May 30,2022

More than 10,000 pieces of new news a day. News update non-stop 24/7.  Hakeem Jeffries posts Most Relevant Tweet of 2022.  Parkland and Uvalde and Sandy Hook Elementary.  Random gun violence in America.  In Raffensperger call, Trump hoped to disqualify Biden votes..  Courts allow New York to eliminate religious exemptions to vaccine mandates.  Progressive Talking Point for Today — “Good Guys with Guns” at Schools.  Observations from an immigrant on the American gun apocalypse.  The Bullet Tax: a Targeted Solution at $100 a Pop.  I Did ....  AntiCapitalist MeetUp: what does a (democratic) socialist politics of climate change look like?.  More than 10,000 pieces of new news a day. News update non-stop 24/7.  A pastor blames the Uvalde slaughter on teaching evolution..  LGBTQ Literature: Y'all Means All: The Emerging Voices Queering Appalachia.  DK Quilt Guild: Its Too Damn Wonky!.  School Shootings.  The Two Steps To Take To Attack Gun Violence.  Less than 6 days later, another Mass Shooting.  Watch Me Club This Beast Into Submission Like It Was a Libtard.  Update on Bar Complaints.  Wyoming: previous guy is workshopping new material because it's easy to attack children.  Kitchen Table Kibitzing May 29, 2022.  
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Hakeem Jeffries posts Most Relevant Tweet of 2022
I doubt anything will top this:An extreme political party that makes it harder to vote and easier to die of gun violence is unfit to govern.
Parkland and Uvalde and Sandy Hook Elementary
The AR 15 was used at Marjory Stoneman Douglass High School in Parkland, Florida and at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas and at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Connecticut. Other nations also face mental health challenges and violent television programs and violent video games ... , but the United States alone has the massive amount of gun deaths every year. The problem in the United States primarily is the guns. There is a marked difference between when we had the assault weapons ban in place and when it expired. This sick treasonous fuck was once President of the United States.
Random gun violence in America
We are the only country in the world that has so much random gun violence. Some attribute random gun violence to mental illness. All we seem to be able to do about random gun violence in America is to offer “thoughts and prayers”. However effective this may be in some areas, “thoughts and prayers” has been spectacularly ineffective in preventing or even reducing random gun violence. Again, we will not solve the problem of random gun violence until we have a correct interpretation of the Second Amendment.
In Raffensperger call, Trump hoped to disqualify Biden votes.
On January 2, 2021, former president Donald J. Trump had an hour-long phone call with Georgia secretary of state, Brad Raffensperger. Among numerous headline grabbing quotes from the former president is this well-known doozy:“All I want to do is this. In this instance, Trump wants to find 11,780 of BIDEN’s votes to disqualify. During the call, Trump alternately pressures Raffensperger to add to his vote total or lower Biden’s vote total. This distinction between adding votes and disqualifying votes needs more traction in national reporting.
Courts allow New York to eliminate religious exemptions to vaccine mandates
Judge Hartman has previously, in a careful decision upheld on appeal, rejected the plaintiffs’ request for a preliminary injunction on stricter school vaccine mandates. is the first, and hence the name on the decision) who claim religious objections to vaccines and are affected by the removal of the religious exemption. The main claim was that the legislature acted with religious animus in removing the religious exemption. As the court pointed out, recent jurisprudence has supported this decision regarding school vaccine mandates. Because school mandates were not created to target religion, they would not require a religious exemption under this jurisprudence.
Progressive Talking Point for Today — “Good Guys with Guns” at Schools
My elementary school - attended at a time when, thankfully, school shootings did not occur more than weekly in the United States. I will presume that the Law Enforcement Professionals of Uvalde are good and highly-trained officers dedicated to public service. So if that many “Good guys with guns” will not engage a single shooter armed with a weapon of war, it’s time to finally dismiss this lie and demand that Assault Weapons are removed from our streets. I also make the promise — I will NEVER vote for ANY candidate at ANY level that does not support halting public access to Assault Weapons. I will be telling this to all political candidates in my community, and, if you agree, I encourage you to do the same.
Observations from an immigrant on the American gun apocalypse
Each culture has its blind spots as it is part of our humanness to get used to ways of being within a lot of unspoken social norms and constructs. Lots of it and all the time, symbolized by 400 million guns, purchased presumably due to some perceived threat to protect oneself against. And this violent, frightened, and oppressive mindset has never been honestly processed for healing or reconciliation to occur on a broad societal basis. Every time there is a reckoning — from Reconstruction to the Civil Rights movement to BLM — there's a huge white backlash, rooted in... fear. Fear of the other, fear of losing control and power, fear of fear itself.
The Bullet Tax: a Targeted Solution at $100 a Pop
Then let’s make ownership of bullets, by individuals or businesses, subject to an annual property tax at $100 apiece – why just tax land? Does anyone want to do the math on the potential revenue from one bullet made at $100, wholesaled at $100, retailed at $100, and owned at the end of that year for tax purposes at $100? Direct every surplus penny from the Bullet Tax toward violence prevention and mental health programs, with funding in each jurisdiction keyed to the Bullet Tax funds collected there. Penalize any failure to pay the Bullet Tax, by individuals or businesses, as a felony with appropriate mandatory minimums, and fund enforcement with the proceeds from the Bullet Tax. You might say the Benjamin Bullet Tax isn’t a real solution.
I Did ...
I threw a stickball no hitter in my backyardI mowed a “G” into the grass for Gail, my crushI had my heart brokenI broke a heart (s)I drove hundreds of miles on my own to a new thingI opened many birthday presentsI started smokingI regretted thatI kept a comfy place for catsI rode my bike to make me feel like I was being healthyI forgot my bike and sat fat assed insteadI gave an assist to an older woman of tall stuff at the grocery storeI went to collegeI kept 40+ years lifelong friendsI complainedNo one listenedI wished of aliens to take me away probing’s ok if suchI sang and even danced on occasionI brought my glove to the ballpark, alwaysI looked at things differently with the yearsYearsI got angry, I got sad, I got happy, I got a little crazed, I told myself it would all work outI did / do lifeI wasn’t dead before it could startI wished someone would let our youngin’s do the
AntiCapitalist MeetUp: what does a (democratic) socialist politics of climate change look like? Natural resources rents are estimated as the difference between the price of a commodity and the average cost of producing it. Total natural resources rents are the sum of oil rents , natural gas rents , coal rents , mineral rents , and forest rents . Total natural resources rents (% of GDP) Definition: Total natural resources rents are the sum of oil rents, natural gas rents, coal rents (hard and soft), mineral rents, and forest rents. For example, Michael Hudson is a proponent for taxing rent, especially land rent. What appears in the statistics at first glance as 'profit' turns out upon examination to be Ricardian or 'economic' rent."
A pastor blames the Uvalde slaughter on teaching evolution.
Pastor Jack "pro-death" HibbsPastor Jack Hibbs, of Calvary Chapel Chino Hills, blamed the Uvalde school slaughter on the teaching of evolution. We need to be unpacking that, instead of this issue of the second amendment. This man, this young man conducted himself like an animal.”Indeed, evolution does not assign Homo sapiens a special place. AddendumPeople, who think that a patriot's duty is to keep their fellow citizens safe, may wish there was no second amendment. However, the vast majority of those good folks understand that the second amendment is not going away — and neither are the 400 million personal guns already in circulation.
LGBTQ Literature: Y'all Means All: The Emerging Voices Queering Appalachia
That’s part of why I was so drawn to Z. Zane McNeill’s new edited collection Y’all Means All: The Emerging Voices Queering Appalachia. Y'all Means All is a celebration of the weird and wonderful aspects of a troubled region in all of their manifest glory! I’m not sure if it’s a coincidence that, right after reading this chapter in Y’all Means All, I came across this bumper sticker on Reddit. In this case, Mothman discourse can at least be used for identity work related to Appalachian queer, and queer-Appalachian identities. Whether or not you’re from Appalachia, Y’all Means All will certainly reshape and complicate your understanding of the region.
DK Quilt Guild: Its Too Damn Wonky!
I had hoped to have at least a finished top to show today but no matter how hard I have tried, this damn thing is WONKY! If this doesn’t work, I am just going to put it together wonky and live with it. DK Quilt Guild is a place for quilters to gather, share ideas, projects, and to make the world abetter place, one quilt at a time. Would you like to write a future DK Quilt Guild diary? I took a workshop from a quilt artist who said she took something apart 3 times, and that was it!
School Shootings
That's why no other developed country has the epidemic of mass school shootings that America does. School children in so many other countries are safer than American school children. They block gun laws, health care for all, food assistance, funding for early childhood education and college education. He points his finger at everyone but himself, yet he is the one who loosened gun laws in that state. The schools have done about all they can, and still we have more school shootings than any other country in the world.
The Two Steps To Take To Attack Gun Violence
An Eagle In Disguise Doing What Must Be DoneThere are really only two steps the country must take to solve the current mass-murder-shooting epidemic. Now, I am not naive, and neither am I unaware of the complications of both of those needed steps. So, it is time now to do WHATEVER IT TAKES to achieve those two steps, and worry about sorting it out later. They may be home-grown gun mass-murder profiteering gun-runners, but that only makes them even more despicable. It can, we can help, and so the President should declare a NATIONAL MASS-MURDER GUN EMERGENCY, and do whatever it takes after that.
Less than 6 days later, another Mass Shooting
Less than six days later, there was another Mass Shooting in Taft, Oklahoma where eight people were shot, killing one thus far and wounding seven others. Can we not just learn to talk with one another, even argue with one another without pulling out the guns and shooting and killing one another? Violence begets violence. To our almighty and powerful Father in heaven, please end the gun violence within this country. Please get each of us to love our enemies as much as we love our family and friends and as much as JESUS has loved and does love us.
Watch Me Club This Beast Into Submission Like It Was a Libtard
The red-faced, nearly teary-eyed Trump Jr. shouted that the shooter was a “sociopath” who could wreak the same havoc with nearly any other weapon. “ It’s the gun; it’s not the sociopath wielding it,” people are claiming, he complained. “He wouldn’t have done the exact same thing with a bat, or a bomb, or some sort of improvised device — or a machete?” he added. The real problem is that people are “screwed up,” and we have “crazy teachers” and “indoctrination programs” in our schools, he insisted. Did he also say, “Eric, you catch him and hold him, and I’ll club him?”
Update on Bar Complaints
However, some kind of deadline passed in March, and most of us who had filed complaints believed that something was afoot. I then searched to check the status of other bar complaints. Attorneys, State Bar Disciplinary officials, and academics in legal ethics. Which leads me to ask if a response to a bar complaint itself contains lies, does this constitute a new and additional charge? But—like with Giuliani—the bar disciplinary complaint itself is still pending.
Wyoming: previous guy is workshopping new material because it's easy to attack children
Trump tried out new material since it’s easy to punch downward. President Donald Trump had decided to focus his new rallies around attacking transgender children. By 2022, Politico explained that Trump's new campaign is going after minors. In a 90-minute rant in Casper, Wyoming on Saturday, Trump attacked Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY), who is one of the Republicans on the House Select Committee investigating the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol. Instead of discussing issues that those in Wyoming care about most, he took a different turn.
Kitchen Table Kibitzing May 29, 2022
Kitchen TableWater WellnessFrom Paul Krugman today:“Or consider the megadrought now afflicting the Western United States. Our water is pumped from underground into a 20 gallon pressure tank; a bladder creates the pressure which propels the water to the house. I hypothesized….what if the pressure tank was 6,000 gallons? One pump is inside the tank, another pressure tank is on the pad next to the big tank. A tank truck came and filled the tank 2/3 of the way with potable water so as not to stress the well initially.
Gun-Toting Teachers!
Anyone who feels that their best solution to their life’s challenges is to open fire on others is obvious a deeply troubled soul. And instead of limiting access to these weapons, they suggest arming the teachers and school staff as a viable corrective measure! -These school staff are then responsible for the safety of the students, potentially blamed for failing to stop future assaults. -If these Neo Era School Teachers (NESTers) become a governmental fighting force, well, their wages must increase dramatically! taylor greene etc, consider arming school teachers and staff instead of controlling the weapons?..
WAYWO--Open Thread
Welcome to What Are You Working On? where we talk about (and often display) our handiwork, whether yarn and fabric crafts, woodwork, metalwork, art, or anything else “crafty”. ScheduleJune 5 — openJune 12 — openJune 19 — openJune 26 — openJuly 3 — off for the holidayJuly 10 — openJuly 17 — openJuly 24 — openJuly 31 — openDo you knit? If you do anything 'crafty' please consider doing one of our Sunday afternoon/evening diaries. You can volunteer by replying in the comments or by sending me a Kos-message
Big Oil Lust Affair
Up here, even our print news-media formally support Canada’s fossil fuel industry. [“Mair on Media’s ‘Unholiest of Alliances’ With Energy Industry”, Nov.14 2017,] a presentation, it was stated: “Postmedia and CAPP [Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers] will bring energy to the forefront of our national conversation. Meantime, there still are reporters and editors who will (as though with big innocent fawn-like eyes) reply to such critiques as this with, ‘Who, me? Nothing requires government supervision in so many areas (and nothing has anything like the influence on government) as this industry. “What has the media, especially but hardly exclusively the print media, done in response to this immense challenge?
Structural Racism in Long Island (NY) School Funding
A just released ERASE Racism report details the inequitable funding of Long Island, New York schools and the impact on minority group students. The report, "Unequal Resources for Long Island Students Based on Race," focuses on 66 Long Island school districts. school districts, on average, spend nearly $10,000 less per student each year than the predominantly white school districts. school districts face both financial and environmental stress and have significantly higher teacher turnover. The Erase Racism report also documented that the number of intensely segregated school districts on Long Island is growing.
PWB Peeps Open Thread: May is also Foster Care Month
Fostering is an act of pure love, and can also be a joyful experience. also a lot of work, admittedlyIt can be within one speciesor across species boundaries. PWBPeeps is a group that posts a daily diary and nightly open thread for animal lovers. You are welcome to join us! Here are few not-too-onerous PWB rules
White to move Mate in two #15
There was a young lady of NorwayWho hung by her toes in a doorway. She said to her beau‘Just look at me Joe,I think I’ve discovered one more way.’
Symbol of Republican Party is now the AR-15
Devolution of the Republican PartyThe Republican Symbol of the Elephant has devolved from the Elephant through the mechanized dinosaur to, now, the assault rifle, to evoke the party’s essence and replace the tusked mammal as its symbol.
Republican Cowards Are Killing Our Children
####White supremacists they createbuy the guns their donors makeradicalized with hate from FOXthey hunt our children and bypass locksweapons of war rip open our babiesRepublicans pout and call us crazynothing is done to stop the next oneRepublican fetish worships the gunno other country has this diseaseGutless Old Perverts fall to their kneesMaranda and Lexi will climb no more treesRepublican cowards are killing our children
TX-Gov: Watch Gov. Greg Abbott (R) Greeted With A Lot Of Loud Boos At Uvalde Memorial Site
President Joe Biden was warmly greeted when he visited Uvalde Sunday, but Texas GOP Gov. Greg Abbott was loudly booed as he approached the makeshift memorial at the elementary school where 19 children and two teachers were killed last week in a mass shooting. Greg Abbott on Friday gave two different speeches about gun control that went on at the same time – with two vastly different messages. He instead held an in-person press conference in Uvalde and sent a pre-recorded message to the NRA audience. And there will be laws in multiple different subject areas," Abbott added during the Uvalde press conference.
Ukraine Invasion Day 96: no memorial day in sight
[4] Russian Telegram channels reported that Russian forces successfully seized Pasika on May 28, but ISW cannot independently confirm this claim. [5] Russian forces did not attempt to advance directly south of Izyum and are likely prioritizing an advance north of Lyman. [7] Russian forces from Izyum may join units in Lyman to conduct an offensive on Siversk or pursue a separate drive on Slovyansk. [9] Haidai stressed that Russian forces have not isolated the city, despite damaging a bridge along the Lysychansk-Severodonetsk road. [16] Russian forces will likely continue offensive operations on Bakhmut as well as the T1302 and T1303 highways to isolate Ukrainian forces in the Severodonetsk-Lysychansk area.
4 years ago from yesterday (Sunday). Rainbow Bridge Post. Yahrzeit memories.
4 years ago I was a very, very sad guy. Cash, the brother of Tango and my constant companion, crossed over the rainbow bridge. Not a day that goes by that I am not in someway reminded of the Brothers. I end by sharing the original post I wrote on Facebook. It is so important you give your car love and snuggles everyday since you can never tell when that sad day will come.
Ukrainian Strawberry Dumplings
(h/t not a lamb)Oh, what fun: Beryl Shereshewsky tries five world strawberry recipes, including one for Ukrainian Strawberry Vareniki and a Mexican recipe with possible Ukrainian roots. If you're not here, or anywhere else on DKos, and there are adverse conditions in your area (floods, heatwaves, hurricanes, etc. If you are going to be away from your computer for a day or a week, let us know here. IAN is a great group to join, and a good place to learn to write diaries. We all share the publishing duties, and we welcome everyone who reads IAN to write diaries for the group!
SRSLY? Now Trump is Calling the January 6th Insurrection 'a Hoax...Just Like Russia Russia Russia'
This one was in Wyoming where Trump is trying to oust Rep. Liz Cheney, a fellow Republican who he has declared insufficiently worshipful. In addition to his first impeachment, his second impeachment, his extortion of Ukrainian President Zelenskyy, the COVID-19 virus, the Mueller Report, climate change, the 2020 presidential election results, and his well-documented connections to Russia, Trump is now adding the January 6th insurrection. It’s another con job just like Russia Russia Russia. It’s another con job just like Russia Russia Russia — Acyn (@Acyn) May 28, 2022So now Trump wants his glassy-eyed disciples to believe that the riots on Capitol Hill that everyone saw on live television, never actually happened. RELATED: PolitiFact’s Lie of the Year: The January 6th Insurrection Disinformation By Trump and Fox NewsTrump may have a difficult time selling this notion that the insurrection was hoax to the populace at large.
Overnight News Digest May 29, 2022
NPRAfter Uvalde, mass shootings continue over the weekend across the U.S.At least eight mass shootings took place across the U.S. over the weekend following Tuesday's mass shooting in Uvalde, Texas. Another 765 people were forced to leave their homes, at least temporarily, according to the state government. Authorities in the neighbouring state of Alagoas had registered two deaths, according to Brazil’s federal emergency service. The hurricane comes as federal forecasters expect yet another busy Atlantic hurricane season in 2022: As many as 10 hurricanes could form, meteorologists said last week. Rights groups say thousands of politicians, activists and journalists are detained in Egypt after unfair trials or without legal basis.
Kemp and Raffensperger: Since when is avoiding jail for election fraud a "moral" or "heroic" act?
One of them is the elevation to near heroic status of Georgia Governor Brian Kemp and Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger for simply following the law in 2020. So I am more than tired of hearing about how they did the “moral” or “ethical” thing by refusing to commit election fraud at Donald Trump’s request in November 2020. Again a no-brainer, because actual prosecutions for the actions Trump asked them to take are currently being pursued on the state and federal level. I’m not a criminal lawyer, but I have the feeling “finding 11,780 votes” is a least as serious a crime as presenting alternate electors. Remember: Young people are the Sleeping Giant Waiting to Save Democracy in the United States, just waiting to be unleashed.
Giant Bird Attacks US Capitol, CNN Anchor
Beware the Giant Bird! Obviously, this is the result of some evil experimentation with atomic waste, ray guns, toxic chemicals, or space aliens. This is what happens when a bird flies in front of your live camera background shot of the US Capitol building, Oh wait. It has to be an evil fascist Republican plot or something. I’m tellin’ ya!
Patriarch Kirill sends up a carefully coded distress flare
Among other things, when Russia invaded Ukraine Kirill publicly supported Putin’s line that Russian land includes Ukraine, Belarus and elsewhere. So it’s remarkable that today at Moscow's Cathedral of Christ the Savior, Kirill reacted to this week’s decision by the Ukrainian Orthodox Church to break away from Kirill’s control, saying that he understood the decision, and that:We fully understand how the Ukrainian Orthodox Church is suffering today. Although a small sign by itself, this is not the only evidence of cracks in the Moscow patriarchy’s support for the invasion of Ukraine. Perhaps Kirill’s expression of sympathy for the Ukrainian Orthodox Church today is a sign of further political maneuvering within the Moscow patriarchy. 22% identified with the Orthodox Church of Ukraine (OCU), reestablished in 1990 as being independent from Moscow.
Tweets of the Week May 22-28 2021
Charlie Kirk says the Uvalde school shooting "almost, like, ruins your day"Jan. 6 defendant argues in court that he didn't know the Capitol is where Congress meetsHerschel Walker's solution to school shootings: "a department that can look at young men that's looking at women that's looking at social media." Talking about the Uvalde school shooting, Gov. Abbott tells Texans that "it could have been worse"Attendees of Trump's saturday rally are prohibited from bringing toastersCops say they let the Uvalde shooter run loose for an hour because they were afraid they might get hurtLarry Summers says inflation is the result of Pres. Biden's "hipster" anti-trust policies
KosAbility: Who else feels like one of the only people still actively avoiding covid19? (poll)
Yesterday, I read that the number of new covid19 cases in the U.S. right now is five times higher than a year ago. Below are some resources about covid risk assessment, long covid, and psychological and social aspects of risk assessments. ‘If you’d prefer to avoid COVID & have become less cautious, it’s time to re-think.’ Wachter cited his concerns about long COVID and other virus-related risks (”heart/neuro/diabetes”). For most, their initial infection didn’t require hospitalization, but long Covid lasted months. A small #NIH study found those likely to suffer from Long COVID had Type 2 diabetes, reactivated Epstein-Barr virus, or autoantibodies when they had COVID-19.
You Do Realize You're the Government, Right?
Republican congressman Mo Brooks of Alabama said about one of the stupidest things you’d imagine a Republican congressman from Alabama could say today, and that’s saying something. As News Corpse diaried it, “Brooks Warns that Guns are Needed to ‘Take Back Our Government.’”Which quote immediately sent me down dark corridors of thought. Mo Brooks is in Congress. You’re the government.”I don’t know if this could be an effective message to get people thinking—and voting. But it’s what I said to the guy in line at the store.
Agribusiness firm altered report to build on sacred land—plantation, cemetery of enslaved people
… They came to us for our expertise, and they got a professional report that is factual,” Edwards told ProPublica in an email. “If they build this, this community will not survive,” Joy Banner told ProPublica. … The trauma of not being able to talk freely about our own history is hurting our communities,” Joy Banner told ProPublica. “We at the Corps are seeing adverse impacts,” Ricky Boyett, chief of public affairs for the New Orleans District, told ProPublica. … We need to do a little more research on those as well.”The permit for the grain elevator remains under review, Boyett told ProPublica.
Hakeem Jeffries posts Most Relevant Tweet of 2022
I doubt anything will top this:An extreme political party that makes it harder to vote and easier to die of gun violence is unfit to govern. We heard the same exact excuses from the Republican extremists three years ago, after the Pulse Nightclub shootings. Back then a few Republicans feigned moderation just long enough for the public’s anger and revulsion to die down. Much like they are doing now.
They are going to come for you, anyway
I don’t write for autocrats. I certainly don’t write for the men who carry their water. I don’t write for the special club of press or legislators or lobbyists. I write for the people and the day I stop doing that is the day I am done writing, period. Back to that epiphany:Whether I speak the truth politely or I shout it from the mountaintop with as much feeling in my chest as I can muster — the world’s merchants of hate and chaos are going to come for me, anyway.
Nuts & Bolts—Inside a Democratic campaign: responsibilities and pitfalls of protecting your seat
Let’s start localLocal races, from city, county, district attorneys, and state house are the races most directly impacted by the retirement of a Democratic official. The district, representing southern Chicago, is a solid Democratic seat. If the district you are sitting in is so solidly Democratic, you generally don’t have to worry about recruiting. Your seat is solid Republican Are you a Democratic official who held a local office? Your seat is new Let’s say your state house or county district is now divided, and there is an entirely new district that exists.
'Big enough to swing elections': Democrats target AAPI voters with new super PAC
Despite the increased violence they have been facing in the last few years, Asian Americans are making strides nationwide. But while the jump was high and AAPI voters outpaced all other ethnic groups in every single battleground state, overall participation remains low. “They’re really the nucleus of AAPI (Asian American and Pacific Islander) communities across the community. The effort is one of the first to target the AAPI community. The AAPI community needs our support now more than ever.
Biden visits Uvalde while GOP repeats talking points: Defend AR-15s, blame lacking 'moral values'
x Greg Abbott is booed as he arrives at the memorial outside Uvalde Elementary. They had refused for more than an hour to enter the room where children were being massacred. “Having been to war and having used many many weapons of war, I don't really classify these rifles as weapons of war,” he said. “We use them, (...) but they’re more our self defense weapon.”x Dan Crenshaw gunsplains why Actually, AR-15s aren't weapons of war — Aaron Rupar (@atrupar) May 29, 2022Rep. Mo. (Some might argue the wide availability of AR-15s today is a more pertinent factor.)
How to Defeat the Billionaire Class
Reprinted from chrishedges.substack.comThere are ways to defeat the billionaire class and many of these tactics have been pioneered by Socialist City Councilwoman Kshama Sawant and the Socialist Alternative (SA) party in Seattle. She and the SA have adopted a series of unorthodox methods to fight the ruling oligarchs and, in that confrontation, exposed the Democratic Party leadership as craven tools of the billionaire class. The Democratic Party in Seattle is currently trying to gerrymander her district to separate her from working-class supporters. She is not interested in "cordial relationships" with big business, establishment politicians, the Democratic Party and business lobbyists. The self-identified progressives in the Democratic Party, she says, play "a role which is contrary to the interests of working people.
Unraveling A Memorial Day Mystery
Simply sign up for a Advocate premium membership and you'll automatically see this data on every article. The teen in the photo at front left is Franklin, Hezekiah and Catherine's grandson, who would become my grandfather. I found the general location of this cemetery on the internet, but the country-style address didn't seem specific enough to find easily. And I had one of the most amazing 1:00 am phone conversations in my life with Alan, my new cousin! And I'll be bringing my stack of unlabeled family photos to see what other mysteries may unravel--stay tuned!
Another unendurable age
To John AshberyThe 1950s were the "unendurable age"I agreeBoy, do I agreeBut I was too young to knowHow bad it wasOnly in looking back . Now here we are in anotherUnendurable ageI'm not sure when it startedOr when it will endOr if it will end in my lifetimeIt's not personal My carworks, for now Our gardenis coming up My clothesare clean There is foodIn the fridge, the pantryAnd the basement Potablewell water from the tapI like my neighbors well enoughHey, let's go fishingThere we can talkBy the river I don't fishBut if you fishThat will be good enoughI know a good spotIt's quiet and peaceful thereMy father took me fishingWhen I was littleHe baited the hook for meI didn't want to hurt the wormHe caught a sunfishJust to show me how easy it wasSilver-gold in the sunHe konked it on the headTossed it in the bucketAnd rebated his lineI said I want to go homeDefending my reason for not fishingWas endurableBut that was just the tip of the icebergKilling seemed like a big part of lifeHey, let's go fishingThere we can talkBy the river I don't fishBut if you fishThat will be good enoughI know a good spotIt's quiet and peaceful thereI had nightmaresOf the end of the world in the unendurable ageOne day we went for a family outingTo look at bomb sheltersMy father was interestedIn the hand-operated air exchangerI asked,Where is the bathroom? I was sevenBathrooms were importantI used to play in a place called Pink RavineIt wasn't pinkBut it was my favorite placeTo spend a summer afternoonWith friendsThe farmer who owned the landHad a stand-off with the copsHis son got drunkAnd hurt someoneSo the cops followed him homeThey barricaded the doorThere was an exchange of gunfireNo one got hurtBut my mother wouldn't let mePlay in Pink Ravine any moreHey, let's go fishingThere we can talkBy the river I don't fishBut if you fishThat will be good enoughI know a good spotIt's quiet and peaceful thereThe unendurable age was very much the world ofEisenhower on the dimeThat I was born into in 19
The Eurasian Economic Union Steps Up
It's always important to remember that before Maidan in 2014, Ukraine had the option to become a full member of the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU), and even balance it with a loose association with the EU. The Eurasian Economic Forum was established by the Supreme Eurasian Economic Council explicitly to further deepen economic cooperation between EAEU members. To really appreciate the scope of what's implied, it's important to remember that the Greater Eurasian Partnership concept was presented by Putin in 2016 at the St. Petersburg Economic Forum, focused on a "more extensive Eurasian partnership involving the Eurasian Economic Union" and including China, Pakistan, Iran and India. Putin for his part was careful to define the Greater Eurasian Partnership as "a big civilizational project. Thus, the necessity to "draft a comprehensive strategy for developing large-scale Eurasian partnership", including "a roadmap for industrialization".
On Memorial Day - Thoughts on Action & Inaction 12 & 20 Years Ago
Simply sign up for a Advocate premium membership and you'll automatically see this data on every article. I dug the following piece out from 12 years ago, when anti-war progressives were acting against "forever wars" whether run by Republicans or Democrats. Below that, I add a Ferner Footnote, with observations by Former Veterans For Peace President Mike Ferner, who drives home the point that a parade is not a protest. The simple but significant gift of presence was being offered outside the White House. Other friends like Mike and Dan, whose big brothers were killed in Korea.
How To Save the Dems in the Midterm Elections
Most likely, the Democratic leadership already knows this, via polling they've commissioned. It is at least a little mysterious why pollsters have done a poll on the effect of such announcements on the 2022 and 2024 elections. This is exactly the reason why now we are staring into potential clobbering of the Democrats by the Republicans and by the right-wing in the midterm elections." I think declarations Biden, Harris and even Pelosi will make a big difference, maybe even shifts of a point or two in key races in Florida, Arizona, Pennsylvania and elsewhere. The Centrist Democratic leadership has been the biggest problem the Democratic party has had, and of course Joe Biden is at the top.
Biden hails Modi, the butcher of Gujarat, for India’s COVID policy of mass death
(AP Photo/Evan Vucci)By what metric he was measuring the “success” of India or, for that matter, its “democratic” character, Biden did not say. Indeed, of the total estimated global excess deaths from COVID-19 (14.9 million), India accounts for nearly one-third. Thus, according to Biden, the “success” of the Modi government consists in having overseen the most COVID-19 deaths of any country on the planet. As Biden noted in his remarks to Modi, the populations of China (1.4 billion) and India (1.38 billion) are comparable in size. At the same time, as the American financial oligarchy demands a COVID policy of endless mass infection and death, it hails the “success” of India as a model.
GUIDE: How will my state be impacted by the overturning of Roe v. Wade?
To see the state-by-state breakdown of abortion restrictions after the Supreme Court’s expected overturning of Roe v. Wade, click here. Each state’s laws on abortion are different, which means the effect of the expected decision will also vary state by state. While these regulations do not ban abortion completely, they will make it much more difficult to obtain an abortion. Ohio: Abortion will remain legal up to 20 weeks, unless the state legislature manages to pass a trigger ban prior to Roe being overturned. New Mexico: Abortion care will remain legal throughout pregnancy, and is unlikely to change, unless the Republicans win several state elections.
Free COVID-19 Tests: Where to Order and Get Free At-Home Coronavirus Tests
Those who have already redeemed the offer for free testing kits delivered to a single address may seek additional free at-home test kits at certain federal testing centers. Now, you can order 8 more free at-home #COVID19 tests and have them delivered to your mailbox! How to order free at-home COVID-19 tests:Simply visit and select "Order Free At-Home Tests" on the site's homepage. How to get free COVID-19 tests through Medicare or Medicaid:While it's true that some test providers have blocked uninsured individuals from receiving free COVID-19 testing, even those who may only have access to Medicare or Medicaid can find additional free at-home COVID-19 tests. Medicare today announced enrollees can now obtain up to eight free at-home COVID-19 tests per month at participating pharmacies.
Matthew McConaughey Visits Hometown of Uvalde, Texas Following Mass Shooting Massacre
In the wake of the sickening school shooting in Uvalde, Texas last week, many Hollywood celebrities voiced their rage and disgust on social media. But when Oscar-winning actor Matthew McConaughey penned a message urging people to “re-evalute, and renegotiate our wants from our needs” regarding gun rights, it was notable for a few reasons. Most germane to the current tragedy, however, is the fact McConaughey was born in Uvalde, Texas, and lived there until he was approximately 11-years-old. (Indeed, his mother was a kindergarten teacher in Uvalde, at school just four minutes down the road from Robb Elementary.) Gonzales also shared that he was welcoming President Joe Biden to the area, with the across-the-aisle hashtag #UnitedForUvalde.
Ruben Östlund Enters Exclusive Two-Timers Club With Cannes Film Festival Win
The 75th Cannes Film Festival has concluded, and the global cadre of industry insiders, movie fanatics, press, and influencers have all made the long trip home. Swedish director Ruben Östlund now joins the very exclusive club of being a two-time winner of the Palme d’Or, the festival’s top prize. Östlund won the Palme in 2017 for The Square, and his 2014 Force Majeure (remade into Downhill with Will Ferrell and Julia-Louis Dreyfus) took home the jury prize at Cannes’s Un Certain Regard sidebar. Belgium’s Lukas Dhont, coming off his controversial drama Girl, won with Close, focusing on the friendship of two young boys. (The story is based on a Denis Johnson novel; the pandemic was the Nicaraguan Revolution in the original.)
“I Feel Like I Live in a Construction Zone”: Renovation Frenzy Has Gripped the Hamptons
The sizzling pandemic-fueled Hamptons real estate market may be starting to cool, but in its wake is a renovation frenzy now upending the East End. “What’s going on in East Hampton is a nightmare,” said one resident who is worried about having a not-so-peaceful summer. “The [new] Tesla parking lot is a complete eyesore, huge new houses take up entire lots, there are dirt piles and trucks everywhere. I feel like I live in a construction zone.”Jeff Corbin, a technology consultant, has also gotten caught up in the upheaval of pandemic buying and building. Landing a contractor in the Hamptons is just the latest measure of status, like getting a dinner reservation at Le Bilboquet in Sag Harbor.
President Biden Pays Tribute To Victims Of School Mass Shooting In Uvalde, Texas—The Second Massacre In Two Weeks
President Joe Biden and first lady Jill Biden faced yet another grieving community affected by a mass shooting—this time at a Texas elementary school that killed 19 students and two teachers. The last funeral from that shooting was on Saturday, with Vice President Kamala Harris and the First Gentlemen in attendance. Before attending Mass at Sacred Heart Catholic Church, the Bidens visited the memorial outside Robb Elementary School, consisting of 21 white crosses for each shooting victim. Mckinzie Hinojosa, whose cousin Eliahana Torres was killed Tuesday, said she respected Biden’s decision to mourn with the people of Uvalde. A mass shooting happens.
The NRA Is Pouring Millions Into Blocking Gun Violence Prevention
Maybe the school wasn’t sufficiently “hardened,” as Texas Senator Ted Cruz lamented outside the school where 19 kids and two teachers were gunned down Tuesday. “Ted Cruz is just a slave to the gun lobby,” Texas Democrat Joaquin Castro said this week. Among them: Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, whose filibuster has long stood in the way of common sense reforms. But as the Salt Lake Tribune reported Wednesday, that eye-popping haul came during his 2012 presidential campaign to unseat Barack Obama; Romney has not appeared to receive any NRA money for his 2018 Senate campaign or his 2024 reelection campaign. “No one owns Sen. Romney’s vote, as evidenced by his record of independence in the Senate,” Romney spokesperson Arielle Mueller told the outlet.
Fond Farewells: We Say Goodbye to 14 Departing TV Series
Yet the slow cooker that so cruelly took patriarch Jack’s life remains at large. INSECURE (HBO)Issa Rae’s love letter to Los Angeles was as sure-footed as its characters were shaky, confidently following Rae’s Issa and Yvonne Orji’s Molly as they fumbled their way through adulthood. BETTER CALL SAUL (AMC)We could argue all day about whether Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould’s Breaking Bad spin-off eclipses the original. But that’s the appeal of Dead to Me, which will debut its long-awaited third and final season this year after a barrage of delays. No show was sillier (there’s a character named Dr. Amanda Baby) while skewering millennial myopia, peppering wild twists with uncomfortable truths.
The best of beauty looks from the Cannes Film Festival 2022
We’ve had the Oscars, the Met, and so it’s high time for the 75th Cannes Film Festival to take its turn on the red carpet. The Cannes Film Festival has always centred itself around the glamour of discovery: be it a reveal of prolific international films to come á la Bong Joon Ho’s Parasite and Hirokazu Koreeda’s Shoplifters, or witnessing a diverse blaze of A-list personalities to take the glam a notch up. The first day’s slew of looks included Deepika Padukone’s glistening gold set, complimenting her black-and-gold Sabyasachito sari for a red carpet moment that hallmarked her heritage. Also opting for a sliver of silver on her mane, was Miss France 2021: Amandine Petit. Judging from the line-up of films alone—think Koreeda’s Broker starring IU and Bae Doona as well as Irma Vep with Alicia Vikander—we’re expecting the best of beauty from the 75th Cannes Film Festival to only grow.
Objekty zájmu: Sebe si dám na první místo
Je víkend, a p?estože vstupujeme do letních m?síc?, na odpoledne u bazénu ?i na terase to zatím nevypadá. Ale ne nadarmo se ?íká, že je d?ležité vždy z problému ud?lat p?íležitost, a tak, pokud jste ješt? nestihly p?ípravu na letní, ?ekn?me, odhalen?jší outfity, je ?as se sama sob? trochu pov?novat, zajít si do spa nebo na beauty rituál. Léto se neptá.
Savannah Guthrie shows her support for former co-star Natalie Morales as she celebrates family news
Savannah Guthrie shows her support for former co-star Natalie Morales as she celebrates family news The Today star has remained close with her former colleaguesSavannah Guthrie is incredibly loyal and is great friends with many of her Today co-stars both past and present. MORE: Savannah Guthrie inundated with support after sharing emotional challengeAnd over the weekend, the mom-of-two was one of the first to react to The Talk star Natalie Morales' family update on social media. Loading the player...VIDEO: Savannah Guthrie gives rare insight into her family lifeThe journalist was pictured with her husband Joe Rhodes and their sons Josh and Luke. WOW: Savannah Guthrie's youthful looks are the talk of the town after posing with Today co-starsMORE: Savannah Guthrie reveals 'dream' transformation in new backstage glimpse"So proud of you @josh_rhodes245! MORE: Hoda Kotb shares fears about being an older mom: 'It's scary'MORE: Hoda Kotb shares heartfelt statement about co-star's future on Today"But I also knew I needed a change.
President Biden and Dr. Jill Biden Visit Texas to Honor Victims of the Uvalde Shooting
Today, President Joe Biden and first lady Dr. Jill Biden visited the town of Uvalde in Texas to pay their respects to the 19 children and two adults killed in a mass shooting at Robb Elementary School on Tuesday. The Bidens arrived on Air Force One to an airfield in San Antonio, where they greeted Texas governor Greg Abbott on the tarmac in a meeting that has already drawn opprobrium online. After the presidential convoy made its journey to Uvalde, Abbott was greeted with a chorus of boos. The first port of call for the presidential couple, however, was a makeshift memorial outside of the school, near the site visited by Meghan Markle earlier this week. The Bidens placed a bouquet in front of the memorial before pausing at a series of photos of the victims and embracing the school’s principal, Mandy Gutierrez.
Stranger Things: Viewers have incredible theory about Eddie in season 4 volume 1
Stranger Things season four volume one finally arrived on Netflix on Friday, bringing with it a bunch of fresh characters, a terrifying new monster and darker-than-ever moments. MORE: Stranger Things: viewers have same reaction over major moment in season four volume oneOne new character who has already firmly established themselves as a fan favourite is Hellfire club leader Eddie Munsen - and viewers have shared an incredible theory about him for volume two. Warning, spoilers ahead for volume one…Loading the player...WATCH: What did you think of volume one? MORE: Stranger Things season four volume one: meet the new cast membersMORE: Stranger Things season 4, volume 1 questions answered in ultimate breakdownWhile viewers will have to wait until the second volume is released on July 1 to find out Nancy's fate, many fans have already suggested an incredible theory about how Eddie may be the one to help her escape. A third person commented: "Remember in the trailer we see Eddie playing his guitar in the Upside Down?
Becca Kufrin and Thomas Jacobs: Engaged! After SHE Proposed!
On Sunday, Becca Kufrin confirmed that she and her boyfriend of seven months, Thomas Jacobs, had gone ahead and agreed to get married. Kufrin wrote on Instagram, adding in her announcement:"We've been keeping this secret just between us and close family & friends for a while but we're so excited to shout it from the rooftops!" Wrote Jacobs, who met Kufrin on Bachelor in Paradise Season 7:“The ultimate UNO reverse card / power move. After filming Bachelor in Paradise, Kufrin wrote on Instagram that she and Jacobs had gotten back together. On the Talking It Out podcast in October, Becca added:"It was a new experience and I was like, 'That's really special.'
Jenelle Evans and David Eason: Are They Posting Actual Porn on OnlyFans?!
By now, most of us know that Jenelle Evans has made herself an OnlyFans profile. All of that makes perfect sense if you're familiar with Jenelle ... the wild card here, as usual, is David Eason. Yep, Jenelle is busy posting bikini photos and some shots of herself in a see-through shirt, but David has, according to people who have subscribed to him, been posting photos of actual sex acts. If you do want to see a photo, we can show you this one that David shared on Instagram to tease his OnlyFans content. Do you have any interest in seeing Jenelle and David like this?
Kim Kardashian makes incredible fashion revelation concerning Kourtney and Travis wedding
Kim Kardashian makes incredible fashion revelation concerning Kourtney and Travis wedding The SKIMS mogul did some repurposingKim Kardashian and the rest of the Kardashian clan rocked the Dolce and Gabbana for Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker's Italian wedding. Shop Kim Kardashian's top looks before they sell outALSO: HELLO! Loading the player...VIDEO: Kim Kardashian models SKIMS Teddy loungewear collectionShe took to her Instagram stories to reveal that the black sheer gown she wore was actually a mixture of a strapless black dress with a sheer mini underneath. MORE: Kourtney Kardashian's wedding link with sister Kim is so unexpectedMORE: Kim Kardashian & Ciara's SI Swimsuit Issue looks are on our summer shopping listThe gothic black ensemble that Kim wore kept in theme with the wedding, with many of the other attendees also in shades of black. Meanwhile, her mother Kris Jenner and siblings Khloe, Kendall, and Kylie also all sported Dolce and Gabbana outfits, making a unified fashion statement.
Gwen Stefani's son sends sweet message to dad Gavin Rossdale during birthday celebrations
Gwen Stefani's son sends sweet message to dad Gavin Rossdale during birthday celebrations The son of the two musicians turned 16Gwen Stefani's son Kingston marked his milestone 16th birthday earlier in the week, and his family members couldn't have been more thrilled. MORE: Gavin Rossdale's daughter Daisy Lowe shows support for famous dad as he shares exciting newsALSO: HELLO! launches Jubilee T-shirt collection to celebrate Queen Elizabeth in styleBeaming with pride, of course, was his father Gavin Rossdale, Gwen's former husband, and he took to social media with an emotional tribute. Loading the player...VIDEO: Gwen Stefani's son is hilarious as he reveals his mum's dirty habitThe musician shared a snapshot of his older son all grown up and wrote: "Happy birthday sweet 16 Kingston you changed my life forever and I will never be the same again. MORE: Gwen Stefani's son Kingston pays sweet tribute to dad Gavin Rossdale alongside new photoMORE: Gavin Rossdale raises questions with sweet photo of sons he shares with Gwen Stefani"I can't believe that I'm actually writing this but.... a very happy 16th birthday to my firstborn baby boy @kingsrossdale," she captioned.
Kaley Cuoco in tears as she marks end of an era in emotional video inside her home
Kaley Cuoco shares bittersweet video from inside her fabulous home: 'I'm crying' The Flight Attendant stars have the cutest bondFans of Kaley Cuoco have come to know that when it comes to her The Flight Attendant co-star, Zosia Mamet, their real life friendship is just as real and close as their on-screen one. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Kaley Cuoco (@kaleycuoco)The adorable moment between the two starsAs she turned the camera to herself and Zosia, she turned to her to ask: "Are you crying?" MORE: Kaley Cuoco recalls unbelievably supportive story about her beloved dadMORE: Kaley Cuoco shares exciting news from the bath"I am crying," she replied, and the Big Bang Theory star was quick to admit that she was too, going on to recreate their signature "boop" that had just played on the television. Their epic matching tattoosShe captioned the sweet video with: "When you're best friends IRL, and crying watching yourself play best friends on TV." Sign up to our newsletter to get other stories like this delivered straight to your inbox.
Elizabeth Hurley ushers in summer in chain-link snakeskin swimsuit
Elizabeth Hurley has become one of the queens of social media when it comes to her incredible swimwear snapshots, and her latest just takes the cake. MORE: Elizabeth Hurley announces new role in heartfelt video: 'It's an honor'ALSO: HELLO! launches Jubilee T-shirt collection to celebrate Queen Elizabeth in styleThe actress posed for a picture in a one-piece snakeskin swimsuit featuring chain-link detailing along the plunging neckline and straps. MORE: Elizabeth Hurley wows in figure-hugging summer dress – fans reactMany bombarded the comments section with flame and heart emojis as one wrote: "All bow to the queen of bikinis!!!" MORE: Elizabeth Hurley poses in her underwear in throwback snapMORE: Elizabeth Hurley stuns in strapless lace mini dress – fans react"There might be a time when I don't want to model swimwear and move onto voluminous kaftans, but currently I'm still enjoying it."
Busy Philipps shares glimpse of first night out following separation announcement
Busy Philipps shares glimpse of first night out following separation announcement It's business as usual for BusyEven amid an emotional separation and looming divorce, Busy Phillips is intent on continuing life as normal. Busy has been nothing but casual on social media following her shocking relationship revelation, giving fans a glimpse of life post separation. She went to see A Strange Loop, a musical by Michael R. Jackson with an inception like plot, which follows Usher, a Black, queer writer, writing a musical about a Black, queer writer, writing a musical about a Black, queer writer, and on and on it goes. The musical Busy raved aboutBusy shared the news of her separation with fans during her podcast, Busy Philipps Is Trying Her Best, and even revealed that the couple had been living separate lives for over a year. In the end, when one of her co-hosts said how well the two were managing separation and co-parenting, Busy admitted: "Well we love each other — very much!
Shania Twain's surprising remark about relationship with husband Frederic Thiebaud
Shania Twain's surprising remark about relationship with husband Frederic Thiebaud The That Don't Impress Me Much hitmaker has a unique relationshipShania Twain is happily married to Frederic Thiebaud since 2011, and the couple had a rather unique start to their relationship. MORE: Shania Twain shares very rare photograph of son Eja for Mother's Day tributeMORE: Shania Twain mourns shocking death: 'My heart is broken'The discovery and consequent breakup led Shania into a deep depression, and she admitted "there were days I didn't really care if tomorrow came". Shania Twain with her husband FredericShania shares son Eja Lange with her ex-husband, and Frederic is father to daughter Johanna, who he shares with Marie-Anne. MORE: Shania Twain soaks up the sun in gorgeous new photo with her beloved horseMORE: Shania Twain dances in the sun in all-denim look as she celebrates special anniversaryMutt and Marie-Ann are believed to still together, but have kept out of the spotlight. MORE: Shania Twain highlights incredible figure in daring bodysuitMORE: Shania Twain looks incredible in must-see awards outfit"We are happier individuals, even without each other.
14 touching photos of the Queen being greeted with a kiss from the royals
14 touching photos of the Queen being greeted with a kiss from the royals So sweet! Kate greeted the Queen, who is patron of the Royal Horticultural Society, with a kiss on both cheeks as well as a curtsy. The Queen and the Duchess of CornwallDaughter-in-law Camilla greets the monarch at the Royal Windsor Horse Show in May 2015. MORE: 9 photos that show the Queen's sweet bond with grandson Prince HarryThe Queen and Prince PhilipThe Queen and her husband Prince Philip rarely engaged in public displays of affection. The Queen and Prince WilliamHer Majesty received a kiss from her grandson Prince William in July 2004, after William competed in a polo match.
Jennifer Garner appears like fans have never seen her before as she shares emotional message
Jennifer Garner appears like fans have never seen her before as she shares emotional message She sure is a good sportIn light of the iconic The Ellen Show ending, celebrities all over the world are pulling out all the stops to pay tribute to Ellen DeGeneres and her show's twenty year run. launches Jubilee T-shirt collection to celebrate Queen Elizabeth in styleJennifer Garner is no exception, sharing a hilarious video of herself during one of her many visits to the daytime talk show. As the audience erupted in laughter, she candidly jokes: "Oh my god, I am definitely getting a job at Hooters now!" View this post on Instagram A post shared by Jennifer Garner (@jennifer.garner)The hilarious moment showcases Jennifer's willingnessShe went on to even confess: "It's a good bra, that's it, it's just a good bra, very supportive." An incredible throwback of the two starsFans praised Jen's easy going nature in the comments section, writing: "You're such a good sport!!"
Jennifer Lopez wows in form-fitting dress with an extra special meaning to her and Ben Affleck
Jennifer Lopez wows in form-fitting dress with an extra special meaning to her and Ben Affleck Plus she has the perfect accessory to go with it! Jennifer Lopez is having no problem styling her brand new green engagement ring, plus honoring her fiancé Ben Affleck and his proposal to her in the sweetest way. Loading the player...WATCH: J.Lo reveals latest project - and it's emotionalMORE: Jennifer Lopez pays heartbreaking tribute to 'partner in crime' Ray LiottaJ.Lo absolutely stunned fans by wearing a long, green dress with a fitted waist and cut-outs that created a plunging neckline. While she has certainly worn more glamorous and extravagant dresses than this one, it's its green color that holds a special meaning in her heart. MORE: Jennifer Lopez in tears in trailer for intimate Netflix documentary HalftimeMORE: Jennifer Lopez flashes first engagement ring from Ben Affleck in resurfaced videoShe not only reminded fans of the iconic Versace dress J.Lo wore to the 2000 Grammy Awards, but also revealed a little known fact about the mom-of-two's house.
Dua Lipa struts the streets of Italy in retro hotpants and cowboy boots
Dua Lipa struts the streets of Italy in retro hotpants and cowboy boots Did somebody say 'It girl'? Summer has officially hit Dua Lipa's wardrobe. LOOK: Dua Lipa is a dream in angelic two-pieceThe Grammy Award-winning star is no stranger to jet setting. Hitting the streets of Portofino, Italy, Dua rocked a stylish ribbed co-ord complete with neon hemlines and exposed stitching on Saturday. Dua teamed the matching set with mismatched accessories, including green-framed sunglasses, a delicate chain belt, and leather cowboy boots.
GMA's Lara Spencer shares photo of rarely seen family member for very special reason
Lara Spencer celebrates rarely seen family member with adorable new photograph The ABC star is one doting godmotherLara Spencer couldn't have been more proud over the weekend as she took to social media to revel in the achievement of a particularly adorable family member. MORE: Exclusive: Robin Roberts and Amber Laign revamp NY home with help from GMA co-star Lara SpencerALSO: HELLO! Loading the player...VIDEO: Lara Spencer and daughter perform jaw-dropping stunt in matching swimwear"Happy nursery school graduation to my Goddaughter monster nugget. A third also commented: "She is so adorable Lara!" MORE: Lara Spencer shares breathtaking beach photo during evening with famous friendsMORE: Lara Spencer makes heartfelt on-air appearance with lookalike motherLara hinted at the 17-year-old's future plans with a proud-mom post at the end of 2021.
Call the Midwife's Helen George shares post in support of co-star for special reason
Call the Midwife's Helen George shares post in support of co-star for special reason The actress plays Trixie in the BBC seriesCall the Midwife actress Helen George has taken to social media in support of her co-star Ella Bruccoleri, who plays Sister Frances alongside her Trixie Franklin in the beloved BBC show. Will post lil updates on the training, probably more to comfort and motivate myself than anything else! MORE: Call the Midwife star Helen George comments on kissing co-star - 'the most unsexy thing'MORE: Helen George hints at 'obstacles' for Call the Midwife's Trixie and her love interest"Please spread the word, Arts Emergency are AWESOME. Helen showed her support for Ella on her Instagram storyResharing the post, Helen tagged her co-star in a caption that read: "Brilliant @ellabruccoleri being brilliant. Helen's Instagram post comes not long after she shared her relief over COVID-19 restrictions lifting on the set of Call the Midwife.
Drew Barrymore causes a stir as she shares cheeky moment with guest: 'There's something about you'
Drew Barrymore causes a stir as she shares cheeky moment with guest: 'There's something about you' Fans were left on the edge of their seatsEven when Drew Barrymore doesn't even look like herself, she can certainly still get it! Fans can't get over how the actress got her flirt on despite her unrecognizable appearance. launches Jubilee T-shirt collection to celebrate Queen Elizabeth in styleThe star posted a hilarious clip from The Drew Barrymore Show where she shared a suggestive moment with one of her guests, but fans don't know where to look. Viewers didn't know what was more surprising, the live on-air, cheeky almost-kiss between her and comedian Ben Schwartz, or her shocking appearance! Sign up to our newsletter to get other stories like this delivered straight to your inbox.
Sam Heughan 'overwhelmed' by fan support in heartfelt message
Outlander star Sam Heughan shared a heartfelt message with his fans on Saturday, thanking them for their "overwhelming" support for his latest charity venture. MORE: Sam Heughan shares first trailer for drama Suspect – and his accent is so different! Loading the player...WATCH: Have you caught up with Outlander season six? MORE: Outlander: everything we know about season seven so farMORE: Outlander season six finale sets up major reunion for upcoming seriesA third fan commented: "You're easy to support…good people radiate authenticity…and the people love it. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Sam Heughan (@samheughan)Sam thanked his fans for their supportSam's participation in the event comes just over a week after the trailer for his latest TV project was released.
Christina Aguilera brings snakes to Cannes red carpet in black velvet gown
Christina Aguilera brings snakes to Cannes red carpet in black velvet gown The Genie in a Bottle singer went for the killChristina Aguilera certainly brought the chic and the heat to the Cannes amfAR Gala this year in a beautiful and intricate black gown. MORE: Christina Aguilera stuns in unexpected outfit on rare date night with fiancé Matthew RutlerALSO: HELLO! Loading the player...VIDEO: Christina Aguilera shares glimpse inside enchanted gardenInstead, her figure was emphasized by the gown's cinched waist as well as delicate gold and silver embroidery around the décolletage. Christina brought bling and glamor to the amfAR red carpetMany fans simply left heart and flame emojis galore, as one wrote: "CHRISTINA AGUILERA, EVERYONE!!! THIS IS CHRISTINA AGUILERA!!!!"
Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson's Relationship Timeline in Photos
Kim Kardashian‘s fans knew after her February 2021 split from Kanye West that the gorgeous billionaire wouldn’t be single for long. But it was quite a surprise when the new man in her life turned out to be Saturday Night Live player Pete Davidson! Fans were intrigued by the idea of the pair, with one person tweeting, “*whispers* I like the idea of Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson,” while another wrote that, “never in a million years” would they have pictured Kim kissing Pete. The comedian then seemed to want Kim to get to know his life by bringing her home to New York’s Staten Island. Scroll down for photos of Kim and Pete’s relationship timeline.
Carrie Underwood enjoys lush poolside break in black swimsuit
Carrie Underwood enjoys lush poolside break in black swimsuit The American Idol winner is taking some time offCarrie Underwood has been constantly chugging over the past few months and is finally taking some time off to relax and revitalize. Loading the player...VIDEO: Carrie Underwood shares special message for her fansIn the picture, she sipped on her drink and wore her sunglasses while lounging on a pool chair in a black swimsuit with gold detailing. MORE: Carrie Underwood shares rare personal photo as she reveals sentimental anniversaryThe songstress even shared a sentimental tribute to her fans earlier this week in honor of her final show. Carrie also shared an adorable picture of how her two sons are supporting her as she departs Vegas. MORE: Carrie Underwood celebrates during Vegas residency in tasseled silver bodysuitMORE: Carrie Underwood wows in ripped shorts for long-awaited announcementHowever, he encouraged fans to check out her upcoming tour, Denim and Rhinestones, that will kick off this fall in support of her album of the same name.
Incredible tribute to the Queen and Prince Philip's love during Platinum Jubilee celebrations revealed
Ed Sheeran will pay incredible tribute to the Queen and Prince Philip's love for Platinum Jubilee The musician is making a heartfelt gestureIn a moving tribute to the Queen and her late husband, the Duke of Edinburgh, Ed Sheeran will dedicate a performance to the couple at the upcoming Jubilee Pageant, it was revealed on Sunday. READ: The Queen to miss Epsom Derby during Platinum Jubilee celebrations - reportThe singer-songwriter will sing the love song as footage of the Queen and Philip, who died last year at the age of 99, is broadcast on giant screens. The couple were married for 73 years and Her Majesty and members of the royal family attended a service of thanksgiving in honour of Prince Philip's life in March. MORE: Royal family forced to delete Platinum Jubilee tweet about the Queen after major errorSEE: The Queen and Prince Philip's incredible love story in 20 touching photosThe pair first met in 1939 at the Royal Naval College in Dartmouth where Prince Philip was studying. Sign up to our special Queen’s Platinum Jubilee newsletter to get latest news, photos and videos related to Her Majesty's special milestone.
Justin Timberlake makes life-changing decision involving his music career
Justin Timberlake makes life-changing decision involving his music career Fans are left wondering what's to come from the star nowJustin Timberlake is bidding "bye, bye, bye" to his music! The star has officially sold his entire music catalog, a deal many artists have been favoring recently. launches Jubilee T-shirt collection to celebrate Queen Elizabeth in styleThe singer struck a deal with Hipgnosis Song Management, selling his repertoire for a whopping $100 million. Some of the iconic songs included in the sale are his hits SexyBack, Mirrors, and Cry Me a River. Justin has collaborated with iconic artists throughout his career, including Jay ZOther iconic rock stars have followed suit, with Bob Dylan and Bruce Springsteen making similar deals as well.
Amy Robach soaks up the sun by the pool prior to new royal adventure
Amy Robach soaks up the sun by the pool prior to new royal adventure The ABC star has a lot going onAmy Robach shared with fans a glimpse at how she was spending the weekend, soaking up the sun with friends and family. MORE: Amy Robach shares video of terrifying interruption she faced while on a hikeALSO: HELLO! launches Jubilee T-shirt collection to celebrate Queen Elizabeth in styleThe Good Morning America star shared a snapshot of herself in a leopard-print swimsuit in the pool, relaxing on a tube, and added other snaps of herself enjoying with friends. Loading the player...VIDEO: Amy Robach showcases incredible abs during uneasy workoutShe revealed that she was getting some relaxation in ahead of her big adventure for work, which would see her taking her talents across the pond. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Amy Robach (@ajrobach)Amy is soaking up the sun before her trip to the UK"You really know how to live, Amy!
Nicole Kidman surprises fans with romantic appearance alongside Keith Urban
Nicole Kidman surprises fans with romantic appearance alongside Keith Urban The two stars are as adorable as can beNicole Kidman and Keith Urban are one of Hollywood's most adored couples, and proved that once again with their latest appearance together. MORE: Keith Urban teases exciting news in cryptic post that sends fans wildALSO: HELLO! Loading the player...VIDEO: Nicole Kidman's husband Keith Urban shares glimpse inside Australia homeWhile the actress makes sure to often attend her husband's performances, she rarely ever ventures out onstage, and delighted fans with her cameo. MORE: Keith Urban makes heartbreaking confession about family life"Nicole Urban," she said adoringly, cozying up to her husband as he gave her a kiss on the cheek and pulled her in for a hug. Keith quipped, and fans on social media quickly began to gush over the couple and their adorable moment.
Bella Hadid Bikini Photos: Sexiest Swimsuit Pictures
The Victoria’s Secret fashion show alum was spotted hitting the hotel pool during the 2022 Cannes Film Festival with boyfriend Marc Kalman in May 2022 wearing a barely-there, navy blue, string bikini. Everybody loves a little nip.”Despite her positive body image, Bella has admitted to struggling in the past. In December 2021, the Moschino muse joined the newly revamped Victoria’s Secret brand as a member of the VS Collective alongside stars such as Priyanka Chopra and Hailey Bieber. “If they had asked me a couple of years ago to do Victoria’s Secret again, I wouldn’t have been strong enough to stand in my power and do it. Now I feel like I own my body again.”Scroll down to see some of Bella’s most stunning bikini moments!
Kim Kardashian Wardrobe Malfunctions: Nip Slips, More
Even Kim Kardashian experiences wardrobe malfunctions every now and then. While the Kardashians star usually looks picture perfect in public, she has occasionally dealt with a few nip slips and dress dips. Like a true pro, Kim isn’t a stranger to outfit issues. Like, nothing that could have been fixed.”When it comes to fashion, Kim likes to embrace her own style preferences. “I used to care so much and get so upset and have it literally ruin my day,” Kim admitted at the time.
Carrie Underwood Bikini Photos: Singer’s Swimsuit Pics
Get Ready to Be ~Blown Away~ By Carrie Underwood’s Beautiful Bikini and Swimsuit Photos! Country music super star Carrie Underwood is beautiful on the inside and out! While the “Champion” crooner looks stunning in anything she wears, her toned figure stands out when she dons her favorite bikinis. On a few other occasions, Carrie has shared some cute swimsuit moments via Instagram. “Who’s next to try this #BODYARMORCHALLENGE.”Scroll through the gallery to see Carrie’s best bikini photos!
Celebrity Weddings 2022: Stars Who Got Married This Year
They Said ‘I Do!’ Celebrities Who Got Married in 2022 So FarIt’s true — they said, “I do!” COVID-19 may have made nuptials look a little different these past few years, but love is still in the air for all the celebrity weddings of 2022. Some of Hollywood’s greatest couples are celebrating their love this year, either after a whirlwind romance or after years of postponing due to a global pandemic. With so many exciting engagements in 2021, the year of 2022 is bound to be the year of love — poofy dresses, A-list guests and gigantic romantic gestures included. Can we expect Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker to grace this year’s list of weddings? Some of these seriously romantic engagements have fans wondering what the stars have in store for their actual wedding day.
Stars Who Got Married in 2022: Celebrity Weddings This Year
See All of the Celebrities Who Got Married in 2022: Wedding DetailsIt’s true — they said, “I do!” COVID-19 may have made nuptials look a little different these past few years, but love is still in the air for all the celebrity weddings of 2022. Some of Hollywood’s greatest couples are celebrating their love this year, either after a whirlwind romance or after years of postponing due to a global pandemic. With so many exciting engagements in 2021, the year of 2022 is bound to be the year of love — poofy dresses, A-list guests and gigantic romantic gestures included. Can we expect Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker to grace this year’s list of weddings? Some of these seriously romantic engagements have fans wondering what the stars have in store for their actual wedding day.
Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott Son's Baby Album: Photos
Kylie Jenner and her boyfriend, Travis Scott, are proud parents of two after the arrival of their son. Initially, the baby boy’s name was Wolf Webster, but Kylie has since revealed that his name has since been changed. “Just wanted to share because I keep seeing Wolf everywhere.”When Was Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott’s Son Born? “We just haven’t fully legally changed it or anything, so I don’t want to announce a new name and change it again,” Kylie told Extra in an interview from April 2022. Are Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott Still Together?
'90 Day Fiance' Stars Who Criticized Their Partner's Looks
‘90 Day Fiance’ Stars Who Made Rude Comments About Their Partner’s LooksOnline relationships never tell the full story and some 90 Day Fiancé alums had to learn the hard way. “She’s changed, she’s gained weight,” Kobe candidly said next to her at the airport. Size, weight should be the least of the things.”He added, “So when I made that comment that she’s gained weight, I mean, I love her for who she is and we can always do something about her weight gain. It’s not like I’m mad or angry and besides, if I was back home, if someone says, ‘You’ve gained weight,’ it’s like … you’re living a healthy life.”However, some 90 Day Fiancé alums have been plain rude in the past. “I’ll make you a deal, if you shave your legs, I’ll shave my beard.”Scroll through the gallery below to see the rudest comments 90 Day Fiancé stars have made about their partners.
Kim Kardashian Wardrobe Malfunction Photos: See Pictures
See Kim Kardashian’s Most Epic Wardrobe Malfunctions Through the Years in PhotosSlipping up! Even Kim Kardashian experiences wardrobe malfunctions every now and then. While the Kardashians star usually looks picture perfect in public, she has occasionally dealt with a few nip slips and dress dips. Like, nothing that could have been fixed.”When it comes to fashion, Kim likes to embrace her own style preferences. “I used to care so much and get so upset and have it literally ruin my day,” Kim admitted at the time.
‘Alaskan Bush People’: Bear's Wife Raiven Pregnant With Baby No. 2
Alaskan Bush People star Solomon “Bear” Brown announced his wife, Raiven Brown (née Adams), is pregnant and expecting baby No. The couple’s announcement comes just hours after TMZ reported that Bear’s domestic violence assault charge could be dismissed if he meets several conditions. According to court documents obtained by In Touch, Bear entered a not guilty plea and asked for a jury trial. Following his release, a domestic violence no-contact order was put in place for one year in order to protect Raiven from her husband. In the paperwork obtained by In Touch, she identified herself as the protected person in the no-contact order against Bear.
Are Anna Duggar and Josh Duggar Still Together? Marriage Update
Anna Duggar and Josh Duggar are still together still together after he was sentenced to 12 years in prison after he was found guilty of two charges of receiving and possessing child sexual abuse material. He was “teary-eyed” and “solemn.”Prior to his trial, Anna, 33, took to social media to announce the arrival of her seventh child with Josh, 34. Anna has continued to stand by Josh as she “doesn’t consider divorce an option,” an insider told In Touch in May 2022. In 2015, reports surfaced that Josh had molested five underage girls, with his sisters Jill Duggar and Jessa Duggar being named at the time. Anna and Josh have been open about their decision to see a marriage counselor to help them work on their relationship amid the controversy.
Bachelorette Becca Kufrin and Thomas Jacobs Engaged: Proposal Details
Becca Kufrin and Thomas Jacobs are engaged! I love you to the moon and back.”In his own sentimental post, Thomas gushed over his new fiancée. After the BIP season finale aired, the Bachelor alum revealed she and Thomas were back together in a sweet Instagram video compilation. YES,” Thomas captioned his February 20 Instagram post of the couple’s trip.“Well, haven’t made it out yet. I love you,” Becca commented on his March 16 Instagram post.
Kim Kardashian’s Daughter North West Wear Open-Toe Heels: Photos
Kim Kardashian’s daughter North West wore a pair of open-toe kitten heels in throwback photos her mom shared from Kourtney Kardashian’s Italy wedding weekend. While Kim donned a stunning charcoal ensemble, North, 8, rocked a black T-shirt, matching jeans and mini heels. Cousin Reign Disick accompanied North in the playful moment, as he was heard yelling, “TikTok live, live, live, chicken fry, live!” However, the 7-year-old realized they had a problem, as he added in a more serious tone, “No, no! Not allowed to be live!”Toward the end of the video, North approached Kim as she lay in her big bed and said, “Mom, I’m live.”“No, stop! “Maybe just my daughter North.”
TikTok: How to Stop Seeing Personalized Ads
Did you know that TikTok allows you to control whether or not the ads you see are personalized to you based on your activity? If you turn the personalized ads feature off, you’ll still see ads on TikTok, but they won’t be personalized to you based on your activity.
Beyond Meat Adds Kim Kardashian to Its Roster of Celebs
Adweek's annual #Brandweek summit will explore the ideas behind breakthrough successes, discuss solutions to pressing challenges and explore new opportunities in the Metaverse. Join leaders from Alo Yoga, Hyundai Motor America, Frito-Lay and more, Sept. 12–16 in Miami. Sign up early to save . Beyond Meat, like its rival Impossible Foods, has made good use of its celebrity fans and investors in recent years, drawing on the star power of Kevin Hart, Snoop Dogg, Chris Paul, Nikki Bella, Octavia Spencer, Liza Koshy and others to boost its profile.
The Power of “And” Can Help You Embrace the Complicated Nature of People
That’s why I love “and.” It helps relieve the stress of cognitive dissonance and allows for a richer experience. Using “and” can instantly open your heart to compassion and help you to see people in a new light. Create safety while calling others to greatnessThe word “and” can help people talk about tough topics and ultimately do hard things together. I combine “yes” plus “and,” which opens me to possibilities without feeling like I have to take them all on. Knowing and accepting that many things are true at the same time makes living in the mess a lot more peaceful.
Has the chancellor done enough to save the UK from recession?
This time last year, things were looking good for the UK. That in turn would mean fewer new jobs being available, followed by higher unemployment, leading to a further squeeze on spending, and perhaps even a recession. The chancellor handed money to every household to help cope with rising energy bills, with the poorest households getting the most (see here for more details). But in all, says Paul Dales of Capital Economics, the chancellor has pumped the equivalent of about £10.3bn into the UK economy with this move, made up of £15.3bn being given to households, and £5bn taxed away from oil and gas producers. For a start, it makes a consumption-driven recession less likely, which is good news.
‘Sister Wives’: Janelle Brown, Kids Enjoy Hike Without Kody
Sister Wives star Janelle Brown enjoyed a hike with her kids, Gabe Brown, Savanah Brown and Hunter Brown, but noticeably missing was the patriarch of the plural family, Kody Brown. The father of 18 has famously been at odds with Janelle and their sons Gabe, 21, and Garrison Brown over his strict COVID-19 protocols in November 2021. Janelle was one of the first of Kody’s wives to move onto the family’s Coyote Pass land in Arizona. While Kody initially had plans to build a large home where he, Janelle and other wives Meri Brown, Christine and Robyn Brown would live, the idea was shot down by the spouses. At this time, it’s unclear how the Brown family intends to move forward now that Christine is out of the picture.
Manhattanhenge Is Back for Picture-Perfect Sunsets on New York’s Grid
It can produce, when the weather cooperates, four of the most striking sunsets of the year in New York City. The name is a New Yorker-style nod to Stonehenge, the ancient rock structure in the English countryside that aligns with the sunsets and sunrises during the summer and winter solstices. In contrast, the grid of New York City was not designed with sunsets in mind, but it has ended up functioning in a similar manner. An event like Manhattanhenge can halt the entire borough, beckoning people to celebrate an otherwise normal daily sunset. As if New York couldn’t become any more magical, the sunsets of Manhattanhenge illuminate the streets with a glow of deep tangerine and bubble gum pink, transforming the bustling streets into a place to pause and say, “wow.”
The Atrocity of American Gun Culture
In the interim, there were other mass shootings, in Indiana, Washington State, Florida, California, Louisiana, Illinois, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and elsewhere. Less than one per cent of gun deaths in the United States are the result of mass shootings. Two years ago, a study published in the journal Justice Quarterly examined the effects of gun laws in every state. It happens every time there is a mass shooting.” That Cruz used the phrase “every time there is a mass shooting” spoke volumes about how commonplace these abominations have become. The most visible people refusing to see these things as political happen to be elected to political office.
“Tell Me to Be Bette Midler, I Would Find a Way”: An Interview with Sam Richardson
You know, Comedy Central was really trying to hold the line on streaming, and streaming was the way, always. And then when I was in high school a buddy of mine was taking classes at Second City. I knew about Second City in Chicago, but I didn’t realize there was a Second City Detroit. It’s funny—I’m staying at the Shinola Hotel right now, and Second City is maybe four blocks from me. And I don’t really know how to square those two things.
Pelosi’s Husband Faces Drunken Driving Charge in California
Paul Pelosi, the husband of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, was charged with driving under the influence of alcohol in Napa County, Calif., on Saturday night, according to the county’s website. Bail for Mr. Pelosi, 82, was set at $5,000. It was not immediately clear from the booking report whether Mr. Pelosi posted bail. Mr. Pelosi, an investor who has typically avoided the spotlight, runs Financial Leasing Services, a San Francisco-based venture capital company. Mr. Pelosi and Ms. Pelosi own a vineyard in Napa Valley.
After a Late Red Flag, a Thrilling Sprint to the Indy 500 Finish
What seemed like an easy, sure victory turned into one of the most dramatic finishes in recent memory, as Marcus Ericsson held on after a late restart to win the 106th running of the Indianapolis 500. With five laps to go, Ericsson, a 31-year-old Swedish driver, held a nearly three-second lead on Pato O’Ward, the 23-year-old Mexican driver for Arrow McLaren SP. But a late crash by Jimmie Johnson, the seven-time NASCAR Cup Series champion who was racing in his first Indianapolis 500, brought out a red flag that stopped the race with four laps left. In a two-lap shootout after the restart, Ericsson wove left and right to disrupt the slipstream and fight off an intense charge from O’Ward to take the checkered flag. “I knew the car was fast enough, but it was still hard,” Ericsson told NBC after the race.
Stampede Ensues After Loud Noise at Barclays Center Incites Fear of Gunman
Ten people were injured at the Barclays Center early Sunday morning when a loud noise heard on the street outside incited panic, sending throngs of people running as they tried to escape what they thought was a gunman. In April, a gunman opened fire on a Brooklyn subway train, injuring 23 people. Crowds were leaving the Barclays Center, in Brooklyn, around 1 a.m., after a boxing match between Gervonta Davis and Rolando Romero, when a loud sound was heard on the street outside the arena, according to a spokesman for the New York Police Department. Amanjot Kaur, 26, said that she had heard “pop-pop” sounds as she was leaving the Barclays Center and that someone had screamed that there was a shooter with a gun. As the crowd panicked and surged toward the exits, Ms. Kaur said, she was knocked to the ground and trampled.
5 Dead in Boat Collision in Georgia, Officials Say
Five people died in a boating collision on Saturday along a river popular with boaters outside Savannah, Ga., the authorities said. Four other people were injured, among them Mark Christopher Stegall, who was charged with operating a boat while under the influence and booked into the Chatham County Jail, said Mark McKinnon, a spokesman for the Georgia Department of Natural Resources. Mr. McKinnon said he did not know the conditions of the other two injured people. Those injured were taken to Memorial Health University Medical Center in Savannah. The U.S. Coast Guard and local emergency medical services said at least one person was in good condition.
Ronnie Hawkins, Rockabilly Road Warrior, Is Dead at 87
Ronnie Hawkins, who combined the gregarious stage presence of a natural showman and a commitment to turbocharged rockabilly music in a rowdy career that spanned more than a half-century, died on Sunday. His daughter Leah confirmed his death. She did not specify where he died or the cause, though she said he had been quite ill.Mr. Hawkins started performing in his native Arkansas in the late 1950s and became a legendary roadhouse entertainer based in Canada in the 1960s, his music forever rooted in the primal rock ‘n’ roll rhythms of Bo Diddley and Chuck Berry. For all of his success, his biggest claim to fame was not the music he produced but the musicians he attracted and mentored. His backup musicians of the early 1960s, Levon Helm, Robbie Robertson, Garth Hudson, Richard Manuel and Rick Danko, went on to form the Band, which backed Bob Dylan and became one of the most admired and influential bands in rock history.
F.B.I. Investigates Basquiat Paintings Shown at Orlando Museum of Art
To the ranks of those focused intently on all things Basquiat, you can now add the F.B.I. The F.B.I.’s Art Crime Team is investigating the authenticity of 25 paintings that the Orlando Museum of Art says were created by Basquiat and are on exhibit there, according to a federal subpoena and several people with knowledge about the situation. The paintings in the “Heroes & Monsters: Jean-Michel Basquiat” exhibition were said by the museum and their owners to have been recovered from a Los Angeles storage unit in 2012. The paintings’ owners and the museum’s director and chief executive, Aaron De Groft, say the paintings are genuine Basquiats, citing statements from art world experts commissioned by the owners. The paintings are set to leave the museum on June 30 for public exhibitions in Italy.
Uvalde Live Updates: Biden Mourns With Survivors During Texas Visit
Steve Reed, a Daniel Defense spokesman, said in a statement that the company was “deeply saddened” by the Texas shooting. Credit... Savannah Morning NewsHe has said that his gun company was born out of his poor golf game. Mr. Daniel joined the “Second Amendment Coalition,” a group of gun industry heavyweights who advised Mr. Trump on gun policy. “They’ve been a brand leader,” said Timothy Lytton, a law professor at Georgia State who studies the gun industry. Amid a national outcry after the shooting, Daniel Defense retreated from its usual provocative online presence.
A Big Lie in a New Package
“I want to make very clear that we’re not suggesting that the ballots that were cast were illegal ballots. A repeated contention of the documentary is that getting paid to deliver other peoples’ ballots is illegal in every state. The swing states where Ms. Phillips and Ms. Engelbrecht focused their research do ban the delivery of ballots on behalf of others, with some exceptions. But elections officers in 16 other states surveyed by The Times said their states did not prohibit people getting paid to deliver a ballot. Mr. Phillips and Ms. Engelbrecht’s case is largely built on cellphone data.
Winning the Skies Without Losing Your Lunch: Filming ‘Top Gun: Maverick’
Before Tom Cruise signed on to star in the original “Top Gun,” he asked to take a test flight in a jet. Zipping at 6.5 G’s — more than twice the G-forces some astronauts endure during rocket launches — Cruise felt the blood drain from his head. Cruise continued to fly so fast, and so frequently, that he learned to squeeze his thighs and abs to stay conscious. Pete Mitchell (known as Maverick) readies a dozen young pilots for a dangerous mission to destroy an underground uranium plant in an enemy land. “He’s got every kind of pilot’s license that you could possibly imagine — helicopters, jets, whatever,” Bruckheimer said.
362 School Counselors on the Pandemic’s Effect on Children: ‘Anxiety Is Filling Our Kids’
Wells High School, Portland, Ore. ‘The foundational skills for learning need to be retaught.’ Tierney Langdon, Grace Snell Middle School, Loganville, Ga. 362 School Counselors on the Pandemic’s Effect on Children: ‘Anxiety Is Filling Our Kids’ In a Times survey, counselors said students are behind in their abilities to learn, cope and relate. Jennifer Schlatter, an elementary school counselor in Brighton, Colo., said: “Anxiety is filling our kids right now. I can’t handle this by myself.”Virginia DeLong, who works with high school students in Norwich, Conn., said: “It’s just nonstop putting out fires with kids. In the last two decades, the role of school counselor has changed, from mostly providing academic guidance to teaching social-emotional learning to the whole school. “The smallest things will trigger an extreme emotional response that is disproportionate with the trigger,” said Stephanie Coombs, an elementary school counselor in Wagener, S.C.
Colombia Live Updates: Polling Stations Close on Election Day
Image Voters lined up at a polling station in Medellin, Colombia, during the first round of the presidential election on Sunday. Polling stations have now closed in Latin America’s third largest nation, which voted Sunday to choose a new president. At stake is the country’s economic model, its democratic integrity and the livelihoods of millions of people pushed into poverty amid the pandemic. If no candidate receives more than 50 percent, a runoff will be held on June 19 between the top two finishers. The election comes as polls show growing distrust in the country’s institutions, including the country’s national registrar, an election body.
Josh Flagg Cuddles Up with New Boyfriend Andrew Beyer in Cute Sunset Photo: 'I Love'
"It just happened organically," Josh Flagg previously told PEOPLE of his new relationship with fellow real estate agent Andrew Beyer, after announcing his split from husband Bobby BoydJosh Flagg is in the throes of new romance amid his divorce from Bobby Boyd. Flagg said he and Beyer had been "friends for a while," explaining that they'd known each other for five years. It just happened organically. I like him very much, and he's a very nice guy," Flagg added. RELATED VIDEO: MDLLA's Josh Flagg On Budding Friendship with Josh Altman: 'He's Not as Bad as I Thought He Was'"This might sound abrupt but I felt I should be transparent from the top rather than bury the headline," Flagg wrote.
1 Killed, 2 Injured in Georgia Graduation Party Shooting with Over 200 Guests
"The shooting occurred at a graduation party where at least 200 people were in attendance of which many were juveniles," Thomaston Police Chief Mike Richardson confirms to PEOPLEAccident or crime scene cordon tape, police line do not cross. "The shooting occurred at a graduation party where at least 200 people were in attendance of which many were juveniles," Richardson confirmed to PEOPLE. It's the second graduation party shooting in Georgia this week — on Tuesday, another gathering in Fayette County spiraled out of control when more than 200 people showed up, resulting in more than 50 shots fired in the street. "Each year Fayette County Deputies and Investigators respond to similar parties near the end of the school year. These parties have unfortunately ended in injury and death over the last several years," the Fayette County Sheriff's Office wrote on Facebook.
Riley Keough Marks 33rd Birthday After Her Directorial Debut Wins at Cannes: 'What the Heck'
"It's my birthday in Greece and I won the Camera d'Or," Riley Keough wrote as she celebrated her birthday weekend after her and co-director Gina Gammell's film War Pony debuted at CannesRiley Keough Marks 33rd Birthday After Her Directorial Debut Wins at Cannes: 'What the Heck'Riley Keough has a lot to celebrate this weekend. "It's my birthday in Greece and I won the Camera d'Or… ????what the heck. God bless," Keough wrote in the Instagram caption. "Happy birthday ??," wrote Sara Sampaio. Keough's birthday post comes after she won the coveted Caméra d'Or alongside co-director Gina Gammell for War Pony at Saturday's closing ceremony for the 75th Cannes Film Festival.
American Graffiti Star, The Wild Bunch Actor Bo Hopkins Dead at 84
"It is with great sadness that we announce that Bo has passed away," the message read. Hopkins was raised by his mother and grandmother after his dad died when he was only nine years old. HOLLYWOOD, CA - APRIL 10: Bo Hopkins attends the 2014 TCM Classic Film Festival's opening night gala and world premiere of the restoration of "Oklahoma!" (Photo by Jennifer Lourie/FilmMagic) Credit: Jennifer Lourie/FilmMagicThe actor landed his first feature film gig in the iconic 1969 western The Wild Bunch, playing a supporting role as Crazy Lee. In 2020, he starred as Papaw Vance in his final film Hillbilly Elegy, directed by his American Graffiti costar, Ron Howard.
Gabrielle Union 'Can't Believe' Zaya Wade Is 15 as She Celebrates Stepdaughter's Birthday
"Time has allowed our bond to grow organically and naturally," Gabrielle Union previously told PEOPLE of her relationship with stepdaughter Zaya WadeGabrielle Union 'Can't Believe' Zaya Wade Is 15 as She Celebrates Stepdaughter's BirthdayGabrielle Union is watching Zaya Wade grow up before her very eyes. "I can't believe you are 15?!?!?!?!?" Union wrote in an Instagram Story, sharing a recent photo of the birthday girl modeling a Stella McCartney look. Gabrielle Union 'Can't Believe' Zaya Wade Is 15 as She Celebrates Stepdaughter's Birthday. RELATED VIDEO: Gabrielle Union Jokes 3-Year-Old Daughter Kaavia Calls Parents by Their 'Full Government Names'"I can be truthful and honest with myself and therefore, truthful and honest with other people.
Kourtney Kardashian Celebrates 2 Weeks Since Getting Marriage License with Travis Barker: 'Just Married'
The husband and wife were legally wed at a Santa Barbara courthouse on May 15 before their Italian wedding ceremony last weekendKourtney Kardashian Celebrates 2 Weeks Since Getting Marriage License with Travis Barker: 'Just Married'Portofino, ITALY - Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker get married in Portofino. Pictured: Kourtney Kardashian, Travis Barker BACKGRID USA 22 MAY 2022 BYLINE MUST READ: Cobra Team / BACKGRID USA: +1 310 798 9111 / UK: +44 208 344 2007 / *UK Clients - Pictures Containing Children Please Pixelate Face Prior To Publication*Portofino, ITALY - Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker get married in Portofino. Pictured: Kourtney Kardashian, Travis Barker BACKGRID USA 22 MAY 2022 BYLINE MUST READ: Cobra Team / BACKGRID USA: +1 310 798 9111 / UK: +44 208 344 2007 / *UK Clients - Pictures Containing Children Please Pixelate Face Prior To Publication*Kourtney Kardashian is reflecting on the day she became a legal life partner to Travis Barker. Kourtney Kardashian, Travis Barker Credit: Dani Michelle/InstagramOn Friday, the Kardashians star shared more pictures from her wedding reception on Instagram, showing the newlyweds getting cozy on a couch. RELATED: Sweet Details You May Have Missed from Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker's WeddingFollowing the weekend of wedding celebrations in Italy, the reality star added her married last name to her Instagram profile on Monday.
Mel B Gets Birthday Love from All the Other Spice Girls as She Turns 47: 'It's Good to Celebrate'
Emma Bunton, Melanie C, Geri Halliwell, and Victoria Beckham each shared messages of love to Mel B for her 47th birthday on SundayMel B Gets Birthday Love from All the Other Spice Girls as She Turns 47: 'It's Good to Celebrate'MANCHESTER, ENGLAND - MAY 10: Mel B attends the MEN Pride of Manchester Awards 2022 at Kimpton Clocktower Hotel on May 10, 2022 in Manchester, England. (Photo by Karwai Tang/WireImage)MANCHESTER, ENGLAND - MAY 10: Mel B attends the MEN Pride of Manchester Awards 2022 at Kimpton Clocktower Hotel on May 10, 2022 in Manchester, England. (Photo by Karwai Tang/WireImage)Happy Birthday, Mel B! On Sunday, the singer celebrated her 47th birthday with some self love and a bunch of messages from her fellow Spice Girls. "I don't really like my birthday day as my dad's birthday was Yesterday God rest his soul," she continued.
Becca Kufrin and Thomas Jacobs Are Engaged: 'The Ultimate Plot Twist ... He Said Yes!'
"I finally found my chauffeur for life and the one who makes my heart smile every single day. I can't wait to do it all with you Tommy," the former Bachelorette star announced on SundayBecca Kufrin and Thomas Jacobs Are Engaged: 'The Ultimate Plot Twist ... The former Bachelorette star is engaged to Thomas Jacobs, she revealed on Instagram on Sunday, announcing, "In the ultimate plot twist ... "I finally found my chauffeur for life and the one who makes my heart smile every single day. "Thanks for making my heart smile far more than it ever has.
President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Arrive in Uvalde to Pay Respects to Victims of Mass Shooting
- Biden is heading to Uvalde, Texas to pay his respects following a school shooting. (Photo by MANDEL NGAN / AFP) (Photo by MANDEL NGAN/AFP via Getty Images)US President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden greet Mandy Gutierrez, the Priciple of Robb Elementary School, as he and First Lady Jill Biden pay their in Uvalde, Texas on May 29, 2022. - Biden is heading to Uvalde, Texas to pay his respects following a school shooting. US President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden attend Mass at Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Uvalde, Texas on May 29, 2022. - The President and First Lady are in Uvalde to pay their respects following a school shooting.
5 Dead in Georgia Boat Collision, Bodies of Missing Victims Recovered By Divers
"The three missing victims were recovered this morning, bringing the number of deceased to five," the Georgia Department of Natural Resources' Law Enforcement Division confirms to PEOPLEFive people are dead and four more injured after a boat collision in Georgia on Saturday morning, according to authorities, who said Sunday they recovered three bodies from the Wilmington River. Two people were pronounced dead at the scene and three were initially missing, McKinnon said. The bodies were later recovered by divers with the Chatham County Marine Patrol. "The three missing victims were recovered this morning, bringing the number of deceased to five," McKinnon confirmed in a statement. The deceased individuals have been identified as Christopher David Leffler, age 51, of Savannah; Lori Lynn Leffler, age 50, of Savannah; Zachary James Leffler, age 23, of Alpharetta; Nathan Leffler, age 17, of Savannah; and Robert Steven Chauncey, age 37, of Savannah.
Big Brother Stars Memphis Garrett, Christmas Abbott Are Married
Memphis Garrett and Christmas Abbott are officially husband and wife. The Big Brother stars wed in a ceremony at the State Railroad Museum in Savannah, Georgia, on Saturday. Garrett and Abbott met in the summer of 2020 while filming season 22 of Big Brother: All-Stars. Big Brother's Memphis Garrett and Christmas Abbott Wed in Georgia Ceremony: 'We Complement Each Other'. Abbott shared similar photos and thanked Big Brother for putting her now-husband in the same house.
21 Tummy-Control Swimsuits for Your Most Confident Summer Ever
Shop our 21 current favorite tummy-control swimsuits from Amazon and beyond and start viewing swimwear in a whole new way! We Also Love: This CUPSHE swimsuit has a tummy-control front, along with mesh and pattern-block details to make it irresistible. We Also Love: These Shapermint bikini bottoms are ultra-high-waisted, have a tummy-shaping panel, feature ruching and provide full coverage. Obviously we love the tummy-control bottoms as well! This floral MOOSLOVER two-piece doesn’t stop there though, also adding in a ruffle trim and a ruffle accent on the tummy-control bottoms!
Wynonna Judd Reflects on Mom Naomi's Death a Month Later: 'This Cannot Be How The Judds Story Ends'
(Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images for CMT)NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE - APRIL 11: (L-R) Wynonna Judd and Naomi Judd attend the 2022 CMT Music Awards at Nashville Municipal Auditorium on April 11, 2022 in Nashville, Tennessee. (Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images for CMT)Wynonna Judd is reflecting on life without her late mother Naomi Judd. NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE - MAY 15: Wynonna Judd performs onstage during CMT and Sandbox Live's "Naomi Judd: A River Of Time Celebration" at Ryman Auditorium on May 15, 2022 in Nashville, Tennessee. NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE - MAY 15: Wynonna Judd performs onstage during Naomi Judd: 'A River Of Time' Celebration at Ryman Auditorium on May 15, 2022 in Nashville, Tennessee. RELATED VIDEO: Ashley Judd Confirms Naomi Judd Died by Suicide: 'The Lie the Disease Told Her Was So Convincing'Wynonna, alongside sister Ashley Judd, announced their mother's death in an emotional statement obtained by PEOPLE late last month.
Princess Charlene and Princess Gabriella Hit Monaco's Grand Prix Circuit — and So Does Patrick Dempsey!
Say all you will about Formula One racing, but it was definitely the royal couple who set the pace around Monaco's Grand Prix circuit on Saturday. Especially Princess Charlene, who made her first visit since 2019 to the Grand Prix event, long considered the sport's crown jewel. Marking the annual return of racing's most glamorous weekend event, Prince Albert and Princess Charlene, 44, were trackside before Saturday's time trials. The Grey's Anatomy actor and the Princess have a connection involving past Grand Prix and Le Mans 24-Hour Endurance races. In the same interview, she acknowledged the Grand Prix as "one of the most important events of the year.
Jensen Ackles, Danneel Ackles’ Relationship Timeline: Photos
Jensen Ackles and Danneel Ackles’ (née Harris) love story is reminiscent of a modern-day fairy tale, complete with a dream home and business in Austin, Texas. The Supernatural alum and the Christmas Contract actress met in the early 2000s, but it wasn’t until they became costars in 2006 that their relationship turned romantic. Meanwhile, his family was rooted in Texas, which is also where the couple’s Family Business Brewing Co. is located. “Sometimes I’ll say something at home and I’ll say it in ‘Dean voice,’ as it’s known in the house, and my wife is like, ‘Stop using the Dean voice.’ [I go], ‘Alright. Scroll down to relive Jensen and Danneel’s sweetest relationship moments:
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'Wagatha Christie' Trial: Everything to Know About the U.K. Case
Rooney made headlines in 2019 when she claimed to have caught an acquaintance who was sharing false stories about her to the U.K. newspaper The Sun. She allegedly discovered the betrayal by posting fake information about herself via Instagram after blocking all but one person from viewing her Stories. The alleged perpetrator wasn’t a nobody, either: Coleen claimed that the leaker was Rebekah Vardy, who is married to Jamie Vardy, another very famous soccer player. “Just this week I found I was following people I didn’t know and have never followed myself,” the Dancing on Ice alum tweeted in October 2019. “This is something that happens to us all, that sometimes documents are lost.”Keep scrolling for more info about the drama between Coleen and Rebekah.
Celebs Who Battled for Custody of Their Pets After Splitting
Custody battles in Hollywood’s most publicized divorces can sometimes take an ugly turn, but the fight for guardianship isn’t always centered around an estranged couple’s children. In some cases, deciding over the ownership of pets can prove to be just as difficult. Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, for example, have become infamous for having one of Tinseltown’s messiest splits to date. Jon won sole custody of Hannah and Collin, while the twins and four remaining sextuplets are under Kate’s care. Scroll down to learn more about Hollywood’s biggest couples who fought for custody of their beloved pets:
13 Flattering Bathing Suits That Will Have You Excited for Swimwear Season
Please note, prices are accurate at the date of publication, March 23, 2022, but are subject to change. Please note, prices are accurate at the date of publication, March 23, 2022, but are subject to change. Please note, prices are accurate at the date of publication, March 23, 2022, but are subject to change. Please note, prices are accurate at the date of publication, March 23, 2022, but are subject to change. Please note, prices are accurate at the date of publication, March 23, 2022, but are subject to change.
Kelly Ripa Gets Her Sunkissed Complexion From This Tan-Luxe Product
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Every Glimpse Kylie Jenner Has Shown of Her Son With Travis Scott: Baby Album
Kylie Jenner has been giving fans glimpses of life with her son following his February 2022 birth. The makeup mogul welcomed her second child with Travis Scott four years after daughter Stormi arrived in February 2018. “2/2/22,” the Life of Kylie alum captioned the infant’s Instagram debut, sharing a black-and-white photo of his hand. “It was me, Kylie and Travis because they have rules and regulations now so you can only have so many people. “[I’m] down 40 [pounds] ? [and] just trying to be healthy and patient.”Scroll down to see glimpses of Kylie and Scott’s second child:
Kaia Gerber's Dating History Through the Years: Photos
As Kaia Gerber navigates her budding career in the fashion industry, she’s also made headlines for her dating history. I’m good,’ and I was reading that book and I was like, ‘Nope, I am absolutely codependent.’”She continued at the time: “I used to dismiss [self-help books] too because my mom [Cindy Crawford] was constantly quoting them. (Elordi and Kaia dated between September 2020 and November 2021.) “She handles herself wonderfully publicly,” Elordi told Men’s Health in an interview published in December 2021, noting that he has “learned so much” from his now-ex about coping with fame. “[She taught me] how to deal with it and just kind of be whatever about it, you know?”Scroll below to revisit Kaia’s complete dating history:
Euphoria’s Dominic Fike Is 'Very Much In Love' With Hunter Schafer
Dominic Fike opened up about dating his Euphoria costar Hunter Schafer for the first time — and made it very clear how he feels about her. The Florida native — who previously dated Diana Silvers — and Schafer first sparked dating speculation earlier this year after they posed together at the Euphoria season 2 premiere. While Fike joined Euphoria in season 2, Schafer has played Jules since its series premiere. “I think I was in a similar boat to [Zendaya, who plays Rue] when I first heard about this Elliot boy,” Schafer told Variety in January. I can’t wait,” he told Variety in January ahead of the season 2 premiere.
Ray Liotta and Fiancee Jacy Nittolo’s Relationship Timeline
Ray Liotta and Jacy Nittolo were both divorced when they met each other, but they were giving love another shot together. The former spouses welcomed daughter Karsen Liotta in December 1998. In May 2021, Jacy shared an Instagram photo of her and her children celebrating Mother’s Day with Ray. “Missing @karsen_liotta.”The Field of Dreams star later revealed that Karsen was actually responsible for setting him up with Jacy. Keep scrolling for Liotta and Jacy’s complete relationship timeline.
Amazon Memorial Day Weekend Deals — Shop Now
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Euphoria's Dominic Fike and Hunter Schafer's Relationship Timeline
After their characters were involved in a love triangle on Euphoria, it wasn’t long before Dominic Fike and Hunter Schafer took things to another level off screen. Before Fike joined season 2 of the hit HBO series, the musician dated Diana Silvers in 2021. On screen, however, Fike and Schafer’s characters quickly got caught up in a very messy love triangle with Zendaya’s character. Despite having an idea what you should want, or what you would like for yourself to desire, desire can’t necessarily be controlled. And there’s a bit of a contradiction happening in her head.”Scroll down to relive Fike and Schafer’s offscreen romance:
'Stranger Things' Season 4 Villain Vecna Revealed: What to Know
Warning: This story contains spoilers from season 4 of Stranger Things. After Stranger Things teased Vecna’s rich history throughout season 4, the first part concluded with a major revelation about the villain’s true identity. Ahead of the season 4 premiere, the Stranger Things cast teased their own introductions to the new villain on the show. That’s exciting because he is a true big bad that we’ve needed in the series.”Meanwhile, Joe Keery praised the way that Vecna played into Stranger Things‘ homage to horror films from the ’80s. Scroll down for everything to know about the major Vecna reveals in season 4:
'RHOC' Alum Jo De La Rosa, Taran Gray Peirson Are Married
Nearly one year after announcing her engagement, Jo De La Rosa has officially wed Taran Gray Peirson. In the footage, De La Rosa and the composer, 36, held hands while walking in their wedding ensembles in a field. I’m still trying to wrap my head [around it].”De La Rosa initially connected with her now-husband via the dating app Hinge amid the coronavirus pandemic, subsequently referring to Peirson as “Broadway Boy” on her “PopCandy” podcast. The twosome later made their romance Instagram official in October 2020. Not that they don’t like to see it, but it’s always weird when they do,” De La Rosa told Us Weekly exclusively in October 2020.
Kylie Jenner Marvels at Son’s Tiny Toes in Photo With Stormi
Kylie Jenner welcomed her second child nearly four months ago — and she’s still in awe of her little boy. In the photo, Stormi sported pink leggings as she stood next to her brother in a Fisher-Price baby bouncer. “FYI our son’s name isn’t Wolf anymore,” Jenner wrote via her Instagram Story in March. After flaunting her postpartum abs via Instagram earlier this month, Jenner brought Stormi to Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker’s nuptials in Portofino, Italy. “Celebrating love ?,” the Kendall + Kylie designer captioned an Instagram snap at the time, showing off her floral Dolce & Gabbana dress.
Big Brother's Memphis Garrett, Christmas Abbott Are Married
From the Big Brother house to the wedding aisle! Memphis Garrett and Christmas Abbott have officially tied the knot nearly one year after getting engaged. She is my forever girl.”The former Big Brother stars wed at the Georgia State Railroad Museum in Savannah, Georgia, on Saturday surrounded by their loved ones. Several of the duo’s fellow Big Brother personalities couldn’t help but chime in, offering their well wishes. Us Weekly previously confirmed in December 2020 that Garrett and Abbott were dating following the conclusion of their Big Brother: All-Stars tenure two months earlier.
Stranger Things' Brett Gelman Gushes About Working With Winona Ryder
While reflecting on filming season 4 of Stranger Things, Brett Gelman revealed that having Murray team up with Joyce — without Hopper — offered a unique professional highlight for him. According to Gelman, getting to play his eccentric character over the years taught him some important lessons. It was just really fun to get back.”The Illinois native praised Stranger Things for allowing him to bring some humor to the sci-fi series. To get to be funny in this kind of cantankerous and anxiety-ridden way,” Gelman said. I think that is something he believes as well.”Season 4 of Stranger Things is now streaming on Netflix.
Wynonna Judd Mourns Late Mom Naomi: Not How 'The Judds' Story Ends'
Wynonna Judd got deeply candid about how she is coping in the weeks after her mother, Naomi Judd, died by suicide. (The “Love Can Build a Bridge” singer opened up about her food addiction in 2005.) The Kentucky native specifically describing how she is planning to hold herself accountable for her well-being. Wynonna’s sister, Ashley, revealed their mother’s cause of death in a candid interview with Good Morning America earlier this month. Listen to Us Weekly's Hot Hollywood as each week the editors of Us break down the hottest entertainment news stories!
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17 Slimming Rompers That We Can’t Wait to Start Wearing
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Becca Kufrin, Thomas Jacobs Engaged After Meeting on 'BiP'
Becca Kufrin and Thomas Jacobs are officially engaged after rekindling their romance late last year. “In the ultimate plot twist … HE SAID YES,” Kufrin, 32, captioned Sunday, May 29, Instagram photos with her beau, 29. Although Kufrin and Jacobs got off to a rocky start, they formed a strong bond throughout the season. “What a difference half a year makes,” she captioned a cute photo with Jacobs in December 2021 via Instagram. 2021 rocks.”Jacobs, for his part, also shared a sweet Instagram tribute to Kufrin on their anniversary, writing, “And just like that, 6 months later.
Rosario Dawson's 'Ahsoka' Series: Everything to Know So Far
Disney+ has slowly been rolling a slate of brand-new Star Wars series, and iit is Ahsoka Tano’s time to shine. The streaming platform greenlit Ahsoka, inspired by the Clone Wars character. I retweeted back and I was like, ‘Absolutely, yes please’ and ‘#AhsokaLives,’” the Rent actress told Vanity Fair in November 2020. “And apparently that got the attention of someone who has been doing the Star Wars press for years. Yeah, I think maybe she would make a good Ahsoka,’” he told Vanity Fair at the time.
Keeping Up With Kim Kardashian’s Kicks — The $65 Sneakers You Need in Your Life
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Becca Kufrin, Thomas Jacobs’ Relationship Timeline
Becca Kufrin found love with Thomas Jacobs after deciding to give romance on reality TV another shot. Despite being a little gun shy at the thought of falling in love on a reality show following two failed engagements, Kufrin arrived on the beach five days into filming. While it wasn’t love at first sight, she eventually fell for Jacobs, who fans met during season 17 of The Bachelorette earlier that year. After a brief breakup during the show’s finale, the two made up off camera and started dating outside of the spotlight. “I was like, ‘Mom, I think I want to marry this guy,’” she told listeners during her joint podcast interview in October 2021.
Bachelor Nation 2022 Engagements: Stars Who Are Getting Married
Whether they’re finding love on camera or offscreen, Bachelor Nation has had no shortage of happily ever afters in 2022. While season 26 lead Clayton Echard didn’t get engaged during his season finale, which aired in March, he did get the girl. Underwood isn’t the only Bachelor or Bachelorette alum to get engaged this year. “In the ultimate plot twist…HE SAID YES!” the Bachelor season 22 winner wrote, while Jacobs chimed in, “The ultimate UNO reverse card / power move. Cheers to forever Boops.”Scroll down to see which of your Bachelor Nation favorites got engaged this year:
Bachelor Nation Reacts to Becca Kufrin, Thomas Jacobs’ Engagement
After Becca Kufrin privately popped the question to boyfriend Thomas Jacobs with only their dogs in attendance, their fellow Bachelor Nation alums were excited to learn the news. The Bachelorette season 14 lead initially met Jacobs on the Bachelor in Paradise beach during 2021’s season 7. And she seems happy, so that’s all that really matters,” Caroline Lunny exclusively told Us Weekly in February of her Bachelor costar’s now-fiancé. “… I’m happy that [her past engagement to Garrett Yrigoyen] didn’t [work out] because she just seems a lot happier now. And things just seem like they’re in the right place.”Scroll below to see how Bachelor Nation celebrated Kufrin and Jacobs’ engagement:
Female Stars Who Proposed to Their Significant Others
A man doesn’t have to be the one who pops the question — and there are many female stars who have taken control and proposed to their significant others. Dax Shepard originally proposed to Kristen Bell in 2009, but the pair chose to wait on getting married until marriage equality existed in the U.S. When the Supreme Court ruled in favor of same-sex marriage in June 2013, the Good Place alum asked the former Parenthood star to marry her via Twitter. Subban proposed to Lindsey Vonn in August 2019, she decided to return the favorite months later. I just kind of did it.”Scroll down to see all the badass female stars who chose to ask their male partners to marry them.
Lando Norris Diagnosed With Tonsillitis, Scores Points in Spanish GP
Lando Norris looked like he was struggling throughout the Spanish Grand Prix weekend, commenting on Saturday how he was “suffering with my throat and my eyes and seeing.”He confirmed at the time that it was not COVID-19, and Sky Sports reported that Norris has continued to test negative for COVID-19. Despite battling an illness, he managed to snag P11 in qualifying and scored points for the team on Sunday as he came in P8. His post-race media duties were canceled, and team principal Andreas Seidl revealed Norris’s diagnosis, which was later confirmed by the driver in the post-race press release. “I’ve had to miss a lot of engineering sessions, which has compromised my weekend, and I definitely wasn’t as prepared for the Grand Prix as I could have been. “I can’t thank him enough for battling through and he showed a great fighting spirit because in the end it enabled us to score these four points today,” Seidl added.
Mick Schumacher Went From Practice Fire to First Q3 Appearance in Career
Schumacher had a promising start after finishing 11th in the Bahrain season opener. Schumacher was close to scoring his first F1 points in Miami earlier this month until he collided with Sebastian Vettel. Despite the fire, his team made the repairs necessary for qualifying, and for the first time in his Formula One career, Schumacher made it to the third stage of qualifying. The second-year driver will start Sunday in P10 while his teammate Kevin Magnussen is two spots higher in P8. This marks the first time since 2019 that Haas F1 will have both drivers starting in the top 10.
F1 Standings Take a Turn As Leclerc Retires: Three Takeaways From Spain
Meanwhile, the now-former leader in the driver standings, Charles Leclerc, held the lead up until lap 27 when he lost power, forcing him to retire. But Pérez said after the race: “I’m happy for the team, but we need to speak later.”Here’s three takeaways from the Spanish Grand Prix. Red Bull arguably made some questionable decisions with their drivers, electing to prioritize Verstappen over Pérez. Although the Red Bull drivers made their way past the young rising star, he held on to score his second podium this season. Red Bull leads the Constructor standings with 195 points compared to Ferrari’s 169.
Steve Kerr Says He Supports Gabe Kapler’s National Anthem Protest
After Giants manager Gabe Kapler announced he will not come out of the locker room for the national anthem, another Bay Area coach is giving Kapler his support: Warriors head coach Steve Kerr. “I always support any form of peaceful protest,” Kerr told the media on Sunday. Kapler also penned an essay explaining his thoughts on the state of the country and the difficulty he had in making his decision. “I’m tired, I’m so tired of getting up here and offering condolences to the devastated families that are out there. I’m tired of the moments of silence.”
'Top Gun: Maverick' wins Tom Cruise first $100 million opening
Do I have Long COVID? As many as 23 million Americans want to know, as more than 200 symptoms emerge
Victor Perez Wins Dutch Open Over Ryan Fox in Four-Hole Playoff
The Frenchman's putter kept him alive in the playoff and then won it with a birdie at the fourth playoff hole. CROMVOIRT, Netherlands — Victor Perez of France birdied the fourth hole of a dramatic playoff with Ryan Fox to win the Dutch Open on Sunday for the second DP World Tour title of his career. On the fourth playoff hole, Perez rolled in another long-range putt on the 17th green and Fox missed his. “There’s a fair amount of fortune, I’ve got to be honest with myself, holing all those long putts in the playoff,” Perez said. England’s Matt Wallace, who began the day tied for the lead with Perez, shot a closing 72 to share fifth place with Sweden’s Sebastian Soderberg.
Red Bull Team Principal Christian Horner Defended Team Orders From Spanish GP
Red Bull may have recorded a 1–2 finish in Barcelona after Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc retired due to a power unit failure, but how Max Verstappen walked away with the victory may leave some Sergio Pérez fans fuming. The Dutchman was ultimately prioritized over Pérez, and Red Bull principal Christian Horner defended the team’s decision to move Verstappen ahead. Verstappen, though, was also struggling with his DRS (drag reduction system), which impacted his ability to pass Russell. Russell managed to keep Verstappen behind him for 19 laps. So both drivers worked together as a team and to get the maximum points today was hugely important when Ferrari had an issue.”Verstappen and Red Bull now lead both the driver and Constructor standings heading into this weekend’s Monaco Grand Prix.
Carlos Sainz, Charles Leclerc Become Voice Actors for ‘Lightyear’
Get ready Ferrari fans, you will soon be able to hear from two of your favorite drivers on the big screen. Carlos Sainz and Charles Leclerc traded in driving to be voice actors for a day for the latest Disney Pixar feature film, “Lightyear,” the team announced Wednesday. The duo voiced the same character with Leclerc doing the Italian version while Sainz did the Spanish. Voiceovers like this are not unheard of among Formula One drivers. Lewis Hamilton, Fernando Alonso and Sebastian Vettel all took part in the English, Spanish and German versions of “Cars 3,” respectively.
Sebastian Vettel Robbed in Barcelona After Spanish Grand Prix, per Report
Four-time World Drivers’ champion Sebastian Vettel was the victim of a robbery in Barcelona following last weekend’s Spanish Grand Prix, according to ESPN. The 34-year-old driver had a bag taken from him, though was able to locate it using the GPS feature on his AirPods. When he followed their location, he found them discarded from the bag, with the rest of his belongings gone. According to a Spanish news report, Vettel chased the assailants using a scooter, though it’s unclear whether there was a confrontation between the group beyond that. “A bag belonging to Sebastian was stolen in Barcelona this morning,” the statement read.
Sergio Pérez Says Cool Tires Caused His Monaco GP Qualifying Wreck
Sergio Pérez went on a flying final qualifying lap on Saturday behind Charles Leclerc, but as he rounded the Portier, the Red Bull driver spun, losing the rear as he collided backwards into the barriers. And just moments later, Ferrari’s Carlos Sainz hit Pérez’s right-front wheel, unable to stop in time for the yellow flags. Pérez ended up being sent to the medical center because his car’s G-sensor registered a hard enough impact that required him to be checked. “I think the strategy with the tire, especially that final set—it wasn’t up to temperature, and it was just too peaky,” Pérez said. But as soon as I touched the throttle, I could feel like the rear tire was not gripping in.
F1 Star Charles Leclerc Takes Monaco GP Pole As Sergio Perez Wrecks Late in Q3
For the second time in the last three races, Ferrari will start both cars on the front row at the Monaco Grand Prix after a frenzied finish to Saturday’s qualifying session. Charles Leclerc dominated on his home track, posting a 1:11.376 in Q3 to claim pole position for Sunday’s race. The second spot wasn’t guaranteed for Sainz, until disaster struck for Pérez on his final flying lap of the qualifying session. Once the dust settled, McLaren’s Lando Norris finished fifth ahead of George Russell, who will start sixth in tomorrow’s race. Fernando Alonso and Esteban Ocon claimed seventh and 10th respectively, in what was a strong qualifying session for the Alpine team.
McLaren’s Zak Brown: Ricciardo Has ’Not Met His or Our Expectations’
Comparatively, his McLaren teammate Lando Norris has broken into the top 10 four times, including snagging a podium finish in Imola. Ricciardo went from tallying seven wins for Red Bull from 2014-18 to then going winless for two years with Renault. “Lando definitely has an edge,” McLaren CEO Zak Brown told Sky Sports’ Any Driven Monday. Meanwhile, Ricciardo has only scored points once this season for McLaren with his sixth place finish in Melbourne. “I think it also points to how good Lando is,” Brown said.
Former F1 Champ Raikkonen to Make NASCAR Cup Series Debut at Watkins Glen
Kimi Räikkönen is returning to the NASCAR Cup Series to compete at Watkins Glen in August. He will join Trackhouse Racing as part of its new international driver program, competing alongside their current drivers—Daniel Suarez and Ross Chastain. Trackhouse Entertainment Group announced the launch of PROJECT91 earlier this week, saying in a team release that it’s “a program designed to expand its international reach by fielding a NASCAR Cup Series entry for renowned international racing drivers.”Räikkönen was one of Formula One’s biggest names. Back in 2011, he competed in an Xfinity Series race and a Truck Series race for Kyle Busch Motorsports at Charlotte Motor Speedway. Meanwhile, Trackhouse Racing has made a splash this season, tallying two wins.
Former F1 Boss Arrested in Brazil for Illegally Carrying Gun at Airport
Former F1 Boss Arrested in Brazil for Illegally Carrying Gun at AirportSAO PAULO (AP) — Former Formula One head Bernie Ecclestone was arrested in Brazil for having a gun while boarding a plane, police said Thursday. The 91-year-old Ecclestone was released on bail and Brazilian media reported that he took a private jet to Switzerland a short time later. Gun possession is allowed in Brazil if owners show they do need firearms for their own security. Ecclestone gained a marketing grip on F1 in the late 1970s by selling its TV rights. Ecclestone claimed during an interview on CNN that “in lots of cases, Black people are more racist” than white people.
Billy Horschel at the Charles Schwab Challenge: Live Stream, TV Channel | May 26-29
May 20, 2022; Tulsa, OK, USA; Billy Horschel plays his shot from the 13th tee during the second round of the PGA Championship golf tournament at Southern Hills Country Club. Mandatory Credit: Michael Madrid-USA TODAY Sports
Kevin Tway at the Charles Schwab Challenge: Live Stream, TV Channel | May 26-29
How to Watch Kevin Tway at the Charles Schwab Challenge: Live Stream, TV ChannelApr 21, 2022; Avondale, Louisiana, USA; Kevin Tway plays from the 13th tee during the first round of the Zurich Classic of New Orleans golf tournament. Mandatory Credit: Andrew Wevers-USA TODAY SportsKevin Tway is in 91st position, with a score of +3, following the first round of the 2022 Charles Schwab Challenge at Colonial Country Club. How to Watch Kevin Tway at the Charles Schwab ChallengeDate: May 26-29, 2022May 26-29, 2022 TV: Golf ChannelGolf Channel Location: Fort Worth, TexasFort Worth, Texas Course: Colonial Country ClubColonial Country Club Live Stream on fuboTV:Start with a 7-day free trial! Tway's StatisticsTway has finished below par once and carded one round with a better-than-average score over his last five rounds played. Tway has ended up six or more shots behind the best score of the day in each of his last five rounds.
Monaco Grand Prix Delayed Due to Rainy Conditions
MONACO (AP) — The start of the Monaco Grand Prix has been delayed by heavy rain. The field initially lined up and completed a delayed formation lap behind the safety car. But drivers climbed from their cars when he rain began to fall harder and it became clear Sunday’s start would be delayed. After two days of steady sunshine, heavy rains arrived in Monaco around 20 minutes before the scheduled start. The FIA made the call to delay the start as the cars were not prepared with the tires needed to start under wet conditions.
Erik Van Rooyen at the Charles Schwab Challenge: Live Stream, TV Channel | May 26-29
May 20, 2022; Tulsa, OK, USA; Erik van Rooyen drops his club after a shot on the 13th tee during the second round of the PGA Championship golf tournament at Southern Hills Country Club. Mandatory Credit: Michael Madrid-USA TODAY Sports
How to Watch New York Mets vs. Philadelphia Phillies: Streaming & TV | 5/29/2022
May 28, 2022; New York City, New York, USA; New York Mets second baseman Jeff McNeil (1) is greeted by first baseman Pete Alonso (20) after hitting a three run home run against the Philadelphia Phillies in the fourth inning at Citi Field. Mandatory Credit: Wendell Cruz-USA TODAY Sports
Phillies at Mets Live Stream: Watch MLB Online Free, Channel
The Phillies and Mets will face off on Sunday Night Baseball on Sunday in this huge NL East matchup. The 2022 MLB season has been moving quickly and it's hard to believe how deep we already are into the year. Finishing off the day will be a great Sunday Night Baseball matchup between the Phillies and Mets in New York. How to Watch the Philadelphia Phillies at New York Mets Today:Game Date: May 29, 2022Game Time: 7:00 p.m. ESTTV Channel: ESPN2Live stream the Philadelphia Phillies at New York Mets game on fuboTV: Start with a 7-day free trial! After winning the first two games of this series, the Mets will look to finish off the sweep tonight.
Bank of Hope LPGA Match Play Finals Live Stream Watch Free Online
The final round of the second annual Bank of Hope LPGA match play tees off with the semifinals and final match today. The semifinals start the day for the 2022 Bank of Hope LPGA match-play event before the finals between the two golfers that advance. Ally Ewing won this event last year in the first playing of the Bank of Hope LPGA Match Play tournament but a new champion will be crowned today. How to Watch Bank of Hope LPGA Match Play, Finals today:Game Date: May 29, 2022Game Time: 6:30 p.m. ETTV: The Golf ChannelWatch Bank of Hope LPGA Match Play, Finals online with fuboTV: Start with a 7-day free trial!
NOLA Gold at Free Jacks Live Stream: Watch Rugby Online Free
The Free Jacks look to bounce back after they saw their 10-game winning streak snapped when they take on NOLA Gold on Sunday. With the top seed in the Eastern Conference already secured, the Free Jacks look to keep their dominant run through the regular season going when they host the NOLA Gold on Sunday. How to Watch NOLA Gold at New England Free Jacks TodayGame Date: May 29, 2022Game Time: 6:30 p.m. The Free Jacks lead Major League Rugby with 56 points this season and a league-high 12 wins so far in 2022. With the playoffs only two weeks away, the Free Jacks look to get back in form when they host the NOLA Gold at Veterans Stadium in Quincy on Sunday night.
Liberty at Storm Live Stream: Watch WNBA Online Free, Channel
The Liberty and Storm played in an overtime thriller in their last game. This season has started off rough for both the Liberty (1-6) and the Storm (4-3), but for different reasons. How to Watch New York Liberty at Seattle Storm today:Game Date: May 29, 2022Game Time: 6:00 p.m. ETTV: My Network TV (KZJO - Seattle-Tacoma, WA)Watch New York Liberty at Seattle Storm online with fuboTV: Start with a 7-day free trial! If Seattle has MVP Stewart on the court, it can go on a run and win not only today but another WNBA title this season.
How to Watch San Diego Padres vs. Pittsburgh Pirates: Streaming & TV | 5/29/2022
May 27, 2022; San Diego, California, USA; San Diego Padres center fielder Trent Grisham (left) runs off the field with left fielder Jurickson Profar (center) and right fielder Wil Myers (right) after defeating the Pittsburgh Pirates at Petco Park. Mandatory Credit: Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports
Angels Catcher Kurt Suzuki Hit With Warm-Up Pitch, Exits With Neck Contusion
Angels catcher Kurt Suzuki left Saturday night’s game against the Blue Jays after being struck in the neck by a warm-up pitch in the third inning. Suzuki needed to be assisted off the field by trainers and underwent tests at a local hospital, where he was deemed healthy enough to return home. Suzuki said on Sunday that he lost consciousness after the pitch hit him, but that he feels fine now and is only experiencing general soreness, according to’s Rhett Bollinger. Suzuki was catching warm-up pitches from starter Michael Lorenzen when a ball bounced in the dirt, deflected upward and hit him in the neck. Suzuki is in his second season with the Angels and 16th big-league season.
Game Tape with Tony: Danny Zhilkin
Steven Ellis / The Hockey NewsGame Tape with Tony is an interview series with NHL draft prospects with host Tony Ferrari. Combining a laid-back interview with breaking down game tape with the prospects, Game Tape has become an excellent way to get a peek into the mindset of players as they look to take the next step in their hockey careers. On this episode of Game Tape, Tony sits down with Danny Zhilkin of the Guelph Storm in the OHL. Tony and Danny discuss his experience at the CHL Top Prospects Game, what went into his decision to represent Canada internationally and how his game translates to the next level. They cap things off by getting to know Danny off the ice, discussing music, movies, and more
Leon Draisaitl's Playoff Brilliance Can't Be Ignored
After setting an NHL record for assists in a single playoff series, Leon Draisaitl has shown that an ankle sprain can't keep him down. Sergei Belski-USA TODAY SportsConnor McDavid’s overtime winner will go down as one of the greatest moments in Edmonton Oilers playoff history, and rightfully so. With that assist, Draisaitl set a new NHL record for assists in a single playoff series, totalling 15 throughout the series against the Flames. McDavid was leading the Oilers in points, and the Flames were looking for a way to slow him down. He stepped aside and gave way to the newcomers, Evander Kane, who's leading the Oilers in playoff scoring and Zach Hyman, the only Oiler in franchise history to score in each game in a playoff series.
Jason Spezza Announces Retirement from NHL
After a 19-year NHL career and nearly 1,250 games, Jason Spezza has announced his retirement from the NHL. John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY SportsAfter a 19-year NHL career and nearly 1,250 games, Jason Spezza has announced his retirement from the NHL. This past season, Spezza had 25 points in 71 regular season games and one assist in five playoff games. Outside of the NHL, Spezza won one World Championship with Canada and two silvers, a Spengler Cup and three World Junior Championship medals. He was named best forward at the 2015 World Championship after leading Canada to gold.
Finland Wins 2022 Men's World Hockey Championship Gold
For the second time in three tournaments, Finland has won gold at the men's World Hockey Championship after beating Canada 4-3 in overtime. For the second time in three tournaments, Finland has won gold at the men's World Hockey Championship after beating Canada 4-3 in overtime. Finland secured its fourth World Championship gold and second in the past four tournaments, with both of those coming against Canada. Finland is the first team since Sweden in 2006 to win gold in the men's Olympic and World Championship tournaments in the same year, with 15 players winning double gold. In the extra frame, Saku Manninen scored his fifth power-play goal of the tournament to win the game, giving Finland double gold.
Drake Won a Massive Bet When USC’s Drake London Was Drafted
Rapper Drake made quite the bet for the first round of the 2022 NFL draft. Drake wagered $100,000 bet on USC’s Drake London to be the first wide receiver drafted on Thursday night. His choice, made most likely because of his name, who had +335 odds (3.35 to 1) on the betting site Drake used to place his bet. London had the third best odds behind Ohio State’s Garrett Wilson and Alabama’s Jameson Williams to be the first receiver off the board, according to Yahoo! 10–12 picks: Wilson to the Jets, Ohio State’s Chris Olave to the Saints and Williams to the Lions.
Here’s the GIF That Joc Pederson Says Ticked Off Tommy Pham Last Year
The feud between Giants outfielder Joc Pederson and Reds outfielder Tommy Pham is one of the strangest feuds baseball has ever seen. And on Sunday, one Twitter user discovered a gif that played a significant role in all the absurdity. It was reported Friday that before the two teams played each other Pham slapped Pederson and was eventually suspended three games for the altercation. Pederson said he sent a gif in the group chat mocking the Padres, the team Pham played for last season, and Pham didn’t take too kindly to it. Pederson was mocking the team’s disappointing season, and it looks like Pham is the type to hold grudges.
Nottingham Forest Earns Promotion to Premier League With Playoff Win
LONDON (AP) — Two-time European Cup winner Nottingham Forest is back in the top flight of English soccer for the first time since 1999. Forest beat Huddersfield 1–0 in the Championship playoff final at Wembley Stadium on Sunday to secure its return to the English Premier League next season. Huddersfield, which had two strong penalty appeals waved away in the second half, finished the regular season in third place—one spot ahead of Forest—as it sought a first return to the Premier League since relegation in 2019. Forest is a big name in English soccer, having won back-to-back European Cups, in 1979 and ’80, under Brian Clough. “He’s come in and he’s given us that hope, given us that belief and he’s just been so nice.
2022 NFL Draft Betting Recap: Big Payouts and Shocking Beats
Late Wednesday, respected steam arrived that drove the dynamic cornerback's overall draft position of 12.5 down to 8.5 and still cashed well inside the closing number. In the final 72 hours leading up to Thursday night, respected steam drove Walker’s overall betting position of 43.5 down to 26.5! However, Neal saw his opening draft position projection of 3.5 by oddsmakers balloon to 6.5 by early Thursday morning. Kyle Hamilton, Over 11.5 Overall Draft PositionFormer Notre Dame safety Kyle Hamilton witnessed one of the biggest falls from the original draft position projections posted by oddsmakers. Willis, who opened with a betting draft position of 9.5, plummeted to 16.5, with the closing number easily cashing to the over.
Valtteri Filppula Becomes 30th Member of Triple Gold Club
After winning gold with Finland at the 2022 World Hockey Championship, Valtteri Filppula has become the 30th member and first from Finland to join the elusive triple gold club. After winning gold with Finland at the 2022 World Hockey Championship, Valtteri Filppula has become the 30th member and first from Finland to join the elusive triple gold club. Two of the golds came in 2022, as Finland became the first team since Sweden in 2006 to win the Olympics and World Championship in the same year. This is Filppula's first World Championship medal, with just two previous tournament appearances in 2012 and 2017. Filppula played 16 seasons in the NHL, recording 530 points with Detroit, Tampa Bay, Philadelphia and the New York Islanders before signing in Switzerland last summer.
Sergio Perez Becomes First Mexican Driver to Win Monaco Grand Prix
MONACO (AP) — Sergio Pérez rebounded from Red Bull team orders that denied him a chance to race for the win one week ago to pick up his first Formula One win of the season in the rain-marred Monaco Grand Prix. Although Leclerc finished the race for the first time in four tries, he finished fourth and allowed reigning world champion Max Verstappen to extend his lead in the points standings. Carlos Sainz Jr. finished second for Ferrari and Verstappen was third for Red Bull. But the win went to Verstappen's teammate just one week after Pérez was ordered to cede the lead to Verstappen during the Spanish Grand Prix. “You dream of winning this, and after your home race, there is no place more special to win,” Pérez said after waving the Mexican flag.
Monaco Grand Prix: Three Takeaways As Sergio Perez Makes F1 History
Pérez made Monaco Grand Prix history as he became the first Mexican driver to win the jewel of Formula One. And, he is the most successful Mexican driver in F1’s history after winning his third race. And these points have been sizable for him—Russell sits fourth in the driver standings, just one point ahead of Sainz. IMAGO / ANPHere’s three takeaways from the Monaco Grand Prix, where a timer determined the race instead of the number of laps. We also need to continue to develop our race car.
Celtics vs. Heat: Seven Questions on Game 7
Celtics vs. Heat. It may not be more simple for Miami in Game 7 than getting a great Butler game as opposed to a mediocre one. Nothing will be easy for the Celtics on Sunday night against a confident Heat team that features several gutsy veterans who won’t be rattled by the moment. And while the Heat have pushed them, for large stretches of this series Boston has controlled the action on the floor. I also worry slightly about an emotional letdown for the Heat after the rush of that Game 6 win.
Video of Tommy Pham Slapping Joc Pederson Has Leaked
Reds outfielder Tommy Pham slapped Giants outfielder Joc Pederson on Friday night, leading to one of the strangest sports feuds in recent memory. The video shows Pham approaching Pederson and one other member of the Giants, and slapping Pederson before both teams converged to separate the two. The issue between the team seemed to stem from whether Pederson properly used Injured Reserve on Jeff Wilson despite Wilson not actually being on IR. Pham also claimed that Pederson “disrespected” the Padres in a group text, which prompted Pederson to show the media the specific text he sent. Pederson said Pham dropped out of the league in the middle of the season in part due to this issue.
Rafael Nadal Wins Five-Set Thriller, Advances to French Open Quarterfinals
PARIS (AP) — By the end of only the third five-setter Rafael Nadal has played in 112 career French Open matches, as the sun and temperature descended and the chants of “Ra-fa! Nadal got through his first serious test of this French Open by edging No. Djokovic leads 30-28, although Nadal has a 7-2 advantage at the French Open. 1-ranked Djokovic, twice the title winner at the French Open, is just one behind Nadal in the total Slam count, tied with Roger Federer at 20. “It’s a huge challenge,” Djokovic said about the prospect of facing Nadal, “and probably the biggest one that you can have here in Roland Garros.
Tuskegee Coach Says He Got Death Threats Over Nick Saban Comments
Tuskegee football coach and athletic director Reginald Ruffin suggested last week that Alabama should schedule more games vs. HBCU programs. Ruffin said Wednesday he received death threats for those comments. “To see those comments over what was misconstrued from my post—my post was not to suggest to coach [Saban], to tell coach or demand coach or tell him what to do,” Ruffin told HBCU Sports’s Kendrick Marshall. Ruffin’s post suggested Alabama rotate games between HBCUs in Alabama, which he thinks would be good for both sides. He also added he wants HBCUs to have more exposure against the best teams, especially against teams that are in the same state.
Barclays Center Stampede Injures 10 After False Reports of Active Shooter
At least 10 people were injured at Barclays Center in Brooklyn early Sunday morning when a stampede erupted due to a suspected active shooter in the arena. Barclays played host to the boxing match between Gervonta “Tank” Davis and Rolando Romero, which began and ended after midnight. After the match ended, fans were filing out of the arena when they heard a loud noise that sounded like gunshots. Fans rushed out of the stadium believing they were in danger. According to TMZ, a rumor started that an active shooter was in the area, which further intensified the stampede, leading to multiple injuries.
Sadio Mane Expected to Leave Liverpool, per Reports
Liverpool star Sadio Mané is set to leave the club this summer, according to multiple reports. The Athletic’s James Pearce reported that Mané is expected to leave the club, although no deal has been announced amid reports that a move to Bayern Munich is imminent. Mané, whose current contract with Liverpool has one year remaining, said last week that he would announce a decision on his future shortly after the Champions League final, which Liverpool lost to Real Madrid on Saturday. While at Liverpool, Mané won the Premier League title in 2019–20 along with the Champions League in 2018–19. Along with winning the League Cup and FA Cup with Liverpool, Mané also helped lead Senegal to World Cup qualification once again at Egypt’s expense.
Mike Breen Won’t Call Celtics-Heat Game 7 Due to COVID-19, per Report
ESPN announcer Mike Breen tested positive for COVID-19 and will miss tonight’s Game 7 between the Celtics and Heat, The New York Posts’s Andrew Marchand reports. Marchand added that ESPN hopes Breen will clear protocols by Thursday, when the NBA Finals is scheduled to begin. Mark Jones will announce the game with Mark Jackson and Jeff Van Gundy in Breen’s place. Breen has been ESPN’s main NBA play-by-play since 2006, when he took over for Al Michaels, having been the voice of the NBA Finals for every year in that span. Sunday’s game will be the last NBA game until Thursday, which should give Breen enough time to return for Game 1 of the NBA Finals.
Heat Player Says Draymond Green ‘Broke the Code’ With Comment Thursday Night
Following Miami’s 111–103 victory over Boston at TD Garden on Friday night, Heat forward Udonis Haslem sprinted over to the ESPN announcing crew and made sure to get his point across on television before exiting the floor. Haslem told ESPN announcer Mike Breen to tell Warriors forward Draymond Green “thank you” for the motivation as the Heat staved off elimination to force a Game 7 in Miami on Sunday night for a trip to the NBA Finals. We’re going to play Boston. That’s who we’re going to play,” Green said. More NBA Coverage:For more Miami Heat coverage, go to Inside The Heat
8 Gardening and Plant-Based Video Games for Spring
One of my favorite games of all time, Stardew Valley uses a nostalgic, pixel artwork style and starts with the inheritance of a family farm. Choose between plots of land with environmental distinctions like the riverland farm, the forest farm, and the beach farm. When playing Stardew Valley, I’m often more interested in exploring the mines and romancing the nearby villagers, but you can also grow numerous crops on the land. New players who want to prioritize gardening in the game can learn useful strategies online. For example, ezlilyy on YouTube has advice for building efficient greenhouses and Wickey can show you how to cultivate the highly profitable ancient fruit.
Everything You Need to Know About Monkeypox
While the current monkeypox outbreak will be the first time many have heard of the disease, the virus is thought to have been infecting people for centuries, possibly even millennia. The monkeypox rash is quite distinct—skin eruptions that begin flat and red, before starting to blister and fill with white pus. Monkeypox typically affects people who have come into contact with infected animals—usually rodents that are capable of harboring the virus. In the current outbreak it appears that sexual contact has provided one route of transmission—most likely through skin-to-skin contact. An example of this was in 2003, when monkeypox reached the US after infected animals were shipped from Ghana to Illinois.
The 11 Best Portable Chargers for All of Your Devices
Unfortunately, getting that maximum rate also depends on your device, the standards it supports, and the charging cable you use. Pass-Through: If you want to charge your power bank and use it to charge another device simultaneously, it will need pass-through support. The Nimble, GoalZero, Elecjet, Biolite, Mophie, and Zendure portable chargers listed support pass-through charging. We would advise caution when using pass-through, as it can also cause portable chargers to heat up. If your power bank has a larger capacity than 27,000 mAh, you should check with the airline.
Let’s Get Our Shit Together—Literally
If a bear shits in the woods and a scientist is there to collect it, where will it be stored? Scientists could make deposits or check out specimens from a diverse collection of casks and vials—the world’s most comprehensive collection of preserved poo. Its walls would be smooth and cool, and its visitor log would read like a who’s who of biological science. Marine mammal protection laws prohibit harassment, hunting, capturing, collecting, or killing whales, so the study of live whales is very much the study of their poo. Marine ecologist Matthew Savoca snags whale poop to study microplastic pollution and recently published research in Nature showing that baleen whales eat therefore and poop up to three times more than we thought.
23 Best Memorial Day Sales on Mattresses (2022): Hybrid, Sustainable, Foam
Other Sustainable Mattress DealsBirch Natural Photograph: BirchEnter code MDSALE400 at checkout to see the discount, which also comes with two pillows. Other Hybrid Mattress DealsCasper Original Hybrid Photograph: CasperYou've probably heard of Casper, given that its first foam mattress made the bed-in-a-box concept popular. Leesa's Hybrid Mattress is another of our favorites. This mattress also went up in price; last Memorial Day it was down to $1,299 with the same discount. As with Casper though, we prefer Leesa's hybrid mattress, if you can spring for it.
The 37 Best Memorial Day Deals on Tech, Gaming, Home, and More
Be sure to check out our other Memorial Day deals coverage, including the Best Memorial Day Mattress Deals, Best Memorial Day Outdoors Deals, Best Masturbation May Sex Tech Deals, and Best REI Anniversary Sale Deals for more. Tech DealsLG C1 OLED Photograph: LGThis matches the best price we've seen on the LG C1 OLED (8/10, WIRED Recommends). This is the best deal we've seen for the action camera since last year. Its products are featured in many of our guides, including the Best Wireless Chargers, Best USB Hubs, Best iPad Accessories, and Best iPhone Accessories. Samsung is offering its latest Galaxy Watch4 for free if you purchase one of three phones: Galaxy Z Flip3, Galaxy Z Fold3 (7/10, WIRED Recommends), or Galaxy S22 Ultra (9/10, WIRED Recommends).
'Wild Bunch' and 'American Graffiti' actor Bo Hopkins dies at 84
Hopkins appeared in more than 100 movies and TV shows. Bo Hopkins, who appeared in more than 100 movies and television shows including The Wild Bunch and American Graffiti, has died at the age of 84. HOLLYWOOD, CA - APRIL 10: Bo Hopkins attends the 2014 TCM Classic Film Festival's opening night gala and world premiere of the restoration of "Oklahoma!" (Photo by Jennifer Lourie/FilmMagic) Bo Hopkins | Credit: Jennifer Lourie/FilmMagicHopkins was born in Greenville, S.C., on February 2, 1938, according to THR —although several sources, including Hopkins' website, list his birth year as 1942. Hopkins appeared in a number of mainstay television shows in the 1970s and 1980s, including Dynasty, Charlie's Angels, Fantasy Island, Hotel, The A-Team, and Murder, She Wrote.
All the Game of Thrones connections in Stranger Things season 4
Stranger Things 2 Stranger Things type TV Show network genre Sci-fiAction AdventureHorrorWarning: This article contains spoilers for Stranger Things season 4. Winter has come for Stranger Things season 4. STRANGER THINGS. Courtesy of Netflix © 2022 Joseph Quinn as Eddie Munson on 'Stranger Things,' Maisie Williams as Arya Stark on 'Game of Thrones,' and Tom Wlaschiha as Dmitri on 'Stranger Things.' Read our full recap of Stranger Things season 4.
Elon Musk’s Twitter Plans Would Mean Less Free Speech for Many
Despite his insistence that he will make Twitter a haven for free speech, Musk’s vision for content moderation is to comply with local laws. But protections for free speech are weaker in many other countries, including Turkey, India, and Russia. A standard of only allowing what is permitted by law would result in less free speech on Twitter, not more. “Twitter is one of few spaces in Russia for free expression,” says Natalia Krapiva, technology legal counsel at Access Now. “In places like Russia, laws are intentionally broad and vague, which means the government can choose how and when they want to enforce it.”
How Stranger Things season 4 sets the stage for Nancy and Steve to get back together
Stranger Things 2 Stranger Things type TV Show network genre Sci-fiAction AdventureHorrorWarning: This article contains spoilers for Stranger Things season 4. Season 4 of Stranger Things debuted on Netflix Friday, and it brought lots of changes for our Hawkins crew, particularly in the love department. As the season progresses though, the show continuously hints at an opening for Nancy and Steve to get back together. (Remember, Nancy broke up with Steve way back in season 2, and has been with Jonathan pretty much since). Stranger Things 4 Nancy (Natalie Dyer), Steve (Joe Keery), Eddie (Joseph Quinn), and Robin (Maya Hawke) in Netflix's 'Stranger Things' | Credit: NetflixThe hints that they might get back together are everywhere, from Robin strongly insisting to Nancy that she and Steve are platonic (with a capital P!)
Top Gun: Maverick flies high as Tom Cruise's biggest box office debut
1 at the domestic and global box office. Top Gun: Maverick soared to great heights at the box office during Memorial Day weekend, piloting a career best for star Tom Cruise. 1 at the domestic box office with $124 million, according to Comscore. Top Gun: Maverick Tom Cruise in 'Top Gun: Maverick' | Credit: Paramount PicturesEW's Leah Greenblatt writes that the film "toggles deftly between winking callbacks and standard big-beat action stuff meant to stand on its own" in her B+ review. Elsewhere, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness continued to conjure domestic box office magic at No.
Kim Kardashian’s latest Instagram post has fans divided
However, as many 'a sister would (me included) Kim has taken to Instagram to show off one of her very own D&G looks from the iconic weekend celebrations. And Kim being Kim, she only went and captioned the picture: "La Dolce Vita", which translates to "the good life". This content is imported from Instagram. This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses. You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at
Love Island star Camilla Thurlow gave birth to second baby with Jamie Jewitt
Season 3 stars and runners-up, Camilla Thurlow and Jamie Jewitt, are the latest couple to announce that they've added another member to their already growing family. In October 2020, they took to Instagram to share that their first child, Nell Sophia Jewitt (now aged 1), had been born. Now, their most recent milestone came to us just yesterday after Camilla and Jamie, who are both now 32, announced on IG that their second daughter had been born. After announcing their second pregnancy in December last year, Camilla and Jamie expected that baby Nora would arrive in June 2022, however, evidently, she arrived a little earlier than anticipated. Nevertheless, Jamie shares that "[Camilla] was absolutely incredible when she brought Nora into the world...".
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Kim Kardashian Had to Ask an 'SNL' Producer to Give Her Pete Davidson's Number
In the latest episode of The Kardashians, we finally got the Kim Kardashian/Pete Davidson romance origin story we've all been waiting for. I'll finally answer you," Kim explained to the crew of her reality show during a confessional segment. So, a few days later, I called the producer at SNL, and I was like 'Hey, do you have Pete's number?' Even though she knew her vibe with Pete was something she needed to explore, Kim insists she had no idea they would actually end up being a serious thing. ^^ Kim and Pete: A Modern Love Story.
Strategist Circular: 10 Things That Delighted Us Last Week
Strategist contributor Diksha Basu decided to buy herself the Swagtron folding kick scooter in order to keep up with her 3- and 5-year-olds. She felt a little silly riding on it at first, but her kids were “absolutely delighted to have me zipping along beside them,” and soon enough she found herself also using it to get to the grocery store (it has two little hooks where you can hang bags), the coffee shop, a restaurant to meet a friend, and even to the train. Since it folds down, Basu can pick it up and “carry it under one arm without troubling others, or yourself, too much,” eliminating the headache of finding a place to lock it up outside.
Let's Break Down the 'Stranger Things 4' Part 1 Ending, Shall We?
*It was only a matter of time before things turned Upside Down (*wink wink*) in Stranger Things 4. Here is the ultimate break down of the Stranger Things 4 part 1 finale. Dr. Sam Owens is worried that she's regressing, so Brenner tells her she needs to face her past. Brenner tells her that ultimately everything is up to her, and she needs to make a choice about whether or not to continue. NetflixAnd this obviously links back to...Eleven, who in her memories, is now trying to escape from the Hawkins Lab.
Pete Davidson Debuts New Look That Matches Girlfriend Kim Kardashian
The comedian did not put in an appearance at the wedding of Kourtney Kardashian, even though he and her sister Kim Kardashian are still going strong. New photos show Davidson wearing a shower cap over his freshly dyed locks and a casual white sweatshirt. Kim also recently bleached her hair for the Met Gala, honoring Marilyn Monroe's platinum locks as she wore the actress's famous gown. It's not the first time either one of them have dyed their hair platinum blonde, but it is the first time they've done it together as a couple. Kim wore one of her own older gowns with a lace overlay, paired with some stunning accessories.
Bella Hadid Steps Out in a Swimsuit from Sister Gigi Hadid's New Collection
Bella Hadid has supported her sister Gigi Hadid while reminding us that swimsuits can make the cutest tops. The model and Kin Euphorics partner was spotted out leaving her hotel in Cannes yesterday, channeling summer in an all-white outfit. She accessorized the look with a lucite sandals, a brown top-handle bag by Prada, layered gold necklaces, and '90s-style square sunglasses with rounded sides. Gigi Hadid chose the same one-piece suit for the New York City launch event for her line last week. The looks so far have included a sleek strapless Versace gown, a princess-style Chanel piece and a minimalist Gucci gown.
How Rumors of an Active Shooter at Barclays Left 10 People Injured
Soon, rumors of an active shooter spread throughout the crowd, causing chaos and a stampede that police say sent ten people to the hospital. Early reports suggested that there had been gunfire just outside of Barclays, with a Barclays Center security supervisor reportedly telling ESPN that someone with a gun was seen just outside the stadium. “I was so confused, my adrenaline was pumping,” Joshua, a teen who was on an escalator when he heard the loud noises, told ABC. Scary moment as crowds pour back into Barclays Center, my fear was a shooting but those fears proved unfounded. Some reports suggest it came from outside Barclays Center, but ABC reported that police believed the noises to have been a trash can kicked over by a pumped-up fan.
Theory: Top Gun: Maverick Is (Mostly) a Death Dream
Photo: Paramount PicturesTom Cruise’s character dies at the start of Top Gun: Maverick. But it’s more fun to imagine the film is a death dream, an Incident at Owl Creek Bridge fantasy taking place in the instant before Maverick blinks out of existence high above the Mojave Desert. This gives Maverick just enough time for one last flight, and one last attempt to save the program from getting scrapped. Though what really makes this theory so satisfying is that the unspoken theme of Top Gun: Maverick, like all recent additions to Cruise’s filmography, is that Tom Cruise will never die. Top Gun: Maverick may be wonderfully absurd, but its absurdity is that of someone dreaming impossible dreams right before they burn up in the atmosphere.
All the Tom Cruise Movies Top Gun: Maverick Basically Rolls into One
All of that Cruiseyness runs deep in the veins of Top Gun: Maverick, the sequel to 1986’s Top Gun. Top Gun: Maverick is basically just Top Gun again. Look, when Tom Cruise, also an EP of Top Gun: Maverick, promises the world he’s going to make another Top Gun movie, he really means he’s going to make another Top Gun. Top Gun: Maverick is Risky BusinessAdmittedly this is a bit of a stretch since Top Gun: Maverick is not about a prostitution business or trying to get into Princeton or contending with Guido the Killer Pimp. Top Gun: Maverick is, at its essence, a film that asks us to believe the world revolves around Tom Cruise.
Custom Mosaics Enjoy a Renaissance During Pandemic-spurred Home Design Boom
And the mosaic — an ancient art form popularized during the Roman Empire — is experiencing something of a renaissance amid the pandemic-spurred home design boom. “People aren’t scared of color anymore.”New Ravenna stocks more than 1,000 made-to-measure stone and glass mosaics. Geode, a hand-cut stone mosaic from New Ravenna, is among the made-to-measure designs offered by the Virginia-based company. (Made-to-measure mosaics represent 70 percent of orders; New Ravenna also has a ready-to-ship line.) Bird motifs are particularly popular at the moment and costumers are requesting very bold color changes to existing patterns.
The Mass Shooter’s Other Tool
Even if the killer in Uvalde did not wear the vest as intended, he joins a growing line of American mass murderers who have turned to body armor to make their attacks more deadly. According to a mass-shooting database compiled by The Violence Project, 21 mass shooters over the last 40 years in attacks “not attributable to any other underlying criminal activity or commonplace circumstance” have worn some form of body armor. The Buffalo shooter knew this. With body armor sales to the public surging in the U.S., police have had to adapt their tactics. “Center of mass used to say the torso, so from the navel up to the shoulders, across the shoulders,” he says.
Wilco Advertised Its New Album as ‘Country.’ It’s Not, Exactly, But There’s a Reason We Still Care About Genre (Column)
So now that the Wilco-loving world has heard “Cruel Country,” which came out this weekend, does it actually sound like a country album, or most people’s idea of one? That doesn’t mean that fans should start a class-action suit against Wilco for false advertising — or that “Cruel Country” isn’t one of the year’s best albums. As good as those songs are, “Cruel Country” is at its most remarkable when it moves on from the topical subject of nationalism into timeless matters of universalism. In most of these songs, Tweedy sounds less concerned with America’s sins than his own. It’s ineffably beautiful, the way Tweedy pulls it off, and as Eric Church once sang: Put that in your country song.
Liam Neeson Said He’s a ‘Snob’ About TV, but He’s Voicing Qui-Gon on Yet Another ‘Star Wars’ Series
The actor previously voiced the Jedi master in three episodes of "Star Wars: The Clone Wars." Lucasfilm has been announcing new projects left and right at this weekend’s Star Wars Celebration in Anaheim, one of which is “Star Wars: Tales of the Jedi.” The animated anthology, which is set to stream on Disney+ this fall, will consist of one-off episodes exploring the backstories of beloved characters from the “Star Wars” franchise. One particularly high profile episode will focus on Qui-Gon Jinn, the Jedi master that Liam Neeson portrayed in “The Phantom Menace.” And on the panel announcing the series, producer Dave Filoni revealed that Neeson himself would be voicing the character. “Oh, I think so, yeah, yeah, yeah, I think so … if it was a film,” Neeson said. Sign Up: Stay on top of the latest breaking film and TV news!
Liverpool Lost the Champions League but $10B Fenway Sports Set for Growth
Real Madrid defeated Liverpool 1-0 Saturday in the UEFA Champions League final in Paris. The strong season for Liverpool is another step forward for its parent company, Fenway Sports Group, which has amassed sports assets worth more than $10 billion. And FSG is set to grow further over the next decade, as it looks to acquire an NBA team and launch a massive real estate development around Fenway Park. A year later, it acquired the first of six real estate parcels around Fenway Park and established FSG Real Estate. The larger real estate project outside Fenway is a joint venture with WS Development and the D’Angelo family.
10 AAPI Music Executives Making an Impact in 2022
How do you feel about the AAPI representation within the music industry? What steps can the music industry take to help send a message about anti- AAPI hate crime? How do you feel about AAPI representation within the music industry? We have to do more, starting with education, as well as supporting organizations that combat AAPI hate crimes such as Stop AAPI Hate. How do you feel about the AAPI representation within the music industry?
‘Top Gun: Maverick’ Is Really All About Tom Cruise: Movie Star — and That’s Why It Works
(Tom Cruise initially turned down the role because he was afraid the movie would end up being “Flashdance in the sky,” a reference to Bruckheimer and Simpson’s then-recent runaway smash.) Once he did say yes, Tom Cruise spent months driving down to the pilot school at Miramar before production started, soaking up the atmosphere and taking classes. Top Gun: Maverick is, at its core, a flyboy-in-winter tale. But Top Gun: Maverick is not an ode to mindless combat, even if it brings back the “if you think up there, you die” motto of the original. What this movie is, above all else, is a referendum on Tom Cruise as the last movie star standing, the bridge between an age where Hollywood was a Mt.
Breakout Indian Rapper Sidhu Moose Wala Shot Dead at 28
Sidhu Moose Wala, an Indian rapper turned politician whose songs racked up more than 4 billion views on YouTube in less than four years, was shot and killed on Sunday while driving near his home in India. “Today, a young Punjabi singer Sidhu Moose Wala was gunned down in a state-sponsored murder. Moose Wala was among the list of 122 politicians who had their bodyguard teams removed or scaled back this weekend. Law enforcement officials in Punjab confirmed that Moose Wala still had access to two armed security guards but had chosen not to travel with police protection on Sunday. Crowds gathered at the Mansa hospital where Moose Wala had been taken following the shooting, with protests against the state government breaking out.
I Have Seen the Death of Culture, and It Was Anna Delvey’s Art Show
The wire money is coming, baby.”The voice on the loudspeaker is from an Anna Delvey impersonator, but a few minutes later, the real Anna speaks in a prerecorded message. Dozens of photographers clamor to shoot the models holding the art, even though no one else in the room is paying much attention to it. Anna Delvey is a convicted criminal and scam artist who, in pretending to be a Bavarian heiress raising venture capital for an arts space, humiliated and ruined the lives of innumerable people. “Anna Delvey is the people’s chick,” Stephen James The Artist, a Zack Morris lookalike clad head-to-toe in a tie-dye sweatsuit he identified as “Lenny Vuitton,” proudly proclaimed. She served her time,” says Founders Art Club cofounder Chris Martine, when I spoke with him the day after the show.
‘Fuck, This Is the Real Thing’: Chris Blackwell Remembers Making Bob Marley’s ‘Catch a Fire’
In that era, there were radio stations that played only rock music and R&B stations that played only Black music. And neither category of station played reggae. What they played me was what became Catch a Fire, their first Island album. We were going to produce a different kind of Wailers record. I was extremely disappointed, but the prevailing attitude was: “That’s good for a reggae record.” My retort: “Don’t think of it as a reggae record.
Monaco F1 Champ Sergio Perez Reveals Surprising Playlist He Listens to Before Every Big Race
Red Bull Racing star Sergio Perez took home the checkered flag at the Monaco Grand Prix Sunday, and the new champ’s big win could be credited to some good strategy, good driving and good music. “My playlists are full of Latin and romantic music,” he told Rolling Stone, during a recent promo tour for his new partnership with Patrón Tequila. The driver says it was a no-brainer to team up with Patrón when the tequila maker came calling. And surprisingly for me,” Perez continues, “he replied that he had never been invited to an F1 garage before. Related: How to Watch Every F1 Race OnlineFor now, Perez is celebrating his Monaco win, presumably with some Patrón.
There Are a Million Reasons to Get An Abortion. This Was Mine.
We know what a country without legal abortion will look like, because we have seen it before. We know what a country without legal abortion will look like, because we have seen it before. I didn’t want to have an abortion, but I also knew that I couldn’t not have one. Abortion rights advocates like to frame the conversation around reproductive rights as a choice, but for me, there very clearly was not one. I spent the months following my abortion trying to get to the point that I felt I could safely carry a pregnancy to term.
Steve Earle Is Chasing Broadway Success — By Trying to Write a Mainstream Country Song
It’s not what anyone would expect to hear from Earle these days, especially when we’re supposed to be discussing Jerry Jeff, his new tribute album to Seventies Texas legend Jerry Jeff Walker. How, then, did Jerry Jeff, which sounds like the most effortless, free-flowing Earle album in years, come to be? “I was way closer to Townes and Guy, but I never would have known about them if it weren’t for Jerry Jeff,” Earle says. “The first time I ever heard a Guy Clark song, Jerry Jeff Walker was singing it. Almost everything else is questionable.”Earle relishes the chance to talk about Jerry Jeff and share stories about another bygone legend from his past.
To Understand Elon Musk, You Have to Understand This ’60s Sci-Fi Novel
But while he may take inspiration from science fiction, as Jill Lepore has observed, he’s a bad reader of the genre. He idolizes Kim Stanley Robinson and Iain M. Banks while ignoring their socialist politics, and he overlooks major speculative traditions such as feminist and Afrofuturist science fiction. Like many Silicon Valley CEOs, he primarily sees science fiction as a repository of cool inventions waiting to be created. Musk engages with most science fiction in a superficial manner, but he is a very careful reader of one author: Robert A. Heinlein. He named Heinlein’s The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress from 1966 as one of his favorite novels.
What if the Wind and Sunshine Really Belonged to All of Us?
Some on the left have already suggested something slightly different from what Biden has offered: nationalizing wind farms, solar farms, transmission infrastructure, and even the whole fossil fuel sector (in order to retire it). Private wind rights, in short, tilt the energy transition toward elites—and give everyone else a reason not to support it. A legislature only has to “sever” wind rights from land rights. Why should wind rights and land rights belong together in any case? Wind rights could rest with the town, the county—or with an entirely new unit bounded by the viewshed, which might help smooth the path for offshore wind farms.
The Wild Life of William Morgan, Yanqui Comandante Turned Cuban Counterrevolutionary
“Cuba shipped a million dollars’ worth of frogs’ legs to the US last year,” William Morgan, an American expat, declared shortly after the 1959 Cuban Revolution. The story of William Morgan is an eccentric tale of dead ends, abandonment, revolution, and counterrevolution. From the Circus to the Revolution William Morgan was raised in Toledo, Ohio, in the upper-class neighborhood of West End. The Revolutionary Directorate, the Popular Socialist Party, the Authentic Organization, Morgan’s Second Front — all were fighting in the Escambray Mountains. Meanwhile, William Morgan wedded his Cuban lover, Olga Rodríguez, both clad in their olive military garb.
Will Sinn Féin’s Wins Lead to a United Ireland?
To the south, polls indicate that Sinn Féin is the most popular political party in the Republic of Ireland. As one BBC commentator pointed out, Northern Ireland was “literally designed” to prevent a nationalist victory. The hard-line Traditional Unionist Voice and comparatively timid Ulster Unionist Party picked up 7.6 percent and 11.2 percent, respectively. Adjacent to them is the purportedly neutral Alliance Party, which enjoyed a surge in votes, mostly from affluent areas surrounding Belfast. A unionist identity that means more than mere symbolic unity with Britain can hold on to its Britishness after constitutional change.
Today, Colombia Votes on a Shift to the Left
Ask anyone in Latin America and they’ll tell you: Colombian politics skew hard toward the right. Colombia’s hard-right turn is associated with one name in particular: former president Álvaro Uribe and his political movement, uribismo. And yet Colombia’s corrupt and servile political oligarchy stands in stark contrast to the courage of the Colombian people themselves. The Fog of War Colombian and international media have played a leading role in portraying the Colombian people as politically conservative. And even as both doctrines have waned, their lingering effects continue to damage the exercise of left-wing politics, freedom of thought, and social movements in Colombia.
THE ANGRY ARAB: Lebanon’s Hung Parliament
In the 128-seat Lebanese Parliament, 65 seats are needed for a majority. But no party won an outright majority. Since the Arab uprisings of 2011, Western media have become largely uniform, with the dispatches of various correspondents replicating one another. On the Shiite front — and Hizbullah is a Shiite political party, through and through — the party won all the seats it sought, every one of them. The Saudi-funded groups (and Western-sponsored “change” candidates) harped on the matter of disarming Hizbullah, which has no bearing on the domestic Lebanese political scene.
"...better than two in the bush."
I saw a flutter and then another, among the fallen limbs of older trees after a Spring shedding storm. Olive patch on back, yellow neck, two white wing bars, warbler beak shape and distinct song. The yellow spark was easier to see but not any easier to photograph among the jumble of leaves and twigs. black “thicker” beak, black stripe from beak to eye, yellow face highlight, prominent white eye ring. As a parting gift, this is the first bird video I shot during December of 2019.
MF Daily for Sunday May 29, 2022
“Waiting for the Ice”: Near Churchill, Manitoba. Welcome to MF Daily(Formerly known as Mojo Friday’s Weekly Open Thread — MFWOT)All are welcome to hang out and share what is happening in your life today.
I know, it’s hard to believe but I can assure you it’s true; but that IS the long-term goal; to Make ALL OF AMERICA GAY AGAIN; from birth to the grave; all gay all day will be the new normal. I heard it directly from someone who heard it straight the cousin of the guy who heard it right from the all-knowing, Q himself. Sensible shoes will be frowned upon but considered sensible if the weather is icky. BEND OVER, I’LL DRIVE will be the newest version of the BUDDY SYSTEM in action. Making America Gay again will be the very last stage of the Republic just before the nukes are launched...and then it will be MAKE AMERICA GLOW AGAIN.
365 Days of Climate Awareness 289 – The Siberian Traps
Beneath the ocean they form part of the global spreading ridge system, and are erupting more or less continually. There is evidence of such ancient volcanoes in the United States—the smaller Columbia River basalts of Oregon from 200 MYA—and Yellowstone is a live modern example, though it’s likely significantly smaller than the ancient Siberian vent(s). Modern research shows, however, that the Siberian eruptions might have been rather less viscous than most eruptions of this sort, with a greater pyroclastic, ash cloud component, which would have caused worse immediate climate disruption. Current theory assigns several levels of cause to the Siberian eruptions. First was the intense global cooling due to the ash clouds from repeated eruptions.
Lukewarm take on guns, because I hate hot takes
When people lack confidence in the police, they are that much more likely to acquire guns if they don’t feel safe in their neighborhood. The Founding Fathers felt that guns were necessary, but they didn’t mean for everyone to have a gun. If we make proposals that gun owners consider reasonable, like red flag laws or raising the age limit on rifle purchases, then we can get moderate gun owners to break off from the MAGAhadeen. Just about every honest gun owner can tell you that there are certain people who just shouldn’t have guns. I think that there should be a buddy system set up for gun owners and prospective gun buyers.
How Russians closed the sitcom gap by adapting 'The Nanny' and 'Married ... with Children'
My Fair Nanny even had a Russian version of the American show’s animated opening credits. x YouTube VideoLike My Fair Nanny, episodes were adapted from the American scripts for Married … with Children. Here’s the trailer to Exporting Raymond:If anyone is wondering whether any American TV dramas were adapted for Russian television. Here are the opening credits to the Russian version of Law & Order: SVU. The Russian TV industry learned from this experience and began creating original Russian TV sitcoms, with some success.
An Introduction to Mania and Hypomania
The other diaries can be read as well, but they are more about depression than about the topic being covered today, which is mania and hypomania. The best way to introduce bipolar disorder is to tackle some myths about mania and hypomania. Truth: While there are periods of good moods, mania can also bring increased irritability and increased reckless behavior and actions. Truth: Bipolar symptoms fall into an easily grouped category of actions and emotions. Those who are depressed generally self-harm, while those with mania have the ability through reckless decisions to harm others as well as themselves.
I joke that storms come to me. But they do.
Run downstairs, because if there is large hail, the storm has very strong winds keeping them aloft. I can see the large hail stones lit by the lightning. I grabbed a handful of the hail stones. That are all large, very few small hail stones. Short video if you want to see the lightning and the yard with the scattered hail stones.
What if it were ANY other minority? ANY OTHER MINORITY?
Hint: itz not Black people? Hint: itz not Muslims. What if 99% of mass shooters were Native Americans? Hint: Itz not Native Americans either. A minority with such entitlement that it thinks of itself as the majority.
The subtle but indicative meaning of gun control laws
There is more to reducing school shootings than only passing laws to ban assault weapons and ammunition. There is also the subtle, but significant message a society gives out with gun control laws. Both England and Australia created tough gun control laws when they experienced school shootings, which not only created tough gun control legislation, but also strongly sent the message that this must stop, mass killing children is intolerable. They both have not experienced schools shootings since, because not only are there tough gun control laws now, they have sent a message to all citizens that killing children in this country is beyond the pale, a line that this country will not allow to be crossed. It is this outspoken social meaning, in addition to legislation, that inhibits future shooters from considering these heinous acts.
Let's regulate rock throwing
Let’s talk about throwing rocks. The smallest hand gun to the largest artillery piece are doing the exact same thing, throwing rocks. You may not agree with the idea of throwing rocks, and you may never throw a rock in your life for any reason, but many people will continue to throw rocks. People decided that rock throwing could lead to conquest and we have a race to develop the biggest fastest rock thrower and make as many of them as we can. I like rock throwing machines.
New Day Cafe: Sunday On A Holiday Weekend
Good morning, Newdists. Pull up a pink seat and join us for a chat and some goodies. All are welcome to join the fun, the silliness, the conversations. There will be a few surprises along the way, all good ones, we hope. Trolls will be incinerated and served at the next group BBQ.
Get your FREE pro-Dem bumper stickers! Join our grassroots messaging campaign {Midterms in 163 days}
This project has distributed thousands of pro-Democratic bumper stickers to Daily Kos readers in all 50 states. You can get up to 4 FREE pro-Democratic bumper stickers. Daily Kos members all across the country have volunteered their bumpers, distributed bumper stickers, and/or contributed to the free inventory. All contributions are used to buy inventory: bumper stickers and stamps to mail them. Message Cafepress MakeStickers DEMOCRATS INVENTED & PROTECT vinyl magnetic vinyl DEMOCRATS FIGHT FOR WORKERS vinyl magnetic vinyl DEMOCRATS FIGHT FOR JUSTICE vinyl magnetic vinyl DEMOCRATS LEAD ON HEALTH CARE vinyl magnetic vinyl DEMOCRATS FOR AMERICA’S KIDS vinyl magnetic vinyl DEMOCRATS MULTITASK vinyl magnetic vinyl DEMOCRATS FOR CLIMATE ACTION vinyl magnetic vinyl DEMOCRATS GOVERN WITH CARE vinyl magnetic vinyl VOTE DEM vinyl magnetic vinyl
My Heart is heavy right now...
We have learned that the same people who complain about gas prices voted against a price gauging at. Being Pro-Life does not mean what we think it means:People saying that they are pro-life is just a ruse. We have learned that kids safety is not a priority:I feel for the families of the kids in Texas. What about the right of an 11 year old to go to school without living in fear? What about the rights of an 11 year old to go to school and not have to practice an active shooting drill?
North Carolina Open Thread: NC politicians' Uvalde response, Coping resources, Barber vs $Gen, more #ncga #ncpol #wral @markrobinsonNCRALEIGH, N.C. — North Carolina Lt. Gov. He was among a lineup of high-profile Republican speakers including former President Donald Trump and Texas Sen. Ted Cruz. BlueNC, 5/26/2022They didn’t die because the school has too many doors (As Texas Senator Ted Cruz has claimed). The original assault weapons ban passed in 1994 after three mass shooting events occurred within six years. On Wednesday, labor advocacy groups, community leaders and Dollar General employees from several states—including North Carolina, Louisiana and Mississippi— met to protest the poor conditions many employees say they face while receiving less than livable wages.
They are IMPOTENT.
The word is IMPOTENT. It means “unable to take effective action”...”helpless or powerless”. It is the most descriptive word to use when talking about Republican party’s stance toward the crisis of mass-shootings. Words are important, and this is the word that communicates best to the people. Republicans are IMPOTENT.
As of today there have been 17,673 gun deaths in the US this year. What is different in the US that makes us so much more likely to suffer from gun violence? Australia and the UK have stricter gun laws and their rate of gun deaths are even lower. Gun deaths by suicide are included in the numbers above, as gun deaths by suicide exceed gun deaths by murder in the US. We can shut them down by being more organized and more determined to save lives through reasonable gun laws.
Buy a Gun?
Thoughts and PrayersI feel like I’m the worst nightmare for the Extreme Right-Wing Christian Coalition Conservative Gun Activist. And then tell me what laws surrounding guns that need to be repealed. Most of our current gun laws were written and supported by the NRA. How about funding the very government agency tasked with enforcing laws surrounding guns, the ATF? So realistically, in order to move the needle just a bit on gun laws, Democrats will need to pick up at least 12 new Senate seats this November.
Urban Ag for Community Health, Security and Resiliency
However, it has become clear that we cannot rely on fossil fuel dependent, mechanized and commidified agriculture to meet local food security needs, much less build community well being and resiliency. At this time, the federal government and big ag are neglecting local production. That is where community groups are stepping up to fill in present day nutrition gaps and push us towards more local food security. The Columbia Center for Urban Agriculture has been contributing to food production in Mid-Missouri for nearly a decade. They have done a tremendous job of not only improving local production, but also integrating their work with community needs.
2022: From First Grade to Tech High School
This never-before-funded teacher in a Kansas City tech high school hopes to help her multi-lingual students in their EMT studies, with earbuds that run software based on Google Translate. PROJECT #1 Project: Help a Teacher Translate EMT Instruction Resources: Help me give my students the technology to understand the subject of emergency medicine Economic need: An Equity Focus School; nearly all students from low?income households. I have tried to help my students' need for English comprehension by providing the Google Pixel Buds A-series. Economic need: An Equity Focus School; nearly all students from low?income households. : Mrs. Lattner needed an assortment of interesting lab kits, to help bring science to life for her Cleveland middle school students.
Litany for the Victims of Gun Violence and a Prayer for Action
Let light perpetual shine upon them. Let light perpetual shine upon them. Let light perpetual shine upon them. Let light perpetual shine upon them. Let light perpetual shine upon them.
OH-Sen: J.D. Vance's (R) Solution To Save American Families: Ban Pornography
Oh for fuck’s sake:Going beyond even the GOP’s own platform, Republican Senate candidate J.D. Vance told a Catholic magazine last year that pornography should be banned because it’s stopping Americans from getting married and starting families. Vance’s ideas on how to save “traditional families” should disqualify him as a viable candidate for the U.S. Senate. Meanwhile, Rep. Tim Ryan (D. OH-13) is actually focused on real solutions to protect American families:x As a dad and husband of a teacher, my heart breaks for Uvalde. — Tim Ryan (@TimRyan) May 25, 2022Health and Democracy are on the ballot this year and we need to get ready to flip Ohio Blue.
Humor (with a "Who Lost the Week?" poll)
Have a fabulous long holiday weekend .... and week ahead. A NOTE about TODAY’s POLL — regular readers are aware that my poll contestants are either (a) bad/hypocritical folks getting their comeuppance, or (b) otherwise good people who massively screwed-up. Listing the children victimized in Texas (alongside Josh Duggar and The Southern Baptists) is the subject for someone else’s poll, just not here. 1974)...... and finally, for a song of the week ...........................… one song from my misspent youth that I paid little attention to was Cherish — performed by The Association. Here is the original version … as well as the best cover version I could find: by the Four Tops.
Dawn Chorus: Back to the Chiricahuas
If racing from hotspot to hotspot to maximize species count is not your ideal birding, Earthwatch is for you. The focus is primarily on biology — birds, mammals, herps, insects and plants — but it is also used by geologists and others. The drought that has been affecting the southwest has not spared the Chiricahuas. The Chiricahuas aren’t just a owl hotspot, of course (as if that’s not enough). Lucifier Humming Bird at Ash Canyon Bird Sanctuary, a lively spot with a diverse mix of species.
Pillow Man now thinks the Georgia GOP primaries were rigged, because the results were bad for Trump
It was stoled [sic]. It was stoled [sic]. The algorithm went through Georgia in I don’t know how many counties out of 159, I think it’s like 100 and some. Maybe one day he’ll kick this new addiction and go back to, I don’t know, selling pillows? Check out Aldous J. Pennyfarthing’s four-volume Trump-trashing compendium, including the finale, Goodbye, Asshat: 101 Farewell Letters to Donald Trump, at this link.
Warzone ...USA.. Shootings in America
Graduation shooting in Georgia . Multiple teen casualties were reported after a shooting broke out at a graduation party on Saturday morning. Police in Thomaston, Georgia, confirmed to WSB-TV that they responded to the deadly incident a little before 1 a.m.…ATLANTA, Ga. (CBS46) - One person was shot and killed at a graduation party in Thomaston early Saturday morning. The second shooting victim 17-year-old Elijuan Wright and a 15-year-old were treated with serious injuries, according to police.
Ancient America: Florida, 1000 CE to 1300 CE
Henry Bowden writes:“These traders may have played a missionary role, spreading religious interest along with impressive new ceremonies while introducing new merchandise.”Temple MoundsThe structure of the Apalachee villages in Florida reflected their hierarchical chiefdom. The largest of the seven mounds at this site is 36 feet (11 meters) high and measures 270 feet and 300 feet at its base. There were two rows of benches around a central fire and a dance area that was 65 feet (20 meters) across. Grand Shell Ring SiteBy 1000 CE, the Timucua were occupying the Grand Shell Ring site. Fort Walton SiteAbout 1300 CE, Indian people at the Fort Walton site began construction of the Temple Mound.
Sunday Good News ? WineRev! ? 2 Polls: WWtW? ... AND ... Sunday Good News Roundup without a Poll?
Good morning 2thanks! The maps indicate the approximate locations of members of the Good News Roundup community in 2019 and 2021. Tech Talk for KosacksLoad-More Workaround (Revisions of 3/15/2022 in bold): On a desktop or laptop, to banish the Daily Kos Load More buttons, click this link , which opens the main Daily Kos page and shuts off the Load More buttons at the same time. On a desktop or laptop, to banish the Daily Kos Load More buttons, which opens the main Daily Kos page and shuts off the Load More buttons at the same time. After a long day, Gnusies meet in the evening shade and continue sharing Good News, good community, and good actions.
In about 48 hours it will get real bad for RU
You know most of their contract soldiers contracts expire in 48 hours. I guess Putin could try and hold them there — but that will about do it for his ability to get any more contract soldiers — and boy talk about a morale problem. It is bloody and all that in the box — but great for UKR overall operational goals. They can just play defense and be able to hold off more than 3 times their numbers. I am way too old to care — and I just like to get to the point anyway at this point in my life.
Abbreviated Pundit Roundup: The Bigger Picture
There’s a disconnect in Texas between public sentiment toward guns and the state’s increasingly lenient public policy toward gun ownership. Dan Patrick following mass shootings that had occurred around the time. Zack Beauchamp of Vox says that, in fact, mass shootings in the United States tend to lead to looser gun laws. “We find no significant effect of mass shootings on laws enacted when there is a Democrat-controlled legislature. OK, I think everyone realizes that none of what Republicans are saying about how to respond to mass shootings will translate into actual policy proposals.
Why Ella?
Ella is on the autism spectrum, and lives at home with us. Ella is not equipped to handle the pain and discomfort. Afterward, we went for a long, rambling drive, which Ella always enjoys as she listens to her Spotify playlist. Shit shit shit shit shit shit shit. I hear Ella upstairs right now, as I write this so early on a Sunday morning after another long night, whimpering in her sleep.
The Right To Write About Melania
One of many pictures of Melania cozying up to Pence2) Political figures have power over citizens, which gives citizens the right to know who they are. Pulitzer Prize–winning Washington Post reporter Mary Jordan wrote a biography (The Art of Her Deal: The Untold Story of Melania Trump) and she says Trump sent Melania to interview VP candidates and she favored Pence who was last on Trump’s list, and Trump eventually chose Pence. Melania steers Trump to make political decisions that she wants, even when Trump doesn’t want to. Therefore, Melania doesn’t deserve special treatment. Everything I write about Melania is for the public good, and whether readers agree with me or not, that is my goal.
My Grandson Was a Genius
My Grandson was a GeniusMemorial Day. The day the US of Northamerica honors its military veterans, living and those lost in battle. My grandson, Army Ranger 2Lt Travis Alan Morgado, leading his platoon in Afghanistan ten years ago was blown to bits by an IED. My grandson was a civil engineer, a graduate of the University of Washington. I want everyone to know that my grandson Travis died for his country.
Let Us Use The Power we Do Possess
Simply sign up for a Advocate premium membership and you'll automatically see this data on every article. The various reasons for moving us to war are irrelevant when they are shown to be lies to justify gratuitous mass murder. This dynamic may well be wherein lies the power of the mostly ignored many. Rehashing some of the lies promoting justifying mass murder is a bit tedious but instructive. Still, we can do this if we determine to step up to the task and not let a single innocent be killed on our behalfDon
Black Music Sunday: Smalls' in Harlem was truly a jazz paradise
The four most popular were Small’s Paradise, the Cotton Club, Barron Wilkins’s Exclusive Club, and Connie’s Inn. x YouTube VideoAs YouTuber Mark Jones notes:Charlie Johnson's Paradise Orchestra was the house band for the popular Harlem club, SMALL'S PARADISE, during the 1920s. x Francis Wolff on #JimmySmith: "I first heard Jimmy Smith at Smalls' Paradise in January of 1956. Two years later he brought his new organ sound to New York City and debuted at Small's Paradise in Harlem. I’ll close out our visit to Smalls’ Paradise with the R&B sound of of the aforementioned saxophonist King Curtis—who I got to hear, live at Smalls’!
Nuclear attack on Ukraine unlikely, but Mitt Romney says U.S. should be prepared anyway
In the early ‘70s, however, Pentagon advisers began publicly worrying over the “threat” posed by Soviet civil defense measures. Serving on the committee with people who really knew what they were talking about wasn’t the first time I had thought seriously about nuclear war. At school, we had little idea what a nuclear war might entail since we’d been raised with “duck-and-cover” as our safeguard in case of attack. The potential of nuclear war had had a greater impact on popular perceptions by 1982. ••••••••••Below is a scanned version of the Boulder County Nuclear War Education Booklet (1982).
Three women left to die in 'sweltering' heat of apartment complex, attorney says
Lorna Barnes, a resident at James Sneider Apartments, told ABC 7 she had seen one of the women before she died. “She always had a positive outlook on everything.”Blisset said a maintenance worker found her aunt’s body when her best friend came by to check on her. "It's like my best friend, mom; mom was my father, my mother, my best friend, I mean just everything." Alderman Maria Hadden, of the 49th Ward, told ABC 7 that just isn't true. Attorney Steve Levin, who is representing Osborne's family, told ABC 7 the claim that building managers thought they couldn't turn on air is "absurd."
Ukraine update: As Russia presses in on Severodonetsk, other areas are open to counterattack
Even as a new brigade of Ukrainian forces trains in the west, President Volodomyr Zelenskyy has fretted over the exhaustion of forces in the east. Then some of those Russian forces were reportedly peeled off to deal with Ukrainian advances north and east of Kharkiv. Then more of those Russian forces were reportedly sent to assist in capturing Lyman and assaulting Severodonetsk. All of which results in a significant decrease in “density” of Russian forces near Izyum. x #Ukraine: Ukrainian forces in the East, using drone-dropped munitions, managed to destroy a Russian BTR-82A APC concealed next to buildings.
U.S. Empire, Haiti, and the Tragic Suppression of Liberation Theology
In contemporary terms, it pits liberation theology against its more domesticated counterpart. As such, today's readings connect firmly with the struggle for justice throughout the Global South and particularly in Haiti. Haiti & Liberation TheologyI reference Haiti in particular because just last week the history of that long-troubled island was brought to our nation's attention by a shocking series of articles in The New York Times. France even went so far as to force Haiti (under threat of invasion) to pay reparations to former French slaveholders for their lost "property." 2 2 1Rate It | View RatingsMike Rivage-Seul Social Media Pages:Mike Rivage-Seul is a liberation theologian and former Roman Catholic priest.
The Texas School Massacre Means Nothing to the Gun Lobby
The calls for action are backed up by polls that show again that a majority of Americans back comprehensive gun control legislation. In fact, in the last couple of years polls show that support for tougher gun laws have dropped. There hasn't been much movement in the states either to get tougher gun control laws. In his address following the Texas massacre, Biden demanded "When in God's name are we going to stand up to the gun lobby"? Sadly, even the monstrous Texas massacre won't make Congress grow the legs to do that.
How Georgia’s Latinx community is working to ‘out-organize’ voter suppression
Georgians went to the polls in record numbers during the May 24 primary ahead of the crucial 2022 midterm elections, despite renewed GOP efforts to suppress the votes of the state’s communities of color. Such laws disproportionately impact people in low-income communities and communities of color, and they are being passed at a moment when the power of communities of color to shape election outcomes is rapidly increasing. Case in point: Georgia’s Latinx community has grown by 30% over the past decade and now comprises 10% of the state’s population. In this on-the-ground report for our special series “Defending Democracy in the 2022 Midterm Elections,” TRNN’s Jaisal Noor and Jeffrey Moustache speak with organizers from the Georgia Alliance of Latino Elected Officials (GALEO), an advocacy group that helps Latinx voters unlock their political power, about how they are working to “out-organize voter suppression” by mobilizing and empowering the state’s Latinx community. Pre-Production/Studio: Jaisal Noor, Jeffrey MoustachePost-Production: Jaisal Noor, Jeffrey Moustache, Cameron GranadinoThis story is part of a series that was made possible with the support of the Solutions Journalism Network, a nonprofit organization dedicated to rigorous and compelling reporting about responses to social problems.
Infant formula crisis highlights breastfeeding barriers in Southern states
Despite efforts in recent weeks by the federal government to address the ongoing infant formula shortage, parents are still struggling to find formula. The Food and Drug Administration announced this week that nearly two million cans of infant formula from a United Kingdom-based company would arrive in the United States in the coming days. Earlier this month, producers of infant formula were allowed to speed up the manufacturing process, and the Biden administration called on state attorney generals to crack down on price gouging of formula, according to a White House statement. Those barriers are particularly high in the Black community and in Southern states, where breastfeeding rates are lower. There's also a geographic disparity, as Southern states overall have a lower rate of breastfeeding than the nation as a whole.
Want to Win a Union at Work? Here’s What the Amazon Labor Union Can Teach Us.
Once the two friends, Chris Smalls and Derrick Palmer, had the signatures they needed, they had to win the vote. But the hidden story of the largest single workplace union election victory in the country since 2008 is the overlooked, and underutilized, methods and tools ALU organizers deployed, far beyond free marijuana and TikTok trolling. They followed the nearly two dozen anti-union consultants around the facility, passing out disclosure forms showing their $3,200/day rates for “union avoidance” work. For example, one leader with the African Community Alliance of Staten Island used his connection with local soccer teams to encourage players who work for Amazon to support the union. The ALU shows that it’s still possible to win historic union elections, even under current federal rules.
Infant Formula Crisis Highlights Breastfeeding Barriers in Southern States
Despite efforts in recent weeks by the federal government to address the ongoing infant formula shortage, parents are still struggling to find formula. The Food and Drug Administration announced this week that nearly two million cans of infant formula from a United Kingdom-based company would arrive in the United States in the coming days. Earlier this month, producers of infant formula were allowed to speed up the manufacturing process, and the Biden administration called on state attorney generals to crack down on price gouging of formula, according to a White House statement. Those barriers are particularly high in the Black community and in Southern states, where breastfeeding rates are lower. There’s also a geographic disparity, as Southern states overall have a lower rate of breastfeeding than the nation as a whole.
Gun Lobby Intervened Against a Republican’s Gun Law. Then He Lost His Seat.
In Colorado, a spokesperson for the Rocky Mountain Gun Owners called Wist “a sellout” on Friday and said the organization had no choice but to work against him. And I don’t think you’d really think that Indiana is a hard left state, by any means. So there’s a group called the Rocky Mountain Gun Owners, a very active gun rights organization. Are the Rocky Mountain Gun Owners similar to the National Rifle Association? But in Colorado, Rocky Mountain Gun Owners is the gun rights group that seems to have the most sway.
Some Republicans Fume at Michigan GOP for Defending Candidates Busted for Fraud
After spending years pushing former President Donald Trump’s “Big Lie,” the Michigan Republican Party is defending its own candidates who were caught up in a massive fraud scheme. Paul Cordes, chief of staff of the Michigan Republican Party, told the board that disqualifying the candidates over fraudulent petition signatures would disenfranchise voters. “The Michigan Republican Party candidates ran garbage operations,” tweeted Stu Sandler, political director of the National Republican Senatorial Committee and former executive director of the Michigan GOP. “The fact the Michigan Republican Party is defending all this fraud is embarrassing.”Craig called Thursday’s outcome a “travesty” and vowed to file an “immediate appeal” to the courts. Fraud is fraud, and under Michigan law, candidates are required to submit a minimum of 15,000 lawfully collected signatures.
Starbucks Workers United Wins in US’s Most Anti-Union City
The Starbucks Workers United union campaign continues to produce astounding election wins week after week. Greenville Is the Most Anti-Union City in the StateGreenville is even more anti-union than the rest of South Carolina. Intrepid worker-organizers lead the Starbucks union campaign:After resisting the company’s anti-union onslaught, Starbucks Workers United won two NLRB elections in Buffalo in December 2021. If the campaign continues to spread and win, Starbucks Workers United might challenge Greenville’s reputation as the most anti-union city in the country. Starbucks Union Is Reaching Areas Other Union Campaigns Couldn’tOver the past several months, Starbucks Workers United has won victories — often by overwhelming margins — in several locations in which unions are unaccustomed to winning.
Nobel Laureate Calls for Ending Intellectual Property Rules for COVID Vaccines
Social entrepreneur and Nobel Peace Prize laureate Muhammad Yunus on Saturday called for a comprehensive waiver of intellectual property rules for Covid-19 vaccines and treatments, declaring that “freeing” the technology “from profit and patent is the key” to a global health system that puts human lives above corporate profit. In an op-ed published Saturday in Stat news, Yunus — who’s previously joined with other Nobel laureates in pushing for an end to intellectual property barriers — pointed to the global inequality in access to vaccines. “Wealth is power,” wrote Yunus. And that means “removing barriers like intellectual property rules.”That needs to happen this month, he said, with world leaders taking a step they’ve so far refused to do in the pandemic—backing a comprehensive waiver of parts of the Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS) Agreement. He also called out the U.S. for backing a waiver solely on vaccines.
Val Kilmer Is Confirmed To Be a “Huge Part” of Disney+’s Willow Series
Disney’s Star Wars Celebration pep rally in Anaheim kicked off on in an unexpected way. The initial absence of Kilmer is not too surprising, given the actor’s current battle with throat cancer. Entertainment, executive producer Kasdan confirmed that, yes, Kilmer and his character, the Han Solo-ish rogue Madmartigan, is part of the new series. “Val’s a huge part of this, and the first conversation I had, when Warwick and I got the greenlight to do this, was with Val,” Kasdan said. Willow begins streaming on Disney+ on November 30.
Caitlyn Jenner Reportedly Shocked By Kourtney Kardashian Wedding Snub
That’s where Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker tied the knot, with Beyoncé, Megan Fox, Machine Gun Kelly, Andrea Bocelli, Stefano Gabbana, and the extended Kardashian-Jenner crew in attendance. As reported by PageSix, family elder Caitlyn Jenner remains shocked (shocked!) There are, reportedly, no hard feelings held by Kourtney towards the Olympian and reality television sensation. This is not the only recent diss against Caitlyn, who was married to Kris Jenner for 22 years and helped raise Kourtney. She had previously announced that she was proud of her family and their mark on reality television, and eager to watch the series continue.
Senator Ted Cruz Challenged By Gun Reform Activist At Restaurant: “Is That So Hard?”
Republican Texas Senator Ted Cruz was confronted by a local gun reform activist while dining at an upscale restaurant on Friday night following his speech at the National Rifle Association convention in Houston. In his speech before the NRA, Cruz blasted the slaughter at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, that left 19 children and two teachers dead as “evil” while arguing against gun control. In a video shared on Twitter, Hernandez asked to take a picture with Cruz before challenging him on background checks following the mass shooting earlier in the week. When Cruz realized he had been duped, security came in to remove Hernandez, who yelled, “Nineteen children died! Ted Cruz, that’s on your hands!”Twitter content This content can also be viewed on the site it originates from.
Disney+ Adds Content Warning to Obi-Wan Kenobi Following Texas Massacre
Bloodless violence has been a part of the Star Wars franchise since Grand Moff Tarkin showed off the might of the Death Star by turning Alderaan into space dust. But as Obi-Wan Kenobi, the newest series from that galaxy far, far away made its debut this week on Disney+ and at Anaheim’s Star Wars Celebration pep rally, the timing wasn’t so hot for the first episode’s initial scene. The new Ewan McGregor-led show, which takes place after Star Wars: Episode III — Revenge of the Sith and before Star Wars: Episode IV — A New Hope (e.g. Disney+ heard the complaints and took action, and the episode will now feature a content warning. But given the recent tragic shooting at a school in Texas, viewers may find the opening scene of episode 1 distressing.
Daisy Edgar-Jones Is Everyone’s Favorite Lit Girl
When Normal People arrived on Hulu in 2020, the adaptation of Sally Rooney’s novel made a star of Daisy Edgar-Jones. THE ONLY CHILD of a film editor mother and television executive father, Edgar-Jones fell for acting during a primary school play about Henry VIII. Photograph by Nick Riley Bentham. Photograph by Nick Riley Bentham. AS A FAN of Delia Owens’s book, Edgar-Jones braved lightning, floods, gators, and cockroaches filming Crawdads in New Orleans.
America’s Elected Officials Don't Have an Answer For Gun Violence
How to describe the fresh, but familiar horror in Uvalde, Texas? How to index the names of the dead—19 school kids and two teachers, as of this writing—and of yet another mass killer, Salvador Ramos? Our leaders don’t seem to know; they, too, seemed to have more questions than answers. “Why do we keep letting this happen?” a rattled President Joe Biden asked in an address on the Robb Elementary School shooting Tuesday night. Is it to offer up “prayers” for round after round of victims, as Republicans—from state leaders like Texas Governor Greg Abbott to federal leaders like Texas Senator Ted Cruz—have done?
10 best '90s Bollywood movies to watch on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and more
It would not be an exaggeration to state that ‘90s Bollywood movies were one of the major reasons why the decade became a mainstay of Indian pop culture. The ‘90s presented us with cinematic gems that paved the way for stories and actors we cherish today, not to mention the memorable dance hooks and fashion trends it inspired. From iconic songs and impactful dialogues to invigorating action and skilled performances, we bring you peak nostalgia with these 10 best '90s Bollywood movies:Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar (1992)Content This content can also be viewed on the site it originates from. Setting the standard for coming-of-age sports films in India, Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar brims with college rivalries, hilarious banter and innocent romances. The plot focuses on Aamir Khan as Sanjaylal 'Sanju' Sharma—a below-average and fun-loving student from Model College who is an annoyance to his father.
6 Lip liner tricks for a fuller, more striking pout
Lip liner, in all its different forms, has continued to permeate runways, red carpets, and Instagram feeds alike. No matter what tack you take, there are a few tried-and-true lip liner tips and techniques that you should be armed with each time you reach for your choice pencil. Here, pro makeup artists break down the basics. Choose a flattering shadeIf you’re colour matching your lip liner to your natural lips, pay close attention to what undertones are most most flattering to your complexion. “Finding a realistic nude liner requires assessing your skin tone and figuring out what’s individually best for you.
Nargis Fakhri's workout routine revolves around creating healthy habits and never giving up
Nargis Fakhri's fitness mantra revolves around diverse movement techniques like cardio, strength training and pilates among others from a physical point of view. But when it comes to her mental health, the star prefers honesty in all aspects of her life. From embracing her injuries and her drawbacks to consistently working towards building a healthier and fitter body and mind Nargis Fakhri has done it all. Running is underratedInstagram content This content can also be viewed on the site it originates from. Not only does it clear the mind but also works your full body from muscles in the calves to your shoulders.
What the back to work suit looks like right now
Trench coat, sleeveless cotton shirt, wool and silk shorts, rubber boots; all DIOR. Leather loafers, PRADATwin AmbitionFashion feature 'Working Capital', model standing in front of bus wearing tweed skirt suit, rubber boots and leather bag Scott TrindleTradition with a twist. Cotton shirt, DIOR. Leather shirt, JOSEPH. Satin jacket, cotton shirt, wool trousers; all PRADAThought for the DayFashion feature 'Working Capital', model wearing bright pink wool trouser suit, georgette shirt and polo neck Scott TrindlePretty in pink?
Have I gotten too old to continue my pre-pandemic life?
My old life was put on ice, to be picked back up where I’d left off at any minute. Suddenly, in the clubs I’d been excited to get back to, I was so old. Is there a more humbling retort in this world than telling someone how old they are? But I think the real pain comes from not getting over it, if I wanted to, in my own time. This article first appeared on read:“Pandemic life has made it clear nothing is set in stone”: one year into lockdown, students around the world discuss their mental healthHow pandemic life rejigged our definition of happinessThe great pandemic burnout
Simone Ashley is a vision in chartreuse at the 2022 Cannes Film Festival
At Cannes Film Festival, her stylist Rebecca Corbin-Murray swerved the sequins and glitz the Croisette is traditionally known for in favour of understated glamour. London-based brand Galvan was behind her most major Cannes look: a form-fitting chartreuse dress. Before tagging the whole glam squad involved, the stylist shared the origins of chartreuse, a liqueur, which was made by Carthusian monks as early as 1737. Instagram content This content can also be viewed on the site it originates from. In the pictures, Simone is seen posing against the coastal backdrop of the film festival.
Filippo Ricci on the evolution of his family’s Italian luxury brand, Stefano Ricci
“You either understand and love the brand, and even wear Stefano Ricci socks,” says Niccolò Ricci, chief executive of his father’s namesake luxury house, “Or you don’t understand the brand at all.”We’re having dinner outside. Courtesy of Stefano RicciHow significant is Asia as a market for Stefano Ricci today? As the wearer, you know you are wearing Stefano Ricci, and you appreciate the quality for your own pleasure. It’s better for these celebrities to tell their friends about Stefano Ricci than for us to use their public image. You launched Stefano Ricci Luxury Tech two years ago, what’s next for that active line?
Inside Anya Taylor-Joy’s $3.2 million serene Hollywood Hills home
Anya Taylor-Joy has just bought her own private sanctuary for $3.2 million (USD $2.25 million). Despite being located in the middle of the famous Hollywood Hills, the Pre-Craftsman home is as peaceful and private as they come. If this were true, it would make the home one of the oldest in the area. The Noguchi moon pendant that hangs over the space and the double story windows, lined with pink bougainvillea truly set the room apart. The outdoor entertaining area is lined with a mosaic of Heath ceramic tiles and includes a built-in barbecue grill and a large plunge pool/hot tub.
Eva Staníková: Nesta?í mi pracovat jen pro p?íjem
Eva Staníková: Nesta?í mi pracovat jen pro p?íjem Vogue Leaders 27. Už jsem ?ekn?me vyzrálá žena a nesta?í mi pracovat jen pro p?íjem. A pak mi p?ed dv?ma lety zavolal headhunter, popsal mi hodnoty Oriflame, a já m?la najednou husí k?ži. Líbilo se mi, že se navíc od založení spole?nosti nezm?nily. A tehdy jsem se rozhodla pro zna?ku pracovat, protože jsem v?d?la, že chci, aby tu taková firma fungovala dál!
Why Do We Still Live In A World Where Our Children Need To Do Active Shooter Drills?
But I didn’t feel fear. But I didn’t feel fear. This term, my son’s nursery emailed all parents to inform us that they were undertaking a “critical incident drill”. To feel fear – real, justifiable fear – as you queue up to walk your child into school is wrong. My sympathy goes out to all parents, all over the world, who have lost a child under violent circumstances.
This Artist Bride’s Sheer, Pearl-Embellished Gown Brought Red-Carpet Flair To Her Tuscan-Themed Wedding
“It was important to both of us for our wedding to be intimate and a true reflection of us,” Jessica says. “My brother, Dave, officiated the wedding under a chuppah covered in baby’s breath,” says the bride. “I never expected to wear something so ‘pretty’, but when I tried on the gown I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face. This Bride’s Wedding Honoured Pakistani Traditions – And Her Love of Pastries Gallery 47 Photos View GalleryJessica swapped her gown for a Bianca Spender suit dress for dancing. “Our wedding was days before Omicron hit hard, so the fact that our closest family and friends in Australia could all make it was incredibly lucky.
“You And I Always End Up Somewhere In Dramatic Moments”: Elvis Director Baz Lurhmann In Conversation With His Friend And Collaborator Miuccia Prada
MP: “Of course it is.”BL: “It’s a reflection of now, and I think you do the same with your own work. You’re not still searching.”MP: “Also, I have a problem, because now the world is really out there, huge, different races, different communities, different religions, different cultures. Nobody could really travel, we couldn’t get out there in the world and plug in, and usually there’s a reset period. In that sense, of course, we feel uncertain and questioning, trying to look, trying to understand. And after Covid, for me, people are divided into the ones who understood something and the ones who didn’t.
In The Age Of The Naked Dress, Why Are So Many Of Us Reluctant To Sunbathe Topless?
Being #OOO also encourages a bolder approach to baring a little more sun-kissed skin, but even in the Vogue office – where flesh-flaunting self-expression is encouraged – actually sunbathing topless appears to be one of fashion’s final taboos. Summer escapes encourage us to cast off the shackles of modern life: our inboxes, our social media feeds, our gym gear, our shapewear. But this general untethering does not always extend to the strings of our bikini top. Tabloid journalism has taught us that a celebrity caught topless is still at risk of personal embarrassment. In 2017, a judge awarded the Duchess 100,000 Euro in damages for the invasion of privacy, to be paid by the magazine and two photographers.
You’re Coming Home With Me: This Week’s Best Interiors Treasures
You’re Coming Home With Me is your weekly roundup of the best interiors buys to add to your home inspiration mood board, as curated by British Vogue. The brand’s koi fish wall vase is the item I never knew I needed but now desperately want. French Connection Large Recycled Rug £250 French Connection Shop NowFor the design loverAre you a Wes Anderson fan? Arket Glass Napkin Ring £10 Arket Shop NowFor the vintage collectorVintage-lovers listen up: scoured the whole of Facebook Marketplace? @VintiquesmidcenturyVintage 1980s Chrome Wire Armchair £398.16 Etsy Shop NowFor the dopamine deficitThe greatest mood-boosting home accessories of the week come courtesy of The Conran Shop and Collagerie.
Dopamine-Inducing Watches Are A Key Jewellery Trend This Year
Hublot, a perpetual innovator in terms of materials, has used this to its advantage in terms of bringing colour into timekeeping. This year’s Big Bang Tourbillon Automatic Purple Sapphire, Big Bang Integral Sky Blue Ceramic and Spirit of Big Bang Tourbillon Carbon Green are prime examples. “Signs of the development of preferences are seen in jewellery before watches,” he says. Toulson, too, agrees with Pragnell that green is here to stay, adding, “Similarly, blue remains a popular choice. Beyond those two, orange is much more in evidence today – it lends itself to sports [and] diving watches as does yellow.
5 Easy Ways To Depuff Your Face
Read on for five tips on how to depuff your face now. 1.Use massageAs well as feeling ultra relaxing, using sweeping massage movements on your face can help to encourage lymph flow and drain puffiness away from the face, explains Mackenzie Paterson. 001 Skincare MicroSculptor No.3 £120 001 Skincare Shop Now4.CryotherapyRemember when Kate Moss name checked the ice plunge as her favourite beauty trick? “Fill a sink with ice cubes, cold water and slices of cucumber and hold your face in it for as long as you can,” she told the Sunday Telegraph. “I have been advising my clients to use ice cold water to wash their faces for years,” says Vico.
Conner Ives Is Making Sustainable Eveningwear Sexy
Conner Ives’s debut runway show was a highlight of London Fashion Week. Alessandro Lucioni“Going into this season, I had a clear idea of what I wanted the mood to be and what I wanted people to take away from that show,” Ives tells British Vogue. Check out Bridgerton star Simone Ashley in a shawl gown at the British Fashion Council X Vogue cocktail event and Sky Ferreira at the Met Gala to see what we mean. Yes, we do T-shirt dresses, but we also do demi-couture made from upcycled materials,” explains Ives. “But trying to sell dresses that retail for £10,000 in the midst of a global pandemic wasn’t going to work out.” His sustainable eveningwear takes six months from start to finish – a monumental task for a team of six.
“When You’re Falling In Love, Everything Is Amazing”: Riley Keough On Her Whirlwind Australian Romance
I knew who he was, but I was in a relationship, so I wasn’t looking at anyone in that way. I was there for about 24 hours and I stayed right on the harbour and ate a bunch of Tim Tams. I was just out of a relationship that I needed to recover from, so definitely wasn’t looking for anything. It had been a year, and he just felt more grown up and there was something about him. A few of us went to one of the bays for a swim and it was really magic.
Celebrity-Approved Swimwear To Try This Summer
From bikini mirror selfies to wanderlust holiday photos, A-listers are providing plenty of swimwear inspiration this summer. Paloma Elsesser and Rihanna, for example, are fans of disco-ready swim sets from Oséree. Elsewhere, Irina Shayk and Imaan Hammam have been sporting wearing flattering bikinis by Tropic of C – the swimwear line designed by fellow model Candice Swanepoel. Below, Vogue rounds up 20 chic swimwear styles that have the celebrity stamp of approval. Paloma Elsesser in OséreeInstagram: @PalomijaShop the look hereImaan Hammam in Alaïa
Paris Hilton models monochrome beachwear in stunning vacation photo
Paris Hilton was dressed to impress during a sun-soaked vacation in the Bahamas and fans adored her swimwear. Loading the player...WATCH: Paris Hilton stuns in bright pink wedding dressParis captioned the envy-inducing images: "#Sliving Summer is round the corner!" MORE: Paris Hilton stuns in one of her seven wedding dresses in unseen photoMORE: Kathy Hilton opens up about being a hands-on grandmother - exclusiveParis recently had reason to celebrate as she threw an incredible baby shower for her sister, Nicky Hilton. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Paris Hilton (@parishilton)Paris' fans raved about her beach lookThe reality TV star took to social media to share snippets day she helped plan and host. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Paris Hilton (@parishilton)Paris is married to Carter Reum"Can't wait to meet my baby nephew!"
At the French Open, American Women Rise to the Challenge
Sure, when compared to these blockbuster match-ups, the women’s singles competition this year has felt a little more staid. (With Ash Barty’s retirement, Serena Williams’s hamstring injury, and Simona Halep knocked out in a surprise second-round defeat, it’s the 20-year-old Polish wunderkind and current world number one Iga Swiatek’s tournament to lose at this point.) But as always, those absences leave room for other talents to come to the fore—and surprisingly, a number of those advancing players are American. Surprising only because—despite a few exceptions, the most notable being Williams—American players have a tendency to struggle on clay courts, given they predominantly train on hard courts unlike many of their European peers. But within the tournament’s final 16, five are American players, after Madison Keys won the last third-round match against the Kazakhstani player Elena Rybakina yesterday evening.
Stranger Things: viewers have same reaction over major moment in season four volume one
Stranger Things: viewers have same reaction over major moment in season four volume one Warning, spoilers for episode four ahead…Stranger Things season four volume one is finally here - and it’s fair to say that the fans are emotional! Loading the player...WATCH: Have you watched Stranger Things season four yet? Another person added: "DEAR BILLY IS THE BEST EPISODE IN STRANGER THINGS. A third person added: "The scene where Max remembers every moment and goes back to the boys was actually tHE BEST SCENE EVER." Sign up to our What to Watch newsletter to get other stories like this delivered straight to your inbox.
Baz Luhrmann and Miuccia Prada on Their 30-Year Friendship and Dazzling Costume Collaboration for ‘Elvis’
Baz Luhrmann and Miuccia Prada’s 30-year creative collaboration has also forged a great friendship. Afterwards, it was the opening weekend of Romeo + Juliet and you and your sister and [husband] Patrizio saw the movie. Luhrmann: You know, it went to number one, and it was the beginning of a great journey between us. Luhrmann: Since then, let’s think about all the costumes we’ve collaborated on, whether that’s for Gatsby or even the luggage in Australia, or the collaboration on Elvis. I think about all those conversations we’ve had about what’s going on in the world.
In a Surprise Victory at Cannes, Ruben Östlund’s Triangle of Sadness Takes Home the Palme d’Or
Earlier this evening, at the closing ceremony of this year’s Cannes Film Festival, the Palme d’Or was awarded to Triangle of Sadness, the latest social satire from the Swedish director Ruben Östlund. (Two of the director’s previous films, 2014’s Force Majeure and 2017’s The Square, which also won the Palme d’Or, served as razor-sharp indictments of contemporary masculinity and the greed of the cultural elite, respectively.) In Triangle of Sadness, Östlund turns his unflinching lens to the tantrums and whims of the super-rich in a black comedy that offered one of the festival’s most shocking gross-out moments. While Triangle of Sadness emerged as an early favorite among critics, many expected the jury to go with a safer choice. The race to the Palme d’Or at this year’s festival proved one of the most unpredictable in recent memory, with no single film emerging as a clear frontrunner.
Meghan Markle goes barefoot at friend's BBQ in elegant dress while out with Prince Harry and famous friends
Loading the player...WATCH: Meghan Markle kisses Prince Harry after his team winEven when she's out of the spotlight, Meghan proves her unparalleled sense of style is worthy of the red carpet. The mother-of-two's 'Shelia' midi dress comes in a pastel blue hue, adorned with a vintage naval print. Keeping it chilled for the summer soirée, both Meghan and Prince Harry went barefoot in their friends' garden. Sheila Ship Print Midi Dress, £1,390 / $1,918, Emilia WicksteadGET THE LOOK: Lace Midi Dress, £127, Coast"I love the skirt on this dress. Nacho, who models for Ralph Lauren, became friends with Prince Harry in 2007 when they played together at a polo match.
Tammy Slaton Curses Off Critic: I'll Do What the F--k I Want!
Tammy Slaton has a new boyfriend. As previously detailed, the 1,000-lb Sisters star appears to have found love inside of a rehab facility, having recently gushed over someone named William Michael Mooney. “I love you William Michael Mooney,” Slaton commented this month, adding four diamond ring emojis, after her alleged soulmate changed his Facebook cover photo to a picture of her a couple weeks ago. “Words can’t even express how safe and loved I feel with you," Mooney wrote on May 18, addressing Tammy and adding: "I’m forever grateful for everything you do my love." for bariatric weight loss surgery, a procedure that doctors will refuse to perform on patients who are excessively overweight.
Zara Tindall looks fabulous with casual ensemble as Queen rests in Balmoral
Zara Tindall looks flawless with casual ensemble as Queen rests in Balmoral The Queen's granddaughter was at the Houghton International Horse TrialsZara Tindall always looks elegant no matter what she wears and she proved that on Saturday when she rocked a casual ensemble. The royal looked fabulous as she styled out a pair of skinny jeans and black trainers as she left the food stall. Zara tucked into a duck wrap as she rocked her casual ensemble. MORE: Mike Tindall pays loving tribute to wife Zara – and fans are in agreementMORE: Mike Tindall shares pride in wife Zara as she takes up golf and helps fundraise for brilliant causeShe completed her look with dainty silver drop earrings, and she kept her makeup looking natural and fuss-free. Zara looked so elegant in the outfit.
Catherine Zeta-Jones' son reduced to tears by incredible family surprise
Catherine Zeta-Jones' son Dylan is preparing to graduate, and his parents organised he sweetest surprise for him ahead of the monumentous occasion, and it left him in tears. Loading the player...WATCH: Catherine Zeta-Jones' surprise leaves son Dylan in tearsDylan attempted to get words out to explain how he felt, but he was left speechless by the surprise and unable to do so. WOW: Catherine Zeta-Jones looks gorgeous in unexpected corsetREAD: Catherine Zeta-Jones shares secret to her fit physique at 52Lyndon then introduced himself to Dylan's assembled friends, as Dylan exclaimed: "I've got to catch my breath!" LOOK: Catherine Zeta-Jones' stylish home could be a museum in new photoWOW: Catherine Zeta-Jones looks incredible in unexpectedly glamorous new photoAlongside Dylan, Catherine is also a mother to daughter, Carys, and last month she marked her daughter's 19th birthday with some beautiful photos. LOOK: Catherine Zeta-Jones thrills fans with gorgeous mini-dress – see photoMORE: Catherine Zeta-Jones shares photographs from joyful family reunionFans quickly took to the comments section to send birthday wishes for Carys their way, while also leaving a horde of flame and heart emojis.
Amy Robach inundated with support following difficult week reporting on Texas shooting
Amy Robach inundated with support following difficult week reporting on Texas shooting The Good Morning America star has spent the week in TexasAmy Robach has had a tough week reporting from the frontline following the recent mass shooting in Texas, and she made sure to take some time for herself. Loading the player...WATCH: Amy Robach has terrifying encounter during hike"Working through my heavy heart... A solo run and some flowers from my garden... trying to appreciate the small beautiful moments," she captioned the moving photos. WOW: Amy Robach appears like you've never seen her before as she reveals unbelievable transformationMORE: Amy Robach left emotional as she shares birthday photos of daughter AnnaliseHer followers were quick to offer their support to the popular host, as one commented: "Tough week Amy!! A second posted: "Your reporting this week was great, I’m sure not easy at all," and a third added: "Thank you for your dedication. MORE: Amy Robach shares joyful poolside photo as she marks special family celebrationREAD: Amy Robach details downside of traveling in relatable postGinger continued: "Why is it so much worse here in America?
Kelly Rowland melts hearts as she reveals adorable bond between her two children
Kelly Rowland's children have the most adorable bond – see photo The former Destiny's Child star is a mom-of-twoKelly Rowland might be spending a little time away from home, but the singer is still making sure to keep in touch with her two children. SHOP: Kelly Rowland swears by TikTok-famous Zitstickas to treat blemishesAnd on Friday, she shared a photo that had clearly already melted her heart, and was guaranteed to melt the hearts of her 13 million followers. Loading the player...WATCH: Kelly Rowland's son Titan shows off amazing talentTitan's face painted the perfect picture of brotherly love, and this was something that Kelly picked up on when she captioned the photo. MORE: Kelly Rowland reveals major milestone for latest project in candid new videoMORE: Kelly Rowland steps away from music as she embarks on new unexpected venture"Their faces," the former Destiny's Child singer wrote, adding a heart emoji to the post. SEE: Kelly Rowland turns heads in super flattering top and jeansREAD: Kelly Rowland reveals what Beyonce and Michelle Williams would never let her doKelly was recently in a reminiscent mood as she marked Mother's Day by sharing photos of her baby bumps from when she was carrying her children.
Why this weekend could be doubly exciting for Princess Charlene
Why this weekend could be doubly exciting for Princess Charlene The royal is a fan of the Monaco Grand PrixPrincess Charlene and Prince Albert are huge fans of the Monaco Grand Prix, and always turn up for the event, but this weekend will be more exciting than usual for the pair. MORE: Princess Charlene reveals adorable bond with daughter Princess Gabriella in rare interviewREAD: Princess Charlene details 'painful' year of ill health for the first timeCharlene is likely to bring her two children, Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella with her to the event, and they too will be eager to see their countryman take the win. READ: Princess Charlene addresses Prince Albert divorce rumours for the first timeWOW: Princess Charlene of Monaco surprises in showstopping one-shoulder ballgownMotorsport is clearly one of Charlene's passions and her first public appearance following her health battle was at the Monaco E-Prix, which is for electric vehicles. Charlene attended the Monaco E-Prix following her recoveryThe princess had an impressive look for her appearance, as she rocked a slinky grey power suit with a double-breasted jacket and flared trousers. Sign up to our newsletter to get all of our celebrity and royal news delivered directly to your inbox.
Busy Philipps stuns fans with gorgeous selfie following shock split from husband
Busy Philipps looks astounding in striking combination following split from husband The Cougar Town star spoke about the split on her podcastBusy Philipps always looks stunning, and on Saturday she shared a selfie where she rocked an unexpected combination. Loading the player...WATCH: Busy Philipps works out in crop top following health woesBusy kept her caption simple, as she wrote: "Dresses & sneakers for lyfe," while seductively looking down the lens of the camera. LOOK: Busy Philipps works out in crop top amid health woes – see videoWOW: Busy Philipps surprises fans with appearance in unearthed photosFans loved the bold ensemble and rushed to the comments to compliment her, as one said: "Lol I think I will be wearing dresses and my converse forever!" A second shared: "I love how authentic you are," while a third posted: "Haha love it. Busy looked gorgeous in the selfie she sharedBusy shared the news that she and Marc had separated on her podcast, Busy Philipps Is Trying Her Best, and revealed that they had been living separate lives for more than a year.
What Is Kaley Cuoco’s Net Worth? How Much Money the Star Makes
You probably know Kaley Cuoco from her Big Bang Theory days, or maybe even 8 Simple Rules, but acting isn’t the only thing this starlet is known for – and her insane net worth proves it! The California native is worth an estimated $100 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. To learn more about how Kaley makes her money, keep reading! Kaley’s ‘Big Bang Theory’ Pay Day:The Big Bang Theory was a smash hit that ran for 12 seasons from 2007 to 2019. Though her pay rates for these jobs are unknown, they surely contribute to her $100 million net worth in a big way.
Jennifer Aniston shares emotional tribute to Ellen as she marks end of an era
Jennifer Aniston shares emotional tribute to Ellen as she marks end of an era The Ellen DeGeneres show ended on ThursdayJennifer Aniston has paid a heartfelt tribute to her good friend Ellen DeGeneres following her last ever show. MORE: Jennifer Aniston shares heartbreaking tribute in honor of International Women's DayEllen hosted her chat show for the very last time on Thursday, and Jennifer was one of the final guests on it. Reflecting on the end of an era, the Friends star shared footage of herself appearing on Ellen over the years, alongside an emotional message. Loading the player...VIDEO: Ellen DeGeneres' final goodbye on her talk showShe wrote: "19 years. MORE: Jennifer Aniston stuns in red bikini during reunion with Brad PittREAD: Jennifer Aniston supported by ex Justin Theroux as she reveals major newsFellow comedian Amy Schumer attributed much of her fame to Ellen giving her a chance, writing: "Ellen was the first person to have me do standup on their talk show.
Goldie Hawn's son Oliver Hudson is delighted with career recognition: 'Look Ma, I made it'
Goldie Hawn's son Oliver Hudson is delighted with career recognition: 'Look Ma, I made it' The Hollywood actor has had an eventful few weeksOliver Hudson had some happy news to share with his social media followers this weekend - including his mom Goldie Hawn. Loading the player...VIDEO: Oliver Hudson shares health update with his fansFans were quick to comment on the post, with one writing: "I've been waiting for this post after watching Jeopardy!" MORE: Goldie Hawn's playdate with granddaughters at beautiful home is too cute for wordsMORE: Goldie Hawn's ex-husband Bill Hudson makes rare social media appearanceThe actor's post followed on from a hospital visit earlier in the week, where he took his fans along on his journey. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Oliver Hudson (@theoliverhudson)Goldie Hawn's son Oliver Hudson was pleased to be recognisedWearing a hospital gown, Oliver urged his fans to book in too. MORE: Goldie Hawn supports famous daughter-in-law during emotional end of an eraMORE: Goldie Hawn shows support for daughter-in-law as she undergoes transformationThe actor's fans thanked him for his post, with one writing: "Thank you for doing this.
Celebrities Who Are Pregnant in 2022: Pregnancy Announcements
New year, new crop of celebrities announcing their pregnancies in 2022. “The parents-to-be are elated!” his rep told People in a statement on January 6, 2022. In one of the gorgeous photos that she shared to her Instagram Stories, Lilly wrote, “Surprise!” and “Sorry I’ve been so MIA. Things don’t always go as we plan,” wrote Luke, whose other brother is former Bachelorette JoJo Fletcher‘s longtime fiancé Jordan Rodgers. Scroll down for photos of the celebrities who have announced pregnancies in 2022.
Exclusive: Robin Roberts and Amber Laign revamp NY home with help from GMA co-star Lara Spencer
Exclusive: Robin Roberts and Amber Laign revamp NY home with help from GMA co-star Lara Spencer The couple are currently navigating a cancer diagnosisRobin Roberts and her longtime partner Amber Laign split their time between their lavish home in Connecticut and their plush pad in New York. MORE: Inside GMA hosts' pristine homes: Michael Strahan, Robin Roberts and moreDuring an exclusive chat with HELLO! Loading the player...WATCH: Robin Roberts gives tour of incredible gardens at her Connecticut homeThe Everything But the House star said: "Right now I'm working with Robin and her partner Amber to decorate their apartment. MORE: Robin Roberts' partner Amber talks about her health in rare videoMORE: Robin Roberts' special tribute to partner Amber Laign you might have missedWhile Lara didn't divulge the exact aesthetic they're going for, she said she's always on the look out for a bargain for their apartment. MORE: Robin Roberts steps away from Good Morning America studios for exciting adventureMORE: Robin Roberts shares emotional family update on Mother's DayDecorating their home is likely a welcome distraction for Robin and Amber as they continue to deal with Amber's breast cancer diagnosis.
Johnny Depp makes rare comment about his children as he reflects on raising them in the public eye
Johnny Depp makes rare comment about his children as he reflects on raising them in the public eye The Pirates of the Caribbean star shares two children with ex-wife Vanessa ParadisJohnny Depp's children have remained notoriously private throughout their dad's defamation trial against Amber Heard. MORE: Amber Heard's ex Elon Musk reacts to Johnny Depp's closing statementThe Pirates of the Caribbean star is a doting father to daughter Lily-Rose Depp, 22, and 20-year-old son Jack Depp, who he shares with ex-wife Vanessa Paradis. Johnny has tried to keep his children out of the spotlight during the trial although has made several references to them over the last few weeks, including a rare insight into raising children in the public eye. Johnny Depp revealed his fears for his children's safety during his height of fameJohnny continued: "We were just getting followed by hoards of paparazzi. MORE: Johnny Depp receives support from unexpected source during trialMORE: Johnny Depp: Daughter Lily-Rose's comments amid Amber Heard trialHe said: "It's about showing Depp's children, Lily-Rose and Jack, that the truth is worth fighting for.
Kim Kardashian, Pete Davidson Have Matching Blonde Hair: Photos
Kim Kardashian and boyfriend Pete Davidson were seen with matching bleach blonde hair styles on a rare outing together following his Saturday Night Live exit. The Kardashians star, 41, and the comedian, 28, were spotted together outside of her office in Los Angeles on Friday, May 27, with Kim sporting a sexy Skims two-piece outfit while holding a Diet Coke. Pete, for his part, was photographed getting into a black car donning a clear shower cap, which revealed a similar blonde hair color to his girlfriend’s. He and Pete first sparked romance rumors only weeks after she made her hosting debut in October 2021. Pete “can see a future with Kim.”“He loves that she’s not just another pretty face,” the source added.
Paris Hilton Bikini Pictures: Her Sexiest Swimsuit Photos
After her big break on The Simple Life in 2003, Paris Hilton became a worldwide sensation quickly. In the photos, she donned a black and white checkerboard two-piece swimsuit while standing on the beach. Although she exudes confidence, Paris has previously opened up about dealing with the pressuring beauty standards while growing up in the public eye. “Back then, there were very unhealthy standards of beauty and what that meant … There were unrealistic beauty standards that people use to look up to, that kind of waif unhealthy body type.”Now, the Hilton Hotels heiress practices a less hectic daily routine. There’s no point in doing that to yourself.”Scroll down to see Paris’ sexiest bikini pictures!
Kim Kardashian, Pete Davidson Spotted on Rare Outing: Photos
Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson Are Spotted on Rare Outing Together Near Her Office: PhotosTwinning! Kim Kardashian and boyfriend Pete Davidson were seen with matching bleach blonde hair styles on a rare outing together following his Saturday Night Live exit. Pete penned a heartfelt note about his exit at the time, which friend and SNL writer Dave Sirus shared via his Instagram on Saturday, May 21. He and Pete first sparked romance rumors only weeks after she made her hosting debut in October 2021. Pete “can see a future with Kim.”“He loves that she’s not just another pretty face,” the source added.
'90 Day Fiance': Does Paul Staehle Have a New Girlfriend?
90 Day Fiancé alum Paul Staehle sparked rumors that he’s dating again after his split from estranged wife Karine Staehle (née Martins) — but now, his rumored girlfriend is speaking on on the speculation. The rumors started when Paul, 39, shared a series of cozy-looking photos featuring a dark-haired mystery woman. Kas also shared a selfie of her and Paul together in a car via her Instagram page. “It was lovely to meet a new friend @pauljasonstaehle #90dayfiance #tlc #groovy @tlc,” she captioned her post. Since then, neither Paul nor Karine have shared photos of or with each other and they’ve both kept a low profile on social media.
Kaley Cuoco Net Worth: How Much Money Does She Make?
You probably know Kaley Cuoco from her Big Bang Theory days, or maybe even 8 Simple Rules, but acting isn’t the only thing this starlet is known for – and her insane net worth proves it! The California native is worth an estimated $100 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. To learn more about how Kaley makes her money, keep reading! Kaley’s ‘Big Bang Theory’ Pay Day:The Big Bang Theory was a smash hit that ran for 12 seasons from 2007 to 2019. Though her pay rates for these jobs are unknown, they surely contribute to her $100 million net worth in a big way.
Celebrity Wardrobe Malfunctions, Skin-Baring Moments in Photos
Every celebrity is bound to have a wardrobe malfunction at one time or another. Actress Tara Reid had an unfortunate wardrobe malfunction in 2004 when she attended Diddy’s 35th birthday in New York. To make matters worse, Tara had a botched breast enhancement, which was revealed by the wardrobe malfunction. Singers Katy Perry and Saweetie joined the list of wardrobe malfunction sufferers in 2022. Scroll down for photos of the most epic celebrity wardrobe malfunctions.
Pregnant Celebrities 2022: Star Pregnancy Announcements
Celebrity Pregnancies of 2022: These Stars Are Celebrating Babies on the WayNew year, new crop of celebrities announcing their pregnancies in 2022. Shahs of Sunset star Lilly Ghalichi announced on January 14 that she’s pregnant with her second child. In one of the gorgeous photos that she shared to her Instagram Stories, Lilly wrote, “Surprise!” and “Sorry I’ve been so MIA. Things don’t always go as we plan,” wrote Luke, whose other brother is former Bachelorette JoJo Fletcher‘s longtime fiancé Jordan Rodgers. Scroll down for photos of the celebrities who have announced pregnancies in 2022.
'Married at First Sight': Expert DeVon Franklin's Net Worth
Married at First Sight is heading to the west coast for the first time when it returns with new experts. DeVon admitted he initially wasn’t going to accept the opportunity as he felt “shame” due to his recent divorce from actress Meagan Good. Who Is DeVon Franklin? Penning titles such as Live Free: Exceed Your Highest and The Wait: A Powerful Practice for Finding the Love of Your Life and the Life You Love, Oprah has called DeVon “a different kind of spiritual teacher for our times.”DeVon Franklin’s Net WorthAccording to Celebrity Net Worth, DeVon is worth $5 million. Why Did DeVon Franklin and Meagan Good Divorce?
Kim Kardashian Nip Slip While Modeling Skims Bra: Photo
Kim Kardashian experienced a nip slip while modeling a Skims bra, but the Kardashians star quickly recovered from the accident. “Oh s—t,” Kim, 41, said after her sheer black bra slightly revealed her breast nipple in a video shared via her Instagram Stories on Friday, May 27. In the clip, the Skims founder pushed her silvery blonde hair back behind her ear and lost control of the left side of her bra for a moment. “OMG, I’m a Sports Illustrated cover girl!!! !”Courtesy of Kim Kardashian/InstagramSeveral photos featured Kim donning nude and silver two-piece bathing suits, in addition to a silver one-piece and a shiny black thong swimsuit.
‘Sister Wives': Meri Celebrates Robyn's Daughter's Graduation
Sister Wives star Meri Brown celebrated Robyn Brown’s “sweet” daughter Breanna Brown at her high school graduation amid her estrangement from husband Kody Brown. Robyn joined the polygamous Brown family when she spiritually married Kody in 2014. While Meri and Kody had been spiritually and legally wed since April 1990, they legally divorced in 2014 so Kody could legally marry Robyn and adopt Robyn’s children. He still remains spiritually married to Meri, although the couple has faced their fair share of ups and downs over the yearsDespite her close relationship to the children, Meri has been open about her struggles regarding her marriage. “From where I am, like, it’s been 31 years now that we’ve been married,” Meri explained.
Product returns are wasteful for companies and the planet. Here’s how to change that
Carey School of Business, I believe the returns process as it exists today is unnecessarily wasteful. So why are companies turning a blind eye to waste in the returns process? In addition to losing out on potential profits, a wasteful returns process reflects poorly on brand image. Returns need to be a priority, and profitability and sustainability need to be approached as complementary rather than opposing goals. With a few thoughtful changes, companies can start to build a returns process that will be better for both profits and the planet.
This is how mass shootings affect our brains, even if we aren’t directly harmed
I am a trauma and anxiety researcher and clinician, and I know that the effects of such violence reach millions. First, the immediate survivors It is important to understand that no two people experience such horrific exposure in the same way. advertisementThe effect on those close by, or arriving later PTSD can develop not only through personal exposure to trauma but also via exposure to others’ severe trauma. That means we learn fear and experience terror through exposure to the trauma and fear of others. While victims and potential victims try to run away from an active shooter, the police, firefighters, and paramedics rush to the danger zone.
This is the reason you’re losing your best people according to brain science
Not only do you feel a rush of reward signals for being chosen over others for your abilities, you also get to complete a task which provides a second rush of reward signals for the achievement of a job well done. Status at work can deliver a double-dose of feel-good emotions, so it’s no surprise status junkies end up being overachievers. That sweet brain candy turns into a fiery response and the brain signals trigger a much stronger fight or flight response than the feel-good emotions. This happens because fairness, like status, is another domain of social experience that activates strong threat and reward signals and drives behavior . advertisementadvertisementWhile status reward signals make us feel good, fairness threat triggers are even stronger.
A new method to differentiate between genetic mutations could lead to better cancer treatments
Estimating how likely a mutation causes disease by how frequently it appears in a genome is common for small genetic changes called single-nucleotide variants (SNVs). However, this process breaks down for genetic changes across longer strands of DNA called structural variants (SVs). Compared to much simpler SNVs, SVs have higher error rates in detection. Our method leverages this strategy by searching through raw data from thousands of DNA samples for any evidence supporting specific SV. Using our method, we scanned the SVs identified in prior cancer studies and found that thousands of SVs previously associated with cancers also appear in normal healthy samples.
The surprising ways technology can increase green space in cities
With new technologies, we can plan and monitor these urban “green spaces” better than ever before. It is, however, an open question as to how much green space a city ought to have. Green landscaping The big question is therefore what kind of green space do we want? advertisementIf urban planners become more aware of the potential of digital technology, then urban green spaces should have a bright future. However, designing the optimal green space that we want for our cities may also call for a deeper future collaboration between urban planners and engineers.
Why the cryptocurrency price collapse offers hope for slowing climate change
The amount of computing power dedicated to this effort is referred to as the network’s hash rate. With the bitcoin price falling, the financial incentive to waste energy for mining bitcoin should be lower. But, surprisingly, the network’s hash rate (and carbon footprint) remains very close to its all-time high, averaging around 200 quintillion hashes per second. Besides bitcoin mining price predicaments, there are other potential tipping points to consider. These communities also tend to face the sharp end of the climate crisis, which crypto mining fuels.
Rising Health Care Costs and the Impact on Soon-to-Be Retirees
While inflation may result in higher prescription and medical supply prices in the short term, health care costs typically outpace inflation over the long term, regardless of market conditions. This means soon-to-be retirees need to be forward-thinking and include health care costs in their broader financial plan. Estimate costsAccording to a model Vanguard developed with Mercer Health, even with Medicare, average health care costs can reach over $5,000 per year. This advanced planning can enable someone to develop a thoughtful approach to preparing for — and ultimately paying for, future health care costs. Otherwise, it might mean tapping liquid assets or an HSA to pay for health care expenses before Medicare coverage kicks in.
5 Unexpected Insights from Your Tax Return
Marginal Tax Rates There’s often a misconception around tax rates and how they work. When we talk about tax rates, we often talk about the marginal tax rate, or the highest bracket into which income falls. However, because the U.S. has a progressive tax system and not all of your income will be taxed at your marginal tax rate, your effective tax rate may be much lower. This would entail paying income tax now on the conversion amount, rather than paying tax on IRA distributions in retirement when you may be in a higher tax bracket. Or, if you are anticipating a higher-income year, you could consider giving more to charity to increase your tax deductions in a year when you are at a higher marginal tax rate.
TikTok: How to View Your Watch History
The TikTok application now has a dedicated “Watch History” menu, which will allow users to see the videos they’ve viewed in the past seven days. Previously, users could search for videos they’ve watched in the past seven days using a search filter on the app’s Discover tab, but there wasn’t a dedicated space to view every video that has been watched.
BeReal: How to Delete a Post
The BeReal photo-sharing platform encourages each user to share one post per day. Once users share a post, they have the option to delete the post so that no one else can see it. However, users can only delete one BeReal post each day. That is, if someone shares a BeReal post, deletes it, and then shares another BeReal post, they won’t have the option to delete the second post they shared.
This Founder Just Gifted LLCs to an Entire Graduating Class
One Atlanta entrepreneur believes giving them access to their own LLCs is a good bet. Cole graduated from the historically Black research university in 2009 with a major in mass communication and media studies. While the now 34-year-old entrepreneur went on to found Slutty Vegan in 2018, Cole told Inc. in a recent interview that she's a philanthropist first. She launched the Pinky Cole Foundation in 2019 to support people of color in her community of Atlanta. When Rayshard Brooks was murdered in the Wendy's parking lot in June 2020, her foundation provided life insurance for the family and a brand-new car.
To Get Results, the Best Leaders Both Push and Pull Their Teams
We call one behavior “driving for results” (push), and the other “inspiring and motivating others” (pull). In this analysis, we did the following:The direct reports rated the leader’s effectiveness on both pushing (driving for results) and pulling (inspiring and motivating others). We ranked leaders’ data on pushing and pulling into quartiles and identified those who were low (bottom quartile) and high (top quartile). When both push and pull are in the bottom quartile, both confidence and satisfaction of direct reports are low. More pull, less push seemed to be what’s needed to retain talented employees.
8 Proven Networking Strategies of Successful Entrepreneurs
One reason I created 10X Growth Con—a large networking event for entrepreneurs—was to bring like-minded people together. The right event can exponentially enlarge your network quickly and [you can] solidify your contacts by following up frequently and staying in touch. First, identify the ideal person you would want to do business with from a philosophical, character and principled perspective. To have an ideal network, first become your ideal self. You’ll be the right person in the right place with the right network.
The Staff of Uvalde’s Local Paper Cover the Worst Day of Their Lives
The day before, he had covered a serious house fire, in which, it was feared, someone had died. It was around noon, half an hour after the first 911 call, and, although Luna didn’t know it, the shooter was still alive, barricaded in a fourth-grade classroom. A man told Luna that the suspect had scaled the six-foot fence and taken two other bags with him. When local papers fold, as happened in nearby Del Rio, the information void is often filled by Facebook groups of questionable reliability. “In the middle of it, I was thinking about the other news outlets being able to beat us in every way,” Garnett told me the next day.
Reports of the Pay Phone’s Death Are Greatly Exaggerated
A person might be forgiven for believing that the city’s last pay phone was about to be removed. A couple of days after the city’s ceremony, he’d visited two public pay phones within blocks of Times Square. “Because of the copper landline, call quality is so good on the pay phones compared with anything we have now,” Thomas advised. “Aside from those four you’re at, all the pay phones under our purview have been removed,” she explained. She couldn’t explain how the Times Square pay phone was the city’s last remaining one, but she had good news.
Champions League Final: Real Madrid Beats Liverpool for 14th Title
Real Madrid beat Liverpool, 1-0, on Saturday in Paris with a performance of ruthless efficiency, of meticulous organization, of clinical obduracy. Real Madrid could risk absorbing pressure, conceding chances, safe in the knowledge that Courtois is a redoubtable last line of defense. Those last few minutes, as Real Madrid waited impatiently to claim its glory, did not build to some deafening climax. It has worked, too: This was the club’s third Champions League final in five years. After all, for a considerable proportion of the team, this was a fifth Champions League final.
Cardinal Angelo Sodano, Vatican Power Broker, Dies at 94
His death was announced by the Vatican, which did not say where he died or cite a cause. Cardinal Sodano served as secretary of state, the second-highest-ranking position in the Vatican after the pope, for 16 years. His tenure covered a good portion of the pontificate of John Paul II, who once described him as “my first and precious collaborator.” As Parkinson’s disease and other ailments debilitated John Paul II, Cardinal Sodano, along with the pope’s private secretary, played an outsize role in running the church. The cardinal mediated in the Balkan wars and vigorously opposed the George W. Bush administration’s war in Iraq. In 2010, speaking during a public Easter address, he infamously called accusations of abuse “petty gossip.”
‘The Triangle of Sadness’ Wins the Palme D’Or at Cannes
CANNES, France — The satire “Triangle of Sadness,” from the Swedish director Ruben Ostlund, won the Palme d’Or at the 75th Cannes Film Festival at a ceremony here on Saturday. The awards ceremony ran a relatively painless 90 or so minutes, another reminder that the emphasis at Cannes remains on the movies themselves, not the accompanying circus. The South Korean director Park Chan-wook won the director prize for “Decision to Leave,” an entertainingly twisty thriller (which riffs on Hitchcock’s “Vertigo”), which was a critical favorite. The screenplay award was given to the engrossing (and chatty) drama “Boy from Heaven,” from the Swedish director Tarik Saleh. The Dardennes are among the most justly honored filmmakers in the history of Cannes, having won the Palme twice (for “Rosetta” in 1999 and “The Child” in 2005).
School Shootings and America’s Human Sacrifices - The New York Times
A slain teacher’s husband died of a heart attack after he took flowers to her memorial at the school. convention in Houston Friday evening and spouted gun lobby talking points — small price for the tens of millions it spent to get him elected. cared by reading the names of the dead children and teachers, with a bell gonging after each name. When a gunman killed 35 people in Tasmania in 1996, the Australian government passed such common-sense gun laws six months later that there has been only one mass shooting since. When an anti-Islamic extremist in Christchurch killed 51 people in two mosques in 2019, the New Zealand government banned most semiautomatic weapons 26 days later.
Opinion | The Debate Over Canceling Student Debt
To the Editor:Re “Students Deserve a Loan Bailout,” by Charlie Eaton, Amber Villalobos and Frederick Wherry (Opinion guest essay, May 18):Why should I pay for your student loans? If we really want to wipe out debt, let’s give tax amnesty to anyone who owes more than $10,000. I know it’s politically valuable to tell millions of people you are going to forgive their debt, but it’s not right. Scott HartmanSan Jose, Calif.To the Editor:Re “Student Debt Is Crushing. Canceling It Is Still Bad Policy” (editorial, May 15):The reasoning behind targeted rather than across-the-board cancellation of student debt, reasonable as it sounds, is flawed in two fundamental ways.
A Texas School. A Buffalo Store. The Toll of Gun Violence Mounts in the U.S. - The New York Times
States around the country have made halting but commendable progress in passing sensible gun safety measures — red flag laws, background checks and age of purchase requirements. A federal court this month struck down a California law that set the age limit for purchasing semiautomatic weapons at 21. Anything that introduces friction into the system of gun acquisition is to the good. In New York this week, a federal judge tossed out a challenge from gun groups to a law that allows civil lawsuits against companies that have endangered public safety. We have seen these bipartisan efforts on gun safety measures come and go without results.
UEFA Blames Delay at Champions League Final on ‘Fake Tickets’
Inside the stadium, where the teams had completed their warm-ups, two 15-minute delays were announced. But even before the crowds outside had dispersed, UEFA went ahead, incongruously, with an elaborate pregame ceremony starring the singer Camila Cabello. Once she finished, the teams took the field and traded handshakes, and the final began. “Thousands of British ‘supporters’ without tickets or with counterfeit tickets forced entry and sometimes assaulted the stewards,” he wrote. UEFA officials initially seemed to lay the blame for the problems on “late-arriving fans,” even though huge crowds had been stuck at the gates for hours before the scheduled kickoff.
Jennifer Lopez Wore Oversized Corduroy Paperbag Pants with the Summer Top Everyone Should Have in Their Closet
On Wednesday, J.Lo stepped out in Los Angeles in corduroy paperbag pants and a cropped white T-shirt, blending two totally separate seasonal styles. Fabric aside, the oversized fit of Lopez's bottoms was on par with the larger-than-life pants trend that's taking over Hollywood right now (the Marry Me actress herself also opted for a wide-legged silhouette recently) — but we're more focused on her shirt choice.
As Uvalde Meets to Mourn, a Debate Unfolds Over the Commander’s Decision
UVALDE, Texas — From the first minutes after a gunman began shooting, officers descended on Robb Elementary School. Image Border Patrol officers and law enforcement from different agencies on the scene of the shooting on Tuesday. Investigators were also looking into whether an attempt was made, during the standoff, to take incident command away from Chief Arredondo. Brandon Judd, head of the Border Patrol Council, the agents’ union, said that in no case would Border Patrol agents have sought to assume command themselves. It was not clear why a Border Patrol team that was a 40-minute drive away was instead asked to lead the assault.
The N.R.A. Gathering in Houston Spotlights an American Divide
HOUSTON — On one side of an avenue in downtown Houston, people filed into the National Rifle Association’s annual convention this weekend to talk guns, admire guns, buy guns and invoke as holy script the Second Amendment right to bear arms; that is, guns. As people on one side of the avenue sweated and shouted in the baking Texas sun, others filed into the comforting cool of the George R. Brown Convention Center. The massacre of schoolchildren earlier in the week had been in Uvalde, just 300 miles west of here. Inside, politicians spoke of “hardening” schools to a mix of N.R.A. Outside, veteran and novice protesters waved handmade signs and photographs of children shot to death this week, in faint hope of changing minds.
Kylie Minogue Celebrates Her 54th Birthday with Throwback Childhood Photo: 'So Overwhelmed'
Sending all the love right back to each and every one of you," the Australian singer wrote to her fans on SaturdayBirthday wishes are in order for Kylie Minogue! On Saturday, the "Can't Get You out of My Head" singer celebrated her 54th birthday and received many messages from fans worldwide. When you're so overwhelmed by the birthday love," she wrote in the caption of a throwback childhood photo on Instagram. Back in 2020, the Australian singer spoke to PEOPLE about her relationship with longtime boyfriend Paul Solomons. kylie minogue Kylie Minogue & Paul Solomons | Credit: David Bennett/GettyNever miss a story — sign up for PEOPLE's free daily newsletter to stay up-to-date on the best of what PEOPLE has to offer, from juicy celebrity news to compelling human interest stories.
78 Long Minutes
When families learned that a gunman had entered Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, at 11:33 a.m. on May 24, a brutal wait began. Police on the scene did not stop the gunman until well over an hour after he walked into the school, raising questions about whether lives could have been saved if they had acted sooner. Parents who rushed to the school were held outside, where many were forced to wait to learn if their children were safe. What follows is an account of each of those 78 minutes, as told by video evidence, statements by witnesses and law enforcement, and accounts of 911 calls. The toll — 19 students and two teachers dead, and more than a dozen others wounded — would not be released until many hours later.
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Massacres Test Whether Washington Can Move Beyond Paralysis
And about 80 percent of people say gun purchasers should be subject to background checks, even when they buy their guns in a private sale or at a gun show. But surveys also reflect the deepening polarization in the country, where about 30 percent of adults say they own a gun. A sizable majority of people who do not own guns favor banning high-capacity ammunition magazines and creating a federal database to track all gun sales, according to Pew. The response to mass shootings in the United States is starkly different from the decisive action taken in other developed countries around the world. Australia held a mandatory gun buyback after a 1996 massacre and the rate of mass shootings plummeted.
Gun in Texas Shooting Came From Company Known for Pushing Boundaries
He has said that his gun company was born out of his poor golf game. At the time, Mr. Daniel had trouble finding a way to mount a scope onto his rifle. In an interview with Forbes, Mr. Daniel said the shooting “drove a lot of sales.” (Forbes reported that Daniel Defense had sales of $73 million in 2016.) But Mr. Daniel turned the rejection into a rallying cry, and the conservative media lapped it up. Mr. Daniel joined the “Second Amendment Coalition,” a group of gun industry heavyweights who advised Mr. Trump on gun policy.
Giants' Gabe Kapler Takes a Stand After Uvalde Mass Shooting: 'I Don't Plan on Coming Out for the Anthem'
(Photo by Lachlan Cunningham/MLB Photos via Getty Images)SAN FRANCISCO, CA - OCTOBER 08: Gabe Kapler #19 of the San Francisco Giants looks on during Game 1 of the NLDS between the Los Angeles Dodgers and the San Francisco Giants at Oracle Park on Friday, October 8, 2021 in San Francisco, California. (Photo by Lachlan Cunningham/MLB Photos via Getty Images)Gabe Kapler is taking a stand. The San Francisco Giants manager, 46, told reporters during his team's game against the Cincinnati Reds on Friday that he does not plan on participating in the United States' National Anthem on the field for the foreseeable future. "I don't plan on coming out for the anthem going forward until I feel better about the direction of our country," Kapler said, as seen in video footage shared by ESPN. "I don't expect it to move the needle necessarily, it's just something that I feel strongly enough about to take that step."
Sofia Carson Remembers 'Our Angel' Cameron Boyce on His 23rd Birthday: 'I Adore You'
Nearly three years after he died from an epileptic seizure, Cameron Boyce's friends and family have recently shared tributes in honor of what would have been his 23rd birthdaySofia Carson Remembers 'Our Angel' Cameron Boyce on His 23rd Birthday: 'I Adore You'. ; INGLEWOOD, CALIFORNIA - DECEMBER 03: (EDITORIAL USE ONLY) Sofia Carson attends iHeartRadio 102.7 KIIS FM's Jingle Ball 2021 presented by Capital One at The Forum on December 03, 2021 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images for iHeartRadio)Sofia Carson Remembers 'Our Angel' Cameron Boyce on His 23rd Birthday: 'I Adore You'. The Disney Channel star would have celebrated his 23rd birthday on Saturday, and his loved ones marked the occasion with some tributes and special memories of the late actor. RELATED VIDEO: Cameron Boyce's Parents React to Adam Sandler Dedicating Hubie Halloween to Their Late Son"Cameron would've been 23 years old this year.
Gladys Knight Thanks Fans for 'Outpouring of Love' in Celebration of Her 78th Birthday
the soul singer wrote on SaturdayGladys Knight Thanks Fans for 'Outpouring of Love' in Celebration of Her 78th BirthdayNEW YORK, NEW YORK - JUNE 19: Gladys Knight performs during Questlove's "Summer Of Soul" screening & live concert at Marcus Garvey Park in Harlem on June 19, 2021 in New York City. (Photo by Roy Rochlin/Getty Images)Happy birthday to Gladys Knight! In celebration of her 78th birthday on Saturday, fans, friends, and family came together to wish the Empress of Soul a happy birthday. "I am blown away by the amazing outpouring of love and well wishes on this Birthday," Knight wrote in the caption. Patti LaBelle; Dionne Warwick; Gladys Knight Credit: Santiago Felipe/Getty Images; Monica Schipper/Getty Images; Tabatha Fireman/RedfernsWarwick walked onstage where she greeted her friends with a kiss on the cheek.
Pregnant Michelle Williams Wraps Her Baby Bump in Florals at Cannes Film Festival Premiere
"It's totally joyous," Michelle Williams previously raved of her pregnancy news, announcing that she and husband Thomas Kail are expecting their second child togetherCANNES, FRANCE - MAY 27: Michelle Williams attends the screening of "Showing Up" during the 75th annual Cannes film festival at Palais des Festivals on May 27, 2022 in Cannes, France. (Photo by Lionel Hahn/Getty Images)CANNES, FRANCE - MAY 27: Michelle Williams attends the screening of "Showing Up" during the 75th annual Cannes film festival at Palais des Festivals on May 27, 2022 in Cannes, France. The Golden Globe winner, 41, debuted her growing baby bump Friday at the Cannes Film Festival, where she walked the red carpet for her new drama, Showing Up, after announcing her third pregnancy earlier this month. The world we brought a baby into is not the world we thought we were bringing a baby into, but the baby is ignorant of that. RELATED VIDEO: Michelle Williams Is Pregnant, Expecting Third Baby: 'Good Fortune Is Not Lost on Me'"There's nothing that makes you committed to a better world than raising a great kid.
Pete Davidson Supports Kim Kardashian at SKIMS Photoshoot in L.A.
Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson both rocked bleached hair for the daytime outing in Los Angeles on Friday afternoonPete Davidson Makes First Post-SNL Appearance Supporting Kim Kardashian at SKIMS Photoshoot in L.A.Calabasas, CA - *EXCLUSIVE* - Pete Davidson is seen for the first time since his departure from SNL with girlfriend Kim Kardashian during what looks like to be a photo shoot at her office in Calabasas on Friday. Pictured: Kim Kardashian, Pete Davidson BACKGRID USA 28 MAY 2022 USA: +1 310 798 9111 / UK: +44 208 344 2007 / *UK Clients - Pictures Containing Children Please Pixelate Face Prior To Publication*Pete Davidson continues to show his support for Kim Kardashian. The comedian, 28, was photographed outside the set of his girlfriend's SKIMS photoshoot on Friday afternoon, marking his first public appearance since he exited Saturday Night Live last weekend. Pete Davidson Makes First Post SNL Appearance Supporting Kim Kardashian at SKIMS Photoshoot in L.A. Credit: Kim Kardashian/InstagramAnother post saw Kardashian posing before a floor-length mirror, as Dedivanovic and her hairstylist, Chris Appleton, attended to her. Pete Davidson Makes First Post SNL Appearance Supporting Kim Kardashian at SKIMS Photoshoot in L.A. Credit: Kim Kardashian/InstagramDavidson appeared in the Weekend Update segment to discuss his tenure on the NBC late-night show.
Harry Styles Partners with Everytown for Upcoming Tour After Uvalde School Shooting
"Along with all of you, I have been absolutely devastated by the recent string of mass shootings in America, culminating at the latest in Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas," Styles shared in a statement. "On our North American tour, we will be partnering with Everytown who work to end gun violence, donating to support their efforts, and sharing their suggested action items." Styles is donating proceeds from the tour, along with matching contributions from Live Nation that equal more than $1 million, to Everytown. "It was a wrong decision. RELATED VIDEO: Authorities Admit 'Wrong Decision' Not to Confront Gunman Sooner During Texas School Shooting"There was almost a mutiny," he said.
4 Children, 1 Adult Killed in Penn. House Explosion Identified By Authorities, 2 More Injured
The cause of the Pottstown, Pennsylvania, explosion is still being investigated, authorities said FridayMandatory Credit: Photo by Matt Rourke/AP/Shutterstock (12960725p) Caution tape cordons off the scene of a deadly explosion in a residential neighborhood in Pottstown, Pa., . A house exploded northwest of Philadelphia, killing several people and leaving others injured, authorities said Friday Fatal Home Explosion, Pottstown, United States - 27 May 2022Mandatory Credit: Photo by Matt Rourke/AP/Shutterstock (12960725p) Caution tape cordons off the scene of a deadly explosion in a residential neighborhood in Pottstown, Pa., . A house exploded northwest of Philadelphia, killing several people and leaving others injured, authorities said Friday Fatal Home Explosion, Pottstown, United States - 27 May 2022Five people were killed and two more injured in an explosion at a house in Pennsylvania this week, according to authorities, who announced Friday they have identified the dead. "Emergency services arrived on the scene to find a house that had exploded with multiple victims needing medical care," Keller told reporters. The victims who died in the explosion were identified as Francine White, 67, Alana Wood, 13, Jeremiah White, 12, Nehemiah White, 10, and Tristan White, 8, according to authorities.
Ind. Police Determine Boy Found Dead in Suitcase Died of Electrolyte Imbalance, Still Trying to ID Body
According to the report, the child's blood toxicology was negative and there was no physical trauma to the body, police said in the release. The body was found by someone hunting for mushrooms around a wooded area, police said in an earlier statement. They believe based on the autopsy report that the child was already dead when placed into the suitcase. Although numerous tips have been called into the nationwide tip line, detectives have not been able to identify the boy," police said. 1 point of this investigation, to find out who this child is," the Indiana State Police said during a press conference shortly after the body was found.
Dwayne Johnson's Daughter 'Refuses to Believe' He's Maui from Moana
"She always says, 'Daddy, you're not Maui, you're The Rock,'" the Disney voice actor shared on Saturday alongside a video of his 4-year-old daughter TianaDwayne Johnson's Daughter 'Refuses to Believe' He's Maui from Moana in Cute Tea Party VideoDwayne Johnson Shares His Daughter Refuses to Believe Her Daddy is MAUI from Disney's Movie MOANA. Dwayne Johnson Shares His Daughter Refuses to Believe Her Daddy is MAUI from Disney's Movie MOANA. On Saturday, the Moana voice actor shared an adorable clip of himself enjoying a tea party with his 4-year-old daughter Tiana. The Jungle Cruise actor also revealed that his youngest daughter "refuses to believe that her daddy is actually MAUI from one of her favorite @disney movies, MOANA!" "She always says, 'Daddy, you're not Maui, you're The Rock' ??????????????????," he explained.
Race Car Driver James Hinchcliffe on How Dancing with the Stars Prepared Him for Broadcasting
The former IndyCar driver spoke to PEOPLE about the skills he took from the popular dance competition with him to the broadcast boothRace Car Driver James Hinchcliffe on How Dancing with the Stars Prepared Him for BroadcastingBATHURST, AUSTRALIA - OCTOBER 09: (EDITORS NOTE: Image was altered with digital filters.) (Photo by Daniel Kalisz/Getty Images)Race car driver James Hinchcliffe announced he'd be stepping away from competing full-time in IndyCar last year, but it wasn't long before the six-time champion found a new passion: broadcasting. "I'm not driving anymore, but calling all the Indy car races, calling all the sports car races in between," Hinchcliffe told PEOPLE. (Eric McCandless/Disney General Entertainment Content via Getty Images) SHARNA BURGESS, JAMES HINCHCLIFFE James Hinchcliffe competes on Dancing With the Stars in 2016 | Credit: Eric McCandless/DisneyAdded Hinchcliffe: "You're not just talking about the race, you're almost ... making people understand how dramatic it is and how cool it is, what these drivers are doing out there." Unfortunately for the race car driver, he doesn't think he'll be able to use the same pre-show ritual he had during Dancing with the Stars: "Tequila."
Little Women: ATL's Ms. Juicy Baby Released from Hospital After Stroke
Shirlene "Ms. Juicy Baby" Pearson revealed that she's in speech therapy as she has to "learn how to do a lot of things all over again" after being hospitalized last month for a strokeShirlene "Ms. Juicy Baby" Pearson is back home and ready to heal. "This is a video to let all my fans, all my supporters, to let you guys know that I have been released from the hospital. She explained that she was admitted to the hospital on April 28 after the stroke resulted in a brain bleed, which caused memory loss. "I had to learn how to walk, learn how to talk, learn how to eat, learn how to swallow. She also expressed her appreciation for those who contributed to a GoFundMe campaign to assist in paying her hospital bills.
Shanina Shaik Shows Off Baby Bump in First Fashion Show Since Pregnancy Announcement: 'Baby's First Runway'
Shanina Shaik announced that she and boyfriend Matthew Adesuyan are expecting their first baby together earlier this monthShanina Shaik Shows Off Baby Bump in First Fashion Show Since Pregnancy Announcement: 'Baby's First Runway'CAP D'ANTIBES, FRANCE - MAY 26: Shanina Shaik in the fashion show during the amfAR Cannes Gala 2022 at Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc on May 26, 2022 in Cap d'Antibes, France. (Photo by Daniele Venturelli/amfAR/Getty Images)CAP D'ANTIBES, FRANCE - MAY 26: Shanina Shaik in the fashion show during the amfAR Cannes Gala 2022 at Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc on May 26, 2022 in Cap d'Antibes, France. In the bridal-themed fashion show, Shaik donned an Alexander Wang cream-colored crochet dress with a ruffled cutout in the stomach. CAP D'ANTIBES, FRANCE - MAY 26: Shanina Shaik in the fashion show during the amfAR Cannes Gala 2022 at Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc on May 26, 2022 in Cap d'Antibes, France. CAP D'ANTIBES, FRANCE - MAY 26: Shanina Shaik walks the runway in the fashion show during the amfAR Cannes Gala 2022 at Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc on May 26, 2022 in Cap d'Antibes, France.
Shaunie O'Neal Is Married! Basketball Wives Star Weds Pastor Keion Henderson in Anguilla Ceremony
Nearly 200 guests were in attendance at the Anguilla wedding, which was held at the Aurora Anguilla Resort and Golf Club. "I just lost my dad in February," O'Neal tells PEOPLE. "I think after that first visit, we knew this was the place we wanted to get married," O'Neal, 47, tells PEOPLE. For both O'Neal and Henderson, the connection was undeniable from their first date, a six-hour rendezvous inside a hotel lobby. ... She finally agreed to meet me," Henderson tells PEOPLE.
The Convertible Purse That So Many Celebrities Use Is on Sale — but Not for Much Longer
When it comes to investing in a good handbag, it's all about the details. It should be made from high-quality materials that can last years, versatile enough to carry for any occasion, and have plenty of room to store what you regularly need. That's probably why so many celebrities carry the Senreve Maestra bag, which, spoiler alert, is on major sale right now.
Jo De La Rosa Is Married! RHOC Alum Weds Composer Taran Gray in Memorial Day Weekend Bash
Real Housewives of Orange County star Jo De La Rosa and composer Taran Gray walked down the aisle in an intimate wedding in Los Angeles on SaturdayIt was wedding bells for Jo De La Rosa and Taran Gray! De La Rosa — one of the founding Orange County Housewives when the franchise began in 2006 — met Gray during pandemic when the two connected on Hinge in June 2020. RHOC Alum Jo De La Rosa Announces Engagement To Taran Gray: 'Still Feel Like I’m Dreaming' Credit: Jo De La Rosa/InstagramNeither had been married before, though De La Rosa has been engaged twice in the past — including to Slade Smiley, their relationship documented on the first two seasons of RHOC. "That's exactly why I love Taran," De La Rosa interjects. Now that they're husband and wife, De La Rosa and Gray are planning on moving in together — something they waited to do until after they got married.
Hailey Bieber Mourns Late Grandmother Carol Baldwin: She 'Completed Her Journey Here on Earth'
(Photo by Taylor Hill/Getty Images); BEVERLY HILLS, CALIFORNIA - MARCH 27: Hailey Bieber attends the 2022 Vanity Fair Oscar Party hosted by Radhika Jones at Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts on March 27, 2022 in Beverly Hills, California. (Photo by Taylor Hill/Getty Images); BEVERLY HILLS, CALIFORNIA - MARCH 27: Hailey Bieber attends the 2022 Vanity Fair Oscar Party hosted by Radhika Jones at Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts on March 27, 2022 in Beverly Hills, California. (Photo by Karwai Tang/Getty Images)Hailey Bieber is mourning the loss of her late grandmother, Carol M. Baldwin. Shortly after Alec Baldwin announced the death of his mother on Thursday, Bieber, 25, paid tribute with a reflective post on Instagram Friday. "Yesterday at 5:52pm my beautiful Grandma Carol Baldwin, the matriarch of the Baldwin family completed her journey here on earth," Bieber captioned a vintage photograph of Carol, who was 92 at the time of her death.
Jesse Tyler Ferguson Reveals He and Justin Mikita Are Expecting Second Baby: 'We're Expanding Our Family'
Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Justin Mikita are already parents to son Beckett Mercer, who they welcomed in July 2020Jesse Tyler Ferguson Reveals He and Justin Mikita Are Expecting Second Baby: 'We're Expanding Our Family'Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Justin Mikita will soon be a family of four! The Modern Family actor, 46, revealed in a video shared on Instagram Friday that he and his husband are expecting another baby. The Take Me Out actor then hinted at his second child's due date, stating that he and Mikita's 22-month-old son, Beckett Mercer, will become a big brother "this fall." Ferguson welcomed Beckett with Mikita, 36, on July 7, 2020, amid the coronavirus pandemic. Earlier this month, Ferguson chatted with PEOPLE about his young son and how, like his father, he "loves to perform as well."
Prince William Takes the Salute at the Colonel's Review — the Last Rehearsal Before Trooping the Colour
On Saturday, the Duke of Cambridge took on the role of leading the Colonel's Review — a military rehearsal for the Queen's upcoming birthday parade, Trooping the Colour. Britain's Prince William, Duke of Cambridge rides a horse as he arrives at the Colonel's Review at Horse Guards Parade in London on May 28, 2022. - The Colonel's Review is identical to Trooping the Colour, the Queen's annual birthday parade. Britain's Prince William, Duke of Cambridge salutes as he rides a horse across the parade ground during the Colonel's Review at Horse Guards Parade in London on May 28, 2022. Britain's Prince William (R), Duke of Cambridge rides across the parade ground during the Colonel's Review at Horse Guards Parade in London on May 28, 2022.
Dove Cameron Pays Tribute to Late Friend and Costar Cameron Boyce on His 23rd Birthday: 'Love You'
Dove Cameron Pays Tribute to Late Friend and Costar Cameron Boyce on His 23rd Birthday: 'Love You'ANAHEIM, CA - OCTOBER 17: (L-R) Booboo Stewart, Sofia Carson, Dove Cameron and Cameron Boyce of Disney's 'Descendants' perform and join fans at Downtown Disney at Disneyland Resort on October 17, 2015 in Anaheim, California. (Photo by Jerod Harris/Getty Images)ANAHEIM, CA - OCTOBER 17: (L-R) Booboo Stewart, Sofia Carson, Dove Cameron and Cameron Boyce of Disney's 'Descendants' perform and join fans at Downtown Disney at Disneyland Resort on October 17, 2015 in Anaheim, California. (Photo by Jerod Harris/Getty Images)Dove Cameron is paying tribute to Cameron Boyce. Last week, the foundation hosted its inaugural gala, Cam for a Cause: A Fundraiser for The Cameron Boyce Foundation to End Epilepsy, raising money and awareness for epilepsy and SUDEP (Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy). RELATED VIDEO: Cameron Boyce's Parents React to Adam Sandler Dedicating Hubie Halloween to Their Late SonAlongside Cameron, another one of Boyce's friends and Disney Channel costars paid tribute to him on Saturday as well.
Kim Kardashian's Look for Kourtney and Travis Barker's Wedding Was a Rewear from 2011
(Photo by Stuart Wilson/Getty Images)Mandatory Credit: Photo by Shutterstock (12951167i) Kim Kardashian Kim Kardashian and Kris Jenner arrive for Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker Wedding, Portofino, Italy - 22 May 2022; LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM - JUNE 07: Kim Kardashian attends Glamour Women Of The Year Awards at Berkeley Square Gardens on June 7, 2011 in London, England. On Saturday, the SKIMS founder revealed to her Twitter and Instagram followers that the outfit she wore for sister Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker's Italian wedding last weekend was actually a rewear from 11 years ago. "I know you guys just saw me in my archieve [sic] on last week's episode of The Kardashians! "But to make the dress more modern and more me," Kim wrote, "I wore this lace gloved Vetements dress I had in my closet for a layered lace look." A warehouse of fashion aside, Kim also noted that she really just wants to "wear sweats."
Elon Musk Offers His Takeaway From Johnny Depp-Amber Heard Trial: 'I Hope They Both Move On'
US actress Amber Heard arrives in the courtroom at the Fairfax County Circuit Court in Fairfax, Virginia, on May 3, 2022. - US actor Johnny Depp sued his ex-wife Amber Heard for libel in Fairfax County Circuit Court after she wrote an op-ed piece in The Washington Post in 2018 referring to herself as a "public figure representing domestic abuse." (Photo by Christian Marquardt - Pool/Getty Images); US actor Johnny Depp looks on at the end of the second day of his testimony during the defamation trial against his ex-wife Amber Heard, at the Fairfax County Circuit Courthouse in Fairfax, Virginia, April 20, 2022. - Depp is suing ex-wife Heard for libel after she wrote an op-ed piece in The Washington Post in 2018 referring to herself as a public figure representing domestic abuse. (Photo by EVELYN HOCKSTEIN / POOL / AFP) (Photo by EVELYN HOCKSTEIN/POOL/AFP via Getty Images)Credit: JIM WATSON/POOL/AFP via Getty; Christian Marquardt - Pool/Getty; EVELYN HOCKSTEIN/POOL/AFP via Getty
Matthew McConaughey Meets with Victims' Families in His Hometown of Uvalde, Texas, After School Shooting
"Thank you Matthew for helping to heal our community," Rep. Tony Gonzales wrote on Twitter after Matthew McConaughey paid a visit following Tuesday's mass shootingMatthew McConaughey Meets with Victims' Families in His Hometown of Uvalde, Texas, After School ShootingMatthew McConaughey is doing what he can to help after this week's tragic school shooting that shook his hometown of Uvalde, Texas. His mother Kay McCabe taught at St. Philip's Episcopal School, about a mile away from Robb Elementary. A memorial is seen surrounding the Robb Elementary School sign following the mass shooting at Robb Elementary School Credit: Brandon Bell/Getty ImagesOn Wednesday, he signed an executive order on policing and public safety and pushed for "commonsense gun reforms." "It was a wrong decision. Uvalde, TX May 24, 2022 Shooting at Robb Elementary School kills 19 students and 2 teachers.
Ray Liotta's Fiancée Jacy Nittolo Says Actor 'Was Everything in the World to Me' After His Death
A source told PEOPLE that Jacy Nittolo was with fiancé Ray Liotta at the time of his deathRay Liotta's Fiancée Jacy Nittolo Says Actor 'Was Everything in the World to Me' After His DeathRay Liotta's Fiancée Jacy Nittolo Says Actor 'Was Everything in the World to Me' After His Death. Ray Liotta's Fiancée Jacy Nittolo Says Actor 'Was Everything in the World to Me' After His Death. Ray Liotta's fiancée Jacy Nittolo is remembering the actor after his death at 67. Then writing that Liotta "was everything in the world to me," Nittolo continued, "We couldn't get enough of each other. RELATED VIDEO: Ray Liotta, Goodfellas Actor and Emmy Winner, Dead at 67This past November, Liotta opened up to PEOPLE about growing closer with Nittolo during isolation amid the COVID-19 pandemic.
Top Gun: Maverick Team Says Val Kilmer 'Was Thrilled' to Be Included in the Sequel
"[My sister] Mercedes and I went down to San Diego to that big naval base for the shoot with Tom Cruise and everyone. Val Kilmer, Tom Cruise Top Gun - 1986 Credit: Paramount/Kobal/Shutterstock"We called Val and told him we wanted to meet him to be in the picture. "Tom [Cruise] said he wasn't going to make the movie without him. You've got Val Kilmer, you're going to be okay," he shares. And then seeing Val there and seeing Tom together, I'm very excited for [audiences] to see that scene," McQuarrie adds.
Travis Barker Bites Kourtney Kardashian’s Feet in Wedding Photos
Following Travis Barker and Kourtney Kardashian’s Italian wedding ceremony, they could barely keep their hands off one another — per usual. A third pic showed Barker biting his bride’s ankle while she lounged on a couch in her custom Dolce & Gabbana short wedding gown. The Kardashians star and Barker wed for the third time on Sunday, May 22, in Portofino, Italy, surrounded by their loved ones. Friday’s PDA pics are hardly the first time Travis and Kourtney showed off their intimate relationship details. “I miss caffeine, I miss having sex and I miss exercising,” Travis noted in the episode.
This Supplement Reportedly Helps Shoppers ‘Reduce Belly Fat’ and Stress
If you’re looking to tone up, trust Us — we know the process can be incredibly frustrating. This daily supplement is designed to help you reduce your belly fat via stress-relieving nutrients. You may or may not know this, but stress reportedly has a direct link to fat generating around the stomach area. This certainly isn’t a magic pill, and if you’re looking to seriously get in shape, diet and regular exercise are a must — but this supplement may lead to faster results! Not what you’re looking for?
Jennie Garth: A Day in My Life
Jennie Garth can’t believe that she’s close to having all three of her daughters out of the house, she exclusively told Us Weekly. But they still come back and I talk to my girls all day, every day. “When I heard Voltaren was supporting caregivers, I knew I wanted to be involved,” Garth said in a statement at the time. So many caregivers, like myself, have arthritis pain, and Voltaren is here to show we’re not alone. Voltaren helps me manage my OA pain.”Scroll down to check out a day in the actress’ life:Reporting by Christina Garibaldi
Shoppers Say This $9 Hyaluronic Acid Smoothing Serum Is ‘Like Natural Botox’
Get the Nurch Pure Hyaluronic Acid Serum for Face + Vitamin B5 + Snow Mushroom for just $9 at Amazon! The Nurch Pure Hyaluronic Acid Serum for Face + Vitamin B5 + Snow Mushroom is a beauty must-have. Hyaluronic acid is known for reducing fine lines and wrinkles, as well as giving your complexion the ultimate hydration boost. Get the Nurch Pure Hyaluronic Acid Serum for Face + Vitamin B5 + Snow Mushroom for just $9 at Amazon! Another reviewer said, “I’ve tried a bunch of different hyaluronic acid serums, but none have worked magic like this one!
Buzzzz-o-Meter: Kris Jenner's Home Care Line, More
Luxury vacations are crucial for celebs, who often spend their getaways at fancy hotels and resorts with five-star service. Travel like the stars by staying at the Corazón Cabo Resort & Spa, a favorite of Bachelor Nation’s Katie Thurston. Some A-listers, on the other hand, prefer a classic staycation — which means their homes have to be super clean. Enter Kris Jenner’s Safely, the Kardashians star’s line of home care and cleaning products — which smell like lavender and are available at Walmart. Keep scrolling to see celebrity-loved products stars can’t get enough of, from sunglasses to skincare and more:
Pete Davidson and Machine Gun Kelly’s Best BFF Moments Over the Years
Machine Gun Kelly and Pete Davidson have often hyped each other up throughout their time in the spotlight. “And then we became the bestest of the friends,” the Saturday Night Live star added in the May 2019 video. During the same interview, Davidson admitted that he rapped “every single word” of Kelly’s “Breaking News” track when they first crossed paths. “We met each other at Wild ‘N Out way back,” Kelly (real name Colson Baker) previously told Billboard in August 2018. “I watch Pete’s parts on SNL every week,” Kelly revealed during a March 2019 game of Vanity Fair’s “Lie Detector Test” with Davidson.
Kyle Richards Swears by These Cryo Sticks: ‘They Feel Like a Miracle’
Just recently, she revealed some of her current favorite picks — naming these $19 cryo sticks as something she “can’t live without”! Get the Floraison Unbreakable Stainless Steel Magic Cooling Facial Cryo Sticks (originally $30) for just $19 at Amazon! They feel like a miracle.”Get the Floraison Unbreakable Stainless Steel Magic Cooling Facial Cryo Sticks (originally $30) for just $19 at Amazon! Using these cryo sticks could help with wrinkles, fine lines, puffiness, sagging skin, irritation, pore appearance and dullness. Get the Floraison Unbreakable Stainless Steel Magic Cooling Facial Cryo Sticks (originally $30) for just $19 at Amazon!
Stranger Things' Jamie Campbell Bower: Where You Know Him From
Warning: This story contains spoilers from season 4 of Stranger Things. Jamie Campbell Bower‘s introduction to the Stranger Things universe was full of mystery — but many viewers might already be familiar with the show’s newest addition. In part 1 of the season, Peter turned into the villain Vecna when a fight with Eleven in the lab banished him into the Upside Down. Other members of the Stranger Things cast previously admitted that Vecna’s introduction brought a darker energy to season 4. If I was a kid and I watching this, it would be disturbing.”Scroll down for more information about the actor playing Stranger Things‘ new resident villain:
Whip Up Top Chef's Gail Simmons’ Tuna Romesco Salad Board: Recipe
Top Chef judge Gail Simmons is all about the salad board — and luckily for foodies everywhere, she exclusively revealed the recipe for her Genova Tuna Romesco dish to Us Weekly. “I love reaching for trusted shortcuts with high-quality ingredients,” the food writer, 46, tells Us about her Mediterranean-inspired salad board, which is made up of tuna, tomatoes, roasted red peppers and plenty of seasonings. In the bowl of a blender, combine the tomatoes, roasted red pepper, almonds, garlic, vinegar, paprika, red pepper flakes (if using), salt and pepper until a chunky paste forms. Right before guests arrive, assemble the board: With a large spoon, scoop a generous amount of the romesco into the center of the board. Place your accompaniments of choice around the romesco and tuna.
Hollywood’s Fittest Celebrity Couples Work Out and Lift Weights Together
That certainly seems to be the case for some celebrity couples who hit the gym together. “There’s a lot of things that we don’t do because it would make her look masculine or boyish or maybe over-muscular. I look at things that need to come off and things that need to be added.” Continued the pro, “My philosophy is tiny and tight. So as scary as it is I’m gonna run a marathon this year. I live my life so afraid of things and hold myself back because of my ‘anxieties’ in work, life and love.
11 Nordstrom Spring Picks That Rival Zara Style
They look like they could’ve been plucked right from a site like Zara, but they’re Nordstrom exclusives you won’t find anywhere else. Get the Open Edit Oversize Linen Blend Blazer for just $79 at Nordstrom with free shipping! Get the Treasure & Bond Linen Blend Wide Leg Pants for just $49 at Nordstrom with free shipping! Cowl Neck Satin Minidress in Olive Panthera (originally $49) for just $29 at Nordstrom with free shipping! The Shop With Us team may receive products free of charge from manufacturers to test.
Kelly Osbourne's Ups and Downs: Weight Loss, Sobriety, More
Over the years, Kelly Osbourne has shared her struggles and successes surrounding her sobriety, weight loss and other personal moments. Once I got sober and I gained weight uncontrollably, it was insane. “I lost, like, I want to say 35 pounds, 40 pounds, and then I stopped losing weight,” she told Us. One year after beginning the 12-step process, she reflected on her ups and downs in a candid Instagram post. Scroll below to see the reality TV personality’s ups and downs throughout the years:
Where Are the ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ Alums Now?
After 16 successful seasons, Fox’s summer reality mainstay So You Think You Can Dance has continually launched several of its contestants into dance stardom. “Each season, the talent on So You Think You Can Dance reaches new levels and continues to create the most incredible routines,” Rob Wade, the network’s president of alternative entertainment and specials, said in a press release in January 2019. “I have been such a fan of the show for many, many years,” the Glee alum told Playbill ahead of the season premiere. Contestants from the long-running show have ventured on to other pursuits, from Broadway and Cirque du Soleil to Dancing With the Stars. Scroll down to get updates on So You Think You Can Dance fan-favorite contestants who’ve become bona fide stars:
MGK, Pete Davidson Brought Beer to Sandra Bullock’s Easter Party
When it comes to friendship goals, Machine Gun Kelly’s close bond with Pete Davidson is unmatched — including the types of antics they get into. “We went and it was Sandra Bullock’s house and we walked in and [there] was like Jen Aniston [and] all these [A-listers]. We look so stupid, we have 40 oz [drinks] and we’re at Sandra Bullock’s house. Kelly’s bond with the standup comic goes way beyond Good Mourning costars after they first connected years earlier. “We met each other at Wild ‘N Out way back,” the “Emo Girl” performer previously told Billboard in August 2018.
‘Love Island U.K.’ Couples Still Together: Where Are They Now?
Since the U.K.’s Love Island originally debuted in 2002, there have been some couples that have stood the test of time since appearing on the reality series. Love Island follows a group of people every season that are isolated in a villa, while having to pair off in order to stay on the show. “I’ll maybe come back to you in a few years time.”Meanwhile, Teddy Soares and Faye Winter were another season 7 match that left Love Island and headed towards their happily ever after. “I actually said that I love Teddy first – we said it in the villa,” she shared with Capital FM in September 2021. I smiled, I was taken back.”Scroll down to see which other Love Island U.K. couples stayed together over the years:
Celebrity Weddings of 2022: Stars Who Got Married
Whether they went with a secret, private wedding ceremony or an all-out extravaganza, these celebrity couples all have one thing in common — they’re married. He and British model Saffron Vadher got engaged in November 2020. Peth and Vadher went public with their relationship in March 2020. One day later, Jordan Kimball, who appeared in the third season of the tropical reality show, married Christina Creedon in a Houston, Texas, ceremony. “I watch [the video] like every 30 minutes.”Scroll down to see more celebrity couples who had weddings in 2022:
Kim Kardashian, Pete Davidson’s Relationship Timeline
Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson’s relationship may have shocked fans in 2021, but the pair haven’t slowed down in 2022. “He was a true professional the whole time they rehearsed and in between takes, but afterward things got flirty,” a source told Us Weekly at the time. “Pete is not worried about Kanye trying to get back with Kim,” a source told Us in December 2021. They’re super smitten with each other.”West, for his part, “absolutely despises Kim dating Pete,” the source said. Scroll through for a timeline of Kardashian and Davidson’s relationship:
Cheryl Burke, Matthew Lawrence’s Divorce: Everything We Know
Cheryl Burke and Matthew Lawrence’s relationship had many ups and downs before they called it quits in January 2022 — and their divorce process is no different. “I’ve never seen Cheryl so happy and so at peace,” a source exclusively told Us Weekly in February 2017. I don’t know where I would be without him,” Burke said on Good Morning America in October 2020. “When you make a decision, a big decision, a life-altering decision, your friends will change. Scroll through for more on Burke and Lawrence’s split and ongoing divorce:This is an ongoing article originally published in March 2022 and last updated on Monday, March 21.
Joy Mangano, Jennifer Lawerence 'Joy' Inspiration, Lists Mansion
The real-life inspiration behind Jennifer Lawrence’s Golden Globe-winning role in the film Joy is selling her Long Island estate for $20 million, Us Weekly has learned. Joy Mangano, the 66-year-old inventor of the self-wringing Miracle Mop and whose life inspired the 2015 movie that earned 31-year-old Lawrence an Oscar nod, has listed the stunning property steeped in rich history. Other impressive features include a two-story great room, two-story kitchen, wine cellar, tasting room and massage room. “Swan Manor is the most amenity-driven comprehensive compound I have ever seen on the Gold Coast of Long Island,” listing broker Shawn Elliott with Nest Seekers told Us. The feeling when you get in this house is a feeling of love and joy, no pun intended.
Natasha Lyonne, Fred Armisen's Relationship Timeline
Natasha Lyonne brought out ex-boyfriend Fred Armisen when she hosted the Saturday Night Live season 47 finale just one month after confirming their breakup. “You know, Freddie and I, we dated for seven years,” Lyonne told the audience. “I had been there living [in Los Angeles] with Fred and during COVID,” she told The Hollywood Reporter in an April feature. Lyonne has previously been linked to comedian Michael Rapaport and The Equalizer actor Adam Goldberg. Scroll down to see Lyonne and Armisen’s complete timeline:
Kourtney Kardashian, Travis Barker's Italian Wedding: Photos
Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker tied the knot for the third time in Portofino, Italy, in a lavish wedding ceremony surrounded by their loved ones. In addition to their blended brood, many of the reality TV star’s famous family attended, including Kris Jenner, Kim Kardashian, Khloé Kardashian, Kendall Jenner, Kylie Jenner and Corey Gamble. After nearly one year of dating, Barker proposed to the Poosh founder in October 2021, which was chronicled on her family’s Hulu docuseries, The Kardashians, earlier this month. “Till death do us part,” Kourtney captioned a carousel of black-and-white wedding photos on May 16 as the couple drove around in an open-air convertible. Scroll below to see the best photos from Kourtney and Travis’ romantic Italian wedding:
Tom Cruise’s ‘Top Gun: Maverick’: Everything to Know
After much anticipation from both the cast and fans alike, Tom Cruise’s Top Gun: Maverick is finally hitting theaters this month. Cruise, 59, who played pilot Pete “Maverick” Mitchell in 1986’s Top Gun, announced back in summer 2017 that a sequel was in the works. Throughout the film, Maverick went head-to-head with Kilmer’s Iceman as they competed to be “top gun” a.k.a. More than 30 years later, Cruise’s Maverick will return to his old stomping grounds in Top Gun: Maverick to train the newest Top Gun recruits, including Bradley “Rooster” Bradshaw (Miles Teller), who is the son of his late friend Nick “Goose” Bradshaw (Edwards). “There were tears but they were dry and salty, you know!”Scroll down for everything to know about Top Gun: Maverick:
Celebrity Babies of 2022: See Which Stars Gave Birth
Ashley Graham, Michelle Kwan and more celebrities welcomed babies in 2022. The Olympian kept her pregnancy under wraps, surprising her Instagram followers with a baby photo on January 5. You’re not alone on this path and I’m pulling for you.”Graham, for her part, welcomed twins on January 7. The model, who is also the mom of son Isaac, announced her baby boys’ arrival with an Instagram Story post. “[My husband], Justin [Ervin], and I are so excited to share that our baby boys are here,” the A New Model author wrote.
'Stranger Things' Season 4: How Dacre Montgomery Returned as Billy
Warning: This story contains spoilers from season 4 of Stranger Things. Stranger Things season 4 figured out a way to bring Billy Hargrove (Dacre Montgomery) back — but the reunion between him and sister Max Mayfield (Sadie Sink) was very short-lived. “Dear Billy, I don’t know if you can even hear this. Before it is too late.”As Max attempts to leave, Vecna conjures a vision of Billy to taunt her. So, she’s in a completely unfamiliar environment.”Season 4 of Stranger Things is now streaming on Netflix.
Ray Liotta’s Family Speaks Out After Actor's Death
Ray Liotta’s fiancée, Jacy Nittolo, has broken her silence on the actor’s death. “Ray and I share a deep love that I will cherish in my heart forever. The actor’s publicist confirmed on Thursday, May 26, that he passed away in his sleep at the age of 67. Ahead of his death, the Goodfellas actor was candid about his evolving family. Following his split from Grace, the late actor eventually found love with Nittolo and proposed in December 2020.
Pete Davidson, Kim Kardashian Rock Matching Blonde Hairstyles
Pete Davidson made his first appearance with girlfriend Kim Kardashian following his recent departure from Saturday Night Live — and he’s got a fresh look to kick off his next chapter! The two were spotted together outside a Calabasas office, with Kim rocking a tan SKIMs crop top and leggings set with sunnies to accessorize. Davidson penned a heartfelt note about his departure at the time, which was posted via Instagram by SNL writer Dave Sirus. Following a group of Halloween outings after her appearance on the sketch comedy show, Kardashian and Davidson were spotted on a series of dinner dates. “Everyone in Kim’s family absolutely adores Pete and loves Pete for Kim.
This Serum May Be Able to Repair Deep Wrinkles — Currently on Sale
A serum that targets wrinkles can completely transform how you look, and give you more confidence in the process! After six weeks, participants in a trial said using this serum from Tula helped make fine lines and wrinkles less visible — and it’s currently on sale for 20% off! Get the Firm Up Deep Wrinkle Serum (originally $78) on sale for $62 at Tula! Get the Firm Up Deep Wrinkle Serum (originally $78) on sale for $62 at Tula! See it: Get the Firm Up Deep Wrinkle Serum (originally $78) on sale for $62 at Tula!
‘Dune’ Sequel: What We Know So Far
Dune fans rejoice – because the sequel is already in the works. The Oscar-nominated film starring Timothée Chalamet and Zendaya was a box office smash, earning more than $400 million worldwide. In the same interview, Chalamet expressed his excitement to get back on set. While Dune: Part One had a same-day theater and HBO Max release, Part 2 will have an exclusive theater release. Keep scrolling to see everything we know about Dune Part 2 so far:
'Stranger Things' Cast Talks Nancy's Love Triangle With Steve, Jonathan
Nancy Wheeler’s (Natalia Dyer) dating life only got more complicated during season 4 Stranger Things — and the cast had their own thoughts about the choice between Steve Harrington (Joe Keery) or Jonathan Byers (Charlie Heaton). So I would pick Jonathan.”When Stranger Things debuted in 2016, Nancy was casually dating Steve before supernatural forces were unleashed in her hometown. Even though Nancy and Steve ended the season together, her time with Jonathan made her question the relationship. During season 2, the love triangle got a shakeup when Nancy and Jonathan teamed up again. So it’s a little messy.”Season 4 of Stranger Things is now streaming on Netflix.
Danica Patrick Opens Up About Navigating Body Confidence at Age 40
Amid a busy schedule and a changing romantic status, Danica Patrick has learned it’s crucial to be confident. I was like, ‘Oh man, OK.’ Like, there’s so many great things in my life, but then I’m like, ‘Yeah, I’m single and I’m 40. “I think that’s something that increasingly over time, I’m doing a better job of,” Patrick explained on Wednesday. Right, she is able to recognize all the “good things” in her life and feel content. “So, 40, I guess I feel just more comfortable in my skin and like there’s so much life left,” Patrick added.
Cheryl Burke Requests Trial for Matthew Lawrence Divorce: Details
Amid Cheryl Burke’s ongoing divorce from estranged husband Matthew Lawrence, Us Weekly can confirm she requested the proceedings go to trial. The 38-year-old Dancing With the Stars pro’s attorney filed a motion on Thursday, May 26, to request a trial setting for the family law case. A case would discuss the dissolution of marriage, spousal support, division of property, attorney fees and other legal costs. “He’s trying to push it because it’s going to take probably three months to get a trial setting conference on [the] calendar — it’s an appointment to get the court to set a trial six months later. So, they’ll get a request for a trial setting conference probably in August or September to go to the courthouse to sit in front of the judge and get another date for the trial.
Kim Kardashian’s Dress From Kravis Wedding Looks Familiar
Kim Kardashian is revealing her style secret behind the dress she wore to Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker’s Italian wedding — she’s not afraid to repeat an outfit! “Fun fact about this look for the wedding!” Kim, 41, wrote via Twitter and Instagram Story Saturday, May 28. “I know you guys just saw me in my archieve [sic] on last week’s episode of The Kardashians! The warehouse, which holds everything she’s worn in public for the past 15 years, contains a total of 30,000 pieces. “[Kim] works really hard, so I was there through the process,” the fitness instructor explained.
Sunbathe Like Kristin Cavallari in This $28 Belted One-Piece Swimsuit
For inspiration, we turned to fashion icon Kristin Cavallari, who’s definitely taking advantage of the hot weather every chance she gets. Get the TSMEZA One-Piece Belt Swimsuit for just $28 at Amazon! Cavallari wore a textured black one-piece swimsuit with a scoop neckline and a belt around the waist accented with an O-ring buckle. Get the TSMEZA One-Piece Belt Swimsuit for just $28 at Amazon! Get the TSMEZA One-Piece Belt Swimsuit for just $28 at Amazon!
Diane Kruger, Norman Reedus’ Relationship Timeline: Photos
Diane Kruger and Norman Reedus’ romance has hooked fans in for years, beginning with their onscreen chemistry in 2015’s Sky. The duo met on the set of the drama in early 2015 while Kruger was still dating Joshua Jackson. The National Treasure actress told Us in April 2019 how amazing it’s been watching her partner bond with their daughter. … He’s just very great with her.”In May 2021, Krueger reflected on her romance with Reedus, noting how much he’s enriched her life since blessing her with a baby. “I will always love you @bigbaldhead for giving me our little angel and making life just so much better??.”Scroll down to relive Kruger and Reedus’ sweetest relationship moments:
Stars Pay Birthday Tribute to Late Cameron Boyce: Dove Cameron, More
Almost three years after his untimely death, stars are paying tribute to late Disney Channel star Cameron Boyce by wishing him a happy birthday. He reprised the role alongside Cameron, 26, Carson, 29, Booboo Stewart and Mitchell Hope for the sequel, Descendants 2, in 2017. The third movie with the original cast, Descendants 3, aired on Disney Channel in August of 2019, as the California native’s final project. “It is with a profoundly heavy heart that we report that this morning we lost Cameron,” a spokesperson told Us on behalf of Boyce’s family following his death. Boyce’s former costars and friends have routinely paid tribute to the late actor by supporting the foundation via social media over the years.
Elizabeth Holmes urges judge to overturn verdict and acquit her
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Goydos Brings a Ray of 'Sunshine' to the Senior PGA Leaderboard
The five-time winner on the PGA Tour Champions is three shots off the lead of Stephen Ames going into Sunday's final round. Paul Goydos, whose nickname on Tour is "Sunshine," is looking for his first major title on the PGA Tour Champions in Sunday's final round of the Senior PGA Championship. In Goydos’ case, the definition of journeyman is a player who has won twice on the PGA Tour, five times on the PGA Tour Champions and has pocketed just short of $20 million in total earnings over his 34-year career. The first reference to Sunshine came from a PGA Tour media official, Mark Mitchell, who always said that Goydos can always find a cloud in every silver lining. Needing medical assistance, Goydos’ group played through and once they got to the ninth hole the officials told the Goydos grouping they were out of position.
Jimmy Butler Makes Bold Celtics–Heat Game 7 Prediction
After a 47-point outburst in Game 6 that kept his team’s season alive on Friday night, Heat star Jimmy Butler made a bold prediction in the postgame about Game 7 as the series shifts back to Miami. And we’re going to win the next one too,” Butler said. “You’re asking me who I want to play, I’m going to tell you who I think we’re going to play. That’s who we’re going to play,” Green said on Thursday night. Following the game, Haslem approached the ESPN broadcast crew and told them to tell Green “thank you” for the motivation to force Game 7.
Jayson Tatum Shares His Confidence Level in Celtics for Game 7
When asked after the game about his confidence level in his team heading into Game 7 on the road, Celtics star Jayson Tatum didn’t hesitate. It’s a 10 out of 10 in my confidence level and the group,” Tatum said. [We] had chances and didn’t take advantage of them.”The Celtics defense struggled to defend the Heat all night, and allowed Miami star Jimmy Butler to get into a rhythm. The series now shifts back to Miami on Sunday night, with Butler and company one step away from their second finals appearance in three seasons. More NBA Coverage:For more Boston Celtics coverage, go to Inside The Celtics.
World No. 1 Scheffler Leads Charles Schwab Challenge at Colonial by Two
Scottie Scheffler has made only one bogey around famed Colonial Country Club through three rounds of the Charles Schwab Challenge. Scheffler, whose only bogey at Colonial so far this week came at No. The greens were actually pretty firm, and so it was challenging.”Consecutive birdies to start the back nine gave Scheffler a two-stroke lead. Todd got to 9 under with a 31-foot birdie putt at the par-3 eighth hole that put him 5 under for his round before 10 consecutive pars. Scheffler had also been part of the lead after 18 holes, when a Colonial-record eight players were tied atop the leaderboard.
Ames Takes Two-Shot Lead into Final Round of Senior PGA Championship
Stephen Ames posts 54 holes of the KitchenAid Senior PGA Championship at 12-under par 202. Landon Bost, USA Today NetworkBENTON HARBOR, Mich. — Stephen Ames shot a 4-under 67 on Saturday to take a two-stroke lead over fellow Canadian Mike Weir and 64-year-old Bernhard Langer into the final round of the KitchenAid Senior PGA Championship. “I enjoyed the way I played, the way I handled myself, first of all,” Ames said. Weir and Ames are trying to become the first Canadian to win a major since the inception of the senior tour in 1980. Langer has a record 11 senior majors, winning the Senior PGA Championship in 2017.
Wyndham Clark at the Charles Schwab Challenge: Live Stream, TV Channel | May 26-29
How to Watch Wyndham Clark at the Charles Schwab Challenge: Live Stream, TV ChannelApr 24, 2022; Avondale, Louisiana, USA; Wyndham Clark reacts after a shot on the 11th tee during the final round of the Zurich Classic of New Orleans golf tournament. Mandatory Credit: Andrew Wevers-USA TODAY SportsFollowing the end of the first round of the 2022 Charles Schwab Challenge, Wyndham Clark is in 26th position with a score of -1. How to Watch Wyndham Clark at the Charles Schwab ChallengeDate: May 26-29, 2022May 26-29, 2022 TV: Golf ChannelGolf Channel Location: Fort Worth, TexasFort Worth, Texas Course: Colonial Country ClubColonial Country Club Live Stream on fuboTV:Start with a 7-day free trial! Clark's StatisticsOver his last seven rounds, Clark has finished below par four times, while also carding three rounds with a better-than-average score. He has not finished any of his last seven rounds with a top-10 score on the day.
Sam Ryder at the Charles Schwab Challenge: Live Stream, TV Channel | May 26-29
May 18, 2022; Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA; Sam Ryder (right) prepares to play his tee shot on the third hole as Rory McIlroy (background, left) awaits on the sixth tee box during a practice round for the PGA Championship golf tournament at Southern Hills Country Club. Mandatory Credit: Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports
WNBPA Shares Statement on Brittney Griner, Backs ‘We Are BG’ Petition
The Women’s National Basketball Players Association issued a petition urging people to sign it to help bring Brittany Griner home. Several WNBA players tweeted the petition that states Griner is a “teammate”, “friend” and “sister.” The 144 players that make up the players association say that by working together, they can make a “world-changing moment” in getting Griner home. Lynx forward Natalie Achonwa tweeted a picture on Saturday wearing a T-shirt with Griner’s face on it, urging people to share awareness about Griner’s detainment. Storm and Liberty players wore Griner shirts and hoodies ahead of their game on Friday. Authorities denied consular access to Griner from U.S. Embassy officials three times this month, according to the U.S. Embassy in Moscow.
Sun, Mystics Use Social Media to Raise Awareness About Gun Violence
Editor’s note: This story contains details of a mass casualty event and gun violence. The Washington Mystics’ and the Connecticut Sun’s social media accounts will spread awareness about gun violence during their game on Saturday following the Tuesday’s shooting at Robb Elementary in Uvalde, Texas. Tampa Bay also made a $50,000 donation to the Everytown for Gun Safety’s Support Fund. In Tuesday’s shooting, an 18-year-old gunman abandoned his vehicle, entered the school with a handgun and possibly a rifle and killed 21 people, including 19 children and two adults. The shooting in Uvalde, Texas marked the 27th school shooting in the U.S. 2022 and the deadliest school shooting since Sandy Hook Elementary in December 2012.
WNBA World Speaks Out as Brittney Griner’s Detention in Russia Hits 100 Days
Saturday marks 100 days since WNBA All-Star Brittney Griner was first detained in Russia, and figures from around the league took to social media to continue to pressure the U.S. government to bring her home. “As I said, it’s unimaginable and extremely complex, continues to be,” Engelbert said to reporters at the Fever vs. Sparks game Friday. Her person, our sister, has been wrongfully detained for 100 days. A number of other players’ associations, including the NBPA and the MLBPA, as well as USA Basketball also circulated the petition on social media. Griner was denied house arrest and her detention was extended for 30 days on May 13.
Orlando City SC vs. FC Dallas: Live Stream, TV Channel, Start Time | 5/28/2022
Orlando City SC currently has 21 points, ranking seventh in the league. Orlando City SC and FC Dallas StatsOrlando City SC is 15th in MLS in goals scored (16 in 13 games), and FC Dallas is third in goals conceded (12 in 13). Orlando City SC's goal differential is -1, which is 14th in the league. Orlando City SC Key PlayersErcan Kara is Orlando City SC's leading scorer, with three goals (on 15 shots) in 13 league games. FC Dallas Key PlayersOrlando City SC ScheduleDate Opponent Score Home/Away 5/7/2022 Montreal L 4-1 Away 5/14/2022 Toronto FC W 1-0 Away 5/22/2022 Austin FC D 2-2 Away 5/28/2022 FC Dallas - Home 6/15/2022 New England - Away 6/18/2022 Houston - Home 6/24/2022 FC Cincinnati - AwayFC Dallas Schedule
New York Rangers vs. Carolina Hurricanes: Live Stream, TV Channel, Start Time | NHL Playoffs Second Round Game 6
How to Watch New York Rangers vs. Carolina Hurricanes: NHL Playoffs Second Round Game 6 Live Stream, TV Channel, Start TimeMay 24, 2022; New York, New York, USA; New York Rangers defenseman Adam Fox (23) celebrates his goal with center Ryan Strome (16), left wing Artemi Panarin (10) and defenseman Ryan Lindgren (55) during the first period against the Carolina Hurricanes in game four of the second round of the 2022 Stanley Cup Playoffs at Madison Square Garden. Mandatory Credit: Danny Wild-USA TODAY SportsWatch on Saturday when the New York Rangers host the Carolina Hurricanes on for Game 6 of the NHL Playoffs Second Round at 8:00 PM ET on ESPN. The Rangers are fourth in the Eastern Conference (110 points), and the Hurricanes are second in the Eastern Conference (116 points). Head-to-head results for New York vs. CarolinaDate Home Away Result 5/26/2022 Hurricanes Rangers 3-1 CAR 5/26/2022 Hurricanes Rangers 3-1 CAR 5/24/2022 Rangers Hurricanes 4-1 NYR 5/22/2022 Rangers Hurricanes 3-1 NYR 5/20/2022 Hurricanes Rangers 2-0 CARNew York and Carolina StatsThe Rangers are scoring 3.0 goals per game (15th in league), and the Hurricanes concede 2.4 (first). The Hurricanes are ninth in the league in goals scored per game (3.4), and the Rangers are second in goals allowed (2.5).
Carolina Hurricanes vs. New York Rangers: Live Stream, TV Channel, Start Time | NHL Playoffs Second Round Game 6
How to Watch Carolina Hurricanes vs. New York Rangers: NHL Playoffs Second Round Game 6 Live Stream, TV Channel, Start TimeMay 26, 2022; Raleigh, North Carolina, USA; Carolina Hurricanes center Sebastian Aho (20) skates with the puck against the New York Rangers during the first period in game five of the second round of the 2022 Stanley Cup Playoffs at PNC Arena. Mandatory Credit: James Guillory-USA TODAY SportsThe New York Rangers host Game 6 of the NHL Playoffs Second Round against the Carolina Hurricanes, with the Hurricanes leading the series 3-2. New York and Carolina StatsThe Rangers are 15th in the league in goals scored per game (3.0), and the Hurricanes are first in goals conceded (2.4). On average, the Hurricanes score 3.4 goals in a game (ninth in NHL), and the Rangers allow 2.5 (second). The Hurricanes have conceded 34 power-play goals (first in NHL in penalty-kill percentage), and the Rangers have scored 55 power-play goals (fourth in power-play percentage).
Hurricanes vs Rangers Game Six Live Stream: Watch NHL Online Free
The Hurricanes and Rangers will face off tonight in game six of their playoff series with Carolina up three games to two in this enormous matchup. That game will feature the Hurricanes traveling to New York to take on the Rangers in game six. How to Watch the Carolina Hurricanes vs. New York Rangers Today:Game Date: May 28, 2022Game Time: 8:00 p.m. ESTTV Channel: ESPN DeportesLive stream the Carolina Hurricanes vs. New York Rangers game on fuboTV: Start with a 7-day free trial! However, even if they don't clinch the series tonight, they will have a chance to do so at home. On the other side of the rink, the Rangers are facing elimination and need to play a nearly perfect game.
Kevin Kisner at the Charles Schwab Challenge: Live Stream, TV Channel | May 26-29
May 20, 2022; Tulsa, OK, USA; Kevin Kisner plays his shot from the 13th tee during the second round of the PGA Championship golf tournament at Southern Hills Country Club. Mandatory Credit: Michael Madrid-USA TODAY Sports
Kevin Streelman at the Charles Schwab Challenge: Live Stream, TV Channel | May 26-29
May 20, 2022; Tulsa, OK, USA; Kevin Streelman plays his shot from the 10th tee during the second round of the PGA Championship golf tournament at Southern Hills Country Club. Mandatory Credit: Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports
Boston Celtics vs. Miami Heat: Eastern Conference Finals Game 5 Live Stream, TV Channel, Start Time | 5/25/2022
Mandatory Credit: Paul Rutherford-USA TODAY SportsThe Boston Celtics will face the Miami Heat in Game 5 of the Eastern Conference Finals. Key Stats for Heat vs. CelticsThe 111.8 points per game the Celtics put up are 6.2 more points than the Heat allow (105.6). The Celtics grab 10.5 offensive rebounds per game, just 0.7 more rebounds than the Heat average (9.8). Heat Players to WatchTyler Herro racks up 20.7 points per game to be the top scorer for the Heat. Celtics vs. Heat Stats and Ranks
Real Salt Lake vs. Houston Dynamo: Live Stream, TV Channel, Start Time | 5/28/2022
Real Salt Lake is currently eighth overall in the league in points, with 22. Real Salt Lake and Houston StatsReal Salt Lake is 21st in MLS offensively (1.1 goals per match), and Houston is fourth defensively (1.1 allowed per game). In terms of goal differential, Real Salt Lake is 18th in the league, at -3. Real Salt Lake Key PlayersReal Salt Lake is led by Bobby Wood, who has two goals (on 12 shots) in 11 league games. Also atop the scoring charts for Real Salt Lake is Wood, who has two goals in 11 games.
How to Watch Seattle Mariners vs. Houston Astros: Streaming & TV | 5/28/2022
May 27, 2022; Seattle, Washington, USA; Seattle Mariners first baseman Ty France (23) waves as he crosses home after hitting a home run against the Houston Astros during the third inning at T-Mobile Park. Mandatory Credit: Lindsey Wasson-USA TODAY Sports
Inter Miami CF vs. Portland Timbers: Live Stream, TV Channel, Start Time | 5/28/2022
Mandatory Credit: Sam Navarro-USA TODAY SportsMLS action on Saturday includes Inter Miami CF playing Portland Timbers. Inter Miami CF is currently 19th in the league in points, with 15. Inter Miami CF and Portland StatsInter Miami CF scores one goal per match (22nd in MLS), and Portland allows 1.6 per game (23rd in league). Inter Miami CF Key PlayersInter Miami CF is led by Leonardo Campana, who has six goals in 13 games (17th in league). Inter Miami CF's leader in assists is Ariel Lassiter, who has two in 13 games (77th in league).
New England Revolution vs. Philadelphia Union: Live Stream, TV Channel, Start Time | 5/28/2022
Mandatory Credit: Katie Stratman-USA TODAY SportsPhiladelphia Union hits the pitch against New England Revolution at Gillette Stadium on Saturday, May 28. New England and Philadelphia StatsNew England is sixth in MLS offensively (1.8 goals per match), and Philadelphia is first defensively (0.7 conceded per match). Philadelphia puts up 1.4 goals per game (11th in MLS), and New England concedes 1.8 per game (22nd in league). New England's goal differential is -1, which is 14th in the league. New England Key PlayersAdam Buksa is New England's leading scorer, with six goals (on 19 shots) in 10 league games.
How to Watch Houston Astros vs. Seattle Mariners: Streaming & TV | 5/28/2022
May 27, 2022; Seattle, Washington, USA; Seattle Mariners first baseman Ty France (23) waves as he crosses home after hitting a home run against the Houston Astros during the third inning at T-Mobile Park. Mandatory Credit: Lindsey Wasson-USA TODAY SportsTy France and the Seattle Mariners hit the field on Saturday at T-Mobile Park against Jose Urquidy, who will start for the Houston Astros. Astros vs. Mariners Batting StatsThe Astros' .231 batting average ranks 21st in the league. Mariners Impact PlayersFrance leads Seattle in runs batted in with 32 while batting .341, which is also best on the team. Astros and Mariners SchedulesAstrosDate Opponent Score Home/Away 5/22/2022 Rangers W 5-2 Home 5/23/2022 Guardians L 6-1 Home 5/24/2022 Guardians W 7-3 Home 5/25/2022 Guardians W 2-1 Home 5/27/2022 Mariners L 6-1 Away 5/28/2022 Mariners - Away 5/29/2022 Mariners - Away 5/30/2022 Athletics - Away 5/31/2022 Athletics - Away 6/1/2022 Athletics - Away 6/3/2022 Royals - AwayMarinersDate Opponent Score Home/Away 5/22/2022 Red Sox L 8-4 Away 5/23/2022 Athletics W 7-6 Home 5/24/2022 Athletics L 7-5 Home 5/25/2022 Athletics L 4-2 Home 5/27/2022 Astros W 6-1 Home 5/28/2022 Astros - Home 5/29/2022 Astros - Home 5/31/2022 Orioles - Away 6/1/2022 Orioles - Away 6/2/2022 Orioles - Away 6/3/2022 Rangers - AwayRegional restrictions apply.
How to Watch Pittsburgh Pirates vs. San Diego Padres: Streaming & TV | 5/28/2022
May 27, 2022; San Diego, California, USA; Pittsburgh Pirates second baseman Josh VanMeter (26) and designated hitter Ben Gamel (18) celebrate after scoring on a two-RBI double hit by shortstop Diego Castillo (not pictured) during the fourth inning against the San Diego Padres at Petco Park. Mandatory Credit: Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY SportsJurickson Profar and the San Diego Padres hit the field against Bryan Reynolds and the Pittsburgh Pirates on Saturday at 10:10 PM ET, in the second of a three-game series at PETCO Park. Padres vs. Pirates Live Streaming and TV ChannelGame Day: Saturday, May 28, 2022Saturday, May 28, 2022 Game Time: 10:10 PM ET10:10 PM ET TV: ATT Sportsnet PittsburghATT Sportsnet Pittsburgh Live Stream on fuboTV:Start with a 7-day free trial! Padres vs. Pirates Batting StatsThe Padres' .231 batting average ranks 21st in the league. Padres Impact PlayersManny Machado paces the Padres in home runs (eight), runs batted in (27) and has recorded a team-high batting average of .357.
How to watch Karen Khachanov vs. Carlos Alcaraz at the French Open
Sept 10, 2017; New York, NY, USA; Detailed view as Rafael Nadal of Spain bounces a tennis ball before serving to Kevin Anderson of South Africa in the Men's Final in Ashe Stadium at the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center. Mandatory Credit: Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports
How to watch Jil Teichmann vs. Sloane Stephens at the French Open
How to watch Jil Teichmann vs. Sloane Stephens at the French OpenSep 27, 2020; Paris, France; Cori Gauff (USA) reaches for the ball prior to her serve during her match against Johanna Konta (GBR) on day one at Stade Roland Garros. 24 Jil Teichmann go toe to toe with No. 64 Sloane Stephens in the Round of 16 of the French Open on May 29, tune in to MSG. How to watch Jil Teichmann vs. Sloane Stephens at the French OpenTournament: French OpenFrench Open Round: Round of 16Round of 16 Date: Sunday, May 29Sunday, May 29 TV Channel: MSGMSG Live Stream on fuboTV: Start with a 7-day free trial! Court Surface: ClayTeichmann vs. Stephens Matchup InfoJil Teichmann Sloane Stephens 24 World Rank 64 18-11 2022 Match Record 9-7 39-26 2022 Set Record 20-18 Internazionali BNL d'Italia Last Tournament Internationaux de Strasbourg Quarterfinal Last Result Round of 32Jil Teichmann vs. Sloane Stephens Recent Performance
How to watch Elise Mertens vs. Cori Gauff at the French Open
How to watch Elise Mertens vs. Cori Gauff at the French OpenSept 10, 2017; New York, NY, USA; Detailed view as Rafael Nadal of Spain bounces a tennis ball before serving to Kevin Anderson of South Africa in the Men's Final in Ashe Stadium at the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center. Mandatory Credit: Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY SportsElise Mertens and Cori Gauff are scheduled to go head to head on Sunday, May 29 in the Round of 16 of the French Open, and you can tune in to see it on MSG. How to watch Elise Mertens vs. Cori Gauff at the French OpenTournament: French OpenFrench Open Round: Round of 16Round of 16 Date: Sunday, May 29Sunday, May 29 TV Channel: MSGMSG Live Stream on fuboTV: Start with a 7-day free trial! Start with a 7-day free trial! Court Surface: ClayMertens vs. Gauff Matchup InfoElise Mertens Cori Gauff 32 World Rank 23 14-9 2022 Match Record 17-10 28-19 2022 Set Record 36-22 Internationaux de Strasbourg Last Tournament Internazionali BNL d'Italia Quarterfinal Last Result Round of 16Elise Mertens vs. Cori Gauff Recent Performance
How to watch Novak Djokovic vs. Diego Schwartzman at the French Open
Sep 4, 2021; Flushing, NY, USA; Novak Djokovic of Serbia bounces a ball prior to serving against Kei Nishikori of Japan (not pictured) on day six of the 2021 U.S. Open tennis tournament at USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center. Mandatory Credit: Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports
How to Watch San Diego Padres vs. Pittsburgh Pirates: Streaming & TV | 5/28/2022
May 27, 2022; San Diego, California, USA; Pittsburgh Pirates second baseman Josh VanMeter (26) and designated hitter Ben Gamel (18) celebrate after scoring on a two-RBI double hit by shortstop Diego Castillo (not pictured) during the fourth inning against the San Diego Padres at Petco Park. Mandatory Credit: Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports
2022 French Open Day 8 Mens and Womens Round of 16 Stream Free
The second session of the round of 16 at the 2022 French Open from Roland Garros continues on with highlights from the morning matches, but also five singles matches between the men and the women including 13-time French Open champion, No. How to Watch 2022 French Open, Day 8: Men's and Women's Round of 16 today:Game Date: May 29, 2022Game Time: 7:00 a.m. ETTV: MSGWatch 2022 French Open, Day 8: Men's and Women's Round of 16 online with fuboTV: Start with a 7-day free trial! In women’s singles, No. 3 Alexander Zverev is challenged by Bernabe Zapata Miralles as he looks to make his first quarterfinal since the French Open last year.
Dutch Open, Final Round Live Stream: Watch Online Free, Channel
The final round of the KLM Dutch Open has a jam-packed leaderboard as it tees off on Sunday in what should be a thrilling Sunday of golf. The final round of the KLM Dutch Open is wide open in the Netherlands this year. There are two golfers at the top of the leaderboard tied, with four more tied just a stroke back and three more sitting only two strokes back. How to Watch Dutch Open, Final Round today:Game Date: May 29, 2022Game Time: 7:30 a.m. ETTV: The Golf ChannelWatch Dutch Open, Final Round online with fuboTV: Start with a 7-day free trial!
Chicago Sports Alliance Donates $300,000 to Robb School Memorial Fund, Sandy Hook Promise Foundation
Editor’s note: This story contains details of a mass casualty event and gun violence. The Alliance’s contributions come after Tuesday’s shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas. “Twenty-one smiles in Uvalde, Texas lost,” the statement read. The Sandy Hook Promise Foundation aims to end school shootings and “create a culture change that prevents violence and other harmful acts that hurt children.” Meanwhile, First State Bank of Uvalde created the Robb School Memorial Fund for families impacted by the tragedy. According to the announcement of their donation, “the Alliance was created to address the issue of increasing gun violence across the city of Chicago, dedicated to lending its collective influence and resources to support data-driven, proven solutions impacting the root cause of gun violence.” Each club committed $50,000.
Giants’ Joc Pederson Explains Fantasy Football Beef With Tommy Pham
Giants slugger Joc Pederson detailed what led to his altercation with Reds outfielder Tommy Pham on Friday, explaining that the spat was indeed the result of a fantasy football disagreement. As the Giants warmed up in the outfield, Pham confronted Pederson and slapped him in the cheek before the pair was eventually separated. He kind of came up and said, like, I don’t know if you remember from last year and I was like fantasy football. He was like, yeah.”Pederson said that Pham accused him of cheating in a fantasy football league that both MLB players were participating in by placing a player on injured reserve and replacing him with a fantasy football free agent. Pham did not agree, despite supposedly executing a similar swap within his own fantasy football team.
Playoff Rentals: How the Top NHL Trade Deadline Acquisitions Are Performing
Each March, NHL front offices launch into a mad scramble to tweak their teams ahead of the league’s trade deadline. Danny Wild-USA TODAY SportsEach March, NHL front offices launch into a mad scramble to tweak their teams ahead of the league’s trade deadline. But most importantly, Paul scored both goals in the Lightning's 2-1 nail-biting game 7 triumph over the Toronto Maple Leafs. Two minutes later, Copp assisted on the Rangers second goal after out-battling Vincent Trochek for a puck in Carolina’s zone. Like Nick Paul, Copp is a player that’s worn many different hats in the post-season.
Keys to Victory: Carolina Hurricanes vs. New York Rangers (Game 6)
With just one series left in the second round, all eyes shift to the Carolina Hurricanes and New York Rangers. James Guillory-USA TODAY SportsWith just one series left in the second round, all eyes shift to the Carolina Hurricanes and New York Rangers. So, the series shifts back to Madison Square Garden in Game 6, a must-win for the Rangers after losing Game 5. The Rangers won both games at home, and the Hurricanes have struggled with no wins on the road in two series'. Shesterkin was a huge reason why the Hurricanes won the first-round matchup against Pittsburgh in the end after a shaky first half.
Tommy Pham Says He’s Been Suspended After Slapping Joc Pederson
On Friday night, Reds outfielder Tommy Pham slapped Giants outfielder Joc Pederson over a fantasy football argument, and that is going to cost him. Pham told media before Saturday’s game that he and MLB agreed to a three-game suspension as a punishment. Pederson explained the fantasy football dispute revolves around whether or not he properly put Jeff Wilson on Injured Reserve during one week. “He was messing with my money,” Pham said, via Evan Webeck of the Mercury News. The Reds outfielder revealed that Pederson said something “disrespectful” about the Padres in a text, something that didn’t sit well with him.
Rangers Beat Hurricanes to Force Game 7
Brad Penner-USA TODAY SportsIn a series dominated by home-ice advantage, the New York Rangers once again showed how crucial the friendly confines of one's home arena are by beating the Carolina Hurricanes at Madison Square Garden by a decisive 5-2 score to force a Game 7. The home team has won every single game to this point in the series, with the Hurricanes themselves having never lost at home, and, as of now, never winning on the road. Filip Chytil led the way offensively for the Rangers with two goals of his own, while Mika Zbanejad, Tyler Motte, and Artemi Panarin padded the score, as well. In goal, Igor Shesterkin was his typically elite self, stopping 37 shots and continuing to look like the best netminder in the series. With the series now headed to a Game 7, all bets are off.
Liverpool Requests Investigation Into Chaos Outside of UCL Final
In the aftermath of a security issue that delayed thousands of fans from entering Saturday’s UEFA Champions League final, Liverpool has requested an investigation into what transpired outside the Stade de France. The match, eventually won by Real Madrid 1–0, was delayed 30 minutes due to logistical issues at various stadium entry points. “We are hugely disappointed at the stadium entry issues and breakdown of the security perimeter that Liverpool fans faced this evening at Stade de France. We have officially requested a formal investigation into the causes of these unacceptable issues.”According to multiple eyewitness reports, the chaotic scene outside the stadium was the result of a variety of issues. UEFA officially cited “late arrival of fans” as the reason for the delay prior to the start of the match.
UCL Final Delayed With Thousands of Liverpool Fans Unable to Enter Stadium
Saturday’s UEFA Champions League final in Paris between Liverpool and Real Madrid was delayed 30 minutes after tens of thousands fans had troubles entering the stadium. Fans were unable to enter the Stade de France due to logistical issues at various stadium entry points. The Associated Press reported that there were sporadic instances of fans without tickets attempting to break through security at the gates and enter the stadium. The security issues caused by these fans led to delays at some of the gates. “We are hugely disappointed at the stadium entry issues and breakdown of the security perimeter that Liverpool fans faced this evening at Stade de France.
Screen Shots: Sizing Up Avalanche vs. Oilers and Bruins, Capitals Hit Hard
But when you break down the big picture between the two Western Finalists, you have to give the advantage to Colorado. All things considered, McDavid is the best player in this series, almost single-handedly willing the Oilers to a number of wins thus far in the post-season. Take Friday’s Game 6 win for Colorado: it wasn’t MacKinnon who ended the Blues’ season. Expect the Avs and Lightning to be the last two teams standing, and a Cup Final that should be thrilling. – Boston Bruins star Brad Marchand underwent major surgery on both hips Friday, and is expected to be sidelined for six months.
Canada, Finland to Play for World Hockey Championship Gold for Third Straight Event
Familiar foes will be at it again as Canada and Finland will meet for gold at the 2022 IIHF World Hockey Championship on Sunday. Familiar foes will be at it again as Canada and Finland will meet for gold at the 2022 IIHF World Hockey Championship on Sunday. Finland has a chance to become the first team since Sweden in 2006 to win the men's Olympic and World Championship tournaments in the same season. Finland won its meeting with USA 4-3, with Miro Heiskanen, Sakari Manninen, Sami Vatanen and Joel Armia combining for the goals. Canada won its semifinal 6-1, overcoming a slow first period that saw them surrender the first goal to David Krejci.
Conor McGregor Makes Bold Statement About Haas F1 Ahead of Monaco GP
Ahead of Sunday’s Monaco Grand Prix, world-class UFC fighter Conor McGregor hopped off his yacht and made an appearance in support of Haas F1 on Saturday. “It’s great to be here, I enjoyed this qualifying round…it’s great to be here at my first Grand Prix in Monaco. Let’s go Team Haas,” McGregor said in an interview. Despite an up-and-down day for Haas F1, it didn’t keep McGregor from being bullish with the drivers as he attends his first Monaco Grand Prix on Sunday. The F1 Monaco Grand Prix will take place on Sunday at 9 a.m.
Marcus Mariota Asked About Being Mentor to Falcons Rookie QB Desmond Ridder
FLOWERY BRANCH, Ga. (AP)—Marcus Mariota is saying all the right things about mentoring Falcons rookie quarterback Desmond Ridder. “For me personally the last couple of years was a learning opportunity,” Mariota said after Thursday’s offseason workout. Mariota says his adjustment period in Atlanta has been “awesome”—including getting to know Ridder and the Falcons’ only returning quarterback, Feleipe Franks. Mariota eventually lost the starting job at Tennessee to Ryan Tannehill before playing behind Derek Carr with the Raiders. Smith says Mariota, 28, doesn’t need to measure himself against the standards set by Ryan — even if that’s exactly the comparisons the next Falcons quarterback will face.
Dwyane Wade Shares His Answer to Jordan vs. LeBron ‘GOAT’ Debate
The latest to weigh in on the league’s “GOAT” is former Heat great Dwyane Wade, who explained that his pick remains his childhood icon: Michael Jordan. But my GOAT, I grew up in Chicago, so Jordan is mine,” Wade said on Bleacher Report’s “Next 25” presented by Coinbase. While he grew up watching Jordan dominate the league with the Bulls, the 40-year-old recognizes that the younger generation feels that same way about LeBron James. “I also understand that the generation that’s here now, LeBron James is their GOAT,” Wade said. Despite his time tearing through the Eastern Conference with James, Wade is still sticking by Jordan, at least for now.
Why Karim Benzema’s Champions League Final Goal Was Disallowed
Near the end of the first half of the UEFA Champions League Final between Real Madrid and Liverpool, Karim Benzema appeared to score the first goal of the game and put the Spanish club up entering halftime. However, after VAR review, it was determined that Benzema was offside and the goal did not stand. The goal was scored after a scrum in front of the Liverpool goalmouth in which midfielder Fabinho failed to clear the ball. The ruling was that while Fabinho was the final player to touch the ball before Benzema’s goal, he didn’t “deliberately” touch the ball when Benzema was in an offside position. Real Madrid ended up scoring the game’s opener anyways, thanks to a Vinícius Júnior strike in the 59th minute.
Darvin Ham’s Biggest Challenge as New Lakers Coach
In addition, it’s a reminder for me that coaching was not necessarily the biggest issue for the Lakers last season. Jim Dedmon/USA TODAY SportsWhat’s the biggest challenge facing Ham as Lakers coach? Ham’s ability to successfully integrate Westbrook into his rotation will likely make or break the Lakers’ season. If he doesn’t earn their trust, the team can’t be put in the best position to succeed. Even if the trade makes no sense from a value standpoint, the Lakers need to better complement AD and LeBron.
Steelers’ Diontae Johnson Addresses Report He’s Unhappy With Contract
On Friday, The Athletic’s Mark Kaboly reported that Steelers wide receiver Diontae Johnson is unhappy with his contract situation, which has led to Johnson sitting out of Pittsburgh’s OTAs. According to Kaboly, Johnson has very little leverage so he is trying to as much as he can to gain the upper hand in negotiations. The fourth-year wide receiver took to Twitter to essentially give a no comment on the situation. In 2021, Johnson took full control of the Steelers’ No. 1 wide receiver role, as JuJu Smith-Schuster only played in five games.
Monaco Grand Prix Preview: Charles Leclerc’s Jinx, F1’s Future at the Track
The Monaco Grand Prix is the crown jewel of Formula One. IMAGO / HochZweiHere are some of the top storylines heading into the Monaco Grand Prix. Just earlier this month at the Monaco Historic Grand Prix, Leclerc crashed the iconic 1974 Ferrari driven by three-time champion Niki Lauda. It showed at the Spanish Grand Prix as Lewis Hamilton climbed from P19 (after colliding with Kevin Magnussen) to P5 and Russell finished P3 after defending eventual Grand Prix winner Max Verstappen and Red Bull’s Sergio Pérez for a significant number of laps. But you know, everything does evolve over time,” Red Bull team principal Christian Horner said ahead of the Miami Grand Prix.
New Steelers WR Miles Boykin Shares Why He Used to Hate Franchise
New Steelers WR Miles Boykin Shares Why He Used to Hate FranchiseWide receiver Miles Boykin is switching sides in one of the NFL’s premier rivalries, going to the Steelers after playing for the Ravens since 2019. In the 2019 draft, Pittsburgh chose to draft wide receiver Diontae Johnson over Boykin in the third round, allowing Boykin to fall to Baltimore. The wide receiver believed that the Steelers were considering him for that pick, making it easier for him to dislike the team when the Ravens took him. “It was crazy because I thought the Steelers were going to draft me originally,” Boykin said, via the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette’s Brian Batko. More NFL Coverage:For more Pittsburgh Steelers coverage, go to All Steelers.
Nick Chubb Has Encouraging Words for Baker Mayfield Amid Trade Rumors
Browns running back Nick Chubb sent a positive message to teammate Baker Mayfield amid speculation that the quarterback won’t be on Cleveland’s roster much longer. Speaking to reporters this week, Chubb called Mayfield one of his “best friends” and explained why he believes the former No. The Panthers seemed to be the frontrunners to strike a deal with the Browns for Mayfield prior to the NFL draft. A primary barrier for any team to get involved in a trade for Mayfield would be the sizable salary for the 27-year-old in 2022. According to NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport, no trade involving Mayfield is expected to get done until June.
NFL Makes Changes for Teams Interviewing Coach Candidates
The NFL issued a resolution to make changes to the league’s hiring process with goal of helping candidates properly prepare for the interviews associated with the coaching positions. Moving forward, NFL teams will not be eligible to interview a candidate for a head coach position who works for another team in the league until three days following the end of the regular season. The change also applies to the teams that fail to make the playoffs or earn a first-round bye. Coaches who are leading teams in wild-card games will be required to wait three days after their first-round matchups. However, internal candidates and non-affiliated NFL employees will have the opportunity to interview in person before the wild-card game are finished.
Jerry Jones: CeeDee Lamb Is An Upgrade Over Amari Cooper as Cowboys WR1
The Cowboys reshaped their wide receiver room in the offseason, trading Amari Cooper to the Browns to create cap space. By doing so, Dallas put third-year wide receiver CeeDee Lamb in position to be the team’s No. Despite the loss, owner Jerry Jones doesn’t think the Cowboys will take a step back offensively. Asked whether he is capable of taking that next step, Lamb said this is something that he has been preparing for all his life. I’ve been ready.”Last year, Lamb led the team in receiving with 1,102 receiving yards and 79 catches with six touchdowns in 16 games.
French Open Midterm Grades
We also regret to report the removal of Jo-Wilfried Tsonga from the menu. Midway through the seven-course meal that is the 2022 French Open, we pause to mix metaphors and hand out midterm grades. Can Carlos Alcaraz build on his breakout Madrid Open win with his first major title? Jo-Wilfried Tsonga: Frenchman plays his final match. But also for the abundance of grace he showed playing Jo-Wilfried Tsonga.
UEFA Blames Fans With Fake Tickets for UCL Final Fiasco in Statement
UEFA has issued a statement in response to the security issue that prevented thousand of fans from entering Saturday’s UEFA Champions League final in Paris. According to multiple reports, the incident was the result of a system failure that kept ticketed fans from gaining entry, as well as several instances of fans attempting to force their way past security and enter without tickets. After initially citing “the late of arrival of fans” as the reason for the delay, UEFA explained the unexpected interruption was caused by spectators attempting to gain entry with fake tickets. “In the lead-up to the game, the turnstiles at the Liverpool end became blocked by thousands fans who had purchased fake tickets which did not work in the turnstiles. Some of the affected spectators reportedly had tickets and had been attempting to enter the venue for over an hour.
Billy Napier: Florida Football Won’t Get Involved in NIL Bidding Wars
This year is Billy Napier’s first season as Florida’s head coach, but he has already been thrown into the SEC fire with talk about NIL. While Alabama and Texas A&M feud over who is potentially abusing the new policy, Napier said Florida will not use NIL funding in possible bidding wars, claiming that players won’t solely make decisions off that. To prepare for how to use NIL in recruitment, Napier added he can’t look in college football for the answer, so he’s looking at another industry for help. “I’ve been studying the National Football League because I think there are some things to learn. That’s the one thing that we lack that the National Football League has.”While Napier gets comfortable with his new position, he is confident the Gators will be able to use NIL successfully in the future.
Antonio Brown Says He Won’t Play in NFL Next Season
Antonio Brown Says He Won’t Play in NFL Next Season in FCF InterviewIt’s been four months since NFL fans last saw Antonio Brown on a football field, and it appears it’s going to be even longer before they see him again. Brown, who said earlier this month he wanted to retire a Steeler, delivered the news himself during an appearance at a Fan Controlled Football league game on Saturday. The free-agent receiver eluded to his latest career update after fielding a question from FCF reporter Charly Arnolt asking if football is still important to him. “Obviously, we live the game but you can’t play forever,” he said. ”Arnolt followed her question by asking Brown if he’s going to play next season.
Braves Call Up Top Prospect Michael Harris II Ahead of Marlins Matchup
The Braves announced they are calling up top prospect Michael Harris II to make his major league debut Saturday vs. Miami. Harris will bat ninth in the lineup and play centerfield for his first major league game. At just 21-years old, Harris hasn’t even played at AAA yet, only getting as far as 43 games in AA this year. Harris is a local kid, having grown up a Braves fan just 20 minutes outside of Atlanta. “Him being from the same area that I live in now, that was a big moment,” Harris said.
Champions League final video highlights: Real Madrid 1-0 Liverpool
Real Madrid has been crowned king of Europe once again. For a record 14th time, Real Madrid is the continental champion after holding Liverpool goalless at the Stade de France in Paris in a 1–0 victory. But Real Madrid would be the first to strike in the 59th minute courtesy of Vinícius. The goal led to a raucous response at the Real Madrid watch party in the Santiago Bernabéu. Meanwhile, Real Madrid secured the double after it won its 35th Spanish league title earlier this year.
White Sox Designate SP Dallas Keuchel for Assignment After Rough Start
The White Sox designated starting pitcher Dallas Keuchel for assignment ahead of Chicago’s game against the Cubs on Saturday, the team announced. The White Sox recalled infielder Danny Mendick from the Triple A Charlotte Knights. It’s been a rough start to the 2022 season for Keuchel. After Thursday’s loss, the 34-year-old felt as though his time in the White Sox rotation was not done yet. Currently, the White Sox (22–22) sit second in the AL Central standings.
White Sox’s La Russa Says He Disagrees With Kapler’s Anthem Protest
White Sox manager Tony La Russa weighed in Saturday on Gabe Kapler’s decision to not participate in the national anthem in response to a mass shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas earlier this week. Kapler’s stance on the anthem compelled La Russa to question the validity of his protest. “I think he’s exactly right to be concerned … with what’s happening in our country,” La Russa said Saturday, per ESPN. “Some of their courage comes from what the flag means to them and when they hear the anthem,” he said. “You need to understand what the veterans think when they hear the anthem or see the flag.
Madrid’s Champions League Inevitability Turns Out to Be Very Real
In this era, in which managers speak of tactical philosophies, it is the great pragmatist Carlo Ancelotti who becomes the first coach to win the Champions League four times following the 1–0 triumph at the Stade de France. The Champions League continues to provoke mixed emotions. But on the other, the latter stages of the Champions League almost certainly represent the greatest football that has ever been played. That is the challenge the Champions League presents: it is seductive and brilliant and yet it has destroyed football as the sport it used to be. But the club’s winning mentality—that inexplicable extra something that always seems to shine through on the Champions League stage even when the numbers, the matchup and all logic might dictate that it won’t be Madrid’s day—it remains as strong as ever.
Joc Pederson Pulls Out Receipts of Group Text Exchange With Tommy Pham
Giants outfielder Joc Pederson offered his side of the story Saturday after his fantasy football dispute with Reds outfielder Tommy Pham came to light following a confrontation prior to Friday’s game against the Reds. Pham was scratched from the contest after reportedly slapping the Giants outfielder over a disagreement the two had in a fantasy football league last year. Pederson said the exchange began after he shared a GIF making fun of the Padres, which elicited a reply from Pham. “Joc I don’t know you well enough to make any jokes like this,” Pham said, per Pederson. Pederson told reporters the GIF was intended to be “light-hearted” and he did not mean to offend anyone.
Report: WNBA Star Cambage Directed Racial Slur at Nigerian Players Prior to 2021 Olympics
WNBA star Liz Cambage reportedly directed a racial slur at Nigerian national team players during a scrimmage prior to the 2021 Summer Olympics, according to an investigation by The Daily Telegraph. Anonymous Nigerian players interviewed by The Daily Telegraph claim Cambage, 30, called the Nigerian players “monkeys” and told them to “go back to your third world country” during the fight. The Daily Telegraph reported Cambage, whose father is Nigerian, apologized to the Nigerian team a day later but it “wasn’t well received by every player.”Cambage would eventually withdraw from the Tokyo Olympics ahead of its July 23 start date. Cambage is currently in her first season with the Sparks following a two-year run with the Aces. More WNBA Coverage:• The Rise of the Aging Rookie: Meet the WNBA’s Veteran Debutants• How Russia Pushed the WNBA to a Crossroads• From Istanbul to Dallas, Inside the Quick Turnaround for WNBA Players Returning From Abroad
The Most Powerful Story The Onion Ever Wrote
Its citizens wake up to a nation recovering from yet another mass shooting and feel as if they’re still in a nightmare. On Wednesday, as details of the deaths at the Uvalde school emerged, The Onion covered its homepage with each of the individual stories, and posted them all in a lengthy Twitter thread. Jason Roeder, who originally wrote the headline eight years ago, said as much to Rolling Stone this week. “I worry it’s just another part of the mass shooting ceremony—thoughts ‘n’ prayers, don’t politicize, #GunControlNow, and so on,” he said. The adequacy of the police response to the Uvalde shooting will be determined over time, but regardless, Cazares’ statement is true on a grand scale: More could have been done.
How to Make a Microphone … From a Face Mask
I know everyone is sick of this pandemic, but I'm going to suggest that you keep your face mask. This is a nice feature in normal times, but when these drops can carry the Covid-19 virus, you probably want that mask. The primary goal of the microphone is to detect this changing pressure wave in the air and convert that to a changing voltage. Once you have a changing voltage, you can use this to make an electric current and send it through some wires. But exactly how do you transform an oscillation in the air to an electric voltage?
The 26 Best Outdoor Summer Deals From REI’s Anniversary Sale
Just as bears emerge from hibernation and birds migrate in the spring, REI introduces its big Anniversary Sale every year around Memorial Day. If you don’t see anything that you need, be sure to check out our summer guides to the Best Action Cameras, Best Portable Grills, and Best Reusable Water Bottles. Oru’s foldable kayaks are easy to store and transport, and they don’t go on sale very often. We typically like Hydro Flask bottles, and you can check out our Best Travel Mugs guide for more. A lot of Kryptonite bike locks are on sale; check out Best Bike Locks guide for more.
Finding a PlayStation 5 Is About to Get Easier
If you still haven't been able to get your paws on a PlayStation 5 (and you are not alone) then get ready to join the party. According to a Reuters report of the call, Ryan says Sony hopes to produce 18 million consoles in 2022, compared to 11.5 in 2021. Tune into the live broadcast to see trailers and teasers for new PlayStation titles, as well as updates on games coming to PlayStation VR2. Watch This, GoogleIf you're one of the millions of people who own a Samsung Galaxy Watch4, glance at your wrist real quick and check your notifications. Our own Julian Chokkattu reviewed the Galaxy Watch4 and Watch4 Classic last year.
What Is 32-Bit Float Audio, and Should You Record In It?
If that’s the case, though, why would any recording equipment need to go beyond the 144.5 dB dynamic range of 24-bit audio? Setting Levels (or Not)The insane dynamic range of 32-bit float audio is where the claim that you never need to set levels comes from, though even that is a little more complicated than it seems. Now, typically you’ll set audio levels when setting up your equipment to avoid hitting that limit. But don’t expect to leave 24-bit audio behind forever. So, you have a choice: Either set levels properly on set and record directly in 24-bit, or record in 32-bit and add the extra step later.
DuckDuckGo Isn’t as Private as You Think
And more than 40 members of Congress called on Google to stop tracking location data in Android ahead of a potential Roe reversal. We spoke to the inventor of the browser "cookie" about how to handle cookie settings for privacy—and those ubiquitous cookie-related pop-ups on websites. As usual, we’ve rounded up all the news that we didn’t break or cover in-depth this week. (A company spokesperson reiterated in an email to WIRED Weinberg's assertion that none of this applies to DuckDuckGo search, adding that both its search and its browser offer more privacy protections than the competition.) That bait-and-switch violated an agreement Twitter made with the FTC in 2011 after earlier privacy misbehavior.
The 34 Best Memorial Day Deals on Tech, Gaming, Home, and More
Be sure to check out our other Memorial Day deals coverage, including the Best Memorial Day Mattress Deals, Best Memorial Day Outdoors Deals, Best Masturbation May Sex Tech Deals, and Best REI Anniversary Sale Deals for more. Tech DealsLG C1 OLED Photograph: LGThis matches the best price we've seen on the LG C1 OLED (8/10, WIRED Recommends). Its products are featured in many of our guides, including the Best Wireless Chargers, Best USB Hubs, Best iPad Accessories, and Best iPhone Accessories. Memorial Day Sale PagesIf you want to venture out on your own, here's a list of Memorial Day sales at various retailers. Be sure to check out our other Memorial Day deals coverage, including the Best Memorial Day Mattress Deals, Best Memorial Day Outdoors Deals, Best Masturbation May Sex Tech Deals, and Best REI Anniversary Sale Deals for more.
Go behind the scenes with the cast and crew of This Is Us
If you're still mourning the end of This Is Us like we are, these behind-the-scenes photos of the cast and crew are sure to brighten your day — starting with this throwback to when Jack (Milo Ventimiglia) rolled Rebecca (Mandy Moore) out of the hospital and viewers into the wonderful world of the Pearsons. It's hard to believe now, but creator Dan Fogelman says, "I completed the This Is Us pilot and then had to sit on it for half a year until NBC made their pilot announcements… There was no real strong sense that the show was going to make it on television."
Here's what Matthew Modine's Dr. Brenner is doing in Stranger Things 4 — yes, he's alive
Stranger Things 2 Stranger Things type TV Show network genre Sci-fiAction AdventureHorrorWarning: This article contains spoiler about Stranger Things season 4. In it, we first see Dr. Brenner via flashback getting ready for work at the Hawkins National Laboratories. Stranger Things Matthew Modine as Dr. Brenner in 'Stranger Things' | Credit: NetflixFlashbacks aren't the only place Dr. Brenner shows up, though. What he neglects to mention, however, is that he's working with Dr. Brenner in a top-secret underground facility. Throughout the last few episodes of season 4, Dr. Brenner, Dr. Owens and El work together to get her powers back.
2022 Cannes awards winners revealed for the Palme d'Or, Best Actress
Keough's Cannes victory came days after Baz Luhrmann debuted his Elvis biopic about her grandfather, while Ruben Östlund snagged his second Palme d'Or prize for Triangle of Sadness. The most prestigious film festival in the world has anointed a new crop of winners — and potential awards contenders as the 2022 Oscars race takes shape. Broker 'Broker' star Song Kang-ho won Best Actor at the 2022 Cannes awards. Riley Keough attends the photocall for "War Pony" during the 75th Cannes Film Festival in Cannes, France.. MAY 21st 2022. Credit: Matrix/MediaPunch **FOR USA ONLY; CANNES, FRANCE - MAY 27: South Korean actor Song Kang-Ho poses during a photocall for the film Broker (Les Bonnes Etoiles) at the 75th annual Cannes Film Festival in Cannes, France on May 27, 2022. (Photo by Mustafa Yalcin/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images) 2022 Cannes awards winners Riley Keough and Song Kang-Ho | Credit: Matrix/MediaPunch; Mustafa Yalcin/Anadolu Agency via GettySee the list of 2022 Cannes awards winners from the main competition below.
The Blacklist loses 2 series regulars in its season 9 finale
The Blacklist loses 2 series regulars in its season 9 finaleThe Blacklist - Season 2 The Blacklist type TV Show network genre CrimeThrillerTwo series regulars are departing The Blacklist following its season 9 finale, EW has confirmed. Amir made his debut as FBI Special Agent Aram Mojtabi in the third episode of season 1, while Sohn played FBI agent Alina Park beginning in season 6. James Spader in 'The Blacklist' | Credit: NBC/Universal/Kobal/ShutterstockArison discussed his gratitude for his time on The Blacklist in a tweet on Friday. James Spader in 'The Blacklist' | Credit: NBC/Universal/Kobal/ShutterstockSohn has been a series regular since the eighth season following her introduction the previous year. All of them have been on The Blacklist since season 1.
Drag Race queens hilariously stunned by Vanna White in All Stars 7 ball: 'Oh my, f--- me!'
Drag Race queens hilariously stunned by Vanna White in All Stars 7 ball: 'Oh my, f--- me!' "Vanna White is probably the first white lady that has ever been in my household," she explained. Paramount+/World of Wonder Vanna White and Jinkx Monsoon wear the same look on 'RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars 7.' "Black isn't the first color you think when you think Vanna White, so, thank you for doing me that solid, Vanna!" RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars Dave, a veteran who appeared as a makeover subject on 'RuPaul's Drag Race' season 5; Jinkx Monsoon as Judy Garland on 'All Stars 7' Snatch Game.
Breaking down the legendary horror cameo in Stranger Things season 4
Stranger Things 2 Stranger Things type TV Show network genre Sci-fiAction AdventureHorrorWarning: This article contains spoilers about Stranger Things season 4. Don't fall asleep on this Stranger Things season 4 cameo. Stanger Things 4 Robert Eglund as Victor Creel in 'Stranger Things' season 4. | Credit: NetflixWhen Creel finally reveals himself, he's none other than Freddy Krueger himself — or rather, the man who played him, Robert Englund. The first seven episodes of Stranger Things season 4 are out now, with two more extra-long episodes set to debut on July 1.
Bridgerton star Ruby Barker hospitalized after mental health struggles
"Sometimes you've just got to take a break," said the actress, who plays Marina Thompson Crane on the Netflix hit. Bridgerton (TV show) type TV Show network genre RomanceBridgerton star Ruby Barker has been hospitalized after struggling with mental health issues, according to a video she posted to Instagram on Thursday. LONDON, ENGLAND - JULY 16: Ruby Barker attends the Black Lens Film Festival screening of "How To Stop A Recurring Dream" at BFI Southbank on July 16, 2021 in London, England. (Photo by Tristan Fewings/Getty Images) 'Bridgerton' star Ruby Barker | Credit: Tristan Fewings/GettyBarker said that she doesn't want her diagnosis to be a self-fulfilling prophecy. She also thanked her friends and mentors, along with Netflix and Bridgerton executive producer Shonda Rhimes.
Who is Kate Bush in Stranger Things season 4?
Stranger Things 2 Stranger Things type TV Show network genre Sci-fiAction AdventureHorrorWarning: This article contains spoilers for Stranger Things season 4. That's the question at the heart of episode 4 of the new season of Stranger Things. Stranger Things, Kate Bush Max (Sadie Sink) in 'Stranger Things' season 4; Kate Bush | Credit: Netflix; ZIK Images/United Archives via Getty ImagesGiven her high-concept videos and the eccentric subject matter of her music (topics include Stephen King's The Shining, the mathematical constant ?, and laundry as foreplay), Bush has achieved cult-icon status in the U.S. The first volume of Stranger Things season 4 is streaming now on Netflix. Read our full recap of Stranger Things season 4.
Sorry, Willow fans, Val Kilmer is not in the new Disney+ series
Sorry, Willow fans, Val Kilmer is not in the new Disney+ seriesWillow type MovieMadmartigan lives on — just not onscreen. Despite confusing reports from Thursday's Star Wars Celebration, Val Kilmer's rogue swordsman is not in the forthcoming Disney+ series Willow, EW has learned. WILLOW, Val Kilmer, 1988, (c) MGM/courtesy Everett Collection; (L-R): Willow Ufgood (Warwick Davis) and (Graham Hughes) in Lucasfilm's WILLOW exclusively on Disney+. Val Kilmer in the 1988 film version of 'Willow'; Warwick Davis in Disney+'s upcoming 'Willow' series | Credit: MGM/courtesy Everett Collection; Lucasfilm Ltd. Speaking to Yahoo Entertainment about the 1988 film at the Star Wars Celebration, Davis credited Kilmer with helping him get through filming.
Rosario Dawson debuts first 'Ahsoka' footage
The actress stopped by the Star Wars Celebration on Saturday to give fans a taste of what's to come. Ahsoka Tano is finally stepping into the spotlight. The double-lightsaber-wielding heroine became a key player in Star Wars history when she debuted as Anakin Skywalker's Padawan in the 2008 animated Clone Wars film. Dawson was on hand Saturday at Star Wars Celebration, accompanying producers Dave Filoni and Jon Favreau on stage to tease the upcoming series. Ahsoka Tano (Rosario Dawson) in Lucasfilm’s THE MANDALORIAN, season two, exclusively on Disney+, (c) 2020 Lucasfilm Ltd. &TM.
Kim Kardashian Shares Some Shots From Behind the Scenes at Kourtney's Wedding
Last weekend was Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker's big Italian wedding in the seaside town of Portofino. There were a lot of photos of the family all dressed up for many of the events surrounding the main ceremony, but on Friday, Kim Kardashian dropped some adorable behind-the-scenes shots of the day. The carousel of photos show Kim, of course, looking stunning in her black lace Dolce & Gabbana gown. North also had some Dolce & Gabbana on her for the wedding, carrying an adorable black clutch with a gold heart clasp. From that angle, the image of the Virgin Mary woven into Kourtney's veil is clearly visible, and her short Dolce & Gabbana dress peaks through the pattern.
Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck Discussing Destination Wedding
Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are in the midst of wedding planning, Entertainment Tonight reports, and their eyes are set on some place warm and outside of Los Angeles. A source told the outlet, “Ben and Jen want to get married soon. “Jennifer will tell you she’s not in a rush to get married, but her friends think otherwise,” a source told Us. In April, a source told Page Six that the couple will likely keep their exact ceremony details private. For context, when Lopez and Affleck were first engaged and preparing to get married in September 2003, they called off their wedding because of the media attention surrounding it.
Scott Disick Struggling With Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker's Marriage
Last weekend, most of the Kardashian inner circle gathered in Italy for Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker's v lavish wedding. One notable exception was Scott Disick, who decided to pass on watching his ex walk down the aisle. Since they exchanged "I dos," Kourtney and Travis (and their guests) have shared lots of pics from the ceremony and Kourtney has even officially added Barker to her name on Instagram. "Scott has been having a hard time with Kourtney and Travis' marriage, but he is doing as well as he can be," a source told Entertainment Tonight. In the lead-up to Kourt and Travis' wedding, Scott kept busy by hanging out with friends in LA, including a dinner with Rod, Sean, and Kimberly Stewart where sources said Scott "seemed in good spirits" (per E!
Everything You Need to Know About What Happened to Hopper in 'Stranger Things 4'
*SPOILERS FOR SEASON 4 PART 1 OF STRANGER THINGS BELOW! *Fans of Stranger Things have had a lot to look forward to in season 4. Here's everything you need to know about what happened to Hopper in Stranger Things 4. As we saw at the end of Stranger Things 3, when Joyce closed the portal, Hopper ended up surviving...but not before the Russians took him away as a prisoner. Thankfully, it won't be too long of a wait, as Stranger Things 4 part 2 premieres on July 1!
Tom Cruise’s Last Stand
Illustration: Leonardo SantamariaI’d never noticed the curiously melancholy overtones of Harold Faltermeyer’s famous Top Gun theme until the opening moments of the brand-new Top Gun: Maverick. For some years, Mission: Impossible entries have been his only reliable moneymakers. Top Gun: Maverick isn’t unaware of this. Top Gun: Maverick is, finally, about the very impossibility of its own existence. Top Gun: Maverick is in theaters May 24.
Bioplastic Sculptures, an Okra-Inspired Rug, and More Design Finds
Designer Caroline Zimbalist has been obsessed with making her own materials since she was a fashion student. In her first experiments, she stripped her abstract paintings off their frames and created garments out of them. Little Wing Lee — founder of Studio & Projects and the design director of Atelier Ace, the Ace Hotel’s in-house creative studio — created a rug inspired by the cross sections of okra pods. It’s part of “Spotlight One,” the inaugural exhibition by Black Folks in Design, at the Ace Hotel Brooklyn, which is on view through June 29. That approach shows up in her resin tables, gradient mirrors, and recent reorganization of Vitra’s design archive into color families.
Which Women Do We Choose to Believe?
Amber Heard and Johnny Depp are back in court in Fairfax County, Virginia. Testifying about her marriage to Johnny Depp, she detailed years of alleged abuse in graphic detail. In his U.K. trial, Depp said Barkin was motivated by a “grudge” because he didn’t return her feelings.) Depp’s fans also have a disturbing ability to take the evidence Heard presents and flip it against her. Even after so many women have come forward with accounts of abuse in recent years, the Heard trial is a sobering reminder that a victim’s credibility is still a fragile thing.
AOC’s New Fiancé Is Charmingly Normal
Here’s most of what we know: His name is Riley Roberts. We don’t know that much about Riley Roberts, and we don’t need to. What we do know about Roberts doesn’t fit the stereotype of a politician’s partner. We know he’s supportive and encouraging in private. Not Riley Roberts though.
Manny Jacinto’s Brief Screen Time in ‘Top Gun: Maverick’
Photo: Paramount PicturesSpoilers follow for Top Gun: Maverick. Plus Rooster and Hangman, that’s seven pilots Top Gun: Maverick weaves into the story line and uses for reaction shots — and yet none is our beloved Jason Mendoza. Either way, if you hoped to see Jacinto’s charming grin, fine-tuned comedic timing, or gleaming shirtlessness during beach football in Top Gun: Maverick, I’m sorry to disappoint, but none of this comes to fruition. From left: Photo: Paramount Pictures Photo: Paramount Pictures From top: Photo: Paramount Pictures Photo: Paramount PicturesFrom left: Photo: Paramount Pictures Photo: Paramount Pictures From top: Photo: Paramount Pictures Photo: Paramount PicturesFrom left: Photo: Paramount Pictures Photo: Paramount Pictures From top: Photo: Paramount Pictures Photo: Paramount PicturesFrom left: Photo: Paramount Pictures Photo: Paramount Pictures From top: Photo: Paramount Pictures Photo: Paramount PicturesIs there more Manny on the cutting-room floor somewhere? Restore those moments in the inevitable Top Gun: Maverick director’s cut, damn it!
Movie Review: Vengeance Is Mine, starring Brooke Adams
Trish Van Devere and Brooke Adams in Vengeance Is Mine. Photo: Film DeskThe surfaces of Vengeance Is Mine are so modest that the film’s deep vein of emotional terror sneaks up on you. Roemer’s film follows Jo (Brooke Adams), a recently divorced woman briefly returning to her family home in a coastal New England town after a long time away. And now here’s Vengeance Is Mine, completely discarded and ignored in its day, arriving on our screens like pure cinematic oxygen. I took, by my count, four classes with him (including a lively and popular class on American film comedy), and he rarely discussed the pictures he himself had made.
‘Stranger Things’ Season 4, Ep. 7 Recap
Stranger Things The Massacre at Hawkins Lab Season 4 Episode 7 Editor’s Rating 5 stars * * * * * « Previous Next « Previous Episode Next Episode » Photo: Courtesy of NetflixOh, okay, yes, that is one way to end Volume 1. They head for the Upside Down Wheeler house, where Nancy says she has two guns hidden. The walk there gives Eddie and Steve time to have a conversation that I am honestly obsessed with. Eddie tells Steve how Dustin worships him, which makes Steve so happy (how precious!). When the doors on the other side finally open, everything goes into slo-mo, and Hopper sees Joyce standing there before him.
The Da Vinki Twins Finally Saw the Mona Lisa
Photo: Voros Twins/YouTubeIt’s always “Who painted the Mona Lisa?” and never “How did the Mona Lisa feel meeting the Da Vinki twins?” The Voros twins, also known as the Da Vinki twins, have closed the gap in the meme time continuum. They have seen the Mona Lisa in person in the Louvre in Paris. The pair gained popularity after they mispronounced Leonardo Da Vinci’s name in a TikTok trivia filter video. Their Renaissance art journey came full circle when they finally saw Da Vinci’s painting this past week while wearing matching “Da Vinki” shirts. The twins, named Chris and Patrick Voros, are also Canadian professional wrestlers as well as social media influencers.
Will the ‘School-Shooting Generation’ Change Politics?
A later academic study of that election showed that only 4 percent of campaign ads for the entire 2013–14 cycle mentioned guns, and a majority of them promoted gun rights. There are multiple indicators that younger millennials and members of Generation Z, who have grown up experiencing regular trauma from mass shootings, especially in schools, could make gun violence a bigger issue in the political discourse. This has been especially true in the south and west, where insensitivity to gun rights is often deemed a sign of cultural cluelessness or elitism. But political leadership as well as public support will be necessary. Elected Democrats have nothing to lose, and a rising generation of voters sick of gun violence may demand action.
Is New York Ready for Recession?
But a close look at some key data suggest that New York families and companies are about to get walloped by rising food and fuel prices, a slumping stock market and the looming possibility of a devastating economic recession. So we’re way behind the rest of the country,” says Greg David, a writer at The City who spent 35 years at Crain’s New York Business reporting on the local economy. But the current plunge in the stock market means hundreds of billions of dollars are being lost. In the event of a recession, such choices will be a source of great anger when the hard times arrive. “With rising inflation, still-too-high unemployment, a declining stock market, and so much long-term uncertainty, our economy is facing headwinds.
Triangle of Sadness Takes Home Pepto and Palme d’Or at Cannes Film Festival
Photo: CHRISTOPHE SIMON/AFP via Getty ImagesThe 2022 Cannes Film Festival has come to an end. In its second year post-pandemic, the French film festival reunited with filmmakers like George Miller and David Cronenberg, who haven’t returned to the festival in several years. Cronenberg’s Crimes of the Future was one of the films in the competition alongside Stars at Noon, Broker, and Armageddon Time for the coveted Palme d’Or, the highest prize awarded at the festival. Presented by director Alfonso Cuarón and Cannes president Vincent Lindon, the winner of the Palme d’Or is the Swedish “Eat the Rich” comedy Triangle of Sadness, directed by Ruben Östlund. This marks Östlund’s second Palme d’Or as he won for The Square in 2017.
Brewing Up a Couture-like Coffee Brand in Paris
Now Momus, an upstart French coffee brand, seems poised to further disrupt the scene with its couture-like concept. Lionel Giraud Courtesy of Momus“Coffee is not treated as it should be, especially since it’s the number-two drink in the world after water,” he adds. There are also nine blends credited to Daniela Capuano, who in 2019 was named Meilleur Ouvrier de France in torréfaction, the French word for coffee roasting. Sustainability is intrinsic to Giraud’s concept, with all coffee traceable to a specific plot of land on each farm. To be sure, consumers seem to be turning their backs on wasteful coffee capsules, Giraud says, pointing to a spike in French sales of coffee grinders and coffee makers that use whole beans or ground coffee, the only formats Momus sells.
Harry Styles, Live Nation Pledge $1 Million to Everytown for Gun Safety
Harry Styles and Live Nation will donate over $1 million to the Everytown for Gun Safety Support Fund, an arm of the largest gun violence prevention organization in the U.S, in the wake of the Uvalde, Texas school shooting. “Along with all of you, I have been absolutely devastated by the recent string of mass shootings in America, culminating at Robb Elementary School in Texas,” Styles said in an Instagram post. “On our North American tour, we will be partnering with Everytown who work to end gun violence, donating to support their efforts, and sharing their suggested action items.”All 42 dates of Styles’ forthcoming Love On Tour are sold out, including two fifteen-night residencies at Madison Square Garden in New York City and at the Kia Forum in Los Angeles. The proceeds from the tour, with concert producer Live Nation matching, are projected to equal over $1 million, per Live Nation. In 2021, the first leg of Styles’ Love On Tour sold nearly 720,000 tickets, making it the highest-selling tour of the year, according to Pollstar, which tracks concert data.
Crypto Film ‘The Infinite Machine’ Adds Metaverse Component in Pact With Decentraland, Lumiere
The agreement between Versus and Decentraland will see the film and its NFT collection developed and integrated into the Decentraland metaverse. Lumiere, a Hong Kong- and Singapore-based entertainment specialist, is supporting the project by developing and integrating the experience of the film and engaging its audiences into the Decentraland metaverse. “The Infinite Machine” is expected to conduct its third round of NFT issues in the following months, allowing it to become the first ever NFT-financed film. “We are really proud that a company such as Lumiere and as important a film as ‘The Infinite Machine’ have chosen Decentraland to build their experience in order to interact with its community fan base. The link between movies, their communities and the Metaverse is already happening,” said Alejandro De Grazia, head of film and entertainment at Decentraland Foundation.
Why Is TikTok Saying No to New York’s Legal Weed?
“Cannabis es legal en Nueva York pero solo para adultos mayores de 21 años,” reads another. That’s because, according to a letter New York’s Office of Cannabis Management sent TikTok this week and shared exclusively with Rolling Stone, the notoriously censorious platform won’t allow it. Alexander writes that people under 21 are not permitted to use cannabis under state law because of the drug’s risk to brain development. In the letter, Alexander asks TikTok to reconsider its prohibition of the ads to help make legal weed safe for New Yorkers. “I’m hoping that additional pressure can get them to waive their no cannabis advertising policy for this cannabis education program,” Alexander says.
Who Won Big at Cannes, from ‘Triangle of Sadness’ to Vicky Krieps
Cannes sets up audience hits and award winners for global box office success; some will even make it to the Oscar race. What does winning a prize at Cannes mean in the long run? A Cannes prize can help a Screenplay winner like “Boy from Heaven” to land distribution, including in North America. The decisions were all reached with a nice majority.”screenshotNeon did well in Cannes, scoring their third Palme winner in a row. The “Titane” and “Parasite” distributor will be sure to push their surprise Palme d’Or winner “Triangle of Sadness,” which the distributor won in a bidding war, plunking down north of $8 million.
‘You Haven’t Heard the Last of the B-52s’: America’s Favorite Party Band Tries to Say Goodbye
I’m one of the ones in the band that really loves being on the road, but I also love being home. Fred and I always said, “We gotta tour with them.” So I think it’s just going to be a great party. Changing the set list is like Congress passing a bill; everybody wants their songs or their favorite songs to perform. Any of the songs, “Love Shack,” all our songs are pretty fast and furious, but you just have to recreate it each time. I was going to ask, “What does the B-52s retirement plan look like,” but it sounds like there isn’t one.
Major League Pickleball Makes Its New York Debut on Wall Street
The league kicks off the year on June 3-5 at Dreamland, an 86-acre venue in Dripping Springs, Texas. During this three-day tournament, teams play a women’s doubles game, a men’s doubles game, followed by two mixed doubles games. If two teams are tied after these four games, a tiebreaker is played, involving all four players on each team. The official rule book was published in 1984 and the governing body of the sport, USA Pickleball was formed in 2005. The format between the draft and multiple events is great, some real intrigue, and we’re super excited to be part of it.”In addition to the MLP, there are two domestic professional pickleball tours: the Association of Pickleball Professionals (APP) and the Professional Pickleball Association (PPA).
Every Sex Pistols Song, Ranked
For a young person now trying to fathom the Sex Pistols and the pre-internet 1970s context that spat them up, a college-level course of study is almost required. Among other things, the Pistols were a multimedia culture jam, a terrorist threat, a neo-Marxist art project, a total scam, a ghostly visitation, and an exhilarating rock band (the last very unexpectedly). Even before the band’s debut album, 1977’s righteous dirty bomb Never Mind the Bollocks, Here’s the Sex Pistols, there has been a growing landfill of material cashing in on their murky legacy. Solo gigs by bassist Sid Vicious after the band broke up have been bootlegged repeatedly as the “Sex Pistols.” That said, here are all of the band’s songs, i.e., those performed by at least one member of the organization and officially sold under the Pistols name. They’re ranked from worst to first, though, of course, the Pistols tried to torch such bourgeois distinctions, preferring to skin us alive, which they often did.
The NRA Country Concert Is Kaput
While there has been no official statement by the NRA, Bryant’s tweet and a dead link to the concert’s webpage point to no show. “Please join fellow Second Amendment patriots for the remainder of the this freedom-filled weekend.”The multi-artist country concert appeared to be in jeopardy on Thursday when Don “American Pie” McLean dropped out. Larry Gatlin, a conservative country singer who’s performed at past NRA conventions and Trump rallies, followed soon after. After being criticized on Twitter for his scheduled appearance at the NRA’s concert, Bryant tweeted that the show was off. Still, the NRA’s Convention carried on with speakers like the ignominious Texas senator Ted Cruz and twice-impeached former president Donald Trump.
Investigation Into Andy Dick Sexual Battery Allegations Paused
Actor and comedian Andy Dick was arrested in Orange County, California, for felony sexual battery on Wednesday, May 11, the Orange County Sheriff’s Department confirmed to Rolling Stone. Dick was booked into Orange County jail. The name of the alleged victim has not been released. “The case is not proceeding forward due to the fact that the victim is being uncooperative,” Orange County Sheriff’s Sgt. Rolling Stone has reached out to the Orange Country Sheriff’s Department and will continue to update this story as details become available.
Cannes 2022: Ruben Ostlund’s ‘Triangle of Sadness’ Wins Palme d’Or
The Cannes Film Festival celebrated its 75th anniversary this year and its big prize, the Palme d’Or, was awarded to Ruben Ostlund’s Triangle of Sadness, a satire of modern capitalism. Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne have won the Palme d’Or twice before, for The Son in 2005 and Rosetta in 1999. Actress and director Riley Keough, who is also Elvis Presley’s granddaughter, won the prize for the best first film. Keough and her co-director Gina Gammell took the Camera d’Or for War Pony, a film about two Oglala Lakota boys navigating life on the South Dakota reservation. War Pony also fetched the Palm Dog — best canine performance — thanks to Brittany the gray poodle, who played the role of Beast.
The Baby-Formula Shortage Has Spawned a New Brand of Mom-Shamers
For the past few weeks, parents have been panicking over a nationwide baby formula shortage. In light of the formula shortage, many people have responded not by sympathizing with terrified parents worried about whether they’ll be able to feed their children, but by asking a simple and terribly ignorant question: why don’t parents just breastfeed? — bettemidler (@BetteMidler) May 13, 2022People are piling on because of former tweet. No shame if you can’t breastfeed, but if you can & are somehow convinced that your own milk isn’t as good as a “scientifically researched product”, that’s something else again. On this episode of DLTF, Spanos and Dickson discuss not only the baby formula shortage, but also the unveiling of DeuxMoi, Halsey starting beef with her label on TikTok, and a torch singer parrot crowned Himbo of the Week.
Watch Japanese Breakfast’s Michelle Zauner Throw First Pitch at Mets Game
It’s been a grand slam of a week for Michelle Zauner. And Zauner takes her baseball as seriously as her “piggy T’s.” After all, her last band was called Little Big League. While Zauner wore her custom #69 Mets jersey with “JBREKKIE” emblazoned on the back, she was not-so-secretly rooting for the opposing team, the Philadelphia Phillies. My socks / heart — Japanese Breakfast (@Jbrekkie) May 27, 2022During last week’s SNL finale, Japanese Breakfast played “Be Sweet” and “Paprika” from their acclaimed album, Jubilee. Crying in H Mart is a memoir I will never forget, and the Japanese Breakfast record Jubilee captures joy in its true, ephemeral spirit.
He Lost His Son to a School Shooting. Here’s Why He’s Willing to Relive His Agony
When Mark Barden received the first “thinking of you” text on Tuesday afternoon, he assumed the well-wisher had the anniversary of some other horrific school shooting on their mind. Barden would soon find out, of course, about a new tragedy unfolding at an elementary school in Uvalde, Texas. On Tuesday night, Barden and his wife, Jackie, got in their car and drove around. The night Barden could no longer imagine, as he’d done in the hours before, that his auburn-curled little boy had miraculously escaped the horror in his classroom and dashed into the woods, safe and sound. “That’s a rough estimate,” Hogg, a survivor of the 2018 Parkland shooting, says.
The Britain Project Is the Latest Incarnation of Zombie Blairism
That is until a few weeks ago, when the Britain Project was created. But the Britain Project is more intriguing for what it doesn’t reveal than what it does. For an organization which seeks a top-to-bottom transformation of British politics, the Britain Project has not created great waves — indeed, thus far it has barely made a ripple. “The Britain Project is a group working across party lines,” said Blair. “We want this conference to be an opportunity for people to come together and set out a broad direction for the future of Britain.” It can be no accident that the speech is reposted on the Britain Project website in full.
TX Democratic Lt. Gov. candidate Mike Collier leans into Abbott & Patrick’s weapons-of-war fail
candidate Mike Collier made sure to clarify that Dan Patrick and Gregg Abbott are responsible for the Uvalde massacre. Mike Collier pushes backWatch Politics Done Right T.V. Mike Collier has been driving and flying around Texas for several years as he learned what Texans needed and wanted. And that is where Mike Collier excels. Mike Collier continued detailing their failures and what he wanted to do.
Morning Open Thread. Thinking about what goes down my
Morning Open Thread is a daily, copyrighted post from a host of editors and guest writers. And if you’re brand new to Morning Open Thread, then Hail and Well Met, new Friend. As cities grew, health officials realized that transporting sewage beyond the city limits was not enough and began building sewage treatment plants. The new treatment plants’ pumps, digesters, clarifiers, and conveyor belts consume massive amounts of energy, and are therefore very expensive to operate. Sludge is the de-watered, sticky black cake created by the truckload in modern sewage treatment plants.
how could one really profit by investing in UKR victory right now
But it must occur to us capitalists that if indeed UKR pulls this off — investing in the right place would pay geometric returns. I think there is something much better — and I want to know what you guys think. I am sure I am not the only one thinking this way. What are you guys thinking — have a good idea?? I do think — making money from Russia’s failure while helping Ukraine sure seems like a win-win-win to me.
We can transform the gun debate with this simple equation. It’s easy math, even for the GOP.
ANOTHER BIG LIE we can take down with : Intent + means = outcome. Intent: the will and mindset to carry out an actionMeans: access to the actual equipment to carry it out. The GOP hijacks the national debate by saying we only need work on “intent” , which conveniently allows gun sales to continue unabated. The NRA gets crafty by saying: hey, we need MORE guns and have everyone carry. So domestically, taking assault weapons does NOT lead to taking single shot guns and hunting rifles, and never has.
WOW2: May's Trailblazing Women and Events in Our History
In 1907, she became a member of the Women's Social and Political Union (WSPU). Despite her disability she took part in the WSPU's march to the Royal Albert Hall in June 1908. The prison authorities were confused by this sentence for a disabled woman, and gave her no extra work. Billinghurst took part in the mass deputation of suffragettes to petition King George V on May 21, 1914. Billinghurst stopped her activity for women's suffrage after the Qualification of Women Act 1918 gave some women the vote.
Putting an End to the AMERICAN HOUSE of LORDS: a Case Study
It was only after the Tories’ lost power in the House of Lords and the Reform Act of 1832 passed both Houses, that the Rotten Boroughs were largely eliminated, and the powers of the House of Lords were significantly reined in. Our obstructionist “House of Lords”/Senate prevents the passage of virtually any and all remedies to the many crises our society confronts. In 19th Century Britain the OUTSIDE LEVER rested in the hands of the King. But one OUTSIDE LEVER still remains. The only OUTSIDE LEVER available to Americans to MOVE THE WORLD that is currently the HOUSE-OF-LORDS/SENATE is Senate Elections.
The Uvalde Police were going to be very busy this weekend. It might have been a holiday for the rest of us, but not for Uvalde’s finest. They would be waiting to ticket anyone from out of town, especially if they were from out of state, who went through it. They would be waiting at the major thoroughfares, for drivers, especially out of state drivers, who exceeded the speed limit. I suspect Uvalde’s finest are busy this weekend, ticketing the many people who have come to the site of yet another mass murder.
Another Saturday Night
I’ve got friends in real life. I’ve got friends online. Gentle reminder: Please continue to put the name of your selection in your comment along with your song. You know how this works — Put your quarter in the slot and your song in the comments. This is your Saturday night jukebox and the party starts NOW.
This Week in the War on Women, 05/22-28/2022
x YouTube VideoThe Uvalde shooter had a history of threatening rape and other violence toward women on the social media app Yubo. California Is Taking Action: In February, California Assemblymember Rebecca Bauer-Kahan of San Ramon introduced a state bill targeting the marketing of firearms to children and those not legally allowed to possess them. ),… After you sign, if DKos responds to you as it did to me, it will hook you up with donating to Daily Kos in order to help fund the fight against the NRA. Another Daily Kos petition might also help: Demand that the Faux Network stop promoting white replacement theory, which fuels so much unreasoning fear and hatred:… It too then asks you to donate to DKos. And next weekend, wear orange for National Gun Violence Awareness Weekend, whether or not you are able to attend an event!
Democrats should bring back the 'Contract with America' for the 2022 Midterm Campaign
Joshua Roberts/AFP/Getty ImagesIn 1994, Republican New Gingrich came up with a campaign strategy called the 'Contract with America.' Three recent events have given Democrats an opportunity to submit their Contract with America. Democrats should bring these issues to the top of the agenda with a Contract with America just like Gingrich did. It can work for the DemocratsHere is my suggestion for a Contract with America that all Democrats, at every level, should run on. The Democrat's Contract with America would be in clear contrast to that proposal.
What's For Dinner? v16.47
We rarely think of salad as comfort food, but with the right amount of mayo you can fit both categories. —I can’t remember this ever happening before: I looked at a can of tuna on my shelf and thought “I want tuna pasta salad”. In a large bowl add chopped onion and celery, peas, cooked pasta, and drained tuna. [Since the pasta will soak up the dressing, saving part of the dressing to add later gives a creamier salad.] What’s for dinner at your place?
WYFP: GOP=Fear Itself
This parrot just won't dieThe Republican party has abdicated any responsibility to offer voters a policy platform. The result of the Republican party abdicating their responsibility toward any kind of governance is a country being held hostage by a minority of gun owners. Why aren’t these people declared public safety threats and forced to undergo some kind of evaluation to find out just how likely they are a danger to others? But, how many kids have to die to protect a minority of gun owners’ rights? I’ve been wondering this week what people live thru if they live next to a gun hoarder.
The Texas Shooting is a Symbol of the Divide in America
The Republican party is unforgiving of those who hate guns or want gun control. Republicans control 28 governorships, 54.35% of state legislatures, federal courts under their thumb and have a supermajority in the Supreme Court. The Republican party machine has used its power to ensure that gun control goes nowhere. There is no world where Republicans endorse gun control because gun control is part of the Republican identity. If acts of violence like the Texas shooting do not do that, then just ask yourself what that great act is.
Trump blamed school administrators & kids bad behavior at NRA speech! Have you seen this?
21 dead...19 of which are children and he blames kids and administrators. My take away is he thinks shooting little children is the answer to bad behavior. How much bad behavior can a 3rd grader do to require capitol punishment. x Trump blames public school administrators for mass shootings, saying they are making excuses and turning a blind eye to bad behavior from their students. — Ron Filipkowski ?? (@RonFilipkowski) May 27, 2022Well I guess he blames the kids and teachers for their deaths.
Mariupol sans the Israeli Iron Dome.
And although the US, EU and NATO have provided many heavy armaments to Ukraine, America doesn’t have in its inventory the Israeli Iron Dome mobile all-weather Air Defense System. This Iron Dome system is designed to intercept and destroy short-range rockets and artillery shells from distances of 2.5 miles to 43 miles away…and maybe more. From 2011 to 2022, US Congress approved $2.6 billion for Israel’s Iron Dome system. And let’s not forget that this Iron Dome system could have saved most of the destruction of city of Mariupol and other cities. So why didn’t Israel provide their life saving Iron Dome to Ukraine?
Books So Bad They're Good: Summer Lineup
Why, that nice Dr. Seuss wrote a whole book about it! Nor is the strong probability that Dr. Seuss, who spent much of his life in California, was actually inspired by the view from a mountain overlooking La Jolla. Besides, there’s a long tradition of Easthampton, or at least Mount Tom, being a tourist attraction. Adding the claim that Mount Tom is actually Mount Crumpit and Easthampton is Whoville fits right into this tradition. We’re even welcoming back Cultural Chaos, our local summer arts festival, after a two-year hiatus because of the Big C, and what is more characteristic of summer in Massachusetts than that?
Do you mean Daily Kos can't refuse right-wing ads?
Unless you live near me in Northwest Washington, D.C., you don’t know that Daily Kos is running a slew of ads from “Democrats for Education Reform,” the anti-union, “school choice” group that fights against progressive education policies. Specifically, DFER is pushing the candidacy of Eric Goulet for DC City Council with nonstop ads on this site. These DFER ads are actually funded by “Education Reform Now Advocacy Inc.,” a 501(c)(4) group that allows the donors to remain anonymous. But it’s common knowledge that right-wing billionaires and their foundations have been funding this movement all along. Doesn’t this site have standards for ads that it will publish?
Carnage in the Supreme Court
Millions of Americans, thousands of news writers and news broadcasters, five Supremes, one political party and one has-been president believe “commit” is a synonym of suppress. Modern politicians don’t write so well either. Are they so concerned about unborn children that they have no time for born and living children? When teachers die trying to defend children do the Supremes and other pro-life politicians ever wonder what heroic deed they might do? Campaign money, retirement money.
Time To Wise Up: Your Vote Is Being Abused
1) The GQP-types largely run (administer) the GOP, the national party headquartered in Washington (as the DNC is also headquartered in Washington). When TFG was potus, he spent those 4 years quietly putting ‘his people’ in charge of running the national party. But ONLY district voters count for them, so reps don’t care and don’t listen to the outside world. They have their ‘gang’ of chosen district voters and that’s all that matters to them. An example of a ‘non-compact’ district map, aka “choosing your voters” instead of voters choosing their representatives.
Thug Texas goes to war against even Big Money (Citi, Chase) over death-lust, woman-bashing, etc.
The mafioesque response of the Texas thug-right is to retaliate against even the most tepid responses by the Big Money Boys. The bank, along with Citigroup and other Wall Street firms, did not completely shut the door on gun companies. A spokesman for Citi said the bank had not altered its policies related to the gun industry since they went into effect in March 2018. The Texas law is the first of its kind in the country. This year, Wyoming passed a law that allows gun companies to sue banks and other firms that refuse to do business with them.
Ukraine Invasion Day 95: ambivalent victories
[4] Russian Telegram channels reported that Russian forces successfully seized Pasika on May 28, but ISW cannot independently confirm this claim. [5] Russian forces did not attempt to advance directly south of Izyum and are likely prioritizing an advance north of Lyman. [7] Russian forces from Izyum may join units in Lyman to conduct an offensive on Siversk or pursue a separate drive on Slovyansk. [9] Haidai stressed that Russian forces have not isolated the city, despite damaging a bridge along the Lysychansk-Severodonetsk road. — ?? Ukraine Weapons Tracker (@UAWeapons) May 28, 2022x #Ukraine: Recently delivered Italian FH70 155mm howitzers in use with the Ukrainian army.
Only One Thing Will Stop These Shooting Massacres
Only One Thing will stop these Shooting Massacres. The shooter should not have been allowed to purchase these guns and the accompanying military equipment. The Uvalde shooter was a coward, regardless of being either crazy or sane. He may have been as crazy, less, or crazier than the Uvalde shooter. It is the ability and easy access for them to acquire these guns, assault rifles, and accessory military equipment.
I was a teenager, then I began dating but there were a few children I couldn’t give up. The friend, a nut, had guns in just about every room, including one on the back of the toilet, no safety. Three year old children do not have a lot of blood; they’re small. I was with the parents and the five and a half year old brother, who’d be six soon enough. those families and friends in Texas lost children and they’ll now have similar memories, except it was murder.
IAN: May 29, 2022
If you are going to be away from your computer for a day or a week, let us know here. IAN is a great group to join, and a good place to learn to write diaries. We all share the publishing duties, and we welcome everyone who reads IAN to write diaries for the group! I’d bought a couple of exercise machines fairly early in the pandemic, and I would say I’m getting my money’s worth out of them. I could not possibly care less how many calories I’m burning — I am not doing this to lose weight, I’m doing it to get my body functioning the way it’s supposed to again.
Maybe Faith Has Nothing To Do With Gun Violence
So, I decided to see if there was a correlation between faith and gun violence. A note on the dataSweden and Norway have high gun ownership because they are avid hunters. The 107 mass shooting incidents number from Mother Jones will be the most controversial. The low atheism and high gun ownership/violence levels for America might lead to speculation that faith indicates the potential for violence. Data SourcesTop Ten Atheist CountriesCivilian Guns Per 100 CitizensGun Violence Deaths per 100KUS ShootingsWorldwide shootings
Overnight SCIENCE News: More monarchs, compelling cockroach sex, skydiving salamanders, and condors — NYT Science (@NYTScience) May 28, 2022x Mysterious mounds in the southwest corner of the Amazon Basin were once the site of ancient urban settlements — nature (@Nature) May 28, 2022x YouTube Videodinos started off warm-blooded and evolved into cold bloodedness“...many dinosaurs as well as their winged relatives, the pterosaurs, were ancestrally warm-blooded. — Science News (@ScienceNews) May 28, 2022x YouTube Videox Mercury may have been twice its current size, and ancient pieces of the planet may be hiding here on Earth. When Charlie’s quantum state was changed, Alice’s state also changed, meaning information ‘teleported’ across Bob without passing through it. There's a lot of thought and a lot of heart that goes with that name.”x PREY-GO-NEESH KEECH KE-ME’-YEHL – CONDORS HAVE COME HOME! At around 10:30am, 2 condors were successfully released in Yurok Country, where the birds have been absent since 1892.
PWB Peeps Caturday Open Thread: National Hamburger Day!
Pooties and burgers, could Caturday get any better? PWBPeeps is a group that posts a daily diary and nightly open thread for animal lovers. We share photos, seek & give advice about pet health and behavior issues, support each other in times of sadness and stress, celebrate together when times are good, and on most days have an inordinate amount of fun. You are welcome to join us! Here are few not-too-onerous PWB rules
Texas Teacher Irma Garcia Died Protecting Her Kids. Her Husband Joe Has Just Died Of A Broken Heart.
Irma Garcia was my mentor when I began teaching. "Joe and Irma Garcia were parishioners of Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Uvalde, and Irma was a leader in a woman's ministry there," said a spokesperson for the archdiocese. I truly believe Joe died of a broken heart. But unlike a heart attack, broken heart syndrome usually does not involve blocked coronary arteries or permanent heart damage. And how can you mend a broken heart?
An update..and looking for corny jokes
I ended up staying longer than usual due to neuropathy, its treatment and pulmonary distress. After the whole episode I woe up with severe neuropathy in my hands.. a new problem. My hands sensations keep getting worse and no workaround treatment seems to exist. I am now back in nursing home / rehab for a week or 2 depending on how long Medicare will pay. Now is the time to lighten the mood, please if you have any bad jokes please share them.
How Many Children Have To Die Before We Do THE BARE MINIMUM To Solve The Gun Problem In America?
The NRA has fewer than 4.9 million members... That's less than 1.4% of the US populationThis is the question that needs to be asked after each and every massacre… How many children have to die before we do THE BARE MINIMUM to solve the gun problem in America? THE BARE MINIMUM consists of 1) enforcing the laws we already have, 2) closing the gun show loophole, and 3) expanding background checks for all gun sales. This should not be all that complicated… Having the support of an overwhelming majority, THE BARE MINIMUM should have universal support among our elected representatives. If it doesn’t, then that means they don’t represent the majority. The NRA has fewer than 4.9 million members... That's less than 1.4% of the US population!
While defending Putin, Russian state TV accidentally admits Trump is a fascist
Fascist death yam Donald Trump probably doesn’t understand why—or even whether—he’s a fascist. So that whole global-order-defining dustup in the ‘40s likely remains as mysterious to him as his bathroom refrigerator’s vegetable crisper. Then again, he did reportedly keep a collection of Hitler’s speeches at his bedside—though he claims he never read it. Which, ironically, I find a little hard to believe. But while Trump’s supporters, when confronted with his fascism, tend to squeal like anyone unlucky enough to glimpse his Gorgonzola-esque Dali painting of a pelvic region, at least one bona fide Trump fan in Russian state media is connecting the dots.
Uvalde, comprehensive timeline
March 14, 2022 - Ramos posts on Instagram, "10 more days." March 22, 2022 - UCISD Police hosted “Active Shooter Training” at Uvalde High School. May 16, 2022 - Salvador Ramos turns 18May 17, 2022 - Ramos buys an AR15 at Oasis OutbackMay 18, 2022 - Ramos buys 375 rounds of ammunition (5.56) - per ATFMay 20, 2022 - Ramos buys a second AR15 at Oasis Outback and texts an old classmate photos of an AR15 and a back of ammoMay 24, 2022 —In the morning, Ramos posts a photo on Instagram of a gun lying on a bed11:00am CDT Ramos sends (FB?) 11:37 (+ 4min) Another 16 rounds fired from 11:37 to 11:4411:43 (+10min) Robb elementary announces a lockdown on Facebook. 12:19 (+46min) different student (Miah Cerrillo) calls from room 111, call ended when another student tells her to hang up.
Trump: "You want to stop the war?
Donald Trump held a rally in Casper Wyoming this evening. x Trump says the way to stop the war in Ukraine is to stop all the windmills — Acyn (@Acyn) May 28, 2022‘Bad as they’re doing and as much as they are spending, the the Ruble is at an all time high, because they are taking in so much money. You want to stop the war? Drive down the price of energy. Stop with the windmills that kill all your birds, and destroy your environment.’So get rid of these to stop the war?
Astronomers warn "there's no Planet B"
Last July, under the aegis of Astronomers for Planet Earth, more than 2750 astronomers and astrophysicists from 87 countries signed an open letter focusing attention on and urging immediate and substantial steps to address our current climate crisis. "Comprehensive scientific evidence clearly demonstrates that we are living in a climate emergency that calls for urgent action," they warn. Beyond setting an example in their own field and institutions, the astronomers warn that similar steps to reduce carbon emissions and move towards sustainability are urgently needed worldwide. The life on it is real, and the political separations that have placed the planet in danger are of human manufacture. The question, they key question, the central question, in a certain sense the only question, is, will we?"
Connect! Unite! Act! If I were to die of gun violence, please, politicize my death
Living across the street from the school, reportedly, Spencer said that the reason for the shooting was simple: “I don't like Mondays. How many people have to be taught, without expectation, that the lesson today is that our culture accepts mass slaughter? So, if I am ever, ever in that group where something happens, please, I beg of you, politicize the hell out of my death. has always focused on ways we can do those things, to connect with each other, to unite with each other, to act together. Feel free to join me in the cause of telling them that every death should be used to hold people responsible.
Qronicles of Anon: It's all about saving the children—until actual children are killed
She will be the 5th 2022 QAnon congressional candidate to secure a spot on the general election ballot. — PatriotTakes ?? (@patriottakes) May 25, 2022They don’t even know simple things. x UPDATE: QAnon 2022 congressional candidate Johnny Teague has won the Republican primary runoff in Texas’ 7th Congressional District. He is the 4th 2022 QAnon congressional candidate to secure a spot on the general election ballot. — PatriotTakes ?? (@patriottakes) May 27, 2022Counter-protesting children who are protesting being murdered in schools: real “Just like Jesus!” vibes here, amirite?
People of color will pay the steepest price if abortion is banned
Abortion has always been an emotionally charged topic, but it is intrinsically a health care issue and should be discussed as such. Statistics show that gender health disparities exist, with inequities being particularly pronounced among Black women and in geographic areas where health care options are limited. Health outcomes are particularly disastrous for Black women, whose rates of maternal mortality are three times as high as those for white women. This week, he proposed a $125 million reproductive health package to expand access to abortion and other reproductive health care services. Access to reproductive health care is spotty across the United States, often dependent on geography, even within states.
Ukraine Update: Western artillery is already impacting the Battle of Donbas, and more is on the way
This is especially true because Russian forces are destroying the city as they assault it and will control its rubble if they capture it. Russia wants it to declare all of Luhansk Oblast captured, and Ukraine wants it to deny Russia that propaganda victory. Russia’s problem is that the deeper they stretch into Ukrainian territory, the more exposed they get to Ukrainian artillery, particularly the deeper-range American/Canadian/Australian M777s and French Caesars. Russia ignores it, and Ukraine has an opportunity to retake serious territory and make a mess of Russia’s efforts to annex Kherson Oblast into Russia. If the United States provides them, Ukraine will need Western contract personnel to handle maintenance and on-the-job training.
Mass shootings are a symptom of the declining U.S. empire's fascist reaction
The mass shootings that this country has been reeling from are symptoms of the U.S. empire's decline. This is only natural, because the imperialist social order behind law enforcement is what's producing these shootings. At least one-third of mass shooters have been trained by the United States military. White supremacist mass shooters get radicalized by the propaganda channels that are made possible by the settler-colonial structure. Mass shootings in the U.S. far outpace those in other rich countries because the U.S. is not just an imperialist country, but the core imperialist country, the one with a military budget that dwarfs those of its allies.
The Eurasian Economic Union Steps Up
Pepe Escobar explains the alternative to the American hegemony over the world's economy. Russia and China are further integrating their economies attracting attention from other nations around the world that want to free themselves from the authoritarian control of the US dollar. The EAEU is just one of almost a dozen organizations and initiatives, which included China's New Silk Road. The world is splitting into two economic poles. If Gonzalo Lira is right, we are in real trouble--A Revolution Is Coming In The West
America needs a Grand Reset
I was prompted to write this article after reading Ellen Brown's recent article in this journal on the need for a "reset that serves the people." About National DebtAs I stated years ago, there is good national debt and there is bad national debt. National debt is a political and socioeconomic phenomenon. Today, the national debt seems to be around $30 trillion. I will end this article by broadening her enthusiasm to state that a Grand Reset could be possible that changes America from a corpocracy of the power elite to a genuine democracy of the American people.
A Still Life: Quince in a Tender Ceramic Cup
Quince in a Cup(Image by Amelia Hawkins) Details DMCA. still from film Altered States (1980)(Image by MGM) Details DMCABut now I see a scene from Altered States. A burgeoning proto-man in anguish,whose caught a real first glimpse of the future. and sees cash cow instead of haute couture;A Sartrian apple finding languageto express its essence and not its traits. Why not sign up for free at my Tantric Disposition Matrix, my Substack site.
The Choice Between Politics and Art Is a False One
Review of Either/Or by Elif Batuman (Penguin Press, 2022)Living a political life and an artistic one has long been considered mutually exclusive. Elif Batuman, author of the semiautobiographical 2017 Pulitzer Prize finalist The Idiot, ponders the relationship between art and politics in her new sequel, Either/Or. “To be obsessed by your own life experience was childish, egotistical, unartistic, and worthy of contempt,” she had learned in high school. She vacillates between the urge to escape him and the feeling that this will be yet another interesting experience worth having. Childhood’s End During her travels through Turkey, Selin experiences a coming of age that moves her decidedly from the realm of childhood to one of adulthood, just as she intended.
The Bob’s Burgers Movie Sides With Working-Class Eccentrics
I like Bob’s Burgers, an easygoing animated comedy about an underdog working-class family running a perpetually struggling hamburger joint. People wanted to see a concert version of Bob’s Burgers featuring puppets? But the thing is, that’s exactly the kind of addled logic that would prevail within the world of Bob’s Burgers. Some version of potential restaurant failure is central to Bob’s Burgers’ plots in general. Though you’d miss all the insider stuff, the movie is still perfectly easy to follow even if you’ve never seen an episode of Bob’s Burgers.
Joan Robinson Changed the Way We Think About Capitalism
Joan Robinson was one of the most remarkable figures in the world of economics during the twentieth century. Breaking the Mold Joan Violet Robinson was born in Camberley, Surrey, on October 31, 1903, into an upper-class English family. In her preface to the second edition of the book, Robinson was strongly self-critical. A sufficient rise in money wages will always lead to a rise in the rate of interest and so check an increase in employment. This was sufficient, Robinson maintained, to discredit the quantity theory of money (later revived by monetarist economists such as Milton Friedman).
Dollar General Workers Are Fed Up
That’s how David Williams, who works at a Dollar General in New Orleans, describes the discount retail chain’s resistance to workers’ demands for better wages and working conditions. Raised in the city’s Lower Ninth Ward, Williams has worked at Dollar General for around two-and-a-half years. A recent report from the Economic Policy Institute finds that 92 percent of Dollar General employees make less than $15 an hour. Dollar store workers put too much into this to get paid as they do,” he adds. Coming as it does at a time when other low-wage workers in the retail sector are beginning to organize other large companies — from Starbucks to Apple, Target, and Trader Joe’s — Dollar General workers say that now is the time to change what has become intolerable.
The Empty Promises of Pierre Poilievre’s Pocketbook Populism
Poilievre’s campaign, bolstered by his sizable social media following, has attracted substantial crowds in cities across the country. Poilievre’s politics comprise a fusion of far-right dogmas, which run the gamut of libertarian skepticism of government “overreach” — most notably in relation to pandemic-related public health measures — to anti-union politics. Deflationary Mantras, Ruling Class Politics The paradox of Poilievre’s brand of sound money populism is that it evinces an unmistakably ruling-class politics. This is revealed most plainly by the policy implications behind his promise to conquer the scourge of inflation: restoring central bank independence. Central bank “independence” has long been a euphemism for insulating control over monetary policy from the vicissitudes of democratic politics.
Hey Hey, NRA, How Many Kids Did You Kill Today?
Young and diverse, about 200 protestors exclaimed: “shame” and “kids, not guns” at the NRA members milling about who were, for the most part, white men over fifty. As the grim details dripped out from hundreds of reporters in Uvalde, entertainers dropped out of the NRA event. The violence perpetrated by Texas gun culture south of the border, in turn, pushes migrants north across the Rio Grande. However, for other protesters, neither more guns in the hands of private citizens nor gun-carrying officers in school will help. In her district, administrators have increased training for mass shootings every year since 1998, the year of the Columbine massacre.
Stella Assange Urges Support for Consortium News
She compared PayPal’s ban on Consortium News to that on WikiLeaks back in 2010. The wife of imprisoned WikiLeaks publisher Julian Assange has called on the public to donate to Consortium News, which she said received the same treatment from PayPal as WikiLeaks did back in 2010. Like WikiLeaks, which later had the ban reversed, PayPal has shut down Consortium News‘ account. Stella Assange also called for support for Mint Press News, which has also been banned by PayPal. On May 19, Stella Assange also called for Consortium News‘ support at a film screening in London.
Saturday Morning Home Repair 5
Welcome again to Saturday Morning Home Repair blogging, where we talk about fixing houses and the things in them that are supposed to work for us. We all do a lot of things, collectively, and can probably help out with insights from our vast experience. Contact Glen The Plumber about posting it for Saturday Morning Home Repair. good morning: will be enjoying this 3-day weekend...which will include a family gathering to celebrate my little one’s birthday. but if you find yourself taking advantage of the long weekend to tackle a project...please tell us about it.
Black Kos, Week In Review
They are widely recognized as the original model for community land trusts in the U.S. – and its membership of Black farmers in Albany. The Grio: Is monkeypox a Black disease? This is what we talk about when mainstream media paints Black/African people as disease vectors and threats to white health. That Haitian president, Jean-Bertrand Aristide, was one of the first Black figures to raise a loud voice in favor of reparations for his people. At the time, the mainstream media did not include in its reports the role that his demand for reparations might have played in his fall.
Majority Savers: Please Support Lauren Underwood!
Signature IssuesRep. Lauren Underwood is one of the most progressive members of the House of Representatives. That created an opening during the 2018 blue wave, which Lauren Underwood took advantage of and won. In Quarter 1 of 2022, Rep. Lauren Underwood raised a healthy $763k, which means she is expecting a heavily contested election once more. (2/2) — Rep. Lauren Underwood (@RepUnderwood) May 12, 2022If Facebook is more your style, go ahead and follow her at underwoodforcongress. Thank you for supporting Rep. Lauren Underwood by reading this article!
The Elephant in the Room
Massive numbers of children's massacres occur in only one country. children's massacres by assault rifle in other countries. children's massacres by assault rifle in other countries. children's massacres by assault rifle in other countries. I mean, isn't there a CHANCE that the legalization of assault rifles is the issue?
Photo Diary: Alvin K Bissell Park, Oak Ridge TN
This is a nice little park located in downtown Oak Ridge TN. There is a Commemorative Walk honoring the Manhattan Project atomic workers who first settled here, and a Peace Bell from Japan. It’s a nice place to spend an afternoon. For those who don't know, I live in a converted campervan and travel around the country, posting photo diaries of places that I visit. Commemorative WalkFor its early years, the very existence of Oak Ridge was classified.
Saturday Morning Garden Blogging Vol 18.21(A), it's rhododendron season and bedding plants.
This is my second diary this week. Tuesday the wife and I toured OSU. I goofed and put that diary up here:…I still have a bunch of rhodys going in my yard
The Daily Bucket. Update from Dellinger's Pond, Quincy, CA.
Dellinger's Pond, Quincy, CA. Yesterday (note date/time stamp). The big plants (Yellow Pond Lily, Nuphar lutea ssp. This means, “inconveniently” for me, fewer opportunities for photographs of ducks, cranes, herons, and the like at the pond. The pond, since the new year began:JanuaryFebruaryMarchApril 18The April photo was the last reference photo of the pond until just yesterday.
A primary lesson: How Ted Cruz helped Glenn Youngkin pull the fleece over Virginia voters' eyes
In January-February 2021, polls showed support for Youngkin among Republican voters to be in the single digits. Chase might very well have won a multi-candidate Republican primary. Instead, the state Republican Party made a controversial decision to hold a convention on May 8 instead of a primary. The state GOP establishment, including former governors George Allen and Bob McDonnell, backed Kirk Cox, the former state House speaker. And then Cruz stepped up to the plate to endorse Youngkin and vouch that he was a bona fide, religious-right conservative.
Brief comment on the Uvalde, Texas mass shooting
Unfortunately school shootings happen often enough that we know some of the names of the schools where the shootings occurred: Sandy Hook Elementary School, Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, Oxford High School, Santa Fe High School, Columbine High School. Now Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, has joined this shameful list. Kristi Noem and Texas Gov. Each rejected any suggestion that gun control measures were needed to stop mass shootings. Thus sadly, it will only be a matter of time before the next mass shooting occurs.
Saturday: Scapes and Stuff.
I'm starting to think they want to ban abortion so there will be more kids to kill in school yards. Abortion laws and gun laws — funny how they work in the minds of the SCOTUS and the GOP pols. they're not going to follow gun laws." we're gonna MAKE THEM follow abortion laws." Scapes and Stuff.
Feral pigs remain safe, as ever
Despite the alleged necessity of possessing an AR-15 or like weapon to “harvest” feral pigs, guns of all types were banned during a portion of this week’s NRA convention. As a result, multiple vicious and dangerous feral pigs escaped the Houston event unscathed. It’s more sporting to shoot at smaller targets, I guess.
Last night in the City of Angels, City of Lights.
She was wobbly but firm as parent after parent, student after student brought her bouquets as she gamely took her final bows. When the young women disgorged their fury on the matter of Roe vanishing and their bodily autonomy gone, I could see him scowl, damn, I could hear him think. But even at nearly 66 years old, I do not stand with him even if I was sitting with him. I mean, I could be wrong but every time the kids, especially the young women hit the "deserved grievance bullseye", I could see the dude wince. We really and truly fucked this world up and they'll save us or save the streets and fields and oceans we inhabited at least.
Congratulations and best of luck with your continued relationship with the good guy with the gun crowd. I am sure that it will all work out just fine. Just because they are is no reason to believe they will take yours away, too! Don’t worry. The women won’t be able to vote cuz that’ll go, too and as far as those goddamned, commie, nazi, tree-huggers...don’t you worry, we are gonna burn them along with all the books and teevees and smart-phones and any other demon-spawn shit we can find… But don’t worry, you and your Log Cabin Republicans are all safe with us.
VRO Vote Republicans Out.....VRO!
Vote Republicans OutIf you want to protect the 2nd Amendment, but get rid of weapons of war everywhere VRO! If you believe in Women’s reproductive Rights VRO! If you believe in facts, truth and an honest 4th Estate VRO! If you believe the wealthy should pay their fair share of taxes VRO! I could go on and on, but the point is we need every American to know what VRO (vote republicans out) means…….repeat and repeat it.
DKos Asheville Open Thread
-Aisha Adams- Nestled in the scenic Blue Ridge Mountains at the confluence of the French Broad and Swannanoa rivers, Asheville sits as the largest city in the most western part of North Carolina. We invite you to further experience Black Asheville by supporting – and visiting – Black-owned businesses in Asheville. Learn more about some of these amazing entrepreneurs and their stories here: day and welcome to DKos Asheville. This is the weekly DKos Asheville Open Thread for Saturday, May 28th, 2022. DKos Asheville and other local and state groups can give us all a better sense of connection, a better understanding of who we stand with, work with and share with.
The Jagged Orbit
His book “The Shockwave Rider“ predicts the internet and the rise of fake news. His book “The Jagged Orbit“ predicts the rise of gun nuttery fueled by racism. In the later book, America becomes so paranoid it surrounds itself with walls and gun emplacements. It’s the world the right insists we build here, especially after the latest of the latest gun massacreand…. I don’t want to live in a country where my kids, my family, and my friends have to shuttle from prison to prison just so the gun crazies can roam free.
Cowards of the County
I think he might have been busy signing seven more gun laws into effect. Does Texass not have one of the lowest rates of education in the USA and lower than some African nations? Is it not true that GOP states have the highest Mass Shooting rates? Elect a moron for President/ Governor that is easily controlled by Big Money and give him promises of Golden handshakes and showers? Many Texass men have kicked doors in to simply beat their wives I’m sure.
Can Biden Be the Churchill for this Midterm Battle Against Fascism?
American democracy is under assault from the Republican Party. This Republican Party getting control of the Congress, many observers believe, could be a death knell to American democracy itself. The President, with his bully pulpit, has an especially important role to play. The role the nation needs Biden to play is clear, but it is unclear how effective Biden can be in that kind of a role in this kind of a battle even if he wants to. But Biden, like anyone else, can only do his best.
and the End of the World
But there is another one which seems to be getting less attention yet is no less significant: the belief that the end of the world will come if Christians can just create the right conditions for it. (By “end of the world” I mean the end of the world as it currently exists, with suffering and death. It doesn’t mean the physical world will cease to exist; rather, there will be heaven on earth — a return to the garden of Eden, as it were.) The second argues that we must establish a Christian kingdom on earth for a thousand years first, after which Jesus will return to announce the end of the world and the final judgment. will be allowed to live (except maybe in a degraded state) in this Christian kingdom.
A PAEAN FOR THE FUNDRAISERS (using their own words)
I contribute to organizations I trust, like ACLU and SPLC, and I will contribute to individual candidates during their races. Goodbye, Jack. WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW! Georgia yes yes yes! Jack voted Republican?
Police militarization: My "well, duh" moment
Not intended for protecting or servingI’ve been struggling to wrap my mind around the continuously-deteriorating official stories about police response at Uvalde. When the spokesman said, “They might have gotten shot” he was enunciating the primary factor that would have influenced anyone’s reactions in that situation. But just now, seriously just today, I realized something: that military equipment is not intended for fighting to serve and protect the populace. It follows logically that when a teenager who may outgun them is involved, the military equipment ceases to serve its purpose because the kid has already committed to killing anybody he sees. I still believe that there are doubtless thousands of police across the country who see that as their jobs and live it out.
Blood Gold
(NSFW)Blood GoldMarketing murder for profit and power,The gold in their hands stained with innocents’ blood. Fuck the NRA and Fuck Ted Cruz,Fuck Mitch McConnell and Greg Abbott too. OK, not exactly bard-level poetry, but it was cathartic writing, “Fuck Ted Cruz.” I am simultaneously optimistic and terrified at the current status quo. I am optimistic that Democrats will be able to retain both houses of Congress in the November elections. I am terrified because I also foresee the right wing as exploding in response to NOT winning the control that they expected to win.
Angry-making COVID-19 headlines: South China Morning Post commits journalistic crime
The data encompasses both older adults who were hospitalised because of Covid (27 per cent) and those who were not (73 per cent). Indeed, the follow-up quote from Dr. Cohen lends credence to this angle: “’On average, older adults are less resilient. But in many elderly people, long Covid is difficult to recognise. “The challenge is that nonspecific symptoms such as fatigue, weakness, pain, confusion, and increased frailty are things we often see in seriously ill older adults. We’re now moving into the era where we have to come to terms that Long Covid is real and will be with us for the foreseeable future.
Finnish reservists put together a map service on the war in Ukraine
Tuomas Kaarkoski, Reserviläinen, 3.2.2022, translated from Finnish languageFrom the very beginning of the war in Ukraine, it became clear that there would be a huge amount of information about the war circulating on the Internet. One of these was Emil Kastehelmi, who, together with his friends John Helin and Erik Matero, started to compile an actively updated online map of the Ukrainian war immediately after the war began. The three started working on the situation map project as an unpaid side project alongside their work and studies. We try to weed out rumours and distinguish between true information and lies. You can follow the situation map service here.
Student loan forgiveness is not "free money".
Calling it “free money” makes it sound like student loan holders are getting an injection of free money to use as they see fit, which is far from the case. Here’s some facts on the issue of student loans that I’d like to share to help illuminate the actual issues surrounding student loans. When I talk about student loan forgiveness, I am talking about forgiving undergraduate loans, which will benefit most if not all student borrowers, not graduate loans. When I talk about student loan forgiveness, I am talking about forgiving undergraduate loans, which will benefit most if not all student borrowers, not graduate loans. Once you have student loan debt, you can’t get rid of it.
A Compromise on Guns?
They fear that if they agree to reasonable gun control, that will just be the first step toward a total ban on gun ownership. When you look at many mass shootings, the types of reasonable gun regulations that are being proposed would not have stopped those mass shootings. - There is zero chance in the foreseeable future for the Supreme Court to meaningfully limit or regulate guns, and in fact the more substantial chance is that the Court strikes down new gun regulations imposed by particular states. In my opinion, enough conservatives might go for a compromise that (i) eliminated their slippery slope concerns; but also (ii) allowed for reasonable gun control. Based on what has happened after every other mass shooting, I don’t see any material chance for reasonable gun regulation without this kind of compromise.
The Manchin Spider Enigma
He is an enigma to me. That is not good but that does not explain his position against most of the Democratic agenda, including Roe, gun control, the filibuster, etc. Could he be a republican plant and like a spider, little by little has been creating a web to capture and destroy Biden and the Democratic Agenda? I wrote the statistics about religious democrats and Republicans backwards and also, I said that in my 70 years I had not met a religious democrat. And I met one religious democrat.
Why the Ted Cruz Tweet is Fake and Yet 100% Real
The collection of Ted Cruz tweets showing that he has a template to respond to every mass shooting with the same tweet, isn't actually an "altered photo" as Facebook claims. And it isn’t actually a “Fake Tweet” as fact checkers claim. It is a piece of art. It is an artwork. It was purposefully and intentionally created by someone, as a work of art, to send a powerful message.
American Indian sculptures
As a scholar of Blackfoot Indian culture and history, he is known for his ability to capture historically accurate detail in his sculptures. Shown below are some of the Scriver sculptures which are on display at the Old Fort Benton in Fort Benton, Montana. The Blackfoot Beaver Dance is shown above. According to the display:“The beaver bundle was the largest and oldest sacred bundle of the Blackfoot and is uniquely theirs. The part of the bundle opening ceremony depicted here is the Dance of the Beaver done by the wives of the Beaver Men.
Air Force Museum: Aviator jackets (photo diary)
According to the museum:World War II USAAF aviators often personalized their flight jackets (usually the popular leather A-2 jacket), using such painted decorations as unit insignia, artwork that appeared on their aircraft or a personal design. The extent of decoration varied, sometimes consisting only of a series of bombs or other symbols -- one for each mission. Other examples of jacket art were more elaborate. The wearer might paint the artwork himself or hire someone more talented. Displayed are examples of USAAF jacket art from the museum's collection.
Ukrainian Spectator drone calls in precision artillery strikes on Russian units concealed among subu
Ukrainian Spectator drone calls in precision artillery strikes on Russian units concealed among suburban homesFor Ukrainians, Saturday begins with coffee and the words "good morning""The occupiers have shells from our artillery, which continues to clear Ukraine of their unwanted presence." The sponsor of the "good mood" of the enemy - 45 separate artillery brigade of the Armed Forces. Glory to Ukraine!
The Daily Bucket- all vaxxed up and boosted...then it hit...and something about Burrowing Owls
This winter our small rural community of active 60, 70 and 80 year-old snowbirds was asked by Audubon-Southwest and Wild at Heart, Inc. to take on a Burrowing Owl relocation Downtown Owls project. Our Hope volunteers helped build 20 safe underground burrows with tents for 40 burrowing owls that had been displaced by Phoenix neighborhood and commercial developments. We’d worked hard to save all 40 Burrowing Owls. I can’t wait to get back this fall to see how our Burrowing Owls are thriving in their new habitat. I’ll bet you’ve never seen a burrowing owl eat a defrosted white mouse!
I am channeling my fury into action and you can too: Saturday's GNR
And to all of you who are NOT Senate Republicans, how about some good news to keep us energized? Dow Jones Rallies On Inflation DataThe Dow Jones Industrial Average rose as stocks rallied on encouraging inflation data. Core personal consumption expenditures — the Federal Reserve's preferred inflation indicator — rose 4.9% in April, slower than March's 5.2% increase. President Biden had hoped to make the announcement as soon as this weekend at the University of Delaware commencement, the people said, but that timing has changed after the massacre Tuesday in Texas. Every President Talks About Focusing on China—Biden’s Really Doing ItJoe Biden is committed to succeeding where his predecessors failed.
Wells does his class Valedictorian Speech
Wells is my Cousin with the farm I lived at for 2 ½ years Grandson. Wells visited several times while I was there. I shared the video with my boss an hour ago & he said I saw a clip of him and the shoes on the news. Wells is going places. Thanks for watching
Besides humans, there is only one other known mammal that sings in rhythm, Madagascar's Indri Lemur
Besides humans, it is the only mammal found that can use rhythm. Savvy drummers know that when they plant a backbeat ever-so-slightly late, we perceive the rhythm as soulful or funky. Studies suggest that songbirds and parrots have some sense of rhythm, but evidence on the ability within other animals is sparse. That is, successive beats with a 1:1 ratio or a 1:2 ratio. This makes the indri the first known nonhuman mammal with rhythm.
What it's like...
It's been one year and 7 months since I lost my youngest child. I was in Seattle visiting my grandkids when I got the call from the coroner's office at 1am. Almost 20 months later and it's still a daily struggle not to break down and collapse at any moment. All the pain, all the sorrow, all the anguish, I feel, multiplied, by 4, by 10, by 19, by 58. I got news for them, the families and friends of the victims of their "freedom", will never be free again.
Caturday Pootie Diary: To pet or not to pet
I rubbed behind his ear the way he liked and he turned an adoring look up at me. “I love this very good boy.”“I am very good,” he agreed, his voice rumbling with his purr. “I do like petting you.”“I know.”I brushed my teeth as Freddie circled my legs and rubbed against my shins. He rubbed his body across my calves hard enough to make my knees buckle. If Freddie lets you pet him you gotta enjoy it because he is a fickle little fur ball.
WI-Sen: Parkland Father Trashes "F***ing Moron" For Blaming Mass Shootings On "Wokeness", CRT
So this happened yesterday:“The solution lies in stronger families, more supportive communities, I would argue renewed faith,” he said. U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson said he opposes new gun laws and blamed “wokeness” and critical race theory for school shootings days after a gunman in Texas killed 21 people, almost all of whom were elementary school students. x No @SenRonJohnson, My daughter Jaime did not die because of wokeness or CRT. x Senile Senator Ron Johnson confuses talking points and blames Critical Race Theory for the Uvalde Massacre. — Adam Kinzinger?????? (@AdamKinzinger) May 27, 2022Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis has targeted Disney with legislation in recent months after the company opposed what critics dubbed as the "Don't Say Gay" bill.
The NRA's thoughts & prayers have been answered: 'good woman with a gun' stops mass shooting
We don’t know yet. We don’t know why she had a pistol, if she was a guest at the party or just happened to be there by chance. We don’t know how much training she had, or how she feels about having had to use that gun to defend herself and others. We don’t know if that apartment complex had a crime problem and no confidence in the police. The gun lobby is going to be all over this as proof more guns everywhere is the solution to gun violence.
HOLY CR**: Trump's NRA Speech Showed He's Still Angry, Ignorant, and Severely Mentally Dysfunctional
However, among those remaining on the schedule were Sen. Ted Cruz and, of course, former reality TV game show host, Donald Trump. His speech was littered with tiresome tirades that have been festering within the pro-gun community for decades. Trump babbled that..."Whatever our differences may be on other issues, what on Earth is stopping Democrats from immediately passing measures to ramp up school security? x TRUMP: "Whatever our differences may be on other issues, what on Earth is stopping Democrats from immediately passing measures to ramp up school security?" Both Trump and the NRA refuse to acknowledge that guns are a significant factor in tragedies like the one that just occurred un Uvalde.
Abbreviated Pundit Roundup: The outrage at the shooting and the aftermath is growing
He acknowledged the school resource officer was not on the scene. McCraw followed that remark by making a rather revealing point. In defense of the officers on scene he said that there was “??a barrage—hundreds of rounds were pumped in four minutes into those classrooms.”Hundreds of rounds. Four minutes. When you cut away all the bullshit, and excuse making, and failure this is the crux of the matter.
Hitler-cosplaying insurrectionist found guilty after claiming he didn't know Congress met in Capitol
He claimed in testimony on Thursday that he didn't realize that senators and House members were in the Capitol building on Jan. 6. Was Ted Cruz in the bushes like Cyrano de Bergerac feeding this guy his lines? To be clear, I don’t really know what Ted Cruz does in the bushes, or if he’s even in the bushes at all. Okay, that’s close to being about Ted Cruz, but I’m starting to fear I’ve lost the plot. According to reports, Hale-Cusanelli told a federal prosecutor, "I didn't know the Capitol building was the same as the congressional building."
Happy Trails followed by a note
His super power was his green ring and his will and his ability to manifest things. The difference between Green Lantern and the other two was, I wanted to be Green Lantern. (Rumi's super power was his power to transcend the ego without losing himself in his spirituality. For the last decade of my life I have been winging it without a super hero. It's not quite as powerful and sexy as a green ring, but no complaints.
Science has answers to why conservatives fall so easily for COVID-19 and Russian propaganda
This is why fearmongering is used more often as a persuasion technique in right-wing media, and why conspiracies are more likely to take root in conservative thought. Glut of right-wing misinformationResearchers from The Ohio State University ran a study in 2021 on political views and media bias. He said invasion talk was “hysteria” and had a chyron under him that read: “NEWS OUTLETS ARE BEHAVING LIKE STATE MEDIA AND UNCRITICALLY PUSHING STATE DEPT PROPAGANDA.” The career diplomats at the State Department were lying. Right-wing media creates conspiracy theorists by trapping them in a vortex of fear. Fox News isn’t getting any better, as seen by their latest fearmongering on “great replacement theory.” It’s too bad right-wing media outlets don’t come with warning labels.
Indiana Republicans override governor's veto and force anti-trans sports bill into law
There is no documented proof of trans girls, for example, “stealing” or “taking” scholarships from cisgender girls. There is no evidence of trans girls “sneaking” into girls' teams in order to win awards or titles. There is nothing to prove that trans girls participating with cis girls harms anyone, period. It permits students who allege they’ve been harmed by a violation of the law to sue the school. Trans youth will be even more isolated than they already are, and will have even fewer resources for support.
The student loan crisis was caused by a pile of problems. It requires more than one solution
If student loan repayment was easy to navigate, and if the terms were fair, then perhaps there wouldn't be a crisis. We need to get to a place where student loan payments don’t leave borrowers feeling trapped by their loans. Blanket forgiveness or targeted forgiveness are two options that would help correct the years of government inaction that led to the student loan debt crisis. Another important feature of the Australian student loan system is that student loans are interest-free. Student loan debt is forever.
Uvalde Update: Heck of a job, Abbott; active shooter training; Houston protests
Two days later, Abbott said he was "livid" about being "misled." “I was on this very stage two days ago and I was telling the public information that had been told to me,” Abbott said angrily. And I’m absolutely livid about that.”Correction: Nearly every word Abbott spoke was inaccurate. Uvalde active shooter trainingIn other devastating news, New York Times reporter Mike Baker got ahold of the active shooter training manual that local Uvalde officers used in a training two months before the Robb Elementary massacre. Houston protests at the annual NRA eventMeanwhile, in Houston, thousands of protesters turned out Friday at the annual NRA convention to register their anger and disgust.
Who thought this was a good idea? Walmart pulls its tasteless 'Juneteenth' celebratory ice cream
Juneteenth ice cream? Walmart found itself in hot water after an attempt to co-opt the Juneteenth holiday—a move designed to sell red-velvet-and-cheesecake ice cream. After outrage erupted on social media when a photo of the ice cream went viral, the company has been forced to apologize and remove the offending dessert. Walmart has promised to “remove items as appropriate,” according to a statement to Fox Television Stations, adding that the “Juneteenth holiday marks a celebration of freedom and independence. However, we received feedback that a few items caused concern for some of our customers and we sincerely apologize."
While Texas communities mourn, national support is needed to implement a path for change
The hard work to engage front-line communities cannot be done only at election time, but will instead take years of investment. MOVE Texas Action Fund is a nonpartisan, grassroots nonprofit organization working to build power in underrepresented youth communities through civic engagement, leadership development, and issue advocacy. What started in 2013 as a campus group at the University of Texas at San Antonio is now a statewide organization of youth and disenfranchised communities. Texas Blue Action Fund is a year-round, women-led, neighborhood-based network of volunteers mobilizing progressive voters in Texas. Workers Defense Action Fund is a statewide organization dedicated to empowering low-wage workers and immigrants across Texas to pass policies and elect candidates who address injustices in their communities.
Iran Building Collapse Sparks Anti-Government Protests - Reports
Congress Switchboard: 202-224-3121"Rob explores the difference between a natural, organic, bottom-up connection consciousness and our corporately imposed top-down hierarchical collective consciousness. By returning to a Nature-based theory of connection, the Bottom-Up revolution brings us back into alignment with Earth?s laws, returning humanity to its place in creation. Like a good gardener, Rob works into the soil of his thesis different voices that exemplify how this Bottom-Up revolution is expanding in politics, business, religion, personal self-awareness and story. And he places technology where it belongs?as a tool to further our connection consciousness, not an end in itself. The bottom-up revolution is about democracy finally living up to its original ideals, where we the people decide what we need from our society."
On Guns, Mass Slaughter, and the 2nd Amendment
That is because the "gun problem" and the mass deaths it causes on a regular basis of course continues, repetitively. First let's deal with the matter of the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution, which, of course is always at the center of the Constitutional argument, in re "My/their 2nd Amendment Rights." But the gun industry front (more on that below), aided by the Repubs. who the NRA and the Gun Industry fund in massive amounts, just ran away with what even Scalia actually said. ignored the first two phrases of the 2nd, and pretend that its text begins with the words "the right."
Scott Ritter & Ray on Ukraine, Russia, China
Recent developments, including talks with Chinese officials, have fortified Scott's view that China remains extremely reluctant to go to war over Taiwan. Scott reiterated his longstanding view that Russian forces will prevail on the ground in Ukraine, adding that recently they have been performing in a very impressive, professional way. UPDATEIn this context, the trial-balloon-type media reports yesterday afternoon, after our interview, that the U.S. is preparing to send long-range rocket systems to Ukraine, takes on added importance. This is much farther than the systems currently in Ukraine's inventory, and could put Russia itself within range. This system has been sitting atop the long list of requests from Ukrainian officials, who say it is needed to curb advancing Russian forces in the Donbas.
Russian crude oil and South Asian politics
Russian oil is being supplied to Sri Lanka to produce fuel at its sole refinery as the bankrupt nation faces crippling shortages of everything from gasoline to diesel, Bloomberg reported Friday. Sri Lanka is the latest Asian nation to accept Russian crude after Moscow's invasion of Ukraine prompted widespread condemnation and sanctions. Not surprisingly, India's Minister of Commerce & Industry, Piyush Goyal defended India's purchase of Russian oil. External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar remarked last month, in response to criticism of India's purchase of Russian oil, that India's entire purchases of Russian oil for a month were less than what Europe did in one afternoon. "Despite being part of the Quad, India sustained pressure from the US and bought discounted Russian oil to provide relief to the masses."
A birthday tribute to JFK's life
(Image by Wikipedia (, Author: Cecil Stoughton, White House) Details Source DMCA(Updated to reflect the passage of time.) So today, on what would be JFK's 105th birthday, I choose hope. In that column five years ago, to my ever-lasting embarrassment on the Internet, I also said that I shared a birthday with another great communicator, Bob Dylan. On a positive note, I subsequently discovered that May 29 is also the birthday of Harry G. Frankfurt. Professor Frankfurt is apparently alive and well and celebrating his 93rd birthday today.
Secret Emergency Orders May Include Focus on Internet, New Files Show
internet kill switch(Image by Free Press Pics) Details DMCAPersonally, I thought it was a bad enough omen when President Trump was allowed to test the emergency broadcast system back in 2018 and sent a text message to -- supposedly -- every cellphone in America. You had no choice but to receive it. And there's been talk for years of an internet kill switch, which is not as difficult to do as you might imagine.
Texas is a top target for gun rights lobbying and political contributions • OpenSecrets
Texas also ranks second among the 19 states tracked by OpenSecrets for state-level lobbying by gun rights groups with more than $3 million in spending from 2015 through 2021. The influence gun rights groups exert in Texas is also evident in grassroots organizing and advocacy efforts spearheaded by the NRA. Abbot has received more than $20,000 in contributions from gun rights groups with most of that coming from the NRA and the Texas State Rifle Association. The NRA, the Texas State Rifle Association and the Gun Owners of America Political Victory Fund have all given political contributions to Paxton. Gun money across party linesContributions from gun rights groups in the Lone Star State are not limited to Republicans.
Federal government sues Alaska over subsistence
Joaqlin EstusIndian Country TodayWhen fish numbers are low, who gets to continue to harvest fish in rural Alaska? The Biden administration filed suit on May 17 against the Alaska Department of Fish and Game over fish openings on the Kuskokwim River during fish shortages. This latest tussle was prompted by the state ignoring federal authority on the Kuskokwim river, which passes through the Yukon Delta National Wildlife Refuge. Subsistence is vitally important to those villages, as it is to the economy of all of rural Alaska. 2016 (Photo by Krista Langlois, courtesy of Kuskokwim River Inter-tribal Fish Commission)Refuge managers have been working closely with the Kuskokwim River Intertribal Fish Commission, which represents 33 tribes.
Liberty Mutual’s Climate Conflicts Deepen as Jay Hooley Takes Helm of ExxonMobil Board
Big Oil’s Lead Director: Hooley Takes the Helm at ExxonMobilJay Hooley became ExxonMobil’s new lead director following the annual stakeholder meeting on May 25th, 2022. A Conflicted Board: Liberty Mutual’s Climate Governance ProblemHooley is not the only example of conflicts of interest at the core of Liberty Mutual’s governance when it comes to climate issues and the fossil fuel industry. Today, an astounding 9 out of 13 Liberty Mutual board members – a whopping 69% – have close ties to, and are personally profiting from, extractive industries. Companies like Liberty Mutual fuel climate change and environmental injustice when they insure and invest in fossil fuel projects and companies. Jay Hooley’s position as lead director of ExxonMobil while also serving as director of Liberty Mutual raises these exact concerns.
Boris Johnson Dodged a COVID Reckoning. Now He’s Doubling Down on Deportations.
As one commentator put it, “The [prime minister] has dodged a Partygate reckoning.”As recently as this January it had seemed that the Conservative government might be doomed. Prime Minister Johnson’s support remains, from this perspective, very thin. At the press conference where he announced the Rwanda plan, Prime Minister Johnson suggested that it would face legal challenge from his opponents. So why was the prime minister seemingly pleading with his opponents to sue him? Johnson has been prime minister all this time.
After Mass Shootings, Republicans Shield White Supremacists From Scrutiny
The bill would require federal agencies to document and report domestic terrorism threats, including white supremacists and neo-Nazis inside law enforcement agencies. Thanks to Trump and others on the far right, white supremacist ideologies such as “replacement theory” that motivated the Buffalo gunman are going mainstream among GOP voters. Like other Republicans, Roy argued the anti-terrorism bill would be used by the Biden administration to target right-wing activists. It’s no secret white supremacists and far right extremists have claimed far more lives with violent attacks in the U.S. than leftists. And Republicans rejected the focus on identifying white supremacists working in law enforcement.
Texas Reps Have Taken Over $14 Million From Gun Rights Groups
Texas representatives in the 117th Congress took more money from gun rights groups than lawmakers in any other state, a new OpenSecrets analysis found. The influence gun rights groups exert in Texas is also evident in grassroots organizing and advocacy efforts spearheaded by the NRA. Abbot has received more than $20,000 in contributions from gun rights groups with most of that coming from the NRA and the Texas State Rifle Association. Gun Money Across Party LinesContributions from gun rights groups in the Lone Star State are not limited to Republicans. Gun rights groups spent over $2.1 million on lobbying in California from 2015 through 2021 with $811,899 of that spending bankrolled by the NRA.
Liberty Mutual Board Member Just Became the New Lead Director of ExxonMobil
That’s why it’s so alarming that Liberty Mutual board member Joseph “Jay” Hooley just became the new Lead Director of ExxonMobil, perhaps the most powerful Big Oil supermajor on the planet. Big Oil’s Lead Director: Hooley Takes the Helm at ExxonMobilJay Hooley became ExxonMobil’s new lead director following the annual stakeholder meeting on May 25th, 2022. Today, an astounding 9 out of 13 Liberty Mutual board members – a whopping 69% – have close ties to, and are personally profiting from, extractive industries. Companies like Liberty Mutual fuel climate change and environmental injustice when they insure and invest in fossil fuel projects and companies. Jay Hooley’s position as lead director of ExxonMobil while also serving as director of Liberty Mutual raises these exact concerns.
Biden Administration Sues Alaska Over Opening of Fishing Areas Amid Shortages
When fish numbers are low, who gets to continue to harvest fish in rural Alaska? The Biden administration filed suit on May 17 against the Alaska Department of Fish and Game over fish openings on the Kuskokwim River during fish shortages. This latest tussle was prompted by the state ignoring federal authority on the Kuskokwim river, which passes through the Yukon Delta National Wildlife Refuge. Subsistence is vitally important to those villages, as it is to the economy of all of rural Alaska. For instance, in Akiak, a village of 400 on the Kuskokwim River, a dozen eggs cost $6.65 at the Kokarmiut general store.
US aligns with European Union against the UK on Northern Ireland Protocol
The Biden administration has come out strongly against Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s government in the deepening row between the UK and European Union over the Northern Ireland Protocol. It was ostensibly designed to prevent the return of a hard border between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, a European Union (EU) member state. Vehicles at the port of Larne, Northern Ireland, Tuesday, Feb. 2, 2021. But there can be no connection between that and doing the right thing for Northern Ireland. The democratic and social aspirations of workers and youth in Northern Ireland, Catholic and Protestant, can only be realised through a politically conscious struggle for a united and socialist Ireland.
Wall Street-Funded Super PAC Plans to Spend $1 Million to Oust Tlaib in Primary
Politico reports Urban Empowerment Action PAC announced a new campaign to “elect solutions-oriented Democrats” to Congress. — Rashida Tlaib (@RashidaTlaib) May 27, 2022According to Politico, Sellers — the former South Carolina state lawmaker and failed lieutenant governor candidate who regularly appears on CNN as a political analyst — is fundraising for UEA PAC. That sweeping climate and social spending package has still not passed, in large part due to obstructionist right-wing members of Tlaib’s own party. “She represents all working-class people in her district and in her city.”Imagine spending $1 million to oust @RashidaTlaib instead of on organizing in Detroit to ensure Michigan goes blue. Shouldn’t you focus on holding the Dem majority?”This piece was reprinted by Truthout with permission or license.
Top Big Dogs List and Pictures
And if you've never cuddled a dog the size of a small pony, you've never lived. Before adopting a large dog, make sure you factor in the time and budget that you're able to realistically provide for your pet. All large breeds will require more kibble than their pocket-sized counterparts, but a poodle, for example, will need more frequent haircuts than a boxer. And if you're looking for a pet that's more lap-sized, check out these small and medium dog breeds. Curious about the biggest, most giant dog breeds?
How to Clean Cloudy Drinking Glasses
To banish the former, you'll need these cleaning essentials:What You'll Need:Step-by-Step Instructions to Fix Cloudy Glass:In addition to drinking glasses, you can use the following method to clean cloudy vases too. Soak glass in white vinegar. If your issue is hard-water minerals, all you have to do is soak your glasses for five minutes in . Dry glass with a microfiber cloth. Dry your glasses with a lint-free towel or a before drinking out of them again.
8 Best Cooling Dog Beds of 2022
Our team at the Good Housekeeping Institute reviews pet gear of all kinds, including all types of dog beds. We've read hundreds of reviews to discover which cooling pet beds were worth considering, then tested a dozen of them. We try these beds with dogs of different sizes, weights and breeds to figure out what's the best fit for each type of dog and their specific disposition. ??Effectiveness: Pups can get pretty hot, so when we test cooling dog beds, we're checking to see how effectively each bed or mat can keep your pooch at a comfortable temperature. Whether the bed uses cooling gel, is elevated to increase airflow or has water-infused cooling technology, we wanted to make sure that your dog stayed cool for longer than five minutes.
How to Cook Rice in a Rice Cooker
You may not need a rice cooker to cook rice, but rice cookers provide an easy, hands-off cooking method that produces consistent results. How do I cook 2 cups of rice in a rice cooker? Stefan Tomic Getty ImagesHow do I make fluffy rice in a rice cooker? The best way to make fluffy rice in a rice cooker is to let the cooked rice sit undisturbed in the cooking pot, with the lid on, for 10 minutes after cooking. Rice cookers can be used for all types of rice, including white, brown, long-grain, short-grain, jasmine, basmati and wild rice.
School Shooting Survival Tips: What to Teach Your Kids
This story was originally published in October 2016 and updated this week in light of the tragic school shooting in Uvalde, Texas. "Plan for what you're going to do with the kids and how you're going to effectively manage your communication with parents and law enforcement." If they can hide, hide behind something concrete. "If I'm going to hide, I'm going to hide behind things that stop bullets like trees, structural pillars and big concrete planters," says Emerson. The reality is, with some confidence and knowing what you're going to do ahead of time, you actually have more of an advantage, especially if you're within striking distance."
Jobs to do in the garden in May
If you break a few stalks, try not to worry too much - this is a plant which is difficult to kill. You should leave blanket weed on the side of the pond overnight so that pond creatures can crawl back in. Harden off bedding plants ready to plant out as soon as the frosts have passed. Plant out a selection of fragrant flowers to enjoy on summer evenings such as night-scented stocks, tobacco plants and chocolate cosmos. Harden off your bedding plants ready for planting out once all danger of frost has passed.
Exactly how Anne Hathaway's hair looked so good at Cannes
“Anne and I have been working together for almost 16 years now, and this was her first time in Cannes,” Abergel told Harper's Bazaar. “I then rough-dried her hair about 80 percent using my GHD hair dryer on cool air.” Blow it out. “After each section, I teased and sprayed Virtue 6-in-1 Style Guard Hairspray at the root. “I woke up her hair by softly spritzing Virtue Volumizing Primer at the roots and mids of her hair shaft. “After each section behind the fringe area, I sprayed Virtue 6-in-1 Style Guard Spray and teased prior to curling with my T3 one-inch curling iron.
Strictly's AJ Odudu and Mo Gilligan reviving Big Breakfast
Strictly Come Dancing 2021 finalist AJ Odudu and comedian Mo Gilligan are partnering up for a full The Big Breakfast revival. Gilligan, who hit the big time after judging on the UK versions of The Masked Singer and The Masked Dancer, described the show as "history-making", while Odudu said there's "nothing like it on our screens". Channel 4The Big Breakfast returns to Channel 4 this August. This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses. You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at
'Sweet Magnolias' Star JoAnna Garcia Swisher Just Launched a Chic Home Line for HSN
If you're a fan of home decor and actress JoAnna Garcia Swisher from Netflix’s Sweet Magnolias, you'll be happy to discover that she has a new home collection, , which . In light of the spring season, Swisher partnered with on a versatile collection of vibrant and richly-textured decor items that'll make your space stand out in an instant. When it came to the collection, Swisher aimed for pieces that are practical, on-trend and an effortless representation of spring. "I wanted that crisp feel of a new season," Swisher shared with Good Housekeeping. This line was a dream for Swisher, as HSN gave her the creative freedom to bring her vision to life.
TikTok's 'Queen of Cleaning' Vanesa Amaro Reveals 4 Products She Can't Live Without
Amaro is a housekeeper and cleaning expert based in Texas who started posting cleaning videos when the pandemic hit. If you keep a dish brush in your shower for routine cleaning, you have Amaro to thank. She posted a video explaining the trick last spring, and it's now racked up over 35 million views and become one of the post popular TikTok cleaning hacks. Read on for the four cleaning products that Amaro can't live without, plus her tips on how to use them. Scrub Daddy Sponge Set Scrub Daddy $27.99 SHOP NOW"There are so many TikTok cleaning products, but one that really took over is Scrub Daddy sponges," says Amaro.
30 Best Summer Dresses for Women Over 50 – Sundresses for Women
But finding the best summer dresses for women over 50 that are not only stylish, but also comfy (and not matronly! Luckily, we’ve corralled some of the best sundresses and lightweight frocks available online, so that you can spend a bit more time making plans—instead of figuring out what to wear. Go for materials like cotton, chambray, rayon, and linen, which are breathable and easier to wear in the summer. It’s always good to have a few summer dresses you can pick from for different needs. Ahead, find affordable picks and splurge-worthy items, as well as an assortment of shift, wrap, and maxi dresses.
Amal Clooney wears a red floral dress to the 2022 Prince’s Trust Awards
Amal Clooney leaned into spring fashion during a rare red-carpet appearance at the Prince’s Trust Awards in London on 24 May. The human rights lawyer arrived in a red floral strapless dress with white heels and a white clutch. Her beauty look came courtesy of make-up artist and close friend Charlotte Tilbury, including a matching red lip, and she wore her hair down in glossy waves. Kate Green Getty ImagesThe annual awards celebrate the extraordinary achievements of young people supported by The Prince's Trust, and their journeys to a positive future. Clooney was in attendance to present the global Amal Clooney Award, marking the achievements of inspirational young women around the world.
Greek salad flatbreads
You may be able to find more information about this and similar content on their web site. Directions For the salad, chop cucumber (unpeeled) into 2cm (3/4in) pieces and put into a large bowl. Mix in remaining salad ingredients with some seasoning. Spread 1/4 of the houmous on to each flatbread and top with the salad. You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at
Bobbi Brown Shares Go-To Beauty Products to Refresh ‘Tired’ Skin
Bobbi Brown shared her favorite skincare products for glowing skin at 65. The beauty mogul relies on a trio of products from her makeup brand: the , the , and the for a quick refresh. “This just gives you the ultimate ‘I’ve got this,’” she said of the simple routine. Sometimes we wake up looking (and feeling) extra sleepy, but Bobbi Brown is here with the perfect trifecta of beauty products to add some radiance back to your skin—and it only takes a few minutes. In addition to her tried-and-true skincare products, Brown told that outer beauty starts from within.
11 Best Lesbian Dating Apps of 2022 That Are Free to Download
Join a club, take a class or get involved with an LGBTQ+ advocacy or volunteer group to boost your chances of meeting like-minded folks. In this day and age, most of us live a fair portion of our lives through our screens, so it just makes sense that many queer and LGBTQ+ singles are swiping through dating apps to find a new partner in crime. A recent study conducted by found that 56% of LGBTQ+ singles have gone out with someone they met online, with transgender people logging on the most, at 65%. Overall, half of all singles in the U.S. have created a dating profile, according to Singles in America. We rounded up the best lesbian dating apps out there, to improve the chances you'll find love online.
Chicken and Roasted Chickpea Salad
1 Preheat oven to 220°C (200°C fan) mark 7. Reduce oven to 200°C (180°C fan) mark 6. 2 Put chicken on a baking tray, drizzle with 1tbsp oil and season. 3 Cook kale in a large pan of boiling water for 5min, until tender. Meanwhile, whisk together tahini, lemon juice, soy sauce, remaining 1?2tbsp oil, some seasoning and 4tbsp water in a small bowl.
40 Best Father's Day Gifts for Grandpa
As much as Father’s Day is about celebrating your own dad, it’s also a great day to remember all the dads in your life, whether that be your favorite uncle, cousin, or your grandpa. No matter how old you get, that sweet and sentimental (and occasionally sarcastic) nature grandparents seem to have never loses its charming effect, which means when it comes to finding that perfect Father’s Day gift for grandpa, you simply need to give something that’s absolutely meaningful, funny or utterly unique that you know he’ll cherish forever. Whether he’s a Manhattan-a-day man who is always looking to upgrade his glassware, a golf-obsessed guy who feels at home on the fairway or the guy who hasn’t met a game or puzzle he doesn’t like, this list has the best gifts for grandpa that can be personalized, practical, fun and budget-friendly. Plus, you can find many of them on Amazon, which is perfect in case you waited until the last minute and need something in a snap. Get ready to become his favorite grandkid!
The Juneteenth Flag Meaning: What to Know About its Colors and Symbols
One of the most enduring emblems commemorating the day that tens of thousands of enslaved people in Galveston first learned that they were free is the Juneteenth flag. Activist Ben Haith, the founder of the National Juneteenth Celebration Foundation (NJCF), created the Juneteenth flag in 1997 in collaboration with Verlene Hines, Azim and Eliot Des. What Do the Colors and Symbols of the Juneteenth Flag Represent? African American history is American history, and the flag reminds us of just that. African American history is American history, and the flag reminds us of just that.
60 Best Messages to Write in a Father's Day Card for 2022
But, when you sit down to write out the Father's Day card, you just draw a blank. Father's Day Messages That Show Your AppreciationDad, thank you for all the things you do for this family every day. Funny Father's Day MessagesHappy Father's Day from your favorite pain in the butt. Father's Day Messages From a Wife/Spouse/Co-Parent/PartnerI'm so grateful to be on this journey with you. Father's Day Messages to a FriendHappy Father's Day to a man who's both a great father and a great friend!
Introducing Green Giant® Riced Veggie Blends
GOOD TO KNOW: GH NUTRITIONIST APPROVED EMBLEM HOLDERGreen Giant® Riced Veggie Blends Cilantro Lime is a mouthwatering blend of riced cauliflower, delicious lime juice and cilantro seasoning to elevate every bite. We call it a side dish, but don’t be surprised if it steals the spotlight at dinner. Greengiant.comThis content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses. You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at
Hellmann’s/Best Foods Vegan Dressing & Spread
Hellmann’s/Best Foods Vegan Dressing & Spread has the same great taste you expect from our Real Mayonnaise, but it’s plant based. This delicious plant-based alternative to mayonnaise is perfect for sandwiches, salads, veggie burgers and more. We removed the egg, not what you love about mayonnaise! content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses. You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at
Apple Amazon Prime Day Deals 2022: Best Pre-Prime Day Apple Sales
It's official: Amazon Prime Day, the site's biggest sale of the year, is returning in July 2022 according to . Last year's Amazon Prime Day deals included some of the steepest markdowns we've ever seen on Apple's most popular devices. ), how to get an Amazon Prime membership, and of course, we speculate on what will be the best Apple Prime Day deals of 2022. The Best Pre-Prime Day Apple DealsWhat are the best Prime Day deals 2022? Prime Day will take place sometime in July this year, according to that also revealed Prime Day will be extended to 20 countries this year.
50 Best Wedding Anniversary Quotes That Celebrate Love
Sharing anniversary quotes and heartwarming messages is a great way to commemorate the love and unbreakable bond shared between two people. Whatever you say, let these anniversary quotes be your inspiration. Anniversary Quotes for a Spouse or Partner“I am so blessed that I get to spend the rest of my life with you. Happy anniversary, my love.”“A marriage anniversary is the celebration of love, trust, partnership, tolerance and tenacity. Happy anniversary to one of my favorite couples!”“You two are so great to know and be around.
What to Say When Someone Is Depressed, According to an Expert
In 2020 alone, approximately 21 million adults in America experienced at least one major depressive episode, according to the National Alliance of Mental Illness (NAMI)—that’s 8.4% of the country’s population. In 2019, 18.5% of adults had depression symptoms that ranged from mild to severe, according to the CDC. With a depressed mood, the sadness typically returns back to baseline within a day or so.”What are the Symptoms of Depression? By offering help you’re letting the person know that you’re there for them. “Be careful to not fall into the mode and trap of being a problem solver, and offering a whole bunch of solutions,” says Dr. Crawford.
Amazon Prime Day 2022: Everything You Need to Know
Below, we answer some of our readers' most frequently asked questions about Amazon Prime Day, including all the logistical details we know (so far! ), how to get an Amazon Prime membership, the best Prime Day competitor sales and of course, we speculate on what will be the best Prime Day deals of 2022. The Best Pre-Amazon Prime Day DealsWhat is Amazon Prime Day? In 2021, Amazon offered Prime members a $10 Prime Day credit for every $10 spent on the site's in the weeks leading up to Prime Day. Prime Day has gotten so popular that, over the past few years, other retailers have started to offer competing sales to Prime Day.
History of the Memorial Day Poppy Flower Symbol
As Memorial Day approaches, red poppies begin to make their annual appearance, especially pinned to people's lapels, tote bags or even hats. Even though the landscapes were left devastated, red poppies arose from the wreckage come spring, like tiny beacons of hope. She also lobbied to make the red poppy a national memorial symbol, so others could do the same. Instead, we don a red poppy on Memorial Day to honor the men and women who have died fighting for our country. National Poppy Day falls on the Friday before Memorial Day each year, when you can support veterans' services in addition to remembering the lost.
18 Signs You're Having a Migraine
What the Location of Your Headache Can Actually Tell You07 of 18 Eye pain Migraine pain often burrows behind the eye. Your Migraines08 of 18 Neck pain "A lot of people will say, 'My neck gets stiff and then I get a headache.' In an online survey, the National Headache Foundation found 38% of migraine patients "always" have neck pain and 31% "frequently" have neck pain during migraine headaches. In one 2006 study in the journal Cephalalgia, about 36% of migraine patients reported yawning was one of the signs of an impending migraine. In a recent study, Dr. Calhoun and colleagues found a link between migraine intensity and dizziness or vertigo.
How Long Does COVID-19 Last If You're Vaccinated? Breakthrough COVID Length and Severity
"Breakthrough cases occur when COVID-19 variants evade the body's immune response… but most breakthrough cases are asymptomatic or mild, due to the vaccinated person having built-up immunity against the virus." CDC study of nearly 300M people & 80% of U.S. counties found that higher #COVID19 vaccine coverage was associated with fewer COVID-19 cases & deaths. Stay up to date on your COVID-19 vaccines to protect yourself from severe illness from COVID-19. — CDC (@CDCgov) May 18, 2022A major concern for those affected by a breakthrough COVID-19 illness, then, is how long recovery will take. The most accurate way to tell if you're currently experiencing a breakthrough COVID-19 illness is to get tested.
'Yellowstone' Star Cole Hauser and His Wife Cynthia Daniel Stun in New Vacation Photos
If we didn't have travel fever already, these photos from Yellowstone star Cole Hauser would certainly put us over the edge! This content is imported from Instagram. You may be able to find the same content in another format, or you may be able to find more information, at their web site. Cole also created a stir on Instagram when he posted a video from his interview with Men's Journal. If Cole is back on set, it seems like he and his wife took a well-deserved vacation before shooting resumed.
What Is in the Flu Shot? Here's How Experts Explain Common Ingredients
When it comes to the flu shot, myths and misinformation abound—the most dangerous (and completely incorrect) claim being that you can actually get the flu from the flu shot. The thinking behind this—which isn't entirely incorrect—is because the flu shot itself contains the influenza virus. On that note, it's also important to point out that the flu shot isn't the same general vaccine administered year after year—annually, there are different variations of the flu shot, to pair with the popular circulating viruses. While there is not one flu shot ingredient list—since multiple flu shots are on offer every year—there are certain flu shot components that you’re likely to see if you look up what’s in the flu shot of your choosing. While it’s true that there is egg protein in many flu shots—because many flu vaccines are made in chicken eggs—having an egg allergy doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get the flu shot.
How To Tell What Kind Of Headache You Have, And How To Treat It
That said, your headache symptoms can help you (and your doctor) determine which type of headache you're experiencing. Migraines, for example, can often be mistaken for sinus headaches, since symptoms like sinus pressure, nasal congestion, and watery eyes can happen in both types. A true sinus headache is related to an infection and comes with nasal discharge that is green or tinged with red, says Dr. Goadsby. Migraines are more likely to happen in the morning, or medication may be waning in your body as you sleep, which causes a rebound headache, Dr. Goadsby says. Dr. Flippen recommends over-the-counter headache remedies; magnesium supplements may also help PMS-related head pain.
Good Housekeeping's Low Calorie, Big Flavor Cookbook
Good Housekeeping's Low Calorie, Big Flavor Cookbook $26.95 - Qty + Add to Cart NEW! 150+ flavor-packed recipes—all 500 calories (or less!) The Good Housekeeping Test Kitchen developed dozens of diet-friendly recipes so you’ll never have to sacrifice deliciousness for weight loss again! The 328-page hardcover cookbook includes a photo of every recipe for breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, and snacks—all 500 calories or less per serving! Expert tips on how to stock your kitchen with low-cal staples and simple ingredient swaps to cut down on calories in your own recipes.
What to Eat When You Have COVID-19
"There is no scientific evidence to make the association between eating for a healthy immune system to help lessen the duration of COVID-19," Amidor says. Other micronutrients—like vitamin C, vitamin B6, and vitamin E, among others—have also been associated with better immune health. Fruits and VegetablesEating plenty of fruits and vegetables is a great way to build up general health and immune health. But if yogurt isn't your go-to, milk can help support a healthy immune system as well. What to Eat When You Can't Smell or TasteSome COVID-19 infections cause the loss of taste and smell, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).
Sinus Infection vs. Cold: How to Tell the Difference
So how do you tell if you have a cold versus a sinus infection? "Only about 2% to 6% of common colds progress to become a true bacterial sinus infection that could benefit from antibiotics." Most often, viruses cause sinus infections, but bacterial infections can cause sinusitis too, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). What are the symptoms of a sinus infection vs. a cold? The main difference between the symptoms of a cold and sinus infection is how long they linger.
15 Signs You May Have an Iron Deficiency
Watch this video for a list of seven iron-rich foods that can help reduce your risk of an iron deficiency . However, iron deficiency causes less oxygen to reach your tissues, so your body is deprived of the energy it needs. However, if you know you have heart problems, it's important to get your iron levels checked as iron deficiency can worsen existing heart problems. About 15% of people with restless leg syndrome have iron deficiency, according to John Hopkins Medicine. 19 Natural Remedies for Anxiety10 of 16 You're losing your hair Getty Images Iron deficiency, especially when it progresses into full-blown iron deficiency anemia, can cause hair loss.
The Levoit Air Purifier for Allergies Is on Sale at Amazon
Fortunately, an air purifier can help reduce the pesky substances behind your allergy symptoms, and with more than 32,000 five-star reviews on Amazon, the Levoit air purifier might be just what you need to breathe easier. One of Health's picks for best air purifiers for allergies, the Levoit air purifier uses a three-stage H13 true HEPA filtration system to capture 99.97% of airborne particles 0.3 micrometers in diameter. At 6.5 pounds and standing just under 13 inches tall, the Levoit air purifier is small but mighty. The only part of the Levoit Air Purifier that must be cleaned is the pre-filter. The Levoit Air Purifier is available in black and white, and right now you can get it for $15 off with an on-site coupon at Amazon.
Shoppers Say These $12 Compression Socks Provide 'Instant Relief' From Plantar Fasciitis Pain
Fortunately, something as simple as wearing compression socks can help ease the pain, and Amazon shoppers have discovered a pair that does just that. The Bitly Plantar Fasciitis Compression Socks are constructed of a nylon-spandex blend and are made to fit tightly around your foot and heel. Courtesy of MerchantTo buy: Bitly Plantar Fasciitis Compression Socks, $12 with on-site coupon (was $20); amazon.comAlthough it is common in runners and people who have to stand for long periods of time, plantar fasciitis can affect anyone. More than 25,000 reviewers have given the Bitly plantar fasciitis socks a five-star rating, describing them as "miracle socks" that provide relief when other treatments fail. And a former marathon runner who retired after struggling with plantar fasciitis was able to "run again without pain" and was amazed at how "something so simple has solved [their] struggle" with plantar fasciitis.
The Symptoms and Causes of Monkeypox, as Virus Cases Rise Globally
Though people in the U.S. are urged to practice caution—not panic—regarding the monkeypox cases, here's what you need to know about the virus, including symptoms, transmission, and treatment or prevention options. Monkeypox is similar to other poxviruses like the virus that causes smallpox, the virus used in the smallpox vaccine, and the virus that causes cowpox. Israel, Singapore, and the U.K., have also seen monkeypox cases in the past. According to Dr. Weisenberg, most monkeypox cases come from "direct animal exposure, such as with infected rodents." "That being said, those who experience new or unusual rashes or other symptoms of monkeypox should contact their healthcare provider."
Even People Who No Longer Menstruate Saw COVID Vaccine-Related Period Symptoms, Research Shows
Even people who don't typically menstruate—including transgender people, people on long-acting contraceptives, and post-menopausal women—have experienced menstrual changes and unexpected bleeding after receiving a COVID-19 vaccine, new preliminary research shows. "I hope that this study adds to the increasing evidence that maybe we should include periods as part of vaccine research more broadly. Of the people not menstruating due to gender-affirming hormones, 39% experienced breakthrough bleeding; 71% of people on long-acting contraceptives also experienced breakthrough bleeding. In addition, people who experienced more side effects after the shots—like fever or fatigue—had a greater chance of experiencing menstrual changes, as well. The menstrual changes from any vaccine—including the COVID-19 vaccine—are short-lived and appear to have no impact on future fertility.
Increased Cancer Risk Tied to Wildfires Amid Worsening Impacts of Climate Change
The research is one of the first supporting a link between wildfire exposure and cancer risk. But wildfire exposure affects so many people around the world that even a small cancer risk is cause for concern, he said. In addition, the researchers did not see a correlation between particularly high exposure to wildfires and a more greatly increased cancer risk. This doesn't necessarily mean that more severe wildfires wouldn't increase cancer risk even more, cautioned Weichenthal. "I think we worry a lot about the acute effects, the very short-term effects," Wold said.
Mental Illness and Gun Violence: Why It's Harmful to Link the Two
Greg Abbott of Texas blamed the violence on mental health issues, even though he said the shooter had "no known mental health history." But implicating mental illness as the cause of the bloodshed is not only wrong, it's harmful, the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) said in a statement shared Wednesday. Mental Health and Mass Shootings in AmericaSo is there a connection between mental illness and gun violence? By focusing exclusively on mental illness, "you might miss all the aspects of violence and determinants of violence that have nothing at all to do with mental illness," he said. In consistently linking gun violence to mental illness, "we risk even further stigmatizing people who may be experiencing mental health problems," she added.
Kidney Disease Patients Face Increased Risk of Developing Cancer, Study Shows
People with mild-to-moderate chronic kidney disease (CKD), and those who have received kidney transplants, may have an increased risk of developing cancer, new research shows. Study authors note that while cardiovascular disease has traditionally been viewed as the main health risk associated with the disease, cancer isn't too far behind. The risk of cancer was higher in people with mild-to-moderate kidney disease (characterized as CKD G3a) and patients who had undergone kidney transplants, than people without kidney disease. Mitigating Cancer Risk if You Have Kidney DiseaseOne of the ways to prevent the types of cancers associated with kidney disease is to prevent kidney disease altogether. While genetics can contribute to kidney disease, Dr. Kitchlu said lifestyle factors such as controlling blood pressure, maintaining healthy blood sugar levels, and preventing obesity can reduce the risk of developing kidney disease.
Abbott Elementary’s Quinta Brunson Says “No” to “Wild” Requests for School Shooting Episode
In the wake of the horrific mass shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, which left 19 students and two teachers dead, Abbott Elementary creator and star Quinta Brunson revealed that she’s received requests from fans to produce “a school shooting episode” of her breakout ABC comedy. In a Twitter thread, Brunson made her position on the suggestion very clear: “the answer is ‘no.’"Twitter content This content can also be viewed on the site it originates from. “Wild how many people have asked for a school shooting episode of the show I write,” she tweeted Wednesday. Brunson kept the sender of the DM anonymous, but said that message was “one of many.”On Abbott Elementary, Brunson stars as Janine Teagues, an optimistic but green second-grade teacher who works at an underfunded Philadelphia public school. After rejecting the idea, Brunson had a different suggestion for those who have asked her to write a school shooting episode.
Star Wars Celebration: Pedro Pascal’s Excellent Mando Adventure
As Star Wars Celebration begins today, Pedro Pascal has a story to tell about what’s it like to make the journey from our universe into the Star Wars galaxy. He spoke with Vanity Fair for our latest cover, Star Wars: The Rebellion Will Be Televised, just as the third season of The Mandalorian was wrapping principle photography. I just was told that it was something Star Wars. So basically, I'm in the parking, I'm a little early, and I'm finishing up a phone call. “All four walls are, corner to corner, covered in story illustrations of the entire first season of the show.
Jimmy Kimmel Breaks Down Over Texas School Shooting: “These Are Our Children”
“Here we are again on another day of mourning in this country,” Jimmy Kimmel began Wednesday’s episode of his show, acknowledging the shooting that killed 19 elementary school students and two teachers in Uvalde, Texas. So they’d rather sweep this under the rug.”Kimmel then implored Republican leaders in Texas including Greg Abbott, John Cornyn, and his frequent enemy, Ted Cruz, to enact gun control laws. There were police officers armed on the scene, and these murders still happen.”Speaking to Cruz directly, Kimmel added, “I don’t believe Ted Cruz doesn’t care about children. “These are our children!” Kimmel pointed out that Republicans against gun reform are not the only people to blame. The parents of the children at Sandy Hook, and Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, and now Robb Elementary School.
After Stranger Things: The Duffer Brothers Look Into the Future
I always say we're less like dads to them and more like older brothers, but it is like family. I think at a certain point, it would feel really good to work together again, whether it's on something else or another Stranger Things. But I think right now, for my own sanity, I have to just be like: one more season of Stranger Things, and I'm going to be Stranger Things’d out for a while. Prior to selling Stranger Things to Netflix, we pitched on Goonies II, and it was the same [concept]. Matt Duffer: All right… “I said ‘maybe!’ And that was 20 years ago!
How Survivor Is Staying Alive, 42 Seasons In
He called up the lauded White Lotus creator—and former Survivor runner-up—for his thoughts. Those ideas are dead.”Zooming from Fiji as a new cycle of Survivor enters production, Probst is coming off of the riskiest year in his show’s run. Speaking as a longtime viewer—I’ve watched since I was a kid—the most striking aspect of the past year of Survivor comes down to the winners. “We can’t swim…we butt heads, we’re athletic, but maybe not smart and strategic,” as first-season contestant Ramona Gray Amaro described the stereotypes she and other Black contestants were boxed into. Black contestants also went in-depth this past season on unconscious bias, in a strikingly thoughtful back-and-forth that speaks to our current period of social activism and reconsideration.
Ray Liotta, Star of Goodfellas, Dead at 67
Ray Liotta, the charismatic wiseguy star of classic films like Goodfellas, has died. However, Liotta’s most memorable role will always be that of Henry Hill, the charismatic wiseguy he portrayed in Martin Scorsese’s 1990 mob epic Goodfellas. Goodfellas also starred Scorsese regulars Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci, whom Liotta easily held his own against. Though Goodfellas would be Liotta’s only project with the famed director, the critically acclaimed blockbuster put a young Liotta in league with the auteur’s favorite actors. “I am utterly shattered to hear this terrible news about my Ray,” she wrote, sharing a photo of herself with Liotta.
Zosia Mamet Soars on The Flight Attendant and Celebrates 10 Years of Girls
“I’ve never wanted to do anything else for a living,” Zosia Mamet tells me during a recent Zoom. She can still remember peeking from the stairs as a child while her parents, playwright David Mamet and actor Lindsay Crouse, hosted a dinner party. I gotta make it to work in the morning.’ They were all complaining about their jobs,” Mamet remembers. She’s now concluded her second season as the sardonic lawyer Annie, best friend to Kaley Cuoco’s alcoholic CIA operative, Cassie, on The Flight Attendant. The physical shooting of season two was very intense for a myriad of reasons, and we got really exceptionally close,” Mamet says.
Top Gun: Maverick Made a Man Eat His Own Shoe, as Well as His Words
I’ve flown the jet, I’ve landed the jet, I’ve come back. Content This content can also be viewed on the site it originates from. “Twitter was a bit more of just a public square” in 2010, Patches says. Twitter content This content can also be viewed on the site it originates from. Vanity Fair: Why were you so convinced that a Top Gun sequel wouldn’t happen?
‘Skeleton Crew’: Jude Law Will Headline The New Star Wars Series
Jude Law will star in a new Disney+ series set in the galaxy far, far away, opposite a group of four lost children trying to make their way back to their home planet. The show, titled Skeleton Crew, was formally announced Thursday at the Star Wars Celebration fan event in Anaheim. Vanity Fair's recent cover story, Star Wars: The Rebellion Will Be Televised, revealed that it was being executive produced by director Jon Watts and writer Chris Ford, who worked together on Spider-Man: Homecoming for Marvel. “It’s the story about a group of kids, about 10 years old, from a tiny little planet who accidentally get lost in the Star Wars galaxy,” Watts told the crowd. “I like the opportunity of using kids to give you a slightly different perspective on Star Wars and see the galaxy through a different set of eyes,” said Watts.
Hollywood Pays Tribute to Ray Liotta, “a True Legend”
After news broke that Goodfellas star Ray Liotta had died at age 67, tributes from costars, filmmakers, and fans began to pour in. The actor reportedly passed away in his sleep in the Dominican Republic where he was shooting the film Dangerous Waters. “I am utterly shattered to hear this terrible news about my Ray,” she tweeted alongside a photo of herself with Liotta. “I can be anywhere in the world & people will come up & tell me their favorite movie is Goodfellas. My response has always been the same…Ray Liotta.”Martin Scorsese, who helmed Liotta’s star-making mob epic, said in a statement to Vanity Fair: “I’m absolutely shocked and devastated by the sudden, unexpected death of Ray Liotta.
Hirokazu Kore-eda’s Broker Enters the Gray World of the Black Market
Broker premiered on the second-to-last day of screenings here at the festival, and it proves well worth the wait. Gentle, sad, and funny in a just-shy-of-cutesy way, Broker continues Kore-eda’s tradition of handling tough subject matter with a light touch. The film’s title refers to an illegal profession: the black market selling of babies, done to circumvent the bureaucratic and financial headaches of legal adoption. Just as in Shoplifters, there is a bittersweet resolution in Broker, but not one that is in any way tidy. It’s in that messiness, in Kore-eda’s allowance for and understanding of it, that the film finds its true empathy.
Riley Keough and Gina Gammell Had to Fight Every Step of the Way for War Pony
In 2015, Riley Keough was in a motel in South Dakota where she was filming Andrea Arnold’s road movie, American Honey. Keough became fast friends with the pair, visiting Pine Ridge often, and soon bringing in her friend and production partner Gina Gammell. “We would hang out and while we were hanging out, we would film things or make little V.R. But the world of film financing is still dominated by white men, and Keough and Gammell were repeatedly told that War Pony wasn’t relatable enough. “We were like, ‘Why are we making this about white people when that’s not how this was birthed?’” says Keough.
U.K. Authorizes Sexual Assault Charges Against Kevin Spacey
British prosecutors have authorized charging Kevin Spacey with four counts of sexual assault against three men, as well as one count of causing a person to engage in penetrative sexual activity without consent. “The CPS has authorized criminal charges against Kevin Spacey, 62, for four counts of sexual assault against three men,” said Rosemary Ainslie, head of the CPS special crime division. Editor’s Note: This post was updated after Britain’s Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) issued a correction to say that Kevin Spacey has not yet been charged with multiple counts of sexual assault. CPS clarified its previous statement, announcing that it has only authorized the charges against Spacey. Per a spokesperson for CPS, the charges can only be enacted upon Spacey's arrest in England or Wales.
Ellen DeGeneres Departs Daytime TV: “When We Started This Show, I Couldn’t Say ‘Gay’”
After 19 years worth of giveaways, games, and yes, grooving, Ellen DeGeneres ended her long-running talk show on Thursday. DeGeneres devoted her final monologue to talking about the societal progress we’ve seen since Ellen launched in September 2003. “When we started the show, I couldn’t say ‘gay.’ I was not allowed to say ‘gay.’ I say it at home a lot—you know, ‘What are we having for our gay breakfast?’ or ‘Pass the gay salt,’ ‘Has anyone seen the gay remote?’—but we couldn’t say ‘gay.’ I couldn’t say ‘we,’ because that would imply that I was with someone. Sure couldn’t say ‘wife,’ and that’s because it wasn’t legal for gay people to get married.”“Now I say ‘wife’ all the time,” she continued, as the camera showed her spouse of nearly 15 years, Portia de Rossi. Jennifer Aniston, the first-ever Ellen guest, dropped by to give DeGeneres advice about concluding an iconic series.
Premium Cotton Stretch 5-pocket Pants SS22 10527980
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Navy blue Super 150's wool, linen and silk overshirt
$3,200.00For SS22 we have added a twist to the Brioni iconic overshirt. Crafted from a blend of Super 150's wool, linen and silk, this season's edition results ...
June 2022 U.S. Credits
Page 9: Table of ContentsAmanda Seyfried's Dior dress from Dior boutiques nationwide, or call 800-929-DIOR. Her hair styled with Hair Rituel by Sisley-Paris; Renato Campora for The Wall Group. On her face, Dior; Sabrina Bedrani for Dior/The Wall Group. Her hair styled with Hair Rituel by Sisley-Paris; Renato Campora for The Wall Group. On her face, Dior; Sabrina Bedrani for Dior/The Wall Group.
23 Perfect Items from Net-a-Porter’s Memorial Day Sale to Shop Now
It’s the week of Memorial Day sales and Net-a-Porter has everything you need (and want) to help inspire your summer wardrobe. Memorial Day Weekend acts as the unofficial kickoff to the summer season. And as the time comes to change over your closets from heavy coats, chunky sweaters, and thermal pieces to flowy dresses, swimsuits, and chic sandals, what better way to spend your three-day holiday weekend than shopping Net-a-Porter’s Memorial Day sale. For the online retailer’s holiday sale, shoppers can tale 30% off with code 30OFF on a great selection of items that are sure to get you ready for all your upcoming summer adventures. For a stylish start to your summer, read ahead to shop our picks from one of the best Memorial Day sales the internet has to offer.
“Long, Difficult, and So Painful”: Princess Charlene On Her Recovery From Extended Illness
Ever since April 30, Princess Charlene has eased back into her royal duties with appearances at a Monaco E-Prix race and a rugby tournament organized by her charity. Before the pair left for the awards, Charlene posted a photograph with her daughter on Instagram, both wearing iridescent dresses. According to the Daily Mail, Charlene presented an award to Saudi fashion designer Abdul Al-Romaizan, whose work also opened the show. “This mother/daughter fashion outing for the Monte-Carlo Fashion Awards delighted me and for the first time we went on stage together. The road has been long, difficult, and so painful.”While Charlene and Gabriella were at the awards ceremony, Albert and son Prince Jacques attended an all-star soccer match at the Louis II stadium.
Matthew McConaughey: “We Must Do Better” After School Shooting in His Hometown of Uvalde
“Once again, we have tragically proven that we are failing to be responsible for the rights our freedoms grant us,” he began. “This is an epidemic we can control,” he wrote, “and whichever side of the aisle we may stand on, we all know we can do better. Texas Governor Greg Abbott identified the shooter as Salvador Ramos, an 18-year-old who lived in Uvalde. As a nation we have to ask, when in God's name are we going to stand up to the gun lobby? When in God's name we will do what we all know in our gut needs to be done?”
Kate Middleton Wears Another Monochromatic Look to the Buckingham Palace Garden Party
Kate Middleton appears to have found her tried and true formula for garden party dressing. The Duchess of Cambridge wore another monochromatic ensemble to attend the third garden party of the season hosted at Buckingham Palace on Wednesday. Kate also previously wore this dress in 2019 when she attended a celebration of the 50th anniversary of Prince Charles's Investiture. Kate is clearly loving a monochromatic look for these garden parties as when she attended the first one of the season on May 14, she also went with head-to-toe coral. Buckingham Palace's annual summer garden parties are a tradition dating back to the 1860s.
Nick Jonas Opens Up About the “Wild” 100 Days His Daughter Spent in the NICU
Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra are thrilled to finally have their daughter Malti Marie at home after she spent 100 days in the newborn intensive care unit. Also pretty wild, but it’s a blessing to have her home. She then went on to thank the doctors and specialists who "were there selflessly every step of the way," calling her daughter "truly a badass." Happy Mother’s Day. In Vanity Fair’s February 2022 cover story ahead of this announcement, Chopra also discussed that she and Jonas were ready to become parents.
15 Chicest Clothing Sales for Memorial Day 2022 to Shop Before They're Gone
On the hunt for the best (and the most stylish) clothing sales Memorial Day Weekend has to offer? It's no secret that Memorial Day sales are a key component of the three-day holiday weekend. Just as important as BBQs and beach getaways, Memorial Day Weekend signifies the beginning of summertime dressing. NordstromThis Memorial Day Weekend, shoppers will be able to find everything they want and more in Nordstrom's Half-Yearly Sale. Then starting on Friday, May 27 through Memorial Day, the retailer will offer up to 50% off its designer collections shop.
“So Much Fun It’s Ridiculous”: Nicholas Hoult on Learning to Race Ferraris
Nicholas Hoult has been playing with cars for as long as he can remember. Though he’d completed the thorough training, driving a race car still required a steep and surprising learning curve. “I mean, I couldn’t even figure out how to turn it on at first,” Hoult said, laughing. Hoult has been in the business for a long time, so his first vehicular splurge was not exactly typical. Shortly thereafter, Hoult had his most humiliating vehicular experience, though it wasn’t in his Italian hatchback, and he wasn’t driving.
AmFAR Gala Cannes 2022: See All the Best Red-Carpet Fashion & Looks
On Thursday, the AmFAR Gala returns to Cannes. This year’s AmFAR Gala Cannes 2022, held at the Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc, features a glittering program with performances from Christina Aguilera, Ricky Martin, and Charli XCX. Robert De Niro will be honored during the sold-out black-tie event and Carine Roitfeld will curate the evening’s fashion show. But before the AmFAR Gala Cannes 2022 begins, well-heeled attendees will pose for photographers in designer finery well-suited for the French Riviera. Below, see all the best red-carpet fashion and looks from the AmFAR Gala Cannes 2022.
After Uvalde, Niecy Nash Recalls Losing Her Brother in a 1993 School Shooting
Tuesday's school shooting in Uvalde, Texas hit particularly close to home for Niecy Nash who lost her own brother in a school shooting almost thirty years ago. “I'm so sad,” the actress shared with her fans on social media on Wednesday, adding, “my brother was killed on his high school campus. In February 1993, Nash's brother Michael Ensley was shot and killed when he was just 17 years old by a 16-year-old gunman at Reseda High School in California. “25 yrs ago today, my only brother, Michael Ensley, was killed on his high school campus by kid with a gun,” she tweeted. #NeverAgain.”On Tuesday, at least 19 students in second, third, and fourth grade, as well as two teachers, were killed during a mass shooting.
Who Would the Queen Be Without Her Pearl Earrings and Necklaces?
The queen has an incomparable jewelry collection that she doesn’t always get a chance to show off, but the stalwarts in her wardrobe are her vast collection of pearl necklaces. Her grandmother, Queen Mary, left her one of her favorite pairs of earrings, large single-button pearls with a tiny diamond affixed to each. On her wedding day, the queen’s parents gave her two pearl necklaces that belonged to Anne and Caroline, two queens from the 17th and 18th centuries. While the button-pearl earrings are in her regular rotation, she only brings out the Queen Anne and Queen Caroline necklaces, with their sumptuous and creamy spheres, on rare occasions. At that time, The New York Times reported on Elizabeth’s penchant for biting Mary’s pearl necklaces.
Jeff Bridges Was “Pretty Close to Dying” After Contracting COVID-19 While Undergoing Chemotherapy
Jeff Bridges is treasuring the time he gets to spend with his wife, grandkids, and new puppy these days after nearly facing death twice over. It all started when he felt something in his stomach while exercising, prompting him to visit a doctor who told him that he “had a 12-by-9-in. Bridges was quickly diagnosed with cancer and began undergoing chemotherapy infusion treatments followed by oral chemo. Thankfully, however, Bridges was able to receive a convalescent plasma treatment, a therapy that uses blood from those who have recovered from COVID-19, and began to see improvements in his health. Bridges said he began working with a physical therapist three times a week and “started taking baby steps” towards recovery.
Louis Vuitton Reveals New Trophy Travel Case for the Formula 1 Monaco Grand Prix
For the second year in a row, Louis Vuitton teamed up with the Automobile Club of Monaco to create a new trophy travel case for the Formula 1 Grand Prix de Monaco. The case was crafted by hand in Louis Vuitton's historic Asnières workshop located on the outskirts of Paris. Louis Vuitton first announced this multi-year partnership with the Automobile Club de Monaco in 2021, presenting another bespoke case in the colors of the principality. At almost 300 km/h between the rails, it is the Formula 1 Grand Prix that all drivers aspire to win one day. ‘Victory travels in Louis Vuitton’–the Trophy Travel Case will witness future victories and continue to carry legends!”
The Glossier Sale Is Here—With Product Picks by Jenna Lyons, Donni Davy & More
“Everyone around me—in many ages and many professions—is on Instagram at least three times a day,” Emily Weiss said in 2014, the year she launched Glossier on the platform in a then-renegade move. Today’s average Screen Time report proves that we’ve come a long way from “three times a day,” to say nothing of the TikTok effect. The lineup of cult products runs the gamut from Boy Brow (early to the fluffy, tweezer-averse trend) to results-oriented serums. And just this week, Weiss tapped Kyle Leahy to be the new Glossier CEO, with the founder leaning into new roles: executive chairwoman and, soon, mother. But this roundup is just as much about replenishing the creative reserves as the literal ones.
Meghan Markle Traveled to Uvalde to Honor Robb Elementary Shooting Victims
But after the mass shooting in Uvalde that took the lives of 19 children and two teachers, Meghan opted for an in-person tribute at Robb Elementary School. According to a spokesperson for the couple, Meghan traveled to Uvalde on Thursday in a personal capacity “as a mother” to express her condolences and provide support for the community. Meghan was photographed at Robb wearing a t-shirt, jeans, and a pair of sneakers and carrying a bouquet of white roses. She laid the roses down in front of a cross, one of 19 erected on the elementary school’s grounds to honor the victims. When Meghan and Harry were wed in May 2018, she carried a bouquet of white roses and forget-me-nots, which were said to be Diana’s favorite flower.
John Galliano Gowns, Royal Ascot, and Kelp Farms: Meet the Fourth Generation of Gettys
At a dinner party, she met Brown University undergraduate Joseph Getty, the British-raised son of Italian aristocrat Domitilla Harding and Getty Images cofounder Mark Getty (a son of JPG’s third born, Paul Jr.). Thirty-three years after Mark and Domitilla were wed inside the ancient basilica, Joseph and Sabine chose to exchange their vows here. Tatler subsequently ranked Sabine and Joseph number three in its “Social Power Index,” just behind the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Beau’s mother, Claire Perry, is one of the three daughters born to JPG’s first son, George. “I want you to dress Vanessa,” she told him, according to Boaz Mazor, a longtime de la Renta executive.
27 Thoughtful Gifts for Mom From Daughters To Give This Mother’s Day
Celebrating the bond between mothers and daughters is even more special on Mother’s Day. And what better way to honor the special day than by picking the best gifts for mom from daughters. Because our mothers mean so much to us, it is important we shower them with all of the love and appreciation this Mother’s Day. While determining the best gifts for mom from daughters can be overwhelming, look no further than our roundup of gift ideas. Read ahead to shop our picks for the best gifts for mom from daughters to make the holiday extra special this year.
2022 Tony Awards: 'Strange Loop,' 'MJ' and 'Paradise Square' Take Top Nominations
On Monday, the nominees for the 75th Annual Tony Awards, honoring the best of Broadway from the 2021-2022 season, were announced by Tony Award-winning actress Adrienne Warren and three-time Tony-nominated actor Joshua Henry. The revival of Company, starring Broadway great Patti Lupone, also made waves, being honored with nine nominations while Six, the musical based on the stories of King Henry VIII's infamous wives, took a close eight. Also part of the 2022 Tony Awards revival trend, The Music Man revival, starring Hugh Jackman and Sutton Foster, scored six nominations while Billy Crystal's Mr. Saturday Night, based on the actor's 1992 film, garnered five. For plays, The Lehman Trilogy scored the most nominations with eight, while standout shows such as Hangman and American Buffalo earned nominations with lead actors including Sam Rockwell and David Threlfall nabbing nominations for best performance by an actor in a leading role in a play. The popular play earned a total of three nominations, but Negga's costar, James Bond actor Daniel Craig, was snubbed for his role as Macbeth.
Why Billionaires and Celebrities Are Tripping Over Themselves to Buy Chelsea F.C.
You see, in my head, I’m on the cusp of owning an English Premier League football club. Two days after Russia invaded Ukraine, oligarch Roman Abramovich promised to step back and hand over “stewardship and care” of Chelsea F.C. There are only 20 Premier League clubs, so any time one hits the market, it’s billionaire catnip. But we’re also not talking about any Premier League club. Chelsea F.C.
She Invented Adulting. Her Life Fell Apart. She Wants You to Know That’s Okay.
Conveniently, Williams Brown wrote a third book last summer to answer that question, which will be released in paperback by Penguin Random House on May 10. No matter how clean your tub is, your life can still fall apart along the way. Over Zoom from her home in Salem, Oregon, I chatted with Williams Brown in early March about her memoir, the endurance of Adulting, and the question of resilience, especially during a collectively agonizing time. (A few weeks later, Williams Brown informed me she’d been accepted to Lewis & Clark College’s masters program for mental health counseling.) Kelly Williams Brown: Well, I was really signing people up for disappointment.
Read an Exclusive Excerpt From Miss Chloe: A Memoir of a Literary Friendship with Toni Morrison
So, I don’t call without making sure I’ve done all I have to do. Making a call to Miss Chloe was like gray scale, a preprinted item on my running list of important things to do. Miss Chloe is yelling at me. Buy Miss Chloe: A Memoir of Literary Friendship with Toni Morisson on Amazon or HarperCollins. “Am I on speakerphone, Miss Chloe?” I asked.
“Serious Money Has the Ability to Distort Reality”: Hernan Diaz on His New Novel
Tucked away in a corner of Brooklyn’s Othmer Library, Hernan Diaz waves his hand over a shelf of 19th-century land records. The library has granted Diaz a private visit for an interview about his new novel, Trust, published by Riverhead Books this week. Technically, Diaz is an author of historical fiction, insofar that his books are set in the past. Diaz lives about one mile and 100 years from the world of his new novel. When the situation in Argentina was safer, his family returned, but Diaz felt an international itch he needed to scratch.
Radhika Jones Introduces TV Galaxies Far, Far Away and Close to Home
The Star Wars universe seemed plenty big back when we waited years between movies to catch up on what was happening in that galaxy far, far away. But like our own universe, it’s still expanding, 10 years after George Lucas sold Lucasfilm to the Walt Disney Company. If the expansion of the overall TV universe evokes the views of Einstein, then the nature of its evolution right now feels Darwinian: ever more varied, complex, and competitive. Two years ago the photojournalist Alex Majoli traveled to Sicily for Vanity Fair to document the terrifying first wave of COVID-19. This spring Alex traveled to Ukraine to photograph a different deadly European front.
7 Books We Can’t Stop Talking About
Eliot’s “cruelest month” only to tumble headlong into one in which the leaked draft of a majority ruling illustrated a Supreme Court poised to overturn Roe v. Wade. Would choose burgeoning lilacs over being forced to carry an unwanted pregnancy to term, but go off, Thomas! I read and wrote about the first book on this list before the draft posted online; afterwards, a scene from the book stood out in retrospect. When she requests an abortion, the physician who confirmed the pregnancy advises against it. The nurses and doctor treat her well, but she “could not stop crying.
“Who Do You Think You Are?”: Patti LuPone Calls Out Anti-Masker In Company Audience
Patti LuPone isn't looking for the company of anti-maskers. the Company star can be heard shouting in a 36-second video captured by an audience member who later shared the recording on Twitter. Chris Harper pays my salary,” Lupone said of the Elliot & Harper producer responsible for bringing the Company revival back to the Broadway stage. LuPone's off-script message for the anti-masker audience member comes two months after her grand return to the stage following a bout with COVID-19. Plus, LuPone and her Company cast have many reasons to be cheerful.
Inside Balenciaga’s Unprecedented Fashion Show at the New York Stock Exchange
“Let me ask you a question,” said one of the executives of the parent company that owns the stock exchange, motioning to the fashion show attendees standing around us. Balenciaga’s show pulled in more artists than any other fashion boondoggle I’ve ever witnessed, even the ones that get inches in Artforum. Anne Imhof came with her dealer, Daniel Buchholz, while her partner, Eliza Douglas, was already inside ready to walk. Stock exchange employees led guests into a waiting room and then through a disorienting series of anterooms—until, with a shock, there it was, the trading pit. One writer asked me if this was the actual stock exchange or just a set built by the brand, and for a second, I wasn’t sure.
“We Got Very Creative”: Alicia Graf Mack on Leading Juilliard’s Dancers Into a New Era
On a drizzly February afternoon in Manhattan, the labyrinthine halls inside the Juilliard School are quietly humming. Alicia Graf Mack, director of the dance division, is waiting at the far end of the corridor, backed by windows overlooking the Broadway traffic and Lincoln Center next door. “When I left Ailey [in 2014], they gave me my fan, so I framed it,” Graf Mack says, gesturing to the flat rattan paddle on her office wall. “I love being in higher education at this age because they already come in with so much talent,” Graf Mack says of that technical foundation, upon which dancers seek to develop a more nuanced kind of artistry. He preceded Graf Mack at the school by a year and is himself a former principal with New York City Ballet.
BeReal and the Never-Ending Quest to Uncover (and Ruin) the Next It App
Each day, the app pings out a random, simultaneous notification that prompts users to capture and post whatever’s in the line of sight of both front- and back-facing smartphone cameras. You can only view your friends’ selfie-photo composite once you’ve posted yours; the next day, it starts all over again. But it does undermine BeReal’s seemingly purist premise: Save Instagram for the end-of-the-month “photo dumps” while you continue curating your day on yet another app. So if BeReal isn’t really that novel of an app, its growing popularity is perhaps better understood as an indictment of our current state of social media. Much like the most recent fad app, Wordle, BeReal is an enjoyable experience primarily for what it’s not: There’s no heavy-handed algorithm calling the shots, no deluge of ads and brands flooding the feed.
12 of This Spring’s Best Art Books
Surprising herself, July stayed on the line and even asked the caller questions in return, which started a series of exchanges via phone and Instagram DMs for the next six months. Originally published by Süddeutsche Zeitung Magazin, this limited edition book sculpture unfolds, concertina-style, to 23 feet long and includes 4 museum-grade inkjet prints. Within the pages, selections from their Instagram conversations are printed verbatim, along with images that Benedicto shares in response to July’s assignments. They begin simply, with July suggesting they share images of themselves bowing in front of someone or something that they love. (July paid Benedicto for the assignments, like she would an actress on a set.)
Austin Butler Captures the Lions Share of Oscar Buzz at Cannes
As the 75th annual Cannes Film Festival comes to a close, V.F.’s Rebecca Ford and Richard Lawson, have a chat about what, if anything, 12 days on the Croisette told them about next year’s Oscars. Richard Lawson: Last year’s Cannes saw the debut of Drive My Car, which would go on to snag myriad critics awards and a small handful of Oscar nominations, with one win. Sure, Cannes did premiere the Elton John biopic Rocketman in similarly grand fashion in 2019, to little Oscar result. As I said in my review, though, director Baz Luhrmann keeps Butler, and Elvis, at a curious distance in the film. So I’m curious what you saw here that gave you that old Oscar tingle in the brain.
Bridgerton Star Ruby Barker Hospitalized For Her Mental Health After Being “Really Unwell”
After experiencing the whirlwind success that comes with being on a hit show like Bridgerton, Ruby Barker announced that she is taking some time off as she gets her mental health back on track. And people used to always tell me not to be so hard on myself, and I never really, really knew what that meant.” She also noted that before seeking professional help she was “rage-filled, frustrated, [and] angry” because of “all this intergenerational trauma bundled up inside me. But I have a diagnosis, and I am relinquishing myself and forgiving myself and drawing a line in the sand. I want to survive and I will survive, and I'm going to. If you're with me, you're in good hands.
Art Isn’t Easy for Michelle Williams in Showing Up
But what of the far more common in-between experience: the friendly nods of recognition, the wan words of approval. Michelle Williams, long a muse of Reichardt’s, plays Lizzie, a sculptor who pays her bills by working in administration at a Portland, Oregon arts college. Jo saves a pigeon that’s been attacked by Lizzie’s cat and then blithely leaves the broken bird in Lizzie’s care. Maybe that analogy is a little on the nose, but sometimes good art is just that. When that day arrives—all of Lizzie’s lovely little sculptures arrayed on a single pedestal (that’s it!
Lights, Camera, Action: Go Behind-the-Scenes at Cannes 2022
Between private beaches, five-star hotels, and the Palais des Festivals, follow the backstage of the most exclusive film festival with us every day thanks to Saskia Lawaks, our special photographer correspondent at Cannes 2022. From the talented Elle Fanning and her coffee on the balcony of a Cannes palace, to the elegant Omar Sy and his bow tie, and Jay Ellis, fresh out of a photo booth. Romain Duris puts on a show, Virginie Efira strikes a pose, and Bérenice Bejo and Michel Hazanavicius are camera-ready as always.
19 Best Memorial Day Sales to Shop This Holiday Weekend
It's no secret that Memorial Day sales are a key component of the upcoming three-day holiday weekend. Kicking off summer with BBQs and beach getaways, Memorial Day Weekend also signifies the beginning of summertime dressing. So while you’re enjoying the holiday weekend, fill up your online carts with some of the best Memorial Day sales the internet has to offer. From your favorite retailers Everlane and Tory Burch to Alo and home favorite Casper, treat yourself to some of the best Memorial Day sales of the holiday weekend. EverlaneFor sustainable fashion lovers, Everlane's Memorial Day sale kicks off on Thursday, May 26 and runs through Monday, May 30.
Jennifer Aniston Started Therapy and a “New Chapter” After Divorce from Brad Pitt and Friends Finale
Aniston stopped by the series finale of The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Thursday where she discussed both the end of her marriage to Brad Pitt and the finale of Friends occurring back-to-back. When asked how she dealt with the hugely successful 10-season who coming to an end, she told DeGeneres with a laugh, “Well, I got a divorce and went into therapy. It worked great.”After almost five years of marriage, Aniston and Pitt announced they were separating in January 2005, finalizing their divorce in October of that year. To stay in a marriage based on fear feels like you're doing your one life a disservice. When the work has been put in and it doesn't seem that there's an option of it working, that's okay.
Katie Holmes and Boyfriend Bobby Wooten III Make Their Red Carpet Debut
Katie Holmes and her new boyfriend, Bobby Wooten III, just made their relationship red carpet official. Wooten, on the other hand, went for a simple, teal Paul Smith wool and mohair suit with a black button-down and pocket square. A source confirmed to People that Wooten is “an amazing guy, very kind, super talented and just an all-around cool guy. Prior to that relationship, Holmes was previously married to Tom Cruise for six years, announcing their divorce in 2012. She then went on to date Jamie Foxx for several years before they went their separate ways in 2019.
David Cronenberg Had to Convince Viggo Mortensen to Star in Crimes of the Future
David Cronenberg and Viggo Mortensen first met at the Cannes Film Festival in 2001 at a promotional party for Lord of the Rings, in which Mortensen starred as Aragorn. It was a chance encounter that would lead to a two-decade collaboration spanning four films— but Mortensen doesn’t really remember it. Viggo Mortensen: Yeah, we keep trying. Cronenberg: The first thing was that Viggo didn't want to play the lead role. Whereas the lead role — this is just me imagining, we haven't really discussed it — is odd, complex, kind of passive, reactive.
Carolyn Maloney and Jerry Nadler, New York’s Congressional Warhorses, Gird for Battle
But this is what happens when last-minute court rulings and a “special master” rip up New York congressional district lines and set off intramural warfare. Two of the city’s political warhorses, Carolyn Maloney and Jerry Nadler, are now pitted against each other. Nadler can also point to bills passed, but his campaign will likely lean more heavily on liberal and cultural cred. Patel, 38, is in the 2022 field as well, offering a younger, outsider alternative to Maloney and Nadler. Thirty years later, redistricting might end the long political career of either Maloney or Nadler—or maybe both.
The Best and Worst of Cannes 2022
It’s a film festival where you go to empty out and fill back up again, a shedding and an acquiring. I didn’t cry at this year’s Cannes until almost the very end. Another major letdown was Claire Denis’s Stars at Noon, a Nicaragua-set romantic thriller that fails to seduce or excite. Maybe that is the mark of a successful Cannes film. For the time being, I am a cautious fan, enamored of Kore-eda’s nimble blending of accessible storytelling and auteury flourish.
Republicans’ “Good Guy With a Gun” Calls Look Even More Absurd in Wake of Disastrous Police Response During Texas School Shooting
Twitter content This content can also be viewed on the site it originates from. Twitter content This content can also be viewed on the site it originates from. The Texas suspect, Salvador Ramos, didn’t exactly sneak in a side door at Robb Elementary School before starting his shooting spree. Witness accounts from the scene outside of the elementary school suggest a catastrophic failure on the part of the police who, again, conservatives routinely insist negate the need for stronger gun control. National school security expert Kenneth Trump told the Post the delay will be difficult to explain away.
Stranger Things: What Does that Wild Ending Mean for Hawkins?
This post contains major spoilers for Stranger Things. In the final seconds of season 4 of Stranger Things, it’s revealed in bloody, violent fashion that the kindly orderly with a preternatural interest in Eleven isn’t just the very first patient of Dr. Brenner’s (aka One). He’s also Vecna, the Upside Down villain who has been killing teens left and right all season long. Stranger Things has cultivated such an obsessive fanbase that every episode is dissected at length for clues, likely creating headache upon headache for the Duffer brothers as they seek to up the ante each season. But, even if it’s occasionally confusing to keep up with the show’s expanding Upside Down logic (how does Eleven’s memory tank work, exactly?
Stranger Things: Meet Joe Quinn, the Englishman Behind Eddie Munson
The way Joe Quinn tells it, it was suspiciously easy landing a role on Stranger Things. Did his stint on the fantasy HBO series, a juggernaut with an obsessive global audience, prepare him even a little bit to dive into the sprawling world of Stranger Things? “Unfortunately, I don’t have the bone structure for that.”Most importantly, he worked with vocal coach to perfect his American accent. “I would take the accent out for dinner and order in an American accent and feel insane. But it’s better to look like an idiot in front of your friends than, you know, loads of people.”Despite being a newcomer, Quinn felt surprisingly at home with the Stranger Things cast.
We Don’t Deserve Beto O’Rourke
The only public figure with the guts to confront cynical Republicans over gun laws and the Texas massacre was a defiant Democrat who the media class long ago dismissed: gubernatorial nominee Beto O’Rourke. Inside the Hive cohosts Emily Jane Fox and Joe Hagan grapple with the horrors of this week’s events in Uvalde, Texas, and what they say about our broken politics and national backslide. When rare instances of idealism and courage are framed by political elites as mere opportunism, is there any hope left? Where do we go from here? Content This content can also be viewed on the site it originates from.
Twitter Investors Suing Elon Musk Is Only Ratcheting Up the Takeover Tensions
The lawsuit comes on the heels of a shareholder meeting this week, during which Twitter’s executives reportedly didn’t address Musk’s bid. Musk did not attend, but the Tesla CEO loomed large over the conversations, and shareholders appear to be splitting along pro-Musk and anti-Musk lines. “Elon Musk likes to transact amongst chaos and use that to his advantage,” Douglas Boneparth, a member of CNBC’s Digital Financial Advisor Council, tells Vanity Fair. In mid-May he tweeted that the acquisition was “temporarily on hold,” amid an overall market decline that led to massive Twitter and Tesla stock declines. In the wake of the recent market decline and dip in Tesla’s stock price, Musk has opted to revise his financing plan for the Twitter deal.
Joe Manchin Says “This Time Feels Different” — Again
Can Joe Manchin succeed at something he’s failed many, many times before? “I can’t get my grandchildren out of my mind.”“It feels different right now,” he said. Manchin says he’s more hopeful this time around. “I’ve never been more encouraged by more activity from my Republican colleagues and Democrat colleagues,” he said. “I can remember after Sandy Hook, I didn’t have anybody coming to the table.” Maybe that’s so, but with Manchin and the Republicans, it’s hard to believe it until you actually see it.
TV's Biggest Stars Answer 9 Questions About Acting
Don't shoot, don't shoot, don't shoot. I don't know if they meantfor it to be inspired by my personal life,but I had lost my mother. Like I truly was like in such a dark place at that time,and I think that that episode really helped me heal. I don't know what I would do in Atlanta,but if there's ever anything. But while I'm doing the performanceor while I'm even watching films, I can make my own voiceand express myself, like it's so free.
Behind the Scenes with TV's Biggest Stars
TranscriptAm I really hitting this or no? [man laughing][Man] Nice big smile in 3, 2, 1, action[camera clicking][Man] That was actually fun. [upbeat music][people chattering][Steve Martin laughing]Really nice, let's get one more. Wait, oh yeah, sure. [water splashes][woman laughs][upbeat music][people chattering][Man] [man laughing] Very cool.
Ewan McGregor, Hayden Christensen & Moses Ingram Answer 7 Star Wars Questions
[light saber buzzing]And immediately he got itand then he ran over to his record playerand he had a a Star Wars soundtrackand he put the Star Wars soundtrack onand then he lit up his imaginary light saberand we had a whole light saber battleas we were laughing and jumpingall over the couch and apartment. I was playing Anakinand then when he becomes Darth Vader, that's sort of, right. You know, I wasn't a big fan of Star Wars before this. You step into the Volume and you're in Star Wars. If I can meet one Star Wars creature, who would it be?
Star Wars Vanity Fair Cover Shoot with Pedro Pascal, Ewan McGregor, Rosario Dawson & Diego Luna
Annie has been a part of Star Wars for 40 years. I've always had a real fondnessfor the Vanity Fair Star Wars issues. Annie Leibovitz, Vanity Fair. This new era with Star Wars and streaming. It's a moment where the Star Wars universe can take risks.
Mike Myers Revisits Scenes from Austin Powers, Wayne's World and Shrek
And I said, Oh, I'm just listeningto led Zeppelin at the moment. [VHS clicks] [upbeat 80s music][tape whines] [button clicks]Au contraire, baby. [VHS clicks] [upbeat 80s music][tape whines] [button clicks]Excellent, Basil. [VHS clicks] [upbeat 80s music][tape whines] [button clicks]Listen, little donkey, take a look at me! [VHS clicks] [upbeat 80s music][tape whines] [button clicks]Y'all just kidnapped a black man.
Meet the Ultra-Organized Teenager Masterminding Parkland’s Midterms Push
In Tallahassee, they hoped to extract unlikely promises of new gun regulations from a state legislature controlled by Republicans. The eight-hour journey itself was now a media spectacle, leading national newscasts, and the governor had agreed to meet. That’s when one of the bus drivers demanded that Jackie pay for his Tallahassee hotel room. “He got out of the bus and started walking away,” Jackie told me later. “Get on your bus.” A school-board member agreed to chaperone, but kept chatting with me after the buses were loaded.
How Well Does ENHYPEN Know Each Other?
ENHYPEN tests who knows one another best in "The ENHYPEN Game Show." They perform together, sing together, and eat together, but how much do they actually know about each other?
“There Has to Be a Line”: Substack’s Founders Dive Headfirst Into the Culture Wars
One day last June, Patti Smith opened her laptop, typed a brief message to the thousands of readers of her Substack newsletter, and hit Send. Four months after discovering Anderson through her Substack, Smith stood onstage with him in the darkness of Glasgow’s Theatre Royal. More recently, the company has found itself on the front lines of the culture wars. In addition to her serialized memoir and other miscellaneous writings, Smith uses Substack for audio messages, poetry readings, and photography. “It wasn’t smooth sailing,” McKenzie told me.
Star Wars: The Rebellion Will Be Televised
“Maybe I’m a little bit of a commitment-phobe,” he says, “because the coolness of it really excites me, and the life span of it really intimidates me.”Star Wars actors tend to become Star Wars actors for life. “I felt like I was part of this new wave of British cinema, really, and that Star Wars wasn’t me, that’s not what I stood for. But in 2017, he was invited to the El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood for a marathon screening of every Star Wars film. Would introducing Vader to a story about Obi-Wan’s exile detract from their fateful meeting on the Death Star in 1977’s Star Wars, when Vader strikes down his old friend? “It’s fun to, in your head, peruse the Star Wars toy store.
How Well Does the Downton Abbey Cast Know Each Other?
The Downton Abbey: A New Era cast are no strangers. Michelle Dockery, Laura Haddock, Joanne Froggat, Elizabeth McGovern, Hugh Dancy and Allen Leech test who knows one another best in Vanity Fair's Game Show. What is Elizabeth's favorite swear word? Do they know Laura's favorite Maggie Smith line? What's the strangest thing that could be found in Michelle's bag?DOWNTON ABBEY: A NEW ERA is Now Playing Only in Theaters
Watch Party: Jared Leto, Amanda Seyfried, Quinta Brunson, and More of Spring TV’s Biggest Stars
Lawson’s dress by Bottega Veneta; jewelry by Cartier High Jewelry. Einbinder’s suit by Alexandre Vauthier Haute Couture; necklace by Tiffany & Co. Cloud’s clothing by Ami Paris. Kim’s dress by Chanel; ear piece by Ana Khouri; bracelet by Chanel High Jewelry. Benton’s dress by Alexandre Vauthier; ear cuff (right ear) by Repossi High Jewelry; earring by Anita Ko. Alwyn’s clothing by Brunello Cucinelli; shoes by John Lobb; socks by Pantherella; brooches by Tiffany & Co. Schlumberger (top) and Tiffany & Co. Photographs by NICK RILEY BENTHAM.
'Stranger Things' Fan Theories with Joe Keery, Natalia Dyer, Maya Hawke & Joseph Quinn
[dramatic ominous music]Hi there, I'm Joe Keery. And I'm Joe Quinn. I don't know, I don't know. [Joe] That's pretty fun. What people don't know is thatit's just all a Lego haircut,and at the end of the day I just go.
Mitch McConnell Shows Interest in Passing Gun Reform, an Act He’ll Undoubtedly Follow Up by Doing Jack S--t