVID to Smithsonian museum
Sign up for our special edition newsletter to get a daily update on the coronavirus pandemic. Dr. Anthony Fauci has donated his personal 3-D model of the coronavirus to the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History in Washington, DC, which honored him with its Great Americans Medal. Fauci has helped save millions of lives and advanced the treatment and our understanding of infectious and immunologic diseases across more than five decades of public service,” museum Director Anthea Hartig said. Fauci, 80, who has led the nationwide COVID-19 response and is President Joe Biden’s science adviser, was asked by the museum to donate a personal item to mark the pandemic. He chose the lumpy blue and orange ball that he has used to explain the complexities of the virus in myriad interviews.
Rep. Crenshaw slams Biden's border policy: 'Prioritizing illegal immigrants over US citizens’
Rep. Dan Crenshaw, R-Texas, says he believes the Biden administration’s immigration policies are "prioritizing illegal immigrants over U.S. The comments come amid an Axios report citing DHS projections that 117,000 unaccompanied children are expected to cross the border in 2021. This administration is prioritizing illegal immigrants over U.S. citizens. What immediately needs to happen is they need to reinstitute the migrant protection protocols, which is the ‘Remain in Mexico’ policy. CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APPIt creates a disincentive to just cross, because they know they’re going to be sent right back to Mexico.
Axios founders: Hypocritical Democrats should call for Andrew Cuomo's resignation
The co-founders of Axios say Democrats should all be calling for New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, D., to resign if they want to meet their own standards for Republicans facing accusations of sexual harassment. Andrew Cuomo should be facing explicit calls to resign from President Biden on down, if you apply the standard that Democrats set for similar allegations against Republicans. VandeHei and Allen said the only defense Democrats had was to argue the three women were exaggerating or forgetting things. ANDREW CUOMO AMID SEXUAL HARASSMENT, NURSING HOME SCANDALSIn a conditional apology, Cuomo portrayed some of his past behavior as misinterpreted jokes, which angered one of his accusers, Charlotte Bennett.
Migrants wear Biden T-shirts at US-Mexico border, demand clearer policies
Migrants crossing the U.S.-Mexico border on Tuesday were photographed wearing T-shirts in support of President Biden at the San Ysidro crossing port in Tijuana, Baja California state. One apparent migrant held up a poster that read, "Biden, please let us in!" Prospective U.S. residents and progressive Democrats are hoping the new president will implement more lenient immigration policies than former President Trump, though some politicians like Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., have expressed concern with Biden's use of migrant holding facilities at the border. 108 MIGRANTS RELEASED BY BORDER PATROL IN TEXAS TEST POSITIVE FOR CORONAVIRUS, OFFICIALS SAYThere has been a recent surge in the number of unaccompanied minors arriving at the U.S. border from Mexico, according to The Wall Street Journal, though the Biden administration has rejected the term "crisis" to describe the situation. The president is working to process as many as 25,000 asylum seekers who were forced to wait in Mexico under the Trump administration's "Remain-in-Mexico" policy under the Migrant Protection Protocol (MPP) program.
Will Smith says he’s never met a racist person who is also smart
Will Smith is speaking candidly about the racism he’s experienced. “I’ve been called [N-word] to my face probably five or six times,” the 52-year-old actor recently said on the “Pod Save America” podcast. “And fortunately for my psyche, I’ve never been called [N-word] by a smart person,” Smith continued. “Now they’re twins, for sure, but ignorance can be educated and evil is a much more difficult problem. And fortunately, ignorance is more prevalent than blatant evil.
National security officials to testify at Senate hearing about Capitol riot
Officials from Homeland Security, the Justice Department, the Pentagon and the National Guard are scheduled to testify Wednesday about missteps involved in preparing for and responding to the Capitol riot, as the Senate continues its investigation into the events on Jan. 6. He testified that former Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund pleaded with DC and Pentagon officials to send the Guard. Former U.S. Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund testifies during a Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs & Senate Rules and Administration joint hearing on February 23, 2021 in Washington, DC. ?Robert J. Contee III, Acting D.C. Metropolitan Police Chief, giving testimony during the Capitol hearings on Feb. 23, 2021. ??Capitol police attempting to hold off protestors storming the Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021.
Keith Olbermann roasted for asking why we’re ‘wasting vaccinations on Texas’ after state lifts mask mandate
Liberal pundit Keith Olbermann was roasted from both sides of the aisle on Tuesday for declaring that Texans don’t deserve access to the coronavirus vaccines because "Texas has decided to join the side of the virus" by lifting its mask mandate. Olbermann, who walked away from ESPN to start an anti-Trump show on YouTube, responded to a tweet from Texas Republican Gov. Greg Abbott outlining plans to open the state back up and revoke mask mandates. ABBOTT ANNOUNCES PLAN TO FULLY REOPEN BUSINESSES, END STATE MASK MANDATE"Why are we wasting vaccinations on Texas if Texas has decided to join the side of the virus?" He once claimed that Trump and his family had done more damage to the U.S. than 9/11 mastermind Usama bin Laden.
Biden still hasn’t briefed top senators on Syria airstrike as Dems fume
The Biden administration has still not briefed senators directly on last week’s airstrike of a facility in Syria allegedly used by an Iran-allied militia group, as Democratic lawmakers continue to express anger over the move. “I didn’t hear anything today that convinced me that there was justification that I’d apply to any administration,” he continued. Democratic lawmakers including Sen. Chris Murphy are unsatisfied with the Biden administration’s answers surrounding the bombing. US airstrikes ordered by President Biden destroyed buildings at the Iraq-Syria border crossing. The Biden administration has still not briefed senators directly on last week’s airstrike of a facility in Syria allegedly used by an Iran-allied militia group.
Russian sanctions are a 'good start' but not enough: Alexei Navalny ally
US TO SANCTION 7 SENIOR RUSSIAN OFFICIALS OVER NAVALNY POISONINGThe Biden administration also announced sanctions under the U.S. Chemical and Biological Weapons Control and Warfare Elimination Act for Russian entities. "The U.S. government has exercised its authorities to send a clear signal that Russia’s use of chemical weapons and abuse of human rights have severe consequences. Any use of chemical weapons is unacceptable and contravenes international norms," Secretary of State Antony Blinken said in a statement. The Russian Foreign Ministry warned it would respond to the "punishment," however minister Sergei Lavrov has not specified how. PUTIN CRITIC NAVALNY REPORTEDLY TRANSFERRED TO 'COMPLETELY LAWLESS' PENAL COLONY OUTSIDE MOSCOWNavalny survived poisoning by the nerve agent "Novichok" last summer -- a charge the Russian government denies.
Capitol riot hearing: FBI, National Guard and Homeland Security officials to testify before Senate
Congress will seek more answers Wednesday about the Jan. 6 Capitol riot as national security officials from the FBI, National Guard and Homeland Security are expected to testify before a Senate hearing. A second joint hearing between the committees on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs and Rules and Administration will convene Wednesday at 10 a.m. to examine the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol. At a previous Senate hearing last week, officials who had been in charge of security at the Capitol -- namely former Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund and former House Sergeant-at-Arms Paul Irving -- gave conflicting accounts regarding when a request for National Guard support was submitted on Jan. 6. The hearing comes as thousands of National Guard troops are still patrolling the fenced-in Capitol building and as multiple committees across Congress are launching investigations into the actions on Jan. 6. CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APPWray also revealed that the FBI has some 2,000 investigations open nationwide in connection to the riot.
After Neera Tanden's defeat, Republicans set sights on HHS nominee Becerra
Fresh off President Biden withdrawing Neera Tanden's nomination for head of the Office of Management and Budget, Republicans are now looking to prevent the confirmation of Health and Human Services nominee Xavier Becerra. A number of Republicans have already voiced concern over Becerra's professional background, believing the California attorney general is not qualified to lead HHS. Heritage Action for America's West Virginia ad calls Becerra’s nomination "a big test for Joe Manchin," claiming that the HHS pick "wants to ban" guns. CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APPWhen asked if the senators have reached decisions on Becerra's nomination, Sinema's office said she does not preview votes and Manchin's did not respond. Heritage Action is working to expose the radical personnel and policies being advanced by this administration, and we are urging every Senator to reject Becerra's nomination."
Gov. Larry Hogan: Open the damn schools – Biden must send this message loud and clear
This went beyond just keeping local public schools closed. Threatened by declining enrollments as parents frantically pulled their children out of public schools, Montgomery County ordered nonpublic schools to shut down as well. I called on every county school system to reopen by March 1. Yet, within hours, three large county school systems – Baltimore, Harford and Howard – announced that they would comply with the March 1 deadline and others soon followed. Mr. President, send the message loud and clear: Open the damn schools.
Reps. Roy, Budd, Hice: HR1 is Pelosi, Schumer's dangerous ploy to cancel Republicans at the ballot box
Second, they want to fund political campaigns with taxpayer dollars in order to bolster their candidates' campaign coffers. On the campaign finance front, Pelosi and Schumer want to use your tax dollars to fund political campaigns. The bill wipes out states Voter ID laws, opening the door for voter fraud. Republican Ted Budd represents North Carolina's 13th congressional district in the United States House of Representatives. Republican Jody Hice represents Georgia's 10th congressional district in the United States House of Representatives.
Michigan National Guard members complain of undercooked, contaminated meals while serving in DC: report
Members of Michigan’s National Guard have complained of receiving undercooked meals or food containing metal shavings during their stay in Washington, D.C., to protect the U.S. Capitol, according to reports. Tuesday’s disclosures were the latest reports of alleged mistreatment of National Guard personnel in the nation’s capital, where Guard members from several states were deployed both before and after the Jan. 6 riot. Guard members have increasingly been spending their own money for meals because they don’t trust the food that is being supplied to them, the report said. SMALL CONTINGENT OF NATIONAL GUARD EXPECTED TO REMAIN AT US CAPITOL INDEFINITELY"Morale is very bad," the message said. CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APPIt was unclear if the meal problems affected Guard members from states other than Michigan.
Edsel Ford II is selling his 1958 Edsel Bermuda station wagon
Edsel is selling his Edsel. Edsel B. Ford II is a member of the automaker's board of directors and grandson of Edsel Ford, after whom the short-lived car brand was named. His 1958 Edsel Bermuda Wagon is one of just about 800 like it that were built and features two bench seats and a rear-facing third-row that can accommodate nine passengers total. The wood-paneled V8-powered wagon went through a restoration and update handled by Roush Performance in 2016 that included being converted from a column-mounted manual transmission to an automatic. I hope the next owners of these two beautiful Ford cars will also enjoy great adventures in them."
Lightning In A Bottle: GT Dave’s Journey To Becoming Kombucha King
This week, Liz is joined by the Founder and CEO of GT's Living Foods, GT Dave (George Thomas Dave), to discuss how he started his premier kombucha brand at just 15-years-old. GT Dave shares how he has been able to remain confident about his product during challenging times, his philosophy for company growth, and his advice to his younger self. Follow Liz on Twitter: @LizClaman
The Battle Over Voting And Fair Elections
The Supreme Court heard oral arguments on Tuesday regarding Arizona election laws and if they violate Section 2 of the Voting Rights Act that prohibits discrimination against minorities in voting. Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich, argued before the Supreme Court yesterday regarding the case and he joined the Rundown to explain why Arizona is not discriminating against any voters. While often overlooked, women play a central role in many of the Bibles' stories. The "Livin' The Bream" podcast host also opens up about her own faith and why she loves talking about it with others. Plus, commentary by Fox News Contributor and former Governor of Arkansas Mike Huckabee.
Burmese security forces kill at least 9 protesters in new clashes: report
At least nine protesters were killed by Burmese security forces Wednesday as the military cracks down on demonstrations against last month's military coup, according to a report. Protesters have taken to the streets across the country since the military ousted elected leader Aung San Suu Kyi on Feb.1. The United Nations Security Council is expected to hold a closed meeting on the situation on Friday, council diplomats said, speaking on condition of anonymity ahead of an official announcement. But any kind of coordinated action at the United Nations would be difficult since two permanent members of the U.N. Security Council, China and Russia, would almost certainly veto it. The government fired its ambassador to the United Nations on Saturday night for condemning the coup -- or as the military called it, "betraying" the country.
Biden camp fumed over Cuomo’s self-serving DNC speech, book claims
Andrew Cuomo made a self-serving video for the 2020 Democratic National Convention and asked his camp to redo it — but they refused, a new book says. DE BLASIO POUNCES ON CUOMO SCANDALS: 'HE CANNOT GOVERN' IF CLAIMS ARE TRUECuomo’s team had sent over the video the day of the convention, the tome says. "The convention’s speechwriting squad watched in disbelief,’’ the authors write. The answer came back: No.’’A source involved in the convention’s production said of Cuomo’s camp, "They put the speech on our doorstep, lit it on fire, rang the doorbell, and then ran away." Cuomo is now in the fight of his political life amid sex-harassment allegations.
Iraq rocket fire targets base hosting US, coalition forces: report
An air base in Iraq that hosts U.S., Iraqi and coalition troops was targeted Wednesday as multiple rockets struck the facility, according to a report. At least 10 rockets struck the Ain al-Asad base, located in western Anbar province, at 7:20 a.m., The Associated Press reported. The U.S. strikes were in response to rocket fire that targeted American presence in the region. That rocket fire killed a coalition contractor from the Philippines outside an airport in Irbil, in northern Iraq, the AP reported. CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APPU.S. officials described the Biden-ordered response as "proportionate" to the preceding rocket fire.
White House pulls embattled Neera Tanden's nomination as budget chief
President Biden Tuesday said he is withdrawing the nomination of Neera Tanden to be director of the Office of Management and Budget. "I have accepted Neera Tanden’s request to withdraw her name from nomination for Director of the Office of Management and Budget," Biden said in a statement released Tuesday. NEERA TANDEN: WHAT TO KNOW ABOUT BIDEN'S OMB DIRECTOR PICKTanden's nomination was ripe for controversy at the outset. Even this week, however, the White House expressed confidence in Tanden's nomination. "We remain committed to fighting our hearts out for Neera Tanden," White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki told "Fox News Sunday."
Investigators retrieve ‘black box’ data from Tiger Woods’ SUV
Investigators working to determine the cause of Tiger Woods’ rollover crash have obtained data stored in the “black box” of the luxury SUV he was driving, a report said. “If somebody is involved in a traffic collision, we’ve got to reconstruct the traffic collision. If there was any reckless driving, if somebody was on their cell phone or something like that. A forensic car expert had told USA Today that it appeared Woods was not paying attention in the moments before the devastating crash. Felix Lee, an accident reconstruction expert, told the outlet: “My feeling is that speed wasn’t that much of an issue.
US Capitol Police announce increased security, citing ‘concerning information’
US Capitol Police announced Tuesday that they were enhancing security measures this week around the Capitol building due to “concerning information” they have received. Capitol Police are also increasing security at three local airports and DC’s train stations in order to ensure safe travel for members of congress, according to a report in The Hill. The increased threat appears to stem from a Qanon-related conspiracy theory that former President Donald Trump will be re-inaugurated on March 4 — the day all presidential inaugurations were held on until 1933. Rumors about another attack on March 4 were also discussed at a hearing of the House Armed Services Committee last week. The cheapest rooms at the hotel are currently going for $1,331 those nights — nearly three times its average March rate.
Who is Dan McKee, Rhode Island's new governor?
Dan McKee was sworn in Tuesday as the 76th governor of Rhode Island. Secretary of State Nellie Gorbea administered the oath of office to McKee, 69, a Democrat who was in his second term as lieutenant governor in the nation’s smallest state. You will serve our state honorably as its 76th governor," Raimondo wrote in a letter of resignation that was delivered to McKee. "You’re going to see a little more moderate administration than the Raimondo administration," WPRI-TV political analyst Joe Fleming said. McKee will also be tasked with nominating the next lieutenant governor, who must be approved by the state Senate.
Laura Ingraham blasts Biden administration for treating 'citizens as foreigners and foreigners as citizens'
Fox News host Laura Ingraham opened Tuesday’s edition of "The Ingraham Angle" by blasting the Biden White House for what she described as the lies Democrats and members of the administration are conveying. The host then accused the administration of "lies of concealment" for not allowing journalists to visit a Texas border facility housing unaccompanied immigrant minors. "What is happening," Ingraham went on, "is a purposeful repopulation of America and the exploitation of migrants for cheap labor. TEXAS GOVERNOR ANNOUNCES PLAN TO FULLY REOPEN BUSINESSESThe final lie Ingraham accused the Democrats of perpetrating is that of "defamation." A government that treats its citizens as foreigners and foreigners as citizens, and a government where the man who sits behind the big desk is incapable of making the big decisions."
Tucker Carlson: Lockdowns are killing our children, and everyone knows it -- including teachers' unions
At this point, it's hard to imagine that Andrew Cuomo will be governor of New York for much longer. No one who knows Andrew Cuomo could be shocked by any of this. But the truth is, Matt Meyer doesn't want his daughter near the likes of Cecily Myart-Cruz, either. MATT MEYER: Real-life children do not keep their masks on, they do not keep distance from each other or their teachers. That's why, when he doesn't think you're watching, Matt Meyer makes certain his own child gets the in-person instruction she needs.
De Blasio pounces on Cuomo scandals: 'He cannot govern' if claims are true
In an interview Tuesday, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio said that if the nursing-home and sexual harassment allegations against New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo are true, "he cannot govern." De Blasio and Cuomo, both Democrats, have long had a bad relationship. But the recent scandals that have ensnared Cuomo put the one-time possible presidential frontrunner in a desperate situation to try to steady his administration. Cuomo now faces allegations of sexual harassment from three former aides, accusations that prompted an inquiry by James’ office and calls for Cuomo to resign.
Tara Reade's lawyer requests NY Times correction, 'compensation' for publishing Social Security number
A lawyer for Joe Biden accuser Tara Reade has sent a lengthy letter to The New York Times, requesting a correction over its reporting of her story last year as well as "compensation" after the paper accidentally published her Social Security number. "Your publication was unprivileged, and it caused Tara’s life irreparable damage. — Tara Reade's attorney, in letter to The New York TimesAdmon then addressed the Times' mistake of accidentally publishing Reade's unredacted Social Security number (SSN) from a document that was left on its website for hours. And I hope that the New York Times sets it right, you know, and looks at it and corrects the record." — Tara ReadeCLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APPA spokesperson for the Times told Fox News, "We believe our story is accurate."
North Carolina students aren’t doing well amid pandemic, falling behind in math and science
End-of-course exam results in North Carolina show that high schoolers across the state have declined rapidly in math and science amid the coronavirus pandemic, according to the News & Observer. A majority of high schoolers failed Math 1, Math 3, and Biology exams, according to the newspaper, with large declines from the fall of 2019. It's not just a decline in learning that is worrisome, but some students have dropped off the map altogether since the pandemic began. For instance, North Carolina education officials said in December that they couldn't account for about 10,000 to 15,000 public school students last school year. CHICAGO TEACHERS UNION AGREES TO REOPENING DEAL FOR IN-PERSON LEARNINGThe decline in learning comes amid a nationwide debate over reopening schools.
Dems push bill to erect Ruth Bader Ginsburg monument
Democrats in the House and Senate have introduced legislation calling for the erection of a monument dedicated to the late Supreme Court Justice, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, at the U.S. Capitol. "Justice Ginsburg’s dedication to our country’s values and ideals is an example for every American," Sen. Amy Klobuchar said Tuesday. Klobuchar was joined by 15 other Senate Democrats requesting the Joint Committee of Congress on the Library select an artist to construct the memorial. Ginsburg’s death six weeks prior to the election contributed to a contentious election season after Republicans pushed through a new Supreme Court Justice confirmation. Ginsburg was appointed to the Supreme Court by President Clinton as the second female to serve on the high court.
Amazon still lists Cuomo book touting COVID response as 'Editors' pick' amid nursing home scandal
Andrew Cuomo's book "American Crisis: Leadership Lessons from the COVID-19 Pandemic", despite the scandals plaguing the embattled Democrat. While Cuomo's book became a New York Times best seller, Amazon also gave the governor the honor of making the book an "Editors' pick" in its nonfiction section. "In case anyone is wondering, Andrew Cuomo's book is still listed as 'Editor's pick' by @amazon," political strategist Tim Cameron tweeted Monday. "This helps Cuomo sell more books than it would without the 'Editor's pick' designation, which results in more money paid to Cuomo from his book deal." CUOMO SAYS HE WAS 'BEING PLAYFUL,' BUT ADMITS HE 'MAY HAVE BEEN INSENSITIVE' AMID SEXUAL HARASSMENT CLAIMSAmazon did not respond to Fox News' inquiry as to whether or not the company stands by its "Editors' pick" selection.
Cuomo popularity plunges amid sex harass, nursing home scandals: poll
Andrew Cuomo’s popularity is sinking amid sexual harassment and nursing home scandals, a new survey released Tuesday reveals. By comparison, an Emerson poll conducted in April found a sky-high 71 percent of voters approved of Cuomo’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic. The poll found 37 percent of voters think that the claims of sexual harassment are grounds for resignation, while 34 percent do not believe he should step down. The poll queried 700 registered voters on Monday and Tuesday and has a 3.6 percentage point margin of error. Cuomo is facing growing calls to resign over the bombshell sex harassment accusations, which are being probed by state Attorney General Letitia James.
‘Fiscally conservative’ war hawks are trying to defraud GOP voters — again
But what would a candidate or President Haley stand for? Fact is, pork-barrel projects are a drop in the feds’ sea of red ink. While tens of millions of dollars may seem like a lot of money, projects in that range shouldn’t be the focus of true budget hawks. If the price of an indoor rainforest is $50 million, then the Afghan War has cost taxpayers 40,000 times as much. War hawks can’t honestly claim the mantle of fiscal conservatism while only attacking relatively minuscule pork-barrel projects.
Powerful Hotel Trades Council backs Eric Adams for NYC mayor
New York’s potent 31,000-member hotel workers union endorsed Eric Adams for mayor on Tuesday. “I am thrilled to announce the Hotel Trades Council’s endorsement of Eric Adams for Mayor of New York City,” HTC president Rich Maroko said in a statement. Maroko said his members “are eager, trained, and ready to spend the next 16 weeks conducting extensive voter outreach” for Adams. Over 22,000 of the union’s members are registered to vote in the Big Apple. “As mayor, I will fight every day for everyday New Yorkers who need more help than ever right now.”
Cindy Adams: Andrew Cuomo’s enemies will not stop
The point’s made because no way can my opinion now be explained with: “Oh, she’s a buddy of the governor …” No. So I just want to say you don’t like Andrew? Some vices nicer than othersOn their own vices, there’s Naomi Campbell’s “I don’t care if they call me a bitch. Or I just don’t relate to them as vices” … There’s delicious Queen Latifah to InStyle magazine on her virtues: “There should be an award for best breasts in a movie. … You never know if you’re going to wreck the [tour] bus, you never know if you’re going to be somewhere in a hotel and there’s going to be a fire.”Pay attentionDonald once paid $2.75 mil for more than 400 upstate acres.
Stephen Starr exporting NYC hotspots to Miami
“It is nice to go somewhere where people are going out and so many people are outside,” Starr tells us. McNally will be designing the space, which includes 3,000 square feet of outdoor space and is slated to open next August. The iconic French eatery isn’t the only restaurant Starr is planning in Miami. “Our company is making a strategic decision to shift a lot of our openings to Miami,” he tells us. French eatery La Goulue, Sant Ambroeus, Almond and Roberta’s Pizza have signed leases for Miami outposts, sources told the NY Post.
Democratic New York lawmaker calls on Cuomo to resign 'for the good of the state'
Democrat New York State Assemblyman Angelo Santabarbara called on Gov. Andrew Cuomo to resign Tuesday after three women accused him of sexual harassment and making inappropriate advances. And I think that for the good of the state, to allow us to move forward, he should resign." "Certainly with everything that's happened, these new sexual harassment allegations, just add to the distraction in Albany right now. CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APPSantabarbara, along with other New York State lawmakers, are calling for a speedy investigation into both the nursing home data cover-up and sexual harassment claims.
Emotional Lawrence Jones discusses impact of remote learning on minority kids: 'I see myself in those stats'
"Our kids are struggling in silence, while the unions scream to keep the schools closed," Jones said on "Fox News Primetime." Jones pointed to a study conducted by a group of Ohio students which found that Black children were chronically absent 60% more in 2020 than in 2019. — Lawrence Jones, Fox Nation host"If I seem angry or upset by this, please understand why. Our kids will go back to school and maybe, just maybe, we'll forget about this last year. Never forget," Jones concluded.
Red states abandon mask mandates, Biden says: 'Now is not the time to let up'
President Biden warned against the continued threat of the coronavirus Tuesday, just hours after Republican-controlled states announced a reversal on COVID safety policies. Tate Reeves, announcing that all state imposed coronavirus regulations will be lifted Wednesday, including mask mandates. BIDEN SAYS COVID-19 VACCINES WILL BE AVAILABLE FOR ALL US ADULTS BY END OF MAY"Starting tomorrow, we are lifting all of our county mask mandates and businesses will be able to operate at full capacity without any state-imposed rules. "At this level of cases, with variants spreading, we stand to completely lose the hard-earned ground we have gained," she said during a White House briefing Monday. "Now's not the time to let our guard down," he said from the White House.
Schumer says Cuomo sexual harassment allegations are 'serious, very troubling'
Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer on Tuesday called the growing sexual harassment allegations against New York Andrew Cuomo "serious [and] very troubling" but stopped short of calling for the embattled Democrat's resignation. WOMEN'S MARCH BREAKS SILENCE ON CUOMO ALLEGATIONS AFTER THIRD ACCUSER STEPS FORWARDSchumer, D-N.Y., said the allegations made by two former Cuomo employees Lindsey Boylan and Charlotte Bennett and a third woman, Anna Ruch, "are serious, very troubling. "I've always believed that sexual harassment is not acceptable, must not be tolerated." Schumer said he supports the sexual harassment probe that James is launching. Pressed on whether Schumer is setting a double standard since he called for Sen. Al Franken's resignation when the former Minnesota Democrat faced sexual misconduct allegations, Schumer declined to address any apparent discrepancy.
Kathryn Limbaugh gives update after late husband Rush Limbaugh laid to rest
Kathryn Limbaugh, the widow of conservative talk radio icon Rush Limbaugh, is speaking out about the funeral that was held in her husband's honor and her future plans. Rush Limbaugh was laid to rest on Feb. 24 in St. Louis, where a small private ceremony was held. Appearing on his namesake radio show on Tuesday, Kathryn Limbaugh updated listeners about how she's been coping with her husband's passing. RUSH LIMBAUGH, CONSERVATIVE TALK RADIO PIONEER, DEAD AT 70"I will continue the Rush Revere books and audio," Limbaugh said. "Rush Limbaugh: Thank you for your decades of tireless devotion to our country," President Trump said during the address.
Biden won White House with ‘put your dumb uncle in the basement’ strategy, new book says
President Biden won the White House because the coronavirus let him stay hidden in his basement, protecting his campaign from its biggest liability — the candidate himself, a new book says. Trump laughed, say the book’s authors, who also wrote "Shattered’’ about Hillary Clinton’s failed presidential bid in 2016. "They used coronavirus as an excuse to keep him in the basement, and it was smart,’’ a Trump adviser told the authors. But Biden’s broadcast the night of the March 17 primaries was just bizarre, the book says. One Biden aide told the authors, "I cringed the entire time.
Trump endorses South Carolina's Tim Scott
Former President Trump endorsed Sen. Tim Scott’s, R-S.C., bid for reelection Wednesday. "It is my great honor to give Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina my complete and total endorsement," Trump said in a statement. TRUMP ENDORSES MAX MILLER IN PRIMARY AGAINST GONZALEZThe South Carolina Republican has said his second term will be his last. President Trump will be a major factor in this critical effort." If he doesn't correct it, I guess he didn't misspeak," Scott told reporters.
Goldman Sachs executive exodus gains steam as top lawyer exits
The megabank’s head lawyer, Karen Seymour, is reportedly on her way out — marking the third high-profile departure this week. As CEO, Solomon has been focusing less on Goldman’s traditional bread-and-butter of trading and more on consumer banking and deal-making. Goldman’s trading desk has thinned considerably under Solomon. Even veteran trading superstar Ram Sundaram split from the bank in February. “Trading at Goldman isn’t what it used to be,” mused one hedge fund manager.
Biden camp fumed over Cuomo’s self-serving DNC speech, book claims
Andrew Cuomo made a self-serving video for the 2020 Democratic National Convention and asked his camp to redo it — but they refused, a new book says. Cuomo’s team had sent over the video the day of the convention, the tome says. Andrew Cuomo “recorded something of a tribute to himself,” instead of praising then-Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden. James MesserschmidtHe didn’t utter Biden’s name until 4 minutes and 50 seconds into the video — which was 5 minutes long, the book notes. “The convention’s speechwriting squad watched in disbelief,’’ the authors write.
Biden administration argues migrant surge is a 'challenge,' not a 'crisis'
President Biden is declining to call the situation at the southern border a crisis – even amid reports that his administration needs another 20,000 beds at migrant facilities to deal with a surge of unaccompanied minors. When asked during an appearance Tuesday if there was a crisis at the border, Biden declined to use the term. TEXAS DEMOCRAT LAWMAKER WARNS BORDER SITUATION WILL 'BECOME A CRISIS' WITHOUT BIDEN ADMINISTRATION ACTIONLater, at a White House briefing, Fox News’ Kristin Fisher asked Press Secretary Jen Psaki, "at what point does it become a crisis?" BIDEN DHS SECRETARY MAYORKAS CLAIMS THERE'S 'NO' CRISIS AT SOUTHERN BORDER"The numbers have been increasing," he told "America’s Newsroom" Tuesday afternoon. "All the good we did in the last four years to stop illegal immigration is gonna be damaged within months," he told Fox News’ John Roberts on "America Reports."
Maryland restaurant pays employees almost $500G in back wages for withholding tips
A restaurant in the Baltimore area has paid more than $500,000 in back wages, liquidated damages and civil penalties after a Department of Labor (DOL) investigation found that the eatery was withholding tips and violating wage requirements. In 2017, the DOL filed a civil complaint against the restaurant and the restaurant’s owner for those violations. During the litigation process, the court ruled that the restaurant and owner made the violations "willfully," the release said. According to the DOL, the restaurant and owner have made their full payments. "Tips remain the property of those who rightfully earned them, and must never be kept by employers.
Clyburn says Senate filibuster denies civil rights: 'People of color will not be quiet on this issue'
Clyburn, who has a long history of civil rights activism, said the Senate standard that requires 60 votes for most legislation to advance needs to be changed. He harkened back to segregationists using the filibuster to block civil rights legislation decades ago and said he won't stand by and let Republicans today block progress to giving people a living wage. Former President Barack Obama previously called the filibuster a "Jim Crow relic" that should be eliminated to pass civil rights and voting rights legislation. GET THE FOX NEWS APPBut even if Senate Democrats wanted to change the filibuster they currently don't have the votes. Moderate Democrats Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia and Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona have opposed eliminating the filibuster, denying Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer the votes needed.
$140 million ‘Pelosi subway’ axed from Senate COVID bill: parliamentarian
Funding for a rail project near House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s California district that Republicans denounced as wasteful was removed Tuesday from President Biden’s $1.9 trillion COVID-19 stimulus bill. The Senate parliamentarian ruled the $140 million appropriation wasn’t allowed under the so-called Byrd rule that polices unrelated items in budget reconciliation bills. “The Senate Parliamentarian has now ruled that the BART extension from San Jose to Santa Clara does not meet the requirements of the Byrd rule because it is part of a pilot project. A separate $1.5 million allocation for the Seaway International Bridge between Massena, New York, and Canada also will be removed, he said. The Senate parliamentarian previously blocked Democrats from including a federal minimum wage hike to $15 per hour in the bill.
Arizona State settles with student reporter who was fired for Jacob Blake tweet
Arizona State University has reached a settlement with a student who sued the school after she was fired from a radio job over a fallout from a tweet she posted. “Always more to the story, folks,” Klein said in the August tweet. “Please read this article to get the background of Jacob Blake’s warrant. ASU noted that Blaze Radio is a student club, operated by students and governed by student organization rules. Police opened fire, shooting Blake seven times and leaving him paralyzed from the waist down, according to his family members and lawyer.
NYC dodges a bullet that could’ve killed development — and stalled recovery
Sanity has prevailed in a case that could’ve brought Gotham development to a dead halt, just as the city tries to claw its way back from its economic slump. Indeed, the developers properly obtained a city building permit, and the Board of Standards and Appeals upheld it twice. Had Perry’s order stood, opponents could’ve sought to force similarly built towers, constructed decades ago, to similarly tear off upper floors. After all, who would put up a building based on a permit that could be rescinded years after the fact? If they get away with it, far more than city real estate will suffer.
New York parents are desperate for more school choice: Lift the charter cap!
To give low-income New Yorkers the same opportunity, state lawmakers have a clear duty to lift the cap on public charter schools. A major exodus from public schools is inevitable — unless the state allows for more high-quality, well-managed charters. The 2015 law that raised the state charter cap to 460 allowed only a few dozen more for the city — all which have now been used. Public charters can lead the way in bringing thousands back up to speed via a quality, rigorous instruction. Save public education and increase basic equity: Raise the cap!
Portland’s people have finally had enough of the rolling lefty riots
Portland citizens are finally fed up with the lefty goons engaged in a rolling riot across the city for most of the last year. Will the city’s leaders who’ve enabled the violence take note? Other cities have calmed since the riots after the death of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police, but Portland has seen endless outbursts. Hundreds of Antifa marked Inauguration Day by vandalizing the city’s ICE building and the local Democratic Party headquarters. Keep doing the same thing?”Probably — unless the city finally starts treating them as the criminals they are.
How Andrew Cuomo plans to buck calls to resign: Goodwin
Andrew Cuomo’s fellow Democrats demand he resign following three allegations of sexual harassment, there is widespread expectation he’ll quit any day now. In fact, it’s possible the situation could go unresolved until the 2022 election, when Cuomo was expected to seek a fourth term. Even if it calls on him to resign, he could thumb his nose at it. That’s the federal investigation into whether his office illegally withheld an accurate count of nursing home deaths from the Justice Department. McNeil was forced to resign for using the N-word in a conversation with high school students on a Times-sponsored Peru trip in 2019.
Biden won White House with ‘put your dumb uncle in the basement’ strategy, new book says
President Biden won the White House because the coronavirus let him stay hidden in his basement, protecting his campaign from its biggest liability — the candidate himself, a new book says. President Joe Biden attends a virtual meeting with Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador. “They used coronavirus as an excuse to keep him in the basement, and it was smart,’’ a Trump adviser told the authors. This was the guy who would send Donald Trump to Mar-a-Lago for good?”One Biden aide told the authors, “I cringed the entire time. “He couldn’t see he was hurting himself.’’Within a month, Biden would have won the presidency with “a bland message and a blank agenda,’’ the authors say.
White House pulls Neera Tanden nomination to lead OMB after storm over tweets
President Biden on Tuesday said he was withdrawing Neera Tanden’s nomination to be White House budget director. Biden presented the white flag as Tanden’s idea and the White House released a letter from her saying she wanted to drop out. Tanden faced increasingly long odds at confirmation due to her past mean tweets about senators, including swing-voting Republicans and even some Democrats. Tanden’s insult-laden tweets clashed with Biden’s promotion of civility. As of Tuesday, Murkowski and Sanders told reporters they did not have a public position on Tanden’s nomination.
Sen. Ben Sasse (R-NE) Slams Xavier Becerra As ‘Hyper Partisan Hack’ & The ‘Most Dangerous’ Biden Nominee
Listen To The Full Interview Below:Senator Ben Sasse (R-NE) joined Fox News Radio's Guy Benson Show to discuss the fight over President Biden's HHS nominee Xavier Becerra. And the Biden administration has decided to nominate a total partisan hack for HHS secretary, which is actually the largest agency in the federal government. And the guy has absolutely no public health or health experience. He's a hyper partisan hack. But Xavier Becerra is by far the most dangerous Biden administration nominee."
Psaki pressed on whether Biden admin taking credit for Trump accomplishments on vaccine partnership
White House press secretary Jen Psaki was pressed Tuesday about the Biden administration's taking credit for a partnership between Johnson & Johnson and Merck to scale up production of the Johnson & Johnson coronavirus vaccine. The Johnson & Johnson vaccine received emergency use authorization in late February after taking part in the Trump administration's Operation Warp Speed. Psaki announced Tuesday that the federal government would invoke the Defense Production Act to assist Johnson & Johnson and Merck. "Of course, there are conversations between companies, but in terms of getting it to a point, and obviously the Johnson & Johnson vaccine was only approved last weekend, right?" All U.S. adults will be able to receive a coronavirus vaccine by the end of May, President Biden said on Tuesday.
New York Times columnist blasted for claim Biden accuser Tara Reade's statements 'full of inconsistencies'
New York Times columnist Michelle Goldberg attempted to summarize Monday why Democrats are not overwhelmingly calling for the resignation of Democratic New York Gov. "Tara Reade made allegations against Joe Biden which got national attention but turned out to be full of inconsistencies. Critics slammed the Times columnist, with some on social media accusing her of throwing Reade "under the bus." "In her latest column, @michellebklyn blames Tara Reade for the end of the MeToo movement (!! Me & Tara Reade are a movement.
Psaki won't call flood of children at border a 'crisis' — but here's what she has called a 'crisis'
White House press secretary Jen Psaki has refused to describe the surge of unaccompanied migrant children at the US-Mexico border as a "crisis," but she repeatedly used that label when talking about issues during former President Donald Trump's administration. As arrests of migrant children illegally crossing the border have steadily climbed under President Biden's administration, Psaki has repeatedly declined to address the situation as a "crisis." The White House press secretary referred to climate change as a "crisis" in a past tweet criticizing former Trump on the subject. A couple of weeks later, the White House press secretary called gun violence a "crisis" again and asked former Democratic presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke in a tweet to "take guns," saying "no one needs an assault weapon" in 2019. She said the Biden administration’s policy is "not to expel unaccompanied children who arrive at the border."
The GOP is still Trump’s and other commentary
Conservative: The GOP Is Still Trump’sFormer President Donald Trump’s appearance at last weekend’s Conservative Political Action Conference showed that “this is still Trump’s party,” notes The Federalist’s David Marcus. And this means proving that the administration “understands, values and supports” parents who enroll their children in the 7,500 public charter schools across the United States. But his “circumstances this time were very different” than during previous political battles, including over his nursing-home scandal. For starters, his conduct included asking “creepy questions about the sex life” of a 25-year-old sex-assault survivor (Bennett), and he doesn’t deny making the comments. Leftist: The Bogus ‘Perils’ of Independent NewsAt his TK News blog on Substack, Matt Taibbi rises in defense of .
Senate GOP vows to fight Biden’s ‘wasteful’ $1.9T COVID aid bill, Pelosi ‘tunnel of love’
Senate Republican leaders on Tuesday vowed to fight President Biden’s $1.9 trillion COVID-19 stimulus bill, calling it “wasteful” and pointing specifically to a $140 million rail project near House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s San Fransisco district. Less than 1 percent of it deals with vaccinations,” Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) said at a press conference. But Republicans note that many of the funds in the bill won’t be spent until long after the pandemic ends. During the most recent votes, two Senate Democrats voted to reverse Biden’s decision to kill the Keystone XL oil pipeline before later voting to undo their votes. The House version of the bill includes a $15 minimum wage proposal that won’t be allowed in the Senate bill according to the upper chamber’s parliamentarian.
Biden’s outrageous giveaway to federal bureaucrats should enrage you
If you were to design a legislative provision outrageous enough to inspire another Tea Party-style political uprising, you would be hard-pressed to do better than Section 5111 of the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021. But nothing quite compares to its “Emergency Federal Employee Leave Fund” for the righteous indignation it should arouse in most Americans. After all, there is no time like a pandemic to encourage federal workers to take a holiday. In many ways, the Emergency Federal Employee Leave Fund is perfectly representative of the American Rescue Plan as a whole. If the American Rescue Plan Act passes with this provision included, though, it may be evidence we’re not nearly angry enough.
LI Rep. Lee Zeldin exploring run for governor amid Cuomo scandals
Andrew Cuomo for the state’s top office in 2022, he announced Tuesday amid the multiple scandals engulfing the three-term Democratic incumbent. Lee Zeldin speaks to members of the media at the US Capitol in January 2020. Zeldin, 41, would have issues of his own to address should he take on Cuomo. Cuomo is facing growing calls to resign after three women — including two who were in his employ — accused him of sexual harassment. Cuomo and state Health Commissioner Howard Zucker defended their actions.
Kennedy Saves Your Vaccination Situation
The COVID-19 vaccine rollout has been a major focus the past few months and Kennedy is breaking down her thoughts and opinions on the process and how it could be improved. Kennedy discusses a creative solution to bringing the vaccine to communities without easy access to pharmacies and she urges listeners to be proactive in making sure extra vaccine doses do not go to waste. Follow Kennedy on Twitter: @KennedyNation
Arizona Rep. Andy Biggs considering Senate run against Democrat Mark Kelly
Arizona Republican Rep. Andy Biggs is mulling a Senate run against newly appointed Democratic Sen. Mark Kelly. ARIZONA SENATE PANEL APPROVES DOWN SYNDROME ABORTION BAN, OTHER ANTI-ABORTION MEASURESThen-Sen. Martha McSally was bested by Kelly, losing the race with a margin of just over 2 percentage points. "I think [Trump still] has a lot of supporters in Arizona, for sure. "And, I think that's extremely popular with Arizonans." You can get to the general, you've got to win a primary, and I think I could win a primary," Biggs remarked.
Steak ‘n Shake won’t have servers, will use self-service kiosks when dining rooms reopen
The next time you sit down to eat in a Steak ‘n Shake, it may not be like what you remember from before the pandemic. In the past, preparing food has taken too long and paying wait staff for table service was too expensive, according to Biglari’s letter. "Simply put, the operation of dining rooms with table service was a money loser," he wrote. Early in the pandemic, Steak ‘n Shake was forced to close 57 of its restaurants because of "an adverse effect" caused by COVID-19, Fox News previously reported. CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP FOR OUR LIFESTYLE NEWSLETTERDining rooms at Steak ‘n Shake locations have remained shuttered even as the restaurants have reopened for drive-through, delivery and takeout orders.
Biden directs states to prioritize educators in vaccine rollouts as he aims to reopen schools
President Biden on Tuesday announced a new effort to vaccinate educators and childcare workers as a means to accelerate the safe reopening of schools. The president is directing all U.S. states to prioritize educators in their vaccination efforts, a decision that some have already made on their own. To assist that effort, starting next week the federal pharmacy program will prioritize the vaccination of pre-K through grade 12 educators and staff. He reiterated on Tuesday that he believes schools can be reopened without a vaccinated workforce, but acknowledged anxieties among parents and educators. The president also pushed for senators to approve the American Rescue Plan, which contains about $130 billion to help reopen schools safely.
Trump ally Rep. Lee Zeldin exploring NY governor bid amid Cuomo controversies
Republican Rep. Lee Zeldin of New York says he’s "actively exploring" a run for governor next year as embattled Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo faces multiple allegations of sexual harassment as well as a federal probe into the state’s handling of COVID deaths at nursing homes amid the coronavirus pandemic. He was a staunch ally and defender of President Trump during his four years in the White House. On Monday, Democratic Rep. Kathleen Rice of New York called on the governor to resign. GOP REP. REED SAYS HE'S 'DEFINITELY LOOKING' AT NY GUBERNATORIAL RUNZeldin isn’t the only Republican member of Congress from New York who’s mulling a gubernatorial bid.
Michigan Gov. Whitmer threatened with subpoena over secret payout to health director
Gretchen Whitmer with a subpoena Tuesday amid news that Whitmer's former health department director is set to receive a $155,506 payout after his unexplained resignation in January. MICHIGAN GOV. WHITMER'S HEALTH DIRECTOR RECEIVED PAYOUT AMID ABRUPT RESIGNATION: REPORT"We want to know if what happened in New York, did that happen here? "Now, last night we find out that our governor has bought the silence of former Director Gordon with $150,000 of taxpayer money." It came to light that it's not just Director Gordon but his aide as well has one of these agreements.
California state auditor reveals embarrassing Newsom admin failures
A report from the California State Auditor released last week accuses the California Air Resources Board (CARB) of not doing enough to measure reductions in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. "As a result, CARB has overstated the GHG emissions reductions its inventive programs have achieved, although it is unclear by how much." Gavin Newsom signed in September aims to ban the sale of new internal combustion engine cars in California by 2035. Contrary to the State Audit report, CARB said it was confident that it would meet its 2030 goal of reducing GHG emissions by 40% below 1990 levels. The report from California State Auditor Elaine Howle is the latest to highlight alleged inefficiencies among California’s various departments.
Number of migrant children crossing the border on pace to shatter all-time record
Members of the Domestic Policy Council were set to tell President Biden Tuesday that the number of migrant children who cross the southern border this year is on pace to exceed an all-time record — by 45 percent — citing unreleased data from the Department of Homeland Security. A Central American woman and her son at the border near Texas on February 8, 2021. A crying Honduran boy traveling to the Guatemalan border with other migrants on January 15, 2021. “Let me explain to you why [fixing the broken immigration system] is hard and why it is going take time. Pressed by the Daily Caller, the Health and Human Services Administration for Children and Families (ACF) affirmed, “The Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR) is not hosting media tours of unaccompanied children (UC) facilities currently due to the COVID-19 pandemic,.
'Ned Ryerson' of 'Groundhog Day' lands a historic townhouse in Brooklyn
A Brooklyn Heights landmarked townhouse at 109 State St. first went on the market last June for $5.75 million. It just closed for $4.25 million, according to city property records. The true buyer it turns out is none other than Ricky Van Veen, co-founder of He is currently the head of global creative strategy at Facebook — and the ex-husband of actress Allison Williams. The home features oak floors, original marble decorative mantels, woodburning fireplaces and plastered recessed doorways.
Mitch McConnell laughs off Trump taking credit for his reelection
Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell on Tuesday laughed off former President Donald Trump’s claim of credit for his 2020 re-election. Jonathan Ernst/REUTERS“I said, ‘I wonder if I’m doing the right thing here?’ But you know what, I did, I did what I did,” Trump said. Former President Trump attacked McConnell on Feb. 28, 2021 in his first speech as an ex-president and wondered aloud if he made a mistake supporting the former majority leader’s campaign for a seventh term. Brendan Smialowski/AFP/Getty ImagesMcConnell voted last month to acquit Trump of inciting the riot, but slammed in him a speech as “practically and morally responsible” for the rampage. His wife, former Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao, was the first member of Trump’s Cabinet to resign over the clashes.
Grindr founder buys Gramercy Park penthouse asking $30M
There will be plenty of room to entertain at this newly sold Gramercy Park penthouse, which graces the top of The Tower, at 215 E. 19th St.We hear the buyer is Grindr founder Joel Simkhai, who sold his hook-up app in 2018 for around $245 million. The unit was asking $29.5 million — and had been on the market a mere 30 days. Inside, the home features a great room with 18-foot ceilings and glass windows, and an open chef’s kitchen. Building amenities include the Gramercy Club, which features a gym, spa, pool, residents’ lounge, dining room, children’s playroom and a “tween” room. The dating app tech-entrepreneur then bought a bigger home for $13 million in the Hollywood Hills, according to Variety.
Biden: US will have enough COVID vaccines for every adult by the ‘end of May’
President Biden on Tuesday said that the US will now have enough COVID-19 vaccines for every adult “by the end of May” — and that the feds will start a new program aimed at vaccinating all teachers by the end of March. “We’re now on track to have enough vaccine supply for every adult in America by the end of May,” Biden said at the White House, noting that he had previously said the end of July. President Joe Biden speaking in the White House on March 2, 2021. You can ask millions of parents, they understand,” Biden said at the White House. The Johnson & Johnson shot was found to be 66 percent effective overall in preventing moderate to severe illness 28 days after vaccination, and 85 percent effective in preventing severe disease.
Biden, Harris remain silent on Andrew Cuomo sexual harass scandal
President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris remained silent Tuesday as a third woman accused New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo — a fellow Democrat and administration ally — of sexual harassment. But Psaki was pressed that while she speaks for Biden and Harris, the two have not personally addressed the growing scandal. Along with Boylan, Charlotte Bennett and Anne Ruch have publicly accused Cuomo of sexual harassment in the past week. And Boylan, like Bennett, a former Cuomo staffer, said the governor kissed her on the lips and tried to engage her in a game of strip poker.
US efforts to force Google, Facebook to pay for news gain steam
Australia’s bold move to force tech giants to start paying for the news appears to be reigniting US efforts to hold Google and Facebook to account for the gloomy state of the local news industry. Google and Facebook have long been criticized for linking to content created by third-party publishers, including news organization, while keeping the lion’s share of the ad revenue generated by that content for themselves. This year, more than 50 percent of all digital ad revenue in the US will flow to the two social media giants, eMarketer projects. If local news publishers and the tech giants fail to reach a collective bargaining agreement, the new Australian law calls for both sides to submit to binding arbitration. Facebook and Google have been trying to head off legislative efforts to govern how they compensate publishers.
Cuomo to be stripped of pandemic powers amid sex harass, nursing home scandals
Andrew Cuomo of his pandemic emergency powers — possibly as early as Friday — as the administration is embroiled in dueling scandals over the handling of nursing home deaths and allegations of sexual harassment against the governor. The agreement on a bill stripping Cuomo of the powers was forged between state Sen. Once passed by both houses of the Legislature it would immediately repeal the powers granted to Cuomo last March to largely control state response to the coronavirus, presently set to sunset on April 30. Hans Pennink/AP“These temporary emergency powers were granted as New York was devastated by a virus we knew nothing about. Governor Andrew Cuomo was granted emergency powers in March 2020 at the beginning of the pandemic.
Texas Democrat lawmaker warns border situation will ‘become a crisis’ without Biden administration action
Rep. Henry Cuellar, , D-Texas, whose district borders Mexico, says he believes the situation at the border will "become a crisis" if President Joe Biden’s administration does not take a stronger stance against illegal immigration. Yes," Cuellar told "America’s Newsroom" on Tuesday. "In my district, just a couple of days ago, 166 people [crossed the border], and it just goes on and just different numbers are going up. "You got organizations, criminal organizations that make billions of dollars, and every time they bring somebody over here, they make a lot of money. Cuellar has represented Texas’ 28th congressional district, an area located south of San Antonio, since 2005.
Democrats hate filibuster now but used it to block GOP legislation under Trump
Congressional Democrats are pushing to eliminate the Senate filibuster, which progressives paint as a tool of racism, after making liberal use of the filibuster in 2020. For generations, racist senators used the filibuster to block anti-lynching laws and civil rights bills. Senate Democrats blocked a vote on then-Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell's $500 billion coronavirus relief bill in October as well. Senate Democrats also blocked debate on a Republican-authored police reform bill they said did not go far enough in June. "It was the tool used by segregationists to uphold segregation.
New York's leading Democrats reach deal to strip Cuomo's emergency coronavirus powers
Andrew Cuomo's emergency powers would be limited by state legislators under new legislation, the leaders of the state's Democratic legislative majorities announced Tuesday. They said they had finalized a deal to strip Cuomo of his emergency coronavirus powers. It comes amid growing uproar surrounding his alleged treatment of women and his handling of the deadly coronavirus outbreak in the state’s nursing homes. The bill seeks to repeal Cuomo's emergency powers, but it will keep certain health-related executive orders in place, with additional legislative oversights. A growing number of Democratic lawmakers have called on Cuomo to resign following the sexual harassment allegations, including U.S. Rep. Kathleen Rice.
New York UPS workers slashed on subway after argument turns violent
A 22-year-old man attacked two UPS workers with a knife early Tuesday morning on a subway train as New York City continues to grapple with violence on its transit system. Officers responded to the assault on a downtown N train around 4:45 a.m., where they determined that the suspect started arguing with the two UPS workers, who are both 42. Both UPS workers were transported to a local hospital in stable condition. A UPS spokesperson told Fox News the company is still working to confirm that the victims are employees and get in touch with them. NYPD ADDS MORE COPS TO SUBWAY PATROL AMID TRANSIT VIOLENCE AS CUOMO URGES BIG APPLE TO 'FIGURE IT OUT'Ridership on New York City's subway system has plummeted during the coronavirus pandemic, but that hasn't stopped a string of senseless crime on the transit system recently.
Newsom blasts Abbott for reopening Texas: 'Absolutely reckless'
Gavin Newsom immediately blasted Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s "absolutely reckless" reversal of coronavirus restrictions Tuesday. After eight months, Abbott announced Tuesday that beginning next Wednesday, March 10, Texans will not be required to wear masks. In a bid to reopen Texas "100 percent" Abbott said he will rescind the state’s previous executive orders and allow all businesses to reopen at maximum capacity. TEXAS GOV ABBOTT ANNOUNCES PLAN TO FULLY REOPEN BUSINESSESThe decision comes as governors across the U.S. have been easing coronavirus restrictions, though Texas is one of the largest states to do away with a mask mandate.
'The View' host: Maybe Democrats should 'ignore everything' about Andrew Cuomo harassment allegations
"The View" co-host Joy Behar gave a confused response to the sexual harassment allegations against Democrat New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo Tuesday, saying that Democrats should "ignore everything" and hope the scandal goes away while also calling for an investigation into the claims. "The Republican playbook is, let’s hope that this goes away, and let’s not really go into it. "We should use the Republican playbook because the Democrats do the opposite. "Now she’s taking the Republican playbook to heart.
Merck to help Johnson & Johnson produce COVID vaccine
Merck will help rival drugmaker Johnson & Johnson produce its single-dose coronavirus vaccine, the White House said Tuesday. The Biden administration will support the initiative by invoking the Defense Production Act to outfit two Merck facilities so they meet the standards needed to safely produce J&J’s vaccine, Psaki told reporters during a briefing. The Pentagon will also provide “logistical support” to strengthen J&J’s vaccine efforts, she said. The deal came as Johnson & Johnson faced struggles with its vaccine production. Boxes of the Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine.
Inside the multimillion-dollar homes of NYC’s top mayoral candidates
There are no shortage of candidates vying for New York City’s most thankless job and a Gracie Mansion mailing address. So here is a look at the homes of our top-poling mayoral wannabes. His two-bedroom, two-bath, 1,300-square-foot luxury apartment is valued at $1.3 million, according to Zillow. Candidate: Ray McGuireNeighborhood: Upper West SideRay McGuire lives in the iconic Sam Remo tower on the Upper West Side. The mayoral hopeful rests his head in a duplex apartment at the ultra-luxurious Sam Remo tower on Manhattan’s Upper West Side.
Georgia House passes GOP bill designed to bring ‘confidence’ to our voters
Demonstrators gather as they protest HB 531 on day 25 of the legislative session outside of the Georgia State Capitol Building in Atlanta, Monday, March 1, 2021. Demonstrators chained together protest HB 531 outside of the Georgia State Capitol Building on day 25 of the legislative session in Atlanta, Monday, March 1, 2021. Georgia State Troopers stand guard on the South Wing steps of the Georgia State Capitol building on day 25 of the legislative session in Atlanta, Monday, March 1, 2021. House Bill 531 passed the lower legislative chamber by a vote of 97-72. “House Bill 531 is designed to begin to bring back the confidence of our voters back into our election system,” said Republican Rep. Barry Fleming, the measure’s chief sponsor.
CDC launches COVID-19 vaccine location tool to help Americans find shots
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) launched a new tool to help Americans find COVID-19 vaccines as counterfeits and tight supplies continue to plague the distribution process. To combat the counterfeit operations — and to help stem the scramble for what doses remain available — the CDC launched a new tool to allow Americans to search for vaccine providers with stocks of the vaccine in their local area. Launched in partnership with Boston Children’s Hospital and Castlight Health, the tool builds on the current platform, according to NPR. Alaska, Indiana, Iowa and Tennessee will provide locations for all vaccine providers, including private distributors. The new tool provides limited help, though, as states will continue to iron out the problems of their individual — and varied — approaches to distributing the vaccines.
Energy-related emissions up in December despite pandemic
PARIS — Global energy-related carbon dioxide emissions rose slightly in December compared with the same month of 2019, indicating the sharp drop seen due to the pandemic was short-lived. Figures released Tuesday by the International Energy Agency show emissions from the production and use of oil, gas and coal were 2% higher in December 2020 than a year earlier. The Paris-based intergovernmental agency said a resurgence in economic activity coupled with a lack of clean energy policies mean many countries are now seeing higher emissions than before the coronavirus outbreak. IEA figures show that China was the only major economy whose emissions grew in 2020, while those in the United States fell by 10% compared to 2019. By December, U.S. energy emissions were close to the levels seen in the same month of 2019, the agency said, attributing this to economic recovery and greater coal use due to higher gas prices and colder weather.
Three female media workers killed on way home from work in eastern Afghanistan
JALALABAD, Afghanistan — Three female media workers were shot dead in the eastern Afghan city of Jalalabad on Tuesday, government officials said, amid a wave of killings that is spreading fear among professional workers in urban centers. Government sources said the women were killed on their way home from work and witnesses said gunmen shot the women in the head before fleeing. A wave of shootings and small bombs attached to vehicles in have targeted journalists, civil society workers and mid-level government employees in recent months. The Islamic State group also has a presence in the eastern Afghan province of Nangahar, of which Jalalabad is the capital. “The targeted killing of journalists could cause a state of fear in the journalistic community, and this could lead to self-censorship, abandonment of media activities, and even leaving the country,” said Mujib Khalwatgar, head of Afghan media advocacy group Nai.
10 percent of American families at risk of foreclosure, eviction during pandemic
More than 11 million families are behind on rent and mortgage payments due to financial hardships stemming from the pandemic, a new report from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau revealed. Evictions and foreclosures are looming, the CFPB urged in its report, putting 10% of American families at risk for losing housing. The CFPB analyzed the housing market during the COVID-19 crisis and found nearly 2.1 million families are at least three months behind on mortgage payments while 8.8 million Americans are late on paying rent. “We have very little time to prevent millions of families from losing their homes to eviction and foreclosure,” CFPB Acting Director Dave Uejio said of the findings. The report also highlighted families who were most at risk of losing their housing, noting that Black and Hispanic families are more than twice as likely to report being late on housing payments compared to their white counterparts.
Ioan Gruffudd files for divorce from Alice Evans
It’s unclear if Evans is requesting child or spousal support or if there is a prenuptial agreement in place, as only Gruffudd’s financial information has been filed with the court so far. A rep for Gruffudd didn’t immediately return Page Six’s request for comment. Evans tweeted in January that the “Fantastic Four” star had left her because he “no longer” loved her. A week later, 49-year-old Evans expressed her heartbreak over the dissolution of her marriage in a follow-up post, describing the pain as “excruciating.”After Evans’ breakup announcement was removed, she claimed the “Titanic” actor deleted it. “I didn’t delete the tweet from a few hours ago about him leaving,” she wrote.
Psaki punts question about Dr. Seuss being left out of reading proclamation
White House press secretary Jen Psaki punted a question about why President Biden removed mention of Dr. Seuss in a Read Across America Day proclamation to the Department of Education. She was asked at Tuesday’s briefing why Biden had not noted Dr. Seuss even though former Presidents Donald Trump and Barack Obama did. She was then asked if the omission was because of the controversy surrounding a study on Dr. Seuss’ work that showed it lacked diversity in the characters. Psaki expanded on the reason for Read Across America Day, which was started in 1989 to encourage children to pick up a book. White House press secretary Jen Psaki deferred to the Department of Education on questions regarding the removal of Dr. Seuss in a Read Across America Day proclamation.
Andrew Cuomo was quick to tell others to resign over sex harass claims
“Not so long ago, Governor Cuomo demanded that two Assembly members ‘immediately deny’ allegation of sexual harassment or resign. Andrew Cuomo has previously called for harassers in the state government to resign. Seth Wenig, Pool, file/APIn 2012, Cuomo demanded that Brooklyn Assemblyman Vito Lopez resign from his post after two female aides accused him of groping, kissing and verbally abusing them. The group was formed by ex-legislative staffers in Albany who filed their own claims of sexual harassment against their bosses. Micah Kellner did not seek re-election in 2014 after being sanctioned by the state Assembly.
Rep. Jodey Arrington (R-TX): Biden’s Immigration Message Is “The American People Are Not The Priority”
On Fox Across America with Jimmy Failla, Rep. Jodey Arrnington (R-TX) talks about what the Biden administration's immigration policy means to not just the American people, but to those trying to become citizens the legal way. "The message to the American people is you're not the priority. In fact, the immigrants who go through the process and respect our laws and sovereignty by the millions and wait for years, they're not a priority. And the message is also loud and clear to folks who would cross illegally and be aided and abetted by the drug cartels, we're open for business. They're rewarding them with a pathway to citizenship for people who have broken the law."
Portland sports bar owner forced to shut down after business vandalized blasts city response to riots
A Portland, Ore., sports bar owner told "America’s Newsroom" Tuesday that he is "totally frustrated" with the city's response to riots that have damaged businesses and government buildings for nearly a year. Field Bar and Grill owner Jim Rice said he was forced to shut down his restaurant over the weekend after it was vandalized, despite his plea for help from city officials -- who he said failed to step up. "When we called the city, we had a lot of challenges just trying to get somebody's attention," Rice explained. Portland has faced months of anti-police protests and rioting following the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis police custody last May. Rice told "America’s Newsroom" that his business has been shut down for six out of 11 months due to the coronavirus pandemic and the riots in the city.
New Jersey pizzeria donates thousands of meals to jobless families
A New Jersey pizzeria has donated thousands of meals to feed families in need during the pandemic despite having its own financial challenges during COVID-19 related shutdowns. Livingston-based Calabria Restaurant and Pizzeria, a family-owned Italian eatery that’s been in business for 40 years, is helping feed community members in need. DC PIZZERIA FEEDS NATIONAL GUARD TROOPS AT CAPITOL BUILDING"Don’t be afraid or embarrassed to send me a private message. During that time, the restaurant claims to have provided nearly 168,000 meals for those in need. "[Dave Portnoy] came to give us a great review it was the best thing we could have asked for.
LA teachers' union refuses to budge on school reopenings: 'Structural racism'
The president of a Los Angeles teachers' union said Monday that the state's plan to return to in-person learning is "propagating structural racism." The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have found that there are disparities between the percent of minority communities contracting and dying from COVID-19 and the percent of minority communities among the total U.S. population. Among COVID-19 deaths in LA between December 2020 and January 2021, 46% were Latino residents, 29% were White residents, 16% were Asian residents and 8% were Black residents, according to LA County Public Health. Parents from more than 100 California school districts sent a letter to Newsom and dozens of state assembly members demanding schools reopen. "Since the height of the winter surge, we have successfully shifted the conversation from whether to reopen schools to when," Newsom said in a Monday statement.
Channing Phillips to be DC acting US attorney, but Michael Sherwin will supervise Capitol riot probe
EXCLUSIVE: Channing Phillips will become acting United States Attorney for the District of Columbia, effective Wednesday, with current acting U.S. Attorney Michael Sherwin transitioning to continue the "overall supervision" of the Capitol riot investigation "at the request of" the Justice Department, Fox News has learned. Fox News obtained a memo Sherwin sent to staff at the U.S. Attorney’s Office for D.C., notifying them that, "Effective tomorrow, Channing Phillips will take the reins as the Acting United States Attorney for the District of Columbia." BIDEN DOJ WANTS DC'S ACTING US ATTORNEY TO TRANSITION TO SPECIAL ROLE FOR CAPITOL BREACH PROBEPhillips was the U.S. attorney for the District of Columbia under the Obama administration and stayed in the post until September 2017. Fox News reported last month that President Biden’s Justice Department signaled it wanted Sherwin to stay on in some type of special prosecutor capacity to continue overseeing the Capitol breach investigation. Special Counsel John Durham, who was the U.S. Attorney for Connecticut, resigned from his post as U.S. attorney last week but will continue his investigation into the origins of the Trump-Russia probe.
William McGurn: Will West Virginia Democrat Joe Manchin sink Xavier Becerra's HHS nomination?
Will Sen. Joe Manchin nix President Biden’s choice to head the Department of Health and Human Services? Mr. Manchin’s opposition to a $15-an-hour minimum wage likewise helped force it off the COVID-19 relief bill. CLICK HERE FOR THE OPINION NEWSLETTERAs usual Mr. Manchin isn’t saying much, beyond a simple statement a week ago that he hasn’t yet made up his mind. Without his support, Democrats can’t force the tie needed to allow Vice President Kamala Harris to cast the deciding vote. What cabinet secretaries most need isn’t a particular expertise—they have many experts at their disposal—but leadership and judgment.
Pennsylvania ranks first in Capitol riot-related arrests: report
That’s just under a tenth of the more than 300 individuals acting Deputy Attorney General John Carlin said Friday have been charged in connection to the riot. According the analysis by Philadelphia Magazine, Pennsylvania is followed by Texas and Florida who tied for second in Capitol-related arrests. CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APPAs recently as Monday, a married couple and their neighbor all from Mifflin County in Pennsylvania were charged in connection to the Capitol riot. The complaint included photos Christy Clark shared to social media from both inside the Capitol and outside on the National Mall earlier in the day. Surveillance video allegedly captured the trio standing together amongst a crowd inside the Capitol building.
Volvo plans to make only electric vehicles by 2030
Volvo says it will make only electric vehicles by 2030. Volvo said its goal is to have half of its global sales to be fully electric cars by 2025, with the remaining half made up of hybrids. Automakers around the world are ramping up production of electric vehicles as charging technology improves and governments impose stricter pollution regulations. About 2.5 million electric vehicles were sold worldwide last year and industry analyst IHS Markit forecasts that to increase by 70 percent in 2021. Founded in 1927, Volvo Cars has been owned by China’s Zhejiang Geely Holding Group since 2010.
Wray pleads ignorance on domestic surveillance used by FBI after Capitol riot
FBI Director Christopher Wray said Tuesday he wasn’t aware of whether his subordinates are pursuing controversial domestic surveillance steps to track down participants in the Jan. 6 Capitol riot. pressed Wray for information on cellphone geolocation data, which raises legal concerns especially because members of Congress and journalists were in the Capitol at the same time as rioters. I’d have to look into that.”When Hawley asked if similar records were taken from other banks, Wray again said he didn’t know. But exactly the specifics of what may or may not have happened here, that I don’t know,” Wray said. At the hearing, Wray admitted he had not read until after the riot a Jan. 5 report from the FBI Norfolk Field Office describing online chatter about “war” on the Capitol building.
Donald Trump Jr. to testify in Michael Cohen’s suit against Trump Organization
Donald Trump Jr. is expected to testify in Michael Cohen’s lawsuit seeking over $750,000 in legal fees from the Trump Organization, according to Cohen’s attorney. REUTERSWinstead said they will be asking the former president’s son questions about why the Trump Organization chose not to pay certain legal bills that Cohen incurred. Cohen is also seeking for former President Donald Trump to testify in his case now that he’s out of office. Donald Trump Jr. waves to the crowd after speaking at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Orlando, Florida, on Feb. 26, 2021. REUTERS/Octavio JonesAt Tuesday’s hearing, Trump Organization lawyer Kenneth Caruso argued that the judge can’t force the former commander-in-chief’s deposition because Trump still hasn’t returned to helm his namesake organization.
Squad amendment to restore voting rights to felons, incarcerated individuals fails in House
The House Tuesday rejected an amendment authored by the progressive Squad to restore voting rights not only to felons but to individuals who are currently incarcerated. ... Our democracy will remain broken and sick and unhealthy until we heal and restore the right to vote for incarcerated individuals." EVERY HOUSE DEMOCRAT SIGNS ONTO SWEEPING ELECTION REFORM BILL BLASTED BY GOPThe amendment was offered to House Democrats' sweeping voting rights and campaign finance reform legislation, known as the For The People Act. House Democrats passed similar legislation last Congress, but it died in the GOP-led Senate at the time. The voting reform legislation, numbered H.R.
Republican Study Committee hits back at Democrats' HR 1 election bill
EXCLUSIVE: A group of conservative House Republicans members are slamming Democrats' sweeping election reform bill, calling it "dangerous" and saying it will "further undermine faith" in elections. Republican Study Committee Chair Jim Banks, R-Ind., is circulating a memo to GOP lawmakers Tuesday, which contrasts Democrats' H.R. The Democratic legislation also increases oversight of election system vendors and requires the "development of a national strategy to protect U.S. democratic institutions." CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APPAll House Democrats last week signed onto the bill, which is expected to be considered on the House floor this week. Republican opposition was also fierce during the last session, when House Democrats first introduced the legislation.
Senate confirms Gina Raimondo for commerce secretary
Gina Raimondo as President Biden's commerce secretary. In her position, Raimondo will oversee agencies such as the National Weather Service, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the Census Bureau, and the Patent and Trademark Office. MERRICK GARLAND AG NOMINATION ADVANCES TO SENATE FLOORHe was given 30 minutes to speak at 12:15 p.m. EST ahead of the vote. "Governor Raimondo’s refusal to commit to keeping Huawei on this list speaks volumes as to how she would act if confirmed as Commerce Secretary." Raimondo responded in a written response that she has "no reason to believe that entities on those lists should not be there.
Boy Scouts reportedly offer abuse victims $6K each in bankruptcy plan
The Boy Scouts of America has put forward a plan in its bankruptcy case that would only pay each victim of sexual abuse an average of $6,000, according to the victims’ lawyers. The victims’ lawyers say the plan would bar their clients from bringing any future lawsuits against the organization, and it leaves them in the dark about how much each local council is pitching in toward the settlement. “This plan would be a cruel injustice to tens of thousands of abuse survivors who have suffered through decades of trauma due to horrific abuse at the hands of Boy Scout leaders,” said Michael Pfau, a lawyer who represents over a thousand victims. “It’s so obvious that none of the local councils are putting in enough money,” Merson charged. “The Boy Scouts are still hiding their files on thousands of alleged perpetrators, and now they are trying to hide these basic details that people need to know to make sure they are getting a fair deal,” Morse said.
SEC nominee Gary Gensler says he would probe Robinhood over ‘Reddit rally’
The next Sheriff of Wall Street has just fired a shot across the bow of popular fee trading app Robinhood. Gensler added that his SEC would “ensure that customers still get best execution in the face of payment for order flow.”Gary Gensler made the comment when asked about the popular no-fee trading app’s role in January’s GameStop rally. SOPA Images/LightRocket via GettThe 63-year nominee— a former Goldman Sachs executive-turned-financial regulator — is widely expected to be confirmed to the role and stands to be an aggressive enforcer. He also told the committee his SEC would push public firms to share their activity on environmental, social, and corporate governance issues. Gensler, who currently teaches a class on cryptocurrencies at MIT, also backed more use of Blockchain technology in financial regulation, telling the committee that he sees the digital ledger as “a catalyst for change in many areas.”
FBI Director Christopher Wray didn’t read memo warning of attack before Capitol riot
FBI Director Christopher Wray on Tuesday said he didn’t read an FBI report that said there was the threat of an attack on Congress until “days” after the Jan. 6 Capitol riot. “Well, senator, I think the intelligence or the information you’re asking about is the much discussed Norfolk SIR or situational information report,” Wray said at a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing. FBI Director Christopher Wray has repeatedly defended the FBI’s handling of the intelligence. It was unvetted, uncorroborated information but it was — and it was somewhat aspirational in nature — but it was concerning. “The email [from the FBI] itself, went to, I think there may be as many as five Capitol Police Task Force officers on the Joint Terrorism Task Force.
Biden, 41 days into term, still hasn’t held solo press conference
It’s 41 days and counting since President Biden entered the White House, but he has yet to hold a solo news conference. ??Biden has talked to reporters briefly before boarding the presidential aircraft and has taken questions from some reporters when he made statements about the coronavirus and other matters. But Biden has yet to face reporters alone.?The lack of a press conference ??is in stark contrast to his predecessors — former President Barack Obama held one 20 days after he was inaugurated and former President Donald Trump took questions 27 days in. President Biden has talked to reporters briefly before boarding the presidential aircraft. President Biden will “definitely” have an initial presser, according to press secretary Jen Psaki.
AOC’s Democratic Socialists call on Cuomo to resign over sexual harassment claims
“In light of the multiple allegations of sexual harassment by Governor Cuomo, the NYC Chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America is calling for the immediate resignation and impeachment of Governor Andrew Cuomo. Getty Images“Someone so comfortable with abusing his power should not be in leadership of our state,” the statement continued. A billboard urging New York Governor Andrew Cuomo to resign is seen near downtown on March 2, 2021 in Albany, New York. Should Cuomo resign, Lt. Gov. Kathy Hochul would become governor under state law, becoming the first woman to lead the Empire State.
Sen. Bill Hagerty: Protect voters, elections – this bill will restore trust in our Electoral College process
They did so often by ignoring the role of state legislatures, in direct violation of the U.S. Constitution. We must protect the Electoral College, which cannot function properly if the constitutional process for setting election rules is trampled on. Let me be clear: My purpose is not to put Congress in charge of state elections. But we must protect the Electoral College, which cannot function properly if the constitutional process for setting election rules is trampled on, as it was in the 2020 election. And doing nothing opens the door to radical, federal seizures of state election authority like H.R.
MSNBC's Joy Reid says Tim Scott only present at GOP press conference for 'diversity'
Far-left MSNBC anchor Joy Reid continued her habit of smearing Black conservatives on Monday, suggesting Sen. Tim Scott, R-S.C., was only at a press conference opposing a minimum wage increase to create a "patina of diversity." Reid played a clip of Sen. John Thune, R-S.D., explaining Republican opposition to a $15 minimum wage as part of the $1.9-trillion COVID stimulus passed in the House. The Congressional Budget Office has estimated hiking the minimum wage to $15 would cost the economy about 1.4 million jobs and lift 900,000 Americans out of poverty. CANNOT COVER' HARASSMENT CLAIMS"There's no worse response to a pandemic than to eliminate jobs," Scott said. In 2012, Reid penned an "open letter" to Scott upon his appointment to the U.S. Senate to not be a "token."
Senate GOP slams COVID relief bill's 'pricey partisan pet projects'
Senate Republicans are slamming what they call the "pricey partisan pet projects" and "Democratic wish list items" embedded in the coronavirus relief package, saying that "most of the $1.9 trillion" within the legislation has "absolutely nothing to do" with the pandemic. Senate Republican Conference Vice Chair Joni Ernst is leading a number of Senate GOP members who are expected to present the areas they've taken issue with on the Senate floor Tuesday afternoon. But Fox News obtained a GOP memo listing some of the items Senate Republicans have taken issue with, saying they are "non-COVID related." Senate Republicans slammed what they call House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's "Subway to Nowhere" — a $100 million allocation for a Silicon Valley underground rail project. McConnell said Senate Republicans went to the White House after President Biden took office to propose to "continue the streak of overwhelming bipartisanship that has defined the COVID-19 response all this time."
De Blasio: If Cuomo accusations are true, 'he can't govern'
Andrew Cuomo on Tuesday in the wake of multiple scandals, calling into question Cuomo's ability to do his job. Three women have come forward with allegations that Cuomo acted inappropriately toward them, including two former staffers who accused him of sexual harassment. "If these allegations are true, he can not govern, he would not be able to govern. "You have to have trust from the people, and if you can't maintain that trust you can't govern." State lawmakers have also called for Cuomo to be stripped of those powers in the wake of the nursing home scandal.
Third Woman Criticizes Cuomo, Governor’s Brother Explains Himself on CNN
Howie Kurtz on a third woman accusing Governor Cuomo of unwanted advances, the ever changing timeline for vaccinating all Americans and some continuing fallout from Trump's CPAC speech. Follow Howie on Twitter: @HowardKurtzFor more #MediaBuzz click here
The 2022 Volvo C40 Recharge is a chop-top electric SUV
The first model that fits both of those billings is the 2022 C40 Recharge coupe-style SUV that goes on sale late this year. Essentially a chop-top version of the XC40 Recharge compact SUV that's currently on sale, the C40 Recharge features an elevated ride height and raked rear roofline. The C40 Recharge shares its electric drivetrain with both the XC40 Recharge and the Polestar 2 from Volvo's recently-launched sister brand, which already follows the online sale model. It provides 402 hp with all-wheel-drive and an EPA-rated range of 208 miles per charge in the XC40 Recharge. Pricing for the C40 Recharge hasn't been announced, but the XC40 Recharge starts at $55,085.
Bergdahl appeals court-martial over Trump, McCain comments
Bowe Bergdahl filed the complaint in federal court in Washington, D.C. last month, asking a judge to overturn his court martial conviction. Bergdahl says Trump's statements and actions by the late U.S. Sen. John McCain and his military judge violated his Fifth Amendment right to a fair trial. In his appeal, Bergdahl said McCain intensely pressured the Army to charge him, calling Bergdahl a "deserter" and threatening to hold a hearing in the Senate Armed Services Committee if Bergdahl went unpunished. But around that same time, Nance was appointed by then-Attorney General Jeff Sessions — a member of Trump's Cabinet — to the immigration judge post, effective the following year. He wants a federal judge to overturn his conviction and sentence and expunge it from his record, restoring his military rights.
Warren, Pressley among Dems pushing to strip police of 'qualified immunity'
Democrats in the House and Senate reintroduced legislation this week to end qualified immunity for law enforcement officers to pave the way for alleged victims of police brutality to file lawsuits. Ed Markey and Elizabeth Warren, are among the co-sponsors of the "Ending Qualified Immunity Act" that aims to abolish the legal protections for law enforcement officers from civil lawsuits. "There will not be true racial justice until we end qualified immunity," Markey said in a statement. POLICING THE UNIONS: AFTER YEARS OF UNION OBJECTIONS, POLICE REFORM LEGISLATION ADVANCESPressley, a member of the so-called progressive Squad, offered the legislation as the House is set to consider police reform legislation this month. CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APP"There can be no justice without healing and accountability, and there can be no true accountability with qualified immunity," she said.
Women's March breaks silence on Cuomo allegations after third accuser steps forward
Women’s March, a feminist group that supports Black Lives Matter’s call to defund the police and other progressive initiatives, broke its silence regarding sexual harassment allegations against New York Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo after a third woman came forward this week. "In the past week, two former employees, Lindsey Boylan and Charlotte Bennett, have accused Governor Andrew Cuomo of sexual harassment on the job. Tonight, a third woman, Anna Ruch, accused him of making unwanted advances at a wedding," Women’s March executive director Rachel O’Leary Carmona tweeted on Monday. ANDREW CUOMO ACCUSED BY THIRD WOMAN OF UNWANTED SEXUAL ADVANCESAfter more accusations surfaced, Democratic politicians within the state have already started calling for Cuomo's resignation.
New York College Democrats demand Cuomo resign over 'unacceptable behavior'
On Monday night, the New York College Democrats became the latest to join the chorus calling for Cuomo’s resignation. "Abuse of power in any form or context is unacceptable, especially when wielded by a public servant who has taken an oath to work for the people they represent," the New York College Democrats wrote in a lengthy statement posted to Twitter. The New York College Democrats went on in the thread to call on the New York State Assembly to "immediately revoke" Cuomo’s "emergency powers," deeming him "unfit" to "hold" such powers. In a move of bipartisanship, the New York College Republicans joined the College Democrats in calling for Cuomo’s resignation. Cuomo's office, the New York College Democrats and the New York College Republicans did not respond immediately to Fox News' request for further comment.
10% of American families at risk of foreclosure, eviction during pandemic
More than 11 million families are behind on rent and mortgage payments due to financial hardships stemming from the pandemic, a new report from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau revealed. Evictions and foreclosures are looming, the CFPB urged in its report, putting 10% of American families at risk for losing housing. The CFPB analyzed the housing market during the COVID-19 crisis and found nearly 2.1 million families are at least three months behind on mortgage payments while 8.8 million Americans are late on paying rent. ‘ZOMBIE FORECLOSURES’ JUMP IN NEARLY EVERY STATE"We have very little time to prevent millions of families from losing their homes to eviction and foreclosure," CFPB Acting Director Dave Uejio said of the findings. We know small landlords are struggling, too, with many dipping into savings or using credit cards to make it through the pandemic.
‘Deepfake’ Tom Cruise goes viral on TikTok with over 11 million views
Tom Cruise has become a real phony — and he’s going viral for it. The videos of “Cruise” emerged on TikTok last week, starting with one claiming to be the 58-year-old actor practicing his golf swing. “I’m gonna show you some magic … It’s the real thing, he said while holding up the coin that he soon makes disappear. Together, the three videos had been viewed more than 11 million times on TikTok by Tuesday, with many millions more seeing the clips shared on other social media. The magic TikTok even mimics Cruise’s famous maniacal laugh.
FBI Director Wray won’t share Officer Brian Sicknick’s cause of death with senators
FBI Director Christopher Wray on Tuesday refused to tell senators the cause of death for Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick, whose death heavily influenced coverage of the Capitol riot. Wray cited an “ongoing” investigation into Sicknick’s death. Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) asked if that meant the FBI “have not determined” the cause of Sicknick’s death. Grassley pressed on, asking Wray to confirm the FBI has determined a cause of death. We’re not at a point where we can disclose or confirm the cause of death,” Wray said.
NJ judge Esther Salas calls return to bench ‘bittersweet’ after son’s murder
Speaking to “Good Morning America,” Judge Esther Salas called her return “bittersweet.”“I’m returning to a job that I love so much, but also because of this job I lost my only son,” she said in the interview. “It’s hard to reconcile those emotions.”However, the judge said her slain son would ultimately want her to get back to work. Her son, Daniel Anderl, was shot and killed on July 19 by a misogynist, racist Manhattan lawyer Roy Den Hollander — who had disguised himself as a FedEx driver during the murder. In addition to fatally blasting 20-year-old Daniel, Hollander also shot Salas’ husband, Mark Anderl, who survived his injuries. “Because of my son’s bravery, because of my husband’s bravery, a lot of people, I think, were spared,” she said.
Hertz to exit bankruptcy in $4.2 billion deal
Two investment firms will buy a majority stake in Hertz Global Holdings Inc for $4.2 billion under a restructuring plan expected to help it out of bankruptcy by early- to mid-summer, the car rental company said in a filing on Tuesday. Under the proposed investment, Knighthead Capital Management LLC and Certares Opportunities LLC will buy up to 100% of Hertz’s shares, with the funds expected to finance its US vehicle fleet and slash corporate debt. “We’ve been…repositioning our business as we prepare for increased travel demand as the pandemic subsides,” Chief Executive Paul Stone said. Hertz filed for bankruptcy protection in May after its business was decimated by the COVID-19 pandemic and talks with creditors failed to result in much-needed relief. The company said on Tuesday it filed a proposed plan of reorganization with the U bankruptcy court for the district of Delaware, which is expected to approve the terms of the proposed investment at a hearing on April 16.
Controversial Upper West Side tower isn’t too tall, appeals court says
The controversial, “too-tall” new apartment tower at 200 Amsterdam Ave. won’t have to take a haircut after all — because it isn’t really too tall. A state appeals court Tuesday unanimously upheld the right of developers SJP Properties and Mitsui Fudosan to keep the nearly-completed building at its 52-story height. The unanimous Appellate Division ruling makes it all but impossible for the plaintiffs, a coalition of West Side activists, to take the case to the Court of Appeals, the state’s highest judicial body. The city gambled that Perry would be overturned and allowed construction on the tower to continue. The appellate judges said that while the zoning rules were “ambiguous,” the city’s Bureau of Standards and Appeals “rationally” interpreted them.
Prices of scrapped Dr. Seuss books skyrocket on eBay
The prices of six Dr. Seuss titles exploded on eBay after the beloved author’s publisher said it would stop selling them because they contained racist images. Prospective buyers placed bids in the hundreds of dollars Tuesday for vintage copies of the books that were listed for as little as $4.44 over the past week. Dr Seuss (Theodor Seuss Geisel, 1904 – 1991) sits at his drafting table in his home office with a copy of his book, ‘The Cat in the Hat’, La Jolla, California, April 25, 1957. A copy of “The Cat’s Quizzer” from 1976 similarly saw its top offer skyrocket to $510 after it was listed for $9.99 on Monday. All six books were also in short supply on Amazon, where third-party sellers are selling collectible editions for thousands of dollars.
More Democrats will address the mounting sexual harassment allegations against Cuomo: Zeldin
More Democrats will speak up about the sexual harassment allegations against New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo , Rep. Lee Zeldin, R-N.Y. said on Tuesday. "I think what Governor Cuomo has is, one, a lack of goodwill in his reservoir. And just how much tolerance do you have or are you going to wait for the six former staffers to speak up?" "How many more state legislators, members of the media, others need to talk about the way that they have become victimized by that approach of intimidation and abuse that Governor Cuomo has followed?"
Supreme Court hears Arizona voting rights cases as far left compares justices to segregationists
The Supreme Court heard oral arguments in high-profile voting rights cases Tuesday morning, while an ad campaign compared the justices to segregationists who opposed the civil rights movement. SUPREME COURT COULD PUT NEW LIMITS ON VOTING RIGHTS LAWSUITS"In 1965, opponents of voting rights swung clubs on a bridge in Selma," a voice-over says. "John Lewis marched and bled so the Voting Rights Act could become law," the voice-over says at the beginning, "but now John Roberts and his Supreme Court are set to destroy his legacy." CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APPFallon said that Demand Justice's other aim is to urge Congress to pass the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act. The Supreme Court began hearing oral arguments in the Arizona cases, Brnovich v. DNC and Arizona Republican Party v. DNC, at 10 a.m. via teleconference, which has been the court's practice throughout the coronavirus pandemic.
Capitol security scrutinized in wake of riot as lawmakers question who watches the watchers
FBI DIRECTOR WRAY TESTIFIES ON CAPITOL RIOTAnd better yet, who makes sure the Capitol Police are up to the job? Why did the Secret Service think it was safe enough to bring Vice President Pence to the Capitol that day? "I think there are a lot more questions that need to be answered," said Sen. Tammy Duckworth, D-Ill., after a Senate-wide briefing on Capitol security last week. Then again, Capitol security officials didn’t see January 6th coming, either. "We think that it’s prudent that Capitol Police maintain its enhanced and robust security posture until we address those vulnerabilities going forward."
FBI director Wray: Capitol riot could have inspired international terrorists
FBI Director Christopher Wray expressed concern Tuesday that the Capitol riot on Jan. 6 could have inspired international terrorists. During a hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee, Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., asked Wray whether he believes "international terrorists groups may have found a way to get closer to the Capitol by integrating themselves into domestic political movements." "Well, certainly we think the events on January 6th have been at a minimum an inspiration to a number of terrorist extremists out there and may even have been worse than that," the FBI director said. FBI DIRECTOR WRAY TESTIFIES ON CAPITOL RIOTWray’s appearance Tuesday before the committee was his first testimony since Jan 6. "So it would've been very easy for some international terrorists to infiltrate this crowd.
Former White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany joins Fox News family
Former White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany has joined the Fox News family. KAYLEIGH MCENANY TELLS HARRIS FAULKNER OF 'SHOCK' AND 'DISBELIEF' AT DEADLY CAPITOL RIOTIn her first interview since leaving the White House, McEnany also discussed her emotions during the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol. McEnany added that her feelings were shared by many other White House staffers. McEnany and Faulker then discussed former President Trump’s weekend address to the Conservative Political Action Conference, and McEnany's final days as White House press secretary. CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APPMcEnany quickly emerged as a hero to conservatives when she replaced Stephanie Grisham as White House press secretary in April 2020.
Who is Cuomo's lieutenant governor? Kathy Hochul thrust into spotlight amid governor's mounting scandals
If embattled three-term New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo resigns or is removed through impeachment, Lt. Gov Kathy Hochul would make history. According to Article 4 of the New York State Constitution, Hochul would take over as governor – becoming the Empire State’s 57th chief executive and first female governor in the state’s nearly 250-year history. As the highest-ranking female elected official in New York State, she continues to be a champion for women and families across the state." CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APPHochul could become the second New York lieutenant governor in 13 years to take over as governor.
Arizona State settles with student who sued school after being fired from job following social media post
Arizona State University has reached a settlement with a student who sued the school after she was fired from a radio job over a fallout from a tweet she posted. ARIZONA STATE STUDENT SUING AFTER BEING FIRED OVER HER REPORT ON JACOB BLAKE'S CRIMINAL RECORDDespite initially offering to settle for $500,000, Klein agreed to accept $7,040 as a reimbursement for school costs, according to ASU. He added that Klein fell victim to "new McCarthyism," but she "stood her ground, she fought back, and she won." ASU noted that Blaze Radio is a student club, operated by students and governed by student organization rules. Police opened fire, shooting Blake seven times and leaving him paralyzed from the waist down, according to his family members and lawyer.
Chris Cuomo blasted by journalists for refusing to cover brother’s scandals
CNN anchor Chris Cuomo is being slammed by fellow members of the media for refusing to cover Gov. The younger Cuomo’s comments Monday evening — as well as his coverage of his brother more broadly — came under considerable scrutiny from journalists and correspondents from across the political spectrum. The younger Cuomo had the governor on his show last spring for a now-criticized interview. CNNThe New York governor made regular appearances on his younger brother’s show at the height of the coronavirus pandemic last year. CNN recently reinstated a ban on Chris covering his sibling after an exclusive Post report found his administration covered up thousands of nursing home COVID-19 deaths.
Democratic Texas lawmaker warns of Biden's 'catastrophic' immigration policy
The Biden administration’s immigration policies are leading the country toward a "catastrophic" situation, Rep. Vicente Gonzalez, D-Texas, told CNN on Monday. BIDEN MEETING WITH MEXICO PRESIDENT AMID EFFORTS TO ROLL BACK TRUMP IMMIGRATION POLICIESThe Biden administration has already taken a number of steps to establish its own immigration policy, separating itself from the tough rhetoric of the previous administration. Critics of Biden’s immigration plans are worried they could lead to a surge in illegal border crossings. CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APPGonzalez insisted that the Biden administration make a "better plan" for asylum seekers and immigrants. Furthermore, he said asylum seekers should get processed in their home or a neighboring country.
Trump Jr.: Media ‘went to great lengths’ to ignore Biden and Harris' radical agenda
Donald Trump Jr. said the media has chosen to ignore President Joe Biden’s "radicalism" in order to advance their "ultimate goal of putting Democrats in charge." "Everyone knew what this radical administration would do, but no one would say it," Trump told "Fox & Friends" on Tuesday. "The media went to great lengths to try to cover [up] Joe Biden’s radicalism [and] the radicalism of the people within his agenda." When you give them everything they could possibly want, they are going to come, and that’s going to create the crisis." CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APP"I called all of these things last summer in ‘Liberal Privilege,’" Trump said.
Florida pediatrician is a 'danger' to community, must remain in jail until trial, judge says
A South Florida pediatrician who was recently charged in federal court with possessing child pornography is a "danger" to the community and must await his trial behind bars, a judge ruled Monday. He was originally arrested in January, when he was hit with the identical state charges and then freed on a $30,000 bond. Investigators using search warrants also found photographs of young children and teens in their underwear, taken without their knowledge, on the doctor’s iPhone and computer. During a hearing on Monday, U.S. Magistrate Judge Alicia O. Valle refused to grant bond for Mizrachy. She said that, after his arrest, Mizrachy had been "unacceptably seeking the ability to see child patients via telemedicine."
'No social media accounts for terrorists': House GOP pushes to block sanctioned foreign leaders from platforms
The Republicans argued that the Berman Amendments were passed before the modern age of the internet and before social media existed, and said they have been used by Big Tech and others to argue that social media companies can provide services to terrorists. The social media platforms include Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. "He has used his accounts on social media to whitewash and promote his regime, and promote hatred against the United States and Israel." "If this was enacted, 230 would not be a shield for the activity of social media companies." The aide said that the protections social media companies have from the Berman Amendments "are even worse than 230."
Michigan GOP demands state AG probe Whitmer's 'secret deal' with former top health official
The Michigan Republican Party has called on the state’s attorney general to investigate a reported separation deal between Gov. Republicans want Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel's office to "immediately open up an investigation" into the deal. Whitmer buying the silence of a former government employee, the state’s top public health official, in the middle of a global pandemic?" Ted Goodman, communications director for the Michigan Republican Party, told Fox News that the deal "doesn’t pass the smell test and Michiganders deserve answers." The demands for an investigation into the governor’s undisclosed deal isn’t the only one being called for.
Families of crime victims push to recall LA DA Gascon, calling his policies a 'slap in the face'
Families of crime victims in Los Angeles County spoke out against liberal L.A. County District Attorney George Gascón, who is facing a recall effort similar to the one faced by California Gov. One of those families, that of murdered Los Angeles County Sgt. Tania Owen shared her message for other families of crime victims in Los Angeles County. Desiree Andrade told Fox 11 Los Angeles that the death of her son, Julian Andrade, left her devastated. L.A. County Deputy District Attorney Jon Hatami told Jones that criminals "actually love the D.A."
Kayleigh McEnany discusses Capitol riot in first post-White House interview
?Former White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany says she was left in “shock” when she saw the violence unfold in the Capitol riot in January, during what she expected to be a peaceful protest. “I think at the beginning of the day, before everyone went to the rally, everyone was expecting peace,” McEnany ?said in her first interview since leaving the White House on Fox News?. ?“It was a, I should say, widespread feeling, synonymous feeling, completely,” she said. “A feeling that everyone felt, the — just completely condemning the actions of that day. Horrified and very somber.”The full interview will air at 11 a.m.?
YouTube suspends Rudy Giuliani again for two weeks over election fraud claims
YouTube has suspended Rudy Giuliani — former President Donald Trump’s personal attorney — for the second time in two months for falsely claiming the 2020 election was stolen. The former Big Apple mayor, who led Trump’s efforts to overturn November’s results, will not be allowed to upload new videos for two weeks, Bloomberg News reported. “Additionally, in accordance with our long standing strikes system, we issued a strike against the Rudy W. Giuliani channel, which temporarily restricts uploading or live-streaming,” the spokesperson added. He was also blocked from uploading videos for one week. YouTube accused Giuliani at the time of repeatedly violating its policies by pushing claims of voter fraud in the election.
Ex-CIA chief John Brennan ‘increasingly embarrassed’ to be a white man
?Former CIA Director John Brennan says he is “increasingly embarrassed” to be a white man. ?“I’m increasingly embarrassed to be a white male these days with what I see other white males say,” Brennan said. Referring to Democrats, he said, “I may even decide to beat them for a third time,” drawing deafening cheers from attendees. “I have never seen so many whiny white men calling themselves victims as I saw over the weekend at CPAC. The Times reported Brennan saying at the time that “enhanced interrogation techniques” “had value,” despite it being “unknowable” whether useful information had been gleaned from it.
White House set to impose sanctions on Russia for poisoning Alexei Navalny
The Biden administration will slap sanctions on Russian officials and businesses on Tuesday after the US intelligence community concluded that opposition leader Alexei Navalny had been nearly killed by a nerve-agent poisoning attack carried out by a Russian spy agency, according to a report. The sanctions will be imposed under the US Chemical and Biological Weapons Control and Warfare Elimination Act for 14 businesses, the Associated Press reported. Administration officials did not identify the Russian officials who would be targeted by the sanctions. The US intelligence community found with a high degree of confidence that Russia’s Federal Security Service poisoned Navalny last August using the Russian nerve agent Novichok. The sanctions are the first of several steps the administration will take to “respond to a number of destabilizing actions?,” the AP reported.
Stocks muted after S&P's best day since June
U.S. equity markets ticked higher Tuesday, a day after posting their strongest gains in months. Ticker Security Last Change Change % TGT TARGET CORP. 189.49 +3.18 +1.71%Meanwhile, Target Corp. reported revenue rose 21% from a year ago as the pandemic continued to fuel a surge in demand for same-day services. Ticker Security Last Change Change % ZM ZOOM VIDEO COMMUNICATIONS, INC. 413.31 +3.65 +0.89%In other earnings news, Zoom shares were sharply higher after video-conferencing provider said sales soared 369% year over year as the pandemic caused more people to work from home. Ticker Security Last Change Change % SQ SQUARE INC COM 255.52 +14.71 +6.11%Elsewhere, Square Inc. announced its commercial bank, Square Financial Services, has begun operations. In Asia, Japan’s Nikkei 225 fell 0.86% while China’s Shanghai Composite index and Hong Kong’s Hang Seng index both lost 1.21%.
Rosanna Arquette, Alyssa Milano slam Hyatt in CPAC aftermath: 'Grave error in judgment'
Rosanna Arquette and Alyssa Milano shared similar rebukes of the 2021 CPAC event and Hyatt, the hotel chain that hosted it, amid a wave of controversy over the design of the stage. Both actresses pushed a conspiracy theory in claiming the CPAC stage design resembled a hate symbol known as a Norse Rune, which was featured on Nazi uniforms. ROSANNA ARQUETTE SAYS TIGER WOODS' CRASH IS 'TERRIBLE,' BUT 'DEMOCRACY' IS NEAR 'CRITICAL CONDITION'Left-wing activist Milano, 48, shared a comparison photo of the CPAC stage below a Nazi uniform. On Monday, representatives from the American Conservative Union had choice words for Hyatt Hotels' leadership after the hotel chain claimed the ACU had "disparaged and defamed" it. However, it said it "allowed the event to continue" after CPAC organizers assured them that any resemblance was entirely unintentional.
US to sanction 7 senior Russian officials over Navalny poisoning
The Biden administration on Tuesday announced sanctions on several Russian officials and businesses in response to the poisoning and imprisonment of opposition leader Alexei Navalny. "We're exercising our authorities to send a clear signal that Russia's use of chemical weapons and violation of its international human rights commitments have severe consequences," a senior administration official said. PUTIN CRITIC NAVALNY REPORTEDLY TRANSFERRED TO 'COMPLETELY LAWLESS' PENAL COLONY OUTSIDE MOSCOWOfficials did not immediately identify the seven senior members of the Russian government named in the sanctions. "We will surely respond," Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said Tuesday of any U.S. sanctions imposed over the jailing of Navalny. The announcement comes as the European Union also imposed sanctions against a small number of Russian officials and is expected to announce more.
Homan fires back after Biden DHS secretary slams Trump immigration policies: ‘Don't tell me about compassion’
The Biden administration's immigration policies are not as compassionate and humane as they are claiming, former Acting ICE Director Tom Homan said on Tuesday. "Look, it's inhumane to put your children in the arms of criminal cartels," Homan told "Fox & Friends," referring to migrants making the dangerous journey to the southern border using human smugglers. I was in the back of a tractor-trailer with a five-year-old boy who suffocated to death in his father's arms," Homan said. When asked during a press briefing at the White House about whether there is a "crisis" at the border, amid a surge of unaccompanied child migrants, Mayorkas said "no." This is a win-win for Mexico, bad for the United States, bad for the American worker."
FBI Director Christopher Wray to testify for first time since Capitol riot
FBI Director Christopher Wray, one of the most high-profile Trump-era officials to be asked to stay under President Biden, will appear before the Senate Tuesday for his first public testimony since the Capitol riot. Lawmakers are currently in the midst of weeks of hearings into the Capitol siege. The FBI chief will also likely be asked about the security around the Capitol complex nearly two months after the siege. In a letter to FBI Director Christopher Wray last week, Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) asked what Wray and top brass were doing to counter domestic terrorism. The FBI chief will also likely be asked about the security around the Capitol complex nearly two months after the siege.
Nike exec Ann Hebert departs after ties to son’s sneaker business revealed
A top Nike executive has stepped down after she was linked to her son’s lucrative sneaker-flipping business. Ann Hebert, the sportswear giant’s vice president and general manager for North America, left her job Monday after more than 25 years at Nike, the company said in a brief statement. Ann Hebert left her job Monday after more than 25 years at Nike. But that didn’t stop Joe Hebert from being inspired by his mom’s former employer — or using its shoes as a linchpin of his business. Hebert reportedly paid more than $200,000 for about 2,000 pairs of shoes.
Trumps received COVID-19 vaccines at White House in January
Former President Donald Trump and former first lady Melania Trump received their COVID-19 vaccines in January at the White House, Fox News confirmed. It is unclear which vaccine the Trumps received, but a Trump official told Fox News they are both fully vaccinated with two doses. Former Vice President Mike Pence and former second lady Karen Pence also received their coronavirus vaccines in December, along with former Surgeon General Jerome Adams. Biden received the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine. Vice President Kamala Harris and second gentleman Doug Emhoff also received their vaccines in December.
Merck, Johnson & Johnson partner on COVID-19 vaccine manufacturing
Merck & Co. is teaming up with rival Johnson & Johnson to help manufacture its recently-approved COVID-19 vaccine as the nation seeks to eliminate the virus in part through a mass inoculation effort. Two White House officials confirmed the partnership to Fox News. Johnson & Johnson previously agreed to supply the U.S. with 100 million doses of its one-shot vaccine by June, but White House officials said the company had struggled with supply and material issues. Last week, ahead of the FDA's emergency use authorization, Jeff Zients, White House COVID-19 coordinator, had said the Biden administration was working to further "accelerate the pace and timeframe" for which the company delivered the agreed-upon supply after learning that Johnson & Johnson had fallen behind in their production schedule. CLICK HERE FOR COMPLETE CORONAVIRUS COVERAGEPresident Joe Biden is expected to formally announce the partnership between rivals Merck and Johnson & Johnson later Tuesday.
Biden's release of report on Khashoggi killing shows difference from Trump's approach, experts say
The U.S. will continue its diplomatic alliance with Saudi Arabia, but this relationship will be different. "For too long, the United States failed to hold Saudi Arabia accountable for the brutal murder of journalist, dissident, and Virginia resident Jamal Khashoggi. Saudi Arabia, after all, is an important and reliable ally in the Middle East to protect U.S. interests. Steven Cook, senior fellow for Middle East and Africa Studies at the Council on Foreign Relations, describes Saudi Arabia as "a problematic ally" and says their value to the U.S. is how Saudi Arabia gets away with murder. So far, the U.S. government did not imply any consequences for the Saudi crown prince.
Police in Burma fire tear gas, rubber bullets at protesters
Police in Burma repeatedly used tear gas and rubber bullets Tuesday against crowds protesting last month's coup, but the demonstrators regrouped after each volley and tried to defend themselves with barricades as standoffs between protesters and security forces intensified. The United Nations said it believed at least 18 people were killed on Sunday by security forces. Despite the crackdown, demonstrators have continued to flood the streets — and are beginning to more rigorously resist attempts to disperse them. BURMA PROTESTERS TAKE TO THE STREETS AFTER DEADLY CRACKDOWNThe mainly young demonstrators fled in panic each time tear gas canisters were fired but soon returned to their barricades. Yangon, Dawei and Mandalay were among the cities where security forces reportedly fired live ammunition into crowds Sunday, according to the U.N. Human Rights Office.
FBI Director Wray to testify on Capitol riot
FBI Director Chris Wray is set to deliver his first testimony since the Jan. 6 Capitol riot during an appearance before the Senate Judiciary Committee Tuesday. Lawmakers will likely press him on whether the bureau adequately communicated with other law enforcement agencies about the potential for violence that day. "I think domestic terrorism, religious and racial-based hate groups have become a major threat in America," Durbin told reporters on Capitol Hill on Monday. The chairman also told reporters Monday that he has questions for Wray regarding intelligence leading up to the insurrection, NPR reported. Capitol police also produced its own intelligence memo indicating a similar coordinated attack on Congress as early as Jan. 3.
Chuck DeVore: Texas' blackouts – here's the truth about why they happened and what we have to do next
That Texas’ grid has become increasingly dependent on unreliable wind and solar is largely to blame for this critical shortfall. This inexpensive but unreliable power has acted as a powerful disincentive to build needed natural gas power plants. Over the course of 2019, Texas wind produced about 34% of its capacity – from hour-to-hour and season-to-season, sometimes more than 70%, sometimes close to zero. Since electricity must be produced the moment it is needed, that meant that natural gas power plants had to make up the shortfall. An Obama-era environmental rule that forced oilfield compressors to switch from natural gas to electric likely made things worse.
Blackburn urges Biden to ensure WHO's China COVID probe is free from conflict of interest
"I urge you to use your leadership to ensure investigations by the World Health Organization are free from conflict of interest," Blackburn said in a letter to Biden, obtained by Fox News. The World Health Organization recently sent a team of investigators to Wuhan, where the outbreak was believed to have originated. Some of those concerns are shared by the Biden administration, which has stopped the former Trump administration’s withdrawal from the U.N. body. However, the Biden administration has so far not addressed the concerns about a conflict of interest. Blackburn urges Biden to "use your leadership to ensure the ongoing investigation of the COVID-19 pandemic origin be free from conflict of interest."
Jason Snead: Supreme Court voting rights case could change rules across the country. Here's how
And on Tuesday the U.S. Supreme Court will hear a case out of Arizona that will help set the rules of the road as states consider reforms. For both provisions, the Democratic Party claims that the laws cause racial disparities in voting. Arizona has a voting system that any reasonable observer would think makes it extraordinarily easy to vote. The state offers online voter registration and allows anyone to vote by early ballot for any reason. For the 27 days before Election Day, Arizona voters can vote in-person at any early voting center or return an early ballot by postage-free mail or hand delivery.
NJ law prevents cops from telling parents about kids' first-time weed bust
New Jersey minors caught with weed or booze won’t have to worry about getting grounded by Mom and Dad — as a new law legalizing marijuana bars police from telling parents if their kids were caught, and apparently extends to alcohol. "Reviewing the new policy, what presents itself as most problematic is the inability to freely communicate with parents." The highest-ranking Republican in the New Jersey Assembly, Jon Bramnick, said last week the move was "[a]lmost impossible to believe." AND THE POLICE FACE CHARGES IF THEY TELL THE PARENTS," he wrote. "An honest mistake in ascertaining someone’s age, intentions or degree of impairment subjects the officer to prosecution for a crime."
Former Virginia House Speaker Kirk Cox says he's only Republican who can beat McAuliffe in governor race
Former Virginia House of Delegates Speaker Kirk Cox told Fox News he's the only Republican candidate who can beat former Gov. Meanwhile, the Democratic field appears to be led by McAuliffe, although many Virginia voters of both parties remain undecided. Cox also touts his more than 400 endorsements, including from former Virginia governors Bob McDonnell and George Allen. VIRGINIA GOP GUBERNATORIAL CANDIDATE PETE SNYDER LEADING #OPENOURSCHOOLS CAMPAIGNMeanwhile, Cox's Republican rival Pete Snyder is branding himself as the "school reopening" candidate. "I'm glad any candidate is talking about reopening, but I would make the point before I thought about running for governor, I was focusing on this issue with very specific proposals," Cox said.
Gov. Cuomo’s Political Crisis Now A Legal Crisis Too
New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is facing bipartisan pressure to resign following sexual harassment allegations from two of his former aides. On Sunday, Governor Cuomo responded to the accusations in a statement saying, "I never intended to offend anyone or cause any harm," the Governor did go on to acknowledge and apologize for his behavior. New York Attorney General Letitia James is now launching an investigation into the claims, with the Governor authorizing the probe. The third approved Covid-19 vaccine may begin being distributed as early as today. The Johnson & Johnson vaccine was shown in trials to be slightly less effective than the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines.
Democrats may consider minimum wage compromise as opportunity narrows
That may be the question some Senate Democrats are asking themselves as they try to pass a $15-an-hour minimum wage hike inside the $1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief package that seems to be almost impossible. Joe Manchin of West Virginia and Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona have voiced opposition to the minimum wage hike in the relief bill, and other moderates have expressed concerns, too. The number is impossible with the minimum wage addition the way it is currently written. Tom Cotton and Mitt Romney wrote on on Monday that it is time for an increase to the minimum wage. GET THE FOX NEWS APPBut they wrote, "Many Democrats are hung up on an unserious scheme to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour.
Burma protesters take to streets day after deadly crackdown
YANGON, Burma — Demonstrators in Burma took to the streets again on Tuesday to protest last month’s seizure of power by the military, as foreign ministers from Southeast Asian countries prepared to meet to discuss the political crisis. The planned special meeting of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations comes in the wake of worsening violence in Burma. BURMA MILITARY CLASH WITH PROTESTERS LEAVES 18 DEAD, ABOUT 1,000 DETAINED INCLUDING JOURNALISTThe authorities also detained more than 1,000 people over the weekend, according to the independent Assistance Association for Political Prisoners. Hundreds of protesters gathered on Tuesday in the Hledan area of Yangon, where a day earlier police had fired repeated rounds of tear gas canisters. BURMA MILITARY CRACKDOWN ON ANTI-COUP PROTESTS LEAVES AT LEAST 2 DEADSome of them also carried metal shields, an apparent response to the possible use of tear gas canisters and rubber bullets by police.
Janice Dean: 'Make Your Own Sunshine' -- what I've learned about kindness and goodwill in a tough time
Even during the darkest days, one small gesture of goodness can lighten up any mood or atmosphere. And sometimes it only takes a few seconds to make sunshine and pass it on. However, as we look back at these months of pain, there are also moments of incredible kindness and sunshine that helped us get through it. Even during the darkest days, one small gesture of goodness can lighten up any mood or atmosphere. Because one thing I’ve learned, as long as we have love and kindness, there will be sunshine too.
Gov. Brian Kemp: COVID relief – Pelosi-Schumer plan favors Democrat states. Here's how we fight back
My top priority as governor during the COVID-19 pandemic has been to protect both the lives and livelihoods of all Georgians. Over the last year, our state has remained open for business, while also effectively combating this unprecedented health crisis. Over the past year, Georgia was named the top state for business for the eighth year in a row. And, by allowing Georgia businesses to remain open, our unemployment rate continues to be below the national average. The Peach State would be the worst-hit under this new plan, receiving nearly $1.3 billion less than if the previous formula were applied.
Secretary Jeh Johnson: Finding Satisfaction In Serving The Public
This week, Trey Gowdy is joined by former United States Secretary of Homeland Security, Jeh Johnson. Jeh shares how he discovered his passion for public service, the value of compromise to get stuff done in Washington and they discuss former Secretary Johnson's involvement investigating foreign interferences in the 2016 election. Follow Trey on Twitter: @TGowdySC