Mar 04,2021

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Recipe Ideas, Product Reviews, Home Decor Inspiration, and Beauty Tips
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Budget 2021: Everything you need to know
Today's Budget (3 March 2021) focused on helping individuals and businesses who have struggled because of the pandemic. Here’s everything you need to know about the Budget and how it will impact your finances. Here is what was included:Furlough extensionThe furlough scheme, which was due to end in April, will now be extended to 30 September 2021. The furlough scheme (Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme) has so far protected over 11 million job between March 2020 and 15 February 2021. The Self-Employment Income Support Scheme (SEISS) will be worth 80% of three months’ average trading profits up to £7,500 covering Feb, March and April.
Phil Collins’s Ex-Wife Orianne Cevey Could Make Another $1 Million Selling Off Even More of The Singer’s Stuff
A little over a month after she gave up her “armed occupation and takeover” of her ex-husband Phil Collins's mansion and auctioned off a few of his gold records, Orianne Cevey is putting even more of the musician's possessions up on the auction block. Kodner Galleries, who previously worked with the jewelry designer to purge her possessions that “no longer spark joy,” will host a second online auction of Cevey's belongings beginning on March 3. The auction also features different types of rare and commemorative coins, as well as a large number of very pricey men's watches from Rolex, Patek Philippe, and Richard Mille. The jewelry designer gave 10% of proceeds from select items being donated to the Never Give Up Foundation, a charity focused on spinal muscular atrophy in children. Join Vanity Fair to receive full access to and the complete online archive now.
Hopefully Whoever Replaces Neera Tanden as OMB Nominee Has Never Called Ted Cruz a “Vampire”
That was a no-go for the White House, as Politico reported, and Biden accepted Tanden’s letter withdrawing from consideration. “You should be judged by the time,” one White House official told PBS correspondent Yamiche Alcindor. “And the time we were in, we just had a fool in the White House tweeting all kinds of shit. — How the COVID-19 Vaccine Rollout Was Hobbled by Turf Wars and Magical Thinking— From the Archive: The Complicated Dynamic Between the Young JFK, His Formidable Brother, and Their Tycoon Father— Not a subscriber? Join Vanity Fair to receive full access to and the complete online archive now.
Solange Knowles Says She Was Hospitalized Several Times and “Fighting for My Life” While Recording When I Get Home
Half the time I didn’t know where it was coming from. Believe me I’ve tried saying ‘nah I’m just playing’ so many times, ha. I’m not a big fan of talking about shit I don’t know yet. The stories of my past I've survived that I had stored all up in my body...till it more. Life has now become before WIGH and after WIGH.” She concluded, “I'm so grateful for you guys allowing me the space and time.
A Masked Intruder Tried to Break Into Sandra Lee’s Malibu Home Twice Last Month
Sandra Lee's Malibu home was apparently the location of an attempted break-in last month that is still under investigation. The Food Network star wasn't there at the time, and the report states that nothing was taken from the home, nor were any of its windows or doors damaged or breached. But while Lee was able to stave off a more serious crime from occurring, a source told the outlet that she's still shaken by the incident. In December, Lee also spoke about the hard time she was having moving out of the Westchester County home she once shared with her former partner of 14 years, Governor Andrew Cuomo. Join Vanity Fair to receive full access to and the complete online archive now.
Rita Ora Explains How She Wound Up on the Floor With Madonna the First Time They Met
Rita Ora's first encounter with Madonna may not have gone exactly how she imagined it would, but the pop star insists that getting to meet her music idol was still “amazing” and the most starstruck she's ever felt. During an appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Ora revealed, “The highlight of my life is obviously Madonna, that's one of the biggest idols of all time. I had an amazing moment with her, very awkward, but also very unbelievable.” That awkward, but amazing moment came in 2013 when the pop star was hand-selected by Madonna to star in the campaign for her and her daughter Lola's clothing line, Material Girl. "She really just made me find my light, and by doing that we had to kneel on the floor," Ora explained. What's happening?’” But despite being baffled by the request, the pop star went along with it.
Republican Governors Celebrate COVID Anniversary With Bold Plan to Kill Another 500,000 Americans
On Tuesday, the governor announced that he was ending Texas‘s mask mandate and allowing businesses to reopen at 100% capacity by March 10. (Shortly thereafter, Mississippi governor Tate Reeves also announced that his state would no longer require people to wear masks, and that businesses will be able to operate at full capacity.) Abbott’s decision to effectively fully return to pre-pandemic normality, while the pandemic is still raging, was reminiscent of the time last spring when he lifted COVID restrictions—which, you guessed it, caused cases to spike in the weeks that followed. While Texas has recently seen a slowdown in infections, just 6.57% of the state has been fully vaccinated as of Monday, according to Johns Hopkins University, far short of the level it needs to achieve herd immunity. “There is light at the end of the tunnel, but we cannot let our guard down now to ensure victory is inevitable; we can’t assume that,” he said.
“You Want Him Weakened So He Can’t Run”: Democrats Are Playing War Games With Andrew Cuomo’s Political Future
Rumors have been swirling among New York Democrats that more women will be coming forward with new allegations. Democratic political operatives I spoke to said Cuomo would be unlikely to survive if a new accuser came forward. Another reason Cuomo looks like he will weather the storm is that powerful Democrats aren’t motivated to push him out the door. “If you’re James, you want him weakened so he can’t run,” the political consultant said. “The behavior described in these allegations against Governor Cuomo is completely unacceptable, and every allegation of sexual harassment must be taken seriously and be reviewed,” she said.
Kelly Marie Tran on the Empowering Anger of Raya and the Last Dragon
Her character’s name may be in the title, but Kelly Marie Tran was one of the last actors—if not the last—to join Disney’s Raya and the Last Dragon. Tran noted that the relationship between Raya and Sisu, the dragon voiced by Awkwafina, also changed enormously. “You only know what you know,” Tran said of the larger machinations of the film, describing that siloing of information as part of an “isolating” film industry. In 2015, a largely unknown Kelly Marie Tran scored what should have been a dream role. In voicing the titular hero in Raya and the Last Dragon, she has become Disney’s first Southeast Asian princess.
The Mandalorian’s Bill Burr on Gina Carano: “She Was an Absolute Sweetheart”
The Mandalorian actor Bill Burr weighed in on Lucasfilm severing ties with Gina Carano in a recent episode of his podcast. Super-nice fucking person,” Burr said on his podcast The Bill Bert Podcast, which he co-hosts with Bert Kreischer. The post was one of many offensive stances Carano publicized in the last few months. “Joe DeRosa with an interesting take, look at you!” Burr replied. Now I gotta watch what the fuck I say.”“It’s fucking crazy time,” Burr continued.
Colbert: Don Jr. Whines About Dr. Seuss Because He Reads “at a Second-Grade Level”
Seuss books should be fun for all people: Black, white, straight, gay. “These books portray people in ways that are hurtful and wrong,” Dr. Seuss Enterprises told the Associated Press in a statement. “I literally know The Cat in the Hat by heart,” Trump Jr. groused in a Fox News clip rolled by Colbert. “Also I think his dad calls him and Eric [Trump] Thing 1 and Thing 2.”Besides, Colbert reminded viewers, there are millions of other children’s books to choose from. Join Vanity Fair to receive full access to and the complete online archive now.
Meghan Markle Denies Allegations of Bullying and “Unbearable Pressure” On Her Former Palace Aides
The claim was made in October 2018, five months after her wedding to Prince Harry, by Jason Knauf, who worked as communications secretary to Harry and Meghan. The duchess denies bullying, and Meghan’s lawyers stated that one individual left after findings of misconduct. Reports emerged about Meghan’s alleged diva-like behavior behind palace walls, and that she was nicknamed “Duchess Difficult” by some courtiers. One of the stories circulating at the time was how Meghan had upset palace staff by sending 5 a.m. emails. There was also a report in The Sun newspaper that Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge had reprimanded Meghan over how she spoke to Kensington Palace staff.
White House Doc Who Said Trump Could Live to 200 Reportedly Sexually Harassed Staff, Got Wasted on the Job
Remember Ronny Jackson? Former White House doctor nicknamed the Candyman because of the way he allegedly doled out prescription drugs? Claimed that Donald Trump had “incredibly good genes” and that if he’d eaten a little healthier, he could have lived to be “200 years old”? Earned a nomination to run the Department of Veterans Affairs, which he later withdrew over accusations that he created a toxic work environment and was drunk on an overseas work trip? There’s a new Pentagon report out concerning his behavior, and it’s not a great look!
Pence Can’t Quit the Big Election Lie That Nearly Got Him Killed
The bill serves “one goal only: to give leftists a permanent, unfair, and unconstitutional advantage in our political system,” Pence wrote in the Daily Signal, arguing H.R.1 would hinder election reform at the state and local level. As is characteristic of those sowing unfounded doubt on the election process, the former vice president kept it vague. “I share the concerns of millions of Americans about the integrity of the 2020 election,” Pence wrote, reiterating evidence-free allegations of “an election marked by significant voting irregularities and numerous instances of officials setting aside state election law.” The op-ed—among his most substantial remarks since the Capitol attack—was notably without mention of the man who popularized such election misinformation, as Politico’s Kyle Cheney pointed out. “I do think he should’ve stood up for Trump,” one CPAC volunteer told the Times of the former president’s impossible request that Pence overturn Biden’s legitimate election victory. Join Vanity Fair to receive full access to and the complete online archive now.
Inclusive sizing in 2021: What needs to continue and what needs to change
And as we transition into the new normal, that agenda is headlined by the need for inclusivity in sizing. Ahead, insiders and style enthusiasts tell us what they’d hope for the inclusive sizing movement to accomplish this year. The road towards an inclusive future is a long one, but it helps to celebrate the small wins along the way. Rethinking sizing metricsMany factions across the industry are also questioning the relevance of an arbitrary sizing metric. Ultimately, if the industry is to become inclusive in essence and deed, she believes that a two-pronged approach is called for.
Aditi Rao Hydari picked a pastel pink bralette + pants set for ‘The Girl on the Train’ promotions
Most recently, it was Aditi Rao Hydari who gave the fail-safe look her vote of approval. Aditi Rao Hydari's bralette came with a romantic twistAlong with its soothing palette, what really stood out from Aditi Rao Hydari's latest co-ord set was her romantic top. With this all-pink look, Rao Hydari went with strappy beige heels from Dech Barrouci, which featured sweet ruffled detailing. If you're a fellow fan of co-ord sets, Aditi Rao Hydari's pastel bralette + trouser set is the best deal for you. Aditi Rao Hydari paired her pink separates with beige heels © set, July Issue, Rs 8,000Heels, Dech Barrouci, Rs 3,300Also read:Aditi Rao Hydari dressed up her relaxed jeans with a blue checkered tie-up crop topAditi Rao Hydari celebrated Pongal 2021 in a breezy blue floral anarkali
From tigers to leopards: 5 best reserves and properties in India for wildlife spotting
If you want to spot tigersVisit: Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve, Maharashtra“It is Maharashtra’s oldest and largest national park. Tadoba is one of the most successful breeding grounds for tigers, with 135+ tigers in its landscape (core and buffer). If you want to spot blackbucksVisit: Velavadar Blackbuck National Park, Bhavnagar“Velavadar’s Savannah grasslands and scrub provide optimum habitat for blackbucks. The wilderness of Jawai is not part of any national park or sanctuary. Expect personalised service and a fantastic safari experience, with custom jeeps and excellent guides.
Mushrooms are set to take over your wellness routines—here's why
From supplements and coffee mixes to shampoos infused with reishi mushrooms, adaptogenic blends are quickly becoming ubiquitous in the wellness sphere. Adaptogens, or herbal pharmaceuticals, offer a diverse range of benefits, and mushrooms have been leading the charge for centuries. “Mushrooms are a great vegan source for supporting a healthy immune system. It has been traditionally used to balance energy, increase mental sharpness and support a healthy immune system. Also read:You’ve been ‘boosting’ your immune system all wrongFrom ashwagandha to chaga mushrooms: How to find the right adaptogen to combat stressIs psychedelic therapy the future for mental health treatment?
Reality show, které dokoukáte do konce, i když to nep?iznáte
Reality show, které dokoukáte do konce, i když to nep?iznáte Natálie Debnárová 3. Seznamte se s nejzajímav?jšími reality show sou?asnosti, o kterých sice možná na Zoom meetingu mluvit nebudete, zato na jiné myšlenky vás v dnešní dob? p?ivedou na 100 %. U Circle se budete p?edevším bavit a možná si zlepšíte i online komunikaci. Když se p?enesete p?es lehce ordinérní vzhled maklé?ek, za?nete si tento po?ad užívat naplno nejen díky nádherným lokacím, ale možná se i p?iu?íte v oboru. (Harry je z Austrálie a já v?bec nevím, kde to je.)
Blýská se na lepší ?asy? Móda doby postpandemické podle Acne Studios
Móda doby postpandemické podle Acne Studios Martin Váša 3. 2021 Sdílet Zkopírovat odkazVzpomínáte si, kdy naposledy Acne Studios zklamalo? A krajinou sn? skute?n? byla, ale krajinou sn? p?echázející v realitu, asi jako když se nad ránem probouzíte do reality díky v?ni ?erstv? uva?ené kávy. V p?ípad? Acne Studios pochopiteln? kávy v doprovodu sladké kanelbulle. A pokud se nám poda?í získat a udržet si Jonnyho pozitivní p?ístup, máme se na co t?šit.
Iris Law Is Joining The Family Business With A Transformative Screen Debut
Iris Law is following in the footsteps of her father, Jude Law, and her older brother Rafferty, having been cast in her first professional acting role. A six-episode TV series called Pistols, it will follow the story of legendary band the Sex Pistols, and is based on the 2018 memoir, Lonely Boy: Tales from the Sex Pistols, written by band member and self-described “94th greatest guitarist of all time” Steve Jones. Aside from her modelling work, Iris also champions a more sustainable approach to fashion, and is currently studying textiles at university. Johnny Rotten cited Catwoman’s “skill, style and bravery” when discussing London’s early punks in the rockumentary The Filth and the Fury (2000), which charted the rise of the Sex Pistols. Iris Law will transform as Soo Catwoman for her screen debut.
The Year I Spent Texting My Husband From 5 Metres Away
But this night my husband was downstairs, yammering on the phone at a volume that I feared might disturb this nocturnal passage. (According to my iPhone’s Screen Time analysis, I spend an average of 34 minutes a day texting, which is definitely more than I spend eating lunch.) But for many couples, texting has become the primary mode even when a hermetic seal isn’t necessary. What’s more, conventional wisdom argues that texting is a poor substitute for face-to-face communication. “Texting,” McWhorter said, “is not writing at all.” It is, instead, “fingered speech – now we can write the way we talk”.
10 Things To Know About Nicolas Di Felice, The New Man At Courrèges
If a Le Corbusier house is a machine for living in, an André Courrèges garment is a machine for moving in. Courrèges’ original space-age futurism was an immediate hit with the ’60s jet set. © Printemps-EteNow, 60 years after Courrèges established his Parisian house, Nicolas Di Felice is making his debut as its artistic director. Di Felice describes autumn/winter 2021 as “an homage to the Courrèges atelier and archives, but a bit more ‘Belgium’. Courrèges is straight to the point: it's a shade, it's geometry, it’s a fabric, it’s simple.
Nothing Treats Period Pain Quite Like An Orgasm – It’s Science
A huge 80 per cent of women experience period pain, but while it’s incredibly common, it is rarely discussed openly. But a new study of nearly 500 women has found that there is something that can help address our varying degrees of pain: masturbation. While the average intensity of period pain experienced initially was 6.7, it had dropped to 5.4 after the test phase. However, given we know that exercise can help with period pain, it could be that orgasms also ease symptoms by increasing blood flow to the pelvic area. So next time you’re wracked with period pain, forget the Ibuprofen… you know what to do.
6 Beauty Trends To Note From MFW AW21
Here are the top hair, make-up and beauty trends from the Milan Fashion Week autumn/winter 2021 shows. The trend: part to the sideFendi autumn/winter 2021. The trend: graphic eyesPhilosophy autumn/winter 2021. The trend: fringe maniaPucci autumn/winter 2021. The trend: slicked-backPorts 1962 autumn/winter 2021.
“The World Assumes Disabled People Are Sexless”: Author Molly McCully Brown On Sexual Desire & Cerebral Palsy
Most of me was certain that the boy in the dining hall was right in all the ways that mattered. I don’t notice people staring, don’t trip on my way in to teach a class and send 35 student papers flying everywhere. No one I don’t really know needs to put their hands on me. That there is no perfect reconciliation, only the way I hold it all suspended: wonderful, and hugely difficult, and true. ‘Places I’ve Taken My Body’ by Molly McCully Brown (Faber & Faber) is out now.
Glass Rings Are The Next Big Thing In Nostalgic Jewellery
Bea Bongiasca’s wiggly enamel creations have been bookmarked by Dua, along with plastic fantastic rings from Spanish brand La Manso. Gigi Hadid wearing Keane’s colourful glass rings and a phone charm from String Ting. Things are always evolving.”Gigi Hadid brightened New York’s sidewalks with fistfuls of Keane’s glass rings earlier this year, wearing a sunshine-yellow Sllyme ring, as well as red, tangerine, lavender and baby-pink Thin rings. Keane’s glistening gems have also received Kylie Jenner’s stamp of approval: its glass rings and earrings have cropped up on her grid. Kylie Jenner wearing rings and earrings from Keane.
Irina Shayk Gears Up For The Versace Show In A Classic Donatella Look
It was always a given that the new-gen supers would arrive in Milan for the phygital shows in style. While Gigi Hadid opted for oversized tailoring and cosy Ugg boots (a firm favourite for most right now), Irina Shayk is doing as the locals do by embracing high-octane Italian glamour. Last season, after emerging from lockdown, Donatella Versace created a new business model for her brand. But,” she told British Vogue, “don’t forget the glamour, the supermodels, the hair and make-up!” Enter: Gigi and Irina ready for business. More from British Vogue:
From Healing Plants To Tribal Scars: Thebe Magugu On His Spiritual Inspirations For AW21
“I think I design for curious women,” says Thebe Magugu, the young Johannesburg designer and winner of the 2019 LVMH Prize. The collection is brimming with thoughtfully chosen, carefully researched references, all of which can be traced back to Magugu’s biggest source of inspiration: South Africa. Magugu interviewed and underwent sessions with traditional healers to inform pieces that explore the changing face of South African spirituality. “There [is so much] people don’t know about South Africa and I want to – in my own way – contribute to the knowledge sharing,” he says. Thebe Magugu designs for customers who “want to wear clothes that convey emotion – not just product for product’s sake.” His clothes are anything but that.
Katie Holmes Is Fully Committing To This ’90s Jeans Trend
Drawing inspiration, Katie Holmes is taking the louche style one step further in ’90s-inspired super baggy jeans. For many months now, Holmes has been gradually increasing the diameter of her jeans. Throughout NYC’s balmy summer months and into autumn too, Holmes paired her eco-conscious wide-leg Jackie jeans with relaxed tees and insouciant checked shirts. Holmes clearly loves the relaxed fit of oversized jeans. Just leave it to Holmes to commit fully and bring back the super-baggy style.
5 Things To Know About Dries Van Noten’s Dance-Inspired AW21 Collection
Van Noten’s desire to use the pandemic as a tool for advancement was equally reflected in the collection, so elegant and “dressed” — not a memory of comfort-wear or dressing for home in sight. “Honestly, when I hear marketing terms like that, the last thing I want to do is exactly that. I don’t care about those things. “We have to invite people to dress up, to explain what they want to say through their garments, and not just being ‘comfortable’. At one point in the shoot, everyone was wearing 11cm heels.
Gabriela Hearst Has Revived This Iconic Chloé Bag
Signature Chloé bags – including the Faye, the Drew and the Marcie – were nowhere to be seen at Gabriela Hearst’s debut fashion show for the French house. “My first luxury handbag was the Chloé Edith bag and it is a piece I still love and wanted to pay homage to,” says Hearst, while shedding light on the formative stages of her design process as creative director. “This season, the Edith bag has been re-issued staying true to its original design. “To me, these [bags] are luxury pieces that show how quality and craft can coexist without opulence,” Hearst mused on her grounded approach to design. Here, the forward-looking handbags from Gabriela Hearst’s first Chloé collection.
“Ghana Is Better Than This”: Lady Phyll On The Urgent Need To Protect Ghana’s LGBTQIA+ Citizens From Homophobia
The recent closure of the new LGBTQIA+ centre in Accra, Ghana, has broken my heart. It breaks my heart that people like me live under threat of violence and second-class citizenship, and that such violence is co-signed by the leaders elected to protect them. And it breaks my heart because I am Ghanaian, and this is not who Ghanaians are. Ghana and its citizens know well the trauma, violence and human rights violations that flourish under oppressive regimes. We are speaking up and speaking out because everyone deserves to live free from violence.
Designers of Three Arab Brands and Their Artistic Muses on Inspiring Each Other’s Creativity
Ranging from Palestine, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, and the UAE, Nafsika Skourti, Kage, and Nora Al Shaikh celebrate each other’s talents and creative processes. These emerging Arab brands shared their love and passion for their art with their respective muses, symbols of creativity and trust. She identifies with the same philosophy – somewhere between “glamour and anti-glamour” – saying, “The Nafsika Skourti woman is confident and outspoken. Lebanese designer Donna Hourani, a rising star in the jewelry world and a childhood friend, serves as the Kage muse. I would like to see Kage grow into a lifestyle brand that embodies the values and life of the Kage woman.
Say Goodbye to Sweats and Hello to Comfortable Housedresses
Photographed by Zoe Ghertner, Vogue, December 2019A recent Vogue article inspired me to start wearing comfortable house dresses. The article outlined the psychological power of ditching your slippers for actual shoes, like dressed-up loafers and fancy flats, while working from home. These dresses are comfortable and easy enough for at-home wear, with non-constricting silhouettes, long hemlines, and comfortable fabrics. Thanks to brands like Batsheva and Hill House Home, the housedress is a closet champion that isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Here, shop the best house dresses to wear inside now, and out and about later.
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Molly Ringwald Looks Back on Pretty in Pink, 35 Years Later
John Hughes had a knack for speaking to teenagers without speaking down to them. He had spiky hair and these crazy sneakers,” Molly Ringwald says of Hughes nearly 40 years after their first meeting. Hughes understood that high school was a reservoir of class warfare and emotional bloodshed, where a snide remark (“Where’d you get your clothes? Pretty in Pink, Hughes’s third and final film with Ringwald, was also his most hopelessly romantic. Released 35 years ago this week, the teen rom-dram follows Andie Walsh, a working-class high school student whose secondhand clothes make her an outcast among her more affluent peers.
Bing Bang Bong: On the Unbridled Thrills of Drag Race UK
And so to RuPaul’s Drag Race UK, the debutante ball for British drag acts ascending to global notoriety. I wake on Mondays, clamoring for the Drag Race’s dauphinoise of simmering temperaments, savage snapbacks, and antagonizing lip syncs. I’m forever counting down the hours until I’m back with the queens, with their cheek, their nerve, their gall, their audacity, and their gumption. While some queens were criticized for being regional (RIP, Tia Kofi), regional accents were the beating heart of “UK, Hun?,” each Scottish “bing,” Welsh “bang,” and cockney “bong” working together in harmony like an expensive scented candle. Sometimes she’s just back from a vigorous shampoo with club grease from Christina Aguilera’s “Dirrty” video; other times she’s demure in a lacy ankle-length bathing gown.
Aurora James Shares a Look at Her Light-Filled Los Angeles Bedroom
“It’s pretty empty,” Aurora James says of her Los Angeles bedroom. “But it’s been so much work to keep [it] empty.”“Mister Chow, my chow chow, is my favorite new addition to my home here in LA,” James says. It's nice to have the honor of a tree being open to share space with you,” James says. But amid the pandemic she could finally give Los Angeles, and its perennial 72-and-sunny weather, a shot. The 15 Percent Pledge founder is settling in quite nicely: her favorite addition to her new abode, she says, is her fluffy puffy chow chow, aptly named Mister Chow.
How Three Texans Feel About the State’s Controversial Reopening
In other words, Abbott’s decision to reopen the state feels premature, to say the least—and for many Texans, it’s terrifying. What if they had state-level logistical support, combined with the members’ local knowledge and deep, personal kindness?” he wonders. Hinman isn’t the only Texan who’s been forced to place more trust in grassroots methods of community protection than in top-down governmental aid. And they shouldn’t have to, you know?”For many Texans, the lack of COVID-19 oversight from the state’s highest office feels like yet another betrayal of public trust. Katherine Trakhtenbroit, 36, a Houston resident, says that her initial sense of hope around the pandemic has been completely extinguished by Abbott’s reopening.
These Are the New Names to Know From Milan Fashion Week, Fall 2021
Anyone who thinks new fashion designers in Italy are scarce hasn’t been paying enough attention. A talented new generation is alive and kicking at Milan Fashion Week, slowly but surely taking its place in an industry dominated (perhaps overly dominated) by longtime superstars. These are just some of the obstacles a young designer has to surmount in order to achieve success on Italian shores. The collection they presented at Milan Fashion Week was a good example of such methodology. Pieces of a disassembled balloon dress in tiered tulle landed on a black tailored blazer worn as a minidress.
Send Your Friends a Gift, Just Because
Dear Annabelle rose notecards $80 DEAR ANNABELLE Shop NowA Bedside CarafeWe’re no longer as on-the-go, making reusable, portable water bottles less useful. Gift your friends a pretty bedside carafe to help them stay hydrated while at home. Bearaby velvet napper $279 BEARABY Shop NowA Hand Care KitWe’re washing our hands more diligently than ever before. Barnes & Noble Book Stack gift card $50 BARNES & NOBLE Shop Now Whole Foods Market gift card $50 AMAZON Shop NowA Luxe JournalWriting can be therapeutic. Cosabella Bella relaxed long sleeve top & pant $133 COSABELLA Shop NowA Daily PlannerIt’s still early in the year.
Dries Van Noten Offers a Fresh Twist on a Classic Red Clip
"It's real movements, it's real emotions," Dries Van Noten told Vogue of his Fall 2021 short film, which featured models and dancers performing onstage at the deSingel theater in Antwerp. In keeping with the same senses of motion and realness, a blurred red lip, done many different ways, was the single beauty statement worn by the cast as they danced out the emotions of the past year in slouchy suits and satin slip-dresses. From brick red to salmon pink to deep crimson, each shade was a softer alternative to a classic bold lip and tailored to complement each model's skin tone. A more muted, lived-in vinyl red lip not only feels fresher than an opaque, full-coverage one, but is entirely fitting for the times, whether it's mask-friendly makeup—or a night of passion—you so desire. As she says, "To kiss, to express, to take somebody in your arms, it represents everything that is forbidden now."
Who Is Kathy Hochul, the Politician Who Could Become the First Female Governor of New York?
To say that Kathy Hochul has kept a low profile during her six-plus years as lieutenant governor of New York State is an understatement. That could all change within the next few weeks, or perhaps even days. If Governor Cuomo, increasingly beset by charges of sexual harassment (with a third woman going public with her accusations this week), finally resigns, then Hochul would become the state’s governor, making her the first woman to ever hold that position and the second person in a little more than a decade to do so because of scandal. (In 2008, then lieutenant governor David Paterson was elevated to the governor’s position when Eliot Spitzer resigned following revelations that he had been a regular customer of a high-end prostitution ring.) He might even try to mollify his critics by announcing that he will not run for a fourth term in 2024.
Taraji P. Henson on Her Hair Evolution, and the Confidence Philosophy That ‘Set Her Free’
Her passion for hair extends into her own line, TPH By Taraji, which champions the importance of good scalp care, as well as coil nourishment. We started with scalp care. Henson has found joy in hair care since she was little. “When I dyed my hair red, she gave me the confidence to embrace it.” And when Henson cut her hair off? “But my scalp care line is my favorite,” Henson says.
Nail Artist Lila Robles on the Beauty of Airbrushing and Celebrating Her Xicanx Heritage
Lila Robles, aka @nailjerks, creates the type of art that stops you mid-scroll. Which is why her work, unsurprisingly, has already caught the attention of brands like Sephora and KVD Beauty, singer Kali Uchis, and rapper Leikeli47. They shared her love of “weird nail art and would create nail calendars with dead stock sneakers,” Robles remembers. She began interning for M.I.S.S., helping them create nail art for shoots and writing as one of the main columnists on their site, while attending school to be a manicurist. It shows people another side of what nail art, or art in general, can be.”Photo: Courtesy of Lila Robles Photo: Courtesy of Lila Robles
Gottmik, the First Trans Man on Drag Race, Is Already a Winner, Baby
In high school, Gottmik first started playing around with makeup—a signature element of their drag. “The first time I ever performed was in a bar in Tucson, Arizona [when I was 18],” says Gottmik. “The only type of makeup that excited me was crazy, over-the-top drag makeup,” says Gottmik, whose signature makeup look is a face painted white with thin, drawn-on brows. Whatever the look, a Gottmik outfit is always campy, but nods to high-fashion designers: See their rainbow latex dress and crash dummy couture for evidence. I love any designer that has a grunge feel but makes it just so polished; I feel like that’s reflective of my drag style.”
Meryll Rogge Fall 2021 Ready-to-Wear Collection
Rogge, helped greatly by friends, is essentially a team of one working from her parents’ home in the Belgian countryside. After seven years in the city, Rogge returned to Antwerp and worked as the head of women’s for Dries Van Noten, with whom she shares a great love of color. “There’s always this aspect of masculine/feminine that comes in,” says Rogge of her house codes. Throughout the line-up, as in a cutaway sweater set that’s actually all one piece and has nothing mumsy about it, Rogge makes use of deconstruction. In possessing those qualities, Rogge is bringing that legacy forward to a new generation.
Vaquera Fall 2021 Ready-to-Wear Collection
A year in lockdown hasn’t dimmed the Vaquera designers’ flare for fashionable expression. There’s without a doubt a new level of finesse to the new season’s vegan leather motorcycle jackets; they call them “real” pieces, ones they “couldn’t have done without Comme” (Comme des Garçons owns DSM). The collection at least partially takes its cues from the way the designers themselves are dressing. There are sweatshirts fused with bras and slip dresses, and the front panel of one skirt is embellished with a pair of satiny panties. Still, they’re making a signature of lingerie dressing, a trend that’s been heating up over the last few seasons, and those vegan perfectos will find eager customers.
Paul Smith Fall 2021 Ready-to-Wear Collection
This Paul Smith womenswear proposition was a traveling-without-moving whistle-stop tour of wearable subcultural styles that spanned decades but was built for the immediate future. As Smith and his team did for its brother menswear collection presented back in January, here they had toured his vast and seemingly chaotic trove of designs and memorabilia: He seemed chuffed at the impact this had on the youngsters. A bias-cut dress in bird-silhouette silk Hawaiian print contrasted with panel-legged houndstooth suiting inspired by a Smith look once favored by pan-gender pioneer David Bowie. Smith reckons that come fall/winter time, we’ll be both itching and at liberty to slip on fresh glad rags and mingle. In this collection he presented multiple pieces whose acquaintance it would be fantastic to make, first time around or not.
Megan Thee Stallion on Her Bag Obsession and How To Have a Hot Girl Spring
I love Chanel bags, I always try to find Chanel bags that are hard to find. I can be wearing sweats, and my Louis bag just really turns the outfit up. You’re known for always having a Hot Girl Summer—but how can we have a Hot Girl Spring? And I’m like, girl, you know, let me go to rehearsal. Everybody has been waiting for Tina Snow [her alter ego] to come back, so my girl may be popping up soon.
A SNL Star Brings Back an It-Girl Classic
Yesterday in New York City, the actress opted for a vintage faux leopard coat that she had bought from Le Grand Strip. It’s a classic downtown cool-girl look, not unlike the tried-and-true signatures of Kate Moss and Gwyneth Paltrow. She wore it over a light blue floral print Dauphinette dress and a pair of bubblegum pink boots by Brother Vellies. Gardner also marks a bit of a new generation of SNL cast members who are style-conscious. There is also, of course, Pete Davidson who has been known for his love for low-key label Online Ceramics and the cult-beloved Elara hat.
Dolly Parton Kick-Starts a Cold-Shoulder Trend to Get the Vaccine
Dolly Parton is in a celebratory mood and dressing accordingly. The beloved singer, bleached-blonde bouffant and all, wore a sparkling violet top yesterday to get her COVID-19 vaccine, specifically the Moderna shot. (She even intro’d the moment with a remix of “Jolene”: “Vaccine, vaccine, vaccine, vaccine, I’m begging of you please don’t hesitate.”) The 75-year-old dressed strategically to get the jab, opting for a clingy top with clever shoulder cutouts along with matching cutoff gloves and a purple mask. It seems that Parton may be starting a trend with her cold-shoulder top. Last year, she donated $1 million to Vanderbilt University Medical Center, which worked with drugmaker Moderna to develop the vaccine.
Courrèges Fall 2021 Ready-to-Wear Collection
Nicolas Di Felice had his Courrèges debut today. The fact that Di Felice took all this in stride speaks to his experience. Di Felice’s confident launch is a showcase for both his understanding of André Courrèges’s Space Age legacy and his own cutting chops. Courrèges’s ’60s futurism has been filtered through Di Felice’s child-of-the-’90s eyes. Reviving a 60-year-old brand in a busy world is a big task, but Di Felice has a good foundation.
Dries Van Noten Fall 2021 Ready-to-Wear Collection
There’s something cathartic about watching pent-up rage, frustration, confusion, longing and separation being danced out on a darkened Antwerp stage in Dries Van Noten’s film for fall 2021. There’s kind of a rawness and directness also—it’s real movements, it’s real emotions.”Twelve months and a pandemic have taken Van Noten a very long way from the mentality of wanting to show on a runway. “It’s rare that I’ve seen so much emotional kind of things which have cropped up in the body,” Van Noten remembers. For Van Noten, the show-as-dance in his home city also circled back to the relationship he struck up with De Keersmaeker, who emerged as a force in contemporary dance in Brussels at the same time as Van Noten and his fellow designers of the Antwerp Six were on the rise in the late ’90s. I think there’s now a realness and intensity, with the videos and pictures, and the way that everyone is finding their way to express themselves.
Jenny Packham Fall 2021 Ready-to-Wear Collection
Not that you’d be able to spot the quick turnaround, given the labor-intensive and meticulous craftsmanship involved in her sumptuous, hand-beaded, sequin-dripping dresses for fall. The point of difference this season, however, was finding Packham in an even more playful mode. A series of gowns is decorated in gold and silver sequins that radiate outward like glittering fireworks. An ethereal, Grecian-inspired dress from last season was a particular hit, prompting Packham to work on a series of crepe silk gowns with sensual draping across the back. “People who have waited may just want to order something, as they won’t have the time to go through the whole process,” says Packham.
Kwaidan Editions Fall 2021 Ready-to-Wear Collection
This has been a year of domestic pleasures, but that means different things for different people. Hung La and Léa Dickely of Kwaidan Editions have done their fair share of cooking and cleaning up, like the rest of us. But in their collection and in the images Dickely has taken to document it, they’ve also been exploring the world of fetish. Latex plays a starring role in the new collection, on second-skin tops, pencil skirts, and sharp trenches. But Kwaidan Editions works a different angle, and you don’t need to be a connoisseur of kink to appreciate the ’90s inflections of their streamlined tailoring and slinky shirt- and slip-dresses.
Chloé Fall 2021 Ready-to-Wear Collection
Watching Gabriela Hearst’s first show for Chloé unfold was like seeing the child of two familiar people grow up before your eyes. Hearst called her Chloé collection the “Aphrodite” to her own brand’s “Athena”: sensual and playful femininity versus a heroic and wise androgyny. Sustainability was Hearst’s way into the collection: her inspiration, her material, her technique, and even her silhouette. Supported by her likeminded CEO Riccardo Bellini, Hearst said that Chloé had already decreased this collection’s environmental footprint by 400% compared to last winter’s line. Hearst’s efforts will resonate with the luxury neo-hippie eco warrior to whom her tenure at Chloé will doubtlessly cater.
Acne Studios Fall 2021 Ready-to-Wear Collection
Spending it at his Swedish country house, he has found it a sort of pastoral escape from reality: “a dreamscape, fantasy situation,” he said. But his brand regularly leans into a curated, vintage sensibility, and within the context of his audience’s desires, it maybe makes more sense. Stripped back, some of the underlayers (notably a tie-dye, silken dress, or a button-down micro-floral ’90s number) were charming. But who really knows how any of us will really feel when we finally get there? Maybe the arrival of this collection in stores will prove me wrong.
2021 Home Decor Trends: Interior Designers On What They’re Buying Now
It’s lockdown season two, winter edition, and it’s likely you’re spending the majority of the day couch, desk, or bed-bound. (We’d call this phenomenon corona-and-chill, except instead of relaxing, you’re clouded in an omnipresent state of anxiety.) In the pursuit of doable home improvement, Vogue decided to ask 18 of our favorite interior designers what home objects, exactly, they were loving during the this time. “As 2021 kicks off, we want to surround ourselves with objects that have a personality, sense of humor, don’t take themselves too seriously, and create conversation. Lisa Frantz, of Lisa Frantz interiors, seconds that: “Buy pieces that evoke happiness.” So perhaps that's the ultimate home decor trend for 2021: a splash of fun.
Hood By Air Relaunches Its Ready-to-Wear, Starring Naomi Campbell
“Everyone likes the concept of slowing down, but they’re so addicted to the pace,” says Hood By Air’s Shayne Oliver over the phone. Hood By Air’s official relaunch was announced in the summer of 2020 and supported by merchandise releases throughout the fall. Now Oliver is finally giving birth to his first official ready-to-wear project of the new HBA era: A campaign starring Naomi Campbell. The Mother collection, which Campbell wears, is an homage to the maternal figures in Oliver’s life. Campbell, who is a close collaborator of Hood By Air’s fashion director Carlos Nazario, made perfect sense to act as the spokesmodel for this aspect of the collection.
Jen Shah Leaked Audio: Real Housewives Star UNLOADS in Shocking Tirade!
Despite a minor scandal early on, Jen Shah was one of the standouts from the reality series as it progressed. New, leaked behind-the-scenes audio reveals that she's even worse off camera, which if you've watched the show, you know is saying a lot. Which you expect from Jen Shah, but not like this. To say that it is a challenge to make out what Jen Shah appears to be saying, or to whom is an understatement. Those who had watched Jen on RHOSL could not help but observe that, well, she'd been a lot like this on camera.
90 Day Fiance: The Hottest Couples in Franchise History
90 Day Fiance is the most-watched non-competition reality show on TV for a reason. Some couples have one or even two scammers. But there's more than the ticking clock of the K-1 visa and drama that drives the show. We all know that some of these couples are just plain hot. Let's take a look at some of the hottest couples in the franchise's history.
Justin Duggar Shares Wedding Video, Kisses Claire Spivey for the First Time
On Tuesday, Justin Duggar shared an intimate video of his his recent weddding to Claire Spivey, which included a glimpse at the pair locking lips. This wouldn't be a cause for celebration, or anything to really note... except you know by now how the Duggar family works, right? Several members of the Duggar family have since congratulated the married couple on Twitter and Instagram. Duggar announced in September that he began courting Spivey after the two met in spring of 2019. For her part, Spivey said in the video that the couple's families have known each other for nearly two decades.
Kim Kardashian: Kanye Is Having Another Meltdown, Y'all!
"Kim and Kanye are in contact with regards to their kids. The entire family has acted as a huge support system for Kim," adds the source. Kanye, sadly, has no such support system, but insiders say Kim has made it clear that he can always reach out to her if he feels the need. And while she didn't forewarn Kanye that she would be filing, Kim reportedly feels that he should have seen it coming. "Kim filing for divorce from Kanye is just a formal part of the process," the third source said.
Jamie Spears Defends Conservatorship: I Control Britney for Her Own Good!
In the aftermath of that and the Framing Britney Spears documentary, Jamie seems to be scrambling to save face. "[Jamie] would love nothing more than to see Britney not need a conservatorship," she then alleged. "Whether or not there is an end to the conservatorship really depends on Britney," Vivian insisted. "If she wants to end her conservatorship," she announced, "she can file a petition to end it." But we mentioned that fans characterized Vivian's claims about the conservatorship being "up to Britney" as dishonest.
Farrah Abraham: Uhhh, How Did She Just Get the Covid-19 Vaccine?
Farrah Abraham recently admitted to a history of mental illness. Farrah Abraham just got the COVID-19 vaccine. "G.I Joe - Mom reporting for duty #covidvacccine complete woman who have compromised immune systems prioritize your #covid19 vaccine," Abraham wrote on her page yesterday, adding several hashtags to her post. Abraham has worked as a reality star, an adult video cam star and a quasi Instagram influencer. Others, meanwhile, took Farrah to task for donning a lacey face mask and a spaghetti strap top to get the vaccine.
Joe Exotic Hires Anti-Carole Baskin Attorney: Get Me Out of Prison!!
Tiger King star Carole Baskin was targeted with a DWTS ad by the family of her missing husband. Now, incarcerated reality star Joe Exotic appears to like that idea. On Tuesday, he shared that he had been retained by convicted animal abuser and attempted murderer Joe Exotic. Phillips says that it was after this attempt went nowhere that Joe Exotic reached out to him. One has to imagine that Joe Exotic selected Phillips since he is already going after Carole Baskin on behalf of her missing husband's family.
Carole Baskin: Family of Missing Husband Airs Ad During DWTS
In a show of questionable judgment, Dancing With The Stars cast Carole Baskin this year. "Discomfort" doesn't begin to describe how the family of her missing husband, Don Lewis, seems to feel. But others, however, have assumed that Carole murdered her husband -- some even imagining that she fed some of his remains to tigers. "I’m not gonna engage with Carole Baskin on that,” Cardi replied. Law enforcement have come to believe that Don Lewis' signature on his alleged will was forged, copied from his marriage certificate.
Amy Roloff Drops Major Wedding Hint; Are We Getting Close?!?
"I'm excited, I’m so surprised, I’m thrilled!” Amy told People Magazine after saying yes. “I never in a million years thought I’d be getting married again, but I also hoped for it! Amy shares the aformentioned quartet of kids with ex-husband Matt Roloff, with whom she still films Little People, Big World. “I’m much more of a traditional person … I want the wedding and the reception,” Amy has said, shooting down talk of eloping. “Yes, I will wear a wedding dress,” Amy also noted, but added that “it may not be white.”
Braunwyn Windham-Burke: Fired from The Real Housewives of Orange County?
Serious changes are coming to The Real Housewives of Orange County in 2021. Braunwyn Windham-Burke is about to get the axe, according to this astute observer of the franchise. “Ummmmm we’re just gonna gloss right past Braunwyn physically abusing her husband on multiple occasions!?" In related news, no one seems to know just who will return for The Real Housewives of Orange County Season 16. And that's because Kelly Dodd may have said one too many racist and/or elitist and/or stupid things this past season to continue.
Meghan Markle Responds to Claims She Bullied Palace Staff
Throughout her time in London, Meghan Markle was repeatedly victimized by bullies. On Tuesday, the Times of London reported that Meghan was the subject of a bullying complaint lodged by an adviser to Kensington Palace. The allegation comes at a time when the simmering tensions between Meghan and the Royal Family are already on the verge of boiling over. Now, reps for Meghan have issued a statement regarding the situation on the Duchess' behalf. For now, Meghan can't even issue a full response to the allegations, as the specifics are being kept under wraps.
Meghan Markle to Father: Please Stop Bullying Me!
In the months since she married Prince Harry, Meghan Markle's life has developed into a unique mix of fantasy and nightmare. However, Meg is absolutely floored by her father's decision to take part in Samantha's relentless bullying campaign. According to new reports from multiple outlets, just prior to her wedding, Meghan penned a heartfelt letter to her father, in which she implored him to stop making disparaging comments to the press. Please stop victimizing me through the media so we can repair our relationship," reads a portion of the letter, according to the Daily Mail. They revealed that in response to his daughter's letter Thomas Markle suggested that the two of them participate in a photoshoot.
Chelsea DeBoer Talks About 'Creating' Her South Dakota Home
Chelsea DeBoer Gives an Inside Look at the South Dakota Home She and Cole ‘Created’ for Their FamilyStylish abode! Teen Mom 2 alum Chelsea Houska gave an inside look at her and husband Cole DeBoer’s “edgy, comfy” South Dakota home. “We have a lot of black in our house, and our house is black on the outside. “I don’t know if it’s just the South Dakota in me, but we do have quite a bit of those around our house too,” she jokes. And so we just went for it.”Courtesy Chelsea Houska/InstagramChelsea and Cole’s house is absolutely stunning!
Ariela Weinberg: Why Eagle-Eyed 90 Day Fiance Fans Think She's Back in America
During Ariela Weinberg's recent 90 Day Bares All appearance, she didn't have great news for fans. Some time in the back end of 2020, Ariela Weinberg and Biniyam Shibre left Ethiopia. So, recently, Ariela delivered her grim relationship update on 90 Day Bares All. In Ethiopia, outlets tend to receive narrow prongs, rather than America's set up involving long, flat prongs and often a third rod. Additionally, back when we learned that Ariela and Biniyam weren't in Ethiopia, the two were spotted in Kenya.
Maci Bookout Throws Major Shade at Ryan Edwards: You're a Delusional Loser!
Even though Ryan Edwards is sober now (or so he claims), he's still got a lot of work to do in terms of self-improvement. These days, Ryan's not even allowed to see Bentley, which is probably for the best. Maci Bookout has always had reasons to be concerned, but they've been amplified by Ryan's behavior over the past year. Viewers were stunned to see Ryan bullying Bentley, and apparently, those scenes had an effect on Maci as well. Ryan's wife, Mackenzie Standifer, kicked things off with memes about the importance of removing toxic people from your life.
Kylie Jenner's Latest Selfie Shocks Fans: Stop Trying to Change Your Race!
Kylie Jenner has shown us quite a few different looks over the years. (Some of these might be attributable to plastic surgery, but the new "Thicker Kylie" that's attracting so much attention these days seems to be all-natural.) But apparently, many of them feel that Kylie has simply gone too far with her latest look. Many fans have observed that she looks darker than usual, and several remarked that she changed her skin tone to an offensive degree. “You completely changed skin color," remarked yet another user.
Brielle Biermann Turns 24, Celebrates in Bahamas with Bikini Thirst Traps
Brielle Biermann is, simply put, a knockout. Kim Zolciak's eldest daughter would be turning heads even if she weren't related to anyone famous. But having a reality TV career just means that there are more heads to turn, so to speak. Happy birthday, Brielle!) Take a look at the mind-boggling thirst traps that Brielle shared with her fans and followers to mark the occasion.
Meri Brown Very Clearly Calls Out Kody on Instagram: You're Nothing Like Jesus!
Over the past year or so, we've written who-knows-how-many-articles about Meri Brown seemingly throwing shade at her spiritual husband, Kody. And yet... Meri has also insisted of late that she's staying with Kody. She said she loved Kody and was committed to Kody and would folks pretty please stop saying otherwise?!? TLC has aired an episode in which Kody straightforwardly states that he's done trying with Meri, while Us Weekly has quoted Kody as essentially daring Meri to divorce him. Does anyone out there really think Meri couldn't do a lot better?!
Briana DeJesus Gets Dragged By Fans: Stop With the Plastic Surgery!
Like many of her Teen Mom colleagues, Briana DeJesus has had a bit of work done. It's easy for viewers to judge, but we think most people can probably imagine what an alluring option plastic surgery must seem to newly-rich and newly-famous single moms. And during a recent discussion of her new look on a Teen Mom Reddit forum, critics absolutely unloaded on the mother of two. "The plastic surgery I got done shouldn’t matter cause I still take care of my kids. Regardless of how the rest of us feel about Briana's plastic surgery, it's her body, and she's free to do with it as she pleases.
Are Patrick Mahomes and Brittany Matthews Married? Wedding Plans
When Are Patrick Mahomes and Fiancee Brittany Matthews Getting Married? Now that Patrick Mahomes and fiancée Brittany Matthews welcomed baby No. It’s always you and me,” Brittany captioned a series of Instagram photos from the big day. “We will share photos of her when we [feel] the time is right. “Right now, we are just soaking in every minute with her.”Now that they are a family of three, Patrick and Brittany are back to wedding planning mode.
Larissa Lima Finally Tells All About "Date From Hell" With Corey Rathgeber!
A year and a half ago, Larissa Lima met up with another 90 Day Fiance star and snapped a selfie. Why did she go on what she now calls a "date from hell" with Corey Rathgeber? Corey wanted advice for Evelin on how to deal with a barrage of hatred, and who would know better than Larissa? And according to Larissa, Corey claimed to her that he and Evelin Villegas had broken up, calling her a jealous "ex." By the time that Larissa and Corey met, she already had her suspicions.
Jenelle Evans: I Hate Barbara Again and I'm Fighting For Full Custody of Jace!
It can be hard to keep up with everything that's going on in the life of Jenelle Evans. Yes, the conflict between Jenelle and her mother, Barbara Evans, began back in January when Jenelle claimed to have regained custody of Jace, her eldest son. The 11-year-old has been living with Babs ever since Jenelle signed over custody when Jace was an infant. Shortly thereafter, Barbara called Jenelle out for lying and revealed that she, Babs, still has custody of Jace. As it turned out, Jace was temporarily living with Jenelle because of behavioral issues, but the custody arrangement remained unchanged.
Celebrities Wearing Visible G-String: Photos of the Trend
Your Favorite Celebrities Love the Visible G-String Trend! One of the best ways to capitalize on the concept is to play with the visible g-string trend, of which A-listers like Kylie Jenner, Hailey Baldwin and Dua Lipa are big fans. However, the back of the gown was completely open — and revealed a matching visible thong. !” In the photo, the reality star wore a tight black dress with a low-cut open back and a visible red g-string. Scroll through the gallery below to see photos of your favorite celebs rocking the visible g-string trend!
Rachel Lindsay: Cancel The Bachelorette Until It's Less Racist!
Rachel Lindsay is not on social media at the moment. Season 25 suitor Rachael Kirkconnell was forced to issue an apology awhile back after a number of her old social media posts emerged. Chris Harrison, however, mostly defended Kirkconnell last month -- in an interview with Lindsay, no less. As for her choice to leave social media for the time being? … People are attacking me because they think that I’m trying to cancel someone so they’re on a mission to cancel me.
Does Britney Spears Have Custody of Kids Preston and Jayden?
Does Britney Spears have custody of her kids? The singer has been in an ongoing legal battle with ex-husband Kevin Federline over their sons, Sean Preston and Jayden James. Why Did Britney Lose Custody of Her Kids? The “Toxic” singer gave birth to her oldest son Sean Preston, who goes by Preston, in September 2005. In 2019, the “Gimme More” singer was granted 30 percent custody of Sean Preston and Jayden.
Did Meghan Markle Bully Her Staff at Kensington Palace?
Meghan Markle responded to claims she “bullied” her former staff at Kensington Palace while she and husband Prince Harry were living there before they moved to Frogmore cottage in 2018. The Times was unable to corroborate Harry and Meghan’s lawyers’ claim that one staffer left after findings of misconduct. Meghan and Harry, 36, stepped back as senior royals in January 2020. On February 19, Queen Elizabeth II confirmed the young couple is not returning as senior members of the royal family. Harry’s grandmother, 94, added: “While we are all saddened by their decision, the duke and duchess remain much-loved members of the family.”
Kylie Jenner 'Peed' Her 'Pants' While Filming Drunk Video With Kendall
Kylie Jenner Reveals She Wet Herself While Filming Drunk Video With Kendall: ‘I Peed My Pants!’Sister shenanigans! Kylie Jenner revealed she wet herself while filming a drunk YouTube video with her sister Kendall Jenner on Tuesday, March 2. “I peed my pants, I peed my pants!” the 23-year-old laughed hysterically while rocking an extremely exaggerated makeup look complete with blue lipstick. The makeup mogul also shared a video of an equally as made-up Kendall, 25, dabbing her tongue with a paper towel. “But we have similarities, too — we’re definitely sisters,” Kendall added.
90 Day Fiance's Deavan Clegg, Topher Park: Photos
90 Day Fiancé star Deavan Clegg moved on with her boyfriend, Topher Park, in the midst of drama with her estranged husband, Jihoon Lee. In Touch confirmed Deavan was already in a new relationship just days after Jihoon confirmed their split in August 2020. They tied the knot in South Korea shortly after his birth and in the summer of 2019, Deavan permanently relocated to South Korea to live with Jihoon, Taeyang and Drascilla. Things quickly went south between Deavan and Jihoon and she moved back to the states in May 2020 amid their split. Following her breakup, Deavan and Topher realized they had a mutual friend from the same town in California where they grew up.
'Teen Mom’ Franchise Kids Over the Years: Photos Then VS. Now
Chelsea Houska, Maci Bookout and more Teen Mom stars’ kids have grown up in front of the cameras. The South Dakota native gave birth to her eldest daughter, Aubree, in 2009 with her then-boyfriend, Adam Lind, when they were high school seniors. They got engaged in 2015 and tied the knot the following year after Aubree gave the traffic control specialist permission to marry her mom. When Houska gave birth to baby No. I think it’s the best way to go for our situation.”Keep scrolling to see Aubree and Bentley all grown up, along with more Teen Mom cast members’ kids.
Chelsea Gives Inside Look at 'Edgy, Cozy' South Dakota Home
Teen Mom 2 alum Chelsea Houska gave an inside look at her and husband Cole DeBoer’s “edgy, comfy” South Dakota home. “We have a lot of black in our house, and our house is black on the outside. “I don’t know if it’s just the South Dakota in me, but we do have quite a bit of those around our house too,” she jokes. So, we were like, ‘Let’s just get the main floor feeling good,'” she explains. “The main floor is looking good, it looks finished.
Brittany Matthews Reveals Post-Baby Body After Giving Birth
Patrick Mahomes‘ fiancée, Brittany Matthews, revealed her postpartum body just over a week after giving birth to their first child, daughter Sterling Skye. The new mom’s post-baby tummy was on full display — and she was smiling proudly in the snapshot. Brittany Matthews/InstagramThe personal trainer and the NFL star, 25, welcomed their first child on February 20. “We will share photos of her when we [feel] the time is right,” the Brittany Lynne Fitness founder continued. Alongside their sonogram, Brittany wrote via Instagram at the time, “Mom and Dad, taking a small detour to the wedding.”
Shanna Moakler, Matthew Rondeau Flaunt Bodies During Beach Day
Travis Barker‘s ex-wife Shanna Moakler and her boyfriend, Matthew Rondeau, flaunted their toned bodies while enjoying a date at the beach on Tuesday, March 2. “Loved our beach day, babe,” the 45-year-old captioned a photo of herself and her man, 28, posing in their bathing suits on the sand while enjoying a picnic lunch. “I don’t know why my name came up when they just made it official. I don’t know why my divorce 10 years ago became relevant again,” the Wedding Singer actress told Us Weekly in an interview published on February 27. “Travis won’t get in the middle of Kourtney and Shanna’s relationship,” an insider exclusively told Life & Style on February 24.
Shaquille O’Neal Is Ready for a ‘Challenge’ in AEW Match
Shaquille O’Neal is ready to bring the pain when he steps into the All Elite Wrestling ring on Wednesday, March 3. “I have nothing to prove,” O’Neal said in an All Elite Wrestling promo interview this month. I’ve got a lot of moves in my arsenal,” O’Neal told the outlet. I’m coming with the power game. When I get hands on him, I’m going to display this power.”The Kazaam actor added: “Oh, I’m winning.
Kylie Jenner Reveals She Wet Herself During Drunk Video With Kendall
Kylie Jenner Reveals She ‘Peed’ Her ‘Pants’ While Filming Drunk Video With KendallSister shenanigans! Kylie Jenner revealed she wet herself while filming a drunk YouTube video with her sister Kendall Jenner on Tuesday, March 2. The makeup mogul also shared a video of an equally as made-up Kendall, 25, dabbing her tongue with a paper towel. “But we have similarities, too — we’re definitely sisters,” Kendall added. Kylie told the outlet, “I feel like I can relate to every single one of my family members in a different way.”Scroll through the gallery below to see photos from Kylie and Kendall’s hilarious drunk YouTube video shoot!
Shop the Top Golden Globes 2021 Red Carpet Jewelry Trends for Less
At the 2021 Golden Globes, which aired on Sunday, February 28, stars wore some serious ice and whether they walked the red carpet or got their glam on from the comfort of their own homes, the diamonds definitely didn’t disappoint. While we had our chance to admire the stars’ sparkling bracelets, necklaces, earrings and rings through our screens, we also know that their jewelry isn’t necessarily on the affordable side. In fact, some of the looks total up to millions (lookin’ at you, Regina King!). But just because we can’t splurge on upwards of 50 carats of diamonds from the likes of Harry Winston, Graziela or Forevermark, doesn’t mean we can’t rock the same trends for less. To find out where to shop the red carpet’s biggest jewelry trends without breaking the bank, keep scrolling, because we’re breaking down how to get the night’s top looks.
90 Day Fiance's Paul and Karine Staehle's Photos of Baby Ethan
90 Day Fiancé couple Paul and Karine Staehle (née Martins) celebrated the arrival of their second child, Ethan, on February 5, and shared the first photos and videos of their precious bundle of joy. Not long after the former Louisville, Kentucky, resident announced the news, some stars from the 90 Day Fiancé franchise gushed over baby Ethan. !”Before their son’s birth, Paul and Karine made sure to get everything set in place so she could have a smooth delivery. We are hopeful and eager to possibly return in the future in a more positive time.”Paul and Karine have been married since November 2017. Scroll through the gallery below to see photos of their son Ethan.
'90 Day Fiance': Karine Staehle Post-Baby Body Photos
90 Day Fiancé alum Karine Staehle (née Martins) showed off her post-baby body just four weeks after giving birth to baby No. Courtesy of Karine Staehle/InstagramThe former 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? Just days before Karine’s post-baby selfie, Paul shared a video clip of his wife following along to a postpartum workout video. TLC and Sharp [Entertainment] have both been very considerate to our situation,” the 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days alum wrote at the time. We will be posting some positive highlights on our social media and YouTube.”
Adam Busby Claps Back Over Kids Not Wearing Life Jackets
Adam Busby clapped back at a fan who parent-shamed the OutDaughtered star over life jackets. When they were on the boat, why not life jackets? “There were life jackets in arms reach of everyone on the boat. Baby on the lake without a life jacket … not such a great idea,” added a second, referring to the photo. A third chimed in, “Jesus God, put a LIFE JACKET on.
Luxury brands once shunned resale sites. Now, they’re embracing secondhand
The resale industry is growing explosively, with sales accelerating during the pandemic, and luxury brands have mixed feelings about it. Chanel, for instance, has sued TheRealReal and What Goes Around Comes Around, claiming secondhand stores are “piggybacking on [its] reputation.” Forward-thinking luxury brands aren’t resisting or ignoring resale, though—they’re embracing it. This partnership is meant to accelerate Vestiaire’s growth within the fast-growing resale sector, while giving Kering a way to explore potential new revenue streams from secondhand goods. Grégory Boutté, Kering’s chief client and digital officer, recognizes that the luxury sector has had a troubled relationship with resale in the past. So we want to play an active role in shaping it, and defining our own place within it.”Over the past two years, we’ve seen how luxury brands can partner with resale platforms.
Irina Shayk Gushes Over Ex Bradley Cooper in Rare Interview
Irina Shayk gushed over her ex-boyfriend Bradley Cooper during a rare interview. “Bradley and Irina have put their differences aside and were friendly exes at the BAFTA Vogue and Tiffany’s afterparty,” the source explained of their encounter. “Bradley affectionately touched her arm.”In Touch confirmed the exes went their separate ways in June 2019, though their uncoupling wasn’t exactly surprising. “Bradley and Irina have been on the verge of splitting for months but have tried to make it work for the sake of their daughter,” a separate insider revealed. “Their daughter, Lea, is the best thing that’s ever happened to Bradley, so he doesn’t have any regrets,” a third source divulged.
Adrienne Bailon 'Happy' Kourtney Kardashian Is Dating Travis Barker
Adrienne Bailon is “happy” Kourtney Kardashian found love with boyfriend Travis Barker. Travis is “amazing with the kids,” a source previously told Life & Style. Kourtney’s siblings and mom, Kris Jenner, “are glad to see her happy again” and all agree that Travis is “a much better fit” for the E! “He’s more age-appropriate and mature — and treats her with respect — so it works well.”Courtesy of Kourtney Kardashian/InstagramSimilar to Kourtney, Travis coparents his teenage kids, Landon and Alabama, with ex-wife Shanna Moakler. “As long as she’s great to my kids and they’re both happy, I’m happy for them,” the Pacific Blue actress, 45, told Us Weekly regarding her thoughts on Travis and Kourtney’s relationship.
Kylie Jenner's Fans Call Her Out for Instagram Selfie
Kylie Jenner is receiving major backlash from fans after posting an unrecognizable selfie on Instagram. In the looped clip, Kylie, 23, wore a full face of makeup with heavy emphasis on her eyeliner. In fact, her sister Kim Kardashian has been called out for blackfishing and cultural appropriation on a number of occasions — most notably when the Skims founder dressed up as late artist Aaliyah for Halloween in 2017. “Why aren’t people talking about how Kim Kardashian said ‘we don’t see color in my household’ in her apology?!? “Kim Kardashian owed NO apology for the costume.
Kendall Jenner 'Sees a Future' With Boyfriend Devin Booker
Kendall Jenner and boyfriend Devin Booker “are getting serious” after taking their relationship Instagram official last month, an insider exclusively tells Life & Style on Wednesday, March 3. Courtesy Kendall Jenner/InstagramKendall and Devin first sparked romance rumors in April 2020 after taking a trip to Sedona, Arizona, together. During their time together, Devin has gotten to know Kendall “pretty well,” says the insider, which has helped to strengthen their bond. “Kendall’s been the one family holding out to go public with a serious romance, until now,” divulges the insider. They like the same movies, there are no awkward moments.”We can’t wait to see what’s next for Kendall and Devin!
Kim Kardashian Staying in Hidden Hills Home Amid Kanye Divorce
Kim Kardashian has no plans to move out of her Hidden Hills home amid her divorce from husband Kanye West, a source confirms to In Touch. TMZ was the first to break the news of Kardashian’s living situation on Wednesday, March 3. “She has made her life there and it’s her kids’ main home,” an insider tells Us Weekly about her choice to stay near family in Calabasas. After nearly seven years of marriage, Kardashian filed for divorce from the Yeezy fashion designer on February 19, listing “irreconcilable differences” as the reason for their breakup. Khloé Kardashian later posted a cryptic quote appearing to show support to her sister.
Meghan Markle Responds to Bullying Claims From Palace Staff
Meghan Markle responded to claims she “bullied” her former staff at Kensington Palace while she and husband Prince Harry were living there before they moved to Frogmore cottage in 2018. The Times was unable to corroborate Harry and Meghan’s lawyers’ claim that one staffer left after findings of misconduct. Meghan and Harry, 36, stepped back as senior royals in January 2020. On February 19, Queen Elizabeth II confirmed the young couple is not returning as senior members of the royal family. Harry’s grandmother, 94, added: “While we are all saddened by their decision, the duke and duchess remain much-loved members of the family.”
Customers say they're boycotting Trader Joe's after the chain fired an employee who asked the CEO to enhance COVID-19 protections
People are calling for a boycott of Trader Joe's after an employee said he was fired. Trader Joe's is facing calls for a boycott after firing an employee in New York. In addition, you state that Trader Joe's is not 'showing up for us' without adopting your policies. "Nothing is more important at Trader Joe's than the safety of our Crew Members and customers," the representative added. During his short tenure with Trader Joe's, this Crew Member's suggestions were listened to, and appropriately addressed."
Senate bill will narrow income eligibility for $1,400 stimulus checks
Washington (CNN) President Joe Biden has agreed to a compromise with moderate Democrats to narrow the income eligibility for the next round of $1,400 stimulus checks that are included in a bill the Senate is expected to take up this week, a Democratic source told CNN Wednesday. The new proposal will completely cut off those who earn more than $160,000 a year and individuals who earn more than $80,000 a year. The House legislation , which passed Saturday, set the income caps at $200,000 for couples and $100,000 for individuals. But the same households will receive the full payment of $1,400 per person, including children. Individuals earning less than $75,000 and couples earning less than $150,000 will -- just as in the House bill.
Abigail Disney and other wealthy elites call for substantial and permanent taxes on the rich to pay for COVID-19 fallout
More than 80 of the world’s richest people have publicly called on world governments to initiate immediate, substantial, and permanent taxes on the rich in order the help fund the economic recovery that’s needed as a result of the COVID-19 fallout. The group, which calls itself “ Millionaires for Humanity, ” includes major names such as Disney heiress Abigail Disney and Jerry Greenfield, the cofounder of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. In an open letter posted on the group’s website, its members state, “As Covid-19 strikes the world, millionaires like us have a critical role to play in healing our world. Permanently.”One of the most high-profile signatories of the letter is Abigail Disney, who is no stranger to speaking out about social inequalities and responsibilities—and urging governments to force change. We are not fighting on the frontlines of this emergency and we are much less likely to be its victims.
Live Updates: Narrower Income Limits for Stimulus Checks Win Biden’s Approval
michael barbaro From “The New York Times,” I’m Michael Barbaro. michael barbaro OK, and in terms of size and scale, how does this package number three stack up against the first two? jim tankersley You get aid to state and local governments, who have had to lay off a lot of workers. michael barbaro So this is non-traditional stimulus, but stimulus uniquely suited to a pandemic recession? michael barbaro Jim, this is a pretty historic thing to pass on a party line vote, $1.9 trillion in economic stimulus.
House passes Biden's $1.9 trillion Covid relief package
We can finally get our economy moving again, and the people of this country have suffered far too much for too long," he said, speaking from the White House. It had been expected to pass on a party-line vote as House Republicans urged their members to vote against the package and worked to limit defections. When Senate Republicans went to the White House to suggest cooperation, President Biden's team said no thanks," he said. "The White House Chief of Staff admits this liberal wish-list is 'the most progressive domestic legislation in a generation.' The White House did not immediately respond to CNN's request for comment on the governors' statement.
March 2, 2021 Covid-19 stimulus updates
It’s a similar strategy they already deployed in February during the initial vote-a-rama on the bill. Still, Schumer has urged Democrats privately to vote against Republican amendments that comes up and not split the caucus. Another amendment to block high-end earners from receiving stimulus payments passed with overwhelmingly bipartisan support. And a group of eight Democrats voted “yes” on an amendment that would have banned immigrants in the country illegally from receiving stimulus checks. Multiple aides familiar with the talks are still optimistic that the legislation would come to the floor for consideration tomorrow.
Mixed-status citizenship and stimulus checks: What to know for the next payment
If it becomes part of the final stimulus bill, the move to include mixed-status families in the new, upcoming stimulus check would extend to millions. Note that for a mixed-status family to qualify for stimulus money, one member needs to have a Social Security number. One spouse is a "lawful permanent resident" with a Social Security number and the other isn't a citizen and doesn't have a Social Security number. Neither parent is a US citizen or "lawful permanent resident" with a Social Security number, and a child is a US-born citizen with a Social Security number. With the first stimulus check from the CARES Act, only those with a Social Security number qualified for a payment.
These new fragrances will be made from carbon captured from the atmosphere
Beginning next fall, the ethanol used in some fragrances made by beauty company Coty, which produces the fragrance lines for luxury brands like Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci, and Calvin Klein, will be made from recycled carbon emissions. Alcohol is a key ingredient in many fragrances because it carries scent well and evaporates on skin. Currently, Coty fragrances use ethanol made from sugarcane and sugar beets, but even though this kind of ethanol is made from natural materials, it still has a big environmental impact. LanzaTech makes its ethanol out of carbon emissions from industrial sources like steel mills. The carbon-capture ethanol has a double environmental impact: it uses less land and water, while also preventing more carbon emissions from being released.
Employee expectations are changing. Here are 5 ways to keep up
Organizations can improve employee experience (from recruiting and retaining talent to culture and connectivity) in a number of ways. In a survey of full-time employees in the U.S., respondents indicated that the number-one way they want to be engaged is through HR promoting learning opportunities. Voice-of-employee programs can help identify how employees want to work whereas technology can account for how they work. Make referrals easierAt a time when many cannot meet face-to-face, employee referrals become even more important in securing new talent. Employee referrals was named the second most valuable recruiting tool, preceded by employee-review sites according to a survey of 500 HR leaders in the U.S.
Old buildings are inefficient: This prefab kit makes it easy to retrofit them
New buildings perform better, but most of the buildings that will exist in 2050—when humanity’s carbon footprint needs to shrink to zero—already exist now. That means that each of those buildings will have to be renovated to become more efficient. The panels are designed to help cut energy use in half after a simple installation; brackets are embedded in the old walls to support the new panels. “The panels work by clipping onto the existing structure, so you’re actually not pulling the old walls down, you’re just adding this new outer layer,” he says. “It’s a holistic approach.”Although the system was specifically designed for social housing—buildings that are common throughout Europe—it can be adapted for other types of buildings.
This new Ulta Beauty platform sells beauty products in reusable packaging
Anyone who likes beauty products is familiar with the mountain of packaging waste they create, from tiny jars to shampoo bottles, mascara tubes, cellophane wrappers for face masks, compacts for blush or foundation, and pump bottles that once held lotion. By one estimate, the cosmetics industry makes more than 120 billion units of packaging every year. A new online platform from Ulta Beauty and Loop offers an alternative: Everything on the site comes in reusable packaging. When they use up products, they put the packages back in a reusable shipping tote and schedule a free pickup. Loop runs its own platform with a broader range of products, including food.
Staying creative in extreme isolation: Lessons from Japan’s ‘hikikomori’
It is now estimated that around 1.2% of Japan’s population are hikikomori. In addition, many female hikikomori are not acknowledged because women are expected to adopt domestic roles, and their withdrawal from society can go unnoticed. This shift is manifested through increased awareness of the complexity of the hikikomori experience within the mainstream media and acknowledgment of social pressures that can lead to social withdrawal. In line with this image change, some hikikomori have rich creative lives, and this can sustain vital human connection. “Tell me your emotional scars” is an ongoing creative project by Watanabe.
A founder has an identity mini-crisis after a corporate breakup
I don’t think having someone on the cap table who is no longer a part of the company is uncommon. Don’t beat yourself up about the fact that the cofounder didn’t work out. You have always been a founder and though you once had a cofounder you no longer do. It wasn’t the right fit and I let her go, though she has equity in the company and is on my capitalization table. If you have a great company and a lot of investor interest you will not have to worry about this.
Kind Snacks founder explains his “3 Cs of Entrepreneurship”
On last season’s Shark Tank, the judges heard pitches from two impressive entrepreneurs who struggled to articulate the key attributes that differentiated their product. It struck me that that they may have skipped a critical step along an entrepreneur’s journey: the part where we become our own worst critics. An entrepreneur’s journey unfolds in three distinct, dependent, and yet entirely separate phases. It’s very important that each phase be embraced fully and that once you move on from one, you move on completely. I first introduced the Three Cs of Entrepreneurship on Shark Tank, and I’m excited to build on them here for the first time.
World Changing Ideas: Raising the Minimum Wage
Video How PayPal is actually closing the racial wealth gap Black-owned businesses have been some of the worst hit by the pandemic. Now, PayPal is putting its money where its mouth is. In June 2020, in response to the Black Lives Matter protests, the company announced a $535 million commitment to to support minority-owned businesses in the fight against economic inequality. PayPal CEO Dan Schulman and EVP of global sales Peggy Alford join host Chris Denson to discuss why this needs to be a movement and not just a moment.
This beautifully designed deck of playing cards honors Black icons, from MLK Jr. to Oprah
The deck—called Revolution Cards—features prominent Black historical figures instead of the standard face cards. While the cards can be used like any normal deck, Johnson also wanted it to spark conversations about Black luminaries. The visual style of the card deck is purposefully pulled from that of traditional cards, where the face cards have a very flat, angled, illustration style. They depict major Black figures like Barack and Michelle Obama, Oprah Winfrey, Martin Luther King Jr., and Rosa Parks. The deck can also a hidden teaching moment, and a fun way to keep the conversation about Black history going beyond Black History Month.
Online pharmacy Ro is now vaccinating seniors at home
Ro, an online pharmacy that got its start prescribing sexual health products, is now offering to vaccinate seniors at home in New York. The company is working with the New York Department of Health as well as local organizations on the effort. Some seniors have faced incredible difficulty trying to book an appointment because they don’t have a computer. Reitano is hoping that his program will be able to reach seniors even if they can’t book appointments themselves. This will enable Ro to administer health exams and tests, augmenting its online primary care.
Stimulus check eligibility update: Here are the winners and losers, according to the latest plan
Wondering where your next stimulus check is hiding? The good news is, Congress has all but signed off on this third round of stimulus checks, which have bipartisan support. Here’s what we know so far:WinnersDependents aged 17-24, including college students: Previous stimulus checks only paid for dependents up to age 16, and the amounts were $500-$600. Previous stimulus checks only paid for dependents up to age 16, and the amounts were $500-$600. Note that any of these details could change in the final Senate bill.
Sorry, Salt Lake City and Denver. Gen X homebuyers are just not that into colder cities
Generation X may have listened to Marc Cohn’s Grammy Award-nominated hit song “Walking in Memphis” a bit too much over the years, because homebuyers in that age group are gravitating toward the Bluff City more than any other large metro area in the United States. That’s according to new research by LendingTree, which found that 33.42% of mortgage purchase requests in Memphis, Tennessee, came from Gen-Xers, the highest share out of the 50 metro areas ranked. Rounding out the top 10 are Washington, D.C. (31.7%); Orlando, Florida (31.62%); Miami (31.55%); New Orleans (31.36%); Baltimore (31.32%); Tampa, Florida (31.27%); and Raleigh, North Carolina (31.23%). The inclusion of eight warm-weather metro areas suggests that the generation weaned on Kurt Cobain doesn’t expect to find nirvana in colder climates. Salt Lake City saw the lowest interest from homebuyers born between 1965 and 1980—22.66%—followed by Denver (24.46%); Minneapolis (25.39%); Boston (26.16%); Buffalo, New York (26.32%); Austin, Texas (26.54%); Pittsburgh (26.70%); Seattle (26.98%); Nashville, Tennessee (27.13%); and San Jose, California (27.36%).
Stop wishing ill on Texans just because of the state’s poor leadership
Who: Michael Moore and Keith Olbermann. And also just like when Bush introduced that banner, Michael Moore had something to say about it. The documentarian’s comments this time, though, have not exactly gone over as well as Fahrenheit 9/11 among the left-leaning set. And now you’ve removed your mask mandate & are allowing large crowds to gather. — Michael Moore (@MMFlint) March 3, 2021The above tweet, more or less wishing death upon legions of Texans, was quickly flooded with thousands of comments calling Moore a variety of names such as “absolute goon” and the like.
The world’s dramatic retreat from democracy, in one chart
Seventy-three countries saw their freedoms retreat, whereas just 28 countries made strides toward a more democratic society:That means nearly three-quarters of the earth’s people now live in a country where democracy is declining. Of those countries, some saw a deeper retreat than others, including Kyrgyzstan, Belarus, Tanzania, India, and the United States. Meanwhile, the United States, the world’s most visible democracy, shed several points on the freedom index in the aftermath of its presidential election, when defeated candidate Donald Trump refused to concede. According to Freedom House, 2020 was a bad year for democracy across the board. And in El Salvador, the government deployed troops to enforce a COVID-19 lockdown, confining thousands of people for alleged violations.
Walmart says it will spend an additional $350 billion on American-made products over the next decade
Walmart has announced that it will spend an additional $350 billion on products made, grown, or assembled in America over the next ten years. The company says the move is a strengthening of its commitment to U.S. manufacturing. But Walmart says it’s doing more than just writing a large check. The company says its commitment will have ancillary benefits, including:Supporting more than 750,000 new American jobsAvoiding an estimated 100 million tons of CO2 emissions due to products being manufactured closer to the end-userSeeing an increase in support and spending for small businesses and diverse suppliers and sellersWhile Walmart sells products that fall into dozens of categories, its additional $350 billion cash injection into American-made products focuses on six in particular: textiles, plastics, small electrical appliances, food processing, pharmaceutical and medical supplies, and Goods Not for Resale (GNFR). The company also announced it is launching a concept called American Lighthouses that aims to bring together manufacturers, NGOs, academia, government and local economic development groups, and other stakeholders to find better pathways to sustainable and more efficient supply chains and manufacturing in the United States.
Study: Eco-friendly car owners are undermining environmental gains by buying second vehicles
An inconvenient truth: Fuel-efficient vehicles may not be saving the environment as much as you thought. A new study in The RAND Journal of Economics finds that owners of eco-friendly cars tend to spring for a second vehicle that is much less eco-friendly, thereby tragically negating most environmental gains of the eco-friendly car. You see this phenomenon everywhere: The family that owns one eco-friendly commuter car, and one gas-guzzling minivan or SUV. The researchers looked at six years of vehicle records from the DMV in California, the state with the country’s most progressive fuel economy standards, and thus a large number of fuel-efficient cars on the road. More bad news: The study also found that owners of fuel-efficient vehicles a tend to drive those cars longer and further, which further negates their emissions benefits.
Are you microdosing psychedelics? The benefits might be a placebo effect
See: Ayelet Waldman’s book , A Really Good Day: How Microdosing Made a Mega Difference in My Mood, My Marriage and My Life. A new study suggests that all the hype about microdosing might be more hype than reality. Researchers in London undertook the largest-ever placebo-controlled study of microdosing, and it suggests that all the creativity, uplift, and cognitive improvements may be a placebo effect. The psychoactive drug takers reported big benefits to their psychological well-being—but so did the placebo takers. This finding is not a definitive answer—participants provided their own psychedelics, which negates any apples-to-apples comparisons of participants—but the results do raise doubts as to whether microdosing benefits most people.
Facing a $40 billion shortfall, U.S. transit agencies jump into real estate
According to the American Public Transportation Association, transit ridership in 2020 was down 79% nationally compared to pre-pandemic rates. And though no public transit agencies in the United States get all their revenue from ridership alone, the shortfall of riders is putting many transit agencies in a bind. Agencies face a collective budget shortfall of nearly $40 billion through the end of 2023.advertisementadvertisementThis has pushed some transit agencies to think creatively about how else they can pull in revenue from diverse sources, with many transit agencies now looking at land development. “In the ’80s, our transit agency built seas of parking, and the theory was if you build it they will come, meaning they’ll park here and ride. It has also underscored the agency’s importance as a steward of taxpayer money, according to Jacob Vallo, MARTA’s senior director of transit-oriented development and real estate.
These are the hidden challenges of onboarding in a remote environment
This important socialization process, sometimes called newcomer onboarding, is complicated enough without the influence of the pandemic. Onboarding remotelyIn an attempt to get a handle on remote onboarding, researchers from HR software company TINYpulse recently analyzed 100 organizations that onboarded 500 face-to-face new hires between April 2019 and September 2019. They compared that data with the same organizations’ onboarding of 500 remote new hires during the same time frame a year later, so between April and September 2020. Interestingly, when comparing face-to-face and remote onboarding, there is no change in employees’ satisfaction with the onboarding process. The findings illustrate that new employees gave 34% less recognition to colleagues through the cheers-for-peers feature when working remotely in 2020 compared to when working face-to-face in 2019.
What Milton Glaser reveals about the limits of rational design
The one on the left was designed for a German bank in 1976 by Milton Glaser. The language and visual design are neutral, accessible, and “approvable.” There’s fine print on the bottom, which I’m sure is legally required. Milton, on the other hand, produced his poster alone, with a client who wanted to try something new, without expectations. But it’s worth examining how the two extremes function in the design world, and what effect they have on the final product. This produces a gravitational pull for design work to be rationalized.
Today's Mortgage Rates Drop Again | March 3, 2021
With lower interest rates, many borrowers will be able to lock in favorable rates for either a home purchase or a mortgage refinance. Today’s mortgage refinance ratesThe average rates for 30-year loans, 15- year loans and 5/1 jumbo ARMs are:The latest refinance rate on a 30-year fixed-rate refinance is 3.771%. Tips for getting the lowest mortgage rate possibleThere is no universal mortgage rate that all borrowers receive. While the 30-year fixed-rate mortgage is the most common type of mortgage, consider a shorter-term loan like a 15-year loan or an adjustable-rate mortgage. Our mortgage rate methodologyMoney’s daily mortgage rates show the average rate offered by over 8,000 lenders across the United States the previous business day.
Taking a Break Doesn’t Always Mean Unplugging
So don’t get caught in the trap of what one research team termed “screen guilt”: the idea that a break doesn’t really count unless you step away from your devices. That won’t give your brain or your body the break from work it needs. If you’re working remotely or social distancing, the feelings of isolation can be acute. Research has shown that household clutter can make people depressed and overwhelmed—and if you’re working from home, you don’t get a daily 8-hour break from its impact. Other research also suggests that casual video gaming during a work break can reduce perceptions of stress.
Engineering a Driverless Future
They also discuss:How Aurora’s founders built their “no jerks,” team-oriented culture. The importance of new LIDAR sensors (light-radar) for achieving faster speeds with bigger vehicles. Why Aurora is skipping the baby steps and heading straight for the prize of fully autonomous driving (in specified locations and conditions). @azeem@ExponentialView@chris_urmson@aurora_innoFurther resources:HBR Presents is a network of podcasts curated by HBR editors, bringing you the best business ideas from the leading minds in management. The views and opinions expressed are solely those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of Harvard Business Review or its affiliates.
The New U.S. Stimulus Package and the Meaning of Brexit
Does the U.S. economy need more help right now, and is the latest stimulus package well designed for the moment? Plus, Brexit has fully arrived – what happens next? Felix, Rawi, and Mihir discuss the new $1.9 trillion stimulus package in the U.S. and the departure of the UK from the European Union. You can follow Youngme, Mihir, Rebecca, and Rawi on Twitter at: @YoungmeMoon, @DesaiMihirA, @RebeccaReCap, and @RawiAbdelal. HBR Presents is a network of podcasts curated by HBR editors, bringing you the best business ideas from the leading minds in management.
What Biden’s Sustainability Agenda Means for Business
For both U.S. business, and any business operating in the U.S., the message is very clear: To survive and thrive in the net-zero future, now is the time to scale up climate action. Companies that fail to take climate action soon are risking that their products and services will become unviable. When it comes to climate, companies like Orsted are a great example of the benefits of taking decisive action. It aims to achieve 100% clean electricity nationwide by 2035, with 40% of clean energy funding directed to disadvantaged communities. By backing clean energy, Biden recognizes that it is competitive and will only become more so.
The U.S. Needs a Third Reconstruction — and Business Should Lead It
It is today perhaps the largest business collaboration dedicated to addressing Black oppression, with more than 1,000 members. Here’s another idea to incentivize good behavior: Add a substantial compensation boost, e.g., 25%, to management for increases in the number of Black employees and promotions of Black employees. Good business people don’t maintain and promote bad employees, so increased compensation will incentivize closer relationships with Black employees to ensure their success. Realistically, it is hard to imagine that per capita Black wealth in America will ever reach parity with per capita white wealth. But, business can help lead a New Reconstruction that closes the gap and makes the entire nation better off.
PODCAST: Love and Money with Mari Adam
Certified Financial Planner Mari Adam joins us to talk about the techniques she’s learned and shared in decades of advising. David Muhlbaum: Good, good. David Muhlbaum: In our main segment, we’ll talk with financial planner Mari Adam about love and money, and keeping a harmonious relationship with both. Mari Adam: Well, I think the most important thing is you want to have a candid conversation. Mari Adam: And it’s a great idea, because first of all, not all relationships are recognized through marriage.
Credit Bureaus Extend Weekly Free Credit Reports Until 2022
But consumer advocates say the reports from Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion should be free permanently
Stock Market Today: Growth Stocks Gashed
The "great rotation" was in full swing yet again Wednesday, with a wide disparity between the market's value- and growth-oriented sectors. Dragging on stocks broadly were reports that President Joe Biden and moderate Senate Democrats had reached a deal to reduce the number of Americans eligible for the next round of stimulus checks, with individuals being cut off at $80,000 in income instead of $100,000. The Institute for Supply Management's February services index reading declined in February, to 55.3 – a slower rate of expansion affected by last month's winter storms, as well as higher input costs. Sign up for Kiplinger's FREE Investing Weekly e-letter for stock, ETF and mutual fund recommendations, and other investing advice. "In the event, the pattern of readings across categories seems broadly consistent with disturbances from the extreme cold snap."
How Much Should You Pay a Financial Advisor?
But when it comes to fees for financial advisors? That’s the conclusion of the 2020 Kitces Research Financial Planning Process Study, from popular planner, speaker and author Michael Kitces. Get Started TodayWhat Financial Advisors Really ChargeAs you shop for the right advisor, knowing the typical amounts involved is important information to have. According to the Kitces report, for instance, the median amount charged for a comprehensive financial plan is $2,500. in Today’s Wild MarketsHow to Choose a Financial Advisor
The Social-Tracking BUZZ ETF: What It Is, What It Isn't
Read on as we discuss what the BUZZ ETF really is ... and what it isn't. What It Isn't The BUZZ ETF is not a way to recreate the r/WallStreetBets phenomenon. Wise also points out that despite being borne of high positive sentiment, the BUZZ ETF isn't just a list of hot growth names. What the BUZZ ETF Is This ETF is a second chance. What It Isn't The BUZZ ETF certainly isn't like most ETFs in that it's launching with some controversy.
Senior Marketing Specialist in New York, New York
The Sr. Marketing Specialist is responsible for a broad range of marketing responsibilities: planning, value proposition development, product marketing, budget management, campaign marketing, digital and social media, sales enablement, and marketing communications. They will demonstrate excellent project management skills, as well as a mix of marketing skills, and the ability to prioritize work very efficiently in a fast-paced, highly matrixed work environment. Job Responsibilities:Supports development of the Communications marketing strategy, including planning and executing campaigns that deploy an appropriate mix of marketing tactics and channels to deliver consistent and impactful marketing that meets sales/business objectives. Aligns with the Communications marketing plan to develop product marketing collateral and web content, case studies, thought leadership, and sales enablement tools in conjunction with the business product leaders/managers and the wider Governance and Communications marketing team. Creates impactful, on-brand marketing communications -including sales communications, emails, newsletters, social media posts, webinars, and other thought leadership content.
A COVID Storm Hits Senior Living
Vaccination provides a light at the end of the tunnel for senior living communities (including independent living, assisted living, memory care, skilled nursing and CCRCs), but it’s unclear how long the tunnel is. All senior living communities face financial challenges now—more so if they came into the pandemic that way. Look for senior living communities that make this data available. By December, those reserves were starting to be tapped out, says James Balda, president and CEO of Argentum, an association of senior living communities. When a senior living community fails, generally it is sold.
Will You Still Get a Third Stimulus Check Under the New Senate Plan?
Fewer Americans would get a third stimulus check under a new plan agreed to by President Biden and Senate Democrats. However, led by Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.), a handful of Democrats in the Senate pushed for the stimulus check plan to be more "targeted" to people who need assistance the most. In other words, those Senators argued that people with higher incomes should not receive a stimulus check. Stimulus Check Plan Passed by the House On February 27, the House of Representative passed the budget reconciliation bill that is being used to usher the president's stimulus package through Congress. Senate's New Phase-Out Rate Under the new plan being considered by the Senate, the stimulus check phase-out thresholds would not change.
Facebook Removes 5 More Networks in February for Coordinated Inauthentic Behavior
Facebook’s Coordinated Inauthentic Behavior Report for February 2021 provides details on five networks that were removed from its platform, totaling 915 accounts, 606 Instagram accounts, 86 pages and 21 groups.
Facebook Journalism Project Accelerator Publisher Participants Report Their Progress
Facebook Journalism Project shared an update on the progress made by participants in its Accelerator program and shared details on what to expect in 2021.
Eric Toda on Rethinking the CMO Role as the Marketer’s Career Pinnacle
After working on brands such as Nike, Snap, Airbnb, and GAP, Facebook alumnus Eric Toda returned to the social marketing space as Facebook’s Global Head of Social Marketing. Eric, an avid advocate of anti-racism sentiment to #StopAsianHate, has continued his mission of empowering the voices of underrepresented communities, sharing why it’s important to have “cultural adds” on teams to help reveal blind spots.
Facebook Ends Its Political Advertising Ban 4 Months After the Election
Facebook is lifting its ban on political advertising that the social media giant instituted after the polls closed on Election Day in November. Google lifted a similar ban last week, which was put in place following the Jan. 6 insurrection at the U.S. Capitol.
Clubhouse: How to Find More People to Follow
When you create a Clubhouse account, the Clubhouse application will encourage you to follow at least 25 people. If you want to find new people to follow in the Clubhouse app, our guide will show you how this is done.
How to Rise to the Challenge of Cookie-less Advertising
Don't miss The Business of Marketing, a new series featuring leading c-suite executives sharing insights on the importance of leveraging the intersectionality of marketing, finance, technology, HR and the boardroom to drive business growth.
Lucas Cridland, Former Dentsu Media Exec, Now Leads a New Group within MediaLink
Lucas Cridland, Former Dentsu Media Exec, Now Leads a New Group within MediaLinkHis goal is to drive adoption of Hudson MX
February 2021 Cable Network Ranker: Fox News, MSNBC and CNN Can All Lay Claim to Being No. 1
The network came in third in total viewers behind rivals CNN and MSNBC the previous month. MSNBC, for the first time in network history, averaged more total viewers than any other cable network across the 24-hour day, just under 1.4 million. While the network marked back-to-back months as the most-watched basic cable network in the A25-54 demo (and 4 consecutive months at No. 1 on cable news in the demo), it fell behind both Fox News and MSNBC in total viewers. Here’s the February 2021 basic cable ranker, sorted by average total viewers in descending order:February 2021 Basic Cable Ranker (Total Viewers)
Kelly Rowland Partners With JustFab for Her First Designed Footwear and Apparel Collection
Musician and actor Kelly Rowland‘s new line with membership shopping platform JustFab, for example, is modeled off of the strength, creativity and grace she has witnessed in women around the world throughout the pandemic.
Rebuilding Our Growth Momentum: What to Expect Across Industries in 2021
Editor’s note: Adweek worked with Matthew Scott Goldstein, a consultant with a deep knowledge of the media industry, to craft his quarterly newsletter into an Adweek article. Through his findings on various industry earnings calls, we’re bringing you insights about how your favorite brands, agencies, media companies, publishers and tech companies are performing on a quarterly basis. His goal was to go past what the trades were focusing on, which mostly revolved around revenue, and tap into the nitty-gritty data shared on these calls.
A+E Networks Upfront Emphasizes Power of Linear TV, Total Audience Metric Shift
After the pandemic forced A+E Networks to jettison its upfront event plans at the 11th hour last year, the company has returned to the upfronts this year with a virtual presentation that played up the power of linear TV as many of its rivals begin to focus on streaming—while also trying to convince marketers to change the way they have transacted business for decades.
Disney Streaming Vet Kevin Mayer Joins DAZN as Chairman
Kevin Mayer, the former heard of streaming at Disney, has joined the U.K.-based sports streaming service DAZN Group as chairman, replacing executive chairman John Skipper, the company said today. Mayer is best known for laying the groundwork for the fast-growing streaming service Disney+.
Fox Renews The Simpsons for 2 More Years, Through Season 34 in 2023
Fox Renews The Simpsons for 2 More Years, Through Season 34 in 2023The show extends its record as the longest-running prime-time scripted series in history
Majority Launches With Commitment to Diversity—and an Assist from Shaquille O’Neal
Majority Launches With Commitment to Diversity—and an Assist from Shaquille O’NealThe agency was founded by CPB, Momentum vet Omid Farhang, along with Asmirh Davis and Jorge Hernandez
Touching Swiss Animation Is a Powerful Reminder That Each Senior Has a Story to Tell
Touching Swiss Animation Is a Powerful Reminder That Each Senior Has a Story to Tell'Rosemarie's Life' is part of a healthcare worker recruitment drive in the country
Google Just Dropped Another Privacy Bomb on Independent Ad Tech
The level of cooperation from independent ad-tech players, publishers and even some media agencies to replace the third-party cookie with hashed email addresses had led to growing speculation that even Google would get behind the initiative.
Walk Around Virtual Austin at SXSW; Cadbury Creme… Beer?: Tuesday’s First Things First
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Joe Ortiz Joins Freeform as Content Marketing Head
Marketing executive Joe Ortiz, the svp and head of marketing and brand for Group Nine Media-owned news site NowThis, is joining Freeform as svp of content marketing, the company said today.
Former Pepsi Marketing Lead Sadira Furlow Named Happy Money CMO
Consumer debt solutions provider Happy Money has hired Sadira Furlow as chief marketing officer with an initial focus on broadening the company’s client base to include underserved populations in the financial services space. Don't miss The Business of Marketing, a new series featuring leading c-suite executives sharing insights on the importance of leveraging the intersectionality of marketing, finance, technology, HR and the boardroom to drive business growth.
After a Year of Record Retail Bankruptcies, Michaels Agrees to Go Private in $5 Billion Deal
While the net sales of nonessential retailers suffered during the pandemic, arts and crafts banner Michaels Stores saw double-digit growth in both the second and third quarters of 2020, demonstrating consumers’ appetite for hobbies while confined to their homes.
How Temporary Assignments Boost Innovation
Image courtesy of Joyce Hesselberth/theispot.comJust as digitalization and automation are transforming the shop floor, they are changing the role of front-line manufacturing employees. As a result, front-line innovation has become one of the largest sources of sustained competitive advantage in manufacturing industries. Knowledge Transfer and Employee LearningOur analyses reveal two distinct pathways through which front-line mobility fosters manufacturing innovation. Thus, for front-line innovation, turning to related units in similar contexts is better than visiting technologically advanced but unrelated ones. Companies that adopt a front-line innovation mindset — one that stimulates, objectively evaluates, and swiftly implements front-line ideas — can therefore make significant strides.
Why So Many Data Science Projects Fail to Deliver
This bank also offered data science training tailored for business managers at all levels and taught by the head of the data science unit. Senior executives can ensure the alignment of data science activities with organizational strategies and systems by more tightly integrating data science practices and data scientists with the business in physical, structural, and process terms. This dual approach recognizes the epistemic interdependence between the data science and business professionals — a scenario in which data science seeks to address today’s business needs as well as detect opportunities to innovate and transform current business practices.7 Both roles are important, if data science is to realize as much business value as possible. At the very least, user testing should be an explicit part of the data science project life cycle. But companies probably should not depend on data scientists in this way, and they may not want to — after all, the technical expertise of data scientists is a scarce and expensive resource.
Does Your C-Suite Have Enough Digital Smarts?
Email Updates on Digital Culture & Strategy Get monthly email updates on platforms, digital leadership, digital transformation, and ethics. As Jean-Pascal Tricoire, chairman and CEO of energy management company Schneider Electric, told us, “When every business becomes a digital business, every executive needs to take digital transformation personally. (See “The Most — and Least — Digitally Savvy Executive Roles.”) Slightly less than 1 in 4 CEOs, and only about 1 in 8 CFOs, are digitally savvy. We found that as the percentage of digital savviness on top teams increases, so does net margin and revenue growth. Principal’s board approved the significant investment needed to accelerate the transformative digital business strategies, and the company communicated its intent to the investment community.
Blue Bird takes on the future of mobility in Indonesia
During the pandemic, Purnomo relied on her grandmother’s teaching to ensure that Blue Bird would not only survive but grow stronger. Focusing on this core mission, and with a renewed sense of optimism, trust, and hope, Purnomo has focused on making Blue Bird lean and agile. In the 48-year history of Blue Bird, I don’t think we’ve ever been hit so badly. In the early 1980s, when Indonesia had only three engine analyzers [to diagnose engine issues], Blue Bird had one of them. My first job at Blue Bird was to put a converter in our taxis, converting from petrol to CNG [compressed natural gas].
The Best Stories Can Happen When Things Don’t Go As Planned
I was tired and crabby as my husband Michael and I headed over to a friend’s house to watch the finale of The Bachelorette. As soon as the thought entered my head, I knew I would need proof in order to get it out. Of course, when you buy the cheapest pregnancy test, even when it gives you an answer, you’re still not sure what the answer is. Michael pointed out that it didn’t say anything. Michael walked out of the bathroom.
Furlough extension, corporation tax and green investment – the main points of the Budget
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Fish Farming Is Feeding the Globe. What’s the Cost for Locals?
The fish were hauled off to nearby open-air markets in rusty metal wheelbarrows or in baskets balanced on heads. Born and raised in Gunjur, Manjang was living in Saudi Arabia, where he worked as a microbiologist. Golden Lead and the other factories were rapidly built to meet exploding global demand for fish meal—a lucrative dark-yellow powder made by cooking and pulverizing fish. Exported to the United States, Europe, and Asia, fish meal is used as a protein-rich supplement in the booming industry of fish farming, or aquaculture. One Gambian plant alone takes in more than seven thousand five hundred tons of fish a year, mostly of a local type of shad known as bonga—a silvery fish about ten inches long.
Biden’s Bare-Minimum Response to Russia’s Attempted Navalny Assassination
On Tuesday, the Biden Administration announced a set of sanctions against Russia, in response to its attempted assassination, this past August, of the opposition politician Alexey Navalny with a nerve agent. The sanctions were at once more than any U.S. Administration had done and less than would seem rational or proportionate if viewed purely as a response to an attempted murder. Those it did include have all previously been sanctioned by the European Union: five were listed in the fall, in response to Navalny’s poisoning, and two were sanctioned last week, in response to Navalny’s arrest and imprisonment upon returning to Moscow. And we’re neither seeking to reset our relations with Russia, nor are we seeking to escalate.”But what is the Administration seeking to do? Morally, the Biden Administration had to act, because the President ran on the promise of being tough on Russia.
“The Apology Line”: Confessions, Lies, and Audiotape
The podcast series “The Apology Line,” from Wondery, centers on the story of Bridge’s experiment, drawing on the fascinating mother lode of audio that it yielded. Several callers to the Apology line claimed to have murdered people. That hurt.”The most interesting ideas that “The Apology Line” evokes aren’t about serial killers. Was Apology art? Is “The Apology Line” art?
Billie Eilish’s Unconventional Pop-Star Documentary
Eilish is an unconventional pop star, and “The World’s a Little Blurry” is an attempt at an appropriately unconventional take on the pop-star documentary, a promotional format that has become standard in the age of content. The film is also a testament to Eilish’s profound understanding of obsessive fan culture, which is critical to her success. Later in the film, Bieber reaches out to Eilish’s team expressing his support and asking to collaborate with her. Cradling a sobbing Eilish, Bieber is tidily cast as the knight in shining armor about whom she’d fantasized as a young fan. That documentary casts the older artist as the tragic victim of the corrupt and voyeuristic pressure cooker of pop stardom.
Is the Vatican Finally Ready to Get Serious About Women in the Church?
In the early nineteen-sixties, the order was thriving, as women educated by the I.H.M.s, as the sisters were known, became I.H.M.s themselves. In 1970, there were a hundred and sixty thousand consecrated Catholic women in the U.S. Today, there are forty thousand, and their average age is almost eighty. While Pope Francis and his subordinates in the Curia tussle over the fine points of Vatican reform, a cohort of American Catholic nuns is dying. They are laughably out of step with the accomplished roles of Catholic women in secular American society—two Supreme Court Justices, a House Majority Leader, and an Inaugural poet among them. One area of the Vatican where women are prominently represented is in the diplomatic corps, and Joe Biden, the second Catholic President, ought to appoint a woman as U.S.
The Jazz Pianist Using a Computer Program to Play with Other Musicians in Quarantine
Last April, in the midst of the pandemic’s first wave, the jazz pianist Dan Tepfer was on a call with his friend Ben Wendel, a jazz saxophonist. He asked Tepfer, a self-taught coder, whether any technology existed that would let him play in real time with someone so far away. The next day, he texted the bassist Jorge Roeder, a friend and frequent collaborator, who lives less than two miles away. Ten days later, Tepfer worked out a way to synch JackTrip audio with video streaming. When he live-streamed duets with the bassist Christian McBride, who lives thirty miles away, in Montclair, New Jersey, the time lag was virtually undetectable.
Republicans Accuse Biden of Trying to Score Political Points by Ending Pandemic
WASHINGTON (The Borowitz Report)—After Joe Biden announced that there would be enough vaccine for all adult Americans by the end of May, leading Republicans accused the President of trying to score political points by ending the pandemic. Leading the charge was the House Minority Leader, Kevin McCarthy, who called Biden’s anti-pandemic measures “partisan politics at its worst.”“So now we learn that the pandemic will be ended by a White House that is a hundred per cent controlled by Democrats,” he said. “Where’s the so-called unity, President Biden?”Senator Ted Cruz concurred. “After vowing that there would be enough vaccine in July, Joe Biden broke his promise and is now saying May,” the Texas lawmaker said. “I think the American people will see right through this.”Finally, Senator Ron Johnson called Biden’s actions to bring the pandemic to a close “blatant,” adding, “This is just another attempt to undo Donald Trump’s legacy.”Read More Satire from the Borowitz Report
Empty Office Buildings Squeeze City Budgets as Property Values Fall
The pandemic has upended America’s commercial property sector. The $16 trillion commercial property sector is being stressed in ways not seen since the Great Recession of 2008. States that do not have income taxes, such as Florida and Texas, are more vulnerable to fluctuations in real estate values. Unused space in San Francisco increased nearly 75 percent last year, while empty office space increased more than 25 percent in Los Angeles, Seattle and New York City. With real estate making up about half of New York’s annual tax revenue, the city is planning to cut thousands of jobs this year.
Return-to-Office Plans Are Set in Motion, but Virus Uncertainty Remains
Then as the coronavirus sent employees to their homes, much of the city center quickly went quiet and dark. The return of those employees to their offices has been halting and difficult. Wells Fargo has delayed its return to the office several times, telling its employees recently that they will continue to work remotely through at least May 1. Corporate executives around the country are wrestling with how to reopen offices as the pandemic starts to loosen its grip. The most important variable, many executives said, is how long it will take for most employees to be vaccinated.
In the Atlantic Ocean, Subtle Shifts Hint at Dramatic Dangers
In the Atlantic Ocean, Subtle Shifts Hint at Dramatic Dangers The warming atmosphere is causing an arm of the powerful Gulf Stream to weaken, some scientists fear. But now, in the North Atlantic, there is the “cold blob.” But now, in the North Atlantic, there is the “cold blob.” The fear: Melting Greenland ice will tip the delicate balance of hot and cold that defines not only the North Atlantic, but life far and wide. But in both scientific modeling of climate change and in the prehistoric record, a North Atlantic cooling presages a shutdown of the current. And according to one study, the subpolar North Atlantic recently became less salty than at any time in the past 120 years. A second sensor array, spanning the North Atlantic from Canada to Greenland to Scotland and called Osnap, went live in 2014.
Germany Places Far-Right AfD Party Under Surveillance for Extremism
BERLIN — For the first time in its postwar history, Germany has placed its main opposition party under surveillance, one of the most dramatic steps yet by a Western democracy to protect itself from the onslaught of far-right forces that have upset politics from Europe to the United States. The decision by the domestic intelligence agency will now allow it to tap phones and other communications and monitor the movements of members of the far-right Alternative for Germany party, which not only sits in the Federal Parliament but has become entrenched at all levels of politics in nearly every part of the nation. It is among the most sweeping efforts yet to deal with the rise of far-right and neo-Nazi political movements within Western democracies, which are attempting more vigorously to constrain, ostracize or even legally prosecute those elements to prevent them from chipping away at the foundations of democratic institutions. News of the move came on the same day that France banned Generation Identity, a militant youth movement considered dangerous for its slick rebranding of neo-Nazi concepts, and as lawmakers in the European Parliament in Brussels forced the party of Hungary’s semi-authoritarian leader Viktor Orban out of the mainstream conservative group.
Cuomo, Contrite Over Sexual Harassment Accusations, Refuses to Resign
He stressed that he “never touched anyone inappropriately.”“I never knew at the time that I was making anyone feel uncomfortable,” he said. “And I certainly never meant to offend anyone or hurt anyone or cause anyone any pain. Few, if any, top officials have vociferously defended Mr. Cuomo, with most Democrats repeatedly calling for an independent investigation into the claims, now to be overseen by the state attorney general, Letitia James. The news conference on Wednesday was the governor’s first briefing in nine days, the longest he had gone without taking questions from reporters since the coronavirus pandemic began. The governor, a third-term Democrat, had previously sought to explain that some of his past remarks and questions to staff had been misconstrued, and “may have been insensitive or too personal.”
Watchdog finds G.O.P. congressman harassed staff and recklessly drank while serving as White House physician.
The report, which was obtained by The New York Times, shed light on a number of rumors that had dogged Dr. Jackson beginning in 2018, after former President Donald J. Trump nominated him to lead the Veterans Affairs Department. After allegations emerged that Dr. Jackson had improperly distributed prescription drugs, created a hostile work environment, and had problems with drinking, the White House withdrew his nomination. Dr. Jackson went on to win a crowded Republican primary race to represent a district in northern Texas and was elected to Congress in 2020. The 37-page report, first described by CNN, painted a picture of a physician who engaged in reckless and sometimes threatening behavior, creating an uncomfortable environment for subordinates. A majority of the 60 witnesses interviewed by investigators said that Dr. Jackson had created a negative work environment, and nearly all of them said they had either personally witnessed, experienced or heard from colleagues about Dr. Jackson “screaming, cursing or belittling subordinates.”
Many Companies Will Continue to Require Masks in Texas: Live Updates
ET Many Companies Will Continue to Require Masks in Texas: Live Updates RIGHT NOW Philanthropic donors gave more than $20 billion in response to the pandemic last year. S&P 500 - % Dow - % Nasdaq - %Companies say they will keep requiring masks in Texas stores, but compliance may get harder. The supermarket chain H-E-B was among the companies that said they would still require customers to wear masks in their Texas stores. Target and Macy’s said they would continue to require customers and employees to wear masks in their Texas outlets. He was among a group of central bank officials who initiated the Fed’s Racism and the Economy conference series.
Live Updates: Narrower Income Limits for Stimulus Checks Win Biden’s Approval
michael barbaro From “The New York Times,” I’m Michael Barbaro. michael barbaro OK, and in terms of size and scale, how does this package number three stack up against the first two? jim tankersley You get aid to state and local governments, who have had to lay off a lot of workers. michael barbaro So this is non-traditional stimulus, but stimulus uniquely suited to a pandemic recession? michael barbaro Jim, this is a pretty historic thing to pass on a party line vote, $1.9 trillion in economic stimulus.
Disney Will Close 30 Percent of Its Stores in North America: Live Updates
ET Disney Will Close 30 Percent of Its Stores in North America: Live Updates RIGHT NOW Philanthropic donors gave more than $20 billion in response to the pandemic last year. Disney will close 30 percent of its stores in North America this year. The Walt Disney Company said on Wednesday that it would dramatically downsize its chain of Disney Stores, which have struggled amid the pandemic and a broader consumer shift to online shopping. At least 60 locations in North America — 30 percent of the Disney Store footprint in the region — will close this year. He was among a group of central bank officials who initiated the Fed’s Racism and the Economy conference series.
Covid-19 Live Updates: Biden Calls States’ Moves to Ease Virus Rules ‘Neanderthal Thinking’
Katie Rogers andAdvertisement Continue reading the main storyLos Angeles County finds fewer cases among health care workers as more get vaccinated. The state said Tuesday it expected to receive about 164,800 doses of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine this week. Mr. Cuomo said the state would run overnight vaccinations until it exhausted its initial supply of Johnson & Johnson vaccine. The new plan reflects how the addition of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine is not only expanding the overall supply of doses, but giving rise to novel ways of reaching people. “We’ll reserve as much as we can for that," Mr. de Blasio said of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine.
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Concerts, beaches, crowds: Videos of New Zealand enjoying its summer feel like peering into an alternate reality. How to Get a Peloton-Style Workout Without SplurgingHow to Get a Peloton-Style Workout Without SplurgingIt is a crisis, but it also an opportunity for a huge expansion in social housing. Will Fish Sauce and Charred Oranges Return the World Covid Took From Me? The Times would like to hear from readers who want to share messages and materials with our journalists. We’d like your thoughts on the New York Times home page experience.Let us know what you think
Shawn Mendes Shares Sweet Birthday Tribute to Camila Cabello: 'I Love You More Every Day'
Happy birthday, Camila Cabello! The "Havana" singer turned 24 on Wednesday and received a special birthday tribute on Instagram from her boyfriend, Shawn Mendes. Image zoom Camila Cabello, Shawn Mendes | Credit: Shawn Mendes/InstagramThe "Señorita" singers have been friends since 2014 and went public with their relationship in July 2019. Mendes told PEOPLE in December that it's getting more serious between the lovebirds, revealing that they've talked about getting engaged. Image zoom Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes | Credit: John Shearer/GettyMendes and Cabello spent much of 2020 quarantining in her native Miami, Florida, after the coronavirus pandemic began in North America last March.
Solange Knowles 'Fighting' For Her Life While Making When I Get Home
"Life has now become before When I Get Home and after When I Get Home," Solange Knowles told her fansSolange Knowles Says She Was 'Fighting for My Life' While RecordingWhen I Get HomeSolange Knowles is celebrating the two-year anniversary of her album, When I Get Home. "2 year anniversary of the project that literally changed my life ?," Knowles began in her post. Half the time I didn't know where it was coming from. I didn't know who I was speaking to on 'I am a witness.' "So suddenly there came a great, great fear," she continued at the time.
Katherine Waterston Says Dad Sam Waterston's Passion for Acting Inspired Her to Follow in His Footsteps
Katherine Waterston went into acting after growing up around her Law & Order famous dadKatherine Waterston Says Dad Sam Waterston's Passion for Acting Inspired Her to Follow in His FootstepsKatherine Waterston grew up seeing her dad, Grace and Frankie star Sam Waterston, work happily as an actor — and it inspired her to follow in his footsteps. "It's a strange thing when you're the child of a successful actor, because you don't see all the years of training and blood, sweat and tears and humiliating auditions. Still, she mostly remembers seeing the Law & Order actor as "someone really stimulated by their work and really happy," which inspired her to go into acting. Image zoom Credit: Warner Bros/Moviestore/ShutterstockWaterston decided to start her career by studying acting at NYU's prestigious Tisch School for the Arts in an effort to make a name for herself outside of her father's shadow. "In a way maybe studying acting was just some kind of strange exercise for myself to prove to myself and to anyone around who was paying attention...just how serious I was about it," she said.
President Biden Says U.S. Will Have Enough Vaccines for 'Every Adult in America' by End of May
The president also directed states to prioritize educators, calling for every teacher to receive at least one dose by the end of MarchPresident Biden Says U.S. Will Have Enough Vaccines for 'Every Adult in America' by End of MayPresident Joe Biden said Tuesday that the United States will be able to drastically move up its vaccination timeline, announcing that the nation will have enough vaccine supply for every American adult by the end of May. During a briefing on the administration's COVID-19 vaccination efforts, Biden said that the nation has made "important progress" on vaccine distribution. "We're now on track to have enough vaccine supply for every adult in America by the end of May," Biden said, a significant move forward from the administration's previous timeline from the end of July. However, Biden, 78, said that this does not mean that all American adults will actually receive a shot by the end of May. "But it's not enough to have the vaccine supply.
Summer House: Lindsay Hubbard's Boyfriend Threatens to 'Leave the House'
"I have higher expectations for our relationship than just going through the motions," Lindsay says. When Stephen counters that a nice dinner isn't just "going through the motions," Lindsay pushes back. Image zoom The season 5 cast of Summer House | Credit: BravoWant to get the biggest stories from PEOPLE every weekday? PEOPLE exclusively confirmed in January that Lindsay and Stephen had called it quits after nearly a year and a half together. Being forced to spend so much time together and subsequently evaluate the relationship was ultimately a "blessing in disguise," Lindsay said.
Naomi Osaka Considers Her Legacy Beyond the Court: ‘It’s Just as Important that I Inspire Young Girls’
I hope that in my new role, I can increase inspire women to take leadership positions within organizations as well." For more about Naomi Osaka — and more inspirational Women Changing the World honorees — please pick up this week's issue of PEOPLE, on stands Friday. I can't imagine what my life would be like without tennis so I decided to start a project called Play Academy with Naomi Osaka," she explains. "Our goal is to inspire girls to stay in sport by giving them the tools, resources, and inspiration needed to stay motivated. She's focused on empowering and encouraging young women to use their voices as well as honing their athletic skills.
Hilary Duff Says She's 'Grateful' for the Two Lizzie McGuire Reboot Episodes That Were Filmed
"It was a really special two weeks of my life," the actress saidHilary Duff Says She's 'Grateful' for the Two Lizzie McGuire Reboot Episodes That Were FilmedHilary Duff is "grateful" that she got to step into Lizzie McGuire's shoes one last time. "I've been so honored to have the character Lizzie in my life," she wrote on Instagram. "I want any reboot of Lizzie to be honest and authentic to who Lizzie would be today. Image zoom Lizzie McGuire | Credit: The Disney ChannelProblems with the reboot first arose earlier last year. RELATED VIDEO: Lizzie McGuire Is All Grown Up!
15-Year-Old Competitive Dancer Has Long-Haul COVID: 'Kids Are Not Supposed to Have This Kind of Condition'
15-Year-Old Competitive Dancer Has Long-Haul COVID: 'Kids Are Not Supposed to Have This Kind of Condition'A slumber party to celebrate Delaney DePue's 15th birthday last summer marked a new chapter — one defined by illness and uncertainty. "Kids are not supposed to have this kind of condition." However, the treatment offered by these centers could come at a steep price tag to patients, health finance experts warned, especially given that so much about the condition is unknown. So far, Ballweg said, she's seen no published literature on the heart health of children who develop these symptoms after recovering from COVID. If a clinic serves a large enough area, it could attract enough patients to earn substantial dollars for the affiliated pediatric hospital.
MAFS's Deonna McNeill, Greg Okotie Welcome Son Declan
MAFS's Deonna McNeill and Greg Okotie Welcome Son Declan: 'Blessed and Excited'Devoted parents at first sight! Deonna McNeill and Greg Okotie, Married at First Sight season 9 alums, welcomed their first child, son Declan Okotie, at 8:44 p.m. on Saturday, Feb. 27, their rep confirms to PEOPLE. News last month, McNeill and Okotie opened up about what kind of parents they think they'll be to their baby boy. "I think Greg is going to be a great dad on an account of how he takes care of those around him. He's very caring, has a huge heart and he really puts it out there on his sleeve," said McNeill, as Okotie added, "Deonna is very nurturing.
Olivia Rodrigo Calls Pete Davidson Her 'Biggest Celebrity Crush:' I Was 'Floored' by SNL Sketch
Rodrigo also revealed that she received a sweet letter from Taylor Swift, one of her idolsFor Olivia Rodrigo, seeing a sketch of her song "Drivers License" on Saturday Night Live was the greatest compliment. "Pete Davidson, who's my biggest celebrity crush, was singing it and compared me to Taylor Swift, who's my idol," she added. "I got a letter from Taylor Swift last night, which is insane. Image zoom Olivia Rodrigo, Taylor Swift | Credit: Jason Mendez/Getty; Kevin Mazur/GettyWant to get the biggest stories from PEOPLE every weekday? Rodrigo said the singer referred to the lyrics of "Long Story Short" from Folklore in the letter.
Alamo Drafthouse Cinema Files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy, Will Close Some of Its Underperforming Locations
On Wednesday, the Texas-based Alamo Drafthouse Cinema filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. With the bankruptcy, the company will be closing a number of its underperforming locations and restructuring its lease obligations. At the start of the pandemic, movie theaters were forced to close in an effort to help stop the spread of COVID-19. The two biggest movie theater chains in the U.S., AMC and Regal Cinemas, reopened in many areas months later and enforced new guidelines regarding social distancing and reduced capacity. In February, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced that the city is approved to open movie theaters at 25% capacity on March 5, with a cap of 50 people per screening.
Jahmil French’s Former Degrassi Costars Pay Tribute to Late Actor: 'Forever in My Heart'
Jahmil French's former costars are honoring the late actor after news of his unexpected death broke on Tuesday. "Wanted to pay my respects to an incredibly kind, funny, and talented individual; Jahmil French," added Dylan Everett. Aislinn Paul wrote on Twitter, "Jahmil French was an incredible person, so full of talent and passion for his work. Rest In Peace," while Andrea Lewis wrote, "Rest Easy King." Annie Clark tweeted a video of French dancing on stage, writing alongside it, "Heartbroken over the loss of our friend Jahmil French.
Only One Child Has Died from the Flu This Season Compared with Nearly 200 Deaths Last Year
Experts say coronavirus precautions like masking and social distancing have led to a very low number of flu casesOnly One Child Has Died from the Flu This Season Compared with Nearly 200 Deaths Last YearWhile the coronavirus continues to plague the United States, the nation has also seen a stark decline in influenza cases. During the 2019-2020 flu season, the CDC reported 195 children died of the flu. However, if people continue to wear their masks and social distance, influenza deaths and infections could stay low next season. Brammer also added that it's not too late for the flu to surge in the current season if coronavirus restrictions are lifted. "We could have a maybe small, but late, flu season.
Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall Say They Were 'Forced to Put a White Person' in Coming to America
Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall Say They Were 'Forced to Put a White Person' in Coming to AmericaEddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall say they were "forced" to cast a popular white actor in Coming to America for the 1988 movie to get made. ahead of the release of the sequel where they discussed how white comedian Louie Anderson ended up in the original movie. "They were like, 'There has to be a white person in the movie,'" Murphy echoed, recalling Paramount Pictures' alleged request. Image zoom Credit: Paramount PicturesThe sequel, Coming 2 America, finds Murphy's Prince Akeem and Hall's Semmi traveling back to America to find Akeem's long lost son, a Queens native named Lavelle (Jermaine Fowler). And now, over 30 years later, I am honored to reprise my role once again in the sequel, Coming 2 America."
Neighbors Stand Guard to Protect Asian-American Family After 'Deeply Upsetting' Racist Attacks
“I love my neighbors,” Haijun Si said. “I love my community, and I love my country.”A California community is banding together to protect one of their own after a local Asian-American family fell victim to a series of hateful attacks. I'm very annoyed," Si, 48, told the Times. Though the newly organized neighborhood watch has helped keep harassers away, the outlet reported that a group did recently throw rocks at Si and volunteers one evening. Despite the attacks, community members like Priscilla Huang, cofounder of the advocacy organization Asian Americans in Action, have continued to fight to make sure everyone feels welcome in the community.
Rupert Everett Doesn't Feel Any Guilt Over Past Affair with Paula Yates: 'I Was in Love with Her'
Actor Rupert Everett, who is openly gay, had a six-year relationship with Paula Yates while she was married to Bob GeldofRupert Everett Doesn't Feel Any Guilt Over Past Affair with Paula Yates: 'I Was in Love with Her'Rupert Everett is opening up about his enduring love for Paula Yates, who he had an affair with while she was married to Bob Geldof. When asked whether he felt guilty about the affair at the time, Everett replied, "No. I don't know, I think it would be for her to feel guilty, not me." "We were very, very close, I must say, for a long time, and she's someone that I adored and still adore," Everett said of Yates elsewhere in the interview. Three years later, Everett told The Guardian of Yates, who was a television presenter, "She was married.
Dolores Catania on the Plastic Surgery Procedure She Wants Next: 'I'm Considering a Thigh Lift'
Catania, who describes herself as "no stranger to plastic surgery," has previously gone under the knife for a breast augmentation, Brazilian butt lift, face lift, liposuction and most recently, a tummy tuck. Catania opened up to PEOPLE last summer about her tummy tuck surgery and recovery, which was something she had been considering for quite some time. And I've thought about a tummy tuck for a while." Catania told PEOPLE last July that she didn't tell Principe until the night before she was having the surgery. I know at the end of the day he wants me to be happy and this is what made me happy."
George Floyd’s Sisters Miss Him 'Every Day' as Family Prepares for Officer’s Murder Trial
His sister, LaTonya Floyd, knows him as the kid brother she taught to sing a favorite song: the REO Speedwagon hit "Keep on Loving You." To read more about how George Floyd's siblings remember him, pick up the latest issue of PEOPLE on newsstands Friday, or subscribe here. His sister Bridgett Floyd, 30, is the foundation's president and chairwoman. Image zoom Bridgett Floyd | Credit: Uzoma Obasi/The Creative GroupThe foundation aims to provide college scholarships and created an internship program at George's alma mater, Texas A&M University-Commerce, in his name. Within the extended family, George had sway as well.
The Apple Watch Series 6 with GPS and Cellular Is at Its Lowest Price Ever on Amazon
The Apple Watch Series 6 with GPS and Cellular Is at Its Lowest Price Ever on AmazonIf you've been considering purchasing an Apple Watch on Amazon, now is the time to do it. The Apple Watch Series 6 with GPS and cellular connectivity is at its lowest price ever, according to price-tracking site CamelCamelCamel, along with major discounts on previous models. Since the Fitbit app is currently down, you might be looking for other fitness tracking options like the Apple Watch Series 6. Shop Apple Watches on SaleThe Apple Watch Series 5 with GPS and cellular is also on sale for 40 percent off. It's available in both silver aluminum with a white sport band and space gray aluminum with a black sport band, each with a 38-millimeter retina display.
Vanessa Bryant 'So Grateful' for Fans' Love, Wants to 'Hug Everyone That Has Prayed for My Family'
"I don't think I'd be as strong without everyone's prayers and positive vibes sent our way, " Vanessa Bryant tells PEOPLE in this week's issueVanessa Bryant 'So Grateful' for Fans' Love, Wants to 'Hug Everyone That Has Prayed for My Family'Vanessa Bryant knows she couldn't have done it all on her own. "It really takes a village," she tells PEOPLE in the cover story for this week's Women Changing the World issue. They've shown their love and support through this horrible year and I don't know how I could've managed without them." Especially resonant are the commemorative murals depicting Kobe and Gigi that have gone up in cities far and wide. As she navigates her family's future and continues to help them heal, Vanessa will take all the "love, hugs, prayers, personal stories and smiles" people send her way.
Kellan Lutz Shares Adorable Selfie with Newborn Daughter Ashtyn: 'Love These Moments'
The Twilight actor's daughter is his first child with wife Brittany GonzalesKellan Lutz is loving dad life! On Tuesday evening, the 35-year-old actor shared a sweet snapshot of himself with his newborn daughter, Ashtyn Lilly. Seen smiling in the photo as Ashtyn rests on his chest, the new dad captioned the post, "Love these moments ?." Lutz tagged his wife, Brittany Gonzales, in the post as well. At the time, the new mom shared three polaroid pictures of herself and Lutz with their newborn.
Sofia Vergara Wins Court Battle: Judge Rules that Ex Nick Loeb Can’t Use Embryos Without Consent
A Los Angeles court has ruled in favor of Sofia Vergara in her ongoing court battle with ex Nick Loeb over custody rights to frozen pre-embryos they created while together. Vergara, 48, and Loeb, 45, ended their engagement in May 2014 after having undergone in vitro fertilization together the year prior. In addition to their legal battle in California, Loeb has continued his attempt to gain custody of the embryos in Louisiana, creating a trust in the state to give the embryos legal status. This case was dismissed in January when the Louisiana court sided with Vergara, upholding the dismissal of a lawsuit seeking to obtain custody of the pre-embryos. The court additionally entered a reversal of the trial court order that sealed discovery in the case, therefore unsealing related documents to the public, according to court documents obtained by PEOPLE.
Universal Orlando Is 'Evaluating' Seuss Landing Area amid Racism Controversy
"But our guests can plan on continuing to be able to enjoy their favorite experiences at Seuss Landing." "These books portray people in ways that are hurtful and wrong," Dr. Seuss Enterprises, the company committed to preserving the work of Theodor Seuss Geisel (whose pen name is Dr. Seuss), told the outlet. "Ceasing sales of these books is only part of our commitment and our broader plan to ensure Dr. Seuss Enterprises' catalog represents and supports all communities and families," the company added. The decision to halt publication of the books was made last year after months of deliberation, Dr. Seuss Enterprises said. "The resumption of the Epic Universe project couldn't come at a better time," Orange County Mayor Jerry L. Demings said in the release.
2021 Golden Globes Suffer a 64% Ratings Plunge amid HFPA Controversy and the COVID-19 Pandemic
The 2021 Golden Globes did not fare well in the ratings. Last year's ceremony, which took place ahead of lockdowns related to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, reached 18.4 million viewers, the outlet added. The last time the Golden Globes had such a low viewing audience was back in 2008 during the writer's strike. Instead of the typical star-studded event, a televised press conference announcing the winners took place, drawing in 6 million viewers, the AP reported. Published a week before Sunday's 78th annual ceremony, the report claimed that the HFPA has several members of color, but no Black members.
After Surviving Australia's Bushfires, a Koala Mom and Her Baby Have Returned to the Wild
Laksmi and her joey Ra are back in the Blue Mountains of New South Wales, Australia, following the country's devastating 2019-2020 bushfire season. To celebrate, San Diego Zoo Global, the San Diego Zoo's international initiative to protect the world's species, is making some changes. San Diego Zoo Global is evolving into the San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance. Over its 105-year history, the San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance has used teamwork to save animals worldwide, including as recently as last year. One of those experts is Kellie Leigh, Ph.D. — the executive director of Science for Wildlife and a San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance-supported researcher.
Why Kelly Rowland Always Watches 'Something Funny' While Breastfeeding Son Noah, 5 Weeks
"He's just delicious, and I'm in love," Rowland, 40, tells PEOPLE of her new addition in this week's issue. Rowland was previously candid about her rocky experiences breastfeeding her firstborn son Titan Jewell, now 6, including the painful realities that sometimes accompany nursing. So this time it was different," says Rowland, whose mom Doris died about one month after Titan's arrival in 2014. I would love a daughter," says Rowland, "but I'm really loving being a boy mom right now. "I'm really grateful I was presented this opportunity, especially in the pandemic, because it was another way I was able to express myself creatively," she says.
Man Charged with Murder in Wrong Way Crash that Killed 17-Year-Old
A 17-year-old Kentucky teen is dead after a man allegedly drove the wrong way on a highway while under the influence, killing her. On Monday, Madelynn Noel Troutt, of Louisville, was driving on the Dixie Highway when she was struck by another vehicle head-on. Her smile lit up the room," her uncle Chris Troutt told WLKY. Dewitt has been charged with murder, leaving the scene of an accident and failure to render aid, according to the Louisville Courier Journal. He allegedly had large amounts of amphetamines and benzodiazepines in his system at the time of the crash, WDBR reports.
Ohio Grandmother, 88, Killed by Stray Bullet While Planning Relative's Funeral
"She went up there to visit because of the circumstances surrounding her son's funeral," Warren police detective Michael Altiere tells PEOPLE. Sign up forPEOPLE's free True Crime newsletter for breaking crime news, ongoing trial coverage and details of intriguing unsolved cases. According to the Warren Tribune Chronicle, a 911 caller reported seeing a silver vehicle and a sports utility vehicle driving erratically when the shots rang out. Lewis was well known in the community as an activist and churchgoer who had owned a barbecue restaurant and a beauty shop, the Tribune Chronicle reports. "She always reached out to everybody; she never turned anyone down," her son Robert Lewis Jr., told the Tribune Chronicle.
Paris Hilton Is ‘Proud’ Reform Bill Passes After Her Emotional Testimony of Utah School’s Abuse
McKell was inspired to work with Hilton after she held a rally at Provo Canyon in October. "When I was at Provo Canyon School, I dreamed of making a difference. "It sets a path forward for other states and the country to increase transparency and bring an end to abusive practices in youth residential treatment centers. Many of Hilton's former Provo Canyon School classmates also appeared in her YouTube documentary and shared their stories of alleged abuse. When reached by PEOPLE for comment on the allegations at the time, the school responded: "Originally opened in 1971, Provo Canyon School was sold by its previous ownership in August 2000.
Mae Whitman Reflects on 25th Anniversary of One Fine Day and Her Enduring Friendship with George Clooney
"One Fine Day was such a cornerstone for me, of who I am," Whitman, who played Clooney and Michelle Pfeiffer's characters' daughter in the film, says. Image zoom Mae Whitman and George Clooney | Credit: Getty"I think we just had something that just felt natural and normal, and we had the same sense of humor," adds Whitman. So I would walk into class and go, 'George Clooney, he wants 10,000 wrapping papers.' Now, Whitman is gearing up for her fourth season as mom Annie Marks of NBC's Good Girls alongside Christina Hendrick and Retta. "The thing I love about Good Girls is that everybody on the crew really cares so much.
Pregnant Lauren Burnham Says 'Blissful Ignorance' of Expecting Baby Is Gone After Previous Loss
"Even in the midst of something as beautiful as new life, that darkness finds its way in to remind me that it did in fact exist," adds Burnham. "With all of that said, i'm proud of this body and what we've endured together. i'm proud of my second & third babies for growing so well and grateful for all the reminders they send me saying, 'mom, we're okay'. i'm proud of my journey through the darkness, because without that, the light i see now wouldn't shine quite so bright," she writes. I think that's something we wanted right away.
Bowl Bought at Yard Sale for $35 Turns Out to Be Ancient Chinese Artifact That Could Fetch $500K
The bowl was picked up by an antiques enthusiast in ConnecticutBowl Bought at Yard Sale for $35 Turns Out to Be Ancient Chinese Artifact That Could Fetch $500KOne man's trash is another man's treasure — and in this case, that treasure could be worth half a million dollars. An "exceptional and rare" porcelain bowl dating back to the 15th century is set to go to auction at Sotheby's after it was picked up at a yard sale in Connecticut, according to the famed auction house. The small bowl, with a floral design and a diameter of just 6½ inches, was scooped up for just $35 at a yard sale in New Haven last year by an antiques enthusiast, the Associated Press reported. It's estimated to be worth between $300,000 and $500,000, and a live auction will begin on March 17 as part of Sotheby's Auction of Important Chinese Art. Sotheby's said the blue and white bowl is in good condition, and is from the Ming dynasty in the Yongle period, which was from 1403-1424.
David Schwimmer Says Friends Reunion Will Tape in ‘a Little Over a Month’ After Delay: 'It's Happening'
David Schwimmer Says Friends Reunion Will Tape in ‘a Little Over a Month’ After Delay: 'It's Happening'The long-awaited Friends reunion special is on the horizon. But Schwimmer shut down the possibility of DeGeneres' involvement, and then explained to Cohen that he's unsure if he can reveal who is hosting the reunion special. Image zoom David Schwimmer and Jennifer Aniston | Credit: Paul Drinkwater/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty"Unfortunately it's very sad that we had to move it again," Aniston, 52, told Deadline in August. Image zoom Friends | Credit: NBCKudrow, who played the eclectic Phoebe Buffay, revealed in January that she and her costars have already shot some scenes for the reunion. "I pre-shot something already so we're definitely doing it, because I already shot a little something."
Michael B. Jordan Steps Into Tom Clancy’s Universe as John Clark in Action-Packed Without Remorse Trailer
Without Remorse debuts on Prime Video on April 30Michael B. Jordan Steps Into Tom Clancy’s Universe as John Clark in Action-Packed Without Remorse TrailerMichael B. Jordan is making his debut in Tom Clancy's iconic Jack Ryan universe. Without Remorse is an adaptation of Clancy's 1993 novel of the same name, set within the Jack Ryan universe. The character of John Clark has previously been portrayed by Willem Dafoe in 1994's Clear and Present Danger and Liev Schreiber in 2002's The Sum of All Fears. John Krasinski recently played Jack Ryan in the two seasons of the Prime Video series Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan. Harrison Ford, Ben Affleck and Alec Baldwin have all previously played the character of Jack Ryan.
Johnny Manziel Says He's Shifting Focus to Becoming a Pro Golfer: 'I'm Giving Myself 12 Years'
"I'm giving myself 12 years to try to play professional golf," Manziel said on the Green Light with Chris Long podcast. "I think it is a very uphill battle, but that's what I'm setting for my goals," he added. "That's when I began to learn how to draw the ball, how to hit a fade, learned how to play golf." Manziel most recently appeared as quarterback of The Zappers in a game for the Fan Controlled Football League earlier this year. The appearance came nearly a year after Manziel said he was moving on from his football hopes.
Deaths of Mo. Dad and His Young Sons, 3 and 4, Ruled a Murder-Suicide
Family members say that 40-year-old Darrell Peak had struggled with depression before killing his kids and himselfDeaths of Mo. Dad and His Young Sons, 3 and 4, Ruled a Murder-SuicideAuthorities have ruled the death of a Missouri dad and his two young sons a murder-suicide. On Monday — three days after they were reported missing — police found the bodies of 40-year-old Darrell Peak and his two boys, Mayson, 3, and Kaiden, 4. At the time, he was "armed with the pistol he was known to regularly carry," according to a news release from the Greene County Sheriff's Office. At 10:30 a.m. the next day, family members contacted the Greene County Sheriff's Office to file a missing persons report.
Great Apes at San Diego Zoo Receive Experimental COVID-19 Vaccine Made for Animals
Four orangutans and five bonobos have each been given two doses of the vaccineA troop of great apes made history last month as the first known non-human primates to receive a COVID-19 vaccine in the United States. In February, four orangutans and five bonobos at the San Diego Zoo each received two doses of an experimental COVID-19 vaccine designed for animals, Nadine Lamberski, the chief conservation and wildlife health officer at the San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance, told National Geographic. The apes were given a vaccine developed by the veterinary pharmaceutical company Zoetis. The decision to acquire the vaccine came one month after a troop of eight gorillas at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park tested positive for COVID-19, becoming the first great apes in the world to contract the virus. A spokesperson for Zoetis told National Geographic that other U.S. zoos are interested in doses of the vaccine for their great apes.
Kroger Will Still Require Customers to Wear Masks in States That Are Lifting Mandates
The governors of Texas and Mississippi both ended their state's mask mandate this weekKroger Will Still Require Customers to Wear Masks in States That Are Lifting MandatesIf you shop at Kroger, expect to wear a mask. On Wednesday, the Kroger Family of Companies, one of America's largest chain of grocery outlets, announced that they would continue to require customers to wear a face covering in their stores despite some states lifting their mask mandate. "To ensure the continued safety of our customers and associates, The Kroger Family of Companies will continue to require everyone in our stores across the country to wear masks until all our frontline grocery associates can receive the COVID-19 vaccine," the spokesperson continued. Hours later, President Joe Biden warned against the continued threat of the virus despite the administration's COVID-19 vaccination efforts. He said that although the nation is "moving in the right direction," the public should continue to be vigilant about COVID-19 safety precautions.
Melissa McCarthy and Octavia Spencer Become Superheroes in First Trailer for Netflix's Thunder Force
Melissa McCarthy and Octavia Spencer Become Superheroes in First Trailer for Netflix's Thunder ForceMelissa McCarthy gets more than she bargained for in Netflix's first trailer for Thunder Force. The actress teams up with real-life pal Octavia Spencer in the upcoming movie, which sees their characters reunite as adults after being best friends as kids. Thunder Force, out on Netflix April 9, also stars Bobby Cannavale, Pom Klementieff, Kevin Dunn, Melissa Leo and Jason Bateman. It was difficult for me to not break character and laugh…sometimes, I just couldn't help myself because there is only one Melissa McCarthy. McCarthy, 50, has equally kind words for Spencer, whom she's known for decades.
Common Flea Collar Linked to Nearly 1,700 Pet Deaths and 1,000 Human Illnesses: Report
Through June 2020, the EPA documents reportedly show there were more than 75,000 reported incidents related to the collars, 1,000 of which involved human harm. Seresto collars include small amounts of pesticides that are released onto the animal, per the report. McCormack also said that the collars have the most incidents of any pesticide pet product she's ever seen. So, if a dog were to be wearing a collar and experience any sort of adverse event, the collar would be mentioned in the report. Since its initial approval in 2012, more than 25 million Seresto collars have protected dogs and cats in the U.S. from fleas and ticks.
Tom Colicchio on Top Chef Portland's Filming 'Bubble'
Top Chef is going to look a bit different this season. Head judge Tom Colicchio recently gave PEOPLE an update on the Bravo cooking competition show, which will air its 18th season set in Portland, Ore. on April 1. "We were there for, I think, eight weeks," says the chef, who recently partnered up with French's Yellow Mustard on the new MustSwitch sandwich. Image zoom Credit: Courtesy French’sAs a chef with restaurants in New York, Los Angeles and Las Vegas, Colicchio has been dealing with the difficult task of safely reopening his restaurants. "We're all trying to open safely, we're trying to keep our employees safe, we're trying to keep customers safe, but it has to be cooperation on all sides."
1 Worker Dead and Another Critically Injured After Stairwell Collapses Inside Mass. Parking Garage
Cambridge Police said the workers were performing "restoration work" when the incident happenedOne person is dead and another has been critically injured after officials say a stairwell inside a Massachusetts parking garage collapsed. The Cambridge Fire Department confirmed the fatal incident in a post on Twitter Wednesday, explaining that it occurred at a parking garage on 1st St in East Cambridge. In a post on their Twitter account, the Cambridge Police Department said the two workers were "conducting restoration work" at the time of the stairwell collapse. At this time, it is also unclear how the stairwell managed to collapse, but officials said they are currently investigating. The men were pronounced dead at the scene, according to WHDH.
Illinois City to Distribute $25K in Reparations for Black Residents to Use on Housing
Evanston, Illinois, is set to become the first U.S. city to compensate Black Americans for loss of generational wealth due to slaveryIllinois City to Distribute $25K in Reparations for Black Residents to Use on HousingEvanston, Illinois, is on the verge of doing something no other American city has done before: offer reparations to Black residents. As Simmons explained it, white residents panicked when their increasing Black neighbors created "pockets" around the city. Later, Black residents in Evanston were moved to what would become known as the 5th Ward, segregating them from the wealthier parts of the city. "Banks in Evanston would not loan to Black families for housing [and] the real estate agencies would not show you anything other than the 5th Ward." The first batch of reparations will be going out to residents this spring, ABC reported, and Simmons hopes Illinois and other cities around the country explore similar legislation.
All the Details on Disneyland's Limited-Capacity Food Festival (Including What's on the Menu)
The "Touch of Disney" events begin on March 18, but you have to snag a ticket first. Now, Disneyland has taken a new approach with "A Touch of Disney," a ticketed, limited-capacity food festival at Disney's California Adventure that will begin on March 18. The $75 gets you entrance to the park along with a $25 dining credit, parking and unlimited digital PhotoPass. Image zoom Credit: David Nguyen/Disneyland ResortClassic favorites like Dole Whip, Mickey-shaped pretzels and ice cream bars, hand-dipped corn dogs, and popcorn will also be available alongside the more inventive treats the theme parks have come to embrace in recent years, like carrot cake funnel fries. Image zoom Credit: David Nguyen/Disneyland Resort
Lisa Vanderpump Gets Confessions from Celeb Friends in Overserved Teaser
Overserved with Lisa Vanderpump will premiere on E! later this monthLisa Vanderpump Prompts 'Revealing' Confessions from Her Celeb Friends in New Overserved SuperteaseLisa Vanderpump's latest TV venture is almost here! "I'm Lisa Vanderpump and I have launched restaurants and bars around the world," she says in the clip. "Come join my friends and me, where they'll be overserved," Vanderpump concludes. Image zoom Lisa Vanderpump | Credit: Tibrina Hobson/GettyOverserved with Lisa Vanderpump will go behind the exclusive gates of Villa Rosa in Beverly Hills, following Vanderpump as she hosts two or three celebrity guests for a night of homemade cocktails, snacks, games and of course, plenty of surprises and revealing moments.
2021 SAG Awards to Be Pre-Taped and Run for Just One Hour
2021 SAG Awards to Be Pre-Taped and Run for Just One HourThe SAG Awards are going to be a bit different this year. As every major awards show tries to find ways to safely take place amid the COVID-19 health crisis, the Screen Actors Guild announced its 2021 ceremony will be pre-taped. The show, airing on April 4, will also only run for one hour. The show will include the presentation of 13 awards and feature comedy bits as well as the traditional "I Am An Actor" segments from nominees and other presenters. That means spoilers are possible, but co-executive producer Kathy Connell hopes that won't happen.
17-Year-Old New York High School Football Player Dies After Practice from Medical Emergency
Miguel Lugo is being remembered as "a vibrant and healthy boy who lit up any room that he walked in"A New York family is mourning after a high school football player died suddenly following a football practice. Miguel Lugo, 17, reportedly suffered a medical emergency on Monday during the first practice of the season after COVID-19 related delays, USA Today reported. A cause of death has yet to be determined, and Lugo's family members are left questioning how their otherwise healthy son died so suddenly. "Heartbreak and tragedy facing our community with the passing of senior Miguel Lugo," the district's athletic program tweeted Tuesday. Chairman of New York's Section 9 football committee David Coates told USA Today that Lugo's death is "extremely sad."
Rush Limbaugh's Widow Remembers His Funeral After Lung Cancer Death
Rush Limbaugh's widow, Kathryn, this week recalled his funeral as "absolutely stunning," after first talking about the event's details with him before his death last month from lung cancer. "You could hear the clacking of the horse hooves as we walked through the cemetery following behind Rush. Image zoom Kathryn and Rush Limbaugh | Credit: Drew Angerer/GettyReferring to the event as "very peaceful" and "beautiful," Kathryn said, "We followed behind the horse-drawn carriage until we reached the chapel." "So it was absolutely stunning with a beautiful oak tree overhead, the sun shining directly on Rush. "For over 32 years, Rush has cherished you, his loyal audience, and always looked forward to every single show."
Miss Universe Returning Live in May After 2020 Hiatus Due to COVID
Miss Universe is coming back! The Miss Universe Organization announced on Wednesday that the 69th competition is returning with a live broadcast on Sunday, May 16 – a year and a half after the last one took place. "I look forward to seeing this work come to fruition and crowning a new Miss Universe in May." The Miss Universe Organization is also considering "a very limited audience" although tickets and information won't be available until the end of March. "I always knew that my reign as Miss Universe would be unlike any other," Tunzi, who was also Miss South Africa 2019, said in a statement.
Hillary Clinton 'Loved' Dolly Parton's Cutout Vaccination Shirt: 'Shall We Make This a Trend?'
On Tuesday, the country legend shared a video of herself getting Moderna's COVID vaccine (that she helped fund!) while wearing a sparkly blue cold shoulder blouse perfect for the shot administrationIt's Dolly Parton's world, and we're just living in it. "Loved seeing @dollyparton bring back the cold shoulder as a vaccination look. The exposed shoulder look originated in the 1950s and '60s thanks in large part to Brigitte Bardot, who often donned off-the-shoulder tops and dresses. "So I'm very happy that I'm going to get my Moderna shot today.
Keith Urban Recalls 'Trainwreck' That Ensued When He Forgot the Guitar Solo in 'Highway Don't Care'
"There is no wrong notes, just the look on your face," the guitarist tells Tim McGrawKeith Urban remembers the moment he forgot the guitar solo in his song with Tim McGraw and Taylor Swift, "Highway Don't Care." "I will always appreciate the best guitar lead ride ever in 'Highway Don't Care,'" says McGraw. And I remember the great phrase, there is no wrong notes, just the look on your face," he adds. "No wrong notes, just the look on your face," McGraw, 53, echoes. Elsewhere in the podcast, Urban opens up about the moment he realized he wanted to play guitar.
Mom Gives Birth to Son in Front Seat of Tesla Near George Washington Bridge Exit
What she didn't expect was to give birth just off the George Washington Bridge in New York City for no reason other than her son's precocious punctuality. Somehow, that's exactly what did happen for Goldfarb, 33, and her husband Blake on Jan. 19, when their son Jordan Harris made his entrance into the world in the front seat of their Tesla. For Goldfarb and Blake, who live in North Caldwell, New Jersey, the day began as any other. Goldfarb visited her doctor and was sent home, as everything looked good and the baby wasn't due until Jan. 27. Image zoom Jordan Goldfarb | Credit: Allison Kahan Goldfarb"They were like, 'Sir, you need to get out of the car and deliver this baby,'" she says.
Retired Conn. Officer Was Killed with a Single Punch in Alleged Random Attack on Las Vegas Strip
Thomas Driscoll was on vacation when he was killedRetired Conn. Officer Was Killed with a Single Punch in Alleged Random Attack on Las Vegas StripA former Connecticut police officer was killed after being punched by a man on the Las Vegas Strip. I have known him since college," friend Peter Kennedy told WGGB of his longtime friend Thomas Driscoll. On Sunday morning while he was on vacation in Las Vegas, Driscoll was killed on the Las Vegas Strip after being punched by 33-year-old Brandon Leath, according to the Las Vegas Review Journal, citing a police report. Las Vegas Metropolitan police reportedly watched the altercation unfold on real-time crime cameras and were able to take Leath into custody on a murder charge shortly afterwards, KTNV reports.
Regina King on Her Senior Dog's Golden Globes Appearance: 'He Deserves All the Attention'
2021 Golden Globes viewers could see King's senior dog Cornbread snoozing in the background of the actress's pre-show interviews. Regina King on Her Senior Dog's Golden Globes Appearance: 'He Deserves All the Attention'Regina King doesn't mind sharing the spotlight. During a March 2 interview on Late Night with Seth Meyers, host Seth Meyers asked the actress, 50, about Sunday's Golden Globes. "But your dog Cornbread kind of stole the day," the host continued. He deserves all the attention, to just be hanging in there and representing the senior dogs."
Kendall and Kylie Jenner Film 'Drunk Get Ready with Me' Makeup Tutorial — See Their Final Looks
"filming another youtube heheh #drunkgetreadywithme," the mom of one wrote alongside a photo of Kendall, 25. Image zoomNext, Kylie posted a few videos of Kendall sporting heavy pink blush, matching eyeshadow and overdrawn lipliner after they filmed the YouTube video. Image zoomThe last special guest to appear on Kylie's YouTube channel was the eldest Kardashian sister, Kourtney. In the video posted last week, the Kylie Cosmetics mogul applies makeup on the Poosh founder as the two talk about their parenting styles. Kardashian, 41, asks at the start of the video, to which Kylie responds, "Not really.
Kim Zolciak-Biermann and Kroy Biermann Test Positive for COVID: ‘Very Thankful For Our Doctors’
Kim Zolciak-Biermann and Kroy Biermann have tested positive for COVID-19. Image zoom Credit: Kim Zolciak Biermann/InstagramThe couple's diagnosis comes over a month after Kim's daughter, Brielle, tested positive for COVID-19. On her own Instagram Story, mom Kim said she was "very stressed" following Brielle's diagnosis. In addition to Brielle, Kim is mom to 19-year-old Ariana, both of whom Kroy adopted after he and Kim wed in 2011. As of Wednesday, it seems none of her other children have tested positive for the virus.
Justin Timberlake Celebrates Wife Jessica Biel on Her Birthday: 'Favorite Person in the World'
"I'm lucky to learn from you and laugh with you and celebrate you every day," Justin Timberlake wrote on Instagram to wife Jessica BielJustin Timberlake Celebrates Wife Jessica Biel on Her Birthday: 'Favorite Person in the World'Justin Timberlake has a whole lot of love for Jessica Biel. wrote Timberlake, 40. Image zoom Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake | Credit: Justin Timberlake/InstagramBiel's 39th birthday also marks her first birthday as a mother of two. In January, Timberlake confirmed he and Biel welcomed a second child, a son named Phineas, last summer. Image zoom Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel | Credit: Rodin Eckenroth/Getty
N.Y.C. Handyman Allegedly Killed 3 'Beloved Mothers, Grandmothers'
Gavin was indicted and charged with first- and second-degree murder for allegedly killing the three elderly women who lived in his building from 2015 to this past January. "These victims were mothers, grandmothers and beloved friends whose violent deaths have had a chilling effect inside their housing complex and on the Brownsville community," Gonzalez says in the statement. As a handyman, Gavin gained the victims' trust after performing odd jobs for them inside their units, authorities say. But then a funeral director found a stab wound in her neck, The New York Times reports. Nearly four years later, on April 30, 2019, at approximately 11:45 p.m., Gavin allegedly strangled Jacolia James, 83, inside her apartment.
Pregnant Lala Kent Shows Off Baby Bump in Maternity Photos
Lala Kent tells PEOPLE about getting ready for the arrival of her daughter, teasing the name she picked out for the babyLala Kent's baby girl is nearly here! "It's the most beautiful time in my life," Kent, who's expecting her first child, a daughter, with fiancé Randall Emmett, tells PEOPLE. Image zoom Credit: Koury AngeloImage zoom Credit: Koury AngeloImage zoom Credit: Koury AngeloScott, Kent's stylist for the maternity photoshoot (which was photographed by Koury Angelo with hair done by Ric Pipino), explains that the inspiration for the images "stemmed from my complete infatuation with Netflix and Shondaland's Bridgerton." "Both Lala and I love an ultra-feminine, sophisticated shoot — and if you know Lala, nothing is predictable." Image zoom Credit: Koury AngeloImage zoom Credit: Koury AngeloImage zoom Credit: Koury Angelo"I have never been this excited for anything in my entire life," Kent says of awaiting her baby's arrival.
Prince Oscar of Sweden Shows Off His Royal Smile in New Photos for His 5th Birthday
Big sister Princess Estelle and their family dog Rio also make appearances in the portraitsPrince Oscar of Sweden Shows Off His Royal Smile in New Photos for His 5th BirthdayPrince Oscar of Sweden is 5 — and his smile says it all! Image zoom Princess Estelle and Prince Oscar | Credit: Kate Gabor/The Royal Court of SwedenCan't get enough of PEOPLE's Royals coverage? Just last week, Princess Estelle celebrated a birthday of her own. The birthday portraits appear to have been taken at the same time, as Prince Oscar appears in one of Princess Estelle's photos wearing the same sharp ensemble. Get the premiere issue of PEOPLE Royals for glamorous new photos and inside stories royals fans haven't seen or read elsewhere!
Mariska Hargitay 'PEOPLE' Watches on Set in N.Y.C., Plus Olivia Wilde, Rebel Wilson and More
Hailey Bieber looks sharp in a two-piece leather suit as she heads to dinner with singer Justine Skye at Carbone in N.Y.C.
Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard to Host and Compete on New NBC Game Show Family Game Night
The 10-episode series is based on the couple's skits featured on The Ellen DeGeneres ShowKristen Bell and Dax Shepard to Host and Compete on New NBC Game Show Family Game NightKristen Bell and Dax Shepard are taking their partnership to the small screen. The married actors are set to host and compete in Family Game Fight, a new NBC game show featuring fun competitions with a big cash prize up for grabs, the network announced Wednesday. Throughout the 10-episode series, Bell, 40, and Shepard, 46, will part ways and be "adopted" into a family of four and help their team win $100,000. Family Game Night marks Bell and Shepard's first joint TV project. I'm so excited to host 'Family Game Fight' and play all day with my best friend."
M&M's Introduces Mint Green Ice Cream Sandwiches Just in Time for St. Patrick's Day
M&M's parent company, Mars Wrigley, announced that they are expanding the M&M's ice cream cookie sandwich collection with two new flavors: mint and a new take on their classic cookie sandwich. The green-colored mint flavor, which will be available just in time for St. Patrick's Day on March 17, features refreshing mint ice cream that is sandwiched between two M&M-studded chocolate cookies. "We're excited to expand the joy of M&M'S colorworks to the Mars Wrigley ice cream line, starting with a minty green treat for St. Patrick's Day," Jayesh Shah, Ice Cream Marketing Director at Mars, said in a press release. 2021 is really shaping up to be a year filled with exciting new frozen treats — multiple ice cream companies have unveiled some serious innovations that we can't wait to try. Jeni's Splendid Ice Cream may have the most surprising flavor of all, though: Everything Bagel (and yes, it includes onion and garlic).
Madison Cawthorn Was Wrong About Crash That Paralyzed Him, Friend Says
"This is the guy who saved my life," Ledford remembers Cawthorn saying. "You ruined my entire life," Cawthorn told Ledford in a lengthy message blaming him for the crash, for his condition and for not being supportive enough throughout Cawthorn's recovery. And when Cawthorn marries his fiancée, Cristina Bayardelle, on April 3 — the seventh anniversary of the crash — Ledford says he will be a groomsman. 'What Really Matters'According to Ledford, Cawthorn has apologized to him on multiple occasions about his 2017 speech. Ledford says Cawthorn told him: It was wrong for Cawthorn to believe his friend left him for dead and wrong for him to repeat that claim publicly.
Hilaria Baldwin Shares Photo of Son Edu, 5½ Months, and Newborn Daughter Lucia: 'My Babies'
A source confirmed to PEOPLE that Hilaria and Alec Baldwin welcomed daughter Lucia via surrogate after the birth of Edu in SeptemberHilaria Baldwin is enjoying double-baby cuteness. On Tuesday, Hilaria announced the name of the baby girl, Lucia, writing on Instagram: "We are so in love with our daughter, Lucia. A source recently confirmed to PEOPLE that the couple welcomed daughter Lucia via surrogate. Baldwin, 62, is also dad to 25-year-old daughter Ireland, whose mother is actress Kim Basinger. Image zoom Credit: hilaria baldwin/ instagramImage zoom Credit: hilaria baldwin/ instagramSpeaking with PEOPLE in November, the fitness instructor said "during times of COVID, it very much feels like we're done" expanding their family.
Mary J. Blige Says She Started Her Wine Business to 'Give Something Beautiful to the World' During Quarantine
Mary J. Blige Says She Started Her Wine Business to 'Give Something Beautiful to the World' During QuarantineFor Mary J. Blige, the unprecedented events of the past year presented the opportunity to dive head-first into launching her new wine brand, Sun Goddess Wines. To give something so beautiful to the world at a time when they needed it, it made everyone smile." While Blige was already a seasoned business woman when she found herself on a vineyard in Friuli, Italy, three years ago, her journey into the wine industry wasn't just about making profits. Blige put in the hours on the Fantinel Winery in Friuli, learning about wine production and tasting the grapes. The wealthy people can drink it, and the people that are not wealthy can drink it."
Kayleigh McEnany Talks White House Handoff to Jen Psaki, Who Reacts to McEnany’s New Fox News Job
"I wish her all the best," the former Trump White House press secretary said of her successorDespite their political differences, there's no bad blood between former and current White House press secretaries Kayleigh McEnany and Jen Psaki, they both say. "I left her a note saying that much," said McEnany, who served as President Donald Trump's White House spokeswoman and regularly made headlines for sparring with reporters. "We've met previously one time," McEnany said, "and she [Psaki] was very kind and so were some of her colleagues in the press shop." In the White House briefing room Tuesday, a reporter mentioned the news of McEnany's hiring at Fox News to Psaki, asking if she would be willing to sit with the former press secretary for an interview. I met her when we were both CNN contributors, and we did a few shows — I'm not sure how many — together."
Ind. Community Rallies Around Mom Whose 3 Children Died in House Fire: 'Absolutely Heartbreaking'
"The event that took place this weekend was absolutely heartbreaking for all of those who knew the Gingerich family," Maconaquah Schools wrote on Facebook. Laura was reportedly in a downstairs bathroom when she smelled smoke and attempted to get to her children on the second story. However, because the smoke was too heavy, the mom of three was unable to do so, the outlet reported. Community members can also donate money, clothing or gift cards to the family through Maconaquah School Corporation, where the children were enrolled in school. According to WTHR, Miracle was a kindergartener at Pipe Creek Elementary School in Peru and her brother, Steven, was a preschooler at the school.
Palace Launches Probe into Bullying Allegations Made by Staffers for Meghan Markle and Prince Harry
"We are clearly very concerned about allegations in The Times following claims made by former staff of The Duke and Duchess of Sussex," the palace said. Image zoom Meghan Markle during her upcoming interview with Oprah Winfrey. Image zoom Meghan Markle and Prince Harry | Credit: Dominic Lipinski/PA Images via GettyThe Duchess of Sussex has denied the allegations. Image zoom Meghan Markle and Prince Harry | Credit: Chris Jackson/GettyIn the story published in The Times on Tuesday, a source says that Harry pleaded with Knauf not to pursue the HR complaint. Sign up for our free Royals newsletter to get the latest updates on Kate Middleton, Meghan Markle and more!
Wolfgang Van Halen Wishes 'Pop Was Here' to See His Song 'Distance' Hit No. 1 on Rock Radio
Van Halen will also add "Distance" as a bonus track to Mammoth WVH's album set to release on June 11Wolfgang Van Halen Wishes 'Pop Was Here' to See His Song 'Distance' Hit No. 1 on Rock RadioLooks like "Distance" found a place on Mammoth WVH's self-titled album! The immense support from everyone at radio who played the song and all of the fans who called requesting it has been more than I could have imagined," Van Halen said in a press release. Last month, Van Halen went on Today to talk about the song and perform it. Mammoth WVH is set to feature 14 songs, all of which Van Halen wrote, sang and performed on his own as he "set to establish his own musical identity."
Stars Who Have Done Their Own Stunts: Photos
Tom Cruise, Jennifer Garner and Jennifer Lawrence are among the stars who often perform their own stunts in their action-packed films. The Top Gun star is known for his dedication to stunt work, even when it leads to injury. Take me to [the] hospital.’”Cruise returned to filming before he was completely mended — and continued to perform his own stunts. The actress’ longtime stunt double, Shauna Duggins, told Variety in August 2018 that the Peppermint star did 98 percent of her own stunts in the film. You feel her pain every time she takes a punch — you see her face feel the pain.”Scroll to see which other stars perform their own stunts!
How Katherine Heigl Talks to Her Daughters About Their Biological Mothers
Katherine Heigl is honest with her daughters about their biological families. We don’t have any information about your biological fathers, but we do have a bit about your biological mothers,’” the Grey’s Anatomy alum explained. “‘If you guys want to talk more about them, you can have as much or as little information as you want. I think dogs, especially, are the perfect companions. Old dogs, especially, are my thing.”
Lori Loughlin Spotted for the 1st Time Since Prison Release
Lori Loughlin was spotted for the first time on Tuesday, March 2, after completing her two-month prison sentence for her role in the college scandal. Loughlin completed her prison sentence in December 2020. Us Weekly broke the news last month that Loughlin completed her 100 hours of community service, while Giannulli must complete his 250 hours upon release. “She’s been working with children who have learning disabilities and has found it very fulfilling,” a source told Us last month. I went along will the plan to give my daughters an unfair advantage in the college admissions process,” Loughlin said on August 21, 2020.
Our 21 Absolute Favorite Spring Dresses — All Under $50 on Amazon
The sun is shining well past 5 p.m. — and all we want to wear are dresses, dresses and more dresses! Our 21 Absolute Favorite Spring Dresses on AmazonBoho DressesWe’ve been waiting all winter long to break out our boho styles. Our Absolute Favorite: We have to give our top spot to this Amazon bestseller! Our Absolute Favorite: This dress is another favorite of thousands of Amazon shoppers. Our Absolute Favorite: Slip dresses are one of our favorite styles, especially when they have a cowl neckline and ruching — just like this one from Gmeitoey!
Blake Horstmann on Navigating Relationships With ‘Bachelor’ Producers
Every member of Bachelor Nation has a different experience on the ABC franchise and Blake Horstmann joined Us Weekly’s “Here for the Right Reasons” podcast to share his behind-the-scenes stories while recapping Matt James‘ The Bachelor: The Women Tell All. “It’s just such a crazy environment, especially The Bachelor or Bachelorette because it’s a little longer than [Bachelor in] Paradise, obviously. But you do start to build a relationship with your producer or producers,” Blake, 31, said on Tuesday, March 2. So no, I don’t necessarily regret it.”Blake added that he’s advised past Bachelorette contestants who got a “good edit” not to go on Bachelor in Paradise. “It’s easy to fall from the peak than it is in the middle,” the Bachelorette season 14 runner-up told Us.
Kendall Jenner, Devin Booker Care About Each Other ‘Immensely’
Kendall Jenner and Devin Booker’s romance is going strong after becoming Instagram official last month. The model, 25, and the basketball star, 24, first sparked romance speculation in April 2020 while on a road trip to Sedona, Arizona. They “care about one another immensely, but it’s not like they will be getting engaged any time soon,” the source says. Kendall likes to have her own personal time and spend time with her family,” the source tells Us. Jenner is also aware of how “important” and “grueling” Booker’s basketball career and schedule can be.
Pregnant Shawn Johnson, Andrew East’s Beach Babymoon Pics
Shawn Johnson East and Andrew East began their oceanside vacation on Wednesday, March 3. #babyeast,” Shawn wrote via Instagram at the time. “It’s been a long two weeks of RSV (respiratory syncytial virus) with [my 14-month-old daughter], Drew, and now this. Drink an extra water tonight and wash your hands.”The Dancing With the Stars alum, who has since recovered, became a mom in November 2019 when daughter Drew was born. “Feet ache and bellies are full,” Shawn gushed via Instagram in June 2019, posting pics of their beach visits, garden walks and more.
Kourtney Kardashian Recommends This $28 Kopari Coconut Melt
We went into the article intrigued, and we left the article with this Kopari melt in our shopping cart! View this post on Instagram A post shared by Kourtney Kardashian (@kourtneykardash)Get the Kopari 100% Organic Coconut Melt for just $28 with free shipping! This coconut melt is known as “the holy grail of hydration.” It consists of 100% organic, unrefined coconut oil…and that’s it. Get the Kopari 100% Organic Coconut Melt for just $28 with free shipping! Get the Kopari 100% Organic Coconut Melt for just $28 with free shipping!
Katherine Heigl and Josh Kelley's Adorable Family
Katherine Heigl and Josh Kelley have a home life full of love with daughters Naleigh and Adalaide and son Joshua. Take a peek inside the lasting couple’s precious family.
‘Parenthood’ Cast: Where Are They Now?
Parenthood made a family out of its cast — both on screen and off. I’m in contact with all of the people on the show.”He continued: “I still see Dax a lot and Mae. Every now and then I’ll have a text back and forth with Craig T. … And I’m really proud of Max Burkholder, who was accepted into Harvard. “What’s so ironic is you make a decision like that and then, weirdly, you’re rewarded,” he explained. Scroll through the gallery below to see where the cast of Parenthood is today!
Prince Harry, Meghan Markle Interview: Everything to Know
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are due to sit down for a televised tell-all interview like none royal fanatics have seen before. A preview for the special showed Harry, 36, wearing the same gray suit he wore to son Archie‘s July 2019 christening, while the pregnant former Suits actress, 39, donned a black dress with floral accents over her growing baby bump. The following year, she died in a car crash after being chased by paparazzi in Paris. Harry and Meghan made their decision to step down from the royal family official in February. They did not cite a reason for their departure but may open up about it during their CBS tell-all interview.
This Affordable Polka Dot Top Is a Sweet Update to the Classic Style
Get the Floerns Women’s Long Sleeve Print Button Down Blouse for prices starting at just $14, available at Amazon! The top comes in a slew of different shades, which all have the dainty white polka dot pattern sprinkled throughout! Get the Floerns Women’s Long Sleeve Print Button Down Blouse for prices starting at just $14, available at Amazon! This top is definitely one of our favorite fresh takes on the standard button-down blouse! See it: Get the Floerns Women’s Long Sleeve Print Button Down Blouse for prices starting at just $14, available at Amazon!
Pregnant Lala Kent Stuns in Nude Maternity Shoot Photos
Pregnant Lala Kent shared stunning maternity shoot photos with her Instagram followers on Wednesday, March 3. Fellow pregnant reality star Brittany Cartwright commented with heart-eye emojis. Kent has previously posed nude while showing her pregnancy progress. “I just assumed I’m having a boy,” the Give Them Lala Beauty creator explained at the time. “For the next three weeks, I would continue to randomly bleed and each time, I would call my OB and be beside myself,” the pregnant star wrote.
Nordstrom Has So Many Top Beauty Brands on Major Sale Right Now
The site’s beauty section is boasting some serious deals right now covering all types of products from ultra-popular brands. Get the Laura Mercier Kisses From the Balcony Lip Glacé Set (originally $45) for just $29 at Nordstrom with free shipping! Get the T3 Volume 3-Inch Ceramic Coated Round Brush (originally $40) for just $32 at Nordstrom with free shipping! Get the Erno Laszlo Merry & Bright-Eyed Set (originally $65) for just $49 at Nordstrom with free shipping! Get the Kopari Full Size Coconut Deodorant Set (originally $32) for just $22 at Nordstrom with free shipping!
Kim Kardashian Keeping Hidden Hills Home in Kanye West Divorce
Kim Kardashian will keep the family home in Hidden Hills, California, a source confirms to Us Weekly. Kanye West designed the home but spent the majority of 2020 in Wyoming amid marriage struggles with the KKW Beauty founder. She filed for divorce from the rapper, 43, on February 19, after nearly seven years of marriage. The duo went through many ups and downs over the years, the first low point occurring four years into their marriage. Shortly after, a source told Us that the Skims designer began meeting with divorce attorneys.
RHOD’s Tiffany Moon Goes Grocery Shopping in Jovani Dress: Video
Moon, 36, is dressed to the nines for a food shop at 99 Ranch Market, an Asian food supermarket. The anesthesiologist conducts her grocery shop, which includes “essentials” like beer and dim sum, to the beat of “Feeling Jovani” by Real Housewives of New York’s Luann de Lesseps. On Friday, February 26, Us Weekly confirmed that a Real Housewives mashup show is in the works at NBCUniversal’s streaming service, Peacock. This news follows the announcement that Peacock will be reviving The Real Housewives of Miami, which originally ran on Bravo from 2011 to 2013. But an insider tells Us that “they have started interviewing a bunch of different women.
Alice Evans Is Heartbroken, Scared After Ioan Gruffudd Divorce
Alice Evans opened up about her relationship with estranged husband Ioan Gruffudd, claiming she was blindsided by his divorce filing earlier this month. Us Weekly confirmed via court documents on Tuesday, March 2, that the Titanic actor, 47, filed for divorce from Evans, 49, at a Los Angeles courthouse one day prior. I’m scared that my little girls will be disappointed by their Dads behavior and model that in their future relations with the opposite sex,” she explained. “I’m also scared of my ex-husband’s response to the fact that I had commented on his sudden decision to serve me. Love all round, not hate.”Evans’ Instagram comments came after Gruffudd filed for divorce earlier this week after 13 years of marriage.
Pregnant Shawn Johnson, Andrew East’s Portugal Babymoon
As she nears the end of her pregnancy, Shawn Johnson enjoyed a romantic Portugal babymoon with her husband, Andrew East. “Straight off the plane in Portugal,” the Olympian, 27, captioned a Friday, June 21, Instagram upload in the city of Porto. Portugal… we love you!”Over the next week, the pregnant gymnast and the professional football player, also 27, posted pics from their vacation. The couple, who tied the knot in 2016, announced in April that they are pregnant with their first child together after suffering a miscarriage in October 2017. I know God’s got a plan for us.”Keep scrolling to see how Johnson and East celebrated their little one’s impending arrival in Portugal.
Everyone’s Wearing Fuzzy Birkenstocks — How to Get the Look for Less
Please note, prices are accurate at the date of publication, March 3, 2021, but are subject to change. Please note, prices are accurate at the date of publication, March 3, 2021, but are subject to change. Get the Bonsai Sandals Womens Sheepskin Sandals for $69, available at Amazon! Please note, prices are accurate at the date of publication, March 3, 2021, but are subject to change. Please note, prices are accurate at the date of publication, March 3, 2021, but are subject to change.
Sister Wives' Kody Brown, Meri Brown's Relationship Timeline
No relationship is perfect — and the stars of Sister Wives aren’t afraid to admit it. After more than 20 years of marriage, Kody and Meri Brown have worked their way out of more than one major rough patch. The couple tied the knot in April 1990 before Kody introduced three more wives — Janelle, Christine and Robyn Brown — into their family. The case was eventually dismissed by the U.S. Court of Appeals in 2016 — but the concept of a plural family has sparked plenty of criticism from the show’s audience. Things between Kody and his spouses took a big turn in September 2014 when he divorced Meri in an effort to “legally restructure” their brood.
Kendall Jenner’s Family Is ‘Fond’ of Boyfriend Devin Booker
Kendall Jenner’s family is supportive of her relationship with Devin Booker, a source exclusively tells Us Weekly. “The Kardashian clan is fond of him for sure,” the insider says. The source adds that the Kardashians “respect Kendall’s decision to not jump into an engagement” and instead just “enjoy these moments” with her boyfriend. The reality star squad “just want her to be happy with whomever she’s with,” the insider says. Earlier this month, a source exclusively told Us that Jenner “likes the pace at which things are going at the moment” with Booker, who was previously in a relationship with Kylie Jenner’s former BFF Jordyn Woods.
Summer House’s Hannah Berner and Fiance Des Bishop’s Relationship Timeline
Hannah Berner started seeing now-fiancé Des Bishop before she began filming season 5 of Summer House in 2020, but that didn’t stop her on-again, off-again romance with costar Luke Gulbranson from becoming a point of contention in the Hamptons house. Berner and Gulbranson met while filming season 4 of the Bravo show. After hooking up during the 2019 season, the pair kept in touch but had different ideas of their status. Berner, who noted that they talked on the phone almost daily, replied, ”I think there’s a difference between chemistry and compatibility. Maybe she thought it was something else, but, you know, I was under the impression that Hannah was actually was seeing somebody and had been seeing people.
Buckingham Palace Responds to Meghan Markle Bullying Allegations
Buckingham Palace released a statement in response to claims Meghan Markle bullied two staff members before stepping down from her royal duties in 2020. The royal household said on Wednesday, March 3, it was looking into the accusations and detailed its workplace policy. The newspaper said its staff was approached by royal palace aides who claimed that one of the 39-year-old Suits alum’s former advisers had filed a bullying complaint against her as she and Prince Harry, 36, were leaving Kensington Palace. Meghan and Harry’s communications team denied the allegation in a statement to The Times. “Let’s just call this what it is — a calculated smear campaign based on misleading and harmful misinformation,” the statement read.
Bachelor's Serena Pitt Weighs In On 'Upsetting' Chris Harrison Drama
When it comes to Chris Harrison‘s controversial Extra interview, Bachelor alum Serena Pitt isn’t ready to simply forgive and forget. While she admitted that she would “definitely consider” the opportunity if it came her way, there’s one major detail that’s giving her pause. At the time, Harrison defended contestant Rachael Kirkconnell, who came under fire for past racially insensitive social media activity. “She conducted herself with class and professionalism, having to sit there and conduct that interview,” the publicist said on Tuesday. “It shed a lot of light on issues on the franchise and beyond the franchise.
Danica Patrick Posts About Change After Aaron Rodgers’ Engagement
Danica Patrick shared a lengthy message about change, relationships and inner peace as her ex-boyfriend Aaron Rodgers continues to make headlines for his engagement to Shailene Woodley. What kept coming through in all of my thoughts, meditations, and in my innate knowing … the word is an analogy. There are a million simple sayings and ideas to prove why YOUR inner temple in so important,” Patrick wrote. When you change, things you see change. Like, I never thought as a little girl … ‘Yeah, when I grow up, I’m gonna marry someone who throws balls!
Sputnik V's mass Europe rollout gets backing from Macron and Merkel amid major delays
Added: 03.03.2021 12:01 | 24 views | 0 commentsAN INVESTMENT boss who is financing Russia's Sputnik V vaccine is hopeful that the jab will be used in Europe as he has received support from Macron and Merkel.
Macron warned 'no renegotiating' possible for nuclear deal as Iran ramps up 'animosity'
Macron warned 'no renegotiating' possible for nuclear deal as Iran ramps up 'animosity'Added: 03.03.2021 11:13 | 24 views | 0 commentsPRESIDENT MACRON has suffered a diplomatic slapdown after being warned by Tehran that the 2015 nuclear deal is not up for renegotiation.
Greece earthquake: Monster 6.2 magnitude quake rocks major city
Added: 03.03.2021 10:32 | 26 views | 0 commentsGREECE has been struck by a whopping 6.2 magnitude earthquake near the country's capital.
Ancient Chinese village remerges after 40 years underwater
Added: 03.03.2021 10:31 | 21 views | 0 commentsCHINA's ancient village in Ningbo has reappeared on the surface after it was submerged by a local reservoir for 40 years.
Netherlands election polls: Geert Wilders' popularity on the rise
Added: 03.03.2021 9:53 | 21 views | 0 commentsTHE DUTCH general election 2021 will take place on March 17, as Geert Wilders attempts to take on Mark Rutte once again but what do the latest polls reveal?
Former ‘Real Housewives of New Jersey’ Stars: Where Are They Now?
You can take the girl out of New Jersey, but you can’t take the Jersey out of the girl! The Real Housewives of New Jersey franchise has seen many of its stars leave the world behind over the years — and Us Weekly is taking a trip down memory lane and checking in on where they are now. “There wasn’t a final straw, the burden became too heavy in my personal life,” Manzo told Bravo’s The Daily Dish in January 2021. I want to thank Andy Cohen and Bravo for the opportunity they gave me on The Real Housewives of New Jersey,” she wrote at the time. I love helping people and that’s what I am going to continue to do.”Scroll through the gallery below for an update on where former Real Housewives of New Jersey stars are now:
Christie Brinkley Swears by Anti-Aging Beauty Wand
If you ask Us, the ever-gorgeous Christie Brinkley is glowing 24/7. In fact, she ended up loving one product from SBLA Beauty so much, she landed a partnership with the brand. “I was starting to get very faint neck lines and they seemed to vanish after using the wand,” Brinkley tells Us over email. “They’re starting to listen — my message is finally getting through,” says Brinkley about her daughters’ sunscreen habits. Everything on the outside is no good if you are not kind and loving on the inside.”The SBLA Beauty Neck, Chin and Jawline Sculpting Wand retails for $89 and is available on
The nefarious issue that tanked Biden Cabinet nominee Neera Tanden
Added: 03.03.2021 21:18 | 4 views | 0 commentsTanden's confirmation failure makes her the first Cabinet pick to be disqualified. It's no coincidence that she's an Asian American woman.
Hospital staff missed her cancer — then went to great lengths to cover it up, lawyers say
Hospital staff missed her cancer — then went to great lengths to cover it up, lawyers sayAdded: 03.03.2021 20:30 | 11 views | 0 commentsKim Johnson is not only battling a deadly disease, but also a health system that went to extraordinary lengths to hide an error, her lawyers say.
The Seuss debate isn't 'cancel culture.' It's the GOP's beloved free market at work.
Added: 03.03.2021 20:20 | 12 views | 0 commentsThe escalating rhetoric on so-called "cancel culture" is conservatives' way of saying they are losing power in society and they want someone to stop that.
Jahmil French, 'Degrassi' star, dead at 29
Added: 03.03.2021 20:19 | 12 views | 0 commentsThe actor was best known for playing Dave Turner in the Canadian teen drama "Degrassi: The Next Generation."
Iraq attack: US airbase hit by '13 rockets' – just two days before Pope Francis' visit
Iraq attack: US airbase hit by '13 rockets' – just two days before Pope Francis' visitAdded: 03.03.2021 16:17 | 18 views | 0 commentsAN IRAQI airbase hosting both US and coalition forces has been hit by at least 10 rockets, according to military insiders.
Macron urged to apologise to UK over false Oxford jab claims – 'His stupidity cost lives!'
Macron urged to apologise to UK over false Oxford jab claims – 'His stupidity cost lives!' Added: 03.03.2021 14:29 | 24 views | 0 commentsEMMANUEL MACRON has been urged to apologise to the UK after France wrongly claimed the AstraZeneca/Oxford University vaccine was ineffective for over-65s.
'What am I doing here?' Biden becomes disoriented during Texas visit in concerning video
'What am I doing here?' Biden becomes disoriented during Texas visit in concerning videoAdded: 03.03.2021 13:17 | 10 views | 0 commentsWATCH the moment Joe Biden appeared to become disoriented as he asked "what am I doing here?" during a visit to Texas.
'Total s**tshow!' Merkel's deputy hits out at EU in extraordinary Cabinet tantrum
'Total s**tshow!' Merkel's deputy hits out at EU in extraordinary Cabinet tantrumAdded: 03.03.2021 13:17 | 14 views | 0 commentsANGELA Merkel's Vice Chancellor, Olaf Scholz, dismissed the EU's vaccine rollout as a "total s**tshow", it has emerged, as criticism of Brussels' strategy continues to mount.
Covid test centre explosion: Huge blast in Holland as cases rise
Added: 03.03.2021 13:17 | 21 views | 0 commentsA HUGE explosion has taken place at a Covid test centre in the Netherlands, with police suspecting a pipe bomb was used in a deliberate attack.
ISIS terrorists gun down three 'innocent girls' who worked for Afghan TV: 'No one is safe'
ISIS terrorists gun down three 'innocent girls' who worked for Afghan TV: 'No one is safe'Added: 03.03.2021 12:03 | 21 views | 0 commentsTHE ISLAMIC State has claimed responsibility for gunning down three innocent women who worked for an Aghanisatan TV station.
Budget 2021: Economy to recover 'six months faster than forecast'
Budget 2021: Economy to recover 'six months faster than forecast'Added: 03.03.2021 13:43 | 22 views | 0 commentsHowever, the chancellor says repairing the long-term economic damage from Covid "will take time".
Budget 2021: 10 ways Rishi Sunak's speech affects you
Added: 03.03.2021 13:41 | 22 views | 0 commentsChancellor Rishi Sunak's Budget is packed with policies that will affect your finances. Here is a guide.
Budget 2021: Key points at-a-glance
Budget 2021: Key points at-a-glanceAdded: 03.03.2021 13:10 | 23 views | 0 commentsSource: Sunak is delivering his annual Budget in the House of Commons. Here's what you need to know. More in »
Budget 2021: Rishi Sunak hails 'swifter and more sustained' recovery
Added: 03.03.2021 13:10 | 22 views | 0 commentsHowever, the chancellor says repairing the long-term economic damage from Covid "will take time".
Budget 2021: Rishi Sunak sets out economic recovery plan
Added: 03.03.2021 12:36 | 25 views | 0 commentsThe chancellor is delivering his first Budget since the coronavirus pandemic was declared, in the Commons.
Changes to Obamacare are hiding in plain sight in the $1.9 trillion Covid relief bill
Changes to Obamacare are hiding in plain sight in the $1.9 trillion Covid relief billAdded: 03.03.2021 21:18 | 7 views | 0 commentsDemocrats are proposing big changes to the Affordable Care Act. Here's why the debate is less fierce this time.
Anti-Trump Republicans are facing punishment at home. But don't call it a civil war.
Anti-Trump Republicans are facing punishment at home. But don't call it a civil war. Added: 03.03.2021 21:18 | 6 views | 0 comments“The only division is between a handful of Washington, D.C., establishment political hacks and everybody else all over the country," Trump said Sunday.
Why 'cancel culture' doesn't apply to the reckoning with Dr. Seuss' racist imagery
Why 'cancel culture' doesn't apply to the reckoning with Dr. Seuss' racist imageryAdded: 03.03.2021 21:18 | 6 views | 0 commentsCritics are condemning a decision to stop publishing six Dr. Seuss books, as experts say a reckoning with his racist works is long overdue.
Budget 2021: Million more set to pay income tax by 2026
Budget 2021: Million more set to pay income tax by 2026Added: 03.03.2021 16:18 | 14 views | 0 commentsPeople who get a pay rise between this April and 2026 may find themselves paying a higher rate of tax.
Budget 2021: Relief extended for businesses on rates and VAT
Budget 2021: Relief extended for businesses on rates and VATAdded: 03.03.2021 16:18 | 10 views | 0 commentsPubs and restaurants see VAT cut and rates relief extended as non-essential retail is given more help.
Waste food: What do you do with 86 tonnes of celeriac?
Waste food: What do you do with 86 tonnes of celeriac? Added: 03.03.2021 16:18 | 9 views | 0 commentsWith hospitality closed during lockdown, charities and apps are stepping in to help cut food waste.
'Farms are going to need different kinds of robots'
'Farms are going to need different kinds of robots'Added: 03.03.2021 16:18 | 20 views | 0 commentsA growing number of tech firms are helping farmers better look after their animals and crops.
Budget 2021: Tax on company profits to rise to 25%
Budget 2021: Tax on company profits to rise to 25%Added: 03.03.2021 15:17 | 11 views | 0 commentsCorporation tax will rise from 2023, but there is relief for small firms and breaks for companies that invest.
Stamp duty holiday extended to end of June
Added: 03.03.2021 15:17 | 14 views | 0 commentsAfter June there will be tapered relief for the next three months, the chancellor announces.
Budget 2021: Sunak announces extension to universal credit £20 top up
Budget 2021: Sunak announces extension to universal credit £20 top upAdded: 03.03.2021 15:17 | 19 views | 0 commentsRishi Sunak announces a temporary extension to universal credit until September as part of pandemic support.
Budget 2021: Rishi Sunak vows to 'protect jobs and livelihoods'
Added: 03.03.2021 14:08 | 25 views | 0 commentsThe chancellor extends furlough for workers - and sets out plans to increase business taxes in his Budget.
Budget 2021: Business rates holiday extended to June
Added: 03.03.2021 14:00 | 23 views | 0 commentsThe chancellor's business rates holiday for England will run for another three months.
An ‘Unprecedented’ Effort to Stop the Coronavirus in Nursing Homes
An ‘Unprecedented’ Effort to Stop the Coronavirus in Nursing HomesAdded: 20.08.2020 15:03 | 8 views | 0 commentsResearchers are testing an experimental drug to halt sudden outbreaks. The trial may bring a new type of treatment for the virus.
College Officials Clamp Down on Student Behavior Over Covid-19 Fears
College Officials Clamp Down on Student Behavior Over Covid-19 FearsAdded: 20.08.2020 10:27 | 12 views | 0 commentsJoe Biden criticized President Trump’s virus response and outlined a strategy to fight the pandemic. Overburdened health care specialists are finding themselves on the front lines as schools reopen.
Pediatrics Group Offers ‘Long Overdue’ Apology for Racist Past
Pediatrics Group Offers ‘Long Overdue’ Apology for Racist PastAdded: 20.08.2020 10:00 | 8 views | 0 commentsSource: www.aao.orgThe American Academy of Pediatrics recently joined other prominent medical organizations in confronting its history of discrimination. More in »
Budget 2021: Rishi Sunak vows to protect jobs but tax hikes loom
Added: 03.03.2021 21:17 | 15 views | 0 commentsThe chancellor says his Budget can rescue the Covid-ravaged economy, as UK faces highest tax burden since 1960s.
Budget 2021: Rishi Sunak's plan to protect jobs and increase taxes
Added: 03.03.2021 19:18 | 17 views | 0 commentsThe chancellor says he can rescue the UK's Covid-ravaged economy but warns it will "take time" in his Budget.
Budget 2021: Rishi Sunak warns tax rises to follow spending spree
Added: 03.03.2021 18:23 | 7 views | 0 commentsThe UK economy is expected to recover six months faster than expected from the pandemic, the chancellor says.
Budget 2021: Covid deaths set to cut state pension costs
Added: 03.03.2021 18:23 | 6 views | 0 commentsForecasts suggests inheritance tax receipts will also rise, partly due to over-65s dying of Covid
Budget 2021: No 'green revolution' from Sunak
Added: 03.03.2021 18:23 | 8 views | 0 commentsGreen measures such as a change to the Bank of England's remit do not go far enough, critics say.
Drug target could fight Parkinson's and Alzheimer's disease
Added: 03.03.2021 14:04 | 22 views | 0 commentsNeurodegenerative disorders such as Parkinson's and Alzheimer's disease are in the firing line after researchers identified an attractive therapeutic drug target.
In Pandemic, More Are Paying for Direct Access to Their Doctors
In Pandemic, More Are Paying for Direct Access to Their DoctorsAdded: 21.08.2020 14:00 | 10 views | 0 commentsConcierge care has grown fast as patients no longer want to sit in a waiting room with strangers. But it comes at a high price.
Covid-19 Live Updates: Colleges Lash Out at Students Breaking Campus Virus Rules
Covid-19 Live Updates: Colleges Lash Out at Students Breaking Campus Virus RulesAdded: 21.08.2020 10:16 | 10 views | 0 commentsN.C. State will shift instruction online, and other universities cautioned young people as they returned to class.
Ann Syrdal, Who Helped Give Computers a Female Voice, Dies at 74
Added: 20.08.2020 21:49 | 11 views | 0 commentsAs a researcher at AT&T, she helped lay the groundwork for modern digital assistants like Siri and Alexa.
Drug Pitched to Trump for Covid-19 Comes From a Deadly Plant
Drug Pitched to Trump for Covid-19 Comes From a Deadly PlantAdded: 20.08.2020 20:10 | 12 views | 0 commentsSource: chief executive of My Pillow, a Trump donor, claims oleandrin is a miracle cure for Covid-19. But no studies have shown that it is safe or effective, and the shrub it’s derived from is poisonous. More in »
Loss of Greenland Ice Sheet Reached a Record Last Year
Added: 20.08.2020 16:01 | 9 views | 0 commentsThe ice loss in 2019 was more than twice the annual average since 2003, scientists said.
U.S. Mail Delays Slow Delivery of Medicines
Added: 20.08.2020 19:33 | 11 views | 0 commentsIn addition to concerns over mail-in voting, the cost-cutting at the Postal Service affects the millions of people who get their prescriptions by mail.
Cutting-edge analysis of prehistoric teeth sheds new light on the diets of lizards and snakes
Cutting-edge analysis of prehistoric teeth sheds new light on the diets of lizards and snakesAdded: 03.03.2021 16:18 | 20 views | 0 commentsNew research has revealed that the diets of early lizards and snakes, which lived alongside dinosaurs around 100 million years ago, were more varied and advanced than previously thought.
Animals fake death for long periods to escape predators
Added: 03.03.2021 16:18 | 12 views | 0 commentsMany animals feign death to try to escape their predators, with some individuals in prey species remaining motionless, if in danger, for extended lengths of time.
New generation of tiny, agile drones introduced
Added: 03.03.2021 14:35 | 22 views | 0 commentsResearchers developed an insect-size drone with soft actuators -- akin to muscles -- that are agile and resilient to collisions. The advance could boost aerial robots' repertoire, allowing them to operate in cramped spaces and withstand collisions.
Key steps discovered in production of critical immune cell
Key steps discovered in production of critical immune cellAdded: 03.03.2021 14:34 | 22 views | 0 commentsSource: have uncovered a process cells use to fight off infection and cancer that could pave the way for precision cancer immunotherapy treatment. Through gaining a better understanding of how this process works, researchers hope to be able to determine a way of tailoring immunotherapy to better fight cancer. This research lays the foundation for future studies into the body's response to environmental stressors, such as injury, infection or cancer, at a single cell level. More in » Cher Tags: Cancer
Novel drug prevents amyloid plaques, a hallmark of Alzheimer's disease
Added: 03.03.2021 16:18 | 13 views | 0 commentsResearchers have identified a new drug that could prevent AD by modulating, rather than inhibiting, a key enzyme involved in forming amyloid plaques.
Cooperative eco-driving automation improves energy efficiency and safety
Cooperative eco-driving automation improves energy efficiency and safetyAdded: 03.03.2021 16:18 | 11 views | 0 commentsConnected, automated vehicles promise to save energy and improve safety. Engineers propose a modeling framework for cooperative driving. Simulation results show that the cooperative automated eco-driving algorithm saves energy -- 7% under light traffic and 23% under heavy traffic. More in »
Environmental impact of computation and the future of green computing
Environmental impact of computation and the future of green computingAdded: 03.03.2021 16:18 | 15 views | 0 commentsSource: news.nationalgeographic.comEvery aspect of modern computing, from the smallest chip to the largest data center comes with a carbon price tag. The tech industry and the field of computation as a whole have focused on building smaller, faster, more powerful devices -- but few have considered their overall environmental impact. Researchers are trying to change that by challenging the field to add carbon footprint to the list of metrics when designing new processes, new computing systems, new hardware, and new ways to use devices. More in » Cher, Ice T Tags: Greece
Food for thought: New maps reveal how brains are kept nourished
Food for thought: New maps reveal how brains are kept nourishedAdded: 03.03.2021 16:18 | 12 views | 0 commentsScientists have created new brain maps featuring unprecedented detail. The insights provided by the new maps are helping answer questions about blood supply and how more active parts of the brain are kept nourished versus less demanding areas.
Weight loss drug hope for patients with type 2 diabetes
Weight loss drug hope for patients with type 2 diabetesAdded: 03.03.2021 16:18 | 13 views | 0 commentsSource: www.drugdevelopment-technology.comPatients with type 2 diabetes that were treated with a weekly injection of the breakthrough drug Semaglutide were able to achieve an average weight loss of nearly 10kg, according to a new study. More in »
Subseafloor Microbial Communities Survive on Products of Radioactive Process, Study Suggests
Added: 03.03.2021 19:03 | 15 views | 0 commentsRadionuclides are ubiquitous in sediment and rock, where their decay leads to the production of hydrogen and oxidized chemicals via radiolysis of water; these radiolytic products provide the dominant fuel for microbial activity in marine sediment older than a few million years; they may also be significant for sustaining life in subseafloor sediment and subsurface [...]
Fruit and Vegetable Consumption Could Lead to Longer Life
Added: 03.03.2021 16:56 | 16 views | 0 commentsA team of U.S. researchers has found an inverse association between fruit and vegetable intake and mortality in two large prospective cohorts, the Nurses’ Health Study (NHS) and the Health Professionals Follow-up Study (HPFS), with detailed and repeated dietary measurements and long follow-up; the lowest risk of mortality was observed for approximately five daily servings [...]
Unlocking kelp’s potential as a major biofuel source
Added: 03.03.2021 16:18 | 12 views | 0 commentsA device called the 'kelp elevator' tested on the Southern California coast grows the energy-rich algae four times faster than nature, proving the potential for mass-produced seaweed to power vehicles with biofuel harvested from the ocean.
Indoor air quality study shows aircraft in flight may have lowest particulate levels
Added: 03.03.2021 16:18 | 14 views | 0 commentsIf you're looking for an indoor space with a low level of particulate air pollution, a commercial airliner flying at cruising altitude may be your best option. A newly reported study of air quality in indoor spaces such as stores, restaurants, offices, public transportation -- and commercial jets -- shows aircraft cabins with the lowest levels of tiny aerosol particles.
'Space hurricane' in Earth's upper atmosphere discovered
Added: 03.03.2021 16:18 | 15 views | 0 commentsAnalysis of observations made by satellites in 2014 has revealed a long-lasting 'space hurricane' -- a swirling mass of plasma several hundred kilometers above the North Pole, raining electrons instead of water.
Dethroning electrocatalysts for hydrogen production with inexpensive alternative material
Added: 03.03.2021 16:18 | 14 views | 0 commentsScientists have discovered a new electrocatalyst for the oxygen evolution reaction (OER) in electrochemical water splitting: CaFe2O4. This inexpensive, non-toxic, and easy-to-synthesize material outperforms other bimetallic OER electrocatalysts and even surpasses the benchmark set by iridium oxide, paving the way to accessible hydrogen generation for upcoming hydrogen societies.
Male Superb Lyrebirds Imitate Alarm Calls of Mobbing Flocks to Lure Potential Mates
Added: 03.03.2021 20:23 | 11 views | 0 commentsDuring their song and dance displays, male superb lyrebirds (Menura novaehollandiae) create an elaborate acoustic illusion of a mixed-species flock of birds, according to new research. The superb lyrebird is a large, pheasant-sized species of passerine bird native to Australia. Male superb lyrebirds display their tail feathers and mimic other birds’ calls during courtship dances.
Color blindness-correcting contact lenses
Color blindness-correcting contact lensesAdded: 03.03.2021 19:26 | 10 views | 0 commentsSource: connectedarena.comImagine seeing the world in muted shades -- gray sky, gray grass. Some people with color blindness see everything this way, though most can't see specific colors. Tinted glasses can help, but they can't be used to correct blurry vision. And dyed contact lenses currently in development for the condition are potentially harmful and unstable. Now researchers report infusing contact lenses with gold nanoparticles to create a safer way to see colors.
Journey of a skull: How a single human cranium wound up alone in a cave in Italy
Journey of a skull: How a single human cranium wound up alone in a cave in ItalyAdded: 03.03.2021 19:25 | 11 views | 0 commentsA lone cranium in an Italian cave wound up there after being washed away from its original burial site, according to a new study.
John Kerry has a warning for Big Oil
Added: 03.03.2021 15:17 | 8 views | 0 commentsJohn Kerry had some tough talk for the leaders of Big Oil. The message: embrace clean energy or get left behind.
Vaccines and stimulus are a powerful cocktail for the US recovery
Vaccines and stimulus are a powerful cocktail for the US recoveryAdded: 03.03.2021 13:11 | 20 views | 0 commentsThose betting on an economic boom in the United States this spring and summer just got a dose of very good news.
Exclusive: Wall Street is in for a rude awakening, former NY Fed president says
Exclusive: Wall Street is in for a rude awakening, former NY Fed president saysAdded: 03.03.2021 11:41 | 18 views | 0 commentsWall Street threw a fit last week when Treasury rates spiked. The stock market tanked and investors feared the economy was overheating. Former New York Fed President Bill Dudley is warning that the temper tantrums are only just beginning.
Lawmakers raise concerns over reports of National Guard troops being served 'raw, moldy food' at Capitol
Added: 03.03.2021 10:14 | 17 views | 0 commentsA bipartisan group of members of Michigan's congressional delegation sent the chief of the National Guard a letter Tuesday complaining about the food being provided to members of the state's National Guard while stationed at the US Capitol.
Scientists Digitally Unfold 300-Year-Old Sealed Letters
Scientists Digitally Unfold 300-Year-Old Sealed LettersAdded: 03.03.2021 21:04 | 10 views | 0 commentsUsing a highly sensitive X-ray microtomography scanner, a team of researchers has scanned four unopened letters from the Brienne Collection, a 17th-century postal trunk full of undelivered mail. The letter is one of the most important communication technologies in human history. Before the proliferation of mass-produced envelopes in the 1830s, most letters were sent via [...] More in » Cher, Seal Tags: Scientists
Republicans condemned Trump after the Capitol attack. Now they are opening the door to him as the future of the party.
Republicans condemned Trump after the Capitol attack. Now they are opening the door to him as the future of the party.
A handful of fraud allegations have spurred hundreds of proposed laws limiting voting access
A handful of fraud allegations have spurred hundreds of proposed laws limiting voting accessAdded: 03.03.2021 15:17 | 20 views | 0 commentsThere's a stark imbalance in the response, for obvious reasons.
Alamo Drafthouse files for bankruptcy
Added: 03.03.2021 21:17 | 9 views | 0 commentsAlamo Drafthouse, the movie theater chain beloved by fans for its boozy milkshakes, theme nights and strict no-talking rules, has filed for bankruptcy protection.
Opinion: We desperately need a global Covid vaccine plan to stop more deaths
Added: 03.03.2021 19:18 | 16 views | 0 commentsEven though the US death toll stemming from the coronavirus is declining and the Biden administration is putting the pedal to the metal with vaccination efforts, a spate of new virus mutations is causing alarm within the medical and scientific community -- and for good reason.
Leaving Las Vegas: Sands is selling its casinos in a $6.25 billion deal
Added: 03.03.2021 16:18 | 8 views | 0 commentsLas Vegas Sands Corp., the upscale resort and casino company founded by the late Sheldon Adelson, is leaving its namesake city and selling its two Nevada properties in a $6.25 billion deal.
Live updates: Biden blasts ‘Neanderthal thinking’ of governors who lifted covid-19 mandates in Texas, Mississippi
Added: 03.03.2021 20:18 | 10 views | 0 commentsThe president held a bipartisan meeting on fighting cancer at the White House as senators head from U.S. defense and law enforcement officials about the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol.
The complex ‘bipartisanship’ driving the coronavirus relief bill
Added: 03.03.2021 19:18 | 14 views | 0 commentsNew polling shows that the bill is popular — but that Americans are open to some efforts to gain Republican support.
New York Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo says he will not resign, offers new apology for his behavior with women
New York Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo says he will not resign, offers new apology for his behavior with women
Mike Pence’s remarkable op-ed highlights the GOP’s choice on voting rights — and where it will probably land
Mike Pence’s remarkable op-ed highlights the GOP’s choice on voting rights — and where it will probably land
Which senators have been voting against Biden Cabinet nominees?
Which senators have been voting against Biden Cabinet nominees? Added: 03.03.2021 18:23 | 8 views | 0 commentsThe most frequent votes against Biden’s nominees thus far — no surprise — have in most cases come from ambitious Republicans thought to be potential 2024 presidential candidates.
A third of the world could live in places as hot as the Sahara desert by 2070, WEF warns
A third of the world could live in places as hot as the Sahara desert by 2070, WEF warnsAdded: 13.05.2020 14:40 | 6 views | 0 commentsScientists warned that billions of people could be forced to endure "unliveable" circumstances by 2070 if decisive action is not taken to halt climate change.
'Very unusual': Arctic air set to hit Eastern US with record-low temperatures for May
'Very unusual': Arctic air set to hit Eastern US with record-low temperatures for MayAdded: 06.05.2020 18:59 | 6 views | 0 commentsThe blast of cold air set to hit the Eastern U.S. this week could bring record-low temperatures and snowfall and frost in some Northeast states.
'Biblical' famines could double global hunger as a result of the coronavirus crisis, UN warns
'Biblical' famines could double global hunger as a result of the coronavirus crisis, UN warnsAdded: 22.04.2020 14:14 | 6 views | 0 commentsFamines of "biblical proportions" are becoming a serious risk as the coronavirus crisis threatens to double the number of people nearing starvation, a U.N. body has warned.
A convenient new fiction: There was no ‘attack on the White House’ last year
A convenient new fiction: There was no ‘attack on the White House’ last yearAdded: 03.03.2021 21:17 | 7 views | 0 commentsTwo senators tried to draw a comparison between last year's protests at the White House and the Jan. 6 violence.
With an active hurricane season on the way, officials prep disaster plans for coronavirus challenges
With an active hurricane season on the way, officials prep disaster plans for coronavirus challengesAdded: 21.05.2020 17:04 | 7 views | 0 commentsThe coronavirus is complicating the job for emergency officials as they look to keep their teams and residents safe while responding to a catastrophe.
'Catastrophic' flooding underway as dam failures in Michigan force thousands to evacuate
Added: 20.05.2020 16:45 | 7 views | 0 commentsThe collapse of the Edenville Dam and Sanford Dam in Michigan released floodwaters that have inundated houses and businesses on the Tittabawassee River.
Climate change is fueling extreme weather that lowers cancer survival rate and threatens prevention
Climate change is fueling extreme weather that lowers cancer survival rate and threatens preventionAdded: 18.05.2020 11:00 | 6 views | 0 commentsClimate change has fueled more frequent weather disasters that release deadly carcinogens into communities and delay access to cancer treatment.
Coronavirus, floods and locust swarms: Kenya is fighting a 'triple whammy' of crises
Added: 18.05.2020 6:59 | 7 views | 0 commentsAlready navigating the coronavirus pandemic and the worst invasion of desert locusts for more than 25 years, parts of East Africa are now being devastated by flooding.
Tropical storm could form off the East Coast this weekend before hurricane season even begins
Tropical storm could form off the East Coast this weekend before hurricane season even beginsAdded: 13.05.2020 19:52 | 7 views | 0 commentsThe Atlantic hurricane season's first tropical storm could develop near Florida and the Bahamas this weekend, continuing a trend toward more preseason storms in the Atlantic in recent years.
Don't get caught unprepared if disaster strikes. Here's what you can do to get ready
Don't get caught unprepared if disaster strikes. Here's what you can do to get readyAdded: 22.05.2020 14:02 | 6 views | 0 commentsWith more than 38 million Americans out of work since the coronavirus pandemic began, the importance of a financial first-aid kit has never been more important.
More dams will collapse as aging infrastructure can't keep up with climate change
More dams will collapse as aging infrastructure can't keep up with climate changeAdded: 21.05.2020 19:49 | 7 views | 0 commentsAging dams in the U.S. will increasingly fail and cause death and environmental destruction as climate change makes extreme precipitation more frequent, scientists warn.
Photos show devastating impact of Michigan floods
Photos show devastating impact of Michigan floodsAdded: 21.05.2020 19:45 | 8 views | 0 commentsSource: failure of two Michigan dams on Tuesday evening led to devastating floods and the evacuation of more than 10,000 people. More in »
Earth has hottest May on record, with 2020 on track to be one of the top 10 warmest years
Earth has hottest May on record, with 2020 on track to be one of the top 10 warmest yearsAdded: 05.06.2020 8:00 | 7 views | 0 commentsThe Earth had its hottest May ever last month, continuing an unrelenting climate change trend as 2020 is set to be among the hottest 10 years ever.
Heat wave scorches parts of U.S. and India; Siberia experiences record high temperatures
Added: 29.05.2020 18:09 | 8 views | 0 commentsThe heatwave in Siberia raises major concerns over devastating wildfires breaking out this summer as climate change accelerates permafrost melt in much of the Arctic region.
African migrant workers are unable to send money home, cutting off a lifeline to vulnerable communities
African migrant workers are unable to send money home, cutting off a lifeline to vulnerable communitiesAdded: 29.05.2020 11:23 | 8 views | 0 commentsThe coronavirus pandemic is leaving migrant workers unable to send money or goods home to families, cutting off a vital lifeline for communities already under siege from a barrage of external shocks.
Climate change is driving widespread forest death and creating shorter, younger trees
Added: 28.05.2020 19:00 | 7 views | 0 commentsThe Amazon rainforest is the biggest deforestation front in the world with more than 20% of the forest already destroyed.
This disaster could wipe out your finances – and few people are preparing for it
This disaster could wipe out your finances – and few people are preparing for itAdded: 27.05.2020 16:54 | 6 views | 0 commentsAmericans' finances have been battered by the coronavirus pandemic, and now a new threat is emerging: hurricane season. Only 15% of people polled by the American Institute of CPAs have drafted a disaster plan to deal with it.
Dow CEO Jim Fitterling on the company's flooded Michigan facility
Dow CEO Jim Fitterling on the company's flooded Michigan facilityAdded: 22.05.2020 16:15 | 8 views | 0 commentsSource: Fitterling, chairman and CEO of Dow, joins "Squawk on the Street" to discuss the evacuation and flooding of its facility in Michigan. More in »
Leopard on the loose in Cornwall for nearly a WEEK after breaking out of its enclosure
Leopard on the loose in Cornwall for nearly a WEEK after breaking out of its enclosureAdded: 14.01.2018 19:41 | 5 views | 0 commentsSource: www.fox9.comThe big cat, believed to belong to Todd Dalton, was only caught when a farmer set a trap after some of his sheep were killed More in »
'Professional' photographer decides to edit family photo shoot
'Professional' photographer decides to edit family photo shoot - and the end result is terrifyingAdded: 14.01.2018 16:25 | 5 views | 0 commentsThe photographer decided to edit seven of the photos, and they are all rather creepy
Tech experts create creepy tin foil robot baby that can crawl just like a real-life child
Tech experts create creepy tin foil robot baby that can crawl just like a real-life childAdded: 14.01.2018 10:25 | 5 views | 0 commentsProfessors from Purdue University designed the frightening tot to study how infants are exposed to bacteria as they crawl across the ground
Oppressive heat approaches U.S. in early July as wildfires burn through Arizona
Added: 01.07.2020 18:42 | 8 views | 0 commentsA potentially historic heat wave is expected to hit more than two-thirds of the continental U.S. in the first several weeks of July, according to the National Weather Service Climate Prediction Center.
Island nations facing a 'perfect storm' as the coronavirus intersects with hurricane season
Added: 12.06.2020 7:57 | 7 views | 0 commentsAs well as being threatened by a global recession, extreme weather and the ongoing health crisis, many island economies have been hit hard by plummeting international tourism amid the pandemic.
Remarkable number of hair straightener users have no idea what GHD stands for
Remarkable number of hair straightener users have no idea what GHD stands forAdded: 15.01.2018 14:56 | 5 views | 0 commentsPeople are astonished by the simple acronym used by the hair straightener company
Man advertises room for rent with brutal amount of honesty
Added: 15.01.2018 13:26 | 5 views | 0 commentsRaphael Briand is leaving London and is trying to get a new renter to move into his old room (some may find the language offensive)
Stomach-churning moment hundreds of deadly baby spiders burst out of egg sack for the first time
Stomach-churning moment hundreds of deadly baby spiders burst out of egg sack for the first timeAdded: 15.01.2018 9:46 | 5 views | 0 commentsThe tiny, venomous funnel web spiders were filmed by staff at the Australian Reptile Park as they crawled out of their egg sack
Eat it: Hanoi chef spreads joy with 'Coronaburger'
Added: 26.03.2020 17:04 | 5 views | 0 commentsYou've got to eat it, to beat it: That's the philosophy of one Hanoi chef who is attempting to boost morale in the Vietnamese capital by selling green, coronavirus-themed burgers.
Who let the dogs out? A few Spaniards defy coronavirus lockdown
Who let the dogs out? A few Spaniards defy coronavirus lockdownAdded: 25.03.2020 19:35 | 5 views | 0 commentsUnder partial lockdown due to the spiraling coronavirus pandemic, Spaniards are allowed to leave home only for essential outings, walking a dog being one of them.
British vicar catches fire waiting for God's answer
British vicar catches fire waiting for God's answerAdded: 25.03.2020 5:07 | 5 views | 0 commentsSource: www.crosswalk.comA British vicar got more than he expected from his first attempt at an online sermon when he leaned too close to a candle on a cross and his sweater caught fire. More in » Tags: Fire
Runaway wallaby causes traffic chaos as it leads police on chase across Sydney Harbour Bridge
Runaway wallaby causes traffic chaos as it leads police on chase across Sydney Harbour BridgeAdded: 16.01.2018 3:52 | 5 views | 0 commentsA police officer is heard stifling a laugh as he drives along behind the marsupial in footage filmed from a pursuing patrol car
Mystery of 'extremely loud explosion' which stunned Merseyside residents
Added: 16.01.2018 2:04 | 5 views | 0 commentsLoud bangs were heard on Monday evening after a thunder storm - with some social media users raising fears there had been an explosion.
Three simple words Disneyland employees are never allowed to say to curious fans
Three simple words Disneyland employees are never allowed to say to curious fansAdded: 15.01.2018 16:14 | 5 views | 0 commentsDisneyland is supposed to be a fun experience for visitors - and a lot of work goes into making it so
Novelty toilet roll cakes keep Finnish baker in business
Added: 08.04.2020 16:55 | 5 views | 0 commentsA quick-thinking Helsinki bakery has saved itself from financial ruin due to the new coronavirus pandemic by creating a cake that looks like a toilet roll.
Thailand's pet groomer reopens as new coronavirus cases slow
Added: 05.05.2020 12:36 | 5 views | 0 commentsChewy and Miley, both two-year-old Schnauzer dogs, are getting their hair cut at a groomer in Bangkok for the first time since the new coronavirus outbreak began in Thailand in January.
'Darth Vader' enforces lockdown in Philippine village
Added: 04.05.2020 14:02 | 5 views | 0 commentsDressed as "Star Wars" characters, local officials in the Philippines are out and about to enforce strict quarantine measures while also handing out relief packages.
President queries Tanzania coronavirus kits after goat test
Added: 04.05.2020 12:21 | 5 views | 0 commentsCoronavirus test kits used in Tanzania were dismissed as faulty by President John Magufuli on Sunday, because he said they had returned positive results on samples taken from a goat and a pawpaw.
Superheroes, from near and far, join Indonesia's coronavirus battle
Superheroes, from near and far, join Indonesia's coronavirus battleAdded: 04.05.2020 6:58 | 5 views | 0 commentsVolunteers clad as Superman and Spider-Man sprayed disinfectant against the coronavirus on Indonesia's island of Java, flanking a colleague wearing the winged helmet of local superhero Gatotkaca who shouted, "Wear masks, wash hands and stay alert."
Do your bit for farmers and eat more fries, Belgians urged
Do your bit for farmers and eat more fries, Belgians urgedAdded: 30.04.2020 10:14 | 5 views | 0 commentsWith potato farmers and processors struggling, Belgians are being urged to eat more fries to offset a slump in demand during the coronavirus pandemic.
Sex toy sales take off amid Colombia's coronavirus quarantine
Added: 14.04.2020 20:02 | 5 views | 0 commentsGerson Monje holds up his cellphone to proudly show off his online sex shop. A red banner reading "sold out!" is plastered across half of the products.
Night at the museum: Australian police arrest German student over break-in
Night at the museum: Australian police arrest German student over break-inAdded: 18.05.2020 13:35 | 5 views | 0 commentsAustralian police on Monday charged a German student with breaking into a Sydney museum as security footage showed him allegedly taking selfies next to dinosaur exhibits.
Clawing back normality: Bangkok cat cafe reopens after virus shutdown
Added: 08.05.2020 10:20 | 5 views | 0 commentsAs Thailand's capital cautiously reopens many restaurants shuttered over coronavirus fears, the feline "employees" of the Caturday Cafe are back at work.
Five-year-old stopped on U.S. highway wanted to buy Lamborghini, police say
Five-year-old stopped on U.S. highway wanted to buy Lamborghini, police sayAdded: 06.05.2020 10:51 | 5 views | 0 commentsA trooper stopping a car with a suspected "impaired driver" on a U.S. highway on Monday was bemused to find a 5-year-old in the driver's seat, the Utah Highway Patrol tweeted.
Thailand's roving dog groomer back in business
Thailand's roving dog groomer back in businessAdded: 16.06.2020 16:48 | 5 views | 0 commentsSource: www.swissinfo.chVolunteer pet groomer Kriengkai Thatwakorn is thrilled to be back helping out stray dogs in Thailand, some in urgent need of a shearing after waiting three sweltering months for a trim. More in » Tags: Thailand
Animal baby boom at Palestinian zoo after people disappear
Added: 12.06.2020 18:32 | 5 views | 0 commentsPeacocks, ostriches and baboons joined in an animal baby boom at a Palestinian zoo during the coronavirus closure as they let nature take its course free from human distractions.
Police remove emaciated lion from French circus
Added: 11.06.2020 16:11 | 5 views | 0 commentsFrench police have taken away an emaciated lion from a circus in Vironvay, western France, following complaints from an animal rights organization.
Russian chefs in naked lockdown protest after virus strips them of income
Added: 09.06.2020 14:14 | 5 views | 0 commentsRussian restaurant owners stripped of their income by the coronavirus lockdown are campaigning for their businesses to be allowed to reopen by posting pictures of themselves naked on social media.
Move over James Bond; India returns alleged bird spy to Pakistan
Added: 29.05.2020 20:43 | 5 views | 0 commentsIndian police have released a pigeon belonging to a Pakistani fisherman after a probe found that the bird, which had flown across the contentious border between the nuclear-armed nations, was not a spy, two officials said on Friday.
Djokovic says important all players free to travel to U.S. Open
Added: 18.06.2020 16:22 | 11 views | 0 commentsWorld number one Novak Djokovic says he is excited by the prospect of playing at the U.S. Open but says it would only be fair if every player eligible is able to compete.
Alcott slams U.S. Open 'discrimination' over wheelchair omission
Added: 18.06.2020 15:10 | 11 views | 0 commentsAustralian Paralympic tennis champion Dylan Alcott has slammed the omission of the wheelchair tournament from the U.S. Open, calling it "disgusting discrimination".
On this day: Born June 19, 1978
Added: 18.06.2020 12:59 | 12 views | 0 commentsDallas Mavericks' Dirk Nowitzki was one of the finest imports to feature in the NBA and became the first European player to win the league's Most Valuable Player award (MVP) in 2007 before he led the franchise to a maiden championship in 2011.
Cuban dons full-body cardboard shield against coronavirus
Added: 18.06.2020 15:04 | 5 views | 0 commentsEver since the novel coronavirus reached Cuba, a tall cardboard box with arms and legs can be seen tottering around a Havana suburb, popping into the bakery or butchers, or browsing the newspaper stand.
Balloon-like object in Japanese sky sets Twitter afire with talk of UFOs, Godzilla
Added: 17.06.2020 8:48 | 5 views | 0 commentsThe appearance of a mysterious white object in the sky over northern Japan on Wednesday set social media ablaze, with speculation ranging from UFOs to coronavirus and North Korean propaganda.
Horse racing: Stradivarius takes third successive Ascot Gold Cup
Added: 18.06.2020 19:33 | 11 views | 0 commentsStradivarius, ridden by Frankie Dettori, blew away the field to land a third successive Gold Cup at Royal Ascot on Thursday in a race run without spectators due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
Golf: Spieth uses birdie blitz to climb Harbour Town leaderboard
Added: 18.06.2020 18:52 | 11 views | 0 commentsJordan Spieth recovered from a poor start with a stunning run of birdies to tie the lowest nine-hole score of his career in the opening round of the RBC Heritage in South Carolina on Thursday.
Lamine Diack will die in jail if sentenced
Added: 18.06.2020 18:50 | 12 views | 0 commentsLawyers for former world athletics chief Lamine Diack, who is on trial for corruption, on Thursday protested their client's innocence and said the 87-year-old would die in jail if sentenced to a prison term.
Kaepernick joins Medium, will create content on race and civil rights
Added: 18.06.2020 18:44 | 11 views | 0 commentsFormer NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick has joined the board of directors of Medium and will work on content focused on race and civil rights, the U.S.-based online publishing platform announced on Thursday.
Fauci casts doubt on football this fall
Added: 18.06.2020 16:52 | 11 views | 0 commentsWith the United States bracing for a possible second wave of the novel coronavirus, Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, on Thursday cast doubt on the National Football League playing this year.
Report: Some NFL coaches want season delayed
Report: Some NFL coaches want season delayedAdded: 18.06.2020 19:42 | 10 views | 0 commentsSome NFL coaches want the 2020 regular season delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic, ESPN's Ed Werder reported.
Golf: Poulter, Hubbard share early lead at RBC Heritage
Added: 18.06.2020 19:37 | 12 views | 0 commentsBritain's Ian Poulter capped an error-free opening round with a birdie-birdie finish to grab a share of the early lead with American Mark Hubbard at the RBC Heritage in Hilton Head, South Carolina on Thursday.
The 'LitterCam' that's watching you
The 'LitterCam' that's watching youAdded: 03.03.2021 12:18 | 25 views | 0 commentsAI software can now match footage of motorists throwing rubbish with their car's number plate and issue an automatic fine . More in »
Amazon changes app logo that 'resembles Adolf Hitler'
Amazon changes app logo that 'resembles Adolf Hitler'Added: 03.03.2021 11:48 | 26 views | 0 commentsThe new design shows a folded corner of blue tape on an Amazon box.
NFT blockchain drives surge in digital art auctions
Added: 03.03.2021 11:03 | 37 views | 0 commentsNFT is a way for artists to sell digital art ownership without giving up the original file itself.
Iran's only female Olympic medalist to compete under white flag in Tokyo
Iran's only female Olympic medalist to compete under white flag in TokyoAdded: 03.03.2021 14:18 | 21 views | 0 commentsIranian female Olympic medal winner Kimia Alizadeh has been granted refugee status in Germany and aims to compete in the Olympic Refugee Team under a white flag in Tokyo this summer.
Former NBA star says Covid-19 has sparked anti-Asian violence in the US
Former NBA star says Covid-19 has sparked anti-Asian violence in the USAdded: 03.03.2021 13:18 | 25 views | 0 commentsFormer NBA star Jeremy Lin says he's seen a rise in racism across the US since the coronavirus pandemic started and says the country must address the issue of anti-Asian violence.
Cristiano Ronaldo breaks another record during 600th league game
Added: 03.03.2021 9:58 | 28 views | 0 commentsCristiano Ronaldo wrote his name into football's record books once again on the occasion of his 600th league game.
Chaos, scandal and anger: Barcelona 'commits public suicide'
Added: 03.03.2021 9:57 | 28 views | 0 commentsFew people will envy the man elected to be the new president of FC Barcelona.
Paramount Plus: Everything to know about CBS All Access' successor
Paramount Plus: Everything to know about CBS All Access' successorAdded: 03.03.2021 15:53 | 7 views | 0 commentsCBS All Access will switch to Paramount Plus Thursday, and today is the last chance for a half-off deal for one year.
The best iPhone you can buy in 2021
Added: 03.03.2021 15:51 | 18 views | 0 commentsApple sells phones from as low as $399 to as high as $1,399. We're here to help you find the best one for your needs and budget.
Scientists built a soft robot that can survive the Mariana Trench
Scientists built a soft robot that can survive the Mariana TrenchAdded: 03.03.2021 16:00 | 22 views | 0 commentsInspired by a deep sea snailfish, researchers create a battery-powered robot that can withstand the extreme pressure at Earth's deepest point.
Fall Guys bought by Fortnite maker Epic Games
Fall Guys bought by Fortnite maker Epic GamesAdded: 03.03.2021 13:18 | 29 views | 0 commentsSource: www.vg247.comThe deal is "a huge win" for Fall Guys, its team says as it prepares to launch on Xbox and Nintendo. More in »
Google promises to drop personalised ad tracking
Added: 03.03.2021 17:36 | 19 views | 0 commentsThe tech giant says it will not develop workarounds once it abandons third-party tracking cookies.
Parler drops Amazon web-hosting legal challenge
Added: 03.03.2021 17:08 | 21 views | 0 commentsAmazon removed the social-network platform from its web-hosting service in January over rule breaches.
Love Island's Molly-Mae Hague broke rules with Instagram giveaway
Added: 03.03.2021 12:18 | 18 views | 0 commentsThe advertising watchdog reprimands the social media influencer over an Instagram prize draw.
You can get Ratchet & Clank PS4 for free
You can get Ratchet & Clank PS4 for freeAdded: 03.03.2021 16:35 | 21 views | 0 commentsYou don't need to be a PlayStation Plus subscriber to claim the 3D platformer.
$1,400, $600, $1,200 stimulus checks: How the 3 payments differ
Added: 03.03.2021 16:30 | 16 views | 0 commentsSenate Democrats are hashing out the new stimulus package, and lawmakers could follow a different recipe for the third stimulus check than they did with the previous direct payments.
The best home security systems of 2021: From DIY devices to professionally monitored systems
The best home security systems of 2021: From DIY devices to professionally monitored systemsAdded: 03.03.2021 16:26 | 21 views | 0 commentsMaking sense of the home security options on the market can be overwhelming. We've got you covered.
AMD Radeon RX 6700 XT launches for fast 1440p gaming at $479
AMD Radeon RX 6700 XT launches for fast 1440p gaming at $479Added: 03.03.2021 16:21 | 19 views | 0 commentsSay hello to another graphics card you'll have trouble buying.
HBO Max review: Great TV and theatrical movies, but not the best streaming value
HBO Max review: Great TV and theatrical movies, but not the best streaming valueAdded: 03.03.2021 16:01 | 20 views | 0 commentsHBO's streaming service has come a long way in a year, but its high price and lack of big-name originals keeps Max a step behind Netflix and Disney Plus.
Huawei ban timeline: Chinese company may start making electric vehicles this year
Huawei ban timeline: Chinese company may start making electric vehicles this yearAdded: 03.03.2021 17:02 | 20 views | 0 commentsHere's a breakdown of the years-long controversy surrounding the Chinese phone maker and telecoms supplier.
I don't like robot vacuums, but I do like the Roborock S6 Pure for $380 (save $220)
I don't like robot vacuums, but I do like the Roborock S6 Pure for $380 (save $220)Added: 03.03.2021 17:00 | 7 views | 0 commentsAvailable today only for that price, it's a standout among the robo-suckers I've tested.
This startup wants to make swappable EV batteries a thing again
This startup wants to make swappable EV batteries a thing again - RoadshowAdded: 03.03.2021 17:00 | 19 views | 0 commentsIt's called Ample and its got big plans for the future of electric vehicles.
AMD reveals new Radeon 6700 XT graphics chip video
AMD reveals new Radeon 6700 XT graphics chip videoAdded: 03.03.2021 16:57 | 20 views | 0 commentsIn a livestream event, AMD announces a new gaming graphics chip, the Radeon 6700 XT.
AMD announces pricing, availability on 6700 XT graphics card video
Added: 03.03.2021 16:51 | 17 views | 0 commentsAMD's new 6700 XT graphics card will cost $479 and be available on March 18.
A California city just banned all new gas stations in zero-emissions push
A California city just banned all new gas stations in zero-emissions push - RoadshowAdded: 03.03.2021 16:44 | 19 views | 0 commentsPetaluma won't let any companies build a new gas station from here on out.
Parents of 2020 babies could get an extra $1,100 stimulus check. Here's how
Parents of 2020 babies could get an extra $1,100 stimulus check. Here's howAdded: 03.03.2021 17:30 | 10 views | 0 commentsIt's time to claim missing stimulus check money for babies born in 2020. Here's exactly how to do it.
NBA All-Star Sunday: How to watch the 2021 All-Star Game, Slam Dunk contest without cable
NBA All-Star Sunday: How to watch the 2021 All-Star Game, Slam Dunk contest without cableAdded: 03.03.2021 17:30 | 18 views | 0 commentsThe NBA's midseason showcase is this Sunday and you can stream it live on TNT, no cable required.
Regé-Jean Page's Next Movie Will Include More of Your Favorite Heartthrobs
Bridgerton's Regé-Jean Page has a new, entirely different Netflix project in the works, with two very familiar faces. Page, who stars as the Duke of Hastings in the very sexy...
Why RHONJ's Melissa Gorga Will Confront Teresa Giudice When She's "Wrong"
Navigating family drama. From what's been teased about season 11 of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, there will be plenty of family drama for Melissa Gorga. In fact, even though...
Lady Gaga Makes First Public Appearance Since Her Dogs' Safe Recovery
Lady Gaga has more than a few weights lifted off her shoulders. For the past week, the music superstar has experienced an emotional roller coaster after her dog walker Ryan Fischer was...
How Heidi Klum Reacted to Her Daughter Leni's Runway Debut at Berlin Fashion Week
The next generation. America's Got Talent is all about following your dreams and believing in yourself, and as the panel of judges--Heidi Klum, Simon Cowell, Sofía Vergara and...
Eddie Izzard and Jo Brand set to headline virtual Eden Project festival
Added: 12.11.2020 14:35 | 15 views | 0 commentsComedians and are set to headline a free online festival at the Eden Project billed as the “perfect antidote to ”.
Phoebe Waller-Bridge praises ‘astonishing work’ of volunteers supporting theatre workers through pandemic
Added: 12.11.2020 14:31 | 11 views | 0 commentsstar has praised the “astonishing work” of who have raised half a million pounds to help workers.
Katherine Heigl Explains How She Talks to Her Daughters About Their Birth Parents
Like many parents, Katherine Heigl is trying to navigate raising three children amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. "This is the longest period I have consistently spent with my...
Hedley & Bennett Founder Ellen Bennett Wants You To Dream First & Worry About Details Later
We interviewed this celebrity because we think you'll like their picks. Some of the products shown are from the celebrity's own product line. has affiliate relationships, so we may get...
Buckingham Palace to Launch Investigation into Meghan Markle Bullying Allegations
Buckingham Palace is launching an investigation into a bullying complaint made against Meghan Markle by her and Prince Harry's former royal staffers. The pregnant Duchess of Sussex...
Solange Reveals She Was "Fighting" for Her Life Amid Hospitalizations
Solange is opening up about her physical health journey. The "Almeda" singer took to Instagram on March 1 to speak candidly about her hospitalizations amid releasing her 2019...
Anthony Anderson Dubs Himself 'Ghetto MacGyver' After Pulling Diamond from Drain
Added: 03.03.2021 18:25 | 4 views | 0 commentsAnthony Anderson really coulda used a Swiss Army Knife after dropping a diamond in a shower drain, but since he dubbed himself "Ghetto MacGyver" ... Q-tips, dental floss and a broken comb were all he needed for the mission. The "Black-ish" star...
Boat Capsizes in Body of Water Featured on 'Deadliest Catch,' Killing 3 Crew Members
Added: 03.03.2021 18:25 | 17 views | 0 comments1:20 PM PT -- Despite initial local reports, we're told the Mary B II boat involved in this tragedy was never featured on 'Dungeon Cove,' nor were the crew members who died. However, this dangerous stretch of sea is the subject of the...
How the 2021 SAG Awards Is Shaking Things Up Amid COVID-19
UPDATE: Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the 2021 SAG Awards will look very different compared to previous years. According to Variety, who first broke the news, the award show is going to...
Kathryn Hahn Sounds Off on the "Bonkers" Success of Her WandaVision Song
Warning: This article features spoilers for WandaVision. A 47-second song from WandaVision may be the bop of the year. We're, of course, talking about the episode seven...
Cristiano Ronaldo Denies New Allegations from 'Celebrity Big Brother' Star
Added: 03.03.2021 18:25 | 9 views | 0 commentsCristiano Ronaldo has called in his lawyers after a British reality star made serious allegations against him on social media this week ... and we're told CR7 adamantly denies all wrongdoing. Jasmine Lennard -- a UK fashion model who...
Eric Church's Brother's Cause of Death is Chronic Alcoholism
Added: 03.03.2021 18:25 | 4 views | 0 commentsBrandon Church -- the late brother of country star Eric Church -- died as a result of chronic alcoholism ... TMZ has learned. According to the autopsy report obtained by TMZ ... Brandon had a clinical history of alcohol withdrawal-induced...
Randy Johnson's Massive AZ Mansion Hits Auction Block, Previously $25 Mil
Added: 03.03.2021 18:25 | 4 views | 0 commentsRandy Johnson's big unit is up for grabs -- a 25,000 sq. foot estate with a full gym, game room, bar, basketball court and WATERSLIDE -- and all ya gotta do is be the highest bidder. As we previously reported, the ex-MLB superstar put the...
Cuba Gooding Jr. Sings Karaoke for 51st Birthday
Added: 03.03.2021 18:25 | 4 views | 0 commentsCuba Gooding Jr. -- who's got class, style and street knowledge by the pound -- rang in 51 with an awesome night of karaoke, and we gotta say ... he killed it. The actor celebrated his birthday by singing karaoke last weekend at Il Piccolo Verde in...
'Last Chance U' Star Malik Henry To Walk On At Nevada
Added: 03.03.2021 18:25 | 4 views | 0 commentsMalik Henry -- the star of "Last Chance U" -- is getting one more shot to play FBS football .. 'cause the QB is walking on at Nevada this season -- his new head coach just announced. Henry -- a top high school recruit in 2016 who signed with Florida...
D.L. Hughley Says Listening to R. Kelly's Music Now is a 'Tough Call'
Added: 03.03.2021 18:25 | 4 views | 0 commentsD.L. Hughley ?is clearly struggling with the idea of muting R. Kelly ... because he likes Kelly's music, but can't look past the actions of someone he calls a "talented pedophile." We got D.L. Wednesday at LAX and he has a hard time...
Drake Gets Lifetime Ban From Supporting Crimson Tide, Says Ex-Bama Star
Added: 03.03.2021 18:25 | 5 views | 0 commentsDrake better find a new bandwagon to hop on ... 'cause the 6 God has been officially 86'd from the Alabama fan base until further notice ... so says ex-Tide player and UFC fighter Eryk Anders!! Drizzy has been gettin' roasted for jinxing pretty...
Judge Allows Tyrese's Daughter to Play Soccer After Parents Squabble
Added: 03.03.2021 18:25 | 5 views | 0 commentsTyrese's daughter is now allowed to bend it like Beckham, after a judge ordered that she can. Tyrese and ex-wife Norma Gibson were in a fight over whether 11-year-old Shayla can enroll in her school's soccer program. Tyrese had refused, saying her...
NY Jets Chris Herndon Pleads Guilty In DUI Crash Case, License Revoked
NY Jets Chris Herndon Pleads Guilty In DUI Crash Case, License RevokedAdded: 03.03.2021 18:25 | 6 views | 0 commentsNY Jets tight end Chris Herndon -- a breakout star in 2018 -- pled guilty in his DUI case stemming from a June 2018 crash, TMZ Sports has learned. As we previously reported, the 22-year-old smashed into another car on the 1-80 highway in New...More in »
R. Kelly's Chicago Recording Studio and Alleged 'Sex Cult' Den Visited by Cops
Added: 03.03.2021 18:25 | 4 views | 0 commentsCops paid a visit to R. Kelly's recording studio in Chicago, which has been featured on Lifetime's docuseries as an alleged "sex cult" base where the singer held girls captive. Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... officers dropped by Kelly's...
Chargers Star Brandon Mebane Rejoins Team After Death of Infant Daughter
Added: 03.03.2021 18:25 | 4 views | 0 commentsL.A. Chargers defensive lineman Brandon Mebane ?rejoined his team Wednesday after taking time off to be with his hospital-stricken infant daughter, who passed away last week. While still in the womb back in July, Mebane's daughter,...
NY Congressman Backs Enes Kanter, 'Erdogan Is a Dangerous Person'
Added: 03.03.2021 18:25 | 5 views | 0 commentsTurkey president Recep Erdogan is a dangerous person and NY Knicks player Enes Kanter sounds justified in fearing for his life ... so says U.S. Congressman Peter King. Remember, Kanter just backed out of an upcoming team trip to the U.K....
R. Kelly STD Criminal Case Closed in Dallas But Alleged Victim to Refile in NYC
Added: 03.03.2021 18:25 | 5 views | 0 comments12:16 PM PT -- We've learned the alleged victim says the incident occurred in New York City and she will personally fly from Texas to Manhattan "in the near future" to file a fresh police report. The alleged victim's lawyer, Lydia Agu, tells us...
Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Emerges First Time Since Lung Cancer Surgery
Added: 03.03.2021 18:25 | 4 views | 0 commentsRuth Bader Ginsburg was spotted for the first time since undergoing surgery to remove cancerous growths from her lung. A photo agency got video of RBG leaving her Washington D.C. apartment at 9 AM Wednesday, looking frail but hopefully on the mend....
Earliest American dog hints pets accompanied first people in Americas
Earliest American dog hints pets accompanied first people in AmericasAdded: 03.03.2021 18:19 | 8 views | 0 commentsSource: www.nytimes.comThe oldest confirmed dog remains found in North America support the idea that the first Americans – and their dogs – travelled along the Pacific coast More in »
Whales and dolphins can resist cancer and their DNA reveals why
Whales and dolphins can resist cancer and their DNA reveals whyAdded: 03.03.2021 18:19 | 10 views | 0 commentsWhales, dolphins and porpoises are much better at fighting cancer than we are, and a DNA analysis brings us closer to understanding why cetaceans can do this
Moth species becomes more sexually active when bathed in red light
Moth species becomes more sexually active when bathed in red lightAdded: 03.03.2021 18:19 | 10 views | 0 commentsAn Asian-Australian moth becomes more sexually active under red light than under another colour of light or in the dark
Shaq Says Paying for Jazmine Barnes' Funeral 'Was Right Thing to Do'
Added: 03.03.2021 18:25 | 4 views | 0 commentsShaquille O'Neal says the shooting death of 7-year-old Jazmine Barnes is such a sad tragedy, he couldn't imagine the family having to raise money for the funeral ... and that's why he stepped in. "With something that terrible to have...
Jeff Bezos' Relationship with TV Host Lauren Sanchez Led to Divorce
Added: 03.03.2021 18:25 | 4 views | 0 commentsJeff Bezos was having a relationship with former "So You Think You Can Dance" host Lauren Sanchez, and according to the National Enquirer, that's what ended his marriage. Sources closely connected with Lauren and her estranged husband, William...
Electrostatic de-icing could make it easier to defrost car windows
Electrostatic de-icing could make it easier to defrost car windowsAdded: 03.03.2021 18:19 | 10 views | 0 commentsSource: www.newscientist.comIce has an electrical charge, which could be exploited to create devices that easily defrost car windows and aeroplane wings More in »
Chip-based DNA testing wrong more than right for very rare variants
Chip-based DNA testing wrong more than right for very rare variantsAdded: 03.03.2021 18:19 | 10 views | 0 commentsThe chips used in some consumer DNA tests are very poor at accurately detecting rare genetic variants linked to cancer compared with full genome sequencing, but are good at detecting more common ones
Physicists finally worked out why ice is slippery after 150 years
Physicists finally worked out why ice is slippery after 150 yearsAdded: 03.03.2021 18:19 | 10 views | 0 commentsWe may finally have an answer to the question of why ice is slippery after 150 years: a layer of dancing molecules on its surface
Insect brains will teach us how to make truly intelligent robots
Insect brains will teach us how to make truly intelligent robotsAdded: 03.03.2021 18:19 | 11 views | 0 commentsWe need a revolution in artificial intelligence and learning from insects will help us achieve it, says James Marshall
Wrinkling atom-thin layers of carbon could make tiniest chips yet
Wrinkling atom-thin layers of carbon could make tiniest chips yetAdded: 03.03.2021 18:19 | 11 views | 0 commentsSource: www.newscientist.comRidges and wrinkles in a graphene sheet can affect electrons and cause them to behave as they do inside electrical components, creating the possibility of smaller and faster computer processors More in »
Mixed response to Budget from UK travel sector
Added: 03.03.2021 16:14 | 10 views | 0 commentsThe UK tourism industry had broadly welcomed the Budget delivered by chancellor Rishi Sunak – but there were also calls for more tailored support for high street travel agents.
Bizarre items TSA confiscated at airports in 2020 from Roman candles to a baby shark
Bizarre items TSA confiscated at airports in 2020 from Roman candles to a baby sharkAdded: 03.03.2021 16:00 | 19 views | 0 commentsFrom a live smoke grenade to a dead baby shark, Transportation Security Administration workers found some unusual items lurking in luggage in 2020.
New sales leadership for Travel Corporation brands in UK
New sales leadership for Travel Corporation brands in UKAdded: 03.03.2021 12:16 | 16 views | 0 commentsThe Travel Corporation has promoted two of its existing senior leadership team – Donna Jeavons and Chris Townson - following the resignation of Rachel Coffey.
Try these Midwest road trips
Try these Midwest road tripsAdded: 03.03.2021 12:02 | 14 views | 0 commentsSource: best Midwest road trips are a great way to stretch your vacation budget and travel safely amid the coronavirus pandemic. More in »
Qantas launches new mystery flight experiences
Added: 03.03.2021 11:19 | 16 views | 0 commentsThe carrier last operated mystery flights in the 1990s when travellers would turn up at the airport and be allocated seats on a scheduled flight to any of the airline’s destinations.
Michelle Obama has first interview on 'Good Morning America' since Biden's inauguration
Michelle Obama has first interview on 'Good Morning America' since Biden's inaugurationAdded: 03.03.2021 17:20 | 10 views | 0 commentsFormer first lady Michelle Obama spoke with ABC's "Good Morning America" anchor Robin Roberts in her first interview since Joe Biden's inauguration.
Celebrity couple Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard to host new game show 'Family Game Fight'
Added: 03.03.2021 14:59 | 20 views | 0 commentsKristen Bell and Dax Shepard will host and compete on new NBC game show "Family Game Fight." The two will join families to play for cash prizes.
Michelle Obama reflects on 'glorious' inauguration mixed with concern 'about more riots'
Michelle Obama reflects on 'glorious' inauguration mixed with concern 'about more riots'Added: 03.03.2021 14:04 | 19 views | 0 commentsTo Michelle Obama, President Joe Biden's inauguration was a "glorious day" mixed with concerns about more violence after the Jan. 6 U.S. Capitol riot.
Duchess Meghan 'saddened' by report claiming she bullied palace staff in 2018
Duchess Meghan 'saddened' by report claiming she bullied palace staff in 2018Added: 03.03.2021 14:02 | 17 views | 0 commentsSource: www.alamy.comDuchess Meghan is shutting down claims that she "bullied" a close adviser at Kensington Palace in 2018. More in »
All clear: Daytona Beach International Airport reopens after bomb threat forces evacuation
Added: 03.03.2021 18:01 | 12 views | 0 commentsThe bomb threat at Daytona Beach International Airport was made in an email to an airport staff member. It turned out to be a hoax, the sheriff said.
Republican can win NYC mayoral election again, Guardian Angels founder Curtis Sliwa insists
Republican can win NYC mayoral election again, Guardian Angels founder Curtis Sliwa insistsAdded: 03.03.2021 20:45 | 9 views | 0 commentsA Republican can win this year's mayoral election in New York City, longtime radio host Curtis Sliwa told "America’s Newsroom" Wednesday.
Dolly Parton, Prince Charles, Tim Allen and more celebs who got the COVID-19 vaccine
Dolly Parton, Prince Charles, Tim Allen and more celebs who got the COVID-19 vaccineAdded: 03.03.2021 18:58 | 9 views | 0 commentsCelebrities are coming forward with their firsthand accounts of receiving the COVID-19 vaccine in an effort to quell skepticism.
Tim Allen says he 'kind of liked' when President Trump made people angry
Tim Allen says he 'kind of liked' when President Trump made people angryAdded: 03.03.2021 18:27 | 11 views | 0 commentsTim Allen got political on a podcast, saying he "realized" he "kind of liked" when President Trump pissed people off.
Paris Hilton, Ricki Lake, more stars who got engaged or married in 2021
Paris Hilton, Ricki Lake, more stars who got engaged or married in 2021Added: 03.03.2021 17:33 | 9 views | 0 commentsHere's a look at all the beautiful proclamations of love with the stars who got engaged or married in 2021.
Andrew Cuomo’s press conference blasted by critics as calls for governor to resign continue
Added: 03.03.2021 20:47 | 8 views | 0 commentsCritics blasted New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo after he apologized Wednesday for his past behavior following multiple allegations of sexual harassment and inappropriate behavior as many don't feel his remarks got the "Love Guv" out of hot water.
Thieves steal beer left aging in barrels underwater in shipwreck
Thieves steal beer left aging in barrels underwater in shipwreckAdded: 03.03.2021 20:46 | 8 views | 0 commentsDiving thieves made off with an unusual sunken treasure in Argentina.
McConnell blames Biden’s ‘sweeping left-wing amnesty plan' for fueling border surge
Added: 03.03.2021 21:08 | 8 views | 0 commentsSenate GOP Leader Mitch McConnell on Wednesday blamed President Biden’s “sweeping left-wing amnesty plan” for fueling the escalating migrant crisis on the southern border -- and said it sidelined the interests of American workers.
Maria Shriver reacts to Andrew Cuomo's apology: 'Will that be enough?'
Maria Shriver reacts to Andrew Cuomo's apology: 'Will that be enough?' Added: 03.03.2021 21:08 | 11 views | 0 commentsMaria Shriver, a journalist and the ex-wife of former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, questioned whether an apology for alleged unwanted sexual advances, issued Wednesday by New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, will be accepted.
Photographer shares story of photo that shows a grizzly bear protecting cubs at Grand Teton National Park
Photographer shares story of photo that shows a grizzly bear protecting cubs at Grand Teton National Park
Brother of Colorado mom allegedly gunned down by boy, 14, calls attack 'random, inhumane hell on earth'
Added: 03.03.2021 21:02 | 10 views | 0 commentsThe Denver mother who died after she was shot in the head in a seemingly random attack this week was remembered for her "heart of gold," and her brother recalled how she previously insisted her family forgo a fancy funeral to ensure as much money as possible could be left to her young son.
Psaki dings Texas, Miss. reopenings: Country has ‘paid the price’ for leaders who ‘ignored the science'
Psaki dings Texas, Miss. reopenings: Country has ‘paid the price’ for leaders who ‘ignored the science'
Biden says Texas and Mississippi over lifting COVID restrictions, guilty of ‘Neanderthal thinking’
Biden says Texas and Mississippi over lifting COVID restrictions, guilty of ‘Neanderthal thinking’Added: 03.03.2021 20:51 | 7 views | 0 commentsPresident Biden took a swipe at Republican governors in Texas and Mississippi Wednesday, accusing them of "Neanderthal thinking" following their decision to reverse COVID safety policies, including mask mandates.
Livingston 0-1 Rangers: Late Morelos goal puts visitors within four points of title
Added: 03.03.2021 20:30 | 11 views | 0 commentsRangers manager Steven Gerrard was sent to the stand before Alfredo Morelos' late winner at Livingston moved his side within four points of the Scottish Premiership title.
Sheffield United 1-0 Aston Villa: David McGoldrick scores winner for bottom club
Added: 03.03.2021 20:06 | 9 views | 0 commentsBottom club Sheffield United survived for more than 30 minutes with 10 men to claim a rare win and dent Aston Villa's European ambitions.
Los Angeles Zoo loses mother giraffe after stillborn calf
Added: 03.03.2021 21:08 | 9 views | 0 commentsA giraffe has died at the Los Angeles Zoo after undergoing a procedure to deliver her stillborn calf, the zoo announced Tuesday.
Biden Admin Is Undoing Trump's Legacy of Hate
Added: 03.03.2021 19:25 | 9 views | 0 commentsLanguage of persecution and hate permeated government websites, press releases and laws for much of the last four years.
Match of the Day 2: 'It's an absolute mess'
Match of the Day 2: 'It's an absolute mess' - Shearer and Murphy on Man Utd penalty rowAdded: 03.03.2021 21:16 | 6 views | 0 commentsMatch of the Day's Alan Shearer and Danny Murphy debate the penalty row in the Chelsea v Man Utd game and the wider issues around rule changes.
Sheffield United 1-0 Aston Villa: Victory for struggling Blades is 'big result' says boss Chris Wilder
Sheffield United 1-0 Aston Villa: Victory for struggling Blades is 'big result' says boss Chris WilderAdded: 03.03.2021 21:00 | 8 views | 0 commentsSheffield United manager Chris Wilder says their 1-0 win over Aston Villa at Bramall Lane is a "big result" for his struggling side.
Andy Murray loses to Andrey Rublev in Rotterdam Open second round
Andy Murray loses to Andrey Rublev in Rotterdam Open second roundAdded: 03.03.2021 20:45 | 9 views | 0 commentsBritain's Andy Murray is knocked out of the Rotterdam Open, losing 7-5 6-2 to world number eight Andrey Rublev in the second round.
Women's Champions League: Chelsea 2-0 Atletico Madrid
Added: 03.03.2021 20:59 | 12 views | 0 commentsAnn-Katrin Berger saves two penalties as Chelsea's 10 players earn a first-leg lead in their Champions League tie with Atletico Madrid.
Open the Damn Schools--Biden Must Send Message
Added: 03.03.2021 19:25 | 9 views | 0 commentsIn the months since the summer, evidence that the costs of keeping students out of school far exceed any potential risk of reopening safety has become incontrovertible.
We Must Be Able To Debate Trans Ideology's Effects on Kids
We Must Be Able To Debate Trans Ideology's Effects on KidsAdded: 03.03.2021 19:25 | 9 views | 0 commentsShould children be given life-altering treatments to help them transition from one gender to another, including puberty blockers and body-mutilating surgeries? Should doctors be encouraged to allow...
John Kerry Will Make U.S. Finally Lead on Climate
John Kerry Will Make U.S. Finally Lead on ClimateAdded: 03.03.2021 19:25 | 7 views | 0 commentsSource: www.nbclosangeles.comJohn Kerry understands the urgency of the moment better than anyone - and now has more power than ever to act More in »
GOP Goes Full Culture Wars Without Trump
Added: 03.03.2021 19:25 | 7 views | 0 commentsThis is a very radical group of people and they are much more extreme than they were in 2016
The Left Won't Debate Critical Race Theory
The Left Won't Debate Critical Race TheoryAdded: 03.03.2021 19:25 | 9 views | 0 commentsSource: www.xenu-directory.netThe Left has denounced the war on woke, but it is afraid to defend the principles of critical race theory in public debate. More in »
So Is Joe Biden a Nazi, Too?
Added: 03.03.2021 19:29 | 8 views | 0 commentsIs Joe Biden a Nazi? I only ask because he's doing a lot of the same things that the previous incumbent of the White House did, and that guy was always being called a Nazi.
Chris Cuomo's Pitiful Disclosure About His Brother
Chris Cuomo's Pitiful Disclosure About His BrotherAdded: 03.03.2021 19:25 | 7 views | 0 commentsWhy issue a disclosure if you're not going to disclose?
'Optimistic' Biden recommits to cancer cure hunt
Added: 03.03.2021 20:20 | 11 views | 0 commentsPresident Joe Biden is "optimistic" that progress can be made in the battle against cancer, convening a meeting in the Oval Office with a group of bipartisan House and Senate members to push for more action.
The day in pictures
Added: 03.03.2021 20:16 | 9 views | 0 commentsA look at the day's best photographs from around the world.
Can Democrats Stop the GOP Assault on Voting Rights?
Added: 03.03.2021 19:54 | 8 views | 0 commentsIf the party doesn't pass new protections, it could lose the House, Senate, and White House within the next four years.
Climate Change Alarmism Takes Another Big Hit
Added: 03.03.2021 19:32 | 10 views | 0 commentsThroughout the midsection of the United States in February, record frigid temperatures were inconvenient for those politicians who call global warming an "existential threat."
Curtis Flowers, wrongfully incarcerated for 23 years, will get maximum compensation, judge says
Curtis Flowers, wrongfully incarcerated for 23 years, will get maximum compensation, judge saysAdded: 03.03.2021 20:32 | 9 views | 0 commentsCurtis Flowers, tried six times for the same crime, will receive Mississippi's maximum compensation for wrongful imprisonment. Here's how much it is.
'Silk Road' star Nick Robinson recalls when classmates used the 'Amazon for drugs'
Added: 03.03.2021 20:27 | 8 views | 0 commentsA San Francisco man created an underground drug-selling website that became so popular it was known as Amazon for drugs. Now the story is the subject of a new film starring Nick Robinson.
NY hospital administers first dose of J&J vaccine
Added: 03.03.2021 20:27 | 10 views | 0 commentsA hospital on New York's Long Island celebrated giving its first dose of the Johnson and Johnson COVD-19 vaccine that was recently approved by federal regulators.
WH: 'Assessing impact' of latest Iraq base attack
Added: 03.03.2021 20:26 | 7 views | 0 commentsThe White House is warning the U.S. may consider another military response to the latest rocket attack early Wednesday that hit an air base in western Iraq where American and coalition troops are housed.
Dolly sings before Covid-19 jab
'Vaccine, vaccine' - Dolly sings before Covid-19 jabAdded: 03.03.2021 17:16 | 16 views | 0 comments"Vaccine, vaccine, vaccine, vaccine,” the country star sings before she receives a jab.
Biden: Ending mask mandates 'Neanderthal thinking'
Added: 03.03.2021 21:16 | 9 views | 0 commentsPresident Joe Biden called the decisions by the governors of Texas and Mississippi to end mask mandates "a big mistake" and slammed what he said was "Neanderthal thinking" at a time he says the nation needs to remain vigilant against COVID-19.
Alamo Drafthouse files for bankruptcy
Added: 03.03.2021 21:16 | 6 views | 0 commentsAlamo Drafthouse, the movie theater chain beloved by fans for its boozy milkshakes, theme nights and strict no-talking rules, has filed for bankruptcy protection.
WH: Biden to find Tanden another administration post
Added: 03.03.2021 21:07 | 8 views | 0 commentsWhite House Press secretary Jen Psaki says there will be no announcement this week on a new budget nominee after Neera Tanden withdrew her nomination Tuesday. Psaki said President Joe Biden is looking for another administration post for Tanden.
At least 13 dead after truck crashes into SUV packed with 25 people near US-Mexico border
At least 13 dead after truck crashes into SUV packed with 25 people near US-Mexico borderAdded: 03.03.2021 20:36 | 8 views | 0 commentsMore than a dozen people were killed after an SUV packed with 25 people crashed with a semitruck near the U.S.-Mexico border in California.
Covid: Police break up 'fake vaccine network' in China and South Africa
Covid: Police break up 'fake vaccine network' in China and South AfricaAdded: 03.03.2021 17:34 | 11 views | 0 commentsThousands of doses of suspected counterfeit vaccine are seized by police in China and South Africa.
Video shows 2020 Iranian missile attack on US forces at Iraqi base
Video shows 2020 Iranian missile attack on US forces at Iraqi baseAdded: 03.03.2021 17:16 | 12 views | 0 commentsIran targeted an Iraqi base hosting US troops to avenge the assassination of Gen Qasem Soleimani.
Sweden attack: Terrorism suspected after mass stabbing in Vetlanda
Added: 03.03.2021 21:43 | 3 views | 0 commentsAt least eight people are injured in the town of Vetlanda before the suspect is shot and injured.
French photojournalist in coma after youth gang attack
French photojournalist in coma after youth gang attackAdded: 03.03.2021 19:42 | 6 views | 0 commentsSource: www.francebleu.frChristian Lantenois, 65, was assaulted with his own camera while covering youth violence in Reims. More in »
Mississippi storm: Living in a US city with no drinking water
Mississippi storm: Living in a US city with no drinking waterAdded: 03.03.2021 20:14 | 7 views | 0 commentsOver 160,000 residents in Mississippi have been without drinkable water for two weeks after storm.
ICC opens 'war crimes' investigation in West Bank and Gaza
ICC opens 'war crimes' investigation in West Bank and GazaAdded: 03.03.2021 19:16 | 10 views | 0 commentsIsrael rejects the court's decision to probe alleged war crimes, while the Palestinians praise it.
Covid-19: Backlash in Spain over princesses getting UAE vaccines
Covid-19: Backlash in Spain over princesses getting UAE vaccinesAdded: 03.03.2021 18:16 | 13 views | 0 commentsThe sisters say they were offered the jab when visiting their father in the United Arab Emirates.
Greece earthquake shakes shop and collapses buildings
Added: 03.03.2021 17:48 | 10 views | 0 commentsThe 6.3 magnitude earthquake struck near the city of Larissa, but was felt across the country.
Myanmar sees deadliest day as 38 protesters killed
Added: 03.03.2021 17:54 | 8 views | 0 commentsSecurity forces reportedly opened fire on large crowds in Mandalay and Monywa on Wednesday.
A.I. investment in drug discovery quadrupled in 2020, closely watched A.I. report finds
Everything to know about $400 weekly unemployment benefits as the stimulus package moves to the Senate
Terry Bradshaw Had Surgery in 1983 Under Name ‘Tom Brady’
The 34-year-old Steelers quarterback had torn muscle and tendons in his throwing elbow in training camp after slipping on a wet field while throwing a pass. On March 3, 1983, Bradshaw was admitted to Doctor’s Hospital in his hometown of Shreveport, La., for surgery. To avoid being descended upon by press and admirers, Bradshaw was admitted under an assumed name: Thomas Brady. Bradshaw wasn’t the one who came up with the alternate T.B. He didn’t play in Pittsburgh’s playoff loss to the Raiders, and after the game, was hopeful his arm would allow him to keep playing.
DeMarcus Ware box jump: Cowboys legend breaks Myles Garrett record
DeMarcus Ware via TwitterFormer Cowboys defensive end DeMarcus Ware was one of the most fearsome pass rushers of the 2000s as he amassed 138.5 career sacks and 35 forced fumbles. Ware responded to a video of Myles Garrett's 64-inch box jump with a leap of his own on Tuesday night. Ware completed a 66-inch box jump, flashing the otherworldly athleticism that was a constant presence in the NFL. Ware is a four-time All-Pro and nine-time Pro Bowler, but Tuesday's jump was a true highlight in his athletic career. Ware indulged in some fantasy football after his box jump, pitching an idea that would send shivers down the spines of quarterbacks across the NFL.
The Hockey News Fantasy Podcast: End of the Line for Price, Malkin and Karlsson?
Carey Price and Evgeni Malkin (Jean-Yves Ahern-USA TODAY Sports)This week on The Hockey News Fantasy Podcast, with senior writer Matt Larkin:- Top waiver-wire pickups for shallow, medium and deep leagues- Strategy tip of the week: Collecting phone numbers- Starting Lineup: Worst Movies- Taking listener questions on pool topics such as:(a) Do Cal Petersen and Chris Driedger have long-term fantasy value? (b) What's something fantasy managers overlook? (c) Is it time to give up on Carey Price as a fantasy star? (e) Is it more than a slump for Evgeni Malkin? (f) Is Erik Karlsson done as an elite fantasy contributor?
Leafs' Matthews, Andersen, return against Oilers. Campbell May Also Dress
EDMONTON -- Auston Matthews and Frederik Andersen will make their return to the lineup when the Toronto Maple Leafs take on the Edmonton Oilers on Wednesday. Matthews missed the first two games of the three-game set in Edmonton with a lingering wrist injury. Campbell could be ready to return and serve as Andersen's backup against the Oilers, according to Leafs head coach Sheldon Keefe,. Campbell in discussions with Leafs staff on the benchBased on the order, it doesn't seem like Campbell will dress tonight. He skated briefly during the morning skate before heading off as the session began.
Ondrej Palat Has Become Lightning's 'Mr. Clutch'
It’s reasonably safe to assume that Ondrej Palat will not win the Rocket Richard Trophy this season. Only Cam Atkinson of the Columbus Blue Jackets has as many goals as Palat does when the game is tied this season. Hopefully, I can help the power play produce.”With the Lightning having the league’s third-best power play, it’s safe to say that Palat has adequately replaced Kucherov in the spot. Palat worked his way up from the minors along with Lightning coach Jon Cooper, who trusts Palat completely. And the most recent four goals Palat has scored on the power play have come on one-timers from the right circle.
Rising Stars: Rosters announced, but game will not take place
This year's NBA All-Star events will look considerably different than those in the past because of precautions brought on in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Of those precautions, the NBA's Rising Stars Challenge will not be held this year, but players were still selected to highlight their young careers. Precious Achiuwa, Deni Avdija, Nickeil Alexander-Walker, RJ Barrett, Facundo Campazzo, Brandon Clarke, Laguentz Dort, Rui Hachimura, Theo Maledon and Mychal Mulder comprise the World roster. The Rising Stars Challenge, an exhibition game made up of players in their first or second year in the NBA, is one of the few All-Star events that is not taking place this year. The rosters for the skills challenge, three-point contest and dunk contest were all announced on Tuesday night on TNT and will still take place before Sunday's All-Star Game slated for an 8 p.m.
The Hockey News Podcast: How do the Sabres Extinguish Their Tire Fire?
Is John Tortorella not long for Columbus? Is Patrick Kane the greatest U.S.-born player ever? Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY SportsThis week on The Hockey News Podcast, with senior writers Ken Campbell, Ryan Kennedy and Matt Larkin:- The Sabres keep losing games. - Patrick Kane reaches 400 goals. Is he the greatest U.S.-born player of all-time?
Matt Larkin's Fantasy Hockey Pickups of the Week: Buy High on Sens
THE HOCKEY NEWS MAGAZINENot a subscriber? Sign up today to get the best features and analysis from the NHL and beyond. If you’re already a subscriber, click on the My Account button to sign into your account to renew your subscription, make a payment, redeem a gift, update your payment method and much more...
The AHL is Wild Fun Right Now
Photo courtesy the San Diego Gulls. The Kings have their affiliate in the nearby city of Ontario, while the Ducks' farm squad is down in San Diego. The San Diego Gulls counter with Jamie Drysdale, Jacob Perreault, Brayden Tracey and, before he got called up, Trevor Zegras. "When we played them, you looked at the rosters and said 'Holy smokes,' " said San Diego coach Kevin Dineen. They're good players, they're entertaining and they're good people - that's the impression I get from both teams.
Liverpool won't let players go for FIFA dates if they must quarantine
LIVERPOOL, England (AP) — Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp will not allow his players to travel to international matches this month if they have to quarantine on their return. Under current coronavirus guidelines, arrivals from countries that Britain regards as high risk are subject to 10 days of hotel confinement. Portugal and all of South America are on the so-called “red list” so it would apply to Liverpool’s Brazil internationals — Alisson Becker, Roberto Firmino and Fabinho — and Portugal forward Diogo Jota. FIFA has given clubs dispensation during the pandemic to prevent players who may be affected by the regulations from joining up with their countries, and Klopp intends to do so. “I think all the clubs agree that with the same problems, we cannot just let the boys go and then sort the situation when they come back by placing our players in a 10-day quarantine in a hotel.
Pep Guardiola Won't Be Drawn Into Manchester City Title Talk
Pep Guardiola joked money was the main reason why his Manchester City side has been able to win 19 games in a row across all competitions, but later revealed the feat was down to the ability of his players to focus on winning one game at a time. more
Virgil van Dijk, Joe Gomez's Liverpool recovery behind the scenes
Liverpool goalkeeper Alisson Becker has revealed the side will not be changing the way they play despite Virgil van Dijk's long-term injury. The Brazilian keeper also showed his delight at returning to first team action sooner than he expected after suffering an injury. more
Neymar Returns to PSG Training
Neymar makes his way back from his latest injury for PSG, though it's unlikely that he'll be fit to face former club Barcelona at all in the Champions League round of 16.
Jets Will 'Answer' Trade Calls Regarding Sam Darnold
Brian Fluharty-USA TODAY SportsNEW YORK (AP) — Sam Darnold’s time as the face of the New York Jets franchise might be nearing a disappointing end. “I will answer the call if it’s made,” Douglas said Wednesday when asked if he’d listen to offers for Darnold. “As it pertains to Sam, Sam’s, we think, a dynamic player in this league with unbelievable talent and who really, really has a chance to really hit his outstanding potential moving forward." Darnold is entering the fourth year of his rookie deal and is scheduled to count $9.8 million against the Jets’ salary cap. The Jets could also opt to stick with Darnold, for at least this year, and trade down from No.
Daryl Dike goal video: USMNT forward scores again for Barnsley
Daryl Dike has his second goal in three games on loan for Barnsley, with the U.S. men's national team forward scoring the opener vs. Queens Park Rangers in England's second tier on Wednesday. The 20-year-old Dike, who previously scored vs. Former U.S. international Geoff Cameron started for QPR but wasn't involved with marking Dike on the play. Dike embarked on a short-term loan from Orlando City on transfer deadline day, a move that reportedly comes with an option to buy for $20 million. Dike, an Oklahoma native who attended the University of Virginia, maintains eligibility to represent Nigeria, something his older brother, Bright, and sister, Courtney, both have done.
UEFA Considers Cutting 3 Cities From Euro Hosts
With 100 days until the rescheduled European Championship, UEFA is considering cutting three cities from its list of 12 host venues across the continent. UEFA wants the hosting plan settled within weeks after being forced to postpone its showpiece tournament last year due to the pandemic. UEFA is willing to take games away from cities that cannot guarantee a significant number of spectators based on an expected easing up of the pandemic by June. UEFA has yet to receive positive information from Irish authorities with the ban on fans attending games running through April 5. The new format provided an opportunity to stage games in some countries that wouldn’t necessarily have a chance to host the tournament on their own.
NCAA Basketball Wednesday Betting Preview: Back Creighton to Cover Against Villanova
Villanova won the first game, 64–59, and Creighton won the second meeting, 76–61. 11 Florida StateTeams at opposite ends of the Atlantic Coast Conference standings meet when Boston College visits Florida State. Florida State was leading 41–29 at halftime, but the Tar Heels outscored the Seminoles 49-29 during the second half. As one would expect, given the record of both teams, Florida State enters this contest with better numbers across the board. Florida State is the vastly superior team, but I am taking the points and backing the Eagles.
Free Agency Primer on Everyone but the Quarterbacks | NFL Deep Dive
Plus a look at a deep cornerback market, and why safeties might be out of luck again. Gary Gramling: A quick trivia question that everyone can think about as we sort of wrap up the receivers here. And yeah, I will be the guy who ignores the important numbers here and just looks at the total dollars and makes a big deal out of it. And these poor guys are going to be scrapping a little bit to get some good deals. But, a lot of these guys are going to be looking for those big money deals and they're just going to be bummed out.
Denver Broncos RB Phillip Lindsay Unwilling to Talk Deshaun Watson Trade: 'It Bring a Lot of Commotion' to Locker Room
Phillip Lindsay is in somewhat of a holding pattern as he waits to see whether new Denver Broncos GM George Paton will tender him as a restricted free agent. Take a second and sign up for our FREE newsletter and get breaking Broncos news delivered to your inbox daily! Advocating for one of his teammates and friends to be demoted or supplanted is bad business because what if no Watson-to-Denver trade materializes? Suddenly there'd be an awkward, and likely even resentful, gulf between any player who advocated for Watson and Lock. If Lindsay wants Watson in Denver, he certainly didn't let on and if anything, only seemed to back Lock indirectly by virtue of his reflective but carefully-worded remarks.
Could Drew Brees Do in Chicago as Tom Brady Did in Tampa?
The videos have been out there for the past week of Drew Brees pushing a sled and doing some conditioning, thanks to Mr. Social Media himself, former Bears quarterback Chase Daniel. "I have not gotten any sense at all that Drew Brees is doing anything but retiring," Rapoport said Monday on NFL Network. If Brady could do it in Tampa, why not Brees in Chicago? The Ryan Pace ConnectionSome Bears fans believe Ryan Pace has a poster of Brees in every room of his house. He bent over backwards to accomodate the Saints cap problems and reduced his salary to about $1 million, as Rapoport pointed out.
2021 Fantasy Baseball: Full Season Stat Projections - Pitchers
Sports Illustrated & Shawn Childs have developed a way to determine each player’s value with each category relevant to their production. Hitters have five offensive categories (batting average, runs, home runs, RBI, and stolen bases). When using projections, a fantasy owner’s success will only be as strong as his or her ability to interpret information. 2021 Fantasy Baseball Rankings, Projections & Cheatsheet(Note: There are multiple tabs/sheets in this document. READ MORE: Hitter ProjectionsFULL DOCUMENT: PDF | CSV / EXCEL | VIEW AS WEB PAGEProjections Ordered by TeamStarting Pitchers - SIscoresRelief Pitchers - SIscores
Illinois, Arkansas basketball improve NCAA tournament standing
It’s win-or-go-home season, with conference tournaments tipping off and bubble teams fighting for their lives and a chance at NCAA tournament glory. Fort Wayne hung tough, and the teams traded blows at the end of regulation to send the game to overtime. 2 seed Wright State blew a 24-point lead with just over six minutes to play in the game to No. The Yellow Jackets’ win over Duke gives them yet another solid victory for their NCAA tournament hopes. Arkansas got 42 points from its bench against South Carolina and 25 or more bench points in all three games this week.
Who Says No? ESPN's Trade Proposal To Send Kyle Lowry to Philly
As we enter NBA trade season, we'll start to look at some creative trades proposed by media outlets and break down the age-old question: Who says no? First up, thanks to ESPN's Tim Bontemps, we've got this doozy that sends Kyle Lowry to the Philadelphia 76ers with an intriguing package coming back for the Toronto Raptors. Essentially, the Raptors would be adding the 76ers' 2020 first-round pick, Maxey, along with two other first-rounders including an unprotected first in 2023. For Cleveland, it allows the Cavaliers to move off of Drummond without taking on any bad long-term money and for their trouble, they'll get a second-round pick. Who Says No: TorontoAs long as Toronto stays a playoff team in the middle of the Eastern, there's little chance the Raptors are going to trade Lowry.
The Spurs Can't Stop Their Winning Ways
They won how the Spurs win, with accurate shooting (48.3%), low turnovers (eight) and a stingy defense that held New York to 40.7% shooting. “They just keep on trucking.”The win solidified San Antonio’s grip on a top-five seed and, really—who saw this coming? Yet San Antonio is 18-13 after the win over New York and barreling towards the playoffs. What a season for Johnson, Dejounte Murray and the Spurs entire player development machine. The 29th pick in 2019, Johnson played 17 games for San Antonio last season.
AEW Revolution: Kenny Omega on Exploding Barbed Wire Deathmatch
Kenny Omega on the Exploding Barbed Wire Deathmatch: “The idea itself is incredible. Omega defends the AEW Championship this Sunday—the company’s first pay-per-view not on a Saturday—at Revolution against Jon Moxley in an Exploding Barbed Wire Deathmatch. “No matter the idea, regardless of the outrageousness of it, you can’t shock Moxley,” Omega says. While the match has existed for decades, AEW is going to place its own distinct touch on the Exploding Barbed Wire Deathmatch. The (online) week in wrestlingJon Moxley delivered an especially compelling promo last week on Dynamite, helping build to this Sunday’s Exploding Barbed Wire Deathmatch Revolution main event.
Full Frame: American Pharoah's Triple Crown SI Cover
American Pharoah's Triple Crown victory was one of the top sports highlights of 2015 and produced one of the most memorable SI covers that year. Photographer Erick Rasco details the story of wading into the packed crown at Belmont race track to capture one of the most unique angles of that historic event.
Weston McKennie: Juventus makes Schalke loan move permanent
Weston McKennie is no longer on loan to Juventus. “In the beginning I was thinking, yeah, it’s a loan and it feels maybe like a year-long trial,” McKennie told Sports Illustrated in October. "He has surprised me a lot," Brazil international and Juventus midfielder Arthur recently told CBS. Schalke anticipated this from the start, though it did leave the door open to welcome McKennie back with open arms. “It is a great honor to be the first American player in the history of Juventus," McKennie said upon his introduction at Juve.
Tom Brady tells James Corden about Super Bowl trophy toss (video)
Tom Brady almost needed scuba lessonsThe post-Super Bowl boat parade last month in Tampa might end up being just as memorable as Tom Brady’s seventh Super Bowl victory. On Tuesday night, Brady joined James Corden on The Late Late Show and was asked to recall the events of that day. “I’m happy I’m on land at that point, absolutely. Happy I’m being surrounded by my fellow quarterback Griff [Ryan Griffin], in the right place at the right time. Wild finish in the Horizon League quarterfinalsTerry Bradshaw checked into the hospital under the name “Tom Brady” to undergo arm surgery in 1983(This is 100% real, by the way.)
Shaq, Candace Parker get into awkward debate on TNT postgame show
I’ve never understood why Shaquille O’Neal is on TNT’s Tuesday night crew alongside Adam Lefkoe, Dwyane Wade and Candace Parker. The group was discussing pick-and-rolls and rotating on defense, but Shaq kept questioning Parker and Wade—especially Parker—on their explanations of what today’s defenses try to do. While Parker and Wade were using detailed analysis, Shaq basically went with the “Why can’t we do it like the old days?” angle. No matter how effectively Parker and Wade tried to explain that to Shaq, he wasn’t budging. RANDOM VIDEO OF THE DAY: In Tuesday's Traina Thoughts, I wrote about Eddie Murphy playing the old white guy in the barbershop in Coming to America.
SI Insider: Byron Buxton Will Continue to Be an X-Factor for the Twins
SI Insider: Byron Buxton Will Continue to Be an X-Factor for the TwinsTwins centerfielder Byron Buxton has struggled with a few stats while at the plate but slugging is definitely not included in that category. SI's Tom Verducci shares the numbers behind Buxton's hitting that could make a difference for the Twins this season.
March Madness: Undefeated California Baptist won't dance in 2021
After a recent transition to Division I, the 20–0 Lancers aren't eligible for the 2021 women's NCAA tournament. 3 Stanford against California Baptist University, seemingly a battle of sharks and minnows in the grand scheme of the sport. California Baptist, a Division I newbie, has 25. California Baptist, in its second year in Division I, played the Cardinal tight from wire-to-wire. And all postseason hope isn’t lost: The WNIT has been in contact with California Baptist about playing in that tournament, a solid consolation prize.
Can Mikaela Shiffrin become even better?
There were months where Mikaela Shiffrin didn’t want to ski, mixed with weeks where she wondered if she could. And it’s still not always there, right?”This is Mikaela Shiffrin attempting to make sense of Mikaela Shiffrin, an athlete as dominant and introspective as any on the planet—and one who confronted an even more difficult 2020 than her peers. “I always just relied on really, really solid preparation, a very methodical process. That version of Mikaela Shiffrin could be even better than the original one. This is, after all, Mikaela Shiffrin.
MLB delays Triple A season until May amid COVID-19 concerns
Major League Baseball has opted to delay the Triple A season at least one month amid COVID-19 concerns, according to ESPN's Jeff Passan. Minor league players will now report to alternate sites run by their organization's MLB team ahead of opening day. Travel concerns played a significant role in the decision to delay the Triple A season. Triple A teams travel via commercial airline, creating a greater risk of contracting COVID-19 compared to MLB teams that use private planes. The 2021 Triple A season is expected to now run through part of September due to the delay.
Best tennis players to never reach No. 1 ranking
And what broadcast sponsor is signing on to air weeks and weeks of matches from one location? 3 ranking, 25 singles titles), who took perhaps THE all-time Slam final beat-down (0-6, 3-6, 0-6) in the '77 French Open from perhaps the greatest men's singles player to never (officially) reach No. 1 ranking can be a combination of luck and circumstance—points fall off, a player gets injured, a player reduces their schedule. What a contrast—I watched the 1975 Wimbledon men’s final on Tennis Channel last night—Ashe vs Connors. I think also everybody else in pro tennis is complicit to an extent in the sorry state of affairs that is current in men's tennis.
An NFL Quarterback’s Guide to Forcing Your Way Out of Town
Follow these six easy steps and your current team will send you on your way in no time. The most direct way of doing this is to remove all mentions of your current club from your Twitter and Instagram bios. If your practice of liking Twitter posts did not garner the appropriate media attention, this most certainly will. Fans will wonder why the general manager and owner simply won’t see things your way, despite a completely reasonable set of requests. Remember that, while you had some help along the way, the power was inside you all along.
Who's Going to Be the Worst Team in 2021?
Tom VerducciIt’s hard to see a team worse off this year than the Pittsburgh Pirates. Emma BaccellieriThe Pirates' status as the worst team in last year's shortened season was no small-sample-size fluke—and the roster now is actually worse. Same deal with the Rockies, Trevor Story and the NL West, though Colorado still has a bunch of young starters who have flashed at times. Michael ShapiroPerhaps the Pirates have the worst roster in baseball, but playing in the National League Central should provide at least a minor boost to their 2021 win total. What was recently an emerging contender has been mismanaged into a bottom feeder, setting the stage for the worst season in franchise history.
Yankees' Manager Aaron Boone Needs Surgery, Will Take Immediate Medical Leave of Absence
TAMPA — Yankees manager Aaron Boone is taking an immediate medical leave of absence to receive a pacemaker, the team announced on Wednesday afternoon. Boone will undergo surgery Wednesday evening at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Tampa and is expected to get back to work in a few days. The skipper had been working long days since his team reported to spring training last month. To conclude his statement, Boone implored others dealing with heart issues to "remain vigilant" and contact their doctor should any symptoms or discomfort pop up at any time. “Aaron leads our players, coaches and staff with a rare combination of work ethic, intelligence and a genuine concern for others.
Kellen Winslow II sentencing: Gets 14 years after rape conviction
The 37-year-old son of Chargers Hall of Fame receiver Kellen Winslow appeared via videoconference at the hearing in San Diego Superior Court in Vista, California. San Diego County Superior Court Judge Blaine Bowman said Winslow can only be described with "two words, and that is sexual predator." Winslow was convicted of forcible rape, rape of an unconscious person, assault with intent to commit rape, indecent exposure and lewd conduct in public. The forcible rape involved a woman who was homeless in his hometown of Encinitas, a beach community north of San Diego. Jurors also convicted Winslow of two misdemeanors -- indecent exposure and a lewd act in public -- involving two other women.
Rob Gronkowski to coach Arizona spring football game
Rob Gronkowski will be adding the title of head coach to his resume, at least for one game. Gronkowski completed his first season with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers will be the head coach at his alma mater at the Arizona Wildcats' spring football game slated for April 24. According to's Justin Spears, Gronkowski was also at Arizona Stadium was during the 2011 Wildcats' football spring game. "It's definitely a special win and it has a definite place in my heart for this victory, for this Super Bowl run," he said in the wake of Tampa's Super Bowl LV win over the Chiefs. But that's never stopped him from dipping his toes in other waters before, with coaching the Arizona spring game being his latest venture.
Tokyo Olympics may take place without fans from abroad
Yukihito Taguchi/USA TODAY SportsThe postponed Tokyo Olympics look like they will take place without any fans from abroad when they open in just under five months. The Japanese newspaper Mainichi said on Wednesday the decision had been made to exclude foreign fans. The report came just an hour before Tokyo organizers held “five-party” talks online with the International Olympic Committee, the International Paralympic Committee, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government and the central government of Japan. In this respect, we may have to set one or another priority.”The Olympics are to open on July 23. The exclusion of foreign fans has been almost a foregone conclusion with the games being held during a pandemic.
Welcome (Sort of) Freshmen
Before he did anything else at Wake Forest, Carter Whitt had to explain why he was there. “He was like, ‘Uh, yeah, right, you’re here for basketball,’ ” Scott recalls with a laugh. Instead, he’s one of several high school players who took advantage of an unusual situation created by the pandemic. This presented a gift: an unprecedented chance to gain college basketball experience. “I don’t want to say it’s surreal,” says Russ Frazier, his coach for three years at Leesville Road High School in Raleigh.
Vanessa Bryant: 'Kobe And Gigi Motivate Me to Keep Going'
More than a year after the deaths of Kobe and Gianna Bryant, Vanessa Bryant will grace the cover of People's "Women Changing the World" issue on Friday. "This pain is unimaginable [but] you just have to get up and push forward," Bryant told People. "Lying in bed crying isn't going to change the fact that my family will never be the same again. But getting out of bed and pushing forward is going to make the day better for my girls and for me. "I guess the best way to describe it is that Kobe and Gigi motivate me to keep going," Bryant said.
The Lakers (and LeBron) Have Nothing to Worry About Yet
Simply put, this Lakers team is still very, very good when healthy. In the first round of those playoffs, LeBron’s Cavs were outscored by the Pacers and yet still somehow won the series. There was absolutely no statistical basis for Cleveland beating Toronto that year, but LeBron’s team swept them. There’s not necessarily panic around this Lakers team, but some people certainly have their eyebrows raised. And as great as LeBron is, this team is going to need Davis to accomplish its goals in the summer.
Mailbag: Are the Arizona Cardinals legitimate Super Bowl contenders?
With J.J. Watt now in Arizona, can the Cardinals take a leap from their 8–8 mark last season? Plus, which teams will find a way to either draft a QB prospect or trade for a veteran on the market. Let’s start with this perspective: On March 3, 2020, no one saw the Buccaneers as Super Bowl contenders. For those reasons, it really doesn’t surprise me much that Joseph was able to appeal to Watt as the Cardinals’ lead recruiter. From GrantJohn (@JohnJo25278): What do you think the chance is the Bears land either Russell Wilson or Deshaun Watson this offseason?
Washington to Replace Cheerleaders With Coed Dance Team in 2021
The Washington Football Team will replace its cheerleading team with a coed dance team for the upcoming season, Petra Pope, the team's newly hired senior adviser, told USA TODAY's Jori Epstein. "We want to be more inclusive, so we are going to invite a coed entity (to audition)," Pope told USA TODAY. In a statement to ESPN, Washington team president Jason Wright said the team wanted to create halftime programs similar to those in the NBA. Among the reported accounts, a former Washington football team senior executive instructed employees to create a behind-the-scenes video for owner Daniel Snyder, featuring outtakes of partially nude team cheerleaders from a 2008 team swimsuit calendar shoot. The team is expected to remain the Washington Football Team throughout next season, but it appears that the team will have a new name starting in 2022.
Shake Shack's Danny Meyer on the Restaurant Business: 'I Hope We Never Return to How We Were'
After one of the hardest years on record for restaurants, Danny Meyer, founder and CEO of the Union Square Hospitality Group, is hopeful. Below are four things Meyer says will never again be the same for the restaurant industry. His companies Shake Shack and Union Square Hospitality, which includes Gramercy Tavern, Union Square Cafe, and more than a dozen other eateries, had to lay off 90 percent of employees. "Every person in the restaurant industry should get the same minimum wage," he says. So Union Square has reinstated tips but now pays a portion of revenue every night to everyone in back-of-house positions.
Apple Vs. Facebook: What You Need to Know About Tim Cook and Mark Zuckerberg's Battle
Apple and Facebook are publicly sparring over Apple's new privacy feature in iOS 14--which could have major consequences for Facebook's bottom line. Apple's new operating system, iOS 14, introduced in June, requires apps to ask users' permission to track them, which many users are likely to decline. June 2020: Apple Introduces iOS 14. In August, Facebook wrote in a company blog post that iOS 14 would hurt advertisers and make the Audience Network program almost unusable. And, on February 4, Senate Judiciary Chair Senator Amy Klobuchar from Minnesota introduced a major antitrust bill that could impact companies like Facebook, Apple, and Google.
PPP Loans Are Supposed to Be Tax Free. These 19 States Didn't Get the Memo
Right now, 19 states tax forgiven PPP loans, either by including them as taxable income or disallowing deductions for business expenses made with the loans, says Katherine Loughead, senior policy analyst for the Tax Foundation, which has published a map showing the loans' tax status by state. Legislatures in at least seven of the 19 states in question--Arizona, Arkansas, Hawaii, Maine, Minnesota, New Hampshire, and Virginia--have introduced bills to exclude PPP loans from taxation. And it's hard to compare the impact with past years, since PPP loans are new. But second-draw PPP loans in Wisconsin are expected to be taxed, says Irina Petrashkevich, senior manager for tax policy and advocacy for the American Institute of CPAs. There, PPP loans are fully tax-free for corporations, but taxable for individuals--even though the PPP targets the smallest businesses, in addition to those with up to 500 employees.
'2034,' Part V: Sailing Into Darkness
Lin Bao was thinking of Ma Qiang as he flew out to meet what was now his ship. Observing the sea from the cockpit, Lin Bao wondered if Ma Qiang's body was somewhere beneath him. Like the naval hero Admiral Horatio Nelson at Trafalgar, Ma Qiang had maneuvered his flagship recklessly close to the action, inviting the peril that would assure his glory. As his plane lined up its approach, Lin Bao imagined it wasn't all that different than the final journey taken by the Hornet. Nothing like replacing a hero, thought Lin Bao, as the plane made its descent toward the flight deck.
Twitch's First Transparency Report Is Here—and Long Overdue
Twitch today released its first-ever transparency report, detailing its efforts to safeguard the 26 million people who visit its site daily. In its new transparency report Twitch acknowledges this difficulty and for the first time offers specific details about how well it moderates its platform. Throughout this time, Twitch didn’t have a transparency report to make its policies and inner workings clear to a user base suffering abuse. Twitch’s transparency report serves as a victory lap for its recent moderation efforts. Enforcement actions increased by 788,000 early 2020 to 1.1 million late 2020, which Twitch says reflects its increase in users.
We Still Don’t Know How Well Covid Vaccines Stop Transmission
This week, the US passed a grim milestone in the ongoing coronavirus crisis: 500,000 deaths, more than the number of Americans killed in World War II, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War combined. Achieving that is likely to take a few more months—provided vaccine makers don’t hit any production snags and worrisome variants don’t derail current progress. In the interim, an increasing number of people will find themselves in a liminal state, navigating what it means to be a vaccinated person moving through an unvaccinated world. This week, two new studies—neither of which have yet gone through peer review—made splashy headlines about the extent to which vaccines slash viral spread. However, as the study authors noted, the ministry’s testing recommendations exempt vaccinated people from requirements like getting tested after travel or being exposed to a known Covid case.
Scientists Accidentally Discover Strange Creatures Under a Half Mile of Ice
It’s not as if the seafloor is littered with these things.” Just his luck to drill in the only wrong place. Wrong place for collecting seafloor muck, but the absolute right place for a one-in-a-million shot at finding life in an environment that scientists didn’t reckon could support much of it. An alien-like sponge and other stalked animals dangled from the rock, while stouter, cylindrical sponges hugged the surface. The rock Smith had accidentally discovered is 160 miles from daylight—that is, the nearest edge of the shelf, where ice ends and the open ocean begins. (When a whale dies and sinks, by the way, it’s epically known as a “whale fall.”)
The Terrible T-Mobile/Sprint Merger Must Be Undone
Never mind that this experiment of using a reseller as “fixer” for a wireless merger that reduced four competitors to three had stumbled in Germany, revealing the critical role of a fourth facilities-based provider in preserving competitive outcomes. Disregard that the merged firm would have a strong incentive to undermine the behavioral remedy. The behavioral remedy contemplated that T-Mobile would lease network access to Dish for seven years, while Dish built its own network. T-Mobile is shutting down its older wireless network that supports Dish’s Boost customers. By turning off this lifeline to Dish, T-Mobile can drive Boost customers back to T-Mobile, which should place upward pressure on the price that T-Mobile charges for prepaid plans.
How to Set Up a 4G LTE Wi-Fi Network as an Alternative to Broadband
But the increase in speed and capacity of 4G LTE (and now 5G) networks has opened up another option. How 4G LTE Internet WorksRouters such as the Netgear Orbi can bring 4G LTE into your home. Using a 4G LTE home internet service isn't quite the same as running a hot spot though. Instead of having everything come through your phone, you set up a router to speak directly to the 4G LTE network, and then that router converts the signal into the conventional Wi-Fi that we all know and love. Traditionally, restrictions on data use have been one of the main reasons not to make the switch to 4G LTE for home connectivity.
Cheese Actually Isn’t Bad for You
If you Google “cheese,” the top result under “people also ask” is the ungrammatical query “Why cheese is bad for you?” Now, if you’re the type of person who’s thinking, “What’s the big deal? Cheese was right in the middle: On average, eating more or less of it had essentially no effect on weight. “There’s no evidence that cheese is linked to cardiovascular disease, and in some studies, it’s even a little bit associated with lower risk. And then, for diabetes, again, it’s at worst neutral, and maybe protective.”It’s true that observational studies can only reveal correlations. “It wasn’t people eating cheese on cutting boards with walnuts and grapes,” Mozaffarian says.
So Long, Fry’s. I Learned Everything About Gadgets From You
It’s because Fry’s Electronics, the West Coast’s premier suburban electronics superstore, has announced it will soon close all of its locations. “It’s just a stupid electronics store,” she said, sauntering to the kitchen for a morning cup of coffee. Fry's has been sliding downhill for a long time. Fry's was one of the only places you could see the entire home technology revolution sprawled out before you. Fry’s was also where I learned firsthand that nascent technologies—in this case, a glove-based controller that my brother woefully wasted $100 on in 2002—are sometimes too good to be true.
Fake News Gets More Engagement on Facebook—But Only If It's Right-Wing
“What we find is that among the far right in particular, misinformation is more engaging than non-misinformation,” said Laura Edelson, a doctoral candidate and the lead researcher. This allowed the team to categorize each source both by ideological positioning—far right, slightly right, center, slightly left, far left—and by whether or not it had been flagged for regularly publishing false content. In the far left, slightly left, and center categories, publications rated credible by NewsGuard and MBFC saw between two and five times as much engagement as ones that were not. In the slightly right category, accurate sources held only a slim edge. Both those engagement numbers dwarf any other category; the next highest is “far left, not misinformation,” at only about 145 interactions per thousand followers per week.
If You Transplant a Human Head, Does Its Consciousness Follow?
I think medicine doesn't really want to always be remembered for the slightly creepy things that it does. White “perfected” the head transplant on monkeys in 1970 by maintaining blood flow to the monkey brain while it transitioned between its original body to its new one. So, the strangest part about this story is that it is possible to transplant a head. I think White felt that the human surgery would be more successful, because of everything being larger and easier to work on, and that they could work faster. So for him, he felt like he didn't have a lot to lose: “Okay, I will still be quadriplegic, but I will live because I'll have a better body.” And this is partly why White called it a body transplant, he quit calling it a head transplant.
How Far Away From Perseverance Did the Descent Stage Land?
It's not quite as mighty, but I am going to dare something myself: I'm going to try to figure out how far the descent stage would land from the rover. After that, a rocket-powered descent stage slowed the rover down as it approached the surface. At the very end of the descent stage, a cable lowered the rover to the ground. Then the descent stage used its remaining fuel to shoot away from the landing site. The plan is to use angular size of the descent stage to get the distance from the rover in each frame of the video.
The Pandemic Nearly Shuttered My Church. Technology Saved It
Long before the pandemic struck, Science Hill Friends Meeting in southwestern Randolph County, North Carolina, was slowly bleeding to death, like many small churches in rural America. If a pandemic wasn’t bad enough, in October our pastor resigned. But God does indeed work in mysterious ways, and divine intervention flew in on the wings of technology. A progressive group of elders invested in Science Hill’s first-ever computer—a generational leap for a country church that first met under a brush arbor. Zooming the Kaddish, the ancient Jewish mourning prayer, which ordinarily requires a quorum of 10 adults in person, was a special accommodation for the Beth David Synagogue in Greensboro, North Carolina.
TikTok Played a Key Role in MAGA Radicalization
Several key features distinguish TikTok from almost every other social platform. The effect is similar to YouTube’s much maligned recommendation algorithm, which notoriously leads users to more and more extreme content. From the minute you enter the platform, you’re riding through the wormhole. What makes a TikTok video more potent than a hyperpartisan meme shared on Facebook or a retweeted #MAGA slogan? When you make a video on the platform, you’re staring at a mirror image of yourself.
Email and Slack Have Locked Us in a Productivity Paradox
The journalist who wrote the Time feature noted in his article that he had typed his contribution on a typewriter. This was true of the first PCs, and it likely explains the uneasy relationship we have with a more recent office innovation: email. As he documents, many of these departments fired support staff after the arrival of time-saving computer software made them unnecessary. The obvious problem is that the work once conducted by this staff now shifted to the workers they used to support. Though these support staff reductions saved salary costs in the short term, they required hiring more higher-level—and therefore higher-salary—employees in the long term to maintain similar levels of output.
Perseverance’s Eyes See a Different Mars
Perseverance, a rover built by humans to do science 128 million miles away, is wheels-down on Mars. Some of the cameras see colors and textures almost exactly the way the people who built them do. The rover’s cameras imagine colors beyond the ones that human eyes and brains can come up with. But the light on Mars is a little different than the light on Earth. And Perseverance’s eyes can see light we humans can’t—light made of reflected x-rays or infrared or ultraviolet.
Valheim Is Changing How We Play Survival Games
According to Steam Database, Valheim had over 500,000 concurrent players on February 21, and this survival game could cross even further into popular culture. In what ways do you think Valheim compares to previous survival games? In what ways do you think Valheim innovates the survival genre? That being said, I do think we have found an audience in making Valheim a PvE-focused survival game. We don’t really feel that we compare that much to the games you most think of when thinking about the survival genre.
Microsoft's Dream of Decentralized IDs Enters the Real World
For years, tech companies have touted blockchain technology as a means to develop identity systems that are secure and decentralized. Instead of just storing a scan of your birth certificate, for example, a decentralized ID platform might store a validated token that confirms the information in it. Microsoft has been one of the leaders of this pack—and is now detailing tangible progress toward its vision of a decentralized digital ID. Think of the platform as a digital wallet like Apple Pay or Google Pay, but for identifiers rather than credit cards. Under Microsoft's setup, you can also revoke access to your credentials if the recipient no longer needs access.
Should Anyone Actually Care About Ray Tracing?
Which raises the question: Should players even care about ray tracing? Why Ray Tracing Is a Big Deal (Even If It Hurts Performance)Although ray tracing is a relatively new buzzword in the gaming world, the feature has been a mainstay of computer graphics in film and TV for years. Why You Still Might Want to Turn It OffFor now, though, ray tracing is a demanding task. Depending on what graphics card you own, Cyberpunk 2077 might be unplayably slow on PC with ray tracing turned on. Even on hardware that allows ray tracing and high frame rates at the same time, you might get a smoother experience or fewer bugs if you skip the ray tracing entirely.
Who Is R. A. Lafferty? And Is He the Best Sci-Fi Writer Ever?
The sci-fi writer R. A. Lafferty used to make claims like that. For most of his career, he’d tell people he was “the best short story writer in the world.” Smart move. Other sci-fi writers, in other words. R. A. Lafferty has always been, then, a sci-fi writer’s sci-fi writer—a blurry, far-out position to find oneself in. So just think what absurdities a sci-fi writer has to conjure forth to gobsmack his fellow sci-fi writers—sci-fi writers who actually are, by much wider consensus, some of the best in the world.
23 Best Nintendo Switch Games for Every Player (2021)
The Switch is one of Nintendo's most successful and influential systems ever. Figuring out what to play, though—that's getting harder every year, as the roster of first-party and indie games grows deeper and deeper. Thankfully, WIRED has plenty of opinionated Nintendo fans on staff, and we've put our heads together to compile a list of the best Switch games. Be sure to also read up on our Switch Tips and Secrets, Favorite Switch Accessories, and Bundle Deals. Updated for February 2021: We added Spiritfarers, Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury, Hades, and Luigi's Mansion 3.
Help! I’m Sneaking Into My Office. Is This So Wrong?
Dear OOO,I'm sneaking into my office—which isn't illegal or anything; I'm following company protocol and doing it safely. I tell my family members that I'm going in to use the "better" equipment. OOO Surviving the #WFH Age Need help navigating the always on, always remote life? People don’t need to “deserve” a break from work or home or anything that’s weighing on them. But back to the actual content of your question: You don’t need to feel badly about wanting time alone, but slamming the office door behind you isn’t very sporting.
The Essential Climbing Gear for Beginners
Most people learn climbing in a gym. Let me tell you one thing: It's less-intimidating to get acquainted with the safety routines, lingo, and gear when climbing indoors. Whether you're indoors or outdoors, you're going to need some basic gear. I'm keeping it simple (and affordable) in this guide, as it's easy to get overwhelmed by all the jargon for technical gear. You're also not going to be climbing lead until you're more experienced, so I'm omitting items like rope and quickdraws, which your climb leader will have.
Anthony Fauci Pleads: Don’t Declare Victory
Of course, that’s Anthony Fauci, the longtime director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. Anthony Fauci: I don't think that's going to be the case. I don't think the 526 in New York is going to be any worse in the sense of evading the vaccine or evading the monoclonal antibodies. No, I don't think so. But you've got to continue to practice public health measures until the level of infection goes way, way down.
Who is Jery Hewitt? 'New Amsterdam's season 3 premiere tribute explained
New Amsterdam returned Tuesday night with its season 3 premiere, "The New Normal," and aside from offering a moving new storyline, it also offered a tribute to one Jery Hewitt. "In memory of Jery Hewitt and the lives we lost in 2020," the title card read. He worked on 14 movies from the Coen Brothers, including The Big Lebowski and No Country for Old Men. On TV, he worked on every episode of the original Law & Order and 22 seasons of Law & Order: SVU. Image zoom Credit: NBC"The lives we lost in 2020" seemed like a reference to those who died from COVID-19 last year.
Dr. Oz helps save man's life at Newark Airport by performing CPR and clearing his airway
Port Authority Officer Jeffrey Croissant, who was on patrol when he witnessed the man falling to the floor, quickly rushed over and called for help. After realizing that Oz was the one who stepped up to help, he remarked, "What better help to have than a cardiac surgeon?" Image zoom Officer Jeffrey Croissant | Credit: Courtesy Port Authority"Last night, a man collapsed near me and my family after we arrived at Newark Airport. I performed CPR with the help of a Newark Port Authority police officer and cleared the man's airway," Oz said in a statement provided to PEOPLE. "Thankfully, Newark Airport had a defibrillator nearby that we were able to use to save his life."
Gab's CTO Introduced a Critical Vulnerability to the Site
A quick review of Gab’s open source code shows that the critical vulnerability—or at least one very much like it—was introduced by the company’s chief technology officer. Critics say the move violates terms of the Affero General Public License, which governs Gab’s reuse of Mastodon, an open source software package for hosting social networking platforms. Critics say the removal violates terms that require forked source code be directly linked from the site. Then, on Monday, the site suddenly removed all commits—including the ones that created and then fixed the critical SQL injection vulnerability. In their place, Gab provided source code in the form of a Zip archive file that was protected by the password “JesusChristIsKingTrumpWonTheElection” (minus the quotation marks).
Summer House's Hannah Berner engaged to boyfriend Des Bishop: 'When you know, you know'
Summer House's Hannah Berner engaged to boyfriend Des Bishop: 'When you know, you know'Hannah Berner is an engaged woman! The Summer House star said "yes" to boyfriend Des Bishop after a whirlwind romance, PEOPLE can exclusively reveal. For the proposal, Bishop, 45, surprised Berner, 29, with a special call-back to the start of their relationship. Berner and Bishop began dating in July after he reached out to her on Instagram. Bishop presented Berner with a round, brilliant stone sitting on an 18-carat yellow gold band.
Kelly Marie Tran compares experience with Star Wars bullying to an 'embarrassingly horrible breakup'
Kelly Marie Tran has had to endure more than most rising stars in Hollywood these days. After The Last Jedi hit theaters, however, the actress faced a barrage of online hate aimed at her appearance and ethnicity. Some of her Star Wars brethren came to Tran's defense during that time, including Luke Skywalker actor Mark Hamill and The Last Jedi director Rian Johnson. Hamill tweeted, "Star Wars' trolls: '#GetALifeNerds." And the online trolls that harassed her are still just that.
Cynthia Erivo, Joseph Gordon-Levitt join Pinocchio remake as Blue Fairy, Jiminy Cricket
Like the title character's nose, the cast for Disney's Pinocchio remake has grown quite a bit. These new cast members join Tom Hanks, who was reported to be in talks for the film back in 2018, as the kindly woodcarver Geppetto. Image zoom Credit: Leon Bennett/WireImage; Everett Collection; Neilson Barnard/Getty ImagesZemeckis, who came on board to direct the long-gestating film last year, also penned the script with Chris Weitz. The remake will begin production this month in the U.K., and will be released on Disney+.
Michael B. Jordan is Without Remorse in first trailer for Tom Clancy thriller
Michael B. Jordan is Without Remorse in first trailer for Tom Clancy thrillerFind you a man who can be both PEOPLE's Sexiest Man Alive and a badass action star. Michael B. Jordan already earned that first title, and now he's showing his other bonafides in the trailer for Without Remorse. Directed by Sicario: Day of the Soldado filmmaker Stefano Sollima and co-written by Oscar nominee and Yellowstone creator Taylor Sheridan, the upcoming Amazon Prime Video action-thriller is based on the 1993 Tom Clancy novel of the same name. "There's something inside of me that I can't turn off," Kelly says in the trailer, which can be seen below. Without Remorse premieres April 30 on Prime Video.
Survivor: Terry Deitz plays a game of Cambodia What If?
Terry Deitz dominated Survivor: Panama — Exile Island. (The very next season, Survivor moved to a final three format as a direct result.) Terry made his big return after being voted in by fans to play on Survivor: Cambodia — Second Chance, but his journey was cut short not due to being voted out, nor due to any injury in the game. Image zoom Terry Deitz of 'Survivor' | Credit: Monty Brinton/CBSENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: First off, give the update as to what you've been up to since appearing on Survivor. Who's one player from another Survivor season you wish you could have played with or against and why?
Melissa McCarthy and Octavia Spencer are badass superheroes in first Thunder Force trailer
Spencer nearly tases a man to death in hilarious preview of the new Netflix movie. The criminal underworld doesn't stand a chance against Octavia Spencer armed with a taser. The Oscar-winning Help actress heads out from Ma's basement and into the realm of superheroes with Melissa McCarthy in the first trailer for the duo's upcoming satire Thunder Force, a wild spin on the action-heroine subgenre that tasks the leading ladies with saving the world from unspeakable evil — like Jason Bateman with lobster claws for hands. Thunder Force premieres April 9 on Netflix as part of the streaming service's ongoing initiative to premiere at least one new movie every week throughout 2021. Sign up for Entertainment Weekly's free newsletter to get the latest trailers, celebrity interviews, film reviews, and more.
MPA source challenges Golden Globes voter's claims about recruiting Black journalists
Australian HFPA member says they "didn't really consider" the lack of Black members "a problem" because the group was filled with diversity from other places. A source at the Motion Picture Association has responded to a Hollywood Foreign Press Association member's claims about its ties to the Golden Globes group's ongoing controversy concerning a lack of Black journalists among its ranks. Representatives for the HFPA didn't immediately respond to EW's request for comment on Cooney's interview, the MPA source's response, or Rottenberg's tweet. The fact that there was no Black member, we didn't really consider a problem. We must have Black journalists in our organization," said Helen Hoehne, an HFPA member from Germany.
Maroon 5 and Megan Thee Stallion make 'Beautiful Mistakes' together on band's wistful new single
Maroon 5 and Megan Thee Stallion make 'Beautiful Mistakes' together on band's wistful new singleMaroon 5 is back, and this love thing is still taking its toll on them. The band released a wistful new track on Wednesday titled "Beautiful Mistakes," the third single off their upcoming seventh studio album. In addition to hearing lead singer Adam Levine lament being away from his love, and not trying to sabotage his relationship, the song also features a dynamic verse from Megan Thee Stallion. Interestingly, the song was also co-produced and co-written by musician blackbear, known for his hit "Hot Girl Bummer," a play off the Hot Girl Summer meme Megan spurred in 2019. Listen to "Beautiful Mistakes" above.
Annie Award nods stir Disney's Soul and give the Oscar race a Crood awakening
While animation has fared better than much of the entertainment industry, the situation around the pandemic has thrown all of us for a loop," said Frank Gladstone, the Annie Awards' executive producer. Since the Academy implemented its own Best Animated Feature category in 2002, the Annie Awards' top-category champion has gone on to win the corresponding Oscar 13 times. Last year, Disney-Pixar's Toy Story 4 won the Oscar, though Netflix's Klaus took the Annie. The 48th Annie Awards will stream live online beginning Friday, April 16 at 10 p.m. See the full list of nominees in 36 categories on the organization's website.
RuPaul's Drag Race queens rock out with their frocks out in Snatch Game episode's first act
Season 13 Snatch Game episode kicks off with some... bare-butted confidence in EW's exclusive preview of the next new episode. RuPaul's Drag Race queens rock out with their frocks out in Snatch Game episode's first actRuPaul's Drag Race Close Streaming OptionsThe RuPaul's Drag Race season 13 queens are punking and funking it up in EW's exclusive reveal of the Snatch Game episode's first act. Ru says, telling the dolls they'll have 20 minutes to get into quick punk drag using fishnets and stockings to create an entire look. See how the Snatch Game plays out when RuPaul's Drag Race returns with a new episode Friday at 8:00 p.m. on VH1. Watch EW's exclusive preview above.
Read an excerpt from Jeff Vandermeer's new endangered species conspiracy novel Hummingbird Salamander
I stared out the window as he began to tell me everything he knew about computers. I could tell his greatest need, or mine, was to sit alone in a park for an hour and be as silent as a stone. The downtown fell away and, with it, skyscrapers and gentrified loft apartments, and then, after streets of counterculture, zoned haphazard and garish, the suburbs took over. The driver stopped talking. The mountain range like a premonition twisted free of gray mist, distant but gathering.
Punky Brewster stars Cherie Johnson and Jasika Nicole are already planning possible season 2 wedding
Punky Brewster Close Streaming OptionsShould Peacock's Punky Brewster revival return for season 2, series stars Cherie Johnson and Jasika Nicole are already dreaming of what their characters' wedding would look like. Across the show's 10-episode debut, fans of the popular 80s series learned Punky's best friend Cherie (Johnson) is in a serious relationship with a lawyer named Lauren (Nicole). Johnson may not know what her character would wear but Nicole has the perfect dress to wear sitting in her closet at home. "About five or six years ago, I knitted a wedding dress though I never intended to wear it myself," Nicole continued. Maybe in season 2, Cherie can tell Lauren all the gory details during pillow talk while showing some flashbacks?"
Kathryn Hahn reacts to being an iTunes-topping recording artist for 'Agatha All Along'
Kathryn Hahn doesn't understand it. "I don't have social media, so the whole thing was like filtered down through all this," Hahn continued. Disney released the track, on which Hahn belts the refrain, on streaming platforms like Spotify and Apple Music in the days that followed. "[That's] a testament to the Lopezes who just wrote that crazy, awesome, delicious 47 seconds," Hahn said of composers Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez. "It's wonderful to see that it's inspired so much interest in the fans," WandaVision director Matt Shakman told EW.
See Danny Boyle's cast transform into the Sex Pistols for new FX series
See Danny Boyle's cast transform into the Sex Pistols for new FX seriesThe stars of Danny Boyle's upcoming miniseries about the Sex Pistols are bringing anarchy to the U.K.A first look at the six-episode Pistol, based on the Steve Jones memoir Lonely Boy: Tales From a Sex Pistol, has landed with Toby Wallace as Jones, Christian Lees as bassist Glen Matlock, Anson Boon as singer John Lydon, Louis Partridge as bassist Sid Vicious, and Jacob Slater as drummer Paul Cook. But the show, directed and executive-produced by Boyle, will also feature prominent figures from the London punk scene. In that spirit, FX also confirmed that The Queen's Gambit actor Thomas Brodie-Sangster has joined the troupe to play British rock impresario Malcolm McLaren, Westworld's Talulah Riley will play fashion designer Vivienne Westwood, and model Iris Law will play punk icon Soo Catwoman. Image zoom Toby Wallace leads the cast of 'Pistol' as Sex Pistols guitarist Steve Jones. Jones also serves as an executive producer with Boyle and series creator Craig Pearce.
Keanu Reeves wants to play his Brzrkr comic character on screen someday
Brzrkr #1 received more than 600,000 orders from comic sellers, making it the biggest single comic issue in 30 years outside of Marvel's Star Wars #1 in 2015. But though Brzrkr (pronounced "berserker") was co-created and co-written by Keanu Reeves, it isn't based on any pre-existing franchise. Reeves, Kindt, and Garney are also quick to credit their other collaborators, including editor Eric Harburn, colorist Bill Crabtree, and letterer Clem Robbins. Garney just had one question for Reeves before he started drawing: "Is this character supposed to look like you?" Image zoomImage zoomImage zoomImage zoomImage zoomImage zoom
Why Raya and the Last Dragon will not play at Cinemark theaters
On Wednesday, Cinemark Theaters announced that animated action-adventure flick, starring Star Wars' Kelly Marie Tran , Raya and the Last Dragon will not be playing at their movie theaters this weekend. Disney is set to release the film in 2,000+ theaters and as a $30 purchase on Disney+ on Friday, March 5. According to reports, Disney's exhibitor terms were tough, leading theater chains like Cinemark to opt out of playing the movie. "While we are having conversations with The Walt Disney Company, we have not yet reached agreeable licensing terms for Raya and the Last Dragon. As we continue to work with our studio partners, we remain optimistic that we will reach mutually beneficial terms that will provide moviegoers the opportunity to see the exciting film lineup in our theaters."
Watch the trailer for Calls, a show where you never see the stars
Fede Álvarez's new Apple TV+ series Calls doesn't technically have any famous faces in it — but that doesn't mean the cast is lacking in star power. Premiering March 19, Calls features bite-size episodes that run about 15 minutes each. Álvarez had so much fun with the experience that he already has plans for a second season. A second season would probably be an exploration of that. It would more than likely be from different perspectives and characters with things we didn't already do in season 1."
What to Watch on Wednesday: Amy Poehler has Moxie with her new Netflix movie
What to Watch on Wednesday: Amy Poehler has Moxie with her new Netflix movieWe know TV has a lot to offer, be it network, cable, premium channels, or streaming platforms including Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, HBO Max, Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV+, and others. MoxieHOW/WHEN & WHERE TO WATCH: Streaming on NetflixAmy Poehler is bringing a little riot grrrl power to Netflix. Inspired by her radical activist mother (Poehler), Vivian calls out sexism and discrimination at school, ultimately sparking a revolution (and falling for her skater boy classmate, played by Nico Hiraga). —Devan CogganRelated content:Murder Among the MormonsHOW/WHEN & WHERE TO WATCH: Streaming on NetflixDocuseries DebutSalt Lake City. The Con (spring premiere) — ABCSnowfall — FXStreamingThe Mallorca Files (season premiere) — BritBox
Real World New York's Kevin Powell on reunion, watch first three minutes
None of us knew what to expect because it was almost 30 years ago — are people really going to really be into this? [Laughs] And people are like, I'm going to sign up and get the screaming channel. Doing things like Black Lives Matter, people are like, Yo, what you guys talked about in your season, that's what I was thinking about." When Heather and Julie call each other sisters, they mean that; that's serious, that's real for us. That's real to us.
Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker's Relationship Timeline
Do you remember where you were when you found out that your fave Blink-182 member Travis Barker and Kourtney Kardashian were rumored to be dating??? March 2, 2021An Entertainment Tonight source gets Scott Disick's POV on how he's feeling about Kourtney and Travis's relationship. "He isn't threatened by Kourtney and Travis' relationship at this point." Travis posts a note that Kourtney left him to his Instagram Stories, which reads, “To lots of fun adventures. Kourtney posts a pic of her holding Travis’s hand to her feed, and Travis signals his love/approval with a lil black heart emoji in the comments.
See inside Married At First Sight's Jules and Cameron's second wedding
Martha Kalifatidis and Michael Brunelli aside, there was one true success story during Married At First Sight Australia season six. Jules made no secret of her desire for a second wedding during the show, and following their as part of their final commitment ceremony, Cameron got down on one knee and popped the big question. The pair went on to tie the knot again in December 2019, in a ceremony shared on Instagram. And while Melissa Lucarelli was eventually un-invited to the wedding and as a bridesmaid, photos reveal Heidi Latcham was there on the big day. Take a look at their gorgeous second wedding photos here.
Is Kim Kardashian showing Kanye West subtle support in new pic?
Kim Kardashian and Kanye West caused heartbreak amongst Keeping Up With The Kardashians fans last month when their divorce was announced. They reported that neither Kanye or Kim are contesting the prenup they have in place. And while neither Kim or Kanye have spoken about the divorce plans on social media, fans think 40-year-old Kim just sent a subtle message of support to her soon to be ex-husband, 43, on Instagram. As well as showing off a resistance band and a pair of weights, fans noticed Kim is also wearing a pair of Yeezy trainers, aka Kanye's brand. But not just any trainers - Yeezys.
Bryce Hall responds to the rumours he cheated on Addison Rae
TikTok star Bryce Hall has responded to recent claims that he cheated on girlfriend of a year and a half Addison Rae after she shared several cryptic tweets over the weekend. The rumours have been swirling for weeks, but after Addison's recent tweet Bryce tweeted a statement of his own, denying the cheating claims. However, shortly after the holiday rumours began swirling online that Bryce had cheated on Addison while in Las Vegas after texts from adult film star Dana Wolfe began circulating on social media. Even though the tweet was swiftly deleted the rumours continued, so Bryce took to Twitter to clear-up the claims, tweeting simply, "I didn't cheat on Addison." Over the weekend Bryce spoke to a reporter outside LA restaurant The Saddle Ranch, saying, "Everything's fine.
Kylie and Kendall got drunk and filmed a YouTube video
Now imagine doing that when you're one of the most famous sister duos in the world, and that's the hangover Kylie and Kendall Jenner are dealing with this morning. The string of stories began when Kylie shared a picture on of Kendall doing her make up in a handheld Kylie Cosmetics branded mirror along with the caption, "filming another youtube hehe #drunkgetreadywithme." In the next Story Kylie shared a picture of bottle of Tequila from Kendall's controversial new brand 818, along with several videos of drunk Kendall trying to get make-up off her tongue, after having her look done, presumably by an equally drunk Kylie. Kylie Jenner Instagram Kendall Jenner InstagramAfter falling over each other while playing with Kylie's new puppy Kevin, the next part of the Story shows the two of them heading to McDonalds (not driving themselves) for burgers, spicy nuggets, cinnamon roles and chips. Kylie Jenner InstagramThe big question here is when can we get cinnamon rolls on the menu at McDonalds in the UK?
Why you need the £12.99 powder foundation that's going viral on TikTok
In case you weren't aware, feta cheese isn't the only thing currently going viral on TikTok. L'Oréal's Infallible 24Hr Fresh Wear Powder Foundation is currently having it's own moment in the spotlight, after users discovered just how damn flawless it leaves your skin. If the idea of a powder foundation gives you flashbacks to polyester jumpers and Pod heeled shoes, don't worry. In fact Fresh Wear actually applies like a cream foundation before drying matte. L'Oréal Paris L'Oréal Paris Infallible 24 Hour Fresh Wear Foundation Powder 9g (Various Shades) L'Oréal Paris £12.99 Buy nowOh, and if you're still not sold it promises 24 hour wear so this could finally be the foundation that won't rub off onto your facemask.
MAFSA's Jessika Power apologises for affair and "inflicting pain" on Mick and Tamara
Married at First Sight Australia star Jessika Power has opened up about her time on the show and apologised for "inflicting pain" on co-stars Mick and Tamara as a result of her affair with fellow contestant Dan Webb. In case you need a refresher, the drama (and there is a lot of it) began when it emerged that Jessika Power and Dan Webb were getting together behind Mick Gould and Tamara Joy's backs. Now, Jessika has opened up about the drama during an interview with Entertainment Daily, saying that she "regrets the amount of pain" she inflicted on Mick and Tamara. "Watching back my time on the show I really regret the amount of pain I inflicted on Mick and Tamara, the situation could have been handled so differently. Jessika adds that although she regrets the way everything unfolded on the show, she doesn't regret her relationship with Dan.
The Great Celebrity Bake Off line up 2021
One of the things that has seen us through the last 12 months has been comforting TV. A show that looks set to do that next is The Great Celebrity Bake Off for Stand Up To Cancer 2021. Kicking off onChannel 4 on Tuesday 9th March, the line up has been announced, and it looks brilliant. Also taking part is Daisy Ridley, Jade Thirlwall, John Bishop, Katherine Ryan, KSI, Ade Adeptian and Alexandra Burke. Scroll through the gallery to take a look at their official The Great Celebrity Bake Off pics.
Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is butt-naked with a topknot on the cover of ELLE
It's easy to be hypnotised by Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. As someone who has had acne-prone skin my whole adult life, skincare products are very meaningful to me. You may be able to find the same content in another format, or you may be able to find more information, at their web site. You may be able to find the same content in another format, or you may be able to find more information, at their web site. You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at
The first landlord has been charged in a 'sex for rent case'
Close to four years ago, Cosmopolitan reported on the practice of predatory 'landlords' offering vulnerable women free (or heavily discounted) accommodation in exchange for sexual favours. Now, in a landmark new case, the first ever landlord has been charged in a 'sex for rent'-based trial. The charges were filed following an investigation conducted by ITV, who passed his details on to the police in 2019. Jennifer Savin Features Writer Jennifer Savin is Cosmopolitan UK’s features writer (for both print and digital), specialising in investigative reports, news, women’s issues and all things health. This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses.
Dolly Parton Receives Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine She Helped Fund
Dolly Parton received her first dose of the COVID-19 vaccination this week, and she documented the big moment for her fans. "I'm finally going to get my vaccine, I'm so excited," said Parton in the video. @VUMChealth — Dolly Parton (@DollyParton) March 2, 2021Dolly also encouraged everyone watching to get their shots too. "Vaccine, vaccine, vaccine, vaccine, I'm begging of you please don't hesitate / Vaccine, vaccine, vaccine, vaccine, 'cause once you're dead, then that's a bit too late," she sang. Following the news of her generous donation, Dolly spoke with Hoda Kotb of the Today show, sharing why she felt compelled to contribute and start her Dolly Parton COVID-19 Research Fund.
Fans Flood Twitter With Support for Meghan Markle After Truly Wild Drama With Her Earrings
Just days before Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's sit-down interview with Oprah, a suspiciously-timed article has dropped about Meghan. The character assassination of Meghan Markle by the press is insane and so blatant! Yet Prince Andrew is out here.... let me not even start — TROY the MAGICIAN (@TROYmagician) March 3, 2021This content is imported from Twitter. We're getting to the point where if Meghan Markle were to take a posy offered to her, the press would report it as:"Evil Duchess steals flowers from child." *asteroid heading towards earth that will wipe out the entire human race*british media: meghan markle failed to notice the asteroid that will kill us all — ?joe (@jxeker) March 2, 2021Again, Meghan has also been accused of "bullying" by palace aides.
Angelina Jolie Sells Painting Brad Pitt Gave Her for $11.5 Million
If you need a lesson in how to handle yourself in a breakup literally a million years later please look no further than Angelina Jolie, who just sold a painting given to her by Brad Pitt for over $11 million. According to People, the painting in question is "Tower of Koutoubia Mosque" by Winston Churchill, and it was sold by the Jolie Family Collection for $11.5 million at a London art auction this past Monday. The painting was originally gifted from Churchill to Franklin D. Roosevelt, and was last sold at auction in 2011 for $2.95 million. According to Page Six, the buyer was Brad Pitt, who gave the painting to Angie. BRB gonna go try to figure out if this weird Valentine's Day stuffed bear my ex gave me is worth anything.
7 Fall 2021 Bag Trends — Cute Fall '21 Bag Trends
With the Fall/Winter '21 fashion month still happening, a bunch of new (and, okay, some not-so-new) trends have popped up alllll over the runways. The bag trends for the season are super cute, and though next fall may feel like ages away, we simply couldn't wait to highlight all these gorgeous styles, from chainlink straps to coin purse clasps and more. Whether you're out and about in your sweatpants and want an accessory to dress up your comfy look or you're looking to change up your style completely, there is definitely a bag trend that you'll love to see (and wear) below. With this spring slowly creeping in, I'm getting ahead of myself by saying, yes, I'm already looking forward to the upcoming fall season just so I can wear some of these cool pieces! And if you're in the mood to peruse even more fall fashion, click the links for the shoe trends and overall fashion trends.
Why Isn't Sam in the 'iCarly' Reboot? Did Jennette McCurdy Quit Acting?
But while Miranda and Jennette were busy making us laugh as Carly Shay and Sam Puckett, Jennette was quietly struggling with her work behind the scenes and later quit acting altogether. Jennette went on and said "always, always, always, acting was difficult for me," because she struggled with nervousness. Anna then asked Jennette if she has considered returning to acting, especially since iCarly is being rebooted. Jennette further detailed why it's unlikely that she'll be on the iCarly reboot and said she is actually not a fan of the roles she played in the past. Handout Getty Images"My experience with acting is, I'm so ashamed of the parts I've done in the past," she said.
15 Best Neck Creams for Smoothing Wrinkles and Fine Lines in 2021
I’ll be the first to admit that I used to think neck creams were a scam, a waste of money, and not something that was worth including in my skincare routine. Okay, let me break it down for you: The skin on your neck is different from the skin on your face. There’s less collagen and fewer oil glands, so the skin on your neck is typically dryer. Because of this, neck creams are usually a little thicker and more moisturizing than face creams and filled with ingredients that tighten and lift. BUT if you do want to start a more targeted anti-aging routine for your neck or if you wanna cover all your bases just in case, I went ahead and found the 15 best neck creams for legit every single concern, ahead.
Who Is Mark Hofmann from 'Murder Among the Mormons' on Netflix?
Welp, Murder Among the Mormons has arrived on Netflix right in time for your mid-week spiral so let's settle in. Mark Hofmann Is One of America's Most Notorious ForgersLike, this dude didn't just stop at faking sick notes from his parents to get out of school. Such was the case with the Salamander Letter, forged correspondence purporting to be between early members of the Mormon church. At the time of his 1986 hearing, the New York Times explained why Hofmann had specifically targeted Christensen:"Mr. Christiansen [sic] also was a friend of the lawyer for the investment group that was pressing Mr. Hofmann. Mr. Hofmann was desperate to keep the elements of his scheme apart, [prosecutor] Mr. Stott said, and Mr. Christiansen was a hazard because he could expose the fraud and, ultimately, the forgeries.
Dua Lipa's "We're Good" Lyrics, Explained
TL;DR, Dua did not let us breathe in 2020, and basically had me like this while listening to the album:This content is imported from Giphy. According to Dua, she made a huge leap of faith with the production on "We're Good," but thinks it matches the song's meaning perfectly. In an interview with Zane Lowe on Apple Music, Dua said:"I think sonically, it felt the riskiest because I don't even know what it is. And that for me was probably the most scariest, but I think the content of the song is really interesting. Check out the unbelievably stylish, Titanic-inspired video for "We're Good" and learn the lyrics to the song below:This content is imported from YouTube.
Buckingham Palace Just Released a Statement About the Meghan Markle Bullying Allegations
On Tuesday, The Times published a report with palace aides alleging that one of Meghan Markle's former advisors filed a bullying complaint against her while she was living at Kensington Palace. You may be able to find the same content in another format, or you may be able to find more information, at their web site. Following allegations in The Times, Buckingham Palace have released the following statement: — Omid Scobie (@scobie) March 3, 2021Meghan and Harry gave their side of the story to The Times as well, saying the allegations are "a calculated smear campaign based on misleading and harmful misinformation. We are disappointed to see this defamatory portrayal of The Duchess of Sussex given credibility by a media outlet." This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses.
Inside the Fight to Save Jing Fong
Jing Fong workers, community members, and activists gathered on Tuesday to protest the Chinatown restaurant’s closing. Photo: Scott Heins Photo: Scott HeinsAs Chinatown’s largest restaurant, and New York’s largest Chinese restaurant, Jing Fong is a gravitational center in the neighborhood. “You destroy Jing Fong, you basically destroy Chinatown,” says Kai Wen Yang of the Chinese Staff and Workers Association. They don’t care who lives here.”Shao Qing Chen, Yolanda Zhang, and Jing Fong server Liang Cheng. “We’re not too sure whether or not they wanted to renew the lease.”“Nobody wanted Jing Fong to succeed more than the Chus,” the rep, Eric F. Phillips of the PR firm Edelman, wrote when asked about this.
What Author Jenny Han Can’t Live Without
It smells like Concord grapes and used to be impossible to get in the U.S. I was in a boutique and I was like, “Something smells incredible.” It was this. The brand has a store in Florence, so I always stock up whenever I go to Italy. What is it?” Concord grapes are the best, but you can only get them during a certain time of the year. We had this incredible garden that my grandparents cultivated — it had corn and strawberries and cabbage and cucumbers and squash and pumpkin.
D.C. Guard chief says ‘unusual’ restrictions slowed deployment of backup during Capitol riot
Walker described the Pentagon’s restrictions as “unusual,” noting that he did not have such limitations last summer, when the D.C. Guard was tasked with responding to local racial-justice protests after the killing of George Floyd. Much of the hearing focused on how long it took the Pentagon to give the members of the D.C. Guard who were already deployed that day a new mission and send them to the Capitol. Though the acting defense secretary called up the full D.C. Guard shortly after 3 p.m. in response to the riot, he did not give the members of the D.C. Guard who were already deployed that day a new mission and send them to the Capitol until 4:32 p.m., Salesses said. He acknowledged, however, that the D.C. Guard did not receive that change in assignment until 5:08 p.m., more than half an hour later. In addition to congressional inquiries, the inspectors general of several federal agencies are investigating officials’ response.
How QAnon conspiracies took over one mom's life: 'It made me emotionally unavailable'
"I didn't know that it was QAnon. I didn't know any of that, but it started on TikTok." Vanderbilt told "The View" that she prepared for the possible blackout by stocking up on groceries and filling up her car's gas tank. In August 2020, Trump made comments on QAnon’s conspiracy theory featuring him as its savior. In hindsight, Vanderbilt offered a message to those who still follow the QAnon conspiracy theory.
NYC Restaurants Are Pivoting to Pizza During the Pandemic
Photo: Naoto Ono, Courtesy of COCO PAZZERIAAs might be expected, pizza has boomed nationally during the pandemic. Some 30 years ago, Pazzo’s Pino Luongo hired Ciro Verde to work the pizza oven at his pioneering Chelsea trattoria, Le Madri. Post Le Madri, both went on to open their own restaurants and then fell out of touch. Smillie Pizza by il Buco Alimentari 53 Great Jones St.; Pizza has always been part of this multitasking Noho shopstaurant, but it took pandemic dining habits to beget a separate identity for its pies. “I always dreamed of combining Neapolitan with New York City pizza,” he says.
Capitol Police officials say intel on possible March 4 plot being taken 'seriously'
The intelligence, which an FBI bulletin said could involve the "Three Percenters" group, which prosecutors call extremist, is being taken "seriously," the Capitol Police officials said in a statement posted on Twitter. The Capitol complex remains surrounded with temporary fencing topped with razor wire and some 5,000 National Guard troops remain on site. An internal U.S. Capitol Police bulletin distributed Tuesday contains information about a possible militia plot to storm the Capitol on or around March 4, sources told ABC News. An FBI spokesperson did not immediately comment on the intelligence information. One law enforcement source said that initial intelligence does not support a crowd of 50,000 is coming to Washington, D.C., this week.
The Vaccine Selfie: Encouraged at Javits, Tolerated at Medgar Evers
The short answer is yes — even at Medgar Evers, where signs that read “No photography allowed” flank the entrance to the vaccination room. Photo: Willy BlackmoreElsewhere in the city, the selfies-only rule, which is more or less standard, is a little more obvious. There’s a designated selfie booth and a step-and-repeat at the Javits Center. no designated selfie spot at medgar evers but don’t worry, i took one afterwards anyway — maya kosoff (@mekosoff) February 26, 2021Got my first dose this morning. Or at least it was for me when I got my first Pfizer dose over the weekend at Medgar Evers.
These Wear-With-Anything Superga Sneakers Are $20 Off Today
1 item in this article 1 item on sale! Strategist writer Liza Corsillo admires their versatility: “They look nice with skirts and dresses as well as beat-up denim,” she says. And today, they’re a little bit less of an investment: You can get them for $20 off during Anthropologie’s 48-hour sale, bringing the price to just $79. Email This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply. Terms & Privacy Notice By submitting your email, you agree to our Terms and Privacy Notice and to receive email correspondence from us.
Brownstone Shared Housing:
Brownstone Shared Housing was founded by James Stallworth (Stanford ’17) and his romantic partner Christina Lennox, who met while working as state auditors. “Based on [Stallworth’s] logic, ‘almost all brownstones’ would be exempt from laws that govern lawful occupancy standards in New York City. They’re often in violation of occupancy standards, Main adds — though he also believes those standards should be relaxed, given that homelessness is often the alternative. Brownstone Shared Housing’s homepage. “One of the reasons it’s important for people to sign up and show that they’re interested is, of course, investors don’t need shared housing,” he says.
10 Things That’ll Almost Definitely Sell Out: From Boy Smells to Our Place
For its latest limited-edition collection, Our Place has released this set in celebration of Nowruz, the Persian New Year. Rounding out the trio is some saffron (a staple spice in tahdig), hand-harvested by Heray Spice. The damkoni is available in four nature-inspired shades, and the platter comes in two neutral colors: spice and chickpea. The hues are mixed and matched into four aesthetically pleasing options; this one pairs the chickpea platter with a walnut-color damkoni. While the chickpea-walnut combo is currently available, some of the other shades are back-ordered and expected to ship in late March.
29 Ceramic Pieces From Black Artisans and Black-Owned Businesses
From minimal vases for your bodega bouquets to handmade trays for displaying knickknacks to cheery mugs that’ll add some joy to your morning coffee (or tea) routine, read on for our favorite ceramic pieces made by Black artisans or sold by Black-owned businesses. Lolly Lolly Ceramics Mug Clay Matte $52 $52 Maybe you’ve seen Lalese Stamps’s work on your Instagram feed before. Shown in white, this petite bud vase is also available in black and tan. In addition to unusual ceramics, artist Avé Rivera also sells equally funky stickers and apparel. All of her pieces — including this handsome platter — are thrown on a wheel, handpainted, and microwave, food, and dishwasher safe.
Should You Buy a Pulse Oximeter?
“A pulse oximeter is a medical device that measures the oxygen content in the blood,” says Tsuang. Because COVID-19 and pneumonia related to the infection can cause low oxygen, oxygen monitoring is critical in more severe cases. As for buying your own pulse oximeter, Tsuang recommends first asking your doctor if that makes sense for you. If so, your doctor may be able to prescribe a medical-grade pulse oximeter that’s more accurate than the typical options. Although it was nearly impossible to find a pulse oximeter in stock a few months ago, supplies are catching up with demand, and there are several available now if you would still like to buy one for extra assurance.
Witch-Disguised-As-an-Actress Kathryn Hahn Has Been Fostering Kittens
Kathryn Hahn offers a model for how all of us should be during the pandemic: Staying off social media, fostering kittens who need a home, and coming into her powers as a witch. That last one might just be her acting on WandaVision, but the first two are completely true. She explained, “my sweet daughter has persuaded my husband and I to foster kittens during the pandemic, which has been so lovely and fulfilling. I will never hear my dryer without litter rattling around in it, but it’s been really, really sweet.” They foster kittens in groups of two or three, with names like Lock, Stock, and Barrel, or Chickpea and Bellflower. The latter kitten “came to us with a prolapsed anus, which we didn’t know until we put it in the car.” Knowing Hahn has been spending this time fostering kittens in need of a home makes us love her even more.
Meghan Markle Knows a ‘Calculated Smear Campaign’ When She Sees One
Photo: Pool/Getty ImagesWhat interesting timing indeed. Days before Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s tell-all interview with Oprah is set to premiere on CBS, the duchess, now pregnant with her second child, is denying accusations of bullying during her time as a working member of the royal family. A representative for Markle denied all of the claims to The Times, and, unsurprisingly, questioned the timing of the article. “Let’s just call this what it is — a calculated smear campaign based on misleading and harmful misinformation,” the statement read. “We are disappointed to see this defamatory portrayal of the Duchess of Sussex given credibility by a media outlet.
Hugh Grant Will Be Your Dungeons & Dragons Baddie
Photo: TOBIAS SCHWARZ/AFP via Getty ImagesJust when we thought Paramount and Hasbro were done delighting us with Dungeons & Dragons casting choices, they go ahead and tap ’90s rom-com heartthrob and Paddington 2 villain Hugh Grant as the film’s main antagonist, along with It’s Sophia Lillis in an as-yet-unspecified role. (While those names sound very fantasy-y, neither of them are pulled from D&D lore.) Grant and Lillis join an already stacked cast that includes Chris Pine, Michelle Rodriguez, Justice Smith, and Rege-Jean Page. Game Night’s Jonathan Goldstein and John Francis Daley are directing this killer ensemble, which is set to start filming this year. We’re not sure what, exactly, Forge Fletcher will be getting up to, but we predict a hammer may be involved.
All the Celebrities Who Have Received the COVID-19 Vaccine
The Emmerdale star said that the vaccination “was incredibly easy and painless.”"Getting my COVID vaccination was incredibly simple & painless. — Steve Martin (@SteveMartinToGo) January 17, 2021Judi DenchOscar-winner and Cats star Dame Judi Dench told BBC News that received her first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine on January 14. Hopefully we can do just that when the theater returns.”Patrick StewartThe actor and future memoirist received the COVID-19 vaccine on January 22 at Dodger Stadium. Tyler PerryFilmmaker Tyler Perry has not only received the vaccine, but created an informative TV special for BET called COVID-19 Vaccine and the Black Community: A Tyler Perry Special, in which he will show footage of him getting the vaccine and discuss the stigma around the vaccine for the Black community with doctors. Anthony HopkinsThe Silence of the Lambs actor received the vaccine in his car on January 28.
I Couldn’t Imagine Being Happy. But I Could Imagine Being Carmela.
I could not imagine being a woman who was happy and free. But I could imagine being Carmela. We’re drawn to Carmela and women like her because they allow us to play out a fantasy that we know we need to leave behind. I know that just because white trans women must make a more concerted effort to be perceived as women, that does not erase our ability to oppress others. I may not necessarily be happier, but I can be more fulfilled, more complete, less complicit in all the moral compromises women like Carmela felt they had to make.
Nomzamo Mbatha Could Be Your Accountant
Recently, Mbatha sat down with Vulture to discuss all things Coming 2 America, finishing her degree late (just like her “future husband,” Drake), and bonding with co-star Jermaine Fowler at Whole Foods. I was attending class in pursuit of my Bachelor of Commerce degree in accounting, and obviously I’m attending university as Nomzamo. You were in Abu Dhabi with the U.N. when you got the call about Coming 2 America. My auditioning process and getting into the room was almost a Coming to America sort of expedition. The pressure’s obviously there because you’re getting threats from people, like, “Don’t mess it up.” Like, okay, I’m not trying to!
The Sick Minds at The Masked Singer Are At It Again
Well, looks like the absolute sickos at the mass-broadcast psych experiment known as The Masked Singer are at it again. The larger one’s mouth slides up and down like a sentient ventriloquist’s dummy. The smaller one’s mouth cannot move, yet it must scream. Mercifully, a third, smaller Russian Doll doesn’t climb out of the larger one’s abdomen. The Masked Singer premieres March 10, and only then will we know.
Kelly Marie Tran Is ‘So Much Happier’ Off Social Media
Kelly Marie Tran, the voice behind Disney’s latest princess. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Kelly Marie Tran opened up about her decision to step away from social media in June 2018, leaving her Instagram blank except for a defiant “Afraid, but doing it anyway.” “We can talk about the interaction between mental health and social media, but also mental health and this idea of fame and what it does to you,” she said. For now, you can see Tran in the upcoming animated Disney film Raya and the Last Dragon, where she plays a courageous warrior princess not unlike herself. “I’ve truly just been so much happier without being on the internet,” she added. “I’ve had my agents tell me [I’m] forgoing brand partnerships, but I’m not here to sell flat-tummy tea to young girls.”
The Receipt-Keeper of YouTube
Wallace’s Karmageddon trilogy — about the public meltdowns of the famously divisive YouTube influencers Shane Dawson, Jeffree Star, and Tati Westbrook — helped his channel explode in popularity over the summer of 2020. That happened right around the time that I uploaded a video on Shane Dawson, this was before actually there were a bunch of these on YouTube. Sometimes if it’s really, really long, I’ll download it myself and then just play it in my editing software 4x speed. You talked a bit in your big Shane Dawson video about how his whole shtick is just a persona. Shane Dawson, the person is different from Shane Dawson, the online persona.
Hogwarts Legacy Can’t Escape J.K. Rowling
Hogwarts Legacy is a big deal. Hogwarts Legacy, on the other hand, comes from a genuine pedigree. Hogwarts Legacy aims to tell an original story set in Europe’s premiere wizarding school in the late 19th century. Naturally, Warner Bros. tried to subdue the fan rancor as soon as Hogwarts Legacy made its debut. Throughout this ordeal, it was easy to find sympathy for some of the nameless developers hard at work on Hogwarts Legacy.
Why, Yes, David Crosby’s Threesomes Would Include Men
Photo: Jim Spellman/WireImageTo paraphrase a wise old quality-assurance director: It was the ’60s, often outdoors, and it’s possible a man slipped in. In a lively new interview with the Los Angeles Times, David Crosby nearly pulled a full Quincy Jones and admitted that he used to enjoy having threesomes with both men and women. The French have been doing ménage à trois for centuries,” Crosby explained about the song “Triad,” which he wrote for the Byrds in 1967. Lots of times, three people get together in a bed. I continued being an adventurer for a long time, but my focus was really on obliterating [myself] with hard drugs.
The Simpsons Will Outlive Us All
The Simpsons. Photo: FOXIn news that is unlikely to shock anyone at this point, Fox confirmed today that its long-running animated series The Simpsons isn’t leaving television anytime soon. (It previously scored a double-season renewal back in 2019 and will air its 700th episode on March 21.) “Everyone at The Simpsons is thrilled to be renewed once more, and we are planning lots of big surprises,” creator Matt Groening said in the press release. With any luck the show will soon be older than I am.”On February 22, cast member Harry Shearer officially stepped down from voicing the Black Simpsons character Dr. Hibbert; the role has been since handed over to fellow Simpsons voice actor Kevin Michael Richardson.
1.5x Speed Podcast Newsletter: Dead Pilots Society and More
This article was featured in 1.5x Speed, New York’s podcast recommendation newsletter. Photo-Illustration: VultureThis week: a search in Montana, a table read in space, and men born in the USA. Dead Pilots Society: “Space Bound”Apple Podcasts | Spotify | RSS FeedMaximum Fun’s Dead Pilots Society has been around for a bit now, at this point nearing 60 episodes with an appealing premise: producing fun table reads around scripts of television pilots that were purchased by networks but never ended up being made. The voice cast of the “Space Bound” table read includes Carey Mulligan, who played the lead in Promising Young Woman, and Sam Richardson (also of Promising Young Woman, but most well-known for Detroiters, Veep and I Think You Should Leave.) We’re back next week, but in the meantime: Send podcast recommendations, feedback, or just say hello at
The Truffle Hunters Heads for the Hills and Returns With a Feast for the Senses
When filmmakers Michael Dweck and Gregory Kershaw first wandered into the Piedmont mountains, they thought they’d fallen into a fairytale kingdom. Dweck and Kershaw’s resulting documentary The Truffle Hunters follows several of the oldest of these men — like Carlo, the impish 88-year-old who sneaks out a window to go truffling, and Aurelio, who is a spry 84. The documentarians track the men and their dogs on their hunts, but they don’t actually try to uncover their mysteries. First, there are the oldest truffle hunters, who seem to have stepped out of time. The Truffle Hunters is a documentary, but it’s deliberately non-expository.
How Likely Are Golden Globe Winners to Win Oscars Anyway?
After all, a big part of why the Golden Globes became the Golden Globes is because they’ve been historically seen as a prescient bellwether for the subsequent Academy Awards. In other words, juuuust under half of all Globe winners — 49.8 percent to be exact — will go on to win the Oscar. Of the last 30 Best Actress Oscar winners, 27 won the Globe. All that said, if there were ever a year that a bunch of cool, unlikely Golden Globe winners could ride that momentum to Oscar wins, it’d be this year. Recent history says a Golden Globe is worth a 50/50 shot at an Academy Award.
Adam Levine, Lead Singer of a Band, Feels Like ‘There Aren’t Any Bands Anymore’
The song is from a new Maroon 5 album that’s “not far off,” as Levine told Apple Music’s Zane Lowe. “I feel like there aren’t any bands anymore, you know?” Levine told Zane Lowe at one point, reminiscing about the early days of Maroon 5 in the 2000s. “That’s the thing that makes me kind of sad, is that there were just bands,” Levine went on. “I mean, there still are plenty of bands,” Levine conceded. Levine thinks Maroon 5’s new song sounds like old Blink-182, he told Lowe — and that’s not all.
James Acaster Is More Personal Than Ever in His New Comedy Special
James Acaster in Cold Lasagne Hate Myself 1999. “I’m an American meme.”Acaster received a record-breaking five consecutive nominations for Best Comedy Show at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival from 2012 to 2016, and he released the four-part Netflix comedy special Repertoire in 2018. In Cold Lasagne, Acaster establishes early on that he’ll be dissecting the best and the worst years of his life: 1999 and 2017, respectively. If there is a theme running through Cold Lasagne Hate Myself 1999, it’s breakups — specifically, people breaking up with Acaster. As he continues to gain traction here in the States, Cold Lasagne may be what launches him over the top.
Meet the NYU Students Behind ‘Sidetalk’ on Instagram
It’s not what you might expect if you’ve ever seen an episode of their raucous one-minute Instagram show, Sidetalk. You might meet a man named Jesus humping a tree in Central Park or a foulmouthed child talking about women with big butts. The Sidetalk account went from a few thousand followers to tens of thousands in a matter of days. He has now appeared several times on the Sidetalk Instagram and amassed more than 100,000 followers on his personal account. During filming, passersby occasionally yelled, “Shout out Sidetalk NYC!,” which has become a familiar refrain on the show.
‘My Dad Died, and Now I’m Worried I’m Headed for Divorce’
Or maybe that’s what I want to do — I don’t know. The gymnastics of staying afloat are not for the faint of heart: You’re pedaling furiously, you’re breathing in deeply, you’re angry, you’re fine, you’re absolutely crushed. You don’t know where you are. Stand where you are and let your husband love you. They don’t know what a survivor looks like when they see one.
Being a Rebel Girl Is Harder Than It Looks
Despite Vivian’s eagerness to raise her voice, though, it’s not all that clear what Moxie has to say. As a movie title, zine title, and SAT word, moxie can prompt a full-body cringe. Sure enough, Vivian soon learns that true allyship is harder than shrugging on her mom’s beat-up leather jacket. Whatever they’re doing, they’re doing it right.”The film is filled with similarly disengaged platitudes (break the glass ceiling! But Moxie Girls would demand more from their media.
‘I Really Believe the Senate Is Broken’
The $15 minimum wage is an incredibly popular and populist policy. Why is the White House allowing them to torpedo this measure before it even gets to the floor? Joe Biden started out strong on the $15 minimum wage, and they have to commit to that in the same way. I really believe the Senate is broken. But look, the minimum wage [provision] is targeting help to the lowest wage workers, and this is targeting the highest wealth individuals.
What Can’t Shakira Do?
Last summer, Shakira, whom I’ve loved for 20 years, started posting pictures and videos of herself skateboarding to Instagram. That Shakira could suddenly skateboard very well, with little to no visible effort, was not particularly surprising, as she’s constantly expanding upon her already formidable skill set. In December, Shakira and the Black Eyed Peas released a song called “Girl Like Me.” It’s not my favorite, which is fine. But in the accompanying video, for no discernible reason except that she can, Shakira skateboards. In traditional Shakira style, she is wearing an absolutely batshit outfit: It’s, like, a red leather shredded and studded tank top over black, fringed underwear.
I Forgot How to Hang Out
Later that afternoon, our friend texted to tell us how tired she felt; her husband was already asleep on the couch. We will once again make unmasked, unharried small talk with cashiers and servers and see our coworkers in person and attend social events both obligatory and optional. In the meantime, it’s essential that we remember we are all stressed, and stressed people are generally thinking mostly about their own stressors. ProfessionalBefore we lost it completely, office small talk was widely considered a deadening, dumbing force. For people working from home, seeing each other’s faces means planned meetings, which means Zoom or something like it.
30, Flirty, and Thriving
I was like, “When I’m 30, I’ll be 30, flirty, and thriving.” Now that it is breathing down my neck I’m terrified and like, “I don’t know. That’s when Jenna makes a wish, a mantra she repeats, “30 and flirty and thriving.” Magically, Jenna gets her wish. That was my salient takeaway: “Wow, 30, flirty, and thriving.” Rewatching it now, I realized I more or less forgot the middle part of the movie. I’m going to have some horses, and I’m going to be married. ALLISON: Even though I’m 30, I still have this idea of what 30 is.
5 International College Students on Studying in America During the Pandemic
Photo: martin-dm/Getty ImagesOne year ago, droves of U.S. college students were ordered to abandon their dorms and campuses and return home. Amid the chaos, many international students found themselves in an unprecedented situation, forced to choose between the college experience they’d expected and their home country. We talked to five international students who were forced to learn just how big the world can really feel. The pandemic put a lot of things into perspective for me, especially the fragility of my parents getting older. Now I am back at school in America, but my family is still in full lockdown at home.
Is the Palace Trying to Smear Meghan Markle?
Meghan Markle. According to CBS, Meghan will speak to “life as a royal, marriage, motherhood” and “how she is handling life under intense public pressure.” During the interview, she and Harry say “some pretty shocking things,” according to Oprah. Needless to say, the palace doesn’t seem thrilled about the conversation, and it seems royal insiders may be trying to smear her in advance of its release — or so suggests a spokesman for Meghan and Harry. On Wednesday, the palace announced in a statement that they are “clearly very concerned” about the allegations leveled by Meghan and Harry’s former staff and will be launching an investigation into them. Following allegations in The Times, Buckingham Palace have released the following statement: — Omid Scobie (@scobie) March 3, 2021A quite literal royal mess.
Mary J. Blige Makes Me Want to Be Happy
Mary J. Blige is a rare exception to my “Celebs are just okay” rule. In fact, for the past month or so, I have been singing her sophomore album, My Life, like my life depends on it. It’s this sort of relatable contradiction that establishes Blige as an important teller of Black women’s stories in so many ways. that the average sister might never have, it is worth considering that Blige is one of one. If being a famous woman could make you a Mary J. Blige, then there ought to be more of them.
David Shor’s (Updated) 2020 Autopsy and 2022 Forecast
Do you have any sense what was behind the large rightward shift among Hispanic voters? In the summer, following the emergence of “defund the police” as a nationally salient issue, support for Biden among Hispanic voters declined. I’m not claiming that white liberals are somehow less racist than people of color, to the extent that question even makes sense. I mean, Hispanic voters are more liberal on immigration than white voters. If you look at, for example, decriminalizing border crossings, that’s not something that a majority of Hispanic voters support.
Andrew Cuomo Refuses to Resign
New York governor Andrew Cuomo. Photo: Jeenah Moon/Getty ImagesAs numerous allegations of sexual harassment mount against New York governor Andrew Cuomo, along with calls for his resignation, the embattled Democrat held his first press conference in weeks on Wednesday to address the situation. Cuomo is currently facing three allegations of sexual harassment. Days later, Charlotte Bennett, a former executive assistant who worked for Cuomo in 2019, shared a similar experience with the New York Times. Then, this past week, a third woman named Anna Ruch — who never worked with Cuomo — told the Times that Cuomo tried to kiss her without her consent at a wedding in 2019.
Zero COVID Risk Is the Wrong Standard
Many teachers unions have insisted, in contradiction to the CDC’s official guidance, that schools should be reopened only when all teachers are vaccinated, and in some cases not even then. A classic example is the wave of media shaming of people who visited beaches last year, even though the risk of spread is tiny. The same tendency has caused them to overstate the risk that vaccinated people can transmit the virus and understate the protections vaccines offer. Under any sane calculation, whether school poses a small risk or an extremely small risk hardly matters, because the alternative is a social catastrophe that dwarfs any public health effect. That school districts are parsing the precise contours of the risk now is a testament to the power of Zeroism.
Photo: The Hospital Staff at Elmhurst in Queens NYC
Second frame, from left: Loreta Naska, patient-care associate; Yeeun “Grace” Jang, RN, ambulatory care; Sister Lilia Njoku, chaplain; Mercy Mathew, respiratory therapist; Hanna Yakubova, NP, ambulatory care; Iryna Stefankiv, RN, emergency department; Abel Guerrero, hospital police officer. Andrea Robertson has swabbed thousands of noses since she was first assigned to oversee the COVID-19 testing tent outside Elmhurst Hospital one year ago. The head nurse of ambulatory care began testing patients last March, and she hasn’t stopped since — 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., often seven days a week. While cases have slowed, staff still haven’t had time to fully process the emotional toll of the past year. But amid all the tragedy, what sticks with her from this experience is the way the staff came together.
The GOP’s Establishment Is More Populist Than Its Trumpists
Photo: Alex Wong/Getty ImagesDonald Trump is gone from D.C., but the divisions he sowed among congressional Republicans remain. “It’s important that we not be a personality-based party,” Senate Minority Whip John Thune told Politico this week. As congressman Jim Jordan, the Platonic ideal of a Trump apostle, tweeted last month, “The Republican Party is no longer the ‘wine and cheese’ party. To the contrary, the Congressional Republicans most worshipful of Trump also tend to be among the most orthodox in their economic views. Graphic: Brookings Institute/The Washington PostTo be sure, no GOP senators support a $15 minimum wage either.
Will Democrats Act Like the Party of Voting Rights or Not?
Lyndon Johnson signing the Voting Rights Act of 1965. Photo: AP/ShutterstockUntil not very long ago, voting rights was a genuinely bipartisan cause. Yes, of course, mostly Democratic southern racists had opposed the original Voting Rights Act of 1965, and their conservative Republican ideological heirs periodically fought its renewal and extension over many years. He said the Voting Rights Act proposed and signed by then-President Lyndon Johnson in 1965 “broke the segregationist lock on the voting box.”Unfortunately, one of the Supreme Court justices appointed by W., Chief Justice John Roberts, helped put the lock back on the voting box in a 2013 decision that neutered one major safeguard of the Voting Rights Act, Shelby County v. Holder. So if the Democratic Party is now the sole party of voting rights, what can it do at the federal level to stop and reverse this tide of voter suppression?
A Running List of the Allegations Against Madison Cawthorn
In August, Krulikas posted on Instagram about an incident that took place in 2014, when Cawthorn was 19 and she was 17. The two had agreed to go on a date, and Cawthorn drove them to a secluded spot in the woods. According to her account, they sat around a bonfire, and soon, Cawthorn started talking about sex, which made Krulikas uncomfortable. Cawthorn would take young women to secluded areas, lock the doors, and proceed to make unwanted sexual advances,” the letter read. “Seeing the Eagles Nest has been on my bucket list for awhile, it did not disappoint,” Cawthorn wrote.
Ronny Jackson Harassed Staff, Drank on Duty As White House Doctor, Report Finds
The retired Navy rear admiral served as physician to the president from 2013 to 2018 under former presidents Barack Obama and Donald Trump. He previously worked in the White House Medical Unit under former president George W. Bush. A major aspect of the report was focused on how Jackson treated subordinates under his leadership. The claims included drunkenness while on duty, overprescribing medications, and promoting a hostile work environment. Jackson was elected to Congress in 2020 after winning a runoff election in the Republican primary and defeating his Democratic challenger in the general.
Some New York Performance Spaces to Open at Limited Capacity
Jon Batiste marching through Brooklyn during a NY PopsUp event in February. Photo: Roy Rochlin/Getty ImagesLive performances will start to return to New York soon, in very limited ways. In addition to these reopening guidelines, New York is also organizing a “NY PopsUp” event series that will program performances across New York in sync with plans for reopening. Those won’t be standard Broadway performances, and the Broadway theater industry itself isn’t expected to return to typical pre-COVID programming and performance schedules until at least after Labor Day. But the events are designed to help “put in motion safety protocols that will eventually be employed for Broadway’s return,” according to a NY PopsUp release.
Watching YouTube Through My Daughter’s Eyes
It’s also a perfect primer on how Black culture — more specifically, Black LGBT culture — gets co-opted and repurposed as universal “internet” culture now. But because she doesn’t know a world where Black culture is just for Black people, she meets my frustrations with an amused scoff. When I was around her age, I had a similar curiosity about what was happening in the white world that I didn’t have any real proximity to. In a lot of ways, it seems as if Anna Oop is my daughter’s first taste of having something catered just to her interests, something that doesn’t overlap with what I or her other family members are into. So when I ask about her fascination with Anna, my daughter gives an unbothered explanation for her newfound obsession: “Because it’s tea.
Cuomo Says He’s ‘Embarrassed’ About Sexual-Harassment Claims But Won’t Resign
Cuomo also apologized again, saying, “I now understand that I acted in a way that made people feel uncomfortable. That is the last thing I would ever want to do,” Cuomo said. In her account, Boylan alleged that Cuomo gave her an unwanted kiss on the lips after a meeting. Asked specifically about the photo with Ruch, Cuomo said, “You can find hundreds of pictures of me making the same gesture with hundreds of people. They elected me, and I’m gonna serve the people of the state of New York,” Cuomo said.
Mike Pence’s Blueprint for Permanent Authoritarian Rule
Pence doesn’t acknowledge any error made by Trump or even concede that he legitimately lost the election. A “substantive discussion in Congress about election integrity” — i.e., another forum to repeat Trump’s lie about the election being stolen. Pence proceeds to argue that all changes to election law must be carried out at the state level. This conveniently means the changes will be designed by Republican officials rather than by Democrats, who control Congress. And now Pence seeks to lead them into a future in which minority rule can be locked in forever.
Moderate Democrats Strip Stimulus Checks From 12 Million Voters for No Reason
Nor could moderates claim to have the public on their side; the relief checks were overwhelmingly popular in their initially proposed form. However, the benefit would disappear for individuals earning more than $80,000 annually and couples earning more than $160,000. Here are the two big downsides to this measure:• It means that 12 million fewer adults and 5 million fewer kids will receive relief checks from the bill. — Dan Roosien (@droosien) March 3, 2021So, what do Democrats gain at the cost of denying checks to 12 million potential 2022 voters? But this still doesn’t constitute a rational basis for creating a 70 percent tax rate on income above $75,000 — while giving 12 million voters a reason to resent your party.
The Moment I Realized My Second Act Could Work
Here, she talks about the moment she realized her hobby could become her second act — and a wildly successful one. I found a job as a nanny, and the family paid me a little extra to cook their meals. People would tell me, “You should open a restaurant.” But I was so young, and still a student in a master’s program. When I told my husband that I wanted to open a restaurant, he was very resistant. During that time, I kept working in restaurants and I wrote my recipes.
Vivendi Keeps Revenues Afloat in 2020 Thanks to UMG, Canal Plus Group
In a year marked by the coronavirus pandemic, Vivendi was able to keep its revenues in 2020 stable thanks to the growth of Universal Music Group (UMG) and pay TV group Canal Plus Group, which helped offset the slowdown in other businesses. Meanwhile, Vivendi’s financial net debt increased by $1.07 billion (€889 million) to $5.97 billion (€4.95 billion) as of Dec. 30, 2020. The consortium now owns 20% of Universal Music Group and Vivendi is currently planning the distribution of 60% of UMG’s share capital to Vivendi’s shareholders. Revenues were driven by recorded music revenues (up 6.7%), bolstered by the growth in subscription and streaming revenues (up 16.2%). Back in December the company entered exclusive negotiations with Gruner + Jahr/Bertelsmann to acquire 100% of Prisma Media, a leading publishing group in France.
Maroon 5 Tap Megan Thee Stallion for New Song ‘Beautiful Mistakes’
Maroon 5 have released a new song with Megan Thee Stallion, “Beautiful Mistakes.”“Beautiful Mistakes” is a subtle bit of pop-rock with heavy drums anchoring a swirl of atmospheric synths and soft guitar. The lyrics find frontman Adam Levine wracked by memories of lost love — “I wouldn’t take ’em back/I’m in love with the past/And now we lie awake/Making beautiful mistakes” — while Megan seems determined to move on: “I know it’s hard to let go, I’m the best,” she raps, “Best you ever had and best you gonna get/If we break up I don’t wanna be friends, you’re toxic.”“Beautiful Mistakes” follows Maroon 5’s 2020 single, “Nobody’s Love,” as well as their 2019 offering, “Memories.” The band’s last full-length album, Red Pill Blues, was released in 2017. Megan Thee Stallion, meanwhile, released her proper debut album, Good News, last November, and has kicked off 2021 with a flurry of activity. The rapper recently dropped a new song, “Southside Forever Freestyle,” while she also appeared on Ariana Grande’s “34+35” remix with Doja Cat and partnered with Bobby Sessions for “I’m a King” from the Coming 2 America soundtrack. Meg is also up for four Grammys this year, including Best New Artist.
Backup Singer Dolette McDonald on Her Years With Talking Heads, the Police, and Don Henley
In terms of not being able to see people, that’s been really, really hard. With the Police, the funny thing is I realized nobody was paying attention to us [backup singers], so it really didn’t matter. Someone recently sent me the audio of it and I didn’t really bomb, but at the time, I felt like she hated me. He made it really, really a good time for us. I had to tell him at one point, “I don’t know what it is that you want.
Alston Supreme Court Brief Refines Players’ Key Arguments
Attorneys for a class, led by former West Virginia running back Shawne Alston, filed a 62-page brief to the U.S. Supreme Court on Wednesday. In Wednesday’s brief, attorneys for Alston underscore a key theme: Because NCAA rules prevent colleges from directly paying the recruits they seek to enroll, colleges spend that money on other people, services and facilities they believe attract recruits. Alston attorneys assert that the labor market for college athletes is damaged when schools can’t compete for athletes as they would without joint restraints. The NCAA’s reply brief is due on March 19 and the Court will hold oral argument on March 31. Sometime this summer the Court will issue a ruling, which might contain concurring and dissenting opinions.
U.K. Artist Call Me Loop Shares New Acoustic Version of ‘Rosé’
U.K. singer-songwriter Call Me Loop has released a new acoustic version of her 2020 single, “Rosé.”The new spin finds Call Me Loop paring back the shuffling disco groove of the original and centering the song around lush keys, acoustic guitar, and finger snap percussion. To match the laid-back, homemade feel of this version, Call Me Loop shared a self-shot video in which she sings of a grand romance — “Oh, baby, oh, you know, you got me crazy/Thinking about you on the daily/I’m laying in the sun, just drinking every drop of your love” — while lounging in bed. “With lockdown somewhat limiting my options for the acoustic video shoot, I decided to keep things really simple, and just set up my phone aerial view over my bed and sing to the camera as if I were looking up at my partner and singing to them,” Call Me Loop tells Rolling Stone. “I love that the acoustic version really highlights the sensual, romantic lyrics of ‘Rosé,’ and so wanted to mimic that with an intimate visual.”Call Me Loop released “Rosé” last November. The song followed her previously released 2020 singles, “Strike” and “Downhill From Here,” while in 2019 she released her second EP, Drama.
What If Iron Maiden Wrote Metallica’s ‘Enter Sandman’?
What would Metallica’s biggest hit, “Enter Sandman,” sound like if it were written by one of the band’s chief influences, Iron Maiden? YouTuber Börje Unchained is attempting to answer that with a cheeky cover of the song written in the style of Maiden’s mid-Eighties records. Looking back on the incident in a 2017 Rolling Stone interview, he maintained that his whole rap was simply a grand windup. It was aimed at the rest of the world to say, ‘We’re back and we mean it. You’re the lead singer of Iron Maiden, and you’re going to be arrogant every now and again, because it kind of goes with the territory, yeah.”But of course, Metallica never took it seriously.
Jamie Spears’ Lawyer Defends Britney Spears Conservatorship
The lawyer for Britney Spears’ father Jamie defended his conservatorship over his daughter in a series of interviews this week after renewed calls to #FreeBritney following the release of the Framing Britney Spears documentary. “[Jamie] would love nothing more than to see Britney not need a conservatorship,” Thoreen told CNN. Speaking to Good Morning America, Thoreen also railed against the portrayal of Jamie Spears throughout the legal battle. Thoreen noted that a court investigator, and not Jamie Spears, determines whether or not the conservatorship should continue. And what I can tell you is every year the court has kept the conservatorship in place,” Thoreen told CNN.
‘WandaVision’ Is the Weird Disney+ ‘Hit’ That Could Change Streaming’s Future
In moving past Peak TV, “WandaVision” and Disney+ are ushering in the Throwback Era, a time of pushing TV forward while simultaneously looking back. If enough people believe the “WandaVision” hype, the show could alter streaming TV moving forward, from how it’s made to how much is made. For “WandaVision” to inspire more weird shows within Disney+, the numbers have to add up. Streaming TV needs demand to lure subscribers — then, it needs hits to keep them. Three MCU shows can lock in subscribers from January through mid-July, sans interruption.
Ex-WarnerMedia Chairman Bob Greenblatt Lists Bird Streets Craftsman
Unsurprisingly, the listing notes that the house pays clear homage to the Greene & Greene Craftsman structures of yore. From the street, a staircase hewn from river rock and red brick corkscrews up to a porch and the front door, which spills into a brief foyer fronting the all-wood staircase. A well-proportioned living room offers wooden built-in bookshelves and benches, plus an oversized fireplace, while the family room impresses with its vaulted, many-beamed ceiling and river rock fireplace. It’s also notably private, particularly for the tightly-packed Bird Streets neighborhood, and encircled by towering hedges. Greenblatt has already upgraded to a much larger new home in the mountains high above Beverly Hills, purchased last year for $15 million.
The Struggle Independent Promoters, Nightlife and Concerts Face in 2021
With Covid-19 vaccines being rolled out as we speak, the big topic in the entertainment industry this year is the possibility of the nightlife and touring world returning in 2021. The conversation about how to return to normal once restrictions are lifted has created many questions, most of which cannot yet be answered. Or will promoters, venues and artists just have to further adapt to digital concerts and perfect the streaming experience for fans to better enjoy from their screens at home? The cogs in the machinery of the nightlife industry are all too often overlooked when discussing our current state of live entertainment. Aside from the artists themselves affected by the harsh shutdown, many other behind-the-scenes roles have been impacted but are often forgotten.
Why Boohoo ‘Forced Labor’ Suspicions Beg Broader Questioning
We’ll expect greater engagement.”At the beginning of February, Jepson’s firm submitted two petitions to the CBP concerning forced labor in businesses in the U.K. apparel industry. In the past, the British Parliament has promised action on labor abuses, but only recently was major headway seen. But long before the initial London Sunday Times investigation called Boohoo into question for labor abuse problems this July, problems have persisted in the Leicester apparel industry — without true binding accountability. In a July letter addressed to the government seeking pay justice for garment workers, the British Retail Consortium estimated workers to have lost 27 million pounds in unpaid earnings since July. The company has for the past 12 months been on a buying kick, adding three former Arcadia brands — Dorothy Perkins, Wallis and Burton (25.2 million pounds); department store chain Debenhams (55 million pounds), and Oasis and Warehouse (5.25 million pounds in cash from Hilco Capital Ltd.).
‘Dr. Brain’ Korean Webtoon to Get Live-Action TV Series Adaptation at Apple
Apple has ordered a live-action series adaptation of the Korean webtoon “Dr. Kim Jee-Woon will write and direct, with “Parasite” star Lee Sun-Kyun set to star. Samuel Yeunju Ha, who executive produced Kim’s film “Illang: The Wolf Brigade,” will also executive produce the series. Apple previously announced a series adaptation of the Min Jin Lee novel “Pachinko,” with that show set to feature Korean, Japanese, and English dialogue. Lee Min Ho was among six cast members announced for the series back in October.
‘The Real World’ Co-Creator Jonathan Murray on the New York ‘Homecoming’
Seven years ago, Rolling Stone interviewed Real World co-creator Jonathan Murray about the newest season of the groundbreaking MTV reality show. With The Real World coming up on that 30-year milestone, the network became an obvious home for The Real World Homecoming: New York, which premieres with the launch of Paramount+ on March 4th. Watch The Real World: Homecoming with free trial to Paramount+ hereWe caught up with Murray again to talk about the birth of The Real World back in 1992, how it laid the template for all reality TV that followed, what fans can expect from this new season, and the possibility of other classic Real World seasons getting the same Homecoming treatment in the future. That’s pretty young for The Real World, but I had an older sister and she controlled the remote. This kind of programming, particularly those early seasons of The Real World, we would jump in and out of scenes.
Neil deGrasse Tyson Explains Why End of Earth Is Tired, End of Universe Is Wired on ‘Colbert’
Neil deGrasse Tyson cut to the chase and explained how the Earth and the universe will end during an interview with Stephen Colbert on The Late Show Tuesday, March 2nd. The topics are something Tyson explores in his new book, Cosmic Queries: StarTalk’s Guide to Who We Are, How We Got Here, and Where We’re Going. And this will continue, rip your molecules apart, then it’ll rip your atoms apart! And then there’s a part where it rips — I shouldn’t say ‘rip, it ‘separates’ them — then the very fabric of space and time itself will fall victim to this expansion. And we call that ‘The Big Rip.’”In another part of the interview, Tyson spoke about the rise in missions to Mars from space programs around the world and spoke about NASA’s new rover, Perseverance, which just landed on the planet.
See Michael B. Jordan as Tom Clancy Hero John Clark in ‘Without Remorse’ Trailer
Michael B. Jordan stars as the Tom Clancy hero John Clark in the new trailer for Without Remorse, Amazon Prime Video’s adaptation of Clancy’s 1993 novel. In addition to Jordan, the film also stars Jamie Bell, Guy Pearce, Lauren London, and Jodie Turner-Smith. Sicario: Day of the Soldado and ZeroZeroZero director Stefano Sollima helms the blockbuster, with Taylor Sheridan (Sicario, Wind River, Yellowstone) and Will Staples co-writing the screenplay. After its theatrical release was canceled due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Without Remorse premieres April 30th on the streaming service. Like Clancy’s Jack Ryan — portrayed on the big and small screen by Alec Baldwin, Harrison Ford, Ben Affleck, and now John Krasinski — the John Clark character has previously been played by Willem Dafoe (Clear and Present Danger) and Liev Schreiber (The Sum of All Fears).
‘Biggie: I Got a Story to Tell’ Avoids the Trap of Mythology
The late New York MC, who is the subject of a new Netflix documentary titled Biggie: I Got a Story to Tell, was an eager evangelist of the humble camcorder. Early on in the documentary, his longtime friend Damion “D-Roc” Butler explains how Biggie instructed him to capture the audiences at their concerts. The flattened narrative of East Coast versus West Coast rap has served, mostly, to obscure the man Biggie was. Throughout Biggie: I Got a Story to Tell, Butler’s trusty camcorder offers a much-needed corrective. What the film achieves instead is filling in the gaps between Biggie’s early life in Brooklyn and his days of superstardom.
John Hiatt, Jerry Douglas Band Preview Collaborative Album With ‘All the Lilacs in Ohio’
John Hiatt and the instrumental aces of the Jerry Douglas Band have teamed up for their first collaborative album, Leftover Feelings. The musicians come together for a rousing group sing-along in the chorus, “All the lilacs in Ohio, there ya go/In city streets and dirty winter snow,” they sing. Leftover Feelings was recorded at Nashville’s RCA Studio B, the same facility where Elvis Presley, the Everly Brothers, Dolly Parton and many others cut some of their greatest work. The musicians are shown in the studio during the recording sessions for Leftover Feelings in a video for “All the Lilacs in Ohio.”This release follow’s Hiatt’s stripped-down 2018 album The Eclipse Sessions, which appeared after a four-year break. Douglas regularly records with other artists, but his own group released the album What If in 2017, featuring a cover of the blues classic “Hey Joe.”Leftover Feelings track list:
Covid Relief Package to Include Billions for Black Farmers
The Covid relief package is providing a platform for a historic Senate newcomer to deliver for a long-struggling constituency: black farmers. On a call with reporters Wednesday, Warnock celebrated the inclusion of the Emergency Relief for Farmers of Color Act in the $1.9 trillion Covid package. (The class-action Pigford settlements between the USDA and black farmers covered pervasive Civil Rights violations from 1983 to 2010.) Stabenow insisted this was just one piece of Democratic efforts to address “longstanding areas of discrimination and racial disparity on land ownership and farmers, particularly in the South.”In recent days, the massive Covid relief package experienced a significant setback, with the $15 minimum wage being struck from the bill by the Senate parliamentarian. Seeking to rally crestfallen liberals, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer pointed to provisions like debt relief for black farmers to insist that the Covid relief package will be “the most progressive thing we have had in decades.”
Democrats Are Pathologically Short-Changing America
Then, the number shrunk: $2,000 was actually $1,400, because Trump had already given us $600. On Wednesday, Biden agreed to further narrow the eligibility for stimulus payments under the coronavirus relief bill that has been bouncing around the House and Senate bureaucracies since before he took office. The new change is relatively simple: Biden wants to lower the income threshold that triggers diminishing returns on the stimulus payments. But people who make upwards of $100,000 a year, however, would only get partial payments on a sliding scale. Who actually wants this?
If Your Cabinets Are Overrun With Mugs, You Need This $20 Solution
You can place it inside of your cabinets or below them to either shield your items from view, or keep them out in the open for easy access. Shoppers say that in addition to mugs, they use the organizer to hang measuring cups and spoons, as well as cutting boards with slots at the top. The metal hangers can hold up to 10 pounds at once, and the U-shaped hooks prevent any accidents from arising, so you won't have to worry about any of your belongings taking a tumble.
Listeria Prompts Nationwide Recall of Party Platters, Sandwiches, Taco Dip, and More—Here’s What to Know
J&J Distributing, a St. Paul, Minn.-based company, is recalling a number of prepared food products due to potential Listeria monocytogenes contamination, reports the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The recall affects an extremely wide range of food products, categories, and brands. Items include Haug Taco Trays, Fresh Thyme Taco Dip, Tastebuds Taco Platters and Taco Dips, Kwik Trip Taco Dips, Earthgrown Mini Taco Dips, Caribou Turkey Sandwiches, and more. According to the FDA, the recall was issued after J&J Distributing discovered Listeria monocytogenes on a utensil that was used to produce the products. That being said, Listeria monocytogenes is no joke.
Bob Weir and Wolf Bros Plot St. Patrick’s Day Livestream Show
Bob Weir and Wolf Bros will perform a special livestream show for St. Patrick’s Day, March 17th at 9 p.m. ET/6 p.m. PT. The show will broadcast live from Weir’s TRI Studio in the Bay Area via the livestream platform Fans. Three different merch bundles are also available, one with a T-shirt and commemorative ticket, another with a poster and commemorative ticket, and a third with the T-shirt, poster, and commemorative ticket. Weir formed Wolf Bros in 2018, linking up with bassist and Rolling Stones producer Don Was and RatDog drummer Jay Lane. Weir and Wolf Bros were supposed to spend 2020 touring, but of course were forced to cancel their plans because of Covid-19.
Godspeed You! Black Emperor Announce New LP ‘G_d’s Pee at State’s End!’
Black Emperor return this spring with their new double album G_d’s Pee at State’s End!, the Montreal post-rock collective’s first LP since 2017’s Luciferian Towers. G_d’s Pee at State’s End! We tried to summon a brighter reckoning there, bent beneath varied states of discomfort, worry, and wonderment,” Gy!be said in a statement. did share a snippet from G_d’s Pee at State’s End!, a minute of drone, electronic whirring, static, and shortwave radio signals dubbed “4521.0kHz 6730.0kHz 4109.09kHz.”“This record is about all of us waiting for the end,” the leftist-leaning band continued. Tax the rich until they’re impoverished.”G_d’s Pee at State’s End!
We Don’t Need Andrew Cuomo
No amount of smoothing or spin can overshadow the indelible photograph published in the New York Times on Monday night: Governor Andrew Cuomo, red-faced and leering, clutching the face of a woman half his age at a wedding while she recoils in disgust. What should come next for Andrew Cuomo is a swift resignation, followed by a statewide investigation. In Cuomo tradition, the governor denied these aspirations; his father Mario also declined to seek the nomination in 1992. The truth, of course, was that Cuomo’s leadership, respectability, and strength was a veneer. Unlike the servers and bartenders he briefly barred from vaccination eligibility, Andrew Cuomo is not an essential worker.
Kings of Leon Will Be the First Band to Release an Album as an NFT
On Friday, Kings of Leon will release their new album, titled When You See Yourself, in the form of a non-fungible token (NFT) — becoming the first band to ever do so. “Each one of those is a unique NFT with the most incredible Kings of Leon art you’ve ever seen,” explains Katz. Each “golden ticket” also unlocks an actual concert ticket — marking the first time a music ticket has been officially sold as an NFT. Whoever owns the token is guaranteed four front-row seats to any Kings of Leon concert during each tour for life. E.T., which is also when the “golden ticket” NFT auction will end.
Neil Young and Crazy Horse’s Frank ‘Poncho’ Sampedro on New Live LP, Why He Left the Band
We started playing them three times a day, every day, for a month, five days a week. He nails “Cortez.” He nails “Danger Bird” and “Over and Over.” He’s just playing so good and the band played really good. When I hear Neil play it with other people, it just doesn’t sound the same to me, ever. This one will give you clarity, Poncho.” [Laughs]The tour started two months later. You were in 20,000-seat arenas, the Gulf War had begun …A strange thing happened to me just before that tour started.
Garden Terrace Tenants Are Still Fighting for Repairs and Fair Housing
× Expand Photo by Kate Alexandrite Garden Terrace Union members march to the home of the man who manages Garden Terrace for its owner. At Durham’s Garden Terrace Apartments in Lakewood, resident Maryeri Sarmiento is tired of being ignored. “We want to get it fixed; we want to get it right and for everybody to be safe and happy.”The Garden Terrace Tenants UnionThe severe maintenance issues at Garden Terrace have shed light on a broader struggle. Fany Sarmiento, the union’s president and Maryeri’s sister, says that roughly three-fourths of Garden Terrace residents have joined the union. “There is no legal entity called the Garden Terrace Tenants Union,” he says.
15 Minutes: Kyle Villemain, Founder of The Assembly
× Expand Courtesy of the subject Kyle Villemain of The Assembly. It’s a digital, statewide magazine about people, institutions, and ideas in North Carolina that launched last month. We think North Carolinians want that kind of magazine-style writing you can read about national figures—and that kind of reporting should be done here. There is a lot of innovation in North Carolina around journalism, but a lot is city-specific, like the INDY, or Axios Charlotte, or there are industry-specific outlets like Business North Carolina, EdNC, or North Carolina Health News. It gives us a broad perspective, and we found a good response [from] folks who want that kind of reporting.
India’s Muslim Journalists Are Under Attack
India’s Muslim Journalists Are Under Attack India’s Muslim Journalists Are Under Attack As the mainstream media has consolidated behind the BJP, independent journalism in India has become a dangerous activity. Already underrepresented in mainstream media, Muslim journalists make for easy, conspicuous targets—as Khan and others like her realized last February. He was also asked to drop his pants for proof he wasn’t Muslim (Muslim men are circumcised), according to a report in the Telegraph. As of December 31, 2020, according to the International Federation of Journalists, India ranks fourth in the list of countries most dangerous for journalists , with eight journalists killed in 2020. For journalists, especially Muslim journalists, in the new India, this training may turn out to be as essential to their reporting.
Placing the Proud Boys on Canada’s Terrorism List Is a Threat to the Left
Civil Liberties Matter Following 9/11, the extensive exploitation of relaxed civil liberties was used as a pretext to engage in egregious human rights abuses. Because of a street-fighting division of the Proud Boys, nuance is required in parsing the case of the organization. Proud Boys founder Gavin McInnes, getting a kick out of Chapman’s actions, invited Chapman to join the club. Proud Boys leader Enrique Tarrio claims that Chapman left in 2017 to form “his own thing.” He applied to rejoin in October 2020 but was rejected. What is very clear is that even if McInnes and his Proud Boys say they weren’t initially interested in the alt-right or street fighting, the street-fighting alt-right were very much interested in the Proud Boys.
Video: Tenant Organizers Protest the Re-opening of Housing Court
Tens of thousands of New Yorkers have been unable to cover rent due to the pandemic and the economic crisis it has caused. Members of a variety of tenants’ organizations — including Crown Heights Tenant Union, Brooklyn Eviction Defense, Cosecha, DSA Housing Working Group, Met Council on Housing and and the PSL — rallied at Brooklyn Housing Court calling for cancellation of the rents. Although the demonstrators tried to enter both Brooklyn Housing Court and Brooklyn Borough Hall, they were barred from doing so by a phalanx of police officers. It would work very much like the rent relief program that was rolled out over the summer. A note to our readers: Although the housing court has reopened, tenants can file hardship forms through May 1st and likely won’t have to pay rent until then.
The Disaster in Texas Shows Why We Need to Cancel Utility Debt
Already disproportionately left longer in the dark, communities of color will likely bear the brunt of Texas’s brewing energy debt crisis. The situation in Texas illustrates the dangers of a broken system, and shows why we need to immediately cancel all utility debt and implement a national moratorium on utility shutoffs. Utility debt can reverberate for a person’s financial life, downgrading credit scores that are often key to opening a bank account or renting an apartment. In Massachusetts, State Rep. Erika Uyterhoeven introduced a utility debt cancellation bill to relieve residents who cumulatively hold over $351 million in arrears. We need quick relief in the form of cancelled utility debt and a moratorium on utility shutoffs — but we also need to fight for a vision of utility justice that repairs past harm and fulfills basic human rights.
Oren Cass Is Insisting That Starving Some Kids Is Important for Society
If the Cass proposal sounds like déjà vu all over again, that’s because it is. Now, here is Cass saying we should roughly double the value of it and make it phase in more aggressively. Many years ago, you could pass yourself off as a new brand of conservative by saying that child benefits should exclude slightly fewer poor kids than they currently do. But with Mitt Romney now saying that child benefits should exclude no poor kids, which is how nearly every other developed country does things, Cass’s insistence that starving some kids is important for society just makes him look like a reactionary clown. Taken together, his views on globalization and child benefits are that (1) globalization has caused many American families to have low or no earnings, and (2) American families with low or no earnings should be excluded from child benefits.
Bill Gates Can’t Save the Planet
Can Bill Gates save the world from capitalism? Climate change, Gates and many economists argue, is an example of a market failure. If governments could only assign the correct price to these emissions, the market failure would be corrected and the planet would be saved. And the exercise of state power is not neutral: it is influenced by market outcomes. We can’t rely on Bill Gates to solve the climate crisis, but nor can we rely on Joe Biden.
Can a Federal Job Guarantee Unite the Left?
is attempting to push a job guarantee into the political mainstream. ?“It’s time, if we’re really serious about a reckoning, that we enter into a third reconstruction to truly have a robust and just recovery from this pandemic, and a federal job guarantee should be a part of that. One alluring quality of a job guarantee is that it could fit snugly together with almost any other progressive priority. “If you do a job guarantee correctly, and you build in certain requirements, you are setting a standard. The economist Darrick Hamilton estimated in 2015 that a federal job guarantee would have an all-in cost of around $50,000 per job — $750 billon to employ the 15 million unemployed at the peak of the Great Recession, though far less during normal years.
Alicia Garza on the Problem of Celebrity in Social Movements
Technology and the rise of social media have made that question even more complex, shifting our understanding of leadership — and the responsibilities of a leader. A platform in King’s day might have been a church congregation, whereas today a platform could be a social media page. Every actor within a social movement has a role to play and contributions to offer that at some point should be recognized. Black Lives Matter started as a hashtag and then grew into a series of social media pages that connected people online. It doesn’t matter how many people follow me on social media if I am not moving them to do something amazing together offline.
The Tide of Feminist Organizing Is Rising in Chile
Interview by Claudia KorolKarina Nohales and Alondra Carrillo are two of the most prominent members of the Chilean 8M Feminist Coordinating Committee (Coordinadora Feminista 8 de Marzo, or CF8M). The group, formed in the midst of Latin America’s powerful feminist wave, has become a leading presence on the Chilean left, especially after the revolts of October 2019 shook Chile to its core. Even with those misgivings, the results of the October 2020 plebiscite have drawn social movements like the CF8M into the heart of the constitutional process. This unexpected turn of events led the once-skeptical social movements to embrace the constitutional process as a vital arena of social transformation. Karina and Alondra are today candidates for the Constituent Assembly, the body responsible for rewriting the Chilean constitution.
The World Lawrence Ferlinghetti Built
It’s hard to escape the feeling that when Lawrence Ferlinghetti succumbed to interstitial lung disease last month, in San Francisco, something more than a single human being had passed. That telegram showed Ferlinghetti had the instincts of a great publisher. (Ferlinghetti was cotranslator of the latter, and also translated a collection of verse by Jacques Prévert.) Don’t forget that Ferlinghetti’s own second collection of poetry had just as great an impact as Ginsberg’s work. And even late in life, Ferlinghetti continued calling for poetry as an insurgent art—as one of his books was titled.
France’s New Culture Warriors
Most importantly, Macron has signed off on all this: Vidal serves at his discretion and the president evidently has her back. While the witch hunt against campus radicalism in the United States peaked in the 1990s and early 2000s, the French culture warriors have only now picked up the dubious cause. It now heads to the Senate, which is already slated to take up a separate “general security law” later this month. Related Article The Fight Against France’s Global Security Law Is Far From Over Meerabelle JesuthasanHow did this happen? Now that he and his party have directed their efforts to culture and civil society, that willingness to pursue their agenda at all costs is even clearer.
Silicon Valley’s Offer of Sectoral Bargaining Is a Trick
Subscribe to The Nation Subscribe now for as little as $2 a month! In exchange for establishing this third category, the gig-economy employers are dangling a carrot called sectoral bargaining. Such comparison are either disingenuous or ignorant—either way, accepting third-category status in exchange for sectoral bargaining would be a disaster for US workers. It took worker power to win the standards workers enjoy in every country that currently has sectoral bargaining. If national union leaders acquiesce to the creation of a third category of worker in exchange for sectoral bargaining, we can kiss collective bargaining good-bye and surrender to collective begging.
Steve Cobble Was an Architect of Hope
Subscribe to The Nation Subscribe now for as little as $2 a month! Subscribe to The Nation Subscribe now for as little as $2 a month! Subscribe to The Nation Subscribe now for as little as $2 a month! When Steve Cobble unexpectedly passed away last week at the age of 69, we lost a giant and a dearly beloved brother. After my 1988 campaign, Cobble served as political director of the Rainbow Push Coalition and remained my personal adviser and strategist.
I’m a Military Spouse. The Capitol Attack Reminded Me of a War Zone.
“Are you okay?” asked a friend and military spouse in the voicemail she left for me on the afternoon the mob of Trump supporters breached the Capitol so violently. I listened to concerns that the far-right nationalist attack on the Capitol would, sooner or later, inspire violence against their own families. The Isolation of Military ServiceThere are about 2 million Americans who serve in the US military and 2.6 million more who are military spouses and dependents. Military spouses also care for children in mourning, temporarily or in some cases permanently, over the loss of a parent. And the military that’s been fighting those hopeless, bloody wars in distant lands for so long is on edge, too.
Bernie Is Right: We Shouldn’t Let the Senate Parliamentarian Block a $15 Minimum Wage
He has promised to force a vote on the $15 minimum wage this week. While $15 an hour still isn’t really enough to live on, it would more than double the current minimum wage. Even so-called deficit hawks, who oppose greater government spending on principle, should be behind a minimum wage hike. For the duration of Barack Obama’s presidency, the value of the minimum wage plummeted, when adjusted for inflation. The point here is not that Republicans care a great deal about helping minimum wage workers — they don’t.
Democrats Need to Hold Andrew Cuomo Accountable
Subscribe to The Nation Subscribe now for as little as $2 a month! Subscribe to The Nation Subscribe now for as little as $2 a month! Subscribe to The Nation Subscribe now for as little as $2 a month! Less than a year ago, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo was touted as the golden boy of American politics. But in order to make the claim that they are the more ethical party, Democrats have to first clean house, starting with Cuomo.
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I Would Not, Could Not, Read Those Books to Kids!
Most parents can’t screw up “bedtime story”: pick book, read book, collect “good parent” points, the end. The first time it happened to me, I was reading from a compilation of Dr. Seuss books and was in the middle of If I Ran the Zoo. They’re not on anybody’s top-10 Seuss books or part of anybody’s cherished memories. Rejecting some Seuss books, while contextualizing others, and preserving the good ones is not “cancel culture,” it’s the other thing Republicans don’t like: nuance. I too would like to put my brain on autopilot while I read my kids a bedtime story.
The devastating, irreparable death of Aruká Juma
Aruká Juma / Odair Leal/Amazônia RealManaus, Amazonas — The death of the last survivor of the Juma people, the warrior Amoim Aruká, from complications linked to COVID-19, is an incalculable tragedy. He fought for the demarcation of his people’s lands which were only ratified as an Indigenous Territory (TI) belonging to the Juma in 2004. In August 2020 the Bolsonaro government said that it would install the barrier on the Assuã river, in the Tufari Biological Reserve (REBIO), outside the Juma Indigenous Territory. The Sanitary Barrier would be controlled by the Military Police and overseen by the Humaitá Special Indigenous Sanitary District (DSEI). The government assassinated Aruká Juma.
What the trees of Notre Dame have to tell us
The smoke-filled frame of the Notre-Dame de Paris cathedral. ReporterreOn April 15, 2019, watching television footage of Notre Dame Cathedral burning, I wept like millions of other French people and others around the world. We must invite poets and geographers to investigate the emotional link which draws us to this place we call “Notre Dame de Paris.” Because it is, without doubt, this compound of the collective and the individual, of the cultural and the historic, that makes the presence of Notre Dame much more than a simple religious proposition. The construction of Notre Dame de Paris was undertaken at a time of widespread land clearance and cultivation, which brought untold riches to the territory of France. The wound left in Paris by the fire in Notre Dame is a reflection of the rending of the tissue of existence by our cities and our ways of life.
Biden inaction on Saudis’ Khashoggi assassination angers News Guild
People hold posters of slain Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi, near the Saudi Arabia consulate in Istanbul, marking the two-year anniversary of his death, Oct. 2, 2020. His assassination angered both the local and then-News Guild President Bernie Lunzer, who demanded a formal investigation and sanctions. Biden released the report summary, but his inaction on sanctions against MBS upset the union all over again. Current News Guild President Jon Schleuss endorsed the statement. SPJ President Matthew Hall called the intelligence summary “too little, too late.”“Many Americans have now read—and all should read—the four-page declassified intelligence report on the killing of Jamal Khashoggi,” Hall added.
Biden: With Defense Production Act, enough vaccines by end of May – People's World
A worker packs a box of the Johnson and Johnson COVID-19 vaccine into a cooler for shipping from a facility in Shepherdsville, Ky., Monday, March 1, 2021. Biden credited the stepped-up timetable to his ongoing use of the Defense Production Act and the establishment of a partnership between two long-time corporate rivals, Merck and Johnson and Johnson. Biden said the country is in a “war” against the coronavirus, justifying his sweeping measures against it. “When we came into office, the prior administration had contracted for not nearly enough vaccine to cover adults in America. First, the Republican governor of one huge state announces he will ignore the president’s pleas for caution and that he will end mask mandates and immediately open up his state entirely.
Narrative of fear: Republicans try to block LGBTQ Equality Act
Major changesUnder the Equality Act, the meaning of “public accommodations” will be greatly expanded. The Equality Act would outlaw unequal treatment or harassment of all individuals that fall under any protected category where there are currently limitations. The Equality Act specifically names the RFRA and says it cannot be used as a pretext for discrimination against protected groups. Further, the Equality Act makes it so legislation protecting members of the LGBTQ community is permanently enshrined in federal law. The GOP fear narrativeAlthough the Republican Party has been seemingly turning in on itself with post-election internal divisions, its elected officials have remained united against the Equality Act.
Rosa Luxemburg at 150: Toward ‘a social order worthy of the human race’
Carnations lay on the grave of former German Communist leader Rosa Luxemburg at a cemetery in Berlin. Luxemburg and Karl Liebknecht, founders of the German Communist movement, were killed Jan. 15, 1919 by right-wing militiamen. The film begins on December 7, 1916, with Rosa Luxemburg in Vronke prison, cutting back to this location again and again. Indeed, throughout the film, Luxemburg occasionally speaks in Polish, especially to Leo Jogiches, her close comrade and lover of many years. Pabst took the decision to have Liebknecht and Luxemburg murdered, considering the executions in the national interest.
Republicans make the FBI look like the good guys
Instigator turned investigator Sen. Josh Hawley, left, questions FBI Director Chris Wray at a Senate hearing on Tuesday. President Biden has directed his national intelligence director to work with the FBI and Department of Homeland Security to gauge the threat from white supremacists. Wray said the number of domestic terrorism investigations has grown from 1,000 when he became FBI director in 2017 to 2,000 now. The number of arrests of white supremacists has tripled, he said. “Some of those people clearly came to Washington, we now know, with the plans and intentions to engage in the worst kind of violence we would consider domestic terrorism,” Wray said.
‘Back of the Moon’: A Noirish apartheid-era South African film
Back of the Moon still, courtesy of The Bomb / Videovision EntertainmentDirector/co-writer and Oscar nominee Angus Gibson’s Back of the Moon is another example of why I love PAFF—the Pan African Virtual Film + Arts Festival. If not for this festival film buffs like moi probably would never have heard of, let alone had the opportunity to see, this highly entertaining South African movie. Moon is a gangster film in the way that Jean-Luc Godard’s 1959 New Wave Breathless is. On the one hand, he is indeed a tough hombre who brawls with the boxing champion Strike (South African actor S’Dumo Mtshali). This year’s 29th annual Pan African Virtual Film + Arts Festival is taking place Feb. 28-March 14.
Politicians Should Not Be Idolized
Cuomo was praised for his leadership by citizens and politicians alike. The United States’ shining example of crisis leadership has quickly begun to fall from grace. However, Cuomo’s rapid descent from patriotic hero to just another sleazy politician provides a lesson for the U.S. public: idolizing politicians is dangerous and foolish. Praising politicians for their basic competency shows them that we do not expect any meaningful change, and care more about optics than legislative progress. Fostering a cult of celebrity around politicians puts them above us, the people.
Who’s Going to Take Responsibility for Air Pollution in Texas?
She’d already spent thousands of dollars managing her disease in a city whose air has never met federal health-based standards for another kind of air pollution, ground-level ozone. They had been trying to start a family, but experienced miscarriages, which have been linked to exposure to air pollution. All year, every year, nearly half of Houston’s schools are exposed to too much air pollution. “People are being harmed, seriously harmed” by air pollution, says Kelly Haragan, who teaches law at the University of Texas at Austin’s environmental clinic. “If the Clean Air Act worked the way it was supposed to work, no one would be harmed by air pollution,” Flatt says.
'Pathetic and Disgraceful': The GOP's Shameful War on Voters
In state after state, GOP governors and legislators are on a rampage to rig the system so you can't vote. By "you" I mean African Americans, Latinx voters, Asian Americans, indigenous peoples and practically all other nonwhite citizens. And seniors, union members, poor people, students, immigrant families and others with a tendency to vote for Democrats. Cruz is, after all, the two-legged, maniacal, self-aggrandizing ego who arrogantly tried to discard the ballots of millions of voters in the presidential election. It prohibits states from altering election rules to give minority voters less opportunity than Anglos to participate in the political process.
Biden Is Following a Failed Blueprint for Forever War
Last week, the U.S. military bombed a site near al-Hurri, along the Iraqi border inside Syria, where Iranian-backed Iraqi militias were allegedly stationed. The U.S. military first intervened in Syria in 2014 following the Islamic State’s takeover of the country’s Eastern territories, along with the Northern and Western areas of Iraq. The same can be said of the recent rocket attacks that provoked the Biden administration’s deadly response in Syria. Iraqi militias pose no danger to the people of Baltimore, Maryland or Little Rock, Arkansas, and Baghdad does not demand an American military presence. Anything less is a formula for forever war, ever more.
To Restore American Democracy, We Need to Tax the Ultra-Wealthy
And much of the wealth of Wall Street is in the hands of private equity and hedge fund executives. Warren Buffett and Michael Bloomberg, two Wall Street billionaires, have publicly endorsed a wealth tax plan in the past. The Ultra-Millionaire Wealth Tax would ensure that the super-rich pay taxes on all their assets, not just their New York mansions or Florida getaways, but their stocks, bonds, jewelry, sports cars, and art collections. Imagine how Schwarzman, with his $22.5 billion fortune, will react when the Warren-Jayapal wealth tax demands a payment to the U.S. Treasury seven times that size. In 2019, Leon Cooperman, founder and CEO of hedge fund Omega Advisors, pushed back on Warren’s proposed wealth tax plan to the point where he broke down in tears on national television.
As Finance Committee Votes on Becerra Nomination, Opposition is Coming From Members Who Have Taken $9.6 Million from Big Pharma
Becerra has a strong track record of holding pharmaceutical companies accountable and some of the loudest opposition so far has come from senators who have taken millions from Big Pharma. Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA):Has accepted over $3.7 million from the health sector throughout his career, including nearly $1 million from Big Pharma. Senator John Cornyn (R-TX):Has accepted over $1.7 million from the health sector throughout his career, including over $1 million from Big Pharma. Senator Richard Burr (R-NC):Has accepted over $4.8 million from the health sector throughout his career, including $1.5 million from Big PharmaSenator Bill Cassidy (R-LA):Has accepted over $5.1 million from the health sector throughout his career, including over $736,000 from Big Pharma. Senator John Barrasso (R-WY):Has accepted over $2.7 million from the health sector throughout his career, including over $651,000 from Big Pharma.
119 Democrats Join With GOP to Block Restoration of Voting Rights for Incarcerated People
The same cannot be said of the Bush amendment. While Biden said during the 2020 presidential campaign that he supports restoring voting rights to former felons, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) was alone among last year's Democratic presidential candidates in supporting voting rights for incarcerated people. Today, I went to the floor in support @RepCori Bush's amendment to HR 1 #ForThePeople Act to restore voting rights to incarcerated individuals. Voting rights must be extended to ALL people - and yes, that includes currently and formerly incarcerated individuals. — Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib (@RepRashida) March 2, 2021Civil and voting rights advocates voiced their support for the Bush amendment.
With Biden Administration Refusing to Act, Its Time to Take Mohammed bin Salman to Court
Despite the findings in the ODNI report, the Biden Administration chose to impose no sanction on him. As Congress pressured the administration to release the ODNI report, they will try to force Biden to hold MBS accountable. The ODNI report also confirms the core underlying factual claim made by plaintiffs in the Khashoggi case: MBS was responsible for Khashoggi’s murder. RSF relies on Germany’s universal jurisdiction laws that allow a German court to try MBS for crimes committed elsewhere. The Biden administration’s inaction certainly did not create incentives for MBS to temper his abuses.
John Kerry Tells Big Oil to Stop Resisting Energy Transition or "You’re Going to End up on the Wrong Side of This Battle."
This week witnesses one of the most influential and largest oil industry conferences take place, called CERAWeek. Normally, the crème de la crèmeof the oil industry descend on Houston for a pro-fossil fuel frenzy. “The tone is different: There’s one theme that permeates the entire conference and that is energy transition,” CERAWeek Founder Dan Yergin, vice chair of IHS Markit told Reuters. Another speaker, Andy Jassy of Amazon, said the industry is better off helping to shape the energy transition than wishing it away. Yesterday leading energy experts outlined how renewable energy could also be the sole source for the world’s heating, cooling, and transport industries by 2035.
Cancel All Coal Projects to Have 'Fighting Chance' Against Climate Crisis, Says UN Chief
"Global coal use in electricity generation must fall by 80% below 2010 levels by 2030," he added. Today, I call on all governments, private companies & local authorities to take 3 #ClimateAction steps: Cancel all global coal projects in the pipeline. End coal plant financing & shift investment to renewable energy projects. Cancel all global coal projects in the pipeline;End the international financing of coal plants and shift investment to renewable energy projects; andJump-start a global effort to finally organize a just transition. "The needs of coal communities must be recognized, and concrete solutions must be provided at a very local level."
'Madness': In Cave to Right-Wing Dems, Biden Agrees to Further Limit Eligibility for Direct Payments
In the face of pressure from a faction of conservative Senate Democrats, President Joe Biden reportedly agreed Wednesday to limit eligibility for direct relief payments by accelerating the phase-out of $1,400 checks proposed in the emerging $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief package. The House bill proposes (pdf) ending the phase-out at $100,000 in yearly income for individuals and $200,000 for couples. Among the Senate Democrats who pushed for the quicker phase-out were Sens. Under the House relief bill, the IRS would be directed to base eligibility for the payments on 2020 income for those whose returns are on file. "This is not targeting," Matt Bruenig, founder of the People's Policy Project, said last month of earlier efforts to restrict eligibility.
'Endangers the Entire Country and Beyond': Grave Warnings as Texas Gov. Abbott Lifts Covid Restrictions
Pointing out that Texas has vaccinated less than 7% of its population, Texas Democratic Party chair Gilberto Hinojosa called Abbott's order "extraordinarily dangerous" and warned, "This will kill Texans." "Make no mistake: opening Texas prematurely will only lead to faster Covid spread, more sickness and overcrowding in our hospitals, and unnecessary deaths. Wicker said she intends to continue requiring customers to wear masks while other businesses—including the grocery chain H-E-B—indicated in response to Abbott's order that they will drop such mandates. Noting that "Covid spread isn't neatly contained by state borders," Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) warned Tuesday that Abbott's order could have far-reaching implications for the fight against the pandemic. "Explosions in Covid cases can increase the likelihood of new Covid variants to develop or spread to new places."
'A Test of Our Humanity': Ilhan Omar Unveils Bill to Sanction Saudi Crown Prince Over Khashoggi Murder
The legislation would also render bin Salman "ineligible to receive a visa or other immigration benefit" and revoke his current visas. "This is a test of our humanity," Omar (D-Minn.) said of the push to hold the crown prince accountable. Today, I introduced legislation to place sanctions on the Crown Prince for his role in the murder of Jamal Khashoggi. "The notion of sanctioning Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman... was never really on the table." — Abukar Arman (@Abukar_Arman) March 2, 2021Omar introduced her legislation as Reporters Without Borders filed a lawsuit accusing the Saudi crown prince of committing "crimes against humanity" by greenlighting the Khashoggi murder and other attacks on journalists.
The Joy of Tax: An Economy for the Common Good
CorporationIt can be used to reverse a decade of growing inequality and to force fossil fuels out of our economy. There’s a reason why the phrase 'the joy of tax' has become popular in radical circles, because tax is one of the most powerful levers governments can use to adjust the way the economy works. The argument about tax should not be about good or bad but about how it can be used strategically to manage an economy for the common good. The first and most important is a high and rising carbon tax: we propose £100 now, rising to £500 by 2030. Our carbon tax proposal is matched by a proposal to ensure that the money generated is returned to compensate citizens as fossil fuels companies increase their prices to absorb the cost of the tax.
Chris Hedges: The Age of Social Murder
They are the architects of social murder. But murder it remains.”The ruling class devotes tremendous resources to mask this social murder. The new state did not even require servants — just clerks.” This metaphysical ignorance fuels social murder. Why, if this social murder is inevitable, as I believe it is, do we even fight back? They keep alive the possibility, however dim, that the forces that are orchestrating our social murder can be stopped.
Nonprofit Workers, Unionize! ? Current Affairs
Even in the nonprofit sector, workers are unionizing— signaling that the modern-day labor movement is alive and kicking. Surprisingly, workers in the nonprofit sector, which has historically been hostile to unions, have also been capitalizing on this moment to organize. Though this moment is galvanizing nonprofit workers, we still have a long way to go. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, union workers continue to receive higher wages than nonunion workers. Nonprofit workers should seize this moment, but also remember this it is always the moment.
The Filibuster Was Grounded in Slavery & Now Threatens All Life on Earth
Sadly, two Democratic senators, Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema, recently blocked the Senate from killing this democracy-crippling anachronism. Once in the Senate, Calhoun invented the filibuster specifically to increase the power of his plantation-owning colleagues and block any sort of anti-slavery legislation. The filibuster not only kept any anti-slavery legislation from being passed throughout Calhoun’s lifetime, but after Reconstruction collapsed with the Hayes election in 1876 it was turned against Civil Rights legislation. The filibuster was a useful tool — and excuse for racist senators — to block any sort of civil rights legislation for four generations. Worse, with the near-certainty it’ll be used to block effective climate legislation, their obstruction threatens all life on Earth.
March 3, 2021 – Consortiumnews
This is the largest crime against humanity ever committed. It is being committed in front of us. And, with few exceptions, we are willfully being herded like sheep to the slaughter. Read more ?
Greening Deserts species protection project for critically endangered species and healthy ecosystems
The main focus of the special species protection project for critically endangered tree species is the building of special seed storage facilities (boxes and cabinets) and other innovative solutions in various areas. This announcement and information of the new Greening Deserts project for critically endangered species can be shared worldwide. Some of the other Greening Deserts projects and special programs can also help establish many of the endangered tree species on which many other species depend. These special biodiversity conservation, ecosystem restoration,environmental greening, ecological reforestation and species protection projects can save millions of life forms worldwide. With the endangered tree species that we want to cultivate and share worldwide, thousands of other species can be saved and protected.
Perdue thinks he and the Republican Party should be allowed to put their thumb on the scale by law
Traitorous Republican Enabler and LoserSee the story on Raw Story — Perdue wants to be able to cheat by law. Admit we don’t want your totally shitty non-governance, and find policies that you don’t have to force down everyone’s throats — maybe you’ll do better. It’s not unbalanced if we don’t vote for you because we hate everything you and the Rethugs stand for. That’s why you lost, Dave. Stop blaming everything and everyone else — your just a shitty, hateful, lying Rethug — it’s no wonder you lost.
IAN: 03
IAN is a great group to join, and a good place to learn to write diaries. We all share the publishing duties, and we welcome everyone who reads IAN to write diaries for the group! But, when you are ready to write that diary, either post in thread or send FloridaSNMOM a Kosmail with the date. Warmer weather during the day and cool nights. Hoping all who live in the tundra get warmer weather, and we get some rain.
answered prayer
analogy in history: Von ClausewitzRepublicans are trying to kill what’s left of the voting rights act. That’s not the logical consequence of what they did: to take away the right to vote from minorities, or dem-voters. It is the Trumpian citizenry that has lost the right to vote ... uh ... it has abdicated that right. It has done so voluntarily … and publicly. In the words of Von Clausewitz: they have chosen to continue democracy with the application of other means.
Do you think that men should have the option of bilateral epididymectomy for sterilization purposes?
Do you think that men should have the option of bilateral epididymectomy for sterilization purposes? I’ve already found a couple of doctors who would be willing to perform this surgery for sterilization purposes, but at a personal out-of-pocket cost of $2,000-$3,000. Also, why exactly doesn’t Planned Parenthood perform bilateral epididymectomies for sterilization purposes on men? Simply because no one has ever actually asked them to so far? Because I’ve noticed that a lot of men are unaware that bilateral epididymectomy is even an option for sterilization purposes, let alone that it is MUCH more effective than a vasectomy is!
MF Daily for Wednesday March 3, 2021
An icicle-covered road sign and hedges in Shenley, Britain. Welcome to MF Daily(Formerly know as Mojo Friday’s Weekly Open Thread — MFWOT)All are welcome to hang out and share what is happening in your life today.
Wednesday Open Thread; FP&IE Group - location of foreign service posts - click on the image on the linked page to see a MUCH larger versionWelcome to an all day open thread hosted by “Foreign Policy and International Events Group”. MOT (Morning Open Thread): Goes live at 03:30 west coast ( 06:30 US east coast). just as the chatter in morning thread has petered out. The Overnight News Digest: Up at 21:00 west coast (midnight east coast)If we’re missing an open thread, please leave a note in Comments and we’ll add it in. ????? ????? ???Meanwhile, anyone who would like to host an open thread, please leave a note in the comments or get in touch with Torilahu via Kosmail.
Morning Open Thread -- Reflections from the Silent Generation
“We were that generation called silent, but we were silent neither, as some thought, because we shared the period's official optimism nor, as others thought, because we feared its official repression. We support our community, invite and share ideas, and encourage thoughtful, respectful dialogue in an open forum. This series was conceived as a haven where folks can drop in to share conversation, ideas, weather reports, and music. Like many people, this past pandemic/quarantine year has forced me to get in touch with feelings I normally keep suppressed. Waking in the morning to the feeling of her fingers on my skin.
Mujeres Mariachi
You can, and should, watch the full 1989 KQED concert here:* * * * *And what about current mujeres mariachi? Mariachi DivasThis is the first all-female mariachi group both to be nominated for a Grammy Award and to win one. * * * * *Mariachi Flor de ToloacheA mariachi fusion ensemble out of New York City that also has a Grammy nomination as well as a win under their belt, Mariachi Flor De Toloache takes its name from nightshade, a plant associated with mysticism. Ungrateful woman, don’t tell me that you adore me,I can tell that your lipsHave nothing more to offerThis mouth of mine. Ungrateful woman, don’t tell me that you love me,You have no respect for what I say,Even though my kisseshave often thrilled you.
Cheers and Jeers: Wednesday
-Cheers and Jeers for Wednesday, March 3, 2021Note: Lawyers rush to scene after baker's man refuses to play pattycake on religious grounds. -CHEERS to the left making things right. CHEERS to making it through the first hurdle. CHEERS and JEERS to making cents (and also losing them). CHEERS to fun things a president can do as his country disintegrates from a Great Depression.
Kagro in the Morning is LIVE at 9 AM ET!
The days are flying by without Trump causing us to tear our hair out every day! Work continues in the Senate on the reconciliation bill, and in the House on the For the People Act. Greg Dworkin brings his usual mid-week Raft o’ Stories,™ and I continue to operate on 15 minutes of sleep. Listen right here at 9:00 AM ET! Even more ways to listen, live or by podcast, below the fold.
Gas, Pipelines Are A Cure For Poverty, Says OpEd By Gas, Pipeline Proponent In RealClearEnergy
Was the vague-sounding Alliance for Innovation and Infrastructure a misguided outfit of well-meaning engineers and infrastructure experts? Or just another front for the oil and gas industry hiding behind glossy stock photos? That the piece appeared in RealClear gave us reason to suspect the latter, and we started poking around the organization’s website. But the very last sentence does say that he’s also the chief executive of the Trans Alaska Pipeline System. So it’s a vaguely-named organization with unusual succession practices formerly run by a current oil pipeline executive, and currently delivering pro-pipeline propaganda in a key outlet in the Koch et al.
My muse instructed me to write a children's poem
Puppity: A dog with attitudeMuppity Puppity Poodlety Pooh,We’re going to market to make ice cream stew. We’ll buy a fine cabbage and crinkle the leaves,And mix it with mustard from middle Maldives. We’ll slice a few raisins and butter them well,Add ginger reduction with abalone shell. ‘Mid beans of vanilla and blades of meringue,We’ll riddle the roux with a peppermint fang. Then boil it and kiss it and watch it congeal,And finish it off with some raspberry peel.
Augmentation Clouds for All
What if you could apply social pressure through official channels and willing participants in enforced, immersive augmented reality, possibly with directed audio. Microsoft kicked off Ignite Tuesday with a dazzling keynote highlighted by Mesh, their augmented reality platform. FYI Azure is the Microsoft counter to Amazon AWS and Google Cloud in cloud computing. Moreover, cloud computing goes past maintaining productivity to opening whole new realms of collaboration, interaction and training. As much as augmented reality and cloud computing open up possibilities for progress, so too are avenues for abuse illuminated.
WAAAM: Motorcycles (photo diary)
1923 Henderson Model K DeluxeHenderson manufactured motorcycles from 1912 until 1931. Hendersons appealed to sports riders and police because they were the largest and fastest motorcycles of this time. 1924 Douglas1927 Harley Davidson JD1930s Express Werke Motor Bicycle1933 Harley Davidson VLE1938 Indian Four1942 Harley Davidson WLA1947 Indian Chief1948 Schwinn Whizzer1949 Harley Davidson WL1953 Harley Davidson ST-1651954 Cushman Eagle1958 Cushman 765 Eagle1958 Cushman 721/281959 Cushman Super Eagle1960s Tule Trooper “Big Boy”1963 Honda CA-1101964 Bridgestone Street Fighter1967 Honda CP77 Super Hawk1975 Moto Guzzi 850-T1979 Honda CX5001982 Kawasaki Spectre 7502005 Harley Davidson Softtail DeluxeCustom TrikeBased on the “Penny-Farthing” style bicycle of the nineteenth century and powered by a 1928 Maytag Model 92 Hit-Miss Motor (designed for Maytag washing machines), this custom-built trike was made in 1986. 1943 Champ-CycleThis motorcycle was built in 1943 by Champ Bond using a 1942 Wards Hawthorne bicycle and a 1935 Briggs and Stratton washing machine engine. More motorcycle photo toursMuseums 101: The Vintage Motorcycle Museum (Photo Diary)World of Speed: Racing Motorcycles (Photo Diary)Museums 101: British Motorcycles at America's Car Museum (Photo Diary)Museums 101: BMW Motorcycles (Photo Diary)Museums 101: Motorcycles at America's Car Museum (Photo Diary)Museums 101: A Collection of Motorcycles (Photo Diary)Car Show: Motorcycles (Photo Diary)Motorcycles (Photo Diary)
New York Governor Andrew Cuomo to be stripped of pandemic emergency powers; resignation ahead?
NPR’s Noel King reported this morning that three-term New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is going to be stripped of the emergency powers granted to him to deal with the pandemic. This has also focused attention on the long history of Cuomo maintaining a toxic work environment while engaging in bullying behavior. Clark explained the powers allowed Cuomo to create and suspend any laws related to the pandemic without having to go through the legislature. Political observer Dr. Alan Chartock at NPR station WAMC predicts — barring further developments — that Cuomo will not resign. There were expectations Andrew Cuomo planned to run for a fourth term — but that’s not until 2022.
GOP: Either ease LGBT restrictions or criminalize Downs Syndrome. Make your choice.
An enormous clash is underway in the highest reaches of our government. Some Americans ( and in the global population, too ) have a drive to live their life in a different gender than they were born into. But ask why to any serious Mental Health Professional, and they feel it is genetically driven. How and why it occurs has yet to be unlocked, but they HAVE unlocked the cause of Down Syndrome. It is an extra chromosome, chromosome 21.
Pence would literally sell his soul to the Devil to have Trump ordain him as successor
This is where Mike Pence published “Election Integrity Is a National Imperative.” I'd expected a former Vice President to have an essay like this published in a mainstream publication. Does anybody have any doubt that Pence would do anything to get Trump to ordain him as the next in line to succeed him? In reality it is merely an excuse for Pence to interject himself into the public discourse and ingratiate himself to Trump. So Pence succeeded in getting a lot of coverage when he broke his silence on a website most people don’t read. He uses the word fraud five times:The PollTo what degree do you think Pence really "worships" Trump vs.
Democrats Scoop the Cat Box.
Democrats are already sacrificing a minimum wage increase, cowering to the Senate Parliamentarian, and coming hat-in-hand to King Manchin only to be tossed out on their ear. Democrats still haven’t learned that the taste of victory is better than the bland, blended flavor of moral superiority and electoral humiliation. Meanwhile, the Supreme Court stands ready to eliminate the Voting Rights Act, sending the United States careening back to Jim Crow. Everyone who gave their lives in the name of Black voting rights, and voting rights in general, are about to have those sacrifices tossed on the ash heap of history by a gaggle of Federalist Society religious extremists hoping to establish a permanent Republican majority. But I can’t get over this feeling that the only thing our party seems capable of doing is coming in after Republicans ruin everything to scoop out the cat box.
New Day Cafe: Wednesday Whimsy
Good morning, Cafe! Like I need more nutty going on, between my own and that of the resident House Panther! On Twitter recently, I ranted about the fact that drugs are now using theme songs in their tv adverts. Why in the great blue hell, does a drug (for which we need a visit to the doctor and an Rx) need a freakin’ theme song?? Currently, Applebee’s is using a song I really like for their business.
Jeff Sessions reemerges to claim he regrets separating families (he doesn't)
Attorneys that prosecution of family unit adults would be swift and would be followed by immediate reunification of the separated family,” the report also said. During an appearance on right-wing host Laura Ingraham’s show at the height of media attention on the policy, Sessions openly said that he hoped the intentional cruelty scared away other asylum-seeking families. “General Sessions, is this policy in part used as a deterrent?” Ingraham asked her fellow anti-immigrant racist. Worried about the traumatic effects of family separation and the lack of immediate bed space for these children, ORR staffers took their concerns to superiors. Other staffers found out about the family separation policy not from the administration, but from the news.
These 19 House districts flipped parties in the 2020 presidential election
Unlike four years ago when Trump flipped many districts with large populations of white voters without a college degree, the two districts that Trump picked up this time both have large populations of Latino voters, a demographic that shifted sharply back toward Republicans in 2020 after giving Clinton historically high levels of support four years earlier. Texas’ 23rd stands out in particular because it flipped twice over the last decade, having supported Mitt Romney in 2012. Five districts, meanwhile, showcased the opposite pattern, going for Barack Obama, then Trump, then Biden: Minnesota’s 2nd, Nevada’s 3rd, New Hampshire’s 1st, and New York’s 18th and 19th. In addition to the traditional map above, we have also created a cartogram below that shows every district as the same size so that dense populated districts in urban areas aren’t obscured and rural districts aren’t over-emphasized. You can find the election results for House and president for every district in our 117th Congress guide spreadsheet here, along with a whole host of other demographic statistics on both the districts and the members who represent them.
Daily Kos Elections Live Digest: 3
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Biden's COVID-19 relief plan gives Senate Democrats fighting chance to maintain control in 2022
1 pick for a flippable seat is the open seat in the Keystone State. North Carolina's open seat is also in the top five, and then there's Florida GOP Sen. Marco Rubio clocking in at No. Wisconsin: GOP Sen. Ron Johnson (most vulnerable GOP incumbent)4. Arizona: Democratic Sen. Mark Kelly6. Nevada: Democratic Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto7.
West Coast Cookbook & Speakeasy Daily Special, Smothered Benedict Wednesdays
Starting off in the Bistro Cafe, Kayleigh McEnany is called out for her Capitol Riot lies. Then, on the rest of the menu, the GAO reported the 2020 census for redrawing congressional districts has been 'compromised' following Trump's attacks; the more contagious Brazilian virus variant has emerged in Oregon; and, former Georgia NAACP field secretary, Urban League head and Clinton adviser, Vernon Jordan, has died at age eighty-five. All that and more, on West Coast Cookbook & Speakeasy with Chef de Cuisine Justice Putnam. Bon Appétit! The Netroots Radio Live Player
No wedge issue too stupid or racist for Republicans, as Dr. Seuss flap shows
Only two characters in 50 Seuss books were depicted as Black, and those were a laundry list of stereotypes of “primitive” Africans. According to House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, as he objected to an expansion of voting rights, “First, they outlaw Dr. Seuss and now they want to tell us what to say.”Nobody outlawed Dr. Seuss. But—gasp—Vice President Kamala Harris did say nice things about Seuss in a 2017 tweet, so she’s in trouble now. After a Virginia school system similarly moved to deemphasize Seuss in its celebration of Read Across America Day, claims spread like wildfire that it had “banned” Seuss. Millions of copies of these books remain in circulation, of course, and predictably, sales of these and other Seuss books spiked after the announcement, with people rushing to show that by gum yes they do embrace things that are hurtful and wrong.
One year after the COVID-19 pandemic turned us upside down, how has life changed?
As a whole, there can be no doubt we’ve seen how flawed our public health apparatus is at the core. Decades of decreased funding have taken a toll and it is plain to see we need to expend more resources to shore up public health. At the end of the day, public health is both economic security and national security. This is how I’m going to travel from now on. Sound-off below and let us know if your life has changed and if so, how?
My February Articles: Xtian Nationalism, Jan 6, Voter Suppression, Bozell, Pence, Ammon Bundy
It seems to me that the QAnon and pro-political violence caucus in Congress had two choices after Donald Trump incited the January 6 Save America crowd to storm the Capitol. His son, L. Brent Bozell, Jr., became a flaming anti-communist, a supporter of Senator Joseph McCarthy and The John Birch Society. Perhaps he’s worried that the “Hang Mike Pence” chants that were heard at the Capitol, will resound once again. An obedient toady during the reign of President Donald Trump? A purveyor – up until the very last moments – of The Big Lie that Donald Trump won the 2020 presidential election?
The Lie as a Tool in the Toolbox of Evil
Even mostly “good” people, deceived into believing a false picture of the world, can be led to serve Evil. But just as the Lie is useful to Evil in making the world more broken, so also do other forms of brokenness make people readier to believe the Lie. But despite how obvious the truth was, three-fourths of the Republican base believe the Big Lie about the Stolen Election. Which raises the question: What makes it possible for otherwise intelligent people to believe so obvious a Lie? Such dynamics can teach people to embrace a lie while blinding themselves to the plain truth before their eyes.
Texas Governor Abbott joins Noem and DeSantis in effort to stop state's Coronavirus control
I am dismayed; Greg Abbott can see that Texas is rounding the corner on COVID infections. Our infection rate was actually going down. Half of Texans will immediately go back to life before COVID and the rise in infection rates is about to happen all over again. ($) Why didn’t we upgrade our electric grid after it failed in a cold snap 10 years ago? ($) Why do we think COVID will “like a miracle” go away without continuing the precautions that got it finally under control?
When a Social Justice Activist Makes Transphobic Comments
Rick Black, a prolific social justice activist who has made frequent media appearances was caught on tape making transphobic comments about me as an LGBTQ journalist. In a phone call with a Michigan elder abuse advocate, Mr. Black engaged in misgendering, called me “a man” and made light of what he termed “emotional issues” which one assumes he relates to my gender identity. But there must be a line in social justice movements that are supposed to embrace, educate, elevate and empower communities while raising awareness to the injustices they suffer. That line is crossed when an advocate for them engages in the language in the video. Such malicious disrespect for a person’s identity, whomever that may be, is inherently damaging not only to the individual but social justice movements as a whole.
Senate Parliamentarian is Wrong: Raising the Minimum Wage has Significant Budget Impact
If the GOP tax scam could be passed through reconciliation, so should raising the minimum wage. The minimum wage has been raised 22 times by 12 presidents since first adopted in the Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938 the midst of the Great Depression (with the same opposition as today), but has gone longer without increase in minimum wage than in the 80 years since. Republicans love to cite the figure from the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) that a $15 minimum wage would cost 1.4 million jobs. But that is disputed by the Economic Policy Institute – because new jobs would be created with higher consumer demand, as well as past experience: in states that raised the minimum wage jobs were not lost (14 states raised their minimum wage at the beginning of 2016), consumer prices did not rise significantly. The only reason wages did rise at the lower rungs was because of states that raised their minimum wage.
Biden Day Forty-two: First One Hundred Days
Threat March 4 on social media of violence. National Guard alerted. An excellent panel led by Sen. Peters of Homeland Securities. General Michael Flynn was last in line for OKing the deployment of the National Guard which was according to Congressman Eric Swalwell a conflict of interest as he was related to Flynn whom Trump pardoned. As for the three hours, the chain of command took to release troops who were watching insurrection on TV as well as President Trump who did nothing to help, it was a bureaucratic sham.
Kansas Republican agrees to diversion in the voter fraud case, admits to voter fraud
State Sen. Fitzgerald and others kept pointing out what could at best be called inconsistencies in Watkins’ stories. The Associated Press offers this take:Former Congressman Steve Watkins of Kansas has entered a diversion program to avoid trial over allegations that he voted illegally in a 2019 municipal election. Watkins, a Republican from Topeka who served only one term in the U.S. House, was facing three felony charges. While the congressman admits to voter fraud, it appears his penalty will be very minor: a $250 fine and an agreement to not possess firearms for six months. I guess it pays to be a wealthy white Republican facing voter fraud charges.
An Oklahoman Vaccination. What I Saw, Shocked Me
I really thought they were going to botch this. So I live in a red state, a really red state : Oklahoma. The first thing you do to get vaccinated in Oklahoma is to go to . I was absolutely flabbergasted that there were over 90 state vaccination sites within 50 miles. They filled out a CDC Covid-19 Vaccination Record Card and told me to go into the next room.
'Q' is for Quisling
You might be a quisling if...For those that are unfamiliar with/unsure of the meaning. Quisling: Traitor or Collaborator Synonyms : traitor, turncoat, betrayer, informer, back-stabber, double-crosser, double-dealer, renegade, defector, deserter, apostate, Judas, snake in the grass, fifth columnist Origin Second World War from the name of Major Vidkun Quisling (1887–1945), the Norwegian army officer and diplomat who ruled Norway on behalf of the German occupying forces (1940–45). Notable Quislings GQP: Grand Quisling Party, formally known as the GOP. Oaf Keepers, Proud Boys, White Suprematists etcYou might be a Quisling if: You try and violently overthrow a legitimate election just because your guy lost. To try and maintain power you engage in gerrymandering.
not so Proud Trump supporter allegedly said he was disguising himself as an Antifa member
x No evidence for the widespread right-wing lie that Antifa members disguised themselves as Trump supporters for the riot...but the feds have just charged a Trump supporter who allegedly said he was disguising himself as an Antifa member. x In voting rights case, Justice Barrett asks GOP lawyer Michael Carvin “what’s the interest” to Republicans in keeping voting restrictions in AZ. But Brnovich’s two-step test would also severely weaken the Voting Rights Act. And Native American, Hispanic, and African American voters were twice as likely to vote in the wrong precinct as white voters. Or, to give a more realistic example, in 1890, the state of Mississippi enacted a literacy test for voters.
Trumpists believe something, something... 19th POTUS* on March 4 because Hayes-Tilden idiots of QAnon and their Sovereign Citizens fellow travelers want America to be more like Myanmar. The Trump DC hotel has tripled its rates for the dates of and around March 4, because grifting. And at the right time, they’re going to be restoring the republic with Trump as president,” one woman said. "Many of the justifications for those dates stem from worn-out theories that can be traced back to the sovereign citizen movement." (The sovereign citizen movement is an extremist right wing anti-government idea that believes they are not subject to most U.S.
Spring is Coming and Biden is Bringing the Sunshine
? Musical Opener ?President Joe Biden Continues to Make Us ProudAs Michael Tomasky said in his column last week, President Joe Biden’s first 30 days has been “staggeringly good”, and he will continue to show us why he is the man for this moment in history. — President Biden (@POTUS) March 1, 2021Biden urges Senate Dems to rally behind $1.9T virus bill, Alan Fram, AP News, March 2, 2021. With Democrats having no margin for error in the evenly split 50-50 Senate, Biden was expected to urge them on by conference call. Raimondo, a Democrat tapped by President Joe Biden, will oversee the Commerce Department and its bureaus, which have about 46,000 employees. ??Perspective; FDR, Johnson and Joe Biden: Democrats Are Learning Fast Why Being in Power Can Suck, Michael Tomasky, The Daily Beast, March 2, 2021.
This week on The Brief: Mike Espy, turning Mississippi purple, the dangers of a third party
Now, he sees a similar kind of promise in the traditional Southern GOP stronghold state of Mississippi:I actually think Mississippi is on that similar trajectory. With regard to Democrats winning in Mississippi and this red state’s potential to turn purple:I think the difference is just not being organized enough. We got a lot of rural votes because we focus on rural issues. Sometimes people think, ‘Well, maybe you can split the Republican Party by having this little faction,’ but that’s not what really happens. It’s not as if you form some sort of center-right party that it automatically breaks off from the conservative coalition.
Insurrectionist With His Own IMDb Page Says Getting Gassed Felt Like Being A Jew In Nazi Germany
And I literally thought I was getting gassed to death like I was in Nazi Germany, a Jew getting gassed to death. Coffee told agents that he, "did not engage in any type of physical confrontations with the police while at the Capitol Building," according to the complaint. According to the complaint, Coffee told agents that he departed Dallas in a truck on Jan. 4 and arrived in Washington D.C. on the night of Jan. 5. (snip) Regarding the events on the Capitol, Coffee says “I was ready to die last night. And I literally thought I was getting gassed to death like I was in Nazi Germany, a Jew getting gassed to death.
FOX Staffers Now See The Handwriting On The Wall With Kayleigh McEnany Hire (Mini Goebbels).
Fox propaganda finally got around to hiring Trump Sycophant and Liar Kayeigh McEnany, and the grunts at Fox are not happy. And it appears that only maybe now those who work in the trenches at Fox have realized it’s a propaganda outfit? There is more:“It’s upsetting,” a current Fox News staffer lamented to The Daily Beast. Yeah, the management and the opinion people at Fox were bad, but there were others who still believed in facts...blah, blah, blah. And all the people who worked for Fox knew that it was a propaganda outfit long before Trump showed up.
Abbreviated Pundit Roundup: Voter suppression and voting no on everything is a strategy
Jennifer Rubin/WaPo:Former chair of the Council on Economic Advisers Jason Furman explains : “States also had unusually high spending needs last year and this year. Bardella/USA Today:The Republican civil war was over 5 years ago. Trump and the winners have a new target: UsTrump needed only tweets and cowardly Republicans to occupy the party. There is no “Civil War” brewing within the Republican Party. Sure, Republicans probably lose the election to Hillary Clinton in this scenario, but their orthodoxy remains intact.
Morning Digest: Rhode Island has a new governor, but a hard fight looms if he wants to say in office
McKee, though, came close to losing renomination in 2018 to progressive state Rep. Aaron Regunberg. There has also been speculation that state House Minority Leader Blake Filippi could also campaign for governor. ? LA-02: Both Democratic state senators competing in the March 20 all-party primary for this safely blue seat received a notable endorsement over the last few days. Mayors? Hialeah, FL Mayor: Republican Mayor Carlos Hernandez is termed-out this year as leader of Hialeah, a longtime GOP bastion that's home to the highest proportion of Cuban Americans in the country, and a familiar name is running to succeed him. ? Minneapolis, MN Mayor: Former state Rep. Kate Knuth announced Tuesday that she would challenge her fellow Democrat, Mayor Jacob Frey, in the November instant-runoff election.
Texas racists get really racist about racist thing that people are calling racist
"Current students don’t feel pride when singing a song that is meant to bolster school spirit," organizer Jacey Rosengren wrote in a petition to boycott the song. “People who target our students with hateful views do not represent the values of the Longhorn community,” the university president said in the statement. Next week, the Eyes of Texas History Committee will release its report. Even before the revealing Texas Tribune article, the president supported the song in a statement last October. "The Eyes of Texas is non-negotiable," wrote one graduate who bragged about having season tickets since 1990.
Republican governors throwing states off COVID cliff, and counting on President Biden to catch them
Republican governors are essentially pushing their states off the cliff and daring Joe Biden to catch them. That’s because Brazil edged out the United States for that “honor,” racking up 58,000 new cases. Unlike the United States, cases in Brazil show no sign of declining, and in fact are still on the rise. On a total cases per population level, Brazil is still well behind the United States … but then, maybe not. Which may help to explain why the rate of deaths in Brazil is rapidly catching up to the United States, despite well-documented underreporting.
Republican lawyer explains in one sentence why his party wants to make it harder to vote
A lawyer for the Arizona Republican Party explained that again in Supreme Court arguments this week. The voting rights bill Democrats are trying to pass, meanwhile, would make it easier for everyone to vote. This is the state of play as McCarthy wants to lecture Democrats on not passing bills to earn voters’ trust? Democracy for everyone vs. partisan efforts to disqualify the other side’s voters. Democrats vs. Republicans.
Supreme Court takes up Trump admin. petition punishing Puerto Rico that Biden promised to end
At issue is about $2.3 billion in annual SSI payments that could be going to more than 300,000 poor, blind, and disabled citizens in Puerto Rico. It later extended the program to the Northern Mariana Islands, but not to other territories including Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico gets roughly $36 million for AABD, as well as other adult assistance programs, a figure that hans't changed since fiscal year 1997. Others have chimed in, including the heads of U.S. and Puerto Rico Catholic, Methodist, Lutheran, United Church of Christ, Christian (Disciples) and Evangelical churches, and leaders of the National and Puerto Rico Council of Churches, Catholic Charities, the General Bible Society and Jubilee USA Network. Having to provide these benefits to the U.S. citizens of Puerto Rico, Trump's Acting Solicitor General Jeffrey Wall wrote, could make Puerto Rico residents think they could get more federal benefits, like money for a school lunch program and Medicaid.
Republicans plot their poison pills to delay critical COVID-19 relief from reaching Americans
One of the things those Democrats wanted to secure by making cuts elsewhere was more funding for broadband infrastructure. The negotiations could push that back, though, if it appears Majority Leader Chuck Schumer won't have a finalized bill by Thursday. They are still dramatically misreading the moment, thinking they can use the same kind of tactics to poison this bill that they used on Obamacare a decade ago. Through climbing infection rates and death tolls, a plurality of Republicans have remained "not concerned at all" about the spread of the disease. He can introduce the final amendment that would strip out any of those amendments, and do it with simple majority support.
House Dems Demand Harris Advance $15 Minimum Wage
In a new letter, nearly two dozen House Dems are pressing Vice President Kamala Harris to ignore the Senate parliamentarian and fulfill her minimum wage promise. “Eighty-one million people cast their ballots to elect you on a platform that called for a $15 minimum wage. We urge you to keep that promise,” the lawmakers wrote in a letter to Harris and President Joe Biden, pressing the White House to raise the wage for workers as part of Biden’s American Rescue Plan. “We must act now to prevent tens of millions of hardworking Americans from being underpaid any longer.”
I Can't Stand Fox News, But Censoring It Might Be The Dumbest Idea Ever
How will the latest campaign against 'misinformation' backfire for the country? Let's count the ways...a serious First Amendment issue. Censorship advocates may think this is purely a private affair, in which the only speech rights that matter are those of companies like Twitter and Google, but any honest person should be able to see this for what it is.
The Fate and Future of American Democracy Hangs On the Minimum Wage
Congress Switchboard: 202-224-3121"Rob Kall has been in on the modern bottom-up revolution from the ground floor. While the last two years have put the dangers of social media and connectivity at the forefront of our national debate, Rob Kall knows as well as anybody the infinite positive potential of our new world." Jesse Lee, former White House Director of Rapid Response and Social Media Director for Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi
Number of Injuries Reported to CDC After COVID Vaccines Climbs by Nearly 4,000 in One Week
Between Dec. 14, 2020, and Feb. 18, 2021, 19,907 reports of adverse events were submitted to VAERS, including 1,095 deaths and 3,767 serious injuries. Between Dec. 14, 2020 and Feb. 18, 2021, 19,907 reports of adverse events have been reported to VAERS, including 1,095 deaths and 3,767 serious injuries. About a third of the deaths reported occurred within 48 hours of vaccination, and 48% of the people who died became ill within 48 hours of being vaccinated. Of the reported deaths, 966 were reported in the U.S. and 129 outside the U.S. The number of serious adverse events reports increased by 641 this week, to a total of 3,767 between Dec. 14, 2020, and Feb. 18.
Aw, A New York Times Survey Rejected Me for My Obsolescence!
(Image by New York Times) Details DMCAOrdinarily, I do not take surveys. With those pieces of information, I had completed three percent of the survey. Remember the Dick Tracy cartoon strip that had the hero using "two-way wrist-radio" and "two-way wrist TV" way back in the last century? I am no expert on the current cash flows the Times and other opinion-leader newspapers now employ to remain profitable. Even without a pandemic, American schools went digital years ago.
Children’s Hospitals Grapple With Young COVID Long Haulers
However, the treatment offered by these centers could come at a steep price tag to patients, health finance experts warned, especially given that so much about the condition is unknown. Symptoms — which include high fever, a skin rash and stomach pain — can appear up to a month after getting covid. Because covid mimics symptoms associated with a variety of other illnesses, he said, part of his job is to rule out any other possible causes. Lauren, now 18, receives care at Mount Sinai Hospital’s adult covid care center and is improving. If a clinic serves a large enough area, it could attract enough patients to earn substantial dollars for the affiliated pediatric hospital.
To Renew Our Democracy, We Need to Tax the Ultrarich
And much of the wealth of Wall Street is in the hands of private equity and hedge fund executives. Warren Buffett and Michael Bloomberg, two Wall Street billionaires, have publicly endorsed a wealth tax plan in the past. Wall Street Billionaire WealthThere is bound to be loud and hostile opposition from the billionaires who will pay the tax. Imagine how Schwarzman, with his $22.5 billion fortune, will react when the Warren-Jayapal wealth tax demands a payment to the U.S. Treasury seven times that size. That’s right, the tax rate for the rest of us is twice as high as the tax rate for the super-rich.
Blaring Quiet Part Out Loud, GOP Lawyer Admits to Supreme Court That Easier Voting Puts Republicans at 'Competitive Disadvantage'
"I mean we all knew this, but didn't think they would say it out loud," tweeted Arizona state Rep. Reginald Bolding (D). The Arizona Republican Party appealed the ruling to the Supreme Court, which agreed to take up the case. During oral arguments in the case on Tuesday, the Supreme Court's conservative majority appeared ready to rule in favor of keeping the discriminatory restrictions in place, potentially spelling further disaster for the Voting Rights Act. "In its most important voting rights case in almost a decade, the court for the first time considered how a crucial part of the Voting Rights Act of 1965 applies to voting restrictions that have a disproportionate impact on members of minority groups," the New York Times reported. In an appearance on MSNBC late Tuesday, Ari Berman of Mother Jones said that "it's hard to be optimistic" about the fate of the Voting Rights Act "with this court that already gutted the Voting Rights Act."
Latinx Farmworkers Risking Their Lives During COVID Struggle to Access Vaccines
Despite their status as essential workers, however, many farmworkers are facing an uphill battle to get vaccinated against COVID-19. Some local pharmacies that are now supplying the COVID vaccine are also only making appointments online. In some other counties, there’s also collaborations between local clinics and other service providers that have deep connections to the farmworker community. Riverside does have significant farmworker population, but, actually, farmworkers — there’s more farmworkers in other counties throughout the state, specifically in the Central Valley. And until farmworkers are added to the list, vaccines cannot be administered to them in New York state.
Children’s Hospitals Grapple With Young Covid ‘Long Haulers’
However, the treatment offered by these centers could come at a steep price tag to patients, health finance experts warned, especially given that so much about the condition is unknown. Symptoms — which include high fever, a skin rash and stomach pain — can appear up to a month after getting covid. Lauren, now 18, receives care at Mount Sinai Hospital’s adult covid care center and is improving. Pediatric hospitals usually have little regional competition, he said, allowing them to charge more for their specialized services. If a clinic serves a large enough area, it could attract enough patients to earn substantial dollars for the affiliated pediatric hospital.
GOP Lawyer Admits to SCOTUS That Voting Rights Disadvantage Republican Party
An attorney representing the Arizona Republican Party on Tuesday helpfully admitted outright what has long been obvious to observers of the GOP’s decades-long assault on the franchise: Easier voting makes it harder for Republicans to win elections. Today, the GOP once again screamed the quiet part out loud—this time before #SCOTUS. “I mean we all knew this, but didn’t think they would say it out loud,” tweeted Arizona state Rep. Reginald Bolding (D). The Arizona Republican Party appealed the ruling to the Supreme Court, which agreed to take up the case. “In its most important voting rights case in almost a decade, the court for the first time considered how a crucial part of the Voting Rights Act of 1965 applies to voting restrictions that have a disproportionate impact on members of minority groups,” the New York Times reported.
HBO’s docuseries Allen v. Farrow: A shameful, vindictive, McCarthyite attack on filmmaker Woody Allen
Allen v. Farrow purports to be an investigation into the 1992 incident. Allen v. Farrow (HBO)There are no new facts in the first two episodes of Allen v. Farrow and virtually no impartial, objective or genuine probing. None of these facts has deterred the American media from almost universally showering praise on Allen v. Farrow. The genesis of Allen v. Farrow is as shabby as the final result itself. Allen v. Farrow is a shameful, vindictive, McCarthyite attack.
Sanders’s Staff Talked to White House Nearly Every Day When Pushing for $15 Wage
When Sanders was fighting for the $15 federal minimum wage to be included in the latest stimulus package, his staff talked to the White House nearly every day. And, when he was trying to keep it alive after the Senate parliamentarian shot it down from the stimulus, the White House gave him space to do so, reports Barrón-López. When Biden backed Amazon workers’ union drive on Monday, the White House made sure Sanders’s team knew about it. Barrón-López writes that the White House staff and Sanders’s staff are carefully wording statements in order to project a level of peace and harmony among the Democrats and progressives. The White House has “been very good at tending the garden,” Sen. Brian Schatz (D-Hawaii) told Politico last month.
With Just 7% of Texans Vaccinated, Gov. Greg Abbott Declares State “OPEN 100%”
“It is now time to open Texas 100 percent,” Abbott said to applause. The Texas governor emphasized his announcement in a Twitter post shortly afterward. On February 19, the seven-day average was at 4,571 new cases per day in the state. The seven-day average of deaths has seen a similar trend, nearly doubling in the daily rate from mid-February to now. Greg Abbott must not have looked at the recent numbers of coronavirus deaths in Texas,” the board wrote.
Biden’s Appointments on Energy and the Environment Are at Best a Mixed Bag
But in his appointments to top energy posts, he has selected nuclear power devotees. She has strongly opposed fossil fuels in favor of renewable energy, but she is a nuclear power advocate. Most regrettably, Granholm’s stance on nuclear energy might fit in well with the long avidly pro-nuclear U.S. Department of Energy. In the place of the AEC, the NRC was formed to regulate atomic energy and, later, the Department of Energy (DOE) was created to promote nuclear power, with the Office of Nuclear Energy in DOE the lead component pushing atomic energy at the agency. The nuclear industry will have no such problem with Hanson, an ardent, outspoken member of the nuclear power cult.
House Rejects Cori Bush’s Amendment on Voting Rights for Incarcerated People
For Bush and other proponents of voter enfranchisement, restoring voting rights for incarcerated people is crucial to confronting the nation’s legacy of racist voter suppression. 1 would restore voting rights for people with felony convictions after they have served their sentences. A vote on the amendment split the House Democratic caucus between its moderate and progressive wings, with 119 Democrats voting against the amendment and 97 supporting voting rights. In a tweet after the vote, Bush vowed to continue the fight for universal voting rights. Across the country, grassroots activists are working to restore voting rights for incarcerated and formerly incarcerated people, and they have already had some success in states such as Florida and Louisiana.
Australian government under siege as sexual assault allegations escalate
Ever-widening allegations of rape involving government ministers or staff members are being used to destabilise the already faction-wracked Liberal-National Coalition government. Liberal Party Senator Sarah Henderson also referred to the Australian Federal Police a complaint she said she had received about a historic sexual allegation relating to a Labor Party shadow minister. Former Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull asserts that he and his wife Lucy were sent the allegations in 2019. Labor Party foreign affairs spokeswoman Penny Wong and Greens Senator Sarah Hanson-Young, among others, received them last week through anonymous letters sent to their offices. Certainly, the hand of Washington was seen in Turnbull’s removal, as it was in the 2010 backroom Labor Party coup that ousted Kevin Rudd.
FBI Director Wray confirms coordinated planning by pro-Trump far-right terrorists in January 6 attack
(AP Photo/John Minchillo)In his testimony Wray confirmed that:Militia “extremists” coordinated and pre-planned the assault on Congress. FBI intelligence reports were disseminated to the Capitol Police and the Metro D.C. Police prior to January 6. The FBI failed to issue a “threat assessment” prior to January 6. Durbin began his questioning of Wray by expressing his “surprise” that the FBI failed to issue a threat assessment in advance of January 6. Indeed, as Klobuchar well knows, the press has reported, citing 2014 court documents, that Proud Boys Chairman Tarrio has himself served as an FBI informant.
What Does it Mean to Be ‘Deaf With a Capital D’? This ‘Bachelor’ Contestant Explains
What Does it Mean to Be ‘Deaf With a Capital D’? This ‘Bachelor’ Contestant Just Explained the TermLast night during "The Women Tell All" episode of "The Bachelor," fan favorite Abigail Heringer talked about repesenting the hearing loss community, what it was like being the first deaf contestant, and how being deaf differs from being Deaf (with a capital D). On the other hand, people who are Deaf typically have a strong deaf identity, attend schools and programs for the deaf, and use ASL to communicate. According to the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association, genetics is the cause of congenital hearing loss (hearing loss than is present at birth) in many babies, and it can be present at birth or develop later on in life. The genes that cause hearing loss can come from one or both parents—and it can happen even if neither parent has hearing loss.
A look at the complex savoir faire behind Gem Dior, the house’s new high jewellery and watches line
There is an undeniable quality of practicality behind every piece of couture that comes from the Dior house. Victoire de Castellane, creative director of Dior Jewellery, has come up with ‘Dior Gem’, a new line that pushed boundaries in craftsmanship and technical know-how in the ateliers. The combination of organic works of hand and mechanical asymmetry comes together in renditions of yellow and white gold, colourful enamel and ornamental stones. Ahead, discover some of the variants offered by Dior in the range of flexible link-style construction. Steel, 18K yellow gold, diamonds and Lapis Lazuli watch, Gem Dior18K white gold and diamond ring, Gem DiorRose gold and diamond earrings, Gem DiorYellow gold and diamonds bracelet, Gem Dior18K yellow gold, diamonds and decorative stones, Gem DiorAlso read:How Maria Grazia Chiuri localised crafts and traditions for Dior’s resort 2021 showWhy you will want to zoom in to the ‘Classique Double Tourbillon Quai de l’Horloge’ watch by Breguet
All the autumn/winter 2021 trends you need to know now from Milan Fashion Week
The Italian fashion capital put miniskirts at the top of the agenda for autumn 2021, and when we say ‘mini’ we mean minute. While CFDA chairman Tom Ford’s AW21 collection unveiling was not originally slated to take place alongside Milan Fashion Week (the release was subject to COVID-induced delays), his launch proved flawlessly timed, chiming harmoniously with MFW’s newfound love of abbreviated hemlines. About reclaiming our lives”—an outlook that resonated with Valentino’s punkish monochrome minidresses. Try Prada’s statement faux fur or Emilio Pucci’s quilted opera coats (because we’re not calling it quits on cosy any time soon). From the best Y2K looks to moodboard now to the return of the LBD: this is your breakdown of the standout trends from AW21 so far.
What to watch on Netflix in March
First of all, Netflix, congratulations on winning all of those shiny gold statues. Between Rosamund Pike (I Care A Lot) and Chadwick Boseman (Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom), there were stellar results for the streaming platform all around. As International Women’s Day rapidly approaches, Netflix has one thing on its mind for its March lineup: celebrating women, in all their unvarnished truth. Whether your tastes skew towards the Biggie documentary or a macabre true crime docuseries about Mormons and murders, Netflix clearly wants to teach us a lesson or two this March. What will you watch first?
5 designer saris from Alia Bhatt’s collection that are apt for summer weddings
The multi-coloured bandhini drapeDuring the promotional rounds of Kalank, Alia Bhatt chose a custom-made bandhini sari by Tarun Tahiliani. Perfect for a family gathering, puja or pre-wedding ceremony, Bhatt's traditional pick is a safe bet for all occasions. A pre-draped monochrome ensemblePre-draped saris perfectly combine ease of movement and traditional flair, and Alia Bhatt is all for it. For your next cocktail party, trade the mainstream metallic gowns with a standout red sari. Also read:7 major style lessons you can steal from Alia Bhatt’s Instagram pageThen and now: Alia Bhatt’s complete style evolution5 labels you will always find in Alia Bhatt's wardrobe
On Sale: 9 must have ???????? ?? ???????? ???????? ??? ?? ?????????? ????
On Sale: 9 must have ???????? ?? ???????? ???????? ??? ?? ?????????? ????
12 series and documentaries on Netflix, Disney+ Hotstar and Prime Video that bring you closer to wildlife
With World Wildlife Day on March 3, here’s your chance to get entertained and educated about animals with these exciting documentaries and series. Streaming on Disney+ Hotstar PremiumTiny Creatures (2020)While most series that revolve around wildlife and nature are shot in real situations, this show does it a little differently. Streaming on Disney+ Hotstar PremiumIn the Footsteps of Elephant (2020)There is something magnificent about watching elephants as they cover vast distances to migrate to distant lands. Streaming on Disney+ Hotstar PremiumSecret Nature (2004)With macro photography and a keen eye for observation, the filmmakers of this series have captured stunning visuals of animals that are difficult to catch in action. Streaming on Amazon Prime VideoAlso read:6 award-winning documentary shorts that you can watch on Amazon Prime Video and more7 music documentaries streaming on Netflix and Amazon Prime Video
11 pictures that take you inside Katrina Kaif's colourful bohemian vanity van
Echoing the same design sensibilities is the star’s vanity van, designed by interior architect Darshini Shah and celebrity stylist Anaita Shroff Adajania. From the dressing area to the bathroom and living space, take a full tour through Kaif’s vanity van below. The entrance of Katrina Kaif's vanity can comes with a pristine paletteA distressed white door takes one into Katrina Kaif's vanity van, which opens to a dressing table and dining area, along with a pantry section off to one side. Katrina Kaif's vanity van is a great example of a space that's functional and comfortable, while also being warm and playful at the same time. Also read:18 dresses that reveal Katrina Kaif’s relatable styleAlia Bhatt shares a sneak peek from inside her “new moving home”
Singer-Songwriter Cosima On Her Showstopping Performance At Valentino
Last Friday, the British singer-songwriter Cosima released her latest and most ambitious EP yet, The Fun Is Here? But instead of celebrating the release at home in London, Cosima found herself finishing up her two-week quarantine in a Milan hotel ahead of her performance at yesterday’s Valentino show. And Valentino trousers are just the perfect trousers: I love how they fall, I just feel really confident and comfortable in them. Pierpaolo Piccioli applauding Cosima after her performance at the Valentino autumn/winter 2021 show in Milan. “I love collaborating with people, and Valentino has always been very open to the idea of bringing my art to them without compromise,” says Cosima.
Camila Mendes On Skincare Secrets, Self-Worth And How To Get The Glossiest Hair
On the last thing she does before bedHonestly, the last thing I do is check my alarm clock obsessively – multiple times! I’m always like “Oh my God, what if I put 5pm instead of 5am?” So I like to look at it excessively. On her top skincare trickI try to be conscious of how I’m applying the product. My ultimate daytime look would be applying on Urban Decay’s Hydromaniac [Tinted Glow Foundation] because it’s a really light foundation and just makes skin look really fresh and glowy. Now, every time I start to feel glued to my phone, I quickly go to the app and set the timer.
Allow Rihanna To Transport You To Spring With Savage X Fenty’s Latest Drop
We all know florals for spring may not be groundbreaking but, according to Rihanna, free-spirit florals certainly are. Giving a nod to the experimental-era of the swinging ’60s, RiRi’s latest drop for Savage X Fenty has one season in mind: spring. Portraying a lockdown mood, lounging around is something RiRi has adapted to during the pandemic. Let’s not forget that Savage X is for every body. Shop the Savage X Fenty Free Spirit Floral Xtra collection now at Savagex.comMore from British Vogue:
Exactly How To Achieve Anya Taylor-Joy’s Waist Length Awards Hair
The 24-year-old’s grown-out locks were platinum blonde, swept to the side, and left to hang almost to her waistline. “On Anya’s damp hair, I applied Pureology Instant Levitation Mist along her roots around her hairline and Pureology Weightless Volume Mousse from root to ends. The first section was from her ear forwards and I sprayed each subsection with Pureology Style + Protect Soft Finish Hairspray. After spraying, I used my 1.25in GHD Curve Soft Curl Iron and gave complete curls, setting each with a flat clip. Then I used the new GHD Max Styler to smooth and seal her roots and mid-lengths, leaving out her ends.
How To Curate A Spring Capsule Wardrobe In 6 Simple Steps
Curating a capsule wardrobe for spring is easier said than done, but there are some fool-proof steps to follow in order to make the most of your staples. Investment is another key factor to bear in mind when building your capsule wardrobe. Being prepared to spend a little more on forever pieces will stand you in good stead in years to come. As we prepare to socialise once again, spring dresses (when the forecast is promising) and shower-proof jackets will prove invaluable. Below, Vogue presents six ways to approach transitional dressing.
EmRata Shut Down Instagram With Her Naked Pregnancy Shoot
Her viral essay for New York magazine pondered the question of when a model owns her own image. But no one observing Emily Ratajkowski’s trajectory could be left in any doubt over just who is in control. Now she’s posted a series of images from an at-home photoshoot on Instagram that capture her heavily pregnant form in all its glory. The concept of maternity wear has seemed more dated with every one of Ratajkowski’s street-style looks over the past five months. Ratajkowski’s high-voltage pregnancy wardrobe is the antithesis of dressing to “flatter” or “forgive” a rapidly-expanding bump.
The Meaning Behind Meghan, The Duchess of Sussex’s Jewelry in Her Oprah Interview
At the level of fame experienced – and sometimes endured – by the Duchess of Sussex, nothing in terms of image is done by mistake. This was made abundantly clear in the trailer for Meghan and Harry’s much-anticipated interview with Oprah, in which the former Suits star placed symbolism and history at the forefront of her look. Meghan’s jewelry paid homage to Diana, Princess of Wales, who is touched upon in the short clip of the CBS special airing on 7 March. The Love bracelet, which was designed by Aldo Cipullo in 1969 to be worn as a permanent symbol of enduring love, is now also worn by Prince Harry. “Small’s business has always been dedicated to sustainability and providing skills and employment to artisans in countries like Afghanistan, Myanmar and Jordan.”Read Next: The Deeper Meaning of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Pregnancy AnnouncementOriginally published on
Rihanna’s New Fenty Beauty Launch is All About the Glow
Rihanna’s bottled that island girl glow with the launch of Fenty Beauty’s newest product, announced on the singer and Vogue Arabia’s November 2017 cover star’s beauty brand Instagram. View this post on Instagram A post shared by FENTY BEAUTY BY RIHANNA (@fentybeauty)Just in time for summer, Fenty Beauty’s new Body Sauce Body Luminizing Tint lands in Sephora Middle East on March 5th. Unlike a glittering illuminator, Body Sauce gives a subtle shimmer, while vitamin E and babassu oil hydrates. For a healthy, everyday glow, Fenty Beauty suggests adding a few pumps to body lotion before smoothing onto skin. Fenty Beauty Body Sauce Body Luminizing Tint is available beginning March 5th, 2021 at Sephora Middle East stores across the GCC and from and
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'iCarly' Cast Today: Miranda Cosgrove, Jennette McCurdy and More
If you’re a millennial, it’s safe to say you’ve seen an episode of iCarly. OK … it’s safe to say you’ve seen every episode of iCarly! For those who need a little refresher, iCar